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Poor Quality Furniture and Even Worse Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SAUGU, MASSACHUSETTS -- I recently purchased almost $10K in furniture from La-Z-Boy. In addition, I purchased additional care coverage through them. I worked with their in house design group to pick out all the furniture. The experience has been the worst I have experienced. I would have gotten better customer service from the discount furniture store and probably been able to furnish my entire home for I spent to furnish my living room and dining room.

I purchased a dining room table and 4 chairs along with 4 stools for a counter in my dining room. The table I was told would arrive within 4 weeks from when I ordered... it came more than 4 MONTHS after I placed the order and had scratches all over it. I told the guys that delivered it to make a note of this and they did and the customer care was supposed to send someone out... I set it up with letting me know when, when I called them back I had to leave a message letting them know that the time did not work for me and that I needed to have someone come on the weekends because I worked, I never heard back from them again.

Then recently, I was cleaning under the table... which I haven't had to do, since I really haven't used the table since I received it and noticed that one of the legs was about to fall off, when I went to look at it closer to see if I could push it in, the hole thing fell apart and the table fell on me. I contacted La-Z-Boy and they told me to send pictures and they would order another leg.

So when I went home that night, I took pictures and realized that another leg was doing the same thing and I told them when I sent the pictures that I had a second leg that had an issue. First she said that she ordered another leg, then she said it was their policy to come an look at the problem before they ordered a leg. I told her I wanted someone to come out right away as the other 2 legs looked like they were going to start splitting as well... she said she said I had to wait until I received the 2 legs before she would send someone... this is when I got confused, she told me she didn't order them, then she said she ordered them.

I got the 2 legs and called and made an appointment, they were to come on a Tuesday between 12 and 2. My parents were visiting so that was good... they were going to be home all day so I wouldn't have to take time off work... I was in meetings and when I got out, a message from the guy that said he was there and he was going to wait 20 minutes and if he didn't hear from me that I would have to reschedule... hear from me where.. he left no number and there is no way he was even at the house!!! I called 6 times that day to talk to a supervisor and was put on hold every time for over 15 minutes.

I called the store and left a message for the manager to call me. No one called me back. I finally spoke to someone who at first told me she was a supervisor, who proceeded to tell me that she was looking at an email from the 19th and that I was wrong and she was right and that the guy showed up and basically called me a liar! I told her that while my parents waited all day they noticed that every leg on all the chairs I purchased were loose, the stools were too high that their designers picked out and the connections on the sectional I bought were broken... she said she would address everything when the additional 2 legs they ordered that day arrived.

So now we went from ordering 1 leg, to ordering no legs, to ordering 2 legs, to now ordering 4 legs and she told me the guy was only coming out to observe, not install the 2 legs and that she would not have anyone come out until the other 2 legs came in. This is called their customer service, not one person knows what they are talking about, not one person cares what you are going through, not one person wants to help. She continued to tell me I was wrong and she was right and what she was going to do... not wanting to help to make things right.

She then told me that she was the voice of the CEO of La-Z-Boy... really, this is how the CEO of La-Z-Boy wants himself to be represented? I would encourage no one to purchase from a store that does not believe in customer satisfaction especially when it comes to a purchase that is to last you for years... my purchase has lasted me not even a year... less than 6 months and I can't get someone to help me at this company!!!!

Sent Wrong Repair Material
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Rating: 1/51

First off with LA-Z-BOY, when calling Customer Service you NEVER KNOW where they are located. Could be India, or one of the 50 states in America. I wanted the charge for wrong material sent to me to make repairs on the reclining back cushions of my couch.

I am writing because on or about September 9, 2016 I called the Customer Service Department of LA-Z-BOY FURNITURE to place an order for Fabric Batting to restuff the 2 RECLINING BACK CUSHIONS of our couch. In order for this to take place they required payment in advance of $112.88 for the material which I did with my Western Federal Credit Union Visa Card. When the material arrived I had to call Customer Service again and set up a service call paying another $109.00.

