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Don't Believe What You Are Told
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Rating: 2/51

RANCHO CORDOVA, CALIFORNIA -- Bought full living room ($7K+). Sales representative told us we were sitting on 'memory foam' chair, so we ordered accordingly. When delivered, the chairs had memory foam but obviously what we sat on in the showroom did not. We complained and it cost us 'hostage money' to have the chairs replaced to what we expected. Reason - custom order. During the escalation process we learned of other inaccurate statements/promises made to us. The irony, the couch, table and area rug were bought sight unseen and we loved. The chairs were the only products we tried at the store. Don't trust what they promise.

La-Z-Boy Recliners; "DURABLE" - NOT!!
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Rating: 1/51

KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- From LA-Z-Boy website: The comfort and durability of La-Z-Boy recliners have made them the perfect choice for generations. Get product details for our stylish and durable reclining chairs, power recliners, lift chairs and more. Available in leather and vibrant fabrics with eco-friendly cushion options. I say - NOT!!!! At least not anymore!

We purchased two La-Z-Boy recliners in March of 1999. They performed incredibly well; we are still using them today and we had one repair, both chairs, of the ratchet assembly that holds the footrest up. This repair was performed after the chairs were over 10 years old. This is what I have come to expect from recliners that are relatively expensive.

HOWEVER – The quality & durability of two La-Z-Boy recliners that I purchased in Oct 2010 are pathetic in comparison. Both chairs have had to have the seating area replaced (Seat chaise is what they call it). One was replaced in June 2011, under warranty – that chair also had to have the ratchet & pawl assembly replaced already (part that failed after 10 years on previous chairs). The other chair that required the seating area to be replaced failed in the Nov-Dec 2011 time period (“out of warranty” by a couple months). It took La-Z-Boy until April 14, 2012 to replace this faulty part and they charged me a trip charge of $70.00 since it “was out of warranty”.

When I complained to the La-Z-Boy Corporate Office, Eric in Customer Relations in Monroe MI, he said that I bought it from an independent store – even though the store carries a La-Z-Boy name (they are Furniture Galleries of Atlanta); so I would need to contact them. When I called La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Atlanta to express my discontent, after speaking with David in Service and his boss the(Operations Manager), I was told:

I already received a $ 40.00 discount on delivery; I still paid $70.00 for delivery – actually the discount was negotiated at the time of sale in order for them to Win the sale. The two chairs cost me over $1,500.00. Also, they ‘kindly' waived the labor charge for this out of warranty repair and only charged me $70.00 for the trip charge. I still paid $70.00 out of pocket for the repair. Because of these concessions, he said there was nothing they could do for me. We have only two adults living here, both retired and we have no pets.

Additionally, I'm sorry to say I recommended that my wife's sister buy two recliners at the same time, that are equally pathetic; she also paid over $1,500 and has the same kind of quality problems. These chairs did not hold up and I feel they DO NOT meet the criteria for merchantability and thus do not meet Implied Warranty as defined by Federal law and they do not meet the standards espoused on La-Z-Boy's own web site. They failed prematurely!!

From LA-Z-Boy website: The comfort and durability of La-Z-Boy recliners have made them the perfect choice for generations. Get product details for our stylish and durable reclining chairs, power recliners, lift chairs and more. Available in leather and vibrant fabrics with eco-friendly cushion options.

Warranties: Warranties are promises by a manufacturer, made to the consumer purchasing the manufacturer's product, that the product will serve the purpose for which it was designed. The Uniform Commercial Code is a law, adopted in some form in all states, that regulates sales transactions and specifically the three most common types of consumer warranties: express, merchantability, and fitness.

Merchantability and fitness warranties are both implied warranties, which are promises that arise by operation of law. A warranty of merchantability concerns the basic understanding that the product is fit to be purchased and used in the ordinary way—for instance, a lamp will provide light, a radio will pick up broadcast stations, and a refrigerator will keep food cold. A warranty of fitness concerns the consumer's purpose in purchasing a product, and allows the consumer to rely on the seller to offer goods only if they are suitable for that particular purpose.

