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Buyer Beware
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Rating: 1/51

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- Roseville, CA. The absolute worst furniture store I have ever dealt with. I believe their store policies are unethical and I warn anyone from buying from them unless you are psychic and know it will be perfect. I found a couch and loveseat I liked. After thinking about it I paid cash for them and at that time I was handed a written contract stating I had 3 days to back out, and once delivered I had 3 days to return with a whopping 30% restock fee!!! I was not happy with the furniture. It was extremely uncomfortable, and I called. The salesperson told me to give it a bit to break in. My mistake, I agreed.

About 2 weeks later I called again stating same issues. I was told they would more take back for a 40% restock fee. Now, a month later I cannot stand the pain of sitting on this furniture any longer. I feel I had no option but to accept the 40% loss, I can't use the furniture! They are also charging me another fee to pick the furniture up! I said we could bring back. They said no, goes to L.A. where they destroy it. Are you serious? They destroy a 30 day old couch and loveseat??? I don't believe that for one minute, and if they do, have they ever heard of charity? I will tell everyone I know about the unfair business practices this greedy store functions by. GREED IS UGLY.

Couch and Love Seat Came With Bed Bugs
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Paid for furniture in January, but they said it would be a while before we would get it. Confirmed it was made in the US. Furniture came March 8. Two days later my husband complained he got a bite after sitting on the couch. I thought he must be wrong. Then later that week, my daughter in law came over and sat on the couch, when after a short time she said she just got a bite. We thought, no way could new furniture have caused this.

The following week, my husband took a nap sitting on the love seat and woke up to three big bites on the back of his leg. We have contacted their headquarters' customer service and eventually spoke to a higher level person who asked us to send them pictures and an extermination quote, which we did. We never heard back from them since then.

We just got back in our house after having to get the house fumigated. We are so upset and mad. Something need to be done, we are sure we are not the only ones with this problem. Be aware that new furniture from this company may have bugs and you will have a fight on your hands.

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Rating: 1/51

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I was informed by La-Z-Boy that I would receive a refund after reselecting a different sofa and love seat after many problems with the original set. The reselected set was cheaper and I was told I would get a refund for that amount. I even have the credit card receipt from the store, my credit card was never credited. I called the La-Z-Boy store and was told, that I was told I would get a store credit only and was never told I would get a refund. A blatant lie, since I have a refund receipt. I notified my credit card company who is now handling this issue. How can the managers at La-Z-Boy lie to customers this way???

Customer Service Failure
By -

TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- We purchased 2 reclining sofas on March 14, 2009 from the Tacoma gallery. We were told that since we had to special order the sofas it would take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. We were told we could call and check on the status of our order which we did at the 4 week point. The salesman said he was busy, but would check on the status and call us back. The call back never came.

At week 7 we decided to give the status check another try. The salesman told us that it would be another 2 to 3 weeks probably due to the fabric we chose. We weren't happy, but at least it was a reason. So far things weren't great, but at least we had an approximate date again. Ten weeks approached so we called again. The salesman said it was too late to check any status due to the holiday weekend (Memorial Day) and he would call us back Tuesday. Tuesday came, but no call by 3 pm. I tried calling the store.

All it does is ring and nobody answers...not even an answering machine. I'm beginning to get a little paranoid due to the economy and this delay and now no answer. I finally get a number off of their web site and call it. Someone actually answered. She was quite helpful and while she could not be certain she matched our order with what was showing at the factory. She found that the store had ordered our sofas with the regular store order so we were not in the fast lane. She said she would do what she could to speed it up, but since the stores are all independent she couldn't guarantee it. She ended by saying she would call the next day (Wednesday).

No call came by the afternoon on Wednesday so I called her back. My mistake. I didn't get her name. The new lady that answered was very short with me and said that they have no control over any of the orders and that she couldn't check on any of it. I asked who I could complain to and she gave me a name and number of the district manager. I called this number and found I needed a code to continue.

I called the new lady back and got another couple of phone numbers. When I called them I was told the manager was not available. I figured I would try the manager the next day. I called and no answer just ringing. I tried calling the store with the same result (this seems to be a pattern). I finally got someone to answer around lunch time Thursday. The lady checked and told me that my order was due to be shipped June 8. It usually takes 10 days so probably around June 18 they should be calling to set up a delivery time. This will put it over 3 months.

When I mentioned this she was silent. I said, I guess I don't have a choice and that was the end of the call. While none of this is terrible, it does show the same lack of customer service that La-Z-Boy seems to be stuck. They don't seem to care. A little checking on their part and a phone call or two and... I'll update if I ever get the sofas.

Defective fabric - La-Z-Boy will not help
By -

BEND, OREGON -- Below is the wording used in an addendum sent along with a Small Claims suit to Deschutes County in Oregon on 9-14-07. FACTS: This below scenario is regarding a La-Z-Boy sectional couch which we purchased on 11/11/2006 from the La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery in Bend and had delivered to our vacation home in Bend on 12/28/2006.