When the serviceman arrived he said the material that was sent to me was FOAM RUBBER AND WAS THE WRONG MATERIAL to make the repair. He proceeded to say he had some left over batting and could fill the back 2 cushions. When he finished he called LA-Z-BOY, making a report that they had sent the wrong material for their reference number **. He was told someone would call me back, which did not happen.

I called the customer service number 877-738-8852 later that afternoon explaining what transpired and I wanted to know how I could return the WRONG MATERIAL and receive my money back. After going through the explanation several times, I was basically told that the Batting Material the repairman used would have cost the same as what they sent me and that I was out of luck.

When calling again a few days later explaining everything again, I received the same reply, I was out of luck. They sent me WHAT I HAD ordered. Had I had any common sense I should have looked at Michael's website and could have purchased 12 Yards, 27" wide of furniture cotton batting for $39.00, their minimum order, and filled 20 cushions. I had to fill out a report along with this letter, which I have removed the account numbers for security reasons, to my credit union requesting the charge of $112.88 be reversed to my card.

On November 28, 2016 I receive a letter from the credit union along with one from LA-Z-BOY which supposedly tells the story of the various conversations between myself & the Customer Service Monkeys. Yes they record the conversations and claim that they sent me what I ordered. COMPLETE B.S. I know the difference between foam rubber cushions and cotton batting, but the customer service monkeys do not!!! $112.88 does not sound like much money, but when you are on a fixed income IT DOES MATTER. I do not recommend buying furniture from this company. Research the internet to see how they rip the consumer off after the sale is made.

Update 11/30/2016:

I needed to say I wanted the charge of $112.88 returned to my credit card.

Product Quality
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Rating: 1/51

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I bought a leather sectional from La-Z-Boy and was sold a 5 year warranty plan. After 2 years the sectional is cracking and separating. The warranty does not cover the cheap leather that La-Z-Boy uses in its products. We have not pets or children and do not do anything except sit on it. I would not recommend this company to anyone. We have had many pieces of furniture in our lifetime and La-Z-Boy is by far the worst.

The warranty is not cheap and covers literally nothing. I cannot believe this company can stay in business with the poor quality of furniture that they sell. I thought the name stood for quality but no longer. If I hear La-Z-Boy again I will only think of inferior products and service.

We Won't Buy From La-Z-Boy Again
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Rating: 1/51

OHIO -- We have bought La-Z-Boy (LZB) products since the '70s and always had pretty good (although expensive) warranty service from them, but that changed recently. We have a matching set of expensive LZB rocker-recliners we bought new from the "La-Z-Boy Showcase Shop" maybe ten years ago. The first couple of times we needed warranty work for the platform working loose or completely pulling apart, we were able to take the chair(s) into the warranty service department located on site in the back of the store.

Within a few days someone would look at the chair and call to give you an estimate of what your part of the work would cost. Only the parts are covered by their "lifetime warranty", not the labor, and that alone made it expensive to have them fixed the three times we had frame and platform issues, but at least they got fixed.

It was also nice that the service department was right in the store, so there was never a question of receipts since we were in their computer system as having purchased the chairs there, along with a record of any warranty work done in the past. Not once over the years did they ask to see receipts.

Then a few months after paying over $200 for labor on our last warranty claim where they had to replace the whole base platform of one of the chairs, one day with someone sitting in the chair it suddenly shifted on the platform and was rocking crooked and rubbing the platform. I looked underneath it and there was sawdust on the floor under the chair, and it was obvious the new platform the LZB service department had installed had worked loose and pulled the screws right out of the wood frame.

I called to get the chair scheduled back in to have redone the work for which they had already charged me over $200, and I was told their on site service department no longer existed. I asked how I was supposed to go about getting their faulty work redone and I was told first of all we would have to have receipts for the chairs and any work we had done previously.

I said we bought the chairs ten years before and we had never been asked for receipts since we were on file in their computer system, but the woman said that system no longer existed since LZB changed the way they do warranty work. She also informed me that if we had receipts, it would be $109 just for someone to come out and evaluate the chair. What? After paying over $200 for faulty warranty work you want me to pay another $109 just to have someone look at it again?