For example, there may be a breach of the Implied Warranty of fitness if a salesperson knowingly sells a consumer software that is not designed for operation on the consumer's computer. For a breach-of-implied-warranty claim to be successful, the consumer must establish that an implied Warranty existed and was breached, that the breach harmed the consumer, that the consumer dealt with the party responsible for the implied warranty, and that the consumer notified the seller within a reasonable time. Implied warranties may be disclaimed by the seller if they are denied expressly and specifically at the time of the sale.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (15 U. S.C. A. § 2301 et seq.) is a federal law that requires sellers to explain, in easy-to-understand language, the terms of warranties that apply to written sales contracts for items costing $5 or more. Under this act, when a product fails to meet the standards promised by the warranty, the seller must repair it, replace it, or refund the purchase price.

Breach of warranty: A warranty is violated when the promise is broken; when goods are not as should be expected, at the time the sale occurs, whether or not the defect is apparent. The seller should honor the warranty by making a timely refund or a replacement. The date of delivery starts the time under the statute of limitations for starting a court complaint for breach of warranty if the seller refuses to honor the warranty.

This period is often overlooked where there is an "extended warranty" in which a seller or manufacturer contracts to provide the additional service of replacing or repairing goods that fail within the extended period. However, if the goods were defective at the time of sale, and the relevant statute of limitations has not expired, then existence or duration of any "extended warranty" is secondary: there was a breach of a primary warranty for which the seller may be liable.

It could be an unfair and deceptive business practice (a statutory type of fraud) to attempt to avoid liability for breach of a primary warranty by claiming expiration of the irrelevant extended warranty. A statute of limitations on a contract claim may be shorter (or longer) than that of a tort claim, and some breach of warranty cases are filed late and are characterized as a fraud or other related tort. Similarly, if the product fails prematurely, it may have been defective when it was sold and could then be returned for a refund or replacement. If the seller dishonors the warranty, then a contract claim can be started in court.

Bad Business
By -

NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE -- If you are considering purchasing furniture from a LA-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery read the info below… As a perspective customer you may want to consider this info before making your next furniture purchase @ your local La-Z-Boy furniture gallery.

If you live in the North East region think twice or research before purchasing from a La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire. The North East Distribution Center located in New Castle, DE is sending what is thought by the consumer to be new furniture but, that is not always the case. There are items that have been in the warehouse for 3+ years that are being sent to consumers. There are also items that have been in a consumers home for a lengthy amount of time and returned to the warehouse, repaired or un-repaired and put back into stock inventory for another consumer to purchase.

The way a consumer can tell if there furniture is new or used is by referring to their law tag that should be on every piece of furniture leaving the distribution center. On the law tag there is an acknowledgement line item number that is 15 digits long. The first two numbers of the acknowledgement number is the year in which the furniture was produced (ex: 2009 would have 09*******-***-***).

Here is some additional info regarding the La-Z-Boy warranty that your sales person will not inform you of. The warranty is a limited lifetime warranty. Included is a 1 year labor warranty. The metal and wood pieces on the furniture are covered for a lifetime but only if you keep your original purchase receipt and only if the dealer still produces the metal or wood parts. The fabric/leather warranty is for 1 year but only if the dealer does not run out of that line of fabric/leather or if it has not been discontinued by the La-Z-Boy dealer. The warranty is only honored if La-Z-Boy reviews your furniture and agrees that there is a defect in the product.

An issue will arise if your furniture is not a new product. If you receive an old item portrayed as a new item and you need to refer to the warranty you may not be honored due to an expired acknowledgment number or unavailable product for repair. Certainly the consumer can protest this but, there is an inconvenience factor involved.

