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Add Does Not Figure When All Stores Do Not Have the Same Item From Manhattan to Montauk
Posted by Fadrlene712 on 11/29/2013
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- When You advertise an item then not have it available, lets say in TEN stores, from New York City to Montauk LI NY, and of course online, then I would say that it is false advertisement, Macys I am sure is well aware how they advertise, knows about this, and has an army of law firms to back them! I for one, will not shop there any longer. Oh yes, have there credit card, which they would not let me use, 48 hr for payment to go through, but if you are late, your done, with them!!!!! Class Action Suit ABSOLUTELY.

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Worry No More Plan made me Worry More!
Posted by Reaber4 on 10/08/2013
PENNSYLVANIA -- We bought a leather sofa from Macy's a few years ago. We purchased the Worrynomore Premium protection plan that costs $338. We thought this was a good idea that would give us piece of mind. No long after before our final payments we noticed small cracks beginning to develop on two of the seating cushions. We contacted the protection plan company and explained our concerns. They sent out a representative who examined the couch. He told us that he had just examined a couch like ours that was a couple years older and the cracks had become splits and they were replacing or repairing it, he also expressed that it was from body oils. The seat cushions haven't even been sat on where body oils would be transferred to the leather, and there isn't any sign of discoloration on the leather. It is an obvious defect. Days later we received a call from the company and said that it wouldn't be covered because the examiner said it was due to body oils. Also if you do not place a claim within 7 years you get your money back. Now that we placed a claim we have a ruined couch that we can't replace and we wasted $338 on a protection plan that was a huge waste of money. I am very disappointed in Macy's and this plan. I would not waste my money on this plan. You would be better off buying cheaper furniture and replacing it every few years.
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Posted by maria on 2014-04-08:
I had same story.
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On Online Gifts for Shower Sent to Bride Instead of Me - No Shipping Info on Order
Posted by Poopedpeg on 07/04/2013
NEW JERSEY -- I ordered on line through bridal registry gifts for shower. I gave all my credit info - checked that I did not want card or message sent. I expected to receive packages to my billing address since I did not see shipping info. My shower gifts were sent to bride instead of me ruining surprise. Now I have no gifts to bring to shower.

I checked my order info and saw in very tiny print that order would be sent to bride - cannot understand how bridal gifts would be sent to bride way before wedding day - very disappointed.

I am a senior citizen and live on a budget so therefore it will be quite embarrassing for me at shower - will never use your registry again. Tried to call and no one answered - it seems you could do a better job in that department and add shipping address very clearly on any orders.
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Posted by ILOVEMYSON on 2013-07-04:
I just placed a order from someone's registry and it clearly and not small at all says during the checkout process before you even enter the payment info that it will be going to the bride and groom and that the address is not shown for privacy reasons, and under that it says or add new address which is where you would click that and put your info in..You just needed to pay more attention..
Posted by andbran on 2013-07-04:
just explain the circumstances to the bride. you did give her a gift just not how you wanted to do it.
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"Worry no more" warranty sold by Macy's -- you better "Worry"
Posted by Scottlovell on 06/15/2013
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Don't do it! Don't buy the "Worry no more" warranty... recommend that you take not of the manufacture warranty and buy form a manufacture that provides a decent warranty... You will find dealing with 'Worry no more" to be a total horror show!! I'm in MA ordered a sofa and love seat from Macy's furniture and bought the "worry no more" 7 year bells and whistles plan since it was sold as a full coverage plan... They should call themselves ‘Worry” because if you purchase the service that is what you will end up doing… They have no concept of service! They are unprofessional! They Lie and they waste your time! Don't waste your money or your time with “Worry”... And Shame on Macy's management for linking with "Worry no More" and allowing 'Worry" to use the Macy's name to pedal such inferior warranty service…. Why I say “Worry” sucks? Put in a claim May 2nd (C1322192)with "worry" on May 2nd and after a week or 2 back and forth we settle on a date for them to inspect the issue which was Saturday June 15th, and then the Tuesday of the week they are to come out they bounce me to Macy's furniture and cancelled my claim saying (without inspecting the loveseat) that what is wrong with it is still under manufacturer warranty... Macy's furniture did a good job working one of the issues which maybe related to back support of the furniture, but since there is an issue with staining also Macy's got "Worry" back on the horn for me and “Worry” setup a new claim and noted that they would have someone come out the Saturday June 15th to assess the issue, and stated that I would get a call regarding my 3hr window... Saturday comes no call regarding 3hr window so I call "Worry" worried and they tell me my window is Noon to 3pm, and state I would get a call 2 hrs before the inspector arrives... Yes, at this point you would think all is going well... Well you would be incorrect since 2:30pm comes and no one called and when I called "Worry" I was told they cancelled my claim again.... Well the associate at worry seeing that the service has been has been totally screwed up tried to put me through to a supervisor but I got cut off...