I was dumbfounded. You pay a premium for LZB items in the first place partly to cover their supposed "lifetime warranty", they hammer you with high labor charges anytime you actually need to hold them to that warranty, they do faulty work that doesn't hold together, then you find out they changed the system and cleared their computer records, suddenly rendering your "lifetime warranty" useless.

Even when they were still actually honoring the warranty and I was having to haul the chairs back to the store every few years for warranty work, I thought that between the high initial purchase price of their chairs and the labor charges they hit you with for any warranty work, it really wasn't worth it. It would be less expensive in the long run to buy non-LZB chairs at a lower price and save the $200+ plus labor charges for warranty work every 2-3 years. If and when the mechanism or frame fails, just toss it out and buy a new one. Bottom line, after being a LZB customer for 30 years, we won't be going back.

La-Z-Boy Will Not Honor Their Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

MONROE, MICHIGAN -- The mechanism on both of my "wall-hugger" recliner/rockers, purchased in the late 70's is broken. A while back I went to the local La-Z-Boy store, and the person I spoke to, who's no longer working there, informed me that in California, 'lifetime' means 7 years. I was surprised to hear him say that, as it's in direct contradiction with what's written on my warranty.

Here are the exact words on the Warranty (paragraph 1, emphasis mine): "Lifetime Warranty on all parts of the patented metal mechanism applicable to all owners of this chair. 'Lifetime' means the useful life of the chair as determined by the user. La-Z-Boy Chair Company will, within 60 days of notice of a claim under this warranty, repair or at its option replace any of the above-mentioned parts".

It's important to note that paragraph 2 of the warranty talks about the 2 year warranty to the original owner on the wood frame with possession of the dated receipt. Clearly a receipt is not required for a claim under paragraph 1, otherwise it would have explicitly stated as it was in paragraph 2. Sometime in the mid-90'€™s I had a problem with the chair and took it to a La-Z-Boy store. They too were amused over the warranty. Fortunately, they had a technician who was about to retire that was also a packrat and had the parts needed to fix the chair. Everyone left happy. Recently the chairs became recalcitrant again, so I contacted La-Z-Boy last spring.

Fast forward to 2011. When I contacted the La-Z-Boy factory CS agent, she insisted I needed the original receipt. However, the warranty clearly says "any owner" and "lifetime defined by the owner". They hadn't actually seen the warranty, so I sent them a copy. After seeing it, they promptly called me letting me know that they WOULD indeed fix both chairs. Nice! They sent a tech out, who took photographs, identified the parts, and tried to order them. A few weeks later I received a call saying the factory would send me the parts they had.

At some point later (prior to receiving the repair parts) I received a call from a different agent who said that "...our 'expert' looked at the photographs and the part that needs to be replaced is part of the wood frame and hence not covered". I found this to be very odd. How can a metal moving part not be a part of the mechanism? After some negotiations, she admitted that the replacement parts needed were no longer in stock, but that they would send the parts that they did have.

When the parts arrived, the technician came back out and immediately identified that the sent parts were inadequate and irrelevant. Upon a direct phone call (in presence of the technician) with Michigan customer service, I was again told that I needed the original receipt for them to do anything. Curious but true. We've come full circle. I then went to the (new) manager of the local La-Z-Boy store, who said, after reading the warranty, said that he would call his contact at the factory in Michigan. A week or so later he came back with their "final" verbal offer - a 50% discount on any new chair(s) up to $500 max. I fail to see why getting new functional chairs should cost me anything.

I disagree with La-Z-Boy on this solution, since their warranty clearly states that they will "repair or replace". It doesn't say anything about a discount. I can understand the conundrum- the replacement parts are apparently no longer easily available, and it's probably impractical to replace the entire mechanism with a newer version. But to be honest, that's not my problem. The lifetime warranty is pretty clear. If the mechanism cannot be repaired then the only other option is replacement in whatever form that takes.