When you contact the customer service department for a warranty claim they will send a 3rd party technician to your home for an inspection and will report back to La-Z-Boy. If a part needs to be ordered the turn around time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months or more depending on if the part is already produced or if the part has to be made. You can also be in wait status only to find out the repair can't be done due to lack of part productivity. It is disturbing that companies are able to operate this way and that respectable individuals spending their hard earned money are at risks of falling victim to these kinds of circumstances.

For an elderly person looking to purchase a La-Z-Boy lift chair… don‘t. The chairs are defective & will only last at the most 6 months before something electrical goes wrong. Once this happens it is most of the time impossible for the company to detect where the issue is coming from & the chairs are sometimes never fixed. In closing, if you or someone you know has fallen victim to any of the above your quickest and best resolution would be to take legal action. I hope this information will be helpful to many perspective consumers & consumers.

Poor Customer Service; Uncompromising To Fair Exchange Offer
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PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA -- ** On March 15, 2008, I ordered two, 3-piece couch sets from a La-Z-Boy store. We had negotiated a total sales price of $6,900. The six pieces arrived eight weeks later. I have been thrilled with half of my purchase: a 3-piece, red couch set. The other half of the order - a beige set with Chenille fabric - €”has been very disappointing and has been showing signs of wear after only two weeks of use.

Although unfortunate and disappointing, my issue is not the fact that the entire chair appears 3-4 shades lighter than the other two pieces (due to natural lighting variances within the room). My complaint is that the couch, which has contiguous lighting, shows shading variances in the most used areas. I noticed this "usage shading" within two weeks of delivery. The problem has continued to compound while I'™ve worked with my La-Z-Boy sales representative and Customer Service over the past 6+ weeks. Currently, the couch shading/discoloration is increasingly pronounced because the raised texture of the fabric is flattening in high usage areas.

Historical facts: Two weeks after delivery, when I first brought this to the salesman'€™s attention, I did so in person and actually brought the couch back into the store. We both agreed that it had some shading discoloration. I contacted Customer Service who took pictures of the couch and later informed me that "œthe manufacturer states that this is normal use when sitting on this type of fabric". If that is the case, then the sample swatches are absent of important, informational warnings! They should read: "€œFoam dry-clean only. Fabric will show uneven shading with usage, so best to place the furniture in a darkened room and away from natural sunlight."

I have continued to contact my Sales Rep. twice per week for the past five weeks €”either on the phone or in person. I have communicated my desired resolve of this issue as well. My salesman continues to exhibit poor customer service by not calling me with updates when he says he will; I have to call him back 3-4 days later. This lack of professional communication has only exasperated my frustration of the situation. Because that I am so unhappy with my couch purchase, I have not even removed the tags from any of the three pieces. We have tried not to use the chair and loveseat so that they remain in "œgood as new"€ condition and don'€™t show the usage shading.

My proposed solution is this: I have asked if the Pleasanton store would take the 3-piece set back into their floor inventory and let me re-order the same couch in a different fabric. In all fairness, I have even offered to pay a "œre-stocking" fee of 10%-15% of my purchase price. The store will not entertain this proposed resolution. As luck would have it, I'™m sure that beige couch sets are the most popular color sold, so I can'™t see any reason why La-Z-Boy wouldn't be willing to process this "€œexchange" for me - especially since I had such a large, $6,900 order!

To reiterate and summarize: I feel that the Chenille fabric is showing excessive and unjustified usage shading; the areas used most are lighter in color than areas not used as frequently. I would like to exchange the set and re-order this couch set in a different fabric. I can'™t imagine why my request would be denied given that: (1) the tags are still on all three pieces; (2) the chair and loveseat are in "like-new"€ condition; (3) the fabric is a neutral and popular color for re-sale purposes; and (4) I am even willing to pay a re-stocking fee.

Inferior Furniture
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a sofa, loveseat and recliner from our local La-Z-Boy store last year. I had to special order all 3 pieces. The recliner's metal bar leaves deep indentations in the carpet when in the fully reclined position. Over time, the carpet will have holes in it. La-Z-Boy neither understands, nor cares about this situation. They refuse to do a thing about it.

