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We are very dissatisfied with your Customer Service Department. There was an unauthorized charge on our account (a scanner) for the amount of $2786.36 placed by LACC.COM. We never placed that order. We also asked the merchant to send us documents that prove that we placed that order online (provide us the email address registered with the order, IP #, documentation of the order history, etc.) The merchant was extremely rude and was unable to provide this documentation to us.

Thus to avoid confrontation, they asked us to ship the scanner back but stated that they will not be responsible for shipping charges. We strongly felt we are not responsible for ANY of the charges relating to that transaction (including shipping fees) therefore we placed a dispute on the entire charge including shipping fees (when we ship it back) and asked MBNA to assist us.

I spoke with ** with Customer Service on 4/28/06. He placed a conference call with ** from LACC.COM (Manager) and I and tried to resolve the situation. ** was rude to ** on the phone when ** was asking him general questions. When ** realized the conversation was going nowhere, ** advised me to wait until we receive the next statement and send all documentation to MBNA. ** also stated that we could use the same credit card to pay for the shipping fees to ship back the scanner and dispute both charges together.

Before we decide to ship the scanner back and charge the fees on the card, we wanted to make sure MBNA gives us the confirmation that they will credit us those shipping fees. After receiving the statement and sending all the documentation to MBNA, we gave MBNA a time frame to review the dispute so we can wait for further instructions to ship the scanner back.

On 5/26/06, we received a letter from MBNA stating that your company was going to credit the amount back to us but need contact information to continue the dispute. We faxed over our information and called the 800# on the letter because we had questions on how to ship the scanner back.

I spoke with ** with MBNA on 6/15/06, he stated that he was the Account Manager. As an Account Manager, I assumed he would provide us with excellent customer service and help us resolve this in a friendly, kind manner. Unfortunately, he didn't. He was just as rude as LACC.COM. He interrupted me occasionally and didn't let us explain our situation. We understand that every time we call the 800#, we will be talking to different representatives, that is the reason why we have to explain in detail every time. It's very time consuming for us. We never wanted to be in this situation in the first place.

We thought he would be able to help us but instead he was rude and didn't let me explain. He said shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility and MBNA WILL NOT dispute or credit us for those charges. It didn't matter what the explanation was. I tried explaining to him that ** told me that the shipping costs WILL NOT be our responsibility but ** again was interrupting and said I may have misunderstood. MBNA is very unorganized. It took us a lot of time and effort to deal with this nonsense and when different representatives tell us different things it's completely absurd.

** then made a conference call with LACC.COM – ** and us. ** was not surprisingly rude again and stated facts that was not true, so we tried to explain our side. ** interrupted us and told us to let ** finish. Of course, again ** would not budge on the shipping costs and estimated that it would be about $30.00-$35.00 to ship it back. When the conversation was over, ** said he would give us an additional $25.00 credit on our account for shipping.

We agreed, but we wanted to know if he can provide us a confirmation of this in case the credit doesn't go through because if we call back it will be another representative. If there will be no documentation, it will lead us to nowhere again. We always want everything to be documented and in writing in order to ensure this misunderstanding will not happen again.

The bottom line is that we strongly felt that we were NOT OBLIGATED to pay for any shipping charges. The $25.00 was not our major concern. Our main concern is the principle of this entire situation. MBNA did not help much with our dispute. Our time spent on this issue was worth much more than $25.00.

In conclusion, we thought this whole situation wasn't handled professionally by MBNA. We assumed MBNA would be able to help us resolve the situation smoothly. Different information was told from different reps. Some were kind some were rude, and we're pertaining to **. His attitude was not pleasant to us. We are very disappointed with your customer service and are demanding an explanation and apology from your company. We do not understand why MBNA customer service are rude to their customers. MBNA should be more organized and provide us with better service because we've been a loyal customer for a long time.

If you have any questions, please give us a call. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Closed account
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- When I called to ask why my monthly payment went up almost $70.00 a month, they forwarded me to the lending dept. The lender reviewed my account (no late or missed payments, EVER!), he arbitrarily closed my account. Below is my response to their letter telling me about my account:

I received your letter today regarding your decision on my account. That decision is very upsetting to me, but what's worse is your total lack of consideration and your attitude on the phone the other day, (if it was you. If not, you have rude lenders who talk to your “loyal customers”.)

I don't want my account reinstated, but I do want your time for a few minutes. I am a college grad, and I was gainfully employed for 25 years. On May 30, 2005, I was a passenger in a car, which was hit by a drunk driver. I and my other 2 friends were sober, (a conscious decision we made as members of MADD), and the drunk driver was 3 times the legal limit, driving the wrong way on the interstate, resulting in a head on collision.

