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MBNA Platinum Plus


Attn: Customer Satisfaction Department – Manager

We are very dissatisfied with your Customer Service Department. There was a unauthorized charge on our account (a scanner) for the amount of $2786.36 placed by LACC.COM. We never placed that order. We also asked the merchant to send us documents that prove that we placed that order online (provide us the email address registered with the order, IP #, documentation of the order history, etc.) The merchant was extremely rude and was unable to provide this documentation to us. Thus to avoid confrontation, they asked us to ship the scanner back but stated that they will not be responsible for shipping charges. We strongly felt we are not responsible for ANY of the charges relating to that transaction (including shipping fees) therefore we placed a dispute on the entire charge including shipping fees (when we ship it back) and asked MBNA to assist us.

I spoke with Mark with Customer Service on 4/28/06. He placed a conference call with Aaron from LACC.COM (Manager) and I and tried to resolve the situation. Aaron was rude to Mark on the phone when Mark was asking him general questions. When Mark realized the conversation was going nowhere, Mark advised me to wait until we receive the next statement and send all documentation to MBNA. Mark also stated that we could use the same credit card to pay for the shipping fees to ship back the scanner and dispute both charges together. Before we decide to ship the scanner back and charge the fees on the card, we wanted to make sure MBNA gives us the confirmation that they will credit us those shipping fees. After receiving the statement and sending all the documentation to MBNA, we gave MBNA a time frame to review the dispute so we can wait for further instructions to ship the scanner back.

On 5/26/06, we received a letter from MBNA stating that your company was going to credit the amount back to us but need contact information to continue the dispute. We faxed over our information and called the 800# on the letter because we had questions on how to ship the scanner back.

I spoke with Bernard Blake with MBNA on 6/15/06, he stated that he was the Account Manager. As an Account Manager, I assumed he would provide us with excellent customer service and help us resolve this in a friendly, kind manner. Unfortunately, he didn’t. He was just as rude as LACC.COM. He interrupted me occasionally and didn’t let us explain our situation. We understand that every time we call the 800#, we will be talking to different representatives, that is the reason why we have to explain in detail every time. Its very time consuming for us. We never wanted to be in this situation in the first place. We thought he would be able to help us but instead he was rude and didn’t let me explain. He said shipping costs are the buyers responsibility and MBNA WILL NOT dispute or credit us for those charges. It didn’t matter what the explanation was. I tried explaining to him that Mark told me that the shipping costs WILL NOT be our responsibility but Bernard again was interrupting and said I may have misunderstood. MBNA is very unorganized. It took us a lot of time and effort to deal with this nonsense and when different representatives tell us different things its completely absurd.

Bernard then made a conference call with LACC.COM – Aaron and us. Aaron was not surprisingly rude again and stated facts that was not true, so we tried to explain our side. Bernard interrupted us and told us to let Aaron finish. Of course, again Aaron would not budge on the shipping costs and estimated that it would be about $30.00-$35.00 to ship it back. When the conversation was over, Bernard said he would give us an additional $25.00 credit on our account for shipping. We agreed, but we wanted to know if he can provide us a confirmation of this incase the credit doesn’t go through because if we call back it will be another representative. If there will be no documentation, it will lead us to nowhere again. We always want everything to be documented and in writing in order to ensure this misunderstanding will not happen again.

The bottom line is that we strongly felt that we were NOT OBLIGATED to pay for any shipping charges. The $25.00 was not our major concern. Our main concern is the principle of this entire situation. MBNA did not help much with our dispute. Our time spent on this issue was worth much more than $25.00.

In conclusion, we thought this whole situation wasn’t handled professionally by MBNA. We assumed MBNA would be able to help us resolve the situation smoothly. Different information was told from different reps. Some were kind some were rude, and we’re pertaining to Bernard Blake. His attitude was not pleasant to us. We are very disappointed with your customer service and are demanding an explanation and apology from your company. We do not understand why MBNA customer service are rude to their customers. MBNA should be more organized and provide us with better service because we’ve been a loyal customer for a long time.

If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Thank you for your time and understanding.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 06/15/2006:
They had your name, address and CC number and shipped the item to you? Sounds like you have a "friend" somewhere playing games - how would a vendor get all that info about you and all of it correct? You might keep an eye on your credit card for other charges.
Doc J on 06/15/2006:
I dunno, maybe I'm dim today. You received an unordered scanner and then you were surprised when the CC statement arrived. Or, did you notice the charges and then receive the scanner? If the former, you are a fraud victim and need to deal with the charming people in MBNA's Fraud Unit (Don't get your hopes up.) as well as filing a local police report. If the latter, why did you accept delivery of an unordered item? Something smells here, and the odor is coming from the direction of the merchant who is now unwilling to provide order documentation.
Alida on 09/18/2006:
WELL! I have had cards from MBNA 11 years.Platinum cards, never ONE dispute. I buy 23,000.00 worth of blinds and custom draperies. Months later I get draperies wrong sizes. Blinds not bottom up, top down. Poor quality. Cheap.

I paid all but $4000, as they said they would report back to the owner (the installer) that these were NOT what I ordered. They brought back the draperies the longer length, but didn't correct the ones that were too narrow.

Long story short, the Draperie Place, Frieda Ross Draperies in Scottsdale, AZ charged my card $4000 because they had my credit card number. I never paid them on the "phone" or without signing in person, at my house or without paying by check. There were several payments, as deposits, and progress payments were made. I withheld the last $4000 because the order was not complete, some blinds won't operate, one is wrong size. I tried working with these people. MBNA took my complaint over their website, in writing and reversed the charge in DEC 05. IN Aug 06 I look at my statement online and there is $3950 To Frieda Ross Draperies. I tried calling. Spoke to two people. Left messages for someone named Shannon who only returned call on my machine thinking I was another customer who had some issue to do with faxed documents (not me). I had an ATTORNEY work on this case Dec and Jan in writing ( I paid $600 retainer fee). Frieda Ross said they wouldn't fix my order until I paid. I said I wouldn't pay until they fixed my order. Attorney said she would pay them, and then I would pay her when the drapes and blinds were finished. Inever received an itemzied invoice. There were NO individual charges, so I could not ascertain what exact amount was in dispute. 23,000 for 18 blinds and three sets of real drapes with sheers and two sets of faux drapes (don't really open or close) and sheers, plus three decorative sewed top treatments are hard to imagine 23,000. Oh, can't forget the plain, un stuffed , nor duvet cover bedspread and matching little stuffed bench for the end of my bed.

Anyway, I still haven't gotten the MBNA Worldpoints Platium bill in the mail for the $4000, now $3950 ( they don't understand the $50 non responsibility charge for fraud), so it will be Oct statement that reflects late Aug and Sept charges, ll months AFTER I disputed, and got a credit but no letter, nor anything in writing from them about this chargeback.

They are Rude, Hang up on me, mock me, saying YOU don't have to pay it, and no problem to us, it is ON YOUR CARD, do what you want. One "Dwane" told me I owed them $10,000 because their cards were only charged 13,000. I gotan envelope with a letter the other day saying that I owed them money, as the invoices show for $23,000....so they put 3950 on my card, w hich by the way was a different card number, and not a worldpoints card in DEC. A whole different account.

