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My Experience With Macy's Customer Service
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My Experience with Macys Furniture Department and Customer Service. The Good the Bad and The Ugly! 2/10/2004-Ticket Number **. My previous address is **. This is on the first page of your computer screen. My new address is on the second page. I know because I've been through this conversation over 20 times. Well my experience with Macy's Customer service and delivery has had its good and bad parts. To start off when I first received the order back in 2004 from Macy's it had to be returned because that somewhere along the way the back of the leather had been cut with a knife. I had already had trouble with the delivery people showing up at all.

So then I had to wait for them again to exchange the couch. This time it was correct and they did exchange the couch. Later in July 2007 when the couch broke I discovered the Macy's delivery people never put the middle leg on the couch to begin with. Thanks delivery. I loved this couch. You see I'm only 5' 2"€ and I can only touch the floor on so many couches. So sad and hard to find something that fits like the three little bears. (Just a side note the worry no more program you sell to the public has a less than admirable Better Business Bureau Report).

Flash Forward 7/2007-Present my month long venture with getting things fixed. Ticket number ** and Ticket Number. A Whirlwind of frustrations brought me to this point that I felt I needed to write a letter. It all started on 7/22/2007 when I noticed the couch frame seemed to be broken on my chocolate leather Natuzzi couch style number 214247/806140/025. Being the person I am and understanding the importance of timeliness I went directly to the Macy's store.

I had called and left a message prior but did not get a call back until two hours later from the furniture department at which time I was already making the 20 minute drive to talk to someone about what had occurred. Well I got to the store and told me I had to call the 1-800-511-2865 number and there was nothing that they could do. This of course made me infuriated that on a Sunday I could not get a hold of anyone to ease my mind that things would be taken care of. So I went back home to my house to attempt to call Macy's customer service.

The first call I did not write down whom I spoke with or what time. I thought things would go fairly smooth. So I did not get a hold of anyone on Sunday because customer service is closed. I then called on Monday the 23rd to set up an appointment for my couch to be looked at. They set me up an appointment for July 30th. I was told I would get a call from someone on the Saturday before confirming the time of the appointment. Well no one called and so I just assumed they forgot and would show up on the 30th of July.

Well I did call on Monday morning to get a window of time from the furniture repair department and nothing was set up. So I called customer service again and spoke with **. I was disconnected from him and called back. I then spoke with ** at extension 65644 at 9:45 a.m. and was told there was no way to get someone out that day to look at my couch. I had taken off of work that day to wait on the repair people because I did not know what time they were coming. So I was offered a $150 gift card after asking if there was any compensation that I could receive for my troubles.

I was out over $300 in income waiting on something that did not happen. I found out from the customer service department that furniture services 911 forgot to process my work order. They were then rescheduled to come to my house on August 6, 2007 and they were to call with a time. I asked that I be told a time. ** called me from Furniture Services 911 1-678-947-4272 ext 137 to tell me they would be out at the house between 3:30 and 7:30. Again I took off work in the afternoon to wait. I got a call at 2:30 p.m. from someone at Furniture Services 911 telling me that they could not make it out to the house.

I then called ** ext 65134 and told her what had been going on. They said that they could come the next day during the day. I tried to call ** and he never returned a call. Why does Macy's only contract with one company that only has 30 employees I'€™ll never know? They only have one technician for my area. Anyway, after a lot of complaining I got them to come out to the house after 5:30, which is when I get off from work. They did show up this time. Thank God.

The repair guy told me at that point a middle leg had never been installed on the couch and there was a knot in the wood where it broke under one of the seating areas. He told me that it could be fixed. He would order the parts and they would be in around 3 weeks and to call customer service in three days. I called and told them at customer service what had happened with the couch and why it broke.

In the meantime I got a call from ** 8/10/2007 saying the couch had been discontinued and that they could not get the parts to fix the couch. She told me that they could only replace the couch itself and not the chair and ottoman. I told her my mom was having breast cancer surgery and asked her how long I had to find something. She told me to take my time and that I would have 30 days. I went to the store and sat on everything. I could only touch the floor on two couches and was upset that I had to find a couch to match the other two pieces. So I called and left a message for ** asking her to see if they could special order the couch I already had.

