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Poor Service
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LAGRANGE, KENTUCKY -- While visiting LaGrange, KY, we visited McDonald's three times. Each time our order was incorrect. We understand small mistakes, but the third time we took our grandchildren through the drivethru and trusted our order to be complete, but upon arriving at home found it incorrect again. It was a large order for seven people some being happy meals.

We were shorted several large fries and some of the drinks were incorrect. Sometimes this might be acceptable, but we are diabetics and that can be a serious mistake. We usually do not complain, but three times is too many to ignore. The date of our last (and final) visit was December 3rd about 6:00 p.m. We thought this should be brought to someone's attention. Thank you.

Ripped Off Customer
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Rating: 2/51

FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a filet of fish sandwich to take home and reheat. When I separated the bun I found a filet about 5/8 of an inch thick, and 3" X 3". The slice of cheese was only half the size of the fish and was almost thin enough to have only one side. I paid $3.95 with tax, for what was not even close to what the pictured sandwich showed, much less with not even a full square slice of cheese. Fool me once shame on," McDonald's"! It will not happen again because if it does then shame on me!

Slow Service, Bad Food, Order Not Complete
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Rating: 2/51

WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH -- My wife and I went to the McDonald's Restaurant in West Valley City, Utah, located at approximately 5600 west and 3500 south, yesterday afternoon. After we placed our order at the drive-up we had to wait an unusually long time to get to the service window. When we did get there the attendant attempted to hand us our order before the vehicle came to a stop. I asked him to please put the order in a plastic salad bag, which he did. I had to ask him for salt and catsup (out of salt).

We parked in the parking lot and began to eat the food. The fish sandwich my wife ordered was not warm and had a tough edge on the outside. My McRib sandwich didn't have any onions and was only medium warm. Our fries were burned to a crisp and cold. We used to look forward to eating at this particular restaurant because of the good food and great view in the parking areas. I hope things can get back to the way they used to be.

No Service at Drive-Thru
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND JUNCTION, CO., COLORADO -- I pulled in at drive through, this McDonald's has two drive-through lanes. I sat there for 15 minutes waiting for service on the inside lane. Waited while two cars were served on the outside lane. I drove forward as the second car was leaving, I stopped at the window told the girl at the window what had just happened. When I pulled up, there was about 5 or 6 young people standing there playing around, laughing and cutting up, not paying attention to the customers. I drove off, went home upset.

I called the manager on duty. She acted like this was a common practice, did not even apologize. I asked for the 800 number. She gave it to me. I asked her, her name she said it was Aglyhen, said she could not give me her last name. This happened at store number 732 on North Avenue in grand junction, Colorado at approximately 7:22 pm. I usually stop there every evening on my way home from my daughters house. I won't be doing that anymore. I also have 5 sons and 3 daughters. I will let them know what happened.

Would Rather Throw Food Away Than Sell
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH POINT RD, MARYLAND -- On 10-6-13 went to McDonald's on North Point Rd in Baltimore MD by Dundalk at 11:03 am, hoping to still be able to get a breakfast sandwich. They were in the process of flipping over the menu to lunch. I saw quite a few breakfast items sitting there and so I asked the young girl who asked for my order if I could possible get a breakfast sandwich. She stated "no, it was now only lunch."

I pointed to the breakfast items and she said "oh we throw that away when it switches to lunch" and I said "really - when a customer wants to buy it, you would rather throw it away" and she said "that's what we do." I asked for a manager and I could tell the manager had an attitude and she said "what do you want?" I finally did get the sandwich but the point had I not pursued they would have rather thrown it away. Shame on McDonald's!!!

The Worst McDonalds in Pinellas County, Fla.
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Rating: 1/51

PARK/STARKEY SEMINOLE, FLORIDA -- The McDonald's in Seminole, Fla. at park Blvd and Starkey road is by far the worst in the county. I thought I'd give it another try today (I've been avoiding it for a few months since my last visit). It seems almost every time I go there there is a problem. Today, I ordered two large sandwiches with "no mustard". When I got home I saw they had mustard, but no cheese.

