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Recliner Swivel Rocker Chair Broken Upon Delivery & Horrible Customer Service and Follow Up
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BRANDON, FLORIDA -- I special ordered 2 swivel base rocker recliners. Waited 6 weeks for them to arrive. When they are delivered, one of them had a broken H-frame where the dowel joists was inserted into the wood. I was told that I would have to deal with it through the service department. I called the service dept. to learn they were closed for the day and would not be back with me until Monday. On Monday, the service department called to say they could be out to fix it on Thursday within a 4 hour window.

I work, and cannot afford to take off for 4 hours and wait around for service guys to show up and fix my broken brand new chair that I already spent 4 hours waiting to have delivered the previous week. So my husband took the morning and waited for them to show up. When the service guy showed up he had the wrong color H-frame. Do you think maybe this would have been noted somewhere on the form when they took the service call? Duh. So, he goes ahead and replaces the H-frame with a mismatched color, and tells my husband that he will have to go back to the warehouse and have them order the correct color and they will let us know when it comes in.

Fast forward 9 days, I am sitting at work when I get a call from the warehouse, asking me if I wanted to stay with that mismatched color or if I wanted to switch out the color for a new one, in which case they would need to order it. I informed the person on the phone that a new one should have already been ordered 9 days ago, upon the initial visit from the service guy who replaced the broken frame with one of a mismatched color. Lots of flustered mumbling at the end of the line and long silences. Then an affirmation that oh, yes, it will be ordered. And they will let me know when it comes in so I can plan to spend another 4 hour window waiting with bated breath to see what they show up with this time.

At this point, I am not very hopeful that the 2 chairs I purchased on Labor Day will be fixed and in good order by the time the winter holidays roll around. That's ok, because in addition to this post I intend to tell everyone I invite into my home for the holidays the long and tedious story of what a poor product La-Z-Boy produces and how inept the service department is and about the complete lack of customer service after the sale has been made. Long story short: I will never, NEVER purchase another stick of furniture from La-Z-Boy again. And that is a shame because I was happy to be purchasing from an American manufacturer, but this is utterly ridiculous. You can, and should, do better than this!

Big Reputation but Poor Quality and Service
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Showroom pieces very comfortable but what was actually delivered was of very poor quality and unusable. Their recommended in-store interior designer, though very nice with good taste, came to my home but unable to measure correctly thus she ordered me a giant, over sized desk with hutch that was not functional not to mention proper size for the room. It took me from august 8th to November 20th of 2013 for them to come and pick up that expensive, unusable desk that their designer assured me that it would fit all the needs of a desk/workstation. Though the fault lied with designer's bad math they would not refund the desk cost without great effort on my part.

Tried to deal with them regarding the high end furniture that they touted to be so but turned out to be false claim as foam cushions compressed with very little use. Could feel wood frame while sitting by the arm. I ordered my stuffed pieces based on the comfort of how showroom pieces felt. But only after furniture was delivered I was told that the show pieces were there to just give consumer idea of what it would look like and not what it would feel like. What??? Their solution to my 2 month old squashed cushions was to send me same quality replacement cushions which of course compressed in short time as well.

Corporate was of no help. I am stuck with these inferior quality pieces that the designer and salesman said would out live me. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and thought I would get quality if I put the money out for quality. Fabric threads already starting to show wear after only about a year. Buyer beware. The 1400.00 dollar recliner's foot rest had to be replaced after 7-8 months, demonstrating that press wood does not hold up very long.

Read the rave reviews cautiously as consumer affairs told me that one can never be absolutely sure who actually writes them. Hope you have better luck than myself. Do you think Brooke Shields has these problems? Snafu by la-z-y boy once but never again.

Paid $1500+ for 2 Leather Recliners They Looked Terrible Within 1 Year!
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BUFORD, GEORGIA -- We bought 2 leather recliners a leather sofa and two tables a total of around 6,000.00 in January 2011. We paid for an extra $220.00 for the elite care for the leather and anything that could go wrong with the furniture. That is for 5 years. You get one year from La-Z-Boy. In one year the top of my husband chair had started to turn from a dark brown to a mustard yellow and is very hard.