La-Z-Boy was hand-selected by us after careful research. We wanted a combination of product quality and excellent customer care. However, we haven't experienced product quality or excellent customer care so far and will continue to pursue this until we have gotten a replacement sectional couch. Our current sectional couch is not working out due the DEFECTIVE fabric which is only getting worse as time goes by.

It remains a fact that nobody has wanted to listen to, understand or even validate what the actual problem is with this sectional couch, i.e. the defective fabric. Instead we have been and are being talked to as if we do not know how to properly clean our sectional couch.

TRANSPIRED EVENTS: Even on the day of delivery, one of the delivery guys agreed that there was already an excessive amount of 'interesting' lint accumulation on the couch and he advised us to clean it with 'one of those green scrubbing pads' which seemed absurd to us. The fabric was red microfiber.

As some months went by, it was increasingly clear to us that the fabric on the sectional couch was impossible to keep up and also the amount of those small white lint knots/balls grew steadily – and they turned out to be impossible to remove, hence the sectional couch looked horrible and felt unpleasant upon touching it – certainly not the soft micro fiber fabric we thought we'd selected.

Please keep in mind that this is our vacation home and we are only there a maximum of every second weekend per month, hence by the time we complained to La-Z-Boy Bend in May 2007 we had only used the couch a maximum of 10 times (i.e. twice a month since January). Also, here are two important side notes: We also own red couches in our full-time home. The fabric is red denim and very easy to keep clean and it has remained soft to the touch for more than 5 years now. In Bend we own a Dyson vacuum cleaner which yields the best suction power on the market today. Not even the Dyson has been able to help us out as for cleaning the La-Z-Boy sectional couch!

IN-PERSON COMPLAINT # 1 to La-Z-Boy Bend: Our first complaint happened in early May 2007 when we went to La-Z-Boy Bend in person bringing one of the seat cushions along. After explaining our concerns regarding the appearance and feel of the fabric (the little white lint knots/balls), somebody – we didn't get his name but presume it might have been the store manager – took the seat cushion to the back room/warehouse area and remained there for 10 minutes. Upon returning he explained that they couldn't clean the cushion and that they'd submit our concerns to headquarters and get back to us when somebody had made a decision.

VISIT FROM LA-Z-BOY SERVICE DEPT.: The decision became to send ** from Service to our Bend home on May 26th, 2007 to inspect the sectional couch and take pictures. At that time we reiterated how feverishly we'd been trying to clean the sectional couch without results.

After ** visit we received a letter which we found to be very general and indifferent (i.e. offering no proactive solutions). That letter dated June 4th, 2007 merely gives us a run-down of how to clean our sectional couch. However, no cleaning efforts – and we've exhausted all possible cleaning methods by now (our guests and friends have tried to help with a solution as well) – can remove those permanent little white lint knots/balls which have appeared after we began using the couch.

IN-PERSON COMPLAINT # 2 to La-Z-Boy Bend: The next time we were in Bend, more specifically on Wed. June 20th, 2007, we went to the Bend La-Z-Boy store in person – bringing along the above mentioned letter and yet again a seat cushion from our sectional couch. We wanted to yet again have somebody from La-Z-Boy show him how to bring this seat cushion back to 'normal'.

However, during this visit the store manager ** remained in his office and we were left to deal with ** (they are brothers) from Service who seemed indifferent and evasive - and kept referring to the rhetoric in the June 4th letter. During this visit we did obtain a copy of an internal email sent from headquarters which shows that La-Z-Boy does not have a working solution to our defective fabric.

OUR FINAL CONCLUSION: We think it's obvious that we certainly do not have a maintenance issue here (not even La-Z-Boy Bend has been able to clean our seat cushions despite us going there twice in person). The truth is that the fabric is indeed defective. It's a cheap and extremely low-quality fabric type which La-Z-Boy ought to remove from their inventory ASAP.

The fabric on the parts of the sectional couch where it comes into contact with users has 'altered' itself after usage has begun and it's only getting increasingly worse. As mentioned above it has created tiny little white lint knots/balls which are impossible to remove – even by someone with long nails. Our couch looks trashy and dirty at all times – it has nothing to do with us not being able to remove the dirt or hold down the static electricity.

WHAT WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN: We want a new sectional couch with another fabric type selected by us – and at no expense to us. Or we want to return our sectional couch to La-Z-Boy Bend and get our entire payment of $4548.94 back – we do not feel it's fair that you want to keep 20% of our payment in case we return a defective product.

We felt forced to take this to Small Claims - especially after having done internet research and seeing other people's complaints. Also, it seems very peculiar and not random that La-Z-Boy seems to avoid taking action UNTIL the warranty has expired. Another suspicious thing among those other complaints is all the damaged furniture... endless array of those stories. Thanks for reading along.

