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Bad Business
Posted by Onyx22 on 09/12/2009
NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE -- If you are considering purchasing furniture from a LA-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery read the info below…

As a perspective customer you may want to consider this info before making your next furniture purchase @ your local La-Z-Boy furniture gallery.

If you live in the North East region think twice or research before purchasing from a La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire. The North East Distribution Center located in New Castle, DE is sending what is thought by the consumer to be new furniture but, that is not always the case. There are items that have been in the warehouse for 3+ years that are being sent to consumers. There are also items that have been in a consumers home for a lengthy amount of time and returned to the warehouse, repaired or un-repaired and put back into stock inventory for another consumer to purchase. The way a consumer can tell if there furniture is new or used is by referring to their law tag that should be on every piece of furniture leaving the distribution center. On the law tag there is an acknowledgement line item number that is 15 digits long. The first two numbers of the acknowledgement number is the year in which the furniture was produced (ex: 2009 would have 09*******-***-***).

Here is some additional info regarding the La-Z-Boy warranty that your sales person will not inform you of. The warranty is a limited lifetime warranty. Included is a 1 year labor warranty. The metal and wood pieces on the furniture are covered for a lifetime but only if you keep your original purchase receipt and only if the dealer still produces the metal or wood parts. The fabric/leather warranty is for 1 year but only if the dealer does not run out of that line of fabric/leather or if it has not been discontinued by the La-Z-Boy dealer. The warranty is only honored if La-Z-Boy reviews your furniture and agrees that there is a defect in the product. An issue will arise if your furniture is not a new product. If you receive an old item portrayed as a new item and you need to refer to the warranty you may not be honored due to an expired acknowledgment number or unavailable product for repair. Certainly the consumer can protest this but, there is an inconvenience factor involved. When you contact the customer service department for a warranty claim they will send a 3rd party technician to your home for an inspection and will report back to La-Z-Boy. If a part needs to be ordered the turn around time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months or more depending on if the part is already produced or if the part has to be made. You can also be in wait status only to find out the repair can’t be done due to lack of part productivity.

It is disturbing that companies are able to operate this way and that respectable individuals spending their hard earned money are at risks of falling victim to these kinds of circumstances.

For an elderly person looking to purchase a La-Z-Boy lift chair… don‘t. The chairs are defective & will only last at the most 6 months before something electrical goes wrong. Once this happens it is most of the time impossible for the company to detect where the issue is coming from & the chairs are sometimes never fixed.

In closing, if you or someone you know has fallen victim to any of the above your quickest and best resolution would be to take legal action. I hope this information will be helpful to many perspective consumers & consumers.

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Fabric separation and poor workmanship
Posted by on 01/22/2002
KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- I took delivery of 2 heat massage chairs for approx. $1500 in early September. We have purchased at least 20 of your chairs in the past but never more disappointed with the quality, workmanship and lack of responsiveness by the store.
2 weeks after delivery the fabric in the seats started to pull apart leaving loose broken loops. The stuffing and stitching is off centered, the arm covers are too small and don't stay on. The footrest mechanism fell apart. I contacted the service manager Dan at the Portage Mi store to express my concerns. A service person came to our home, and cut the loose loops of fabric. I was never contacted by the store again and no resolution was ever reached.
Now at 4 months the chair seats are more worn looking,(I can send digital photos). Mr Kiser, I am hoping you are a reasonable man with an interest and commitment in resolving this issue, as I'm convinced you wouldnt want these on display as representative of your products.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Replacement of these chairs at no cost to me with better workmanship and fabric grade that lives up to the old La z boy standards.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Unhappy Consumer
Posted by LAZY BOY SUCKS on 01/14/2009
LANGLEY -- We also spent approximately $7500 on furniture, leather reclining sofa and love seat and 2 custom fabric reclining chairs. On the sofa at one end that reclines there is an area between where the reclining part meets the middle of the sofa this area is the size of my fist so quite noticeable. One of the chairs after approximately 3 weeks we noticed the fabric looked worn smooth and shiny and this chair shakes back and forth and rattle like it is 15 years old. So we phoned service only to find out that we had to pay for the service call to come out and have a look and if Lazy boy thinks your complaints are legitimate you will be reimbursed. HAHA So they send someone out to check he takes his pictures and tells us that they could probably put more stuffing in the sofa and tells us that the chair is normal. But he will put his report in. We made a trip down to the store where we purchased out furniture and none of it had the problems we are having the chairs didn't move anything like the one we have and there were no large spaces in the sofa recliners.