The last time I was there I asked (twice) that my eggs be fresh. The cashier said "o.k.." and took the next customer's order. When I got my meal, the eggs were cold, dry and rubbery. I asked for what I requested, after waiting 10 minutes, I had to leave to make it to work. No breakfast, no refund. Try to eat inside on a Saturday at 1 pm. There were 17 people in line with only 1 register open. The customers were leaving because of the long wait.

Meanwhile, the drive thru was running like clockwork. It's sad that I have to drive 3 miles (each way) to another McDonald's to eat. I'm not the only one who feels this way. Several people I've spoken with agree with me. When I e-mailed a complaint about my previous visit, some manager replied that the employees were highly trained, and it seemed that somehow I was mistaken. She wouldn't admit that may be I had a valid complaint.

One In A Million
By -

I am a current employee of the McDonald's corporation and currently work as a "Swing Manager" at a local McDonald's in upstate NY. (A Swing Manager is just a shift manager) I'm sure upon entering this it will just become one in a million, seeing as McDonald's is the second most "commented" corporation on this site, which does not surprise me. Let's be honest and get two facts straight first.

Number 1: McDonald's is franchised. What does that mean? There are owners within the corporation who control on a few stores and then report to supervisors, who reports to area reps, who report to the corporate aspect of McDonald's. Now some of you out there, may be doubting my all knowing McDonald's factoids, but I dare you to go to a local McDonald's and ask for the store manager who can give you the number of the store supervisor, and upon speaking with an actual supervisor, ask for the number of their area rep). Sure it's a long line of lanky-s and who-dads, but did you honestly think it operated so simply? Okay, moving on..

Number 2: "It's all in the fine print". What I mean by Number 2, "It's All In the Fine Print", is that upon quickly glancing through several "complaints" these are easy fixes, at the end of all the commercials, it says, "at participating locations only" or "while supplies last" or "individual locations may vary". Also, McDonald's does not serve breakfast all day/ night, plain and simple, they just don't, it would be a pain in the you- know- what, to cook breakfast meats and make eggs, and make lunch meats-- it's not a complimentary system when combining breakfast and lunch.

As I explained before, the whole McDonald's franchised- thing. Very few, "crew members" (ie basic employee) know exact McDonald's "going's ons" like where "they" are building a new McDonald's or where happy meal toys are made. This type of information is not shared with "crew members" unless it is happening specifically in their franchise or if there is a national promotion ex. McRib, or a special event, like Monopoly.

Obviously, I haven't worked at McDonald's my entire life, but before I worked at McDonald's I was a customer of McDonald's. I have to say though, some of these complaints are legitimate, ex. finding inanimate objects in food, or bugs in drinks, things like that are clearly sanitation issues at those specific locations, and I can ensure "you" (whoever reads this) that not all McDonald's are operated that poorly. Honestly, if I'd had an experience equal to that, I would never want to look at another McDonald's ever. Other complaints, such as, getting a cheeseburger with pickle when asking for no pickle, again, sadly, you just received a daft order taker, sorry. I'll explain..

When you walk up to the front register there is a person pushing buttons on a computer screen that is connected to a computer screen in the back the "grill area" where the food is made, that tells that food makers what to make, and to put or what not to put on the sandwiches.

The same thing happens when you pull up to the speaker in the drive-through, it is distinctly TWO different people that take the order and make the order and without going back to complain about how your food was made, that specific McDonald's may never change training processes or fire that rude person that ignored you when you asked for, "no tomato". If you're so curious ask to speak with the store manager and set up a date to get a store wide tour, and ask sanitation (ie cleanliness) questions and ask why they don't serve breakfast all day, or what the register looks like from an employee's position.

Please, if you have any more questions comment this post, with your e-mail address and I will answer, to the best of my knowledge, any and all questions you have. For more information check out, if you have a receipt and recently received an incorrect order please let that location know, so they can correct the situation. Love and Gagas fellow blabbers, HappyMealBabyy. (Disclaimer: This was meant to be a helpful and informational post, please keep it informative).

Snack Wrap With The Bone
By -

MECHANICSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Hey, hey ordered a grilled chicken snack wrap from this fast food place Wesley Drive Mechanicsburg PA. 17055. I bit into this sandwich and was pierced in my tongue with a chicken bone that was never removed. This bone is about 2 1/2" inches long and was sharp as a needle so here I was bleeding from my mouth bone just hanging and I pulled it out and called this McDonald's to say "hey you got a problem." Well naturally they wanted this bone back and so on 10/22/09 I returned all they asked for, receipt bone wrapper with the blood and they stated they would look into it.

