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Lexus IS350 Convertible
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WESTMINSTER, CALIFORNIA -- Took it to the dealer and complained with corporate on the car braking performance and finally got in touch with the dealer and got the car first repair. Drive it out after being repair the next day and the sound is there but wasn't loud and getting to the point that it is annoying. So two month later here I'm again dealing with the same problem. So they kept the car for another 3 days to research and attempted to fix it. After got the car back, the first day the sound is still there.

Okay, brought it to the dealer again less than 30 days (I'm very busy with work) and they replaced 2 front rotors and pads. After taking out from the dealer, damn guess what I heard again guys - same squealing sound. Squeal noise are killing my ears. Okay now, I'm piss so I took it up to the corporate again and now I will have to leave my car with the dealer for several days because Lexus finally send out a representative to look at the car under the Lemon law. So final attempt is what I give them. Find out more in 2 week from now guys. I hope Lexus will solve this problem for me.

Missing Alphabetical Index on 2010 Lexus RX 350 Service Manuals
By -

Volume 1 & 6 of the 2010 Lexus RX 350 service manual is missing its alphabetical index. On a 2" thick manual, not having an index can be a problem. It would be more of an issue except for the index being in the other volumes. A problem only arises if only volume 1 or 6 is purchased by itself. I talked to the folks at Toyota Service Publications. They will not be printing a corrected copy of the manual or apparently do anything else to correct the situation. So much for doing the right thing on manuals that run in the one fifties each.

Customer Service
By -

DELAWARE -- 15k on the brand new RX400h and the windshield cracked for no apparent reason. The dealer upon initial inspection said that there is no point of impact & that the windshield just cracked. Lexus customer service denied our claim. The car should still be under the bumper to bumper warranty. We even have an independent auto glass company look at it and the finding is the same but Lexus denied; says they don't cover that certain issue.

And by the way, good luck on holding for customer service. I have to wait more than 1 hr every time. Bottom line is if you have a big problem, even if it is clearly a manufacturing defect, they won't fix it. Nobody from the main Lexus representative came to check on my car. They just denied it. What a nice customer service crap is that.

Certified vehicles by Lexus are misleading
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I Own three Lexus vehicles. I recently bought a 2007 Lexus ES350 certified vechicle. We took it back to get some recalls addressed in which Lexus service took care of these issues. While there my wife advised them the car seems to hop when apply the brakes. The service advisor called me to let me know that the brakes rotors were out of round and needed turning. The brake pads were in good shape. I told them this was a certified vehicle and should be covered under the certified program. He stated the brakes were not. I told him I understand the brake pads were not covered but the rotors should be. He still refused to resolve this problem for us. The last Lexus we bought was covered no matter what the problem we had. Lexus has let me down. I always thought highly of the Lexus brand that's why we continued to buy them, Now I'm not so sure. I will remember this when buying my next car. CERTIFIED IS NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM!When buying this vehicle as well as the other Lexus I have I was told it was completely covered bumper to bumper. I guess Not. Also when we returned to the dealership to pick up our car we had to run down someone to help us. No one came to us to ask if they could help us. A lot of young employees were in the service advisors bay. One of them finally addressed us. If it wasn't for this young employee I guess we would still be wondering around looking for our car.

Lexus Sucks
By -

The rear view mirror fell off the windshield on my brand new 2009 RX350, and the Lexus engineer decided it was my fault. They refuse to pay for it and refuse to even tell me how he concluded that I broke off the mirror. They wouldn't give me a report. They kept saying they are not in the business of deciding how it fell off. Only that it is not a "warrantable" repair.... There is absolutely no damage to the windshield from the outside, so I know nothing hit the windshield. It looks like somebody pulled the mirror off the windshield. Part of the windshield is still glued to the back of the mirror. I had to pay my insurance deductible and fix it myself.

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CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- I work for a local car dealership in San Diego and had ordered a new car. When the vehicle arrived all had been handled with the purchase, or so I thought. I come to find out my own dealership is now giving me 3k less for my trade than they originally said when I first ordered the new car 8 weeks prior! Mind you, the price they are now offering is $4000 back of book (4k less than what kelly blue book states trade in value is)and $10k less than what retail is (what they will sell it for) Needless to say I didn't buy the car!!!
Well, my car was out of warranty and I had $2500 set aside for a new car. I originally liked the Lexus, but being the loyal employee I am I went for the luxury sport sedan that we sell. I called up to Lexus of Carlsbad, quite a drive but I know a salesman up there, an aquaintence from years in the car industry. I told him the situation, how much I had down, the lease terms I wanted, the payment I needed and my trade info. He called me back within 10 minutes with different scenarios, all of which worked for me! They gave me 2k more for my trade than my own dealer site unseen, as well as the car for $500 under invoice! I drove up there that day after work, nervous that once I get there they would pull the old bait and switch and for one reason or another I wouldn't be leaving there with a new car. On the contrary, when I got there the showroom was gorgeous, the staff extremely polite, and my paperwork was basically done! I just had to sign a few things, my car was already detailed and gassed up. There were no hidden surprises, the payment actually ended up being 64 cents less than I was quoted over the phone! The entire ordeal from start to finish took maybe 30 minutes, and that includes them showing me how to use all the bells and whistles on the car. I would recommend anyone to buy at Lexus Carlsbad, see Joe Lazar, he is truly accommodating and probably one of the few honest salesman out there!