I asked them if they ever heard of CHECKS as the merchant asked me to pay by check if I could because of the "fees" and asked me to not withhold any monies even though they hadn't delivered on the up down blinds or blinds that needed repairing to make their Christmas payroll. I said I like to pay by card , to PROTECT myself.

Funny joke.

They will NOT even switch me to supervisor. Leave me on hold for thirty mintutes. Will not return mycalls. Say that ten months later too bad, I will have no recourse. I paid them totally off this past July , a $28,000 payment. I have put $200,000 on their two cards this year alone.

Ihave never had a dispute in 11 years with that kind of volume going through them. I pay them totally off every couple-five months. They always call and want to offer me 0 interest balance transfers.

They seem to think that the Frieda Ross could not have sued me if I owed her money. That just because I didn't sign the card, and did for every other card transaction that they can charge my new numbered account, because THEY determined I owed them money according to the invoice. I have a cancelled check for $8065.00 and it shows I paid checks on part of the invoices that MBNA got from Frieda Ross.\\
THey have become judge, jury and debiter, of what they think might have happened , almost a year later.

I had my attorney not work on the case any longer, as they refused to fix the drapes or give me up down blinds. They said Graber didn't make them. I called the EXACT supplier of Graber blinds for Frieda Ross and they DO make up down, bottom up, top down blinds for a tiny bit more than the regular blind.

I let the case go, not taking thm to justice court here in Phoenix, AZ because I lived with the broken, wrong sized, non up down blinds, but owed them, according them $4000. They refused to give an itemzied list of what costs what.

MBNA has rude, condescending, ignorant, people that tell you conflicting things., You cannot get through to the people that sign anyletters, and they never call you back. They can't comprehend that though there may be an invoice, if I don't' get the blinds or right drapes, that is why I don't pay them, DUE ON DELIVERY is what the invoice/contract states. NO such things were delivered. The invoices don't' even say what color or type of blinds , just serial numbers.

I am going to close both my accounts with MBNA and file charges with Attorney General's office in Phoenix, AZ, the, National Bands offic eo f the conptroller of the currency complaince management in D,C. and on and on.

I can't believe they treat a valued customer like me, with no respect, no letters, 10-11 month later charges, no proof I authorized my card to be charged, or that I got the blinds (nothing signed saying I got them, or received them, etc.). I have never run into this in my life, over 20 years of using credit cards almost every day. I am cutting up and sending ALL of my credit cards( cheveron, Lowes, Mervyns, Visa, Mastercard) back and closing my accounts. I will keep one Visa with my credit union for rental cars or some things that require credit cards and end my participation in the obsession with convenience and credit ...

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MBNA ruined my excellent credit rating
Posted by on
Several years ago, MBNA was a credit card company I would have recommended to anyone. They lived up to their promises, looked out after my activity and even took care of a fraudulent charge that slipped through.

But 2 years ago, I received an offer from them to do a balance transfer for 3.99% until the balance was paid off. I transferred approximately $7,000.00 as was paying close to triple what they wanted as a minimum payment so I could pay the balances off. Several months into my payments, I noticed that my balance didn't seem to be going down, when I checked the interest rate, I was being assessed a rate of 24.99% and immediately went to pull the past statements and found that I was never given the offer I was promised. I had never been late and paid way more than their minimum payments and had been with them since 1995. When I phoned to inquire about this problem, I was met with rudeness, an explanation from one representative of they didn't know why and then was transferred to another hateful person who in so many words told me that there was no reason in particular other than that they could change my interest rates at any time for any reason. I told the representative that I wanted to place my account into dispute and even wrote correspondences to MBNA regarding same and went to making minimum payments only till my credit limit of $12K+ was set to $0, late fees, over limit fees were assessed, and I stopped!! Next thing I knew, I was being served with an Arbitration lawsuit that was stated to be sometimes correct my credit application agreement, but never was.

My attorney figured the interest on the $7,000.00 along with my payments and I had my balance down under $4,000.00 when this blew up. MBNA now has the balance exceeding $15,000.00. I have since had my credit rating ruined, other accounts canceled because of them and am not facing a Bankruptcy Filing to just get out from under their upcoming Judgments.

Stay away from these people. They are dangerous to your health and your credit rating! Believe me, I know, my rating was at 700.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 05/01/2005:
I know exactly what you're talking about. By law, they can not change your interest rate without notifing you in writing first. They are then to give you a certain date to respond if you do not agree with the changes. If you don't agree to the changes, you would have to write to them and tell them to leave your rates as they are and they will then close the account. If they did not notify you of these changes, you can get an attorney and they would have to zero your account balance. A few years ago there were many, many Sears credit customers that had their rates changes without being notified first and they had a big lawsuit brought against them and they had to zero everyone's balances that were not given a notice before the changes were made. I've had many issues with MBNA myself and have closed the account, but still paying down the balance as agreed. I tell everyone to stay away...far far away from MBNA!
sanford31031 on 05/01/2005:
Thanks for that valuable info, DB! I did not know that!
DebtorBasher on 05/02/2005:
Hey there Sanford...long time, no see. How have you been?
liberal on 07/06/2006:
Thanks to the rEPUBLICAN's and consevative's new Bankrupt bill, credit card companys can now use the law they wrote to steal from you and your kids.
ohm037 on 05/21/2007:
MBNA is from HELL!!! Please do not get an account with satan. When I was in college, they offered me a credit card. I ended up going over my limit, but paid it off and closed my account. Two years later I get a statement from MBNA saying that I never paid off my card. They were able to open my account again and sell my information to another company. My balance was twice as much as my last bill that I paid off. I had proof from my bank and a statement from MBNA that my account was paid off and closed. So this company stopped calling. After two years another company contacted me for the same reason. But this time my balance was three times more. Now I am in the process of suing MBNA and their partners from HELL. Beware of MBNA and please do not open an accoutn with them unless you want to be burned alive!
voiceoff on 01/04/2010:
Sadly I believe every word written and have some experience as well. I had several cards of theirs ( practically foisted on me with every day promos stuffed in my mailbox )and I was fortunate enough to pay them off and never late either. So one day I get a letter in my mail that I have zero balances on them ( thankfully) and so they will be closed. No choice of lower credit limit or allowing me to close them myself. Just shut and put on my credit report as "CLOSED BY GRANTOR," which looks like they were delinquent or late to someone reading that. And my credit score went down 57 points because all that available credit was gone. I am now in the category of having declared bankruptsy when in over 20 years I was never late or delinquent. How is that for valueing their good paying customers? Well maybe I was not a good customer cause my rate was always below 14% and they could charge someone else 29% who had lateness in their record so they were the better customer ( more profitable). YOU ARE A $$ NUMBER, NOT A PERSON to these people. Then when they do that, jobs don't hire you and you really cannot pay the bills.
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Customer Service at It's Best
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
I have MBNA credit card since 1998 and not one experience negative what so ever. In fact, the only customer service department who solved every issue I raised in less than 2 minutes. I missed payments by 2 days a few times and every time I called they fixed it to my satisfaction. No other credit card company is as client friendly as MBNA, as for I am concerned. Now I got 2 MBNA cards on my name, one to use on the net with lower limit. I congratulate MBNA staff to exceed my expectation.
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Slimjim on 02/21/2014:
Actually there hasn't been such a thing as an MBNA account for almost 10 years now. Bank of America bought Maryland Bank North America at the time and rebranded them all BOA as far as I know. So for those reading, this compliment also reflects Bank of America's card services.
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False advertising
Posted by on
When I signed up for MBNA's Worldpoints program, I was told that when I acquired a certain amount of points, I would receive a free round-trip ticket to wherever the amount of points would take me (i.e., 60,000 points to Greece, then free r/t ticket). When I called to redeem my points, I was told that they pay only a certain amount, and that I would be responsible for the rest. Not only was I on the phone for 1 hour being passed around from one department to another, but another hour arguing with a manager about what I had been informed. After I was given responses like "complimentary doesn't mean free" and "our staff would never tell you that," I was finally told that when MBNA was bought out by Bank of America, the points program changed, and that other customers had also been given incorrect information. I am still disputing to get credit for something I don't believe I should have to pay. I was told each time I called to check my points that I had a free round trip fare to my destination (Greece). This is false advertising, and I feel since I have spent over $80,000 on this credit card, this greedy company should reward me with the round trip fare I was promised. If you are a member of Worldpoints, beware because you are not receiving anything free. Your points only pay a certain amount, and then you are responsible for the rest. There are many other credit cards that will honor you with what they promised.
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Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
When BofA took over Worldpoints the entire program was changed. Advance notification was provided but as I was told by my bank manager very few people paid attention. He said there were many complaints of lost points once the change over took place.