Her actions resulted in my friend's, (the driver), immediate death. My injuries were life threatening when they cut me out of the car, (which caught fire), and I was rushed to the hospital. Following 4 surgeries, (with 3 more to come throughout 2005 and into 2006), I spent 2 weeks in intensive care. I then spent another 5 months in a hospital bed in my home, with round the clock care, and in a wheelchair, having to be fed, and using a bed pan. I lost my job and my group benefits.

My non-group Blue Cross policy, which I established after I lost my job), went up from $189.00 p/month to $304.00 p/month, following my accident. And none of those charges went on my MBNA credit card. So where do you get off judging me and making assumptions about how I use my credit card????

Now, I am permanently disabled, (no more dancing for me, or going to the gym, or working in my garden like I've always done). I am currently working with an attorney to obtain disability benefits, which I paid into for 25 years, as a healthy, tax paying American. (It takes anywhere from 12 – 18 months to get approved. Yet another corporate cluster of nonsense!) Since the drunk driver had no car insurance, I was left with co-pays and deductibles in the thousands of dollars, none of which went on your credit card either). My husband couldn't handle the situation, and he moved to Florida. (nice, huh? Men!) But I am so lucky to have had friends and family to help me out.

Why am I telling you all this? It's because you, (or the unidentified lender that I spoke with), talked down to me like I was pond scum. He lectured me about “living on credit”, as if I were a child. I wish to remind you that through this whole, horrible ordeal, my injuries, despair and depression, I never once missed a payment, nor was I ever late with one. For 6 years, I was a good customer, with a great credit rating. You have ruined that for me now, and I wanted you to know that.

Mr. ** I hope that nothing like this ever happens to you or your family by the grace of God, and that you are never treated with the rudeness and disrespect with which I was treated by the lender, (or was it you?), at MBNA.

When you die and go to heaven, I don't think that God is going to rate you as a human being based upon how many people you screwed with your decisions, or how high up you got on the corporate ladder, or how much money you made for your company and yourself. May God Bless You, and give you a little compassion and help with your people skills. Thanks for your time, and always remember that you can't possibly understand a person's situation until you have walked in their shoes.

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I used to be employed with MBNA back in 2005. I was in their elite sales team counter offer. Basically our job was to sell as much as possible, as fast as possible, and if we were good enough, smart enough, sneaky enough, we wouldn't have to do it all legally. CRC regulations said that we were able to do this, this and that. MBNA pretended to care, pretended that we were all be listened to, pretended that if we didn't do exactly what the law required there would be swift punishment. Well, that didn't happen.

You see we used to sell insurance as well as loans. We had a bunch of really good sellers on the team, one guy in particular used to sell 10-20 p3's a day (that's what we used to call them.) I remember everyone wanted to know how the hell the top sellers sold their stuff, what did they say? what did they do? You'd think the entire management team would call a meeting and go over EXACTLY what was done, exactly what was said, no. Never happened, because it was illegal.

Things that were not mentioned, say specific fees or charges for a loan or particular insurance were not mentioned to the customer. Perhaps the customer was listening, but the sales rep was speaking too fast, or just as the IMPORTANT parts came up, he would hold down mute for a fraction of a second. Everything was monitored, but they couldn't tell when you had MUTE pressed down. There were a lot of tricks, a lot of lies. People would complain EVERYDAY that they paid ON TIME. MBNA were very very smart, never told anyone it took 2-5 business days to get the money, and MBNA made damn sure it took 5 days to process ANYTHING.

They wanted everyone to default on their payments, everyone to pay higher interest. I know for a certain fact that MBNA would not correct their phone list if a person had moved, I know for a fact that people were called every week, every day for months, for years even. I know that deceased customers would still get calls. Their widows answering the phone for the 35th time and telling us that their husband died.

MBNA was ruthless. And did they reward you for all the hard work? No! they gave us chocolate bars for more energy. They'd demand overtime, overtime overtime. Why aren't you working this Saturday? I got a family...? DOESN'T MATTER! NO FAMILIES, NO OBLIGATIONS!

They didn't want you to leave. I think one of the worst things MBNA did was sell to people who really didn't speak english that well. We were all forced to bully our way through sales, even if the person didn't understand what you were saying, just keep pounding away and they'll eventually fold, and take the money. Directors Club. What a joke.