I left two messages on 8/13/2007, two messages on 8/14/2007 for ** asking about other options. On 8/14/2007 I also spoke to ** (at this time the Macy's customer service system was down) and he could not tell me anything either about what to do next. On 8/15/2007 I spoke with ** and left a third message for **. On 8/16/2007 I spoke with ** and left message for ** asking them to reorder the couch. By the way when I asked what had been documented in the computer nothing had been documented about the last three days of phone calls trying to get a hold of someone who could explain the return process.

Finally I got a hold of ** 67808 who told me that it was Macy'€™s policy to replace the entire set for a manufacturer's defect. So then I went back to Macy's to look for furniture. She told me I would get a full credit for the entire amount on ticket number **. She told me that ** must not be aware of the policy of full replacement for a manufacturer's defect. I finally found furniture, which was all right. Nothing any the store stuck out to me like the Natuzzi couch I'€™d bought before.

So I called the customer service number on 8/21/2007 just to find out the process of things after going to Macy's at lunch to find the gentleman I had been working with was not coming into work until a half hour after the time I had on his card. ** from Macy'€™s Louisville took the time to look everything up for me and was very helpful. I ordered new furniture to be delivered on August 30, 2007. I had to open another Macy's account in order to get my credit, which I was told would be in the store.

This was very frustrating and I can't believe a company would make a customer do something like this in order to receive credit for bad merchandise. Yes I had an account before and it has been cancelled for three years. Anyway I call customer service again today and spoke with ** who was very helpful 8/22/2007 to give them my account number and have the credit be placed on my account. I will not get the credit until the 30th of July (I hope this actually happens). I'€™m looking forward for this month long process to be over. The new ticket number is **. I hope this furniture is of better quality.

While I was writing this I finally got a phone call back from ** who I called yesterday. Someone else called to help me because as she told me ** does not have time to get back with me. This was at 1:14 p.m. today 8/22/2007. That makes me feel important. I'm glad I went ahead and took care of everything myself by calling until I got someone who could help me.

I'm praying and have my fingers crossed to not have the delivery, repair, and service experiences for the remainder of my business relationship with Macy's. I hope that in the future Macy's finds a better way to integrate all customer service aspects of the furniture department to make it more efficient. Education of all staff at all levels is key on policies and procedures.

Thanks for your time and I really hope this gets some attention. I would hate other customers to have the same experience I have had. Oh, by the way while I was waiting to reorder all of my furniture another customer came in and complained that she never got her confirmation phone call for the delivery for her furniture. Lord help us all!

Update -9/25/2007. It'€™s almost October now and I'€™m still going. My first couch was delivered with nicks on the leather and scratches on the wood. I called for a replacement. It arrived a long time later and this one is worse off than the first. It looked alright in the drive way but upon getting it in the house I discovered loose threading, nicks in the leather, more scratches on the wood than last time. I'€™m sick and tired of waiting on people from Macy's to exchange the couch so I asked just to have a repair person sent. They will be coming out on October the 8th. This is the earliest they could get there so I would not have to take off anymore work.

I quit taking names because it really doesn'€™t matter anymore. I hope they can repair the couch but I feel like I should be given back some of the money on the couch for keeping the damaged one. I'€™m sure nothing will be done about this because I already sent a letter to the corporate headquarters. It is not the delivery people doing this. It has to be happening in manufacturing.

Quality Control does not seem to be doing their job. I received a phone call for another exchange and they told me that I should call customer service and ask them for part of my money back. I did and they offered me $250 that barely covers the cost of the warranty which will be voided. They offered this on top of the $105 gift card that I was given to spend more time waiting on someone to come to my house to look at the furniture. I did not accept because I don'€™t think that they will be able to fix the couch.

10/22/2007. Update - Macy's came out to the house repaired the $2600 couch and is having to send four new legs to me for the couch because they were all broken. Ahh.. quality! You can't ask for more. Macy's headquarters has not responded and I never spoke with the manager from the store who attempted to contact me. We played phone tag for three weeks. Well I'm now stuck with a $2600 couch that was not showroom quality when I got it. Still waiting on the legs to the couch. I'€™ll update when I know more.

Miracle at Macy's
By -

MIDDLETOWN, NEW YORK -- The employees in the Housewares Department of Macy's are extraordinary. Every time I shop in that department, the employees go above and beyond to help me find what I'm looking for. If they can't find it in the store, they search online and let me know where it can be found at other Macy's locations. They do everything possible to send the customer away satisfied.