Even though my credit card was not with MBNA, they did handle the processing. My bank notified me a couple of months in advance of the change to BofA. And knowing that BofA is not one I want to do any business with I cashed in my points before losing most of them.
adzidek on 06/22/2007:
You already paid twice over for that trip to Greece in interest on $80,000.
kpare23 on 06/22/2007:
I had called several times after the program changed to find out how many points I had, and also how the change affected me. I was told that I needed more points now in order to go to certain parts of Europe, but never told that my points only paid part of the trip. Believe me, I have asked many times if I have a free r/t ticket, and each time I was told yes. That's why I'm very upset about all this.
cadydid on 06/22/2007:
Trust me when I say you are not the only one that got screwed when BOA took over MBNA's credit card division. They changed the points on every reward program. Royal Caribbean's visa for instance.. it used to take 125,000 points for a free cruise for 2 to the Caribbean.. You used to be able to upgrade to a balcony by paying the difference. Now the free cruise is 150,000 points and if you want the balcony, it's 250,000.
voiceoff on 07/22/2007:
Jayd what if you were allergic to an antibiotic but that fact was buried in tiny print on your medical records? Would that be OK? Would you say the doctor was at fault who missed it and gave it t o you or the system that does not HIGHLIGHT it for the benefit of all patient? If we know human nature we should act accordingly.
Cruizzer on 08/13/2007:
I have a MBNA Royal Caribbean Visa points card also, and I lost my bookmark to the site where you can view your points. Does anyone know the website ??
Skye on 08/13/2007:
2,500 bonus points after your first qualifying transaction.
Earn 2 points for every $1 spent on qualifying Royal Caribbean purchases.
Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on all other purchases.
Redeem your points for onboard credits, stateroom upgrades, free cruise vacations and more.
Eearn up to 125,000 points per year.
Points earned are valid for 5 years.

I'm still looking for the points site.
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I can't think of many thing in life I hate as much as MBNA
Posted by on
If your credit discipline is great, as in you never keep a balance maybe MBNA (or any credit card company for that matter) is probably fine. The truth about how these banks treat you mainly come out when you find yourself in a some credit "hot water". First, I don't have a sense of entitlement, as in I don't believe it is my "right" that a bank do what is in my best interest. Business is business, if I got myself in a jam, it's my responsibility to get out. Long story short, I had a balance of about 14K on my MBNA. Because I was late a few times, my interest jumped to a little over 21%. I tried calling around Sept/06 to negotiate a better rate as interest was killing me! Some of the responses I got from them was: "I'm sorry, but we're not here to help you", or "We suggest going to credit counseling, it is your best course of action". Bottom line, nothing can be done. Before you read this and think to yourself "but you (as in me) are a total idiot for being late on 14K of debt, you get what you deserve"....you may be right, but citibank is my one and only favorite bank, I was late with them and my interest jumped to 21% as well. However I called them, and in less than 5 minutes had my interest back down to two offers of 6.99% and 10.99%. This was on a balance of about 15K. Maybe MBNA is operating within the law, but that argument falls apart when there is another bank that is willing to make a mutual deal where everyone walks out winning a little something. The advice MBNA gave was absolute bull, credit counseling in useless. Maybe because of the new bankruptcy laws, they aren't afraid of consumers filing anymore and are trying to back you into a corner. In any case, I've paid off all my MBNA debt within 2 months, transferred some to Citibank which I am happy to give my money to. I was originally intent on closing MBNA in protest when I finish paying it off, but decided a better course of action. First, my limit is around $14K, so to have that at 0 balance helps my overall credit worthiness. I can probably annoy them a little but continuing to periodically use the card but pay it off immediately during grace period. For those of you who don't have MBNA and are considering them, there are so many other banks other than MBNA that are better to deal with. Stay away from these guys.
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DebtorBasher on 10/30/2006:
It is in the agreement that the APR will be raised for late or missed payments. Lowering the APR after a late or missed payment is a courtesy that most companies will give the customer ONE time, but you said you've been late a few times. I also will never deal with MBNA, but not for the reason you state, but for the complete opposite reason. I had a balance with them for about 8-9K and had them for 9 years with NEVER a late payment and NEVER a missed payment, my credit report stated on everyone of my credit cards that everything was "paid as agreed, never late, never missed payment"...NEVER...and they raised my APR up from 5.99 to about 19.99 ... why? Because they say they can...I say the reason is because they have to make up the loss from people who don't pay their bills...so, where else would they make it up than with those of us who do? I would say treating their A1 customers of nine years like that is much worse than raising the fees on someone who has been late more than once which is what the consumer is aware of when they make the agreement. Bank of America did the same as well as Provident and CitiBank...they all did the same to me, the paying customer,never late,never missed...well...they are all history now, I have no more credit cards and I will not deal with any credit card company again.
bigbangerik on 10/30/2006:
deb, that sucks
Slimjim on 10/30/2006:
If MBNA told you to sign up for credit counseling, it sounds like they are prepared to offer a payment arrangement to one on your behalf should you do so. It sounds like they are willing to lower your interest, but only through a 3rd party program. This way they know you're serious, have to do a budget, and are less likely to default.
*Brenda* on 10/30/2006:
I always think it's amusing when people are just like ohhh I was late a few times and they did this to me! Umm hello??? You were LATE!
DebtorBasher on 10/30/2006:
Exactly Brenda.
lepearso on 10/30/2006:
Don't worry about MBNA anymore. They just got sucked up by Bank of America. R.I.P.
LANDON on 10/30/2006:
Like Bank of America is any better..
Anonymous on 11/03/2006:
Nice google, slim.
CREDIT?? on 11/04/2006:
hatembna99 on 11/29/2006:
Sigh, original poster here, just read some of these comments. Some helpful, some puzzle me. If you read my rant, you would see that I clearly stated I do not have a sense of entitlement of what a bank should due to benfit me. I admitted I was late, yes, I agreed to terms that the rate would increase if I broke the terms of agreement. I fully understand what the consequences are of being late. They operated within the law and banking practices I'm sure. This is why I followed my explanation with my Citibank experience. It becomes clear MBNA's procedures fall apart compared to other banks out there, for me, it was Citibank that saved the day. Despite what I believe was 2 late (never late in the past 5 or 6 years I've been with MBNA or Citibank) payments, Citibank chose NOT to back me into a corner and play a bluff game to see how much they can screw me for. Citibank instead, made the amicable choice by meeting me halfway to win my business over.