I special ordered the sofa and loveseat in a napped fabric. They told me to expect delivery at the end of Sept 07, or first wk of Oct 07. I finally got all 3 pieces at the beginning of Nov 07. When I looked at the furniture, I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! The nap of the fabric had been laid in every direction, giving the furniture light and dark colors!! I could NOT get one person in the corporation to understand what the meaning of "napped" fabric was!!

The furniture has visible flaws running through it, the seams are coming apart, and when I removed the cushions to see what might be underneath, there was a hole in the fabric on the side of the furniture. The store has a lot of "fast talkers" who make all kinds of promises but never show up. We spoke to at least 8 different employees, but none that ever resolved any of our problems. I bought the furniture because I believed La-Z-Boy had a good reputation, but had I checked the internet before going to purchase, I would have NEVER made the mistake of purchasing from them.

We took them to small claims court, and to this day do not understand how we lost. The "pictures" they took for "proof" of how good the furniture looked were printed on a black and white printer!! You couldn't see the flaws in those pictures. When they saw the pictures I took (color) it was as though they didn't believe they were looking at the same furniture. They kept asking when I took the pictures and then began saying things like, 'well you've had the furniture for 6 months.' Yet, we had been trying to get them to do something for 6 months!!

The stall tactics they use and lies they tell are unbelievable. It buys them enough time so that your "warranty" is running out and they don't have to do anything. They were insinuating that we had somehow damaged the furniture ourselves!! Like I upholstered my own furniture!! And, of course, who doesn't spend over $3,000.00 to then put holes in their furniture???

To this day, NO ONE has sat on the furniture and the tags are still on the furniture. We spent $3200.00 for all the furniture and the owner of the store had the gall to stand in court and say to the judge, "we're not a high end store, we're like Homedepot." Well, Homedepot refunds money of unsatisfied customers!! So, there is a world of difference between La-Z-Boy and Homedepot.

Buyer Beware. The salespeople are taught to "fast talk" and they do not show you any warranty BEFORE you buy from them. Be careful to read EVERY line of paperwork they make you sign, and especially refuse to accept the order if it comes with flaws and other obvious problems. Once it's in your home they will do NOTHING to help you!!

We have purchased so many La-Z-Boy products in the past, but they are no longer the same company. Their quality is at best that of a flea market, and the upholstery job looks like it's done by elementary school children learning upholstery. Don't get ripped off like I did, be careful!! I wish someone would file a class action lawsuit against them!! I'd be the first to sign up!!

Is 6 months Too long To Wait For a Pricey Picture?
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ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS -- In March of 2010 I went to La-Z-Boy in Orland Park, IL and purchased $6652.75 worth of furniture for my Living Room. I was told by the District Manager, who was in the store at the time that it is mandatory to have a designer come to my house and measure the doorway to make sure the furniture would fit through the door and the designer would also take pictures to show me a floor plan and give me decorating ideas too free of charge.

The Designer & District Manager showed up a few days later. They were polite and helpful. They suggested I order another chair to fill up the room. I took her advice and ordered the chair. I went to the store and worked with the designer who helped me pick out a picture. The picture is huge & will be the main focal point in the room. (if I ever get it) It is now SEPTEMBER 2010 6 MONTHS LATER AND I STILL DON'T have the picture. I am stuck on this room until I get that picture.

The Store Manager at the time I placed my order was so helpful & friendly, actually everybody in the store was helpful & friendly. She is one of the best Store Managers I have ever seen. She defiantly went above & beyond. She is now at another store.

The customer service at La-Z-Boy Orland went south, its bad service now. When I call to get an update on the picture I get different answers. Some employees from the store say "I don't know what's going on with this picture, I will have the store manager call you back". So far he has never called back. When I get lucky and he's not busy when I call & I actually get to talk to the Manager, his answer is "Its on order, I don't know what day it will come in, sorry that's all I can tell you dude, its on order." Some Sales Assoc. in the store tell me what the manager said & some just don't know.