We get our call from Lazy boy today and they inform us that everything is normal and if we want more stuffing put in the sofa we will have to pay for labor. If we could return this stuff we would but of course you can't get your money back. Totally ticked Would never recommend this company to anyone.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-01-14:
sounds like this was a plush or chenille fabric, they wear badly.

describe the other spot, you did not give any details.
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Inferior Furniture
Posted by Imfurious on 04/30/2008
CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a sofa, loveseat and recliner from our local La-Z-Boy store last year. I had to special order all 3 pieces. The recliner's metal bar leaves deep indentations in the carpet when in the fully reclined position. Over time, the carpet will have holes in it. Lazyboy neither understands, nor cares about this situation. They refuse to do a thing about it.
I special ordered the sofa and loveseat in a napped fabric. They told me to expect delivery at the end of Sept 07, or first wk of Oct 07. I finally got all 3 pieces at the beginning of Nov 07. When I looked at the furniture, I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! The nap of the fabric had been laid in every direction, giving the furniture light and dark colors!! I could NOT get one person in the corporation to understand what the meaning of "napped" fabric was!! The furniture has visible flaws running thru it, the seams are coming apart, and when I removed the cushions to see what might be underneath, there was a hole in the fabric on the side of the furniture. The store has a lot of "fast talkers" who make all kinds of promises but never show up.
We spoke to at least 8 different employees, but none that ever resolved any of our problems.
I bought the furniture because I believed Lazyboy had a good reputation, but had I checked the internet before going to purchase, I would have NEVER made the mistake of purchasing from them.
We took them to small claims court, and to this day do not understand how we lost. The "pictures" they took for "proof" of how good the furniture looked were printed on a black and white printer!! You couldn't see the flaws in those pictures. When they saw the pictures I took (color) it was as though they didn't believe they were looking at the same furniture. They kept asking when I took the pictures and then began saying things like, 'well you've had the furniture for 6 months.' Yet, we had been trying to get them to do something for 6 months!! The stall tactics they use and lies they tell are unbelievable. It buys them enough time so that your "warranty" is running out and they don't have to do anything. They were insinuating that we had somehow damaged the furniture ourselves!! Like I upholstered my own furniture!! And, of course, who doesn't spend over $3,000.00 to then put holes in their furniture??? To this day, NO ONE has sat on the furniture and the tags are still on the furniture. We spent $3200.00 for all the furniture and the owner of the store had the gall to stand in court and say to the judge, "we're not a high end store, we're like Homedepot." Well, Homedepot refunds money of unsatisfied customers!! So, there is a world of difference between Lazyboy and Homedepot.
Buyer Beware. The salespeople are taught to "fast talk" and they do not show you any warranty BEFORE you buy from them. Be careful to read EVERY line of paperwork they make you sign, and especially refuse to accept the order if it comes with flaws and other obvious problems. Once it's in your home they will do NOTHING to help you!!
We have purchased so many lazyboy products in the past, but they are no longer the same company. Their quality is at best that of a flea market, and the upholstery job looks like it's done by elementary school children learning upholstery.
Don't get ripped off like I did, be careful!!
I wish someone would file a class action lawsuit against them!! I'd be the first to sign up!!

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Quality and service - lack of both
Posted by Kensluckydog on 03/05/2007
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a four seat theatre system on Nov. 8, 2006 -$3300 - from the San Jose La-Z-Boy on Blossom Hill Road. It was delivered Dec. 26, 2006. In January 2007, it was apparent the padding was compacting and shifting. A tech was sent out Feb. 16. He agreed the backs were flattening on two chairs (we are just two people, so the middle two seats get no use) and said he would recommend the repair to the two, but not all four. I repeated at least five times that all four chairs are defective, and he just kept repeating five times "I don't see nothing wrong". Customer service sent a second tech who said he saw that both seat backs and seat cushions were failing, and that all four - made at the same time at the same factory - would require repair. Four days later, I was informed La-Z-Boy would order two new seat backs from the factory...the same factory whose "new" chairs didn't last a month. These things look like they have saggy wrinkled slipcovers!

I took the chairs to a local upholstery shop, and they determined that the foam padding is the cheapest and worst quality. Cost to repair with new dense foam - $2400.