We called La-Z-Boy Customer Service who told us we would have to go through Guardsman. Guardsman would not even come out and look at it, they told us that oils from a person body could change the color of the leather and they would not cover that but if your cat peed on it they would. So we called Customer Care, I told them that now my chair had started to turn the same color on the back. They ask us to send in pictures. We immediately got the an answer of they could not do anything about it because it could be from dust or sunlight, really. They were just coming up with whatever they could.

Finally I was told they could not do anything anyway I would have to call the store we bought it from. I called and spoke to the sales manager by this time it has been a year we have been going back and forth and we are really upset our expensive furniture is very embarrassing. Now he wants pictures we sent them 5 times, to the Mall of Georgia store and ask him to let us know when he received them, he never called. We took a copy to the store two weeks went by, my husband called several times and he was always busy and would not call back.

The final call my husband told the girl that he would like to leave a message that our next step is to get the local TV station to come and see our chairs and, tell them our story and have them come and talk to him about our situation. He immediately called back and told my husband that he had worked something really nice out for us but he did not work well with threats and did not appreciate my husband, leaving that message, with his employee. I know he did not even look at those pictures, he was not going to do anything. When my husband ask him exactly what was he going to do he hung up on him.

We will be going to small claims court I can't just throw away 1500 dollars. I also will call the department of consumer affairs, the Attorney Generals Office, and whoever I need to and maybe I will contact, a couple of my friends that do work at the local TV stations to see who can help us get the word out. Do not buy from La-Z-Boy you will be sorry.

Product Quality Way Poor and Service No Better
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DAYTON, OHIO -- This was our 6th piece of La-Z-Boy furniture in 20 years for us. After 2 years the "New La-Z-Boy" sofa mechanism failed. The frame bent under regular adult usage. While still covered under their "lifetime parts warranty"; the authorized service was by prepaid fee only and at La-Z-Boy's convenience.

The Dayton Ohio La-Z-Boy Showcase would only provide service if we would wait until they were "in the area" and we prepaid for their travel time. Since we are only 5 miles from their location we were apparently waiting until they could charge multiple customers $130 for the same 15 minutes of travel. A single customer - portal to portal service call was not possible at any price. Double and triple billing are the ethical norm for Dayton La-Z-Boy. 6th piece of La-Z-Boy... wished we would have stopped at 5.

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WHITE PLAINS, MICHIGAN -- I had emergency surgery July of 2011. The surgery left me with difficulty standing from a regular chair. I invested in two lift chairs. One chair for my home and one for my office at my business. I paid extra to have the heat and massage feature added to the chair at home. So far the chair at work feels fine, but the chair with the heat and the massage is extremely painful to sit in. There is a huge hard motor in the center of the seat. It feels like seating on a cinder block. The padding in the chair is cheap and does not provide adequate cushioning. I went through hell with customer service reps. to send someone out to address the problem.

The technician came out and said he could feel the motor as well. A new seat had to be ordered. It took about 8 weeks for the new seat to be delivered. They put the new seat on. About a month later, the seat started to feel the same way. I called customer service again. They were very nasty. They told me they were not going to do anything else and that it was a comfort issue, not a defect. If I sit in this chair, it is causing another health issue with my tailbone.

Whenever I try to sit in this chair, the nerves at the bottom of my spine go numb, until I get out of this chair. Customer service says that is not a defect, it is a comfort issue. That statement was so ignorant, even for them. Why would anyone buy a chair and not expect it to be comfortable, especially a recliner? I paid 2800.00 for the two recliners, now I can not use one of them because of this. The chair was only 3 months old when I first started having problems. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these people. The quality, and price is horrible and so is their attitudes and lack of service.