If you call the store and press 3 for customer service, it gives you a person that's not in the store and they have told me they don't handle pictures only furniture to call the store. BTW, what kind of Store Manager calls a customer dude over the phone? Both myself & spouse agree the manager is inconsiderate & just doesn't care. Is business that good again that you could afford to throw away your customers?

The store manager doesn't give a damn or seem to care when the customer will get there order, even if ts 6 months later. I asked him if anyone could call the Vendor? His answer no, that's not possible. If it's not possible to call the vendor, then how do you order items for your store?

I suppose these days its the customers job to call the suppliers/vendors and find out what's going on. The designer in the store that could help me & more than likely would know since she told me that when the picture comes in she will personally deliver it to me so it can be set just right and so we could decide on other pictures & the grandfather clock I wanted. She still works there, but is never there when I call.

When I ask when she will be in, I am always given the wrong time, some Sales Assoc. won't give a time at all. I can understand that, but damn they could at least give her a message to call me or connect me to her voice mail. The picture probably did arrive and the designer forgot about it since its been so long.

Something fishy is going on in this store. They have made it pretty obvious they don't want my business. I knew something was messed up with the operation of this store on my 1st visit. The salesperson gave me a coupon that didn't start until the next day. We already knew what we wanted from shopping online, in order to use the coupon on our order the sales assoc. said we would have to come back the next day. We were the only customers in the store and they let us walk out even though we were paying more than half in cash.

I didn't intend for this to be so long. Overall they do have nice furniture, but if you want any kind of decorations, don't waste your time on them. Also expect to pay a fortune for delivery, they charge by the piece. Depending on what you order. 1 end table is $59 for delivery. If you want to pick it up yourself then they give you half off delivery. Other furniture stores in Orland Park, IL offer free delivery most of the time or $60 flat fee for everything.

After 14 Months Leather Flaking Off Chair Cushion.
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Rating: 1/51

WEST SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In late December 2013 bought a leather chair from La-Z-Boy $1834.00. The store was good sized and very under staffed. After paying for the chair, there was no one available to put the chair in my SUV. One female sales clerk, my daughter and myself had to carry the chair out to the SUV and lift it into the back. This should have been a red flag. We took good care of the chair, using only high quality leather products.

In early March my husband noticed flaking of the leather on the seat cushion. The leather is actually breaking down leaving a discoloration on the cushion. I called the West Sacto store and spoke with a sales person. She was not interested in my problem. She just asked me if I got the extended warranty. Why would a $1800.00 chair need a extended warranty? It was not like the chair cost $500.00. She was rather distant about the whole thing. She said I would need to talk to customer service. I next called customer service. Five minute wait for them to answer the call.

I spoke with **, she took all my info and then put me on hold for 15 minutes. When she came back she told me the chair was no longer on warranty. She said I would have to pay to ship the chair and pay for the labor charges and pay for the parts. What kind of quality control do they have at La-Z-Boy? She was not interested in my problem. I told her that the chair and ottoman cost $2500.00 and that we are retired and expected the set to last for many years. She merely repeated it was not on warranty. She said she could recommend a leather repair specialist. I will never buy another piece of furniture from Lazy Boy.

I could not recommend anyone buy from La-Z-Boy. You would not like the experience and you can kiss your money goodbye. These people know they are selling questionable products at expensive prices. This is more like Ikea furniture but, you are paying top dollar. At least at Ikea you know what you are getting. It is apparent to me that the whole company acts like used car dealers. I feel I have been ripped off. The final straw was when the ottoman came (three weeks late) and they unloaded the ottoman and on the bottom was printed Made in China. So much for an American made product. Never again, La-Z-Boy.