During my most recent visit, I was looking for certain pieces of cookware that I saw online but couldn't find in the store. After an associate determined that the items were not stocked at that location, she went online and found them at other Macy's stores. I didn't want to travel the distance, so she offered to have them sent to my home with free shipping. She also honored the online price, which was substantially lower, and gave me an unexpected 15% discount!

I can't vouch for other Macy's locations, but the one in Middletown, NY has never let me down. The employees are not only helpful, they are also pleasant and friendly. They treat customers like guests in their own home. The employees make the store a wonderful place to shop.

Macy's - Worry no More Protection Plan
By -

SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE -- Does anyone know if there is a class action suit on this??? Apparently a lot of complaints. Do not bother buying this plan!! They will not cover anything. They simply do not want to pay on claims. Bought a 4 piece leather living room set from Macy's in 2004 and was encouraged by the salesperson to purchase a 7 year protection warranty on the furniture. We have kept this furniture looking like new but recently spilled some beer on part of a seat cushion causing discoloration in an area about 4 inches by 8 inches.

We reported the incident within 24 hours (10 day required time) calling the number stated on our copy of the insurance policy. The person on the line identified themselves as a customer service representative for Worry no More and said they will call with a 3 hour time frame to schedule an adjuster. They did call back. Scheduled an appointment.

The adjuster showed up on time with a bottle of some kind of spray. Took some pictures and said he would have to recommend a technician to come and recolor the leather. He also asked me if I had experienced any problems in getting action on this.. said he was getting an earful everywhere he went. I waited a week and called back to see if they were scheduling someone and was told they were denying my claim.. They do not cover this sort of thing.

I looked at my policy and it states "accidental staining or damage to upholstered leather and vinyl furniture" and beverages was included. I have found out that the insurance carrier is a company out of Florida operating under the name of Uniters. If anyone has more info in the form of help please pass it on to me.

Coupons are worthless
By -

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO -- I received a gift card for Macy's on Christmas (2009). So first thing Saturday morning I printed off the 15% off coupon as well as a second which I cannot remember since I wadded it up and left it with the cashier not worth the paper I wasted to print them on.

I purchased my mother a set of winter pajamas and a couple of kitchen items on the second floor of the Chapel Hill Macy's and tried to use my coupon there. And I was told that it was not applicable on anything I purchased even though the fine print did not exclude the items I purchased. So I took the coupon back as I saw something downstairs I liked also and wanted to use up my giftcard. At the second register I purchased an inexpensive DVD player and you guessed it... that cashier said the coupon was not able to be used.

I heard others complaining about this same problem and even the cashier was hissing and complaining that they were worthless. I printed them off and they would not scan. The bar code was perfect. HMMMMM My Husband even heard these same issues being discussed on the radio. I WILL NEVER shop at this rip off store again. I will not purchase another gift card for any family member. They bait to get you into the store and do not honor their own coupons. There are plenty of other stores that chose to do business by honoring the sales coupons...

I had not one issue at Penny's using their after Christmas coupons so they will get my business in the future. I wonder how many more complaints it will take to put an end to this. Who will take over Macy's after they go under for these type of practices? Macy's stores in the past were O'neils, then Kauffman's, now Macy's... You would think they would be bending over backwards to retain business not lose it. I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere. This needs to be investigated and I am sure it will be.

By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I opened a department store account with Macy's to get a discount on my rather large purchase. (My biggest mistake in years!) I was led to believe (Before I opened the account) that I would be able to pay the bill right then and there. Well I had to go to another part of the store and use a check (not a debit card!) which I do not carry around. In this day and age who uses paper checks?

I do not shop often in the malls so returning was not likely. I registered with the website online several days later thinking I could get the info I needed for my bank to send an electronic payment. My account # is not listed online thus I could get the info I needed for my bank. I waited and waited and waited for a statement to appear in my mailbox; I'm still waiting 4 weeks later!!!

The website shows my account balance with a due date that has passed! Remember I have yet to receive a statement, so I do not know my account # and cannot pay my bill without it!!
I called "customer service" (I used that term with my teeth gritted) and was told there is no balance due* so I will not receive a statement!