This was MBNA's "idea" to reward top sellers, problem was, the 'leads' or 'call lists' that the top sellers would use would be shared by the lower of the sales groups. It tainted the pool, so when 'some' of the elite sellers would be asked to go on 'inbound' calls, they had the clear advantage. Their time on a separate lead system was not compensated for, nothing was done. People were crushed in a day, in a few days when their rivals would go on 'incoming.'

In my opinion, MBNA is the worst financial institution I have ever worked at. Thank God for HSBC. And one last thing about MBNA that was idiotic, the men had to wear a STRICT dress code, pants, tie, you got the idea, the women? Anything they DAMNED WANT! Low cut shirts, I mean so low it was RIDICULOUS, I thought half the women were going to the club on their lunch breaks, oh God how pathetic MBNA was. I am so glad I left. PS. never work, never deal, never talk to MBNA, because more than likely you are getting SCREWED!

Customer Service at It's Best
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Rating: 5/51

I have MBNA credit card since 1998 and not one experience negative whatsoever. In fact, the only customer service department who solved every issue I raised in less than 2 minutes. I missed payments by 2 days a few times and every time I called they fixed it to my satisfaction. No other credit card company is as client friendly as MBNA, as for I am concerned. Now I got 2 MBNA cards on my name, one to use on the net with lower limit. I congratulate MBNA staff to exceed my expectation.

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I and members of my family have terminated our accounts with them. High interest and bad service. Nothing more to say!

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MICHIGAN -- I'm going to transfer out of this account as soon as I get home tonight! I pay ahead on my account, and carry a balance of approx. $6,000. I can't believe they haven't jacked up my rates like they have to others, I figure it's only a matter of time, or I've been lucky so far. I'm going to beat them to the punch.

MBNA ruined my excellent credit rating
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Several years ago, MBNA was a credit card company I would have recommended to anyone. They lived up to their promises, looked out after my activity and even took care of a fraudulent charge that slipped through.

But 2 years ago, I received an offer from them to do a balance transfer for 3.99% until the balance was paid off. I transferred approximately $7,000.00 as was paying close to triple what they wanted as a minimum payment so I could pay the balances off. Several months into my payments, I noticed that my balance didn't seem to be going down, when I checked the interest rate, I was being assessed a rate of 24.99% and immediately went to pull the past statements and found that I was never given the offer I was promised.

I had never been late and paid way more than their minimum payments and had been with them since 1995. When I phoned to inquire about this problem, I was met with rudeness, an explanation from one representative of they didn't know why and then was transferred to another hateful person who in so many words told me that there was no reason in particular other than that they could change my interest rates at any time for any reason.

I told the representative that I wanted to place my account into dispute and even wrote correspondences to MBNA regarding same and went to making minimum payments only till my credit limit of $12K+ was set to $0, late fees, over limit fees were assessed, and I stopped!! Next thing I knew, I was being served with an Arbitration lawsuit that was stated to be sometimes correct my credit application agreement, but never was.

My attorney figured the interest on the $7,000.00 along with my payments and I had my balance down under $4,000.00 when this blew up. MBNA now has the balance exceeding $15,000.00. I have since had my credit rating ruined, other accounts canceled because of them and am not facing a Bankruptcy Filing to just get out from under their upcoming judgments. Stay away from these people. They are dangerous to your health and your credit rating! Believe me, I know, my rating was at 700.

I can't think of many thing in life I hate as much as MBNA
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If your credit discipline is great, as in you never keep a balance maybe MBNA (or any credit card company for that matter) is probably fine. The truth about how these banks treat you mainly come out when you find yourself in a some credit "hot water". First, I don't have a sense of entitlement, as in I don't believe it is my "right" that a bank do what is in my best interest. Business is business, if I got myself in a jam, it's my responsibility to get out. Long story short, I had a balance of about 14K on my MBNA. Because I was late a few times, my interest jumped to a little over 21%. I tried calling around Sept/06 to negotiate a better rate as interest was killing me!

Some of the responses I got from them was: "I'm sorry, but we're not here to help you", or "We suggest going to credit counseling, it is your best course of action". Bottom line, nothing can be done. Before you read this and think to yourself "but you (as in me) are a total idiot for being late on 14K of debt, you get what you deserve" may be right, but Citibank is my one and only favorite bank, I was late with them and my interest jumped to 21% as well. However I called them, and in less than 5 minutes had my interest back down to two offers of 6.99% and 10.99%. This was on a balance of about 15K.