This is the difference, I am not bitter at MBNA for enforcing their policy that I agreed upon, I am bitter because of their poor and misleading advice, unwillingness to work with the consumer, and their general brute force tactics of backing the consumer into a corner. Is it wrong they use these tactics? Technically, probably not, it's within agreement. But everything changes when another bank out there is willing to work with you. Whether the consumer is responsible or not, is irrelevant for the purpose of my rant. it's about how the bank works with you through thick and thin. There is at least another bank out there that will not stoop to these tactics and I fortunately found one.

Again, I repeat for some of you out there that didn't catch the gist of my review (I'm sure my writing could have been better as well, maybe this was the problem) I am fully aware of how credit card terms of services operate. I take full responsibility for my own actions.

I was late with Citibank as well in the same months as MBNA and the results of negotiation between the two banks were night & day. I'm not new to credit, my limit in total between 3 cards is over 50K(not meant as bragging, but to illustrate I've been around the block when it comes to credit cards). My history is flawless except for the 2 late payments in the last year, you don't get 50K limits for being constantly late and not being able to pay off balances.

For SlimSlim, I see your point about how it seems MBNA is trying to help by advising debt management, but it actually isn't. From what I understand, Debt management has a high chance of negatively affecting your credit. Some banks may, or may not report this. If MBNA has to deal with a 3rd party debt management company, that means they will most likely have to negotiate a lower apr. Banks usually would rather not deal with debt management. I believe this was MBNA's way of creating another hurdle for me to avoid negotiations. Going through debt management does not make you any more "serious" in paying anything off. Remember, I was late only twice, have flawless credit besides that, and have been making payments of over $600 a month to my MBNA account, not your typical profile of a credit deadbeat, debt management was clearly not what I needed. They should already know with my credit history I am not at risk to default at all, I believe it's because of this, they were trying to push my into a corner because they knew I'd be reluctant to do anything further to take a possible credit hit. Luckily for me, I'm at 0.00 balance now, and will keep it that way.
ctcushing on 01/22/2008:
The credit card company checking your credit every month does not effect your credit score. It's not the same as you applying for more credit, it is classified a different way and says so in within the fine print of the credit reporting agencies.

Yes, these banks are borderline crooks. Yes, they are looking to lure you into a trap of owing them more money than you can afford to pay. Yes, fees are a large part of their profits. And yes, they successfully lobbied in getting the bankruptcy laws changed in their favor.

The bottom line is you put yourself at risk whenever you charge more than you can afford to pay. If you owe them money, then you are indebted to them and you should expect to be exploited.

In effect, as soon as you go into debt, you work for them. And just like your boss, they can change the terms of your employment at any time.

I was in debt for years to ilk like MBNA, Nation's Bank, CitiBank, Chase, Sovereign Bank, and probably a few more. And every single one of them, at one point or another, royally scr*wed me.

Now, many years, and thousands of dollars in interest and fees later, I am debt free and will remain that way. The banks work for me now, not the other way around (this year I received $400 cash back and paid $0 in interest and fees). The banks still made money on merchant transaction fees. And instead of constantly having my interest rate go up, mine constantly go down.

You cannot win the credit card game unless you have the upper hand. If you owe money, you cannot have the upper hand.
hatembna99 on 01/24/2008:

Wow how random of a chance it is for me to return to 3cents to read the follow ups and see a posting just a few days ago! I haven't been back here for over a year! In any case thank you for your words of advice. A nice citbank CS rep explained to me once the different classifactions of credit report checks the industry uses, I can't remember but they may have used "soft" and "hard" checks as terminology. You are absolutely correct about putting yourself at risk when you owe money to banks and losing the upperhand. Owing money to anyone or anything will never give you the upperhand. In my last post I explained MBNA's exploitation doesn't surprise me, the point of my original complaint is that another bank exists out there that will treat you differently udner the same conditions. Of course each individual experience will vary, as I'm sure searching under "citibank" will produce just as msny if not more complaints than MBNA. it seems many readers who post comments seem to be missing this point (not implying you), the problem is not the inability to understanding the consequences of the credit industry, but rather what makes one bank better than the other and for what reasons. A few comments after my orignial post had a "finger-wagging" undertone that completely missed the point of the complaint and the context of my negative review. Understand that because you are indebted to a company does not mean you sit there and take what they dish out to you! yes when you are bound by terms, you are at a disadvantage but when you see there are other options out there that will work with you under the same conditions, would it not make sense to go to that other option and broadcast your experience to help others? Is there a clear difference in service and customer commitment to me between MBNA and Citibank? Absolutely. Do I have to accept that MBNA would bully me and try to force me into bad situation when Citibank would not? It's irrelevant what my credit history is, it's irrelevant how much I owe (in the context of this review), the bottom line is simply one bank had the capacity to handle my siutation in a totally different manner creating a reference point to what is bad or good for me, the consumer. Regardless of what is allowable by law, the tactics MBNA uses are hostile and unconscionable in my opinion. I understand the analogy of "war is war, during war you have to expect killing", which I think was generally the meaning of you post, that if you are in a certain position, you must accept collateral damage. MBNA's poor treatment to the consumer, regardless of fault, being the collateral damage. I've been trying to explain all along that I've found an alternative that wasn't a war, and didn't involve any collateral damage! I found that there are options out there. To further illustrate my point of "options", since my original post, I am still at a 0 balance with MBNA. My interest hasn't dropped one bit, and I do not have a grace period so if I charge something and pay it off the same day electronically (2 or 3 business days to clear), at the end of that billing cycle I will still have a $1.50 minimum finance charge. Before people start chiming in and lecture that it's my fault to begin with and I should expect that if I were ever late with a payment, Citibank has increased my limit 4 times in the past few years, has dropped my APR without me saying anthing 3 times (my current standard purchase rate for 2 citbank cards are %9.25 down from %10.99 at its highest). I actually have a small balance with Citibank as well. I've been late the same 2 times with both MBNA & Citibank cards around the time I initially posted my complaint. Can you see the difference between the two, regardless of what the chain of events that lead up to the MBNA meltdown are? I would think the stark comparison of the two banks that I have given is enough information to make anyone make a decision as to which bank should be getting their business, which was the whole point of rant.

hatembna99 on 01/24/2008:
I still wish *Brenda* and Debtorbasher would return to clarify their comments and explain how they relate to my original post. Hopefully they do....