Offgassing From Furniture
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I rec'd my new furniture on 12/17/2011, starting on 12/18/2011 I have had dizziness, I left my home for a week and the dizziness went away when I returned so did my dizziness. I moved across the country and left the furniture behind to "air" out some more and my dizziness went away, rec'd my furniture and within days of it being in my house my dizziness has returned. Anyone else experiencing this. Before I left AZ, I spoke with the mgr at the Flagstaff, AZ store and she said it should go away, :when they set up new displays, they leave the doors open because of the gasses being emitted". Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Dizzy.

Lifetime Warranty Not Honored
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WEST HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Eldorado recliner from the Northridge, CA store to replace a five-year old recliner I wore out. After three years the chair needed repairs and all I had to do was drop it off at the store, pay for the labor, and the chair was fixed up great.

Now in December of 2011 I found out things changed drastically. La-Z-Boy not longer does repairs in stores and in 2010 they migrated to a new computer system. The store no longer has any record of my purchase in 2006 and no record of my service in 2010. I lost track of the receipt a long time ago. The manager at the store could have cared less. His entire attitude was "we don't handle service at the store anymore so don't bother me about service."

So I'm dealing with customer service over the phone and they tell me all I need is a tag off the bottom of the chair. Except of course the tag isn't there. My chair was made "for" La-Z-Boy by an outside manufacturer. No, No says the service representative La-Z-Boy makes everything. I send in photographs of the chair and a close up of a tag that says "made exclusively for La-Z-Boy." So I finally get an email conceding that an outside company did make my style chair, but no promise to honor the lifetime warranty on parts.

What did I get in response to my last email, an automated response saying the customer care representative I've been dealing with is on vacation for three days. I bought a recliner at Costco this morning. So long La-Z-Boy. I'll keep after them to honor the warranty and then give the repaired chair to one of the younger ones in the family who needs furniture. La-Z-Boy is not the company it once was in my opinion.

Don't buy on a Friday
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CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- On 1/14(Friday) I purchased furniture. On 1/15(sat), I went to the La-Z-Boy store in Cherry Hill, NJ for a refund due to I changed my mind. The terms and conditions state they will refund what was paid as long as it was within 3 days of placing the order. On 1/15, the sales associate stated that the computer systems do not work over the weekend and they could not do anything until Tuesday 1/18 due to the MLK holiday. On 1/15 I was told to come back on Sunday, they were very busy on the floor.

On 1/16 Sunday (open for MLK sale) I went back to the store, the manager told me that it would be very difficult to get my money back due to it had to come from corporate and said I should pick something else out. So I did. I picked out furniture that was about $500 less. I asked the store if I could have my remaining $500 as a refund, they told me that they were unable to do this as I made an exchange. When reading their terms of condition that is true when you already receive the product and send it back.

When I asked what was the 3 day exchange or refund printed for if they don't allow it, then they said, they should have charged me a fee for exchanged merchandise, but I never received any merchandise. In fact I cancelled my order within 24 hours. Their computer system doesn't allow them to cancel anything on a weekend. I told them, it was not my problem. It is now 3 weeks. I never received a refund, nor did I receive my furniture they said would take 2 weeks. If you buy from here, do NOT pay in full and do NOT every buy on a FRIDAY in case you change your mind.

Is 6 months Too long To Wait For a Pricey Picture?
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ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS -- In March of 2010 I went to La-Z-Boy in Orland Park, IL and purchased $6652.75 worth of furniture for my Living Room. I was told by the District Manager, who was in the store at the time that it is mandatory to have a designer come to my house and measure the doorway to make sure the furniture would fit through the door and the designer would also take pictures to show me a floor plan and give me decorating ideas too free of charge.

The Designer & District Manager showed up a few days later. They were polite and helpful. They suggested I order another chair to fill up the room. I took her advice and ordered the chair. I went to the store and worked with the designer who helped me pick out a picture. The picture is huge & will be the main focal point in the room. (if I ever get it) It is now SEPTEMBER 2010 6 MONTHS LATER AND I STILL DON'T have the picture. I am stuck on this room until I get that picture.

The Store Manager at the time I placed my order was so helpful & friendly, actually everybody in the store was helpful & friendly. She is one of the best Store Managers I have ever seen. She defiantly went above & beyond. She is now at another store.