Next stop - Small Claims Court. I have already written the President and Corporate Customer Service, and am awaiting their reply - sent it
certified return receipt as proof for Small
Claims Court.

If you need bad quality furniture - buy it at the flea market! It will be cheaper in price, but - trust me - the quality will be equal to, or maybe better than, La-Z-Boy. Customer service
will definitely be equal - NONE.

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Posted by grandma005 on 2007-03-06:
I have a lazy-boy chair that I brought seven years ago. It has some wear,but is still comfortable, and I use it every day. I guess the new stuff is junk.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Irisher on 12/16/2009
CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a recliner leather sofa and a leather recliner chair in 2008. Salesman told me the frame and mechanics were guaranteed for the life of the furniture. The chair has wood arms (i thought wood would hold upbetter than upholstered arms and I liked the look of it. A few months ago I noticed the wood finish on the arms of the chair was wearing off, weird ! A month of so after I saw this, I was out shopping for another chair, went to La-z boy. As I was talking with the sales clerk, I mentioned the problem with the chair. He walked me over to the Customer service desk and I explained the problem. The person looked up the date I purchased the items and said :It;s over a year old, guarantee doesn't apply" and walked away. I told her I was not happy as I paid over $3,000 for both pieces. She gave me the number of their Repair service. Called of course only a recording. I left a message. Got a call back - they left a message, over a year old no longer covered, they can't fix the arms but could replace the arms I would have to pay for it. I called back and again no live person to speak with. Left another message asking for someone to come out and look at it, as I did not understand how the finish could be wearing off. No response. I emailed the Better Business Bureau about the problem. BBB contacted the company, company sent them a letter stating the upholstery is only guaranteed for a year. I emailed back and said I am not complaining about the leather, but the wooden arms., At any rate BBB closed the case as the company told them I would accept their settlement - what settlement - they never responded to me. A friend of mine looked at the chair and he said it looks like the finish was painted on, not stained! That is why it is wearing off!

Boy Is there no reputable companies out there anymore who stand behind their product? That was a lot of $$$ for me to spend on 2 pieces of furniture but I thought GOOD QUALITY would last for a long time. I even wrote a letter to their home office but not even a reply from them. Buyer beware!
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Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-12-16:
I would think a finish restorer could do the arms pretty easily. So as to limit the problem in the future, I would consider whether the person primarily using the chair has rings or bracelets which will tend to break the surface down, has a lot of perspiration, or sits wet drinks or napkins on these surfaces. Also, some wood furniture needs certain maintenance to keep it nice, not to say that you didn't, just for future consideration.
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Poor Customer Service; Uncompromising To Fair Exchange Offer
Posted by Karol_71121 on 06/22/2008
PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA -- Chenille Fabric - La-Z-BoyOn March 15, 2008, I ordered two, 3-piece couch sets from a La-Z-Boy store. We had negotiated a total sales price of $6,900. The six pieces arrived eight weeks later. I have been thrilled with half of my purchase: a 3-piece, red couch set. The other half of the order—a beige set with Chenille fabric—has been very disappointing and has been showing signs of wear after only two weeks of use.

Although unfortunate and disappointing, my issue is not the fact that the entire chair appears 3-4 shades lighter than the other two pieces (due to natural lighting variances within the room). My complaint is that the couch, which has contiguous lighting, shows shading variances in the most used areas. I noticed this “usage shading” within two weeks of delivery. The problem has continued to compound while I’ve worked with my La-Z-Boy sales representative and Customer Service over the past 6+ weeks. Currently, the couch shading/discoloration is increasingly pronounced because the raised texture of the fabric is flattening in high usage areas.

Historical facts: Two weeks after delivery, when I first brought this to the salesman’s attention, I did so in person and actually brought the couch back into the store. We both agreed that it had some shading discoloration. I contacted Customer Service who took pictures of the couch and later informed me that “the manufacturer states that this is normal use when sitting on this type of fabric”. If that is the case, then the sample swatches are absent of important, informational warnings! They should read: “Foam dry-clean only. Fabric will show uneven shading with usage, so best to place the furniture in a darkened room and away from natural sunlight.”

I have continued to contact my Sales Rep. twice per week for the past five weeks—either on the phone or in person. I have communicated my desired resolve of this issue as well. My salesman continues to exhibit poor customer service by not calling me with updates when he says he will; I have to call him back 3-4 days later. This lack of professional communication has only exasperated my frustration of the situation.