DebtorBasher on 01/24/2008:
I guess my point was, they do the same thing to those of us who have never missed a payment or was ever late on one. I was also informing you that a credit card company CAN reduce your rates as a courtesy, one time if you have a good payment history. And my other point was, it isn't just one bank that jacks up the rates. When I wanted to transfer the balance from one card to another (because the bank jacked my rates up after being a good customer and paying on time ALL the time), the other bank said they would "NEVER DO THAT" to their good customers who pay on time. Then they did anyway.
theroseoftralee on 06/17/2008:
just so you know, I work for MBNA, they have recently instituted a policy which states that if your interest rate jumps, after 6 on time payments, the interest does go back down.
Cheryl on 08/05/2013:
About 11 years ago, I was having some financial difficulty with my credit cards due to having lost my job with an insurance company when they were sold. My former MBNA card was then owned by PNC
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Posted by on
It's Shocking what they said to me! I got MBNA card Feb 02, 0% then 12.99 FIXED after that. I was NEVER late even once!!! I was offered small balances transfers twice and paid down to zero, then Jan 05 transferred $3,700 then tranferred $7,000. Oct 05, for total of $10k+ on the MBNA card. I paid on time, then the moment it went off initial transfer rate in Aug 06 MBNA jacked my rate to $28.24%!!! I have called 'repeatedly' and they transferred me to outside credit counseling then the last lady at MBNA, Jane Hartford, said to me and *****I quote, "You are not using your card in an acceptable way." I said, I have never been late! She said,"MBNA isn't meant to be a long term card, MBNA is meant to be a revolving, swipe your card at the store so that we can get the exchange rate type of a card." I kid you not! That's what she said. She continued, "You have been making minimum payments too long and don't use the card as intended. We want you to pay down your card and charge it up with purchases." She also attacked my credit, which I had a copy of and said, "You owe too much on credit cards." I said, "That's my business, and I have never missed a payment, so what do you care?" She said, "You're $45k in debt, that's too much." I said, "Not if I make $135k a year, it isn't." Get this- she said, "Well, if that was true then you'd have paid all your balances down by now and have really excellent credit." I said, "It's none of your business what I do with my money. What if I own 3 properties, then is that acceptable to you?" She said, "Well, we're getting nowhere with this, do you want to speak to a Manager?" I said, "You better believe it." But he naturally wasn't available, so I called back today, Oct 16 2006 and she closed my account "per customer request"!!! I paid ON TIME every single month, NEVER once late. I cannot believe this treatment. Today I transferred the balance to my credit union, California Coast, They have always treated me right. I will NEVER do business with MBNA ever again!!!
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/17/2006:
A lot of credit cards now have that feature built into their fine print - if your overall credit rating changes (for whatever reason) they can change your rate accordingly. Hopefully you will have better luck with your credit union - they are usually more customer focused.
lepearso on 10/18/2006:
MBNA just merged with Bank of America. I fear that their service will soon get worse!
TCL on 10/30/2006:
Thank goodness for your comments and those of others on MBNA. I was considering their MBNA/BOA's clean sweep loan for my debt consolidation. (Student loan rates have gone crazy). I dealt with this thye of "Customer NO Service" with Chase. I do not want to go through that again. THANKS!!
HondaCivic4DEx on 04/20/2007:
"I paid on time, then the moment it went off initial transfer rate in Aug 06 MBNA jacked my rate to $28.24%!!!"

"She said, "You're $45k in debt, that's too much." I said, "Not if I make $135k a year, it isn't."

"But he naturally wasn't available, so I called back today, Oct 16 2006 and she closed my account "per customer request"!!! I paid ON TIME every single month, NEVER once late.

I don't understand and if you would explain I would appreciate it. You are complaining about the high interest rate. I assume you know that no longer is there cap on credit card interest. They could charge much more if they wanted to.

Again, "I paid ON TIME every single month, NEVER once late."

So what is your issue about the large interest rate. You should never see any interest rate charge. I never have since I am set up with automatic full payment of my credit cards with Bank of America.

I don't make $135 but reasonable close to that and I have no loans except for my revolving credit cards that are paid off each month.

When the Bank of America and MBNA merger actually took place, I was pretty angry due to how screwed up on-line was. Oddly I was told that due to the need for quickly getting on-line available, Bank of America knew about many bugs in the system but released it anyway and they were plagued with people like myself having an awful time trying to access accounts. I asked them that since the people who use the Bank of America on-line service are current customers, why are they in such a rush to put out software that they know has a lot of bugs in it. Nobody had an answer to that. It took about 2-weeks for Bank of America to get their bugs straightened out. Now, normally the next day I see my credit card transactions on on-line. Sometimes I see them the same day and sometimes the next day. They are in Pending state as is proper since the vendor is not sure about the account as the credit card can be counterfeit. I like seeing my charges quickly.

One catch both positive and negative is that Bank of America has so many departments due to the merger that I have a list of telephone numbers and unfortunately since I live in CA, the FCC has different regulations for CA than any other state and that is sometimes a hassle.

I keep three telephone numbers that I received from the various CS people for their managers. I do not hesitate to call the managers and at most my issues have been resolved inside of two days.

In general, CS is lousy wherever. Normally one has to go up the ladder to get results. Regardless of the company, since CS is lousy wherever, I get supervisors who normally resolve my issues.

The other day, from another company, a supervisor gave me a suggestion that made no sense to me. I asked her to explain why she made the suggestion. She said she did not know but would transfer me to somebody who might know. That makes no sense either but I got disconnected anyway. Fortunately, I finally got a CS person who knew something and resolved the issue.

I also have American Express and have put in disputes with both companies. Not always has American Express come through but Bank of America has always resolved my problems.