The customer service at La-Z-Boy Orland went south, its bad service now. When I call to get an update on the picture I get different answers. Some employees from the store say "I don't know what's going on with this picture, I will have the store manager call you back". So far he has never called back. When I get lucky and he's not busy when I call & I actually get to talk to the Manager, his answer is "Its on order, I don't know what day it will come in, sorry that's all I can tell you dude, its on order." Some Sales Assoc. in the store tell me what the manager said & some just don't know.

If you call the store and press 3 for customer service, it gives you a person that's not in the store and they have told me they don't handle pictures only furniture to call the store. BTW, what kind of Store Manager calls a customer dude over the phone? Both myself & spouse agree the manager is inconsiderate & just doesn't care. Is business that good again that you could afford to throw away your customers?

The store manager doesn't give a damn or seem to care when the customer will get there order, even if ts 6 months later. I asked him if anyone could call the Vendor? His answer no, that's not possible. If it's not possible to call the vendor, then how do you order items for your store?

I suppose these days its the customers job to call the suppliers/vendors and find out what's going on. The designer in the store that could help me & more than likely would know since she told me that when the picture comes in she will personally deliver it to me so it can be set just right and so we could decide on other pictures & the grandfather clock I wanted. She still works there, but is never there when I call.

When I ask when she will be in, I am always given the wrong time, some Sales Assoc. won't give a time at all. I can understand that, but damn they could at least give her a message to call me or connect me to her voice mail. The picture probably did arrive and the designer forgot about it since its been so long.

Something fishy is going on in this store. They have made it pretty obvious they don't want my business. I knew something was messed up with the operation of this store on my 1st visit. The salesperson gave me a coupon that didn't start until the next day. We already knew what we wanted from shopping online, in order to use the coupon on our order the sales assoc. said we would have to come back the next day. We were the only customers in the store and they let us walk out even though we were paying more than half in cash.

I didn't intend for this to be so long. Overall they do have nice furniture, but if you want any kind of decorations, don't waste your time on them. Also expect to pay a fortune for delivery, they charge by the piece. Depending on what you order. 1 end table is $59 for delivery. If you want to pick it up yourself then they give you half off delivery. Other furniture stores in Orland Park, IL offer free delivery most of the time or $60 flat fee for everything.

Poor Customer Service
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CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a recliner leather sofa and a leather recliner chair in 2008. Salesman told me the frame and mechanics were guaranteed for the life of the furniture. The chair has wood arms (I thought wood would hold up better than upholstered arms and I liked the look of it. A few months ago I noticed the wood finish on the arms of the chair was wearing off, weird! A month of so after I saw this, I was out shopping for another chair, went to La-Z-Boy. As I was talking with the sales clerk, I mentioned the problem with the chair. He walked me over to the Customer service desk and I explained the problem.

The person looked up the date I purchased the items and said :It;s over a year old, guarantee doesn't apply" and walked away. I told her I was not happy as I paid over $3,000 for both pieces. She gave me the number of their Repair service. Called of course only a recording. I left a message. Got a call back - they left a message, over a year old no longer covered, they can't fix the arms but could replace the arms I would have to pay for it. I called back and again no live person to speak with. Left another message asking for someone to come out and look at it, as I did not understand how the finish could be wearing off. No response.

I emailed the Better Business Bureau about the problem. BBB contacted the company, company sent them a letter stating the upholstery is only guaranteed for a year. I emailed back and said I am not complaining about the leather, but the wooden arms. At any rate BBB closed the case as the company told them I would accept their settlement - what settlement - they never responded to me. A friend of mine looked at the chair and he said it looks like the finish was painted on, not stained! That is why it is wearing off!

Boy, is there no reputable companies out there anymore who stand behind their product? That was a lot of $$$ for me to spend on 2 pieces of furniture but I thought GOOD QUALITY would last for a long time. I even wrote a letter to their home office but not even a reply from them. Buyer beware!

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