Refused To Return Money For Delivered Damaged Recliners!
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Rating: 1/51

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA -- WARNING THIS COMPANY JUST WANTS TO TAKE YOUR MONEY and don't care about the quality of their products! The day after two defective recliners were delivered to my home I tried to get my money back and they refused. After 4 months unsuccessfully attempting to fix the problems, they agree to a re-selection, but not to a return. With the re-selection, we will have to pay the inflated store price and not the sale price that we paid when we bought it.

Recliner Swivel Rocker Chair Broken Upon Delivery & Horrible Customer Service and Follow Up
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Rating: 1/51

BRANDON, FLORIDA -- I special ordered 2 swivel base rocker recliners. Waited 6 weeks for them to arrive. When they are delivered, one of them had a broken H-frame where the dowel joists was inserted into the wood. I was told that I would have to deal with it through the service department. I called the service dept. to learn they were closed for the day and would not be back with me until Monday. On Monday, the service department called to say they could be out to fix it on Thursday within a 4 hour window.

I work, and cannot afford to take off for 4 hours and wait around for service guys to show up and fix my broken brand new chair that I already spent 4 hours waiting to have delivered the previous week. So my husband took the morning and waited for them to show up. When the service guy showed up he had the wrong color H-frame. Do you think maybe this would have been noted somewhere on the form when they took the service call? Duh. So, he goes ahead and replaces the H-frame with a mismatched color, and tells my husband that he will have to go back to the warehouse and have them order the correct color and they will let us know when it comes in.

Fast forward 9 days, I am sitting at work when I get a call from the warehouse, asking me if I wanted to stay with that mismatched color or if I wanted to switch out the color for a new one, in which case they would need to order it. I informed the person on the phone that a new one should have already been ordered 9 days ago, upon the initial visit from the service guy who replaced the broken frame with one of a mismatched color.

Lots of flustered mumbling at the end of the line and long silences. Then an affirmation that "oh, yes, it will be ordered." And they will let me know when it comes in so I can plan to spend another 4 hour window waiting with bated breath to see what they show up with this time.

At this point, I am not very hopeful that the 2 chairs I purchased on Labor Day will be fixed and in good order by the time the winter holidays roll around. That's ok, because in addition to this post I intend to tell everyone I invite into my home for the holidays the long and tedious story of what a poor product La-Z-Boy produces and how inept the service department is and about the complete lack of customer service after the sale has been made.

Long story short: I will never, NEVER purchase another stick of furniture from La-Z-Boy again. And that is a shame because I was happy to be purchasing from an American manufacturer, but this is utterly ridiculous. You can, and should, do better than this!

Big Reputation but Poor Quality and Service
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Showroom pieces very comfortable but what was actually delivered was of very poor quality and unusable. Their recommended in-store interior designer, though very nice with good taste, came to my home but unable to measure correctly thus she ordered me a giant, over sized desk with hutch that was not functional not to mention proper size for the room. It took me from august 8th to November 20th of 2013 for them to come and pick up that expensive, unusable desk that their designer assured me that it would fit all the needs of a desk/workstation. Though the fault lied with designer's bad math they would not refund the desk cost without great effort on my part.

Tried to deal with them regarding the high end furniture that they touted to be so but turned out to be false claim as foam cushions compressed with very little use. Could feel wood frame while sitting by the arm. I ordered my stuffed pieces based on the comfort of how showroom pieces felt. But only after furniture was delivered I was told that the show pieces were there to just give consumer idea of what it would look like and not what it would feel like. What??? Their solution to my 2 month old squashed cushions was to send me same quality replacement cushions which of course compressed in short time as well.

Corporate was of no help. I am stuck with these inferior quality pieces that the designer and salesman said would out live me. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and thought I would get quality if I put the money out for quality. Fabric threads already starting to show wear after only about a year. Buyer beware. The 1400.00 dollar recliner's foot rest had to be replaced after 7-8 months, demonstrating that press wood does not hold up very long.

Read the rave reviews cautiously as consumer affairs told me that one can never be absolutely sure who actually writes them. Hope you have better luck than myself. Do you think Brooke Shields has these problems? Snafu by la-z-y boy once but never again.

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