Perhaps my experiences have been unusual but they work for me.
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MBNA-I would NEVER borrow from them again, NEVER!!
Posted by on
BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA -- I have read through most of the MBNA comments on this site and if I had only read them sooner. I was introduced to MBNA back in August of 2005. I kept getting junk mail from them wanting me to consolidate my debt by using their line of credit. One day I figured what can it hurt, so I called them. Everything was done over the phone and happened very fast. A few days later they called saying I was getting a line of credit. I was asking for $25,000. I ended up getting $26,500.00. This all happened in August and I didn't receive my first bill until mid September. I don't recall ever hearing anything about being charged to get the money put into my account. But when the bill came, it read "BALANCE TRANSFER TRANSACTION FEE $750.00". Also they talk you into getting the credit protection, which I said I didn't need. They said, you can cancel it in 30 days if you don't want it. "CREDIT PROTECTION PLAN COVERAGE $247.23" which with this fee plus the transfer fee of $750 it automatically puts you over your credit limit. Which brings you to this response: "YOUR ACCOUNT IS OVER LIMIT. TO AVOID AN OVER LIMIT FEE ON YOUR NEXT STATEMENT, WE MUST RECEIVE A CONFORMING PAYMENT, THAT BRINGS AND KEEPS YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE BELOW THE CREDIT LINE, WITHIN 20 DAYS OF THE ABOVE STATEMENT CLOSING DATE, AND NOT GO OVER LIMIT AGAIN." Which brought me to my first bill with them $908.23, my payments are $661.00 and the interest alone was $568.93 with an APR of 25.74%. WOW!!! I called them several times and talked to supervisors, they just stated it was my fault for not paying attention. They said that they could pull my credit report and see if they could lower my interest rate, I fell for that once, which they pull it and tell you, no you will have to check back in 8 months and maybe they can reduce it then, due to my credit score. At that time my credit score was 714. Since September I have paid down $6,442.71. Never late and yet my interest rate just keeps going up.....now my APR is 27.24%. Since March of this year they have been offering me this deal "$15 REDUCED PYMT OFFER THIS MONTH. FIN CHRGS ACCRUE. PYMT MAY NOT COVER FIN CHRGS. LATE FEE IF PYMT LATE. " I just wanted to give someone else a heads up, wishing I had known then what I know now. I would never do business with MBNA or their affiliate Bank of America ever again. Lesson learned. Once they are paid off, its a done deal.
Thank you to everyone for putting their comments out there, its never too late to let someone else know what is going on with this company.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/27/2006:
Klicken Hier for advice about credit card companies, http://clarkhoward.com/shownotes/category/7/40/224
The interest rate will go up during the summer. It is imperative if you can GET OUT OF credit card DEBT. Then if you looked through enough of the advice at the above website click on the left hand of the screen on "Ask Team Howard" under Clark's Advice and contact the show. I'd love to hear what Clark Howards advises.
Anonymous on 06/27/2006:
You said, "they just stated it was my fault for not paying attention." Well, as long as humans populate this planet the scenarios will prey upon the unsuspecting. Theres "them" and theres "us" The ones who honestly put in a good days work for a good days wages and the ones who figure how your going to spend your money. Best thing to do pay off your debts and tear up the cards.
rah332 on 06/27/2006:
Most conversations are recorded. If you say you didn't want the extras, ask them to review the recorded conversation as proof. My sister had a similar problem about and had them review it which did show she was in the right. her charges were reversed. I sign up for card on the phone also. That way I am able to ask all kinds of questions b4 I sign up and accept the card. good luck.
Doc J on 06/28/2006:
Something tells me that you made the transfer because you were under the growing pressure of a lot of diverse debt. You consolidated with only a "hope" you were getting a better deal. It was not...you failed to educate yourself prior to signing papers. Your fault. It happens. If you have any equity with a "real" lender, use it to pay down MBNA. It took courage to post your failure to educate yourself as a warning to others. Good luck!
ynglion on 06/30/2006:
I was tempted by the mail offer I received, in part due to the reference name from a new Harley dealerhip in Ormand Beach, FL.
I thought it looked good, and the timing was within a day of considering my options to consolidate my bills.
On my own, I have managed to improve my dubious credit rating (a divorce and major medical bills)by getting rid of my credit cards, making arrangements with my creditors for lowered interest rates and no overlimit penalties. (Yup, they'll negotiate with you if they feel you're going to pay them back rather than default.)
In the meanwhile, items like vehicle repairs and additional medical don't wait for a convenient time to occur.
So I began considering consolidation.
As I looked closer to the fine-print, I did notice that the APR was really an adjustable, and they almost guarantee that it will increase. Even as frequently as each month!
So I looked to the web for info on their background. Wow. Bank of America. Same bank that took over two banks I belonged to before (here in FLA) Each time I switched, because their service went down the drain.
Eventually there weren't any banks left that didn't charge an arm & leg for services, so I ended up with them.
Then came the rude service, the "sorry, but that's the way it is" attitude, and the hard line they took when I tried to close the account. Worse than than an exit inquisition that AOL does.
I had two acquaintances that had trouble. One they bounced checks on to the tune of $800.00 (their fault) and had the gall to stand behind the charges for them!
The second was worse.
They "lost over $10,000.00 from a savings account, downgraded the credit rating, and almost forced a foreclosure on a home of this poor woman. Three years of fighting, and she gets her money back, but everything else still needs to be unraveled, and they'll not take responsibility, nor offer any letter to aid in restoring her credit with the Big 3 reporting agencies.
SO...after reading all of your comments, and having this background, I must say Thanks So Much! for you candid postings.
I'll continue to redevelop my credit slowly but surely.
No Gift Horse in this offer.
Frances on 07/21/2006:
Thanks for the advise, I wish I had checked this sooner, I did the phone thing, was approved, as you were, same amount, same apr everything, read your comment, almost had a heart attack, had an awful weekend of panic, called Monday morning and cancelled the whole thing.

You probably saved me not only a lot of money, but also piece of mind of wondering how much my payment was going to be each month, when they told me it would be one amount.

Many many many thanks
TCL on 10/30/2006:
I was considering - not any more. Thanks so much for your posting.
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MBNA reduces credit limit with no warning
Posted by on
If you have one of these cards, get rid of it, or don't use it. I've been a customer of MBNA for 7 years. Perfect credit, never been late. $16k credit limit. I use the card for business expenses and travel. I just paid $11k on the card after running up a considerable balance for travel to Europe and some large equipment purchases. I went on-line to check that the payment posted OK and noticed an available credit of only $376! My credit limit had been reduced from 16k to 5k overnight. No warning, nothing! I called then figuring it was a computer error or some such.

They told me my credit report had been "reviewed" and that they decided to reduce my available credit. I asked why and the person said that I had too much outstanding credit. I became worried that perhaps I had become a victim of identity theft, as I only have 3 credit cards and perfect credit. I was also told that "a letter explaining we had done this was sent out to you today". The same day my card went from having $11,000 free on it to $376.

I pulled all three of my credit reports, worrying that I would find a bunch of bogus cards in my name or some such. Nothing. No new cards, inquiries and no negative items.

I canceled the card immediately and paid the rest of the balance off. I have no idea why they would do this to a 7 year customer with perfect credit and history with them who regularly uses the card. Only thing I can guess is that they figured I would use the card, which would pretty much instatntly drive it over the "new" limit and incur some ridiculous interest and penalty charges. Of couse that would lead to me canceling the card anyway.

All I can say is, I should have done this a long time ago when I became aware of them turning into a used car lot rather than a bank. Can't imagine what might have happened if they did this while I was traveling overseas.
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Anonymous on 05/11/2006:
This is going to become prevalent with all card issuers. The FED is cracking the whip on the loosey-goosey dispensing credit like PEZ practices.
Discoverhater on 05/11/2006:
MBNA Punisher and everyone else - MBNA is now Bank of America. Bank of America is wanting to make another large acquisition in 2006. B of A wants their "non-profitable" customers to go away. They have to watch their portfolio and get rid of some business so they can get their acquisition approved and not fall under the guidelines of a oligopoly and/or "attempt to create a monopoly" by buying out everybody else. I am going to post some insight about Bank of America later today so everyone can be aware of what is happening with the bank as the information is credible and comes from an insider I know at Bank of America and he is leaving the bank because he is actually being forced to "turn away business" and does not agree with the tactics Bank of America is practicing.

This practice is also another new attempt by the creditcard industry to "get rid of customers" who do not revolve a balance and get to use the bank's money for free. The 3%-5% transaction fee that merchants pay on their creditcard transactions does not account for much to the bank when the bank could be making 12% to 30% interest on the money when a "balance revolver" cardholder carries a balance and does not pay off the bill each month. You are a "convenience user" in the banks eye and banks have determined that people like you are not profitable and they don't want you as a customer. Bank of America is starting this process and expect many more people to experience what you did as we are only seeing the beginning of reduced credit lines and credit grantor cancelled accounts.
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/11/2006:
Oh Goodie! Discoverhater is going to post another one of his/her "credit cards and banks are all evil" tomes later today. I'd better alert the media.
Discoverhater on 05/11/2006:

Please do alert the media and see how "interested" of a response you get from the media and let me know. I see how you are back again with your sarcastic and non-value added posts. You are always so quick to defend Bank of America. I will ask you again, "Are you sure you don't work for Bank of America or are you too embarrassed to admit it".
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/11/2006:
As I have stated before, I do not work for a bank nor a credit card company. Yet I have had credit cards for many years and through careful reading of the cardholder agreement I have managed to avoid all these pitfalls that seem to befall you. As far as contributing, I use my pithy sense of humor to opine on a variety of topics on this forum - the only time I see a posting from you is when you are bashing a bank. Pot, meet kettle.
Anonymous on 05/11/2006:
Hugh - That last post sounded like Bill O'Reilly's post show remarks. Now which card holder agreement do you read? The original one or the one they send out like so much junk mail a year or so later. The credit industry is out of control and hurting this country. I’m outraged and surprised more aren’t. (I do enjoy your pithy remarks)
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/11/2006:
What can I say? I read the original agreement and if they send a revision, I read it too. I had a VISA that I cancelled when the bank decided to shorten the length of time between the statement date and the due date. They shortened it enough that you almost had to mail a check the day you got the bill in the mail to get the payment to them in time.
Anonymous on 05/12/2006:
Open up an account at a credit union, get a credit card, use the credit union as your bank.
Ponie on 05/12/2006:
Wow, Hugh! Are you telling me there's another meatball like me who reads all that stuff that others toss out as just more junk mail? And, BTW, even AFTER I read it, I don't just toss it. I have a file folder for each and every cc or bank with which I do business and that's where they're kept. Guess I'm silly that way.
MBNA_punisher on 05/12/2006:
You all will get a laugh out of this. Today, in the mail I get a very long "amendment" to my agreement with MBNA. In it are hidden two nice gems. A binding arbitration clause, including that I agree to NOT participate in any class action suit or settlement and a very well hidden grace period clause shortening the grace period to about a week. Glad I closed the account.

I've been a long term BofA customer for banking (travel a lot so having ATMs everywhere was my primary motivation) and they too have slowly backslid on their normally excellent service and terms. BTW, I live in a "poor" state, average income wise, so the local BofA banks had vastly better terms on their accounts then they did in places like CA. In CA they left me standing in line for 30 minutes after they realized I had a 3 million dollar check to deposit (ATM wouldn't allow the deposit!). Then they told me I would have to wait for 20 days for the funds to be credited. I just let it ride and had the CFO deal with them (they changed their mind to fully cleared in 3 days and a nice ass kissing after he told them we would come and retrieve the check and take it across the street to Wells Fargo).

I love the credit union concept, but how do you avoid those annoying 1-2 dollar ATM charges and deal with deposits from places besides home? Seems that all the large banks suck (Citi, Chase, WF, BofA).
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MBNA Card Member Treatment
Posted by on
I was a Credit Card Member for six years with MBNA.
I used this Company for all my credit card needs.
They started out treating me well.
Low rates, secure and I was now able to use this card as a tool in my active life.
In six years I paid the card off in FULL two times, and never had a late payment to this Company.
April of 2006 was not a great Month for MBNA and myself.
Easter week-end I open my statement. And what do I see. They doubled my rate. from 9.99% to 20.99%
So I called them. I found out that they had sent a letter stating that this would happen. And that I have to reply back to them with a letter that states "I don't want this to happen"
What a concept!
The Consumer has to reply or it increases, as if I want to agree to that, or any Consumer. So I talk to a rep on the phone...That was a great experience in itself. Long story here made short. I asked them to move it back to the old 9.99% rate. It wasn't going to happen. They could put in a request for a better rate, but it wasn't going to be 9.99%. I cancelled the account and paid it off. I will NOT be used like this again. With many card offers today, why would a Company do this to a six year client.
Oh yeah...$$$$
With finance charges and their HIGH rates. The public is getting robbed. This Company had no concideration for Account history, reliability of a client, nor do they care to keep a good client.
I spent a large amount of money with them in 6 years. As most of you know, that have used card sevices for life, business, and home.
I will never use this Company for services again.
I encourage the American public to look into their accounts fully. Make sure the Legal Loan Sharks are stopped. This is bad Business in my opinion. I have managed a better way to utilize my money and spending, with a Debit card service that draws interest also. USBANK. I will see how they treat me in the next few years.
Hope you found this opinion interesting. And I am sure there are many others in the USA that have had the same treatment from their Credit Card Service.
Good Day, Good luck in life.
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User Replies:
Ponie on 04/29/2006:
A better idea for you would be to pay cash for ALL your transactions. You are not doing the banks a favor for using their cards. Both the banks and merchants are doing YOU a favor by letting you use their money by not paying for services at the time of purchase. (Provided you pay the complete balance by the due date.) This costs both the bank and the merchent $$. It never ceases to amaze me when people complain about interest rate raises on their CCs. I handle this very nicely, thank you, by paying off my balances before or on the due date. Plus, I get a 5% cash back on any purchases made. It's either sent to me at my request or applied to my next month's balance.
JG3_Dragon on 04/29/2006:
Oh I have started paying cash for products. And I agree that the card companies provide a nice service to people, so they can purchase items.
But the rise in all the finance charges, % rates to customers with outstanding credit status is wrong. With being a 6 year MBNA member and all.
I am not hitting on what they provide, but what they due to us after the fact. Sneeking in an increasing payback by legal or illegal means.
It is a fact, I will be paying with cash, but you need a card of some type to do most things today outside of your living area. Vacations, business trips, emergencies...etc
That is why a Debit card works well for me now.
I have the cash, I do not have a 20.99% interest rate increase from 9.99 as MBNA pulled, nor 1% on every dollar finance charge. I am speaking out to the public to review and do the same to these Loan Sharks.
Thanks for your reply,
Anonymous on 04/29/2006:
Ponie I totally disagree with you. You are doing the banks a favor by using their card. All credit card transactions incur an interchange fee paid by the merchant. The majority of this fee goes to the issuing bank. Credit card companies make descent money with little risk on those of us who pay their bill in full each month.
Anonymous on 04/29/2006:
Ponie... Please tell me which card pays you 5% cash back on all your purchases. That's a great deal! Are there limitations or yearly caps? Share please!
JG3_Dragon on 04/29/2006:
I think I have given 5 cents today, to stand on my soap box. Bottom line is...If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Like many post, read the fine print if you choose to go with any Credit Card Company. Seek other ways to help your situation. There are alternatives, and I hope we have learned an important lesson through all of this. Wether you choose to like it or not.
Have a great day.
wary-consumer on 04/30/2006:
I'll have to agree with Stew on this one, sorry Ponie.
Your not doing the merchant any favor at all b/c he gets zapped with a transaction fee from MasterCard/Visa/Discover/AE. They would rather you use cash and get not get charged that fee (provided the customer has cash and would be able to make the purchase I.e. not "living on credit")
Its only the convienice that credit cards are doing you a favor for. In the end the consumer pays dearly if he/she does not pay off the entire balance every month.
Kudos to you Ponie for not falling into the CC trap and taking advantage of the system by paying off your balance every month and geting 5% cash back on top of it!- Its the balance revolvers that are making it to them up for you.
Ponie on 04/30/2006:
Sure, Stew. Be glad to share. It's the Chase Rewards card. Had it for quite a while now. Although I'm paranoid enough to not want to give out my SS# online, I called the 800#, which I guess is just as dangerous. Saw the offer in the 'coupons' section of the Sunday paper. I have that page, plus a printed copy of their terms and conditions in a file. Nothing that says it's for a limited time only. I'm one of those people who reads the stuffers sent in my statements. If there's one that states 'changes to your account' I make sure I read it thoroughly before relegating it to the circular file. Thus far the only things I've been sent are the increases in rates, which I believe JG rightfully complains about. I also received a $50 gift card but don't remember what kind since its been long spent.