Well after 2 calls to corporate because I never heard back someone evidently from the insurance they carry called me and stated, "You are not to call the owner about this problem again. You will only be dealing with me and that's the way it is and I will call you in a couple days!" Wow never expected that response. Who are these people? What era of time travel do they come from you would think. I knew the answer to where is Hoffa buried.

After almost a month and no response I called corporate again on 12/18/09 here we go again they told me we will get to the bottom of this and the owner will contact you in a couple days.. Hey, hey they called the same day couple hours later, not the owners but a new person with the insurance carrier so she says. "Did the store offer you anything for this incident?"

I said "yeah a free sandwich couple 5 or 6 weeks ago. Listen lady I got her here this could have been a lot worse what would you be saying if my grandson had this happen or another child that eats there or anyone perhaps choked on it or worse?" Her reply "well it didn't so were going to have the owner send you a coupon for a free meal on us." And by the way she said, "Did you call corporate or did they call you today?"

Then the phone went silent... People out there visiting these fast food place, be very cautious about what you're biting into. You wouldn't think this day and age we would have all these problems or for that matter. The people behind them solving them wow. A chicken bone in this product was painful and careless. This would not be the consumers fault if I could convince you to boycott this eatery. I would try. Hope you eat healthy and don't close your eyes the next time you take a bite even an innocent sandwich can find a way.

Terrible Service, Disgusting Product, Repulsive Atmosphere
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EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA -- I rarely go to McDonald's, and my last outing to the location at 8415 109 Edmonton reminded me why. When I arrived, there was a slight lineup, and I assumed my position at the back. It moved forward slowly, and when I was finally next in line, a McDonald's employee came from behind the counter and wordlessly stepped in front of me to place an order. I was exhausted and hungry, so I gritted my teeth and let her get her food, although any halfway respectable fast food outlet would have her wait until her break wouldn't disrupt customers.

It was finally my turn to order (after about 10 minutes since arriving), and I purchased a six-piece nugget meal with a sundae on the side. The teller fumbled with the register and we eventually exchanged money and change after she corrected her mistakes for 5 minutes. She then proceeded to pour my drink, at which point I noticed that a bottle of disinfectant and a dirty rag were sitting immediately beside the ice container. This was slightly off-putting, and should not be left in clear view of the customer.

While she was pouring my drink, another staff member approached her and whispered something to her, to which she distinctly replied "that's gross". I didn't even want to speculate as to what they were referring to. Again, I was just tired and needed sustenance. I received my food, which was technically the correct order, but completely inedible. The coke was overflowing, spilling on some of my fries, and it didn't taste at all like coke--more like tonic water and some vague, faint chemical. I took one sip before giving up on it and setting it aside to toss out.

The nuggets and fries were both lukewarm and tasted as if they had been sitting around for a while. I forced myself to eat half of both before giving up and tossing them out as well. And I was VERY hungry. The sundae was okay, at least. I went to The Dump my uneaten meal out, and couldn't find the garbage anywhere. After checking the usual spots, I noticed that it was, for some reason, located directly in the way of stairs that lead to further seating. I threw my food out in disgust. By the way, there was another disinfectant and rag combo lying on one of the tables.

Since one of the rude and indifferent employees there was clearly a manager, I looked for a complaint form, to no avail. I went home and looked online for a way to contact McDonald's. This only turned up phone numbers for their branches in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and a mailing address. I assumed that head office would want to protect their reputation and punish irresponsible branches, but apparently it doesn't matter to them at all. So I went here. If the company doesn't care, hopefully someone in Edmonton will read this and I can do the least bit to spread the word about the quality of that branch.

I know that the service industry sucks and that those people make minimum wage and are yelled at by morons, but they are put in a position of trust when they handle people's food. I'm surprised that I didn't get food poisoning, and I don't think that anyone who works there should even be cooking for themselves. Their commitment to sanitation is extremely suspect, and their contempt toward their customers is obvious. Their service was horrible, their food was repulsive, and there were garbage cans and chemicals lying around randomly. I won't be coming back.

Try Something Different
By -

I have worked for three different McDonald's in