We purchased additional La-Z-Boy furniture when we moved to our present home and have been happy with all our purchases until now. I was about to take this to small claims court, but at the suggestion of my daughter and a good friend at Consumer Reports, I will try one more time to resolve the issue directly. I would like to continue to enjoy the chairs (or equivalent ones) that have been in my family for almost 30 years.

After 14 Months Leather Flaking Off Chair Cushion.
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Rating: 1/51

WEST SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In late December 2013 bought a leather chair from La-Z-Boy $1834.00. The store was good sized and very under staffed. After paying for the chair, there was no one available to put the chair in my SUV. One female sales clerk, my daughter and myself had to carry the chair out to the SUV and lift it into the back. This should have been a red flag. We took good care of the chair, using only high quality leather products.

In early March my husband noticed flaking of the leather on the seat cushion. The leather is actually breaking down leaving a discoloration on the cushion. I called the West Sacto store and spoke with a sales person. She was not interested in my problem. She just asked me if I got the extended warranty. Why would a $1800.00 chair need a extended warranty? It was not like the chair cost $500.00. She was rather distant about the whole thing. She said I would need to talk to customer service. I next called customer service. Five minute wait for them to answer the call.

I spoke with **, she took all my info and then put me on hold for 15 minutes. When she came back she told me the chair was no longer on warranty. She said I would have to pay to ship the chair and pay for the labor charges and pay for the parts. What kind of quality control do they have at La-Z-Boy? She was not interested in my problem. I told her that the chair and ottoman cost $2500.00 and that we are retired and expected the set to last for many years. She merely repeated it was not on warranty. She said she could recommend a leather repair specialist. I will never buy another piece of furniture from Lazy Boy.

I could not recommend anyone buy from La-Z-Boy. You would not like the experience and you can kiss your money goodbye. These people know they are selling questionable products at expensive prices. This is more like Ikea furniture but, you are paying top dollar. At least at Ikea you know what you are getting. It is apparent to me that the whole company acts like used car dealers. I feel I have been ripped off. The final straw was when the ottoman came (three weeks late) and they unloaded the ottoman and on the bottom was printed Made in China. So much for an American made product. Never again, La-Z-Boy.

Refused To Return Money For Delivered Damaged Recliners!
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Rating: 1/51

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA -- WARNING THIS COMPANY JUST WANTS TO TAKE YOUR MONEY and don't care about the quality of their products! The day after two defective recliners were delivered to my home I tried to get my money back and they refused. After 4 months unsuccessfully attempting to fix the problems, they agree to a re-selection, but not to a return. With the re-selection, we will have to pay the inflated store price and not the sale price that we paid when we bought it.

Still Waiting
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Rating: 1/51

TIMONIUM, MARYLAND -- Designer was awesome, professional and talented. I purchased a complete living room set that consisted of 2 high leg recliners, a 2 piece sofa, pillows, tables and 2 area rugs that she designed. I was told 6-8 weeks for delivery, which is also on the invoice. At 6 weeks called the store and was told everything was in except for one of the rugs and the tables. I asked when they would be in, and was told 3 more weeks. I called at 8 weeks to see if they came in and was told they would not be in until April 15, 2016. I asked if they could deliver the items they had and was told I had to talk to a manager.

I spoke with the Manager "Euliseas" and was told they could deliver the items however I would have to pay the entire invoice in full. I agreed to pay for the items that were going to be delivered but did not feel comfortable paying in full for the items that were not available yet. I had already paid a 50% deposit. He said the invoice needed to be a zero balance before they could do anything. I asked what would happen if I paid for the items and they did not come in again as agreed. He said they would give me a credit. I said if it is an invoice issue, I would pay the balance in full if he would immediately credit the amount for the table and rug, and when they came in I would pay for them.

What's the difference if they credit it now or a month from now?? He said that I would just have to wait for the entire order before they would deliver any of it. I told him to cancel the order and he said they could not cancel the order. I asked to speak with his boss and he said he doesn't have one. He said I could call customer care but they would just send me back to him. I said "Ok please give me the number" which he did and asked his name. He said "Euliseas". I asked for his last name and he said he does not give out his last name. I said "Thanks" and he said "You'll be talking to me again soon."