Maybe MBNA is operating within the law, but that argument falls apart when there is another bank that is willing to make a mutual deal where everyone walks out winning a little something. The advice MBNA gave was absolute bull, credit counseling is useless. Maybe because of the new bankruptcy laws, they aren't afraid of consumers filing anymore and are trying to back you into a corner. In any case, I've paid off all my MBNA debt within 2 months, transferred some to Citibank which I am happy to give my money to. I was originally intent on closing MBNA in protest when I finish paying it off, but decided a better course of action.

First, my limit is around $14K, so to have that at 0 balance helps my overall credit worthiness. I can probably annoy them a little but continuing to periodically use the card but pay it off immediately during grace period. For those of you who don't have MBNA and are considering them, there are so many other banks other than MBNA that are better to deal with. Stay away from these guys.

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It's shocking what they said to me! I got MBNA card Feb 02, 0% then 12.99 FIXED after that. I was NEVER late even once!!! I was offered small balances transfers twice and paid down to zero, then Jan 05 transferred $3,700 then transferred $7,000. Oct 05, for total of $10k+ on the MBNA card. I paid on time, then the moment it went off initial transfer rate in Aug 06 MBNA jacked my rate to $28.24%!!!

I have called 'repeatedly' and they transferred me to outside credit counseling then the last lady at MBNA, **, said to me and *****I quote, "You are not using your card in an acceptable way." I said, "I have never been late!" She said,"MBNA isn't meant to be a long term card, MBNA is meant to be a revolving, swipe your card at the store so that we can get the exchange rate type of a card." I kid you not! That's what she said. She continued, "You have been making minimum payments too long and don't use the card as intended. We want you to pay down your card and charge it up with purchases."

She also attacked my credit, which I had a copy of and said, "You owe too much on credit cards." I said, "That's my business, and I have never missed a payment, so what do you care?" She said, "You're $45k in debt, that's too much." I said, "Not if I make $135k a year, it isn't." Get this- she said, "Well, if that was true then you'd have paid all your balances down by now and have really excellent credit." I said, "It's none of your business what I do with my money. What if I own 3 properties, then is that acceptable to you?" She said, "Well, we're getting nowhere with this, do you want to speak to a Manager?"

I said, "You better believe it." But he naturally wasn't available, so I called back today, Oct 16 2006 and she closed my account "per customer request"!!! I paid ON TIME every single month, NEVER once late. I cannot believe this treatment. Today I transferred the balance to my credit union, California Coast, They have always treated me right. I will NEVER do business with MBNA ever again!!!

MBNA-I would NEVER borrow from them again, NEVER!!
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BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA -- I have read through most of the MBNA comments on this site and if I had only read them sooner. I was introduced to MBNA back in August of 2005. I kept getting junk mail from them wanting me to consolidate my debt by using their line of credit. One day I figured what can it hurt, so I called them. Everything was done over the phone and happened very fast.

A few days later they called saying I was getting a line of credit. I was asking for $25,000. I ended up getting $26,500.00. This all happened in August and I didn't receive my first bill until mid September. I don't recall ever hearing anything about being charged to get the money put into my account. But when the bill came, it read "BALANCE TRANSFER TRANSACTION FEE $750.00". Also they talk you into getting the credit protection, which I said I didn't need. They said, "you can cancel it in 30 days if you don't want it."

"CREDIT PROTECTION PLAN COVERAGE $247.23" which with this fee plus the transfer fee of $750 it automatically puts you over your credit limit. Which brings you to this response: "Your account is over limit. To avoid an over limit fee on your next statement, we must receive a conforming payment, that brings and keeps your account balance below the credit line, within 20 days of the above statement closing date, and not go over limit again."

Which brought me to my first bill with them $908.23, my payments are $661.00 and the interest alone was $568.93 with an APR of 25.74%. WOW!!! I called them several times and talked to supervisors, they just stated it was my fault for not paying attention. They said that they could pull my credit report and see if they could lower my interest rate, I fell for that once, which they pull it and tell you, "no you will have to check back in 8 months and maybe they can reduce it then," due to my credit score. At that time my credit score was 714.

Since September I have paid down $6,442.71. Never late and yet my interest rate just keeps going up..... now my APR is 27.24%. Since March of this year they have been offering me this deal "$15 REDUCED PYMT OFFER THIS MONTH. FIN CHRGS ACCRUE. PYMT MAY NOT COVER FIN CHRGS. LATE FEE IF PYMT LATE." I just wanted to give someone else a heads up, wishing I had known then what I know now.

I would never do business with MBNA or their affiliate Bank of America ever again. Lesson learned. Once they are paid off, it's a done deal. Thank you to everyone for putting their comments out there, it's never too late to let someone else know what is going on with this company.

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