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Customer Service Lacking, Waterslide Defective
Posted by on 08/16/2007
MANHATTAN, KANSAS -- Bought the banzai falls six flags waterslide for a pool - great invention --unfortunately the one I purchased for $300 at Walmart has defective materials -- made in china -- imagine that, on the top side panels - used it for a few months last summer -- brought it out this summer and after a few weeks, big holes blew out on the sides, first one then the other -- material is just breaking down -- the rest of the slide is fine -- just those two sides --

I've called Toyquest 5 times, on hold forever - talked with 3 different people - the supposed boss, won't return emails or phone calls -- bottom line nobody expects to pay $300 for a one summer pool toy -

It wouldn't have been that hard for them to just say OK - you're right - and send me one without the defective panel - beware Toyquest not up to the challenge so far
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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-08-16:
Well thank you for this review no-name person from the big apple they call Kansas. We had some other guy here raving about this but fortunately nobody trusts his advice. It looks like something that one "torpedoes" away from a Jumboliar and the whole thing comes crashing down like a bowl of chowder. Gimmie a O for ouch Alex!
Posted by mjholly on 2007-08-16:
We need to stop having things made in China. That country sucks when it comes to safety violations.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-08-16:
Not so fast MJ, we still need vital imports like dragon floats and bottle rockets.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-16:
Hey! Mjholly its OK the guys that sold us that stuff are dead now. Two were executed and the other one killed him self before they got to him.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-16:
lidman, we need more people like that here
Posted by Ponie on 2007-08-17:
Is this the same item Pirate posted a good review about?
Posted by Deb on 2013-08-21:
Bought the ship for in our pool while visiting family in Mississippi last Oct. opened it and inflated it to find it is defected at the seam tried to patch it with the patch they supplied with it and it won't hold because it is at the seam where it attaches to another part..well call customer service asking if they could tell me how to try to fix this because it says don't take back to store..so the girl on the phone tells me to take it back to the store.I told her for the second time I live in Pa.over 1000 miles away from where I bought it.so we had a disappointed grand-child.I would not recommend this product to anyone..it is awaste of money.I bought a different named brand swimming pool float about 4 years ago and it is stll holding air and never needed any patches..
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Not Worth The Money
Posted by Ssf on 06/16/2008
NEWBERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We purchased the Banzai Falls water slide late one summer. We took very good care of the slide. Making sure that it was located in a shaded area, all the water was drained and it was folded up and stored for the winter. When we put the slide up the next summer (9 months later) it had a HUGE split right down the seam line (approx. 3 ft. long). I immediatley contacted the company and they refused to do anything about it. I still had the original receipt when we purchased it. The only thing I could get from the company was to goriilla glue it back together, that did not work either.

Basically we paid $250.00 for something that was used maybe a dozen times. This product is totally not worth the money and disappointment.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-16:
We had a very positive review on this product last summer,I wonder if the poster will be back to do a follow up?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-16:
Thanks for the heads up. Based on last summer's review, I was going to buy one of these.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-06-16:
Gorilla Glue an inflatable giant water slide was their fix it!? That may be the stupidest suggestion I've heard for using this product since some know-nothing here recommended using it in sub zero temp freezers.
Posted by momtospud on 2008-07-16:
I don't know about this particular model, but the model I bought (Sidewinder Blast, purchased June 19, 2008) developed a fist-sized hole in the loading platform after....TWO uses. Two. We're talking my 2 year old, his friends, and me. Even all together, we are nowhere near the 400 lb. limit, and I even gathered them together and discussed rules like "one at a time up the slide" to make sure they were safe. We fully dried out the slide in between uses. I'm in the middle of dealing with email and phone calls to customer service reps from Amazon.com and Toy Quest (the manufacturer). If you don't ever have problems, great! This slide is a ton of fun no doubt. However, if you DO have problems, do not expect any customer service from either company. The item did come shipped to me with an "L-shaped" tear that looked like it had been patched up, so I"m wondering it this was a used slide. Amazon is giving me hassles about the logistics for returning this thing so I can get a replacement to see if the material was just defective for this specific item. I don't know if I just happened to get a defective slide, or if all Banzai inflatable slides fall apart after 2 uses. The other reviews seemed mostly positive after all. However, if this product does indeed have a tendency to rip in the seams, it seems like a potential hazard to the kids. The hole in my slide is large enough and in a common pathway area that kids, if I had not been watching them, could have stepped right in it and fallen through. Now that I am doing more careful online searches on this product, I see that seam rips are common. I would not expect this to happen after 2 uses though.
Posted by Bernice40 on 2008-07-18:
I just purchased this slide on 6/17/08. I have had problems with it since day one! The seams are just breaking apart after only 4 uses with my son who is 5 years old and his 5 friends who are the same age! None of them weigh more than 40 pds! I have tried contacting the customer service department at 1-800-434-6178 and emailing them at customerservice@toyquest.com. I have had no luck reaching anyone through either medium. My only alternative at this point is contact the BBB and Consumer Affairs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-18:
I've seen a lot of these going through checkouts at Wally World and Target. I'll bet a lot of parents are buying them to save money instead of going on vacation. What a bummer that these things aren't durable under normal use. VH review!
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False Advertising
Posted by Bridgette.bridgymc on 12/26/2013
WHANGAREI, NEW ZEALAND -- My son was really looking forward to having ago on his water slide which he just got for Christmas, we live in New Zealand our xmas is in summer and very hot. We opened it up to find that it is soooo small and nothing like the picture on the box. it looks like the slide has been enlarged and or the kids have been made smaller, it is so unfair that manufacturers can get away with this blatant trickery my sons bummed and I'm out of pocket 45 bucks cheers for that!
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Manley Toys Disappointing
Posted by Hellcomplainer666 on 03/24/2013
HONG KONG, WASHINGTON -- Here is the Deal, Manley toys are Hong Kong based, they source there products direct from China, not your usual China where products are being tested, but the real China where materials are low grade and potentially can harm consumers! Remember this, each toy or product is from one manufacturing warehouse, and there are thousands of manufacturers!! So basically they find the manufacturer that costs the cheapest, so one product may pass US tests, then the product is changed according to where they can find the cheapest of course, you can see this on each item, look up MC codes, they are different each month on each item, now that is dodgy right! Manley toys also produce the banzai waterslides you see on websites Target and a lot more!