I called my credit card company and told them I wanted to dispute the deposit I made on the credit card which they reversed. Sad thing is that I really wanted the furniture. I invested 2 Saturdays with the designer making sure everything was what I wanted. Now I have to start all over. Don't waste your time!

Recliner Swivel Rocker Chair Broken Upon Delivery & Horrible Customer Service and Follow Up
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Rating: 1/51

BRANDON, FLORIDA -- I special ordered 2 swivel base rocker recliners. Waited 6 weeks for them to arrive. When they are delivered, one of them had a broken H-frame where the dowel joists was inserted into the wood. I was told that I would have to deal with it through the service department. I called the service dept. to learn they were closed for the day and would not be back with me until Monday. On Monday, the service department called to say they could be out to fix it on Thursday within a 4 hour window.

I work, and cannot afford to take off for 4 hours and wait around for service guys to show up and fix my broken brand new chair that I already spent 4 hours waiting to have delivered the previous week. So my husband took the morning and waited for them to show up. When the service guy showed up he had the wrong color H-frame. Do you think maybe this would have been noted somewhere on the form when they took the service call? Duh. So, he goes ahead and replaces the H-frame with a mismatched color, and tells my husband that he will have to go back to the warehouse and have them order the correct color and they will let us know when it comes in.

Fast forward 9 days, I am sitting at work when I get a call from the warehouse, asking me if I wanted to stay with that mismatched color or if I wanted to switch out the color for a new one, in which case they would need to order it. I informed the person on the phone that a new one should have already been ordered 9 days ago, upon the initial visit from the service guy who replaced the broken frame with one of a mismatched color.

Lots of flustered mumbling at the end of the line and long silences. Then an affirmation that "oh, yes, it will be ordered." And they will let me know when it comes in so I can plan to spend another 4 hour window waiting with bated breath to see what they show up with this time.

At this point, I am not very hopeful that the 2 chairs I purchased on Labor Day will be fixed and in good order by the time the winter holidays roll around. That's ok, because in addition to this post I intend to tell everyone I invite into my home for the holidays the long and tedious story of what a poor product La-Z-Boy produces and how inept the service department is and about the complete lack of customer service after the sale has been made.

Long story short: I will never, NEVER purchase another stick of furniture from La-Z-Boy again. And that is a shame because I was happy to be purchasing from an American manufacturer, but this is utterly ridiculous. You can, and should, do better than this!

Big Reputation but Poor Quality and Service
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Showroom pieces very comfortable but what was actually delivered was of very poor quality and unusable. Their recommended in-store interior designer, though very nice with good taste, came to my home but unable to measure correctly thus she ordered me a giant, over sized desk with hutch that was not functional not to mention proper size for the room. It took me from august 8th to November 20th of 2013 for them to come and pick up that expensive, unusable desk that their designer assured me that it would fit all the needs of a desk/workstation. Though the fault lied with designer's bad math they would not refund the desk cost without great effort on my part.

Tried to deal with them regarding the high end furniture that they touted to be so but turned out to be false claim as foam cushions compressed with very little use. Could feel wood frame while sitting by the arm. I ordered my stuffed pieces based on the comfort of how showroom pieces felt. But only after furniture was delivered I was told that the show pieces were there to just give consumer idea of what it would look like and not what it would feel like. What??? Their solution to my 2 month old squashed cushions was to send me same quality replacement cushions which of course compressed in short time as well.

Corporate was of no help. I am stuck with these inferior quality pieces that the designer and salesman said would out live me. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and thought I would get quality if I put the money out for quality. Fabric threads already starting to show wear after only about a year. Buyer beware. The 1400.00 dollar recliner's foot rest had to be replaced after 7-8 months, demonstrating that press wood does not hold up very long.

Read the rave reviews cautiously as consumer affairs told me that one can never be absolutely sure who actually writes them. Hope you have better luck than myself. Do you think Brooke Shields has these problems? Snafu by la-z-y boy once but never again.

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