At one time I had a Chase Marathon card which offered a 10% on gas and 5% on other purchases introductory offer. After 3 months, it went down to 5% on Marathon and 1% on other purchases. If within a billing period you didn't buy Marathon gas, the rewards weren't deducted from the billing. However, the next time you made a gas purchase it was, along with the rewards accumulated from other purchases. My last transaction on that card was comical. They showed $3.20 due me in rebates, no balance due them. First chance I had, I went to a Marathon station and put in exactly $3.20 of gas. Now the card shows a balance due me of $.16 in rebates! Think I'd better close out that cc because it's been over 8 months now and I don't know how long they'll keep sending these statements out with no charge to me.

Wary, I agree that the merchant pays for this service. However, the bank can't use MY money until I pay them. I know I'm not even a fraction of a drop in their huge bucket, but better I make use of their money rather than vice versa.

I have a couple of high limit credit cards which I use very, very seldom just to keep them active. If I ever have a major expense, such as extensive work on my car, I have them as a back-up.

I guess I'm just one of those frugal people (read: cheap?) who watches every bit of income-outgo. Sorry this is so long-winded but I wanted to make sure I addressed all points raised. :)
Anonymous on 04/30/2006:
Thanks Ponie.
Discoverhater on 05/01/2006:
Ponie, A well written response. I have to commend you for writing an unbiased and informative post. Your response to Stew was positive and I enjoyed reading it.
alfaqual on 05/16/2006:
Ponie, are you sure that you don't work for one of the credit card companies. You seem to defend them very well. I am familiar with the practises of MBNA and they seemt to correlate to the practises of Chase. I recently received an MBNA important notice on my statement stating that there would be a change to my credit card account. The stuffer, however, was missing so I called MBNA and asked them what the important notice was. After being on hold for 15 minutes, I learned that the notice was to inform me that my 13.99% rate was going to be increased to 29.99%. I had to write a letter within 3 days to stop this process. It would be a lovely concept that we could all pay off our credit card balances each month--by the way you are called a dead beat (nickname given by the credit card companies) when you do that. People go into debt for reasons other than over spending and trying to live the luxe life. I am a living example of that. I have been working hard to pay off the debt that I incurred when my child was hospitalized and I fell behind. I have never had a late payment. I am willing to pay a fair interest rate in order to make ends meet in difficult situations. I did not use this card to go on a cruise or buy new clothes. I find it patronizing of you to suggest that we all just pay off the balance immediately. There are some life circumstances that even when we try to plan for, we cannot. Trippling my interest rate when I have not defaulted is not a typical business practise. This is abuse to the consumer at a very insidious level. People don't want to admit that they are in debt so they don't speak about it. We haven't taken very well to the trippling of the gas prices--we complain about that. But we certainly love to lecture those less responsible members of our society that just cannot seem to make ends meet. Tsssk tsssk. The credit card company has every right to tripple your interest rates! I have not been late on my payments. But I am in more debt than I would like to be. I am trying to pay it off systematically, I am not entering into more debt. I do not have the ability to pay it off all at once. I assure you, I would love to. I think that their practises, especially those of MBNA and CHASE are abusive, systematic, at deceptive.
JG3_Dragon on 01/04/2007:
After all this time, I have managed to keep from using any credit card companies for my purchase power.
I have found that a debit card is very much the way to go.
I am with US Bank and love it. I have just as much purchase power as I did with any credit card. The best thing is that I do not owe anyone. I purchase what I can afford. which is the number one key to success in beating the credit card game. I know that many of us use a credit card due to not having the money at the time. But I have made the changes in life to use what resources I have that I can afford on my income. Put $50.00 a week into an account for 6 Months, don't use it. Then after 6 Months, buy what you need, within that amount. Keep placing 50 a week. You will be happy to see it grow and help your situation. If I could do it, anyone can.
Best to those trying to beat the system.
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MBNA Canada Interest Rate
Posted by on
TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA -- Without my knowledge, MBNA Canada went ahead and raised my interest rate to 24.% then dropped it to 22.98%.
I was appalled by this increase and I called them. There response to me was, that because I had other debts they had the right to do a major increase to my interest rate, on a pre-existing amount of money already owing. I asked them how they can do that, they said they just can. They said I should have read the fine print a little closer and they would gladly send me it to read again.
When I originally spoke ewith them in regards to the application they had sent me, without asking for it. They supposedly told me everything about it. They failed to mention that they could increase my interest whenever they wanted to.
I am so angry!!!
On one hand they tell me they raised my interest because I have other outstanding debts and this was a way to insure they get their money, while on the other hand they keep sending me these payment holiday invoices + interest. How worried can they be about getting their money when they offer me these free months with interest!
I pay to them 124.00 per month, 114.00 of that is interest. IF I could just pay them off I would! All they care about is the money and they will knowingly lie to you by not giving you all the necessary information! Very deceptive!

IF anyone knows of any legal action I can take I would really appreciate it!

thanks for reading this




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User Replies:
waccey on 05/14/2006:
As a ex-credit card holder I personaly would "never" promote or suggest to any one to get a MBNA credit card,on the conterary. I would make sure that they new what they were getting in to first and tell them that that would be the "biggest mastake" of their life. and then some. and I am sure that we are not the only ones that are a victom of MBNA.. I only wish that there was some way to put this credit card co. out of business as for most part of the people that has been harassing me must be "BRAIN DEAD" or very "STUPID" as they must think that hhey are issolated from every thing and that they can break the law of Canada by harassing people.. What tyhey haven't taken in to fact is that all we have to do is to get one person from MBNA in to court and then it is sponiea after speniona till we get the ones that are breaking the law and then put them in to jail and then put MBNA "TO BED" as it is obvesious that they are not good business people as there is "A GREAT" amount of money to be made here if the employies of MBNA were to do this right. But personaly "I" WOULD NEVER Encourage or promot, or suggest to "ANY ONE" to deal with MBNA. They are not nice peolpe and I am quite sure that there is some "GOOD" people working there and it would be a travisty to see the good ones "tared" with the same stigma as the bad ones. We should try and get MBNA in to court as much as possible, whenever possible. Maybe then "We"will have our just rewards in see-ing this companey at an end...No more as it would be justified as after what I went through and still going through with this company I can be reach at this email address witch1@shaw.ca.....Michael
vanbran on 06/15/2007:
It's funny because MBNA tried to do the same thing to me and raise my interest rate to 22.9% from the original 18.9%. I called and they told me the same thing that they reserve the right to change it and so forth. Well, I asked them to lower it, and they did! Actually, now I call in every year or two and they lower it even further. Right now my MasterCard has a 7.9% APR with no fee. I always pay on time, even when I get the payment holiday (which happens every single month for me too). I've been lucky, because I have heard many horror stories about the company for sure.
kay zed on 05/31/2013:
I took advantage of their 0% for 10 months promo. I transferred $10,000 worth of balances and immediately made a $400 payment so that I would always be a month ahead and never in "default." This month - 7 months in, they started charging me interest - I asked why - they said because I had a
late" payment. I said I cannot be late because I have always paid early. They say you cannot pay early - you can only make an "extra" payment. Now I am screwed with their ridiculous interest rate - need to find a better rate to pay them off and get them out of my life. I would take legal action with others - seems so exploitative.
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