So far not good sofa's
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Rating: 1/51

SUGARLAND, TEXAS -- We bought two three seater sofa from La-Z-Boy. We were not happy with them as they were not filled properly or sewn properly. There was a tear on the underside of the sofa arm. Material not tucked in properly on arm of sofa. We sat in them for several days and they looked old and tired after a week. We asked for a technician to come and look at them. He took photo's and went back and said there was nothing wrong with them, but they would repair the tear. l said no as l would not accept a repair on new sofa.

l called the store. They said call customer service. They said called the store, so continued to call customer service and the manager being told they could do nothing for me, so l found comfort customer care. They also tried to tell me to call the store and the manager would deal with it. He refused and could do nothing, so called comfort customer care. They would get the production specialist to look over the photos and they passed the production specifications and could do no more for me, so, l went through the warranty with them and it was to suit them and not the customer.

l called Better Business Bureau and got them involved and continued to call both customer services until someone would do something for me. The problem is that the La-Z-Boy Gallery is a franchise and is operated by a company called Lebco Industries in Dallas (that was their customer care (joke) that l was calling and the comfort customer care was La-Z-Boy customer care, but neither customer care were willing to help or do anything until l got BBB involved.

The good news is in the end they did come and uplift my two sofas and l got a full refund, but this took from the 23rd February 2012 when we purchased them till delivery on 14th April till 30th May. We purchased them on 23rd February 2012. The motto is never give up. l called them everyday till l could get some kind of satisfaction after paying over $2,000 for very badly made sofas.

La-Z-Boy fabric frayed
By -

PEORIA, ILLINOIS -- I am very dissatisfied with the way my couch and chair and a half has worn. I have had them not quite 4 years and the fabric is frayed. The frame on the couch has also broken. I understand that the frame is under warranty but the cost to have it fixed is high and the fabric is so frayed I don't see the value.

I paid to have a 10 year stain warranty on a couch and chair that has lasted less than five. Before this I trusted the La-z-boy name and worked with a salesperson describing my needs in depth. I explained my needs for durability with a large family. I do not have money to waste on furniture and expected to make an investment on furniture that would last for years. I will never buy La-z-boy again.

Awful Customer Service
By -

BRANDON, FLORIDA -- We bought a sofa and love seat on 6-6-09 and were informed by the sales associate it would take 4-8 weeks, more like 4 and it rarely goes over 8. We were moving into our new house on 7-16-09 so we had time to wait. The week we moved into our house we called on status (because the associate never called to update us) and were told both items were not even in production. We were told possibly 8 weeks exactly.

Eight weeks came and we called the associate on a Tuesday who said she'd check the order status and call back that day. Thursday came and still no call so I became irritated and called to speak to the manager- actually received his email. My parents, fiancé, and myself all emailed the manager. He responded the next day and basically said it's a 'special order item' and could take 8 weeks and he was sorry we didn't receive a call.

The order wasn't special, it's a couch and love seat they had on the floor- I saw three stores in Tampa with these. There is nothing on the receipt stating special order, it does state most order take 4-8 weeks. The associate stated over 8 weeks is rare and she would call with updates. I was fine waiting as long as I was kept in the loop. I received a call a week later, now this is probably the last week of July, and the associate said the items were going to shop Aug 10th and arrive on the 20th; she said she would call with more news as she received it.

Today is the 19th of August and I called for status. The associate said she's not even sure if the items shipped and would call back. I spoke with her at 1 and at 5:30 when I got off work I called and she was gone for the day. I spoke to a manager- actually started screaming obscenities and said their employee, **, shouldn't have a job. The manager said he'd check status and cal back.

I did receive 10% back in July but I am not satisfied. I can't get a straight answer on what the delay is and the associate is really irritating me. I plan to go in this weekend and say something to her directly. If I was informed on what was going on, I wouldn't be so upset. This store has NO communication with its production center. I paid over 2k for 2 items and the couch hasn't even been put into production.

Do Not Waste Your Money On La-Z-Boy
By -

We wanted to get quality furniture that would last. We shopped around and ended up at La-Z-boy. The prices were higher but we thought with a well known brand like La-Z-Boy we would get a quality product. We ended up purchasing a couch with 2 recliners and a love seat with 2 recliners. I don't even know where to begin.

The backs on all 4 recliners are at an angle and they wobble, all the materials are loose, the cushions all went flat and one corner of the couch has no cushion at all its material over a wood corner (very dangerous). We have to put pillows on the corner of the couch just to sit there. Mind you we have had this furniture for a year now. These problems were pretty much from the word go.

La-Z-Boy is finally sending someone out today to fix it. Months after someone came out to inspect and take pictures of the junk they sent us 2 big bags of cushions and 4 recliner backs. This was weeks ago. So yeah it's under warranty and it appears they are finally going to fix it. However I'm sure it's with the same junk parts it was made with to start with, only now we have no warranty.

Bottom line you DO NOT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR LA-Z-BOY. IT'S JUNK!!! I wish I had my old cheap value City Furniture back, we had that for 10 years with no problems... DO NOT BUY LA-Z-BOY..I know I never will again and I make sure to show our new furniture to anyone that comes over. Oh and FYI my aunt got recliners there too and says the same happened to hers...

13 Weeks and Waiting!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- We ordered and paid for our sofa and we were told 8 to 10 weeks it would be here. Well we are in week 12 and no sofa. Be very careful if you buy from these guys.

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