*Apparently they think the due date is 4 weeks in the future, thus no statement is sent for however long they choose. They do not send statements "until there is a balance due". I do not feel that setting an arbitrary time to send me MY INFORMATION is fair. This reeks of setting someone up for late fees, service fees etc. To add insult to injury I have received a Macy's VISA card!!! I do not want this card and never asked for this card, and am upset I now have TWO accounts to cancel! Of course the Macy's VISA is a COMPLETELY different account #.

The website will allow payments if they can get your checking account #. Giving them more info is the last thing I want to do. This is why people use the bank to pay bills and not individual websites, only the bank has the info not everyone else. I feel as if this is a way for making people forget about the balance for a while, send the statement later hoping they can get the extra late fees service fees etc by catching you unprepared.

Macy's The Magic Not To Pay Overtime To Employees
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Rating: 1/51

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- MACY'S THE MAGIC NOT TO PAY OVERTIME TO EMPLOYEES. MACY'S, a company with a tainted reputation that you should not work for. Macy's located in Sherman Oaks, at the Fashion Center Mall, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. Many years ago, and only for 4 days, Macy's told employees to do paper work during working hours, but soon after that, Macy's told employees not do it no more because it wasn't productive neither profitable for Macy's.

MACY'S - NOT OVERTIME PAID SINCE 1983 FOR PAPER WORK DONE AT HOME. MACY'S OWES MY WIFE MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN UNPAID OVERTIME. Macy's used forced resignation instead of firing my wife to rip off her, to bypass the law and not to pay a dime to my wife, including not severance payment, not overtime paid in 25 years (3.3 hours daily) for work done at home for MACY'S on an hourly employee working 40 hours a week. Because of Macy's actions, my wife never got any unemployment or workers compensation

My wife worked as a manager at Macy's and MACY'S never pay for it. In 2002 or before, my wife was so well qualified doing her job at Macy's, that my wife was taking the manager place when the manager was on long vacation or on other duties for Macy's or when the manager was promoted. Macy's never ever increased my wife hourly pay for the extra work done as a manager. For several years, my wife was doing that for months, because Macy's delayed on purpose to hire a new manager to replace the previous one gone

MACY'S greed, enjoyed to have a capable person as manager and not to pay the manager salary. MY wife never got ANY PAY FOR IT OR INCREASED ON HER SALARY. My wife never was PROMOTED AND DOING FOR 25 YEARS THE SAME WORK: selling expensive women apparel – floor sales. My wife got a lot of top reviews from customers and many outstanding certificates from Macy's, year after year. Only pieces of paper. Meanwhile Macy's pocketed extreme profits from extreme markups on everything sold.

Item Refund
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Rating: 1/51

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I ordered some items online and when I got them they weren't quite what I thought. The material and lay of the outfits seemed different.However that isn't the problem. When I went into the store to return the items I was greeted and asked what I needed, so far so good then it goes downhill. The associate looks at the items as I place them on the counter and says "this isn't even my department" and I asked her if she was capable of refunding them. Apparently I was in petites and I had items from juniors. Then in a rude tone looks at me and says, "Well what goes with what," and had me take the packaging slip and separate the order into 2 piles of how it was shipped.

By now I'm pretty ticked off and just want to get my refund processed. She does it sighing and mumbling under her breath about the items. Finally she puts her hand out with my receipt. I grab it and ask if I'm done as she replies "yea" and that's it.

I love Macy's and I shop there constantly with my boyfriend. It's our go to store when we hit the mall.I have never had such a horrible customer experience in any store or setting before. I am greatly unsatisfied with how I was treated.I planned to look for my mom's mothers day present today and a few items for my home. And I didn't even get to purchase them because I was so upset I got sidetracked and just wanted to leave the store as quickly as possible.

If I do continue to shop at Macy's I will definitely not be returning to the Scottsdale Fashion Square location. My experience was horrible. The associate ** was incredibly rude, there was no excuse for her poor attitude and representation of the store.