Due to the fact that I am so unhappy with my couch purchase, I have not even removed the tags from any of the three pieces. We have tried not to use the chair and loveseat so that they remain in “good as new” condition and don’t show the usage shading.

My proposed solution is this:

1. I have asked if the Pleasanton store would take the 3-piece set back into their floor inventory and let me re-order the same couch in a different fabric. In all fairness, I have even offered to pay a “re-stocking” fee of 10%-15% of my purchase price. The store will not entertain this proposed resolution.
2. As luck would have it, I’m sure that beige couch sets are the most popular color sold, so I can’t see any reason why La-Z-Boy wouldn’t be willing to process this “exchange” for me—especially since I had such a large, $6,900 order!

To reiterate and summarize: I feel that the Chenille fabric is showing excessive and unjustified usage shading; the areas used most are lighter in color than areas not used as frequently. I would like to exchange the set and re-order this couch set in a different fabric. I can’t imagine why my request would be denied given that: (1) the tags are still on all three pieces; (2) the chair and loveseat are in “like-new” condition; (3) the fabric is a neutral and popular color for re-sale purposes; and (4) I am even willing to pay a re-stocking fee.

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Buyer Beware
Posted by DMErwin on 09/01/2006
WALDORF, MARYLAND -- I purchased a $1,000 sofa custom ordered from La Z Boy in Waldorf, MD last December and took delivery March 2006. After much consideration, and discussion with sales personnel, I chose the fabric which was a high-end fabric at considerable extra expense. I have had the sofa about 5 months and it gets very little usage. To my disappointment, the fabric has lost the nap, it is crushed, does not rebound after being sat upon and it looks very worn and old like it came from a yard sale or out of Grandma's attic.
I have tried all avenues with La Z Boy, i.e., service department, customer service at headquarters in Michigan, the Waldorf store manager and the regional sales manager who came to my home today to inspect the sofa himself. I am repeatedly told by every department of La Z Boy "That is the nature of fabric. It is normal usage. There is nothing we can do about it." I told the regional sales manager that if this sofa was put into the showroom, it would never sell because the problem is undesirable and very noticeable. I ended up asking him to leave my home since he wasted my time and he refused to back up the product he represents and sells.
He had his mind made up before he arrived based upon the notes he left behind.
Even the service technician noticed the problem, wrote it in the report, and steamed and brushed it. The nap perked up a little bit after it was steamed and brushed, then went back down after it dried. I should not even be expected to steam and brush expensive upholstery each time somebody sits upon the sofa. Their service manager told me it was "buyer beware" when selecting a fabric for upholstery and that it is a chance you take when you customize a sofa in a selected fabric.
I stressed to him had I known in advance the fabric would look this way, show wear this quickly, loose the nap after such a short amount of time and such little useage, I would have never chosen this fabric. I was never informed or warned by the sales people about any problems with this type of fabric. Only now am I hearing this is typical of this fabric.
I have asked La Z Boy to recover the sofa in another fabric, or order me another one with different fabric, to no avail.
I am quite frustrated and sickened that I have thrown away $1000 on such an inferior product.

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Fabric Failure
Posted by Missrose on 12/01/2007
I have had a La-z-boy reclining sofa for a year and a half. On the foot rest of both recliners the upholstery has worn so thin that the foam can be seen underneath. It is not long before there will be large holes visible on both sides.

The fabric warranty is only valid for one year. La-z-boy offered to send a "technician" out at a rate of $76 per hour, plus materials, which I declined. They are refusing to stand by their product.

Now I am faced with a choice of reupholstering or replacing a sofa that is less than 2 years old.

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Can't Get Service, Not Dependable, Go Elsewhere
Posted by Pzimmermann on 03/24/2014
We bought a power recliner for over $1000 4 years ago. The motor broke and the local store can't help.

I called the 800 number and got a "specialist" for $109 who can't fix anything. He didn't give us this magic "number"...he said they'll call us, but they didn't. When I called them, they won't get us the new motor (which will cost us hundreds of dollars) without this number that doesn't exist.

I call repeatedly, no help. I have to send them my bill of sale which doesn't have the number either. Two months later, I have a broke worthless recliner, no repair in sight. We ended up having to buy another recliner because my disabled husband needs it. GO ELSEWHERE For the money you can get so much better service elsewhere.
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