So I call back again and the belligerent male I got is yelling at me telling me I need to listen to them explain to me how "Worry" operates when all I want to know is when is someone coming out to look at my furniture... And all I would like explained is how they could tell me wait between Noon and 3pm as of 9am the morning and then cancelled my claim was well as the inspection for the same day... Well the belligerent male would not connect me to a supervisor an hung up on me... To which I had to call Macy's who got things back in order again...

So it seemed but somehow it came off the rails yet again... As previously stated, "Worry" has no concept of service! They are unprofessional! They Lie and they waste your time! Don't waste your money or your time with them... And Shame on Macy's management for linking with "Worry no More" and allowing 'Worry" to use the Macy's name to pedal such inferior warranty service

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Fine jewelry...buyers Beware
Posted by Ankager on 01/03/2013
LA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased $600 gold bracelet 10/6/12. Wore it approximately a dozen times---last time worn (9weeks after purchase), had feeling like a pin-prick and noticed that a gold filament had broken and was poking into my skin. Checked bracelet more thoroughly and it was broken in 4 places. Because I had removed tags, they would not take it back and only option was for it to be sent to their repair shop to have it repaired at my expense (because I had not purchased extended service warrantly). Told them that tags were removed so that I could wear the bracelet as my intent was obviously to keep. Extended service warranty irrelevant and applied only to repairs, not returns....a product like this should stand up to gentle wear for longer than 9 weeks.

So, no consumer protection at all here for a product that is of poor quality. Wish they had lemon laws for jewelry!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-04:
Thanks for posting your experience for all to see.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-01-04:
Macy's seems to markup their jewelry to a high "retail price" then heavily discount it. Then they discount it again with their 20% off coupons. This gives the illusion that you are getting a great deal. They are still making a huge profit on this questionable quality jewelry.

Here's a better way...Shop Costco. They have tremendous buying power and only mark it up 12%. No sales, coupons, special prices etc. This is the real deal for high quality "eye candy" at close to wholesale prices.
Posted by wimbosbimbo1 on 2014-02-13:
We must have bought the same bracelet....very little wear and it started to show "dents" in the gold....then basically fell apart like foil....we also did not have the extended warranty but did return it for repairs....Macy's repair shop couldn't even repair their own jewelry.... No more shopping at Macy's Fine Jewelry for this family!!!
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Macy's The Magic Not To Pay Overtime To Employees
Posted by Dpzloren120 on 12/04/2012
MACY'S, a company with a tainted reputation that you should not work for
Macy's located in Sherman Oaks, at the Fashion Center Mall, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

Many years ago, and only for 4 days, Macy’s told employees to do paper work during working hours, but soon after that, Macy’s told employees not do it no more because it wasn't productive neither profitable for Macy’s.

MACY’S - NOT OVERTIME PAID SINCE 1983 FOR PAPER WORK DONE AT HOME. MACY’S OWES MY WIFE MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN UNPAID OVERTIME. Macy’s used forced resignation instead of firing my wife to rip off her, to bypass the law and not to pay a dime to my wife, including not severance payment, not overtime paid in 25 years (3.3 hours daily) for work done at home for MACY’S on an hourly employee working 40 hours a week. Because of Macy's actions, my wife never got any unemployment or workers compensation

My wife worked as a manager at Macy’s and MACY’S never pay for it
In 2002 or before, my wife was so well qualified doing her job at Macy's, that my wife was taking the manager place when the manager was on long vacation or on other duties for Macy's or when the manager was promoted.

Macy’s never ever increased my wife hourly pay for the extra work done as a manager. For several years, my wife was doing that for months, because Macy's delayed on purpose to hire a new manager to replace the previous one gone


My wife got a lot of top reviews from customers and many outstanding certificates from Macy's, year after year. Only pieces of paper. Meanwhile Macy's pocketed extreme profits from extreme markups on everything sold.

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Posted by leet60 on 2012-12-04:
If your facts are accurate, you should consider contacting the labor department as well as engaging an attorney.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-12-04:
How did they "force" your wife to resign rather than firing her outright? Regardless of if she resined or was fired for "cause" (and you know they would have found a cause), depending on the unemployment laws in your state she may not have been eligible for unemployment pay anyway. As for severance, that is usually the perogitive of the employer. If the unpaid overtime is as you say and your wife has documented proof that she has overtime pay due to her, then she should file a complaint with your state's labor board and perhaps secure the advice of a lawyer.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-04:
If my employer asked me to do 3+ additional hours of work daily at home unpaid, whether an hourly or salaried employee, I would find a new employer.
Posted by Susan on 2012-12-04:
What you describe (not paying OT) is an issue that needs to be addressed with the California Labor Board
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-12-05:
Why did she continue working there for 25 years when she wasn't getting paid for all those extra hours? It sounds like she was a dedicated employee of theirs and there are alot of companies looking for people like her. She should have packed up along time ago and worked for a company that appreciated her dedication and hard work.
Posted by Julian on 2012-12-07:
The USA is not having jobs opportunities for many people. Some people want to believe that Macy's or others employers will bring a career to them, when actually is the other way around
Macy's was sold several times to different investment groups and who knows who is behind those groups
I think those groups are looking for quick profits and willing to sell Macy's over again
No employee should never ever have a bad experience as the woman that worked for Macy's for 25 years
The government has the power to bring help to people in situations like that
But I don't know if the government ever help anyone

Posted by surime on 2012-12-10:
Macy's is doing a lot more that, even giving jobs to people having not legal documents to work in the USA
There are Somalis, African, Armenians or from any other nationality getting at job at Macy's
So Macy's feels powerful in breaking the US Laws
Posted by Melinda on 2013-01-21:
Without any doubt in my mind, Macy's is the worst company to work for
I keep thinking
Posted by MELINDA on 2013-01-21:
Without any doubt in my mind, Macy's is the worst company to work for
I keep thinking
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Fake "Sales"
Posted by DPC.Comment on 11/22/2012
Enough of the duplicitous sales tactics! Yesterday's advert: starting tomorrow, 50% off the regular price of cashmere sweaters. Surprise -- today the "regular" price increased by $50. That's not the kind of store that I reward with any kind of loyalty and neither should others.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-11-23:
Most retailers can't wait for Black Friday to give the illusion of a great sale. FYI: The name originated in Philly in 1962. This is when most retailers are no longer in the Red and start to make a profit. They try to capitalize on every dollar to make a profit. The bait is low prices on a few select items. The uninformed line up for this thinking they got a deal. The savvy shopper knows better and does research online to find a truly great prices. You won't find me in a tent camped outside of Best Buy for a junk no frills brand TV.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-24:
What you're seeing happens very frequently in furniture, jewelry, watches, and higher end clothing sales. The MSRP's for these items tend to be comically outlandish, and these items are *never* sold at those prices. The typical "everyday" price is nowhere near the inflated MSRP. But when it comes to sales they take the 50% off the inflated MSRP price, which ends up be pretty close to the "everyday" price.

This sort of thing happens a lot. It's not entirely disingenuous as they are simply going by the MSRP, but to consumers who aren't aware of how unrealistically high the MSRP's are on certain items, it can seem like they are trying to rip you off.
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Poor quality misleading warranty
Posted by Frank43 on 08/13/2012
RENO, NEVADA -- Purchased a high end leather NATUZZI recliner from Macys in Reno 3 yrs ago. Leather is peeling off in lumbar region. Warranty we purchased does not cover peeling only rips or tears. Totally misleading warranty, very poor quality and neither Natuzzi or Macys will do anything but offer excuses as to why they won't do anything to make it right. We will NEVER again shop at Macys nor purchase any Natuzzi product. Hope this review helps someone avoid the same bad decision we made to shop at Macys.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-13:
I would question whether a Natuzzi recliner is "high end".

I bought a few Natuzzi pieces 15 years ago, and within 6 or 7 years there was sagging. The leather itself is decent, but overall I would never buy Natuzzi again.

Unfortunately, furniture companies get away with this "peeling not guaranteed" stuff.
Posted by Josie on 2012-09-28:
Just filed a complaint w/BBB. Bought a Italsofa(Natuzzi) chair. They said it was not only Italian but 100% top grain leather. BS. The back and armrests are peeling right off. Found out it's bicast/bonded crap. Stay away from Macy's
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Poor Quality Worse Than Cheap Furniture
Posted by Chipcable1 on 05/31/2012
INDIANA -- I am writing this due to the poor quality in the couch that I purchased and also the lack of service from one of your dealers. I first purchased a Natuzzi couch almost 20 years ago which I still have and LOVE!!!. The problem is that it needed recovered and we decided to get all new Natuzzi furniture due to the great luck and quality that we got from the first one. We purchased a new set in 2006, the recliner mechanism was not working properly and the cushion on the couch seemed different from the beginning and we were told that it was all covered not to worry. Here we are 6 years later and we are still trying to get it repaired and have to contact the dealer to follow up and make sure that they follow thru. I am getting ready to furnish my basement that was recently remodeled and WILL NOT get more Natuzzi furniture due to the last set we bought. I seriously doubt we will be ready to gamble on what the quality will be this time around. I was a raving fan at one time of Natuzzi that is why I did not think twice of spending over $4,000. for a new couch from your company. The performance of the couch we currently have after only 6 years and 2 adults being the only people living here and very little use is very disappointing to me for what was the only brand that I would buy.
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Posted by KevinTX on 2012-05-31:
I bet you would get a response from them if you posted on their Facebook wall.... https://www.facebook.com/Natuzzi.Italia
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Item Refund
Posted by Dmariep87 on 05/06/2012
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I ordered some items online and when I got them they weren't quite what I thought the material and lay of the outfits seemed different.  However that isn't the problem. When I went into the store to return the items I was greeted and asked what I needed, so far so good then it goes downhill. The associate looks at the items as I place them on the counter and says "this isn't even my department" and I asked her if she was capable of refunding them. Apparently I was in petites and I had items from juniors. Then in a rude tone looks at me and says well what goes with what and had me take the packaging slip and separate the order into 2 piles of how it was shipped. By now I'm pretty ticked off and just want to get my refund processed she does it sighing and mumbling under her breath about the items. Finally she puts her hand out with my receipt. I grab it and ask if I'm done as she replies "yea" and that's it.

I love Macy's and I shop there constantly with my boyfriend it's our go to store when we hit the mall.  I have never had such a horrible customer experience in any store or setting before. I am greatly unsatisfied with how I was treated.  I planned to look for my mom's mothers day present today and a few items for my home and I didn't even get to purchase them because I was so upset I got sidetracked and just wanted to leave the store as quickly as possible. If I do continue to shop at Macy's I will definitely not be returning to the Scottsdale Fashion Square location my experience was horrible. The associate Leslie was incredibly rude, there was no excuse for her poor attitude and representation of the store.

Dana Palomares 
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Posted by Buddy01 on 2012-05-07:
Unacceptable. If the items were not separated before bringing them in for the return, then the clerk should have done it for you.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-07:
Sounds like Leslie was having a bad day, a bad job, a bad life, or all 3.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-07:
If all the items still had the tags on them along with the order slip, then the sales associate should have been able to figure out what item went with each order. Even without the tags, she could have looked at the order slip and still figured it out. I'd be ticked too.
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