2007 Lexus 350 HID AFS Headlight Problem
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I bought a new 2007 Lexus 350 on January 12. I can barely see when I drive it at night because the headlights, which are HID AFS, only illuminate about 5 or 6 feet in front of the car. I can only see about the bottom third of the car in front of me and there is a bouncing black line with what looks like a black wall above the line. The lights are OK on bright. I took it back to the dealer twice with no results. He said it would be OK with the AFS off... It wasn't OK, just the same. And he said the company wouldn't let them adjust the lights. They appear to be set too low.

I am waiting to hear back from the Lexus customer service 1-800 number. The guy I talked to there said that if the lights were 'in spec', there was nothing they could do. I drove a 1991 Lexus 400 for the past 16 years with practically no problems, so I am in shock about this new Lexus. It is a huge safety hazard. I wonder if all cars with HID AFS lights are like this or if it's just mine?? I can't imagine anybody being pleased with a car that they cannot see to drive in at night.

Squeaking Brake & Dashboard

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- So after 8 months of owning the car, the brake starts to make squeaking noise and the dashboard (which they fixed, but very ugly looking). For the brake, they told me it's a designed feature. It's not dangerous to drive with the noise, therefore they're not going to fix it because it's normal and it's not a defect. So, this is a $40K car that I bought brand new, and now, it's still under warranty, they won't fix something that is broken and annoying, because to them - it's normal, designed feature (that didn't tell us anywhere when we're buying it). Everyone has the problem or will have, because it's the design.

I talked to them 10+ combined for dealer and headquarter. Wasted 5 trips to the dealer. wasted all my time and effort, and they won't even bother to try to fix it. They looked at it, think it looks good, so they won't' fix. This is something I have to deal with, live with unless I sell my car. Otherwise, they're not the one that hearing the sound when they drive it, right? So, I got an extra feature - the noises from the car. I wish Lexus could keep their good services like they have when they were small. Now they just don't care about the customers anymore.

Lexus RX 350
By -

LIVINGSTON, NEW JERSEY -- I recently replaced my RX 300 with a RX 350. At first I was very happy. The problem occurred after the air conditioning would intermittently stop working. The second time it went in to Warnock Lexus in Livingston, N.J.(the dealership where the car was bought), I asked they research why my air conditioning was not working and why they could not figure out what the problem was. They found out it was a problem in some of the RX 350 cars and at the present time they did not know how to fix it.

I asked when it would be fixed and they said they had no idea. They also would not replace the car. At the present time I have an inferior loaner car and my car sits in the shop. Will it be days, months or years, no one can say. I understand cars can have defects, but the dealership should take responsibility for them and either fix the problem or replace the car.

Lexus windshield wipers
By -

CALIFORNIA -- March 15, 2006

To: CEO Lexus – Toyota

From: Dorothy Walsh

Re: Terrible Scare

I bought new windshield wipers and had them installed on January 30, 2006 at Lexus of Serramonte in Colma, CA.
On March 10, 2006 at approximately 2:35 PM I picked up my six-year old granddaughter from school in Greenbrae (Marin County, CA) and was driving over Wolfe Grade (a two-lane road over the mountain) into San Rafael where my daughter lives.
It was pouring rain. The rain was coming down in sheets. The wipers stopped working. Just stopped. Both of them. There was no place to pull over even if I could see (no shoulder lane). I was petrified and my granddaughter was screaming. There was zero visibility in front of me. I put my head out the driver's side window and could just see the lights from the on-coming traffic. I was never so scared in my life.
By some miracle I drove like this for several miles until I was able to pull over at the first house at the bottom of the mountain.
I got out (by now I am soaking wet) and checked the wipers to find that the right one (passenger side) had a piece of metal about 1/8 of an inch wide sticking out of the wiper blade that was stuck in the wedge between the hood and windshield, thus stopping both wipers from working. I pulled this stick out and the wipers started to work again. This thin stick is 18” long with a small notch on each end. I saved it.
I was shaking so badly I had to cancel all my plans for the day. I still can't sleep at night thinking of what could have happened and today had to get a prescription to help me sleep from my doctor (Dr. Kutzscher at CPMC in San Francisco).
I intend to tell everyone especially at Lexus/Toyota about this so it won't happen again and perhaps kill people.
Please acknowledge this incident.


Dorothy Walsh
1327 11th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122
415 753-3858, cell: 415 297-7356

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