Feel robbed
By -

DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I had 4 Martha Stewart Enamel Pots. I loved them. However there was a recall on them and you were told to return them to Macy's for a full refund. So I returned them on October 11, 2011. The one salesclerk in the home store told me the recall was no big deal that no one had really been hurt by the enamel coming off the pots even though there was a recall notice on the cash register that clearly stated that two people were injured. Then my "full refund". These pots were listed at $160 and down. I had two of the biggest pots, 1 the next size down and then the smallest pot. They gave me $61.75 each for the two biggest pots, $44.36 for the next and $27.65 for the smallest.

When I complained I was told that was the lowest price that these pots sold for and did I have a receipt. I did not but stated that I had paid more and used my Macy's card to purchase all of them so we could just look it up. I was told that they could only go back six months so they couldn't find it nor was I given that option. I found my receipt for one of my largest pots and I paid over $80 for it and that was with a sale and a coupon. I would have loved to have paid these prices for them. Then I was given a gift card only good at Macy's. I have been a loyal customer for Macy's for a number of years but after the gift card I don't think I'll be shopping there anymore.

As for Martha Stewart, I liked her products but if this is what I get. I won't be buying anything else from her either. Maybe I should have just kept my pots and when something happened I should have turned around and sued Macy's and Martha Stewart. Anyone else frustrated by this?

Horrible customer service
By -

I placed an order purchasing a 3 piece Bill Blass Spinner Luggage set. The item was selling for $39.99 as part of a big Thanksgiving Day online sale and I purchased it using a 20% off coupon code, thus supposedly paying $29.99 and getting free shipping for the item. When it arrived, I received a totally different piece of luggage and was charged $71.99 for the item. After several phone calls and many hours spent talking to a rude, incompetent customer service center, and unfulfilled promises about managers calling me back, someone worked with me the next day to "fix" the problem.

She said she sent me a return shipping label for the wrong luggage, credited me the difference in the cost, and sent me out the correct product as well as a $15 gift card for all my troubles. I never received the luggage or the gift card and, after a few weeks, I called Macy's to find out what happened. They told me the product I wanted was no longer available so they credited my account. I checked my account and it was never properly credited and I also saw that product was, in fact, still available and in stock on the website. So I emailed customer service on December 27th to explain the situation.

After several more ridiculous email exchanges, I finally got the full credit for the item I was told I'd get a $15 gift card in the mail. I then emailed to ask why, if the product is in stock, I could not get it shipped to me at the price I originally paid. They emailed back saying they could not place the order for me online, but that I should call customer service referencing the UPC code (which they gave me) and order number to show my original price and they would handle it.

After spending almost another full hour on the phone with customer service this morning and getting the runaround yet again, I was told they will not be able to send it to me for the original price I paid and that I would now have to order it for the price it is selling for today. Overall, it was a horrible experience and I am so frustrated at this point that I am planning to cancel my Macy's credit card and cease shopping there forever.

Horrible Organization and Customer Service
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I were recently married and took back quite a few gifts from the wedding that we didn't need and put the refund towards a couch. We had been looking at the couch for over a year, but couldn't afford it until then. We were informed that it would take 6 weeks to get it in the warehouse, which we said was fine.

We went out of town overnight, and they called us telling us to call back and confirm an appointment for delivery. However, even though we did not call back because we did not get the message, they sent the truck anyway and then called us saying "no one was home to deliver the couch". Why would they send someone out there if they requested a confirmation but did not receive one? When I called to reschedule, they told me "2 more weeks". This happened again 2 weeks later. My husband missed the delivery by five minutes, and again, they sent the couch back.

The third time, I got the call and asked if there was a way to reschedule the appointment, because I had to work. I was told that the woman could not fix or "touch" the delivery scheduled and I would have to take care of it by calling another number. What she failed to tell me was that she cancelled the delivery completely. I was able to get my husband to take time off work to meet the truck, but they cancelled the delivery so he took time off for nothing.

When I requested to speak to a manager, they gave me Christopher, who insisted that the only thing he could do was deliver it nine days later. Because I was at work, I had him give me his number to call him back. About an hour later, I called the number and was connected to some lady in the Arizona Branch! Finally I got ahold of someone who told me if I didn't want the 29th delivery I could have it on the 3rd of January!

I cancelled the order and I am calling today to make sure I get a full refund. I don't need to pay 10% of something that never even made it to my house! I will never buy Macy's furniture again. I used to work in customer service and I know what things can be done to rectify situations. They are so big, they don't care. I wish Nordstroms had a furniture department.

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