Buy the waterslides if you dare, the customer service department used to be US based, now they had to cut costs so now its Hong Kong based, they under pay there staff as usual in HK, and the service you get when the waterslides break is dam shocking, how do I know? because I know a person that worked there! stories of customers kids getting damaged or injured on these things are common, and customers getting ripped off trying to claim there warranty is even more common.

All I can say is "buy" from Manley toys please, because you will have a roller coaster ride with there products and service.
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Defective Product
Posted by Lisadalporto on 07/23/2012
SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a simple Banzai ring sprinkler but there were multiple holes in the seam when I pulled it out of the box! We had to duct tape it just to make it semi-work so my kids weren't too disappointed.

Customer service will not replace it without a receipt. I don't have a receipt because I bought it months before summer and it sat in the box and waited for it to get hot out. So I'm out $10. Yeah, it was inexpensive but more importantly my kids were so excited for this and for what? A piece of junk. I would still like my money back on principle but based on other reviews I get the feeling this company is more about ripping people off. Don't buy from this company!
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Posted by andbran on 2012-07-23:
since retailers usually have a 90 day return policy, it never hurts to check it out even if you dont plan on using it right away.
Posted by KevinTX on 2012-07-23:
I hate to hear that as I know how kids are when anticipating a new goodie... write thier corporate or post on their Facebook page.
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Posted by Jhelton15 on 07/11/2012
I bought my son the rain forest kids pool, and we blew it up that night to find it deflated the next morning. I called customer service and left several messages but no one ever returned my calls. I even emailed them several times but again no response. My son never even had a chance to use the piece of crap pool. My advice to anyone that maybe considering buying one of their products DON'T!!!!
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Posted by Tezrien on 2012-07-11:
Did you check the pool for defects yourself ? Did you try returning it to the store you bought it from? Was it left out overnight? I ask that because I can think of several species of nocturnal wildlife that can puncture an inflatable pool.
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Horrible Product . .And Customer Service
Posted by Fdecker22 on 07/07/2012
Horrible product, horrible customer service. We all work for a living and to buy an item for $500.00 and get eight weeks use of it, is insane. Then the customer service representative tells me I must have done something to it that its falling apart in front of my eyes, and not a manufacturing defective, is off the top.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on 07/06/2012
My daughter received the Speed Blast Water Slide for her birthday. We opened the package and we were missing the stakes that held the slide into the ground. I contacted the company and b/c I didn't have a recipet or access to it, they refused to mail me out the 2 stakes that were left out of the package! I wasn't asking for a whole new product, but simply to have the stakes mailed to me that their company failed to put in!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-07-08:
It seems, looking at other reviews for this company, that there may be quality/service problems with this company's products. It's possible that a call to the Consumer Product Safety Commission at 1-800-638-2772 might be helpful since the lack of the retaining stakes may constitute a safety hazard.
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3 D Pool Is a Joke !
Posted by on 06/27/2012
TORRINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I bought this new 3D dolphin lagoon pool by Banzai for my granddaughter's birthday. We opened the box and blew up the pool and gave my granddaughter the goggles which were suppose to have made the 3D graphics appear big and real but that is not the case here!

The goggles did nothing to make the dolphin and the turtle look 3D. I tried them on myself and had the very same effect, NOTHING! I paid $25.99 plus tax and believe me, it is not worth a penny! I could have bought a pool for less money and had the same effect as this 3D pool !!!!!!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-06-27:
I think your expectations were perhaps set a bit too high. It's an inflatable pool, it's not going to have the same vivid 3D effects like you would see in a movie theater or anything.

I'd also like to know where you can find a pool for less than $25.99. Mine cost me well over $33k.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-27:
A pool for $26? Am I missing something? $26 will buy a halfway decent meal in a restaurant. I don't see how a quality pool, no matter how small, could be had for less than $100. Were the glasses alone $26?
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-06-27:
At $26, it's got to be a kids' wading pool-the kind that used to sell for $2-$3 when I was a kid in the 1960's. To a kid's imagination, the creatures could be 3-D.
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Triple Racer,was a Big Rip Off
Posted by Eaanenson on 06/11/2012
Out of the box, my Granddaughter went down 3 times and the slide ripped right at the seam. I Paid $23.00 and you can not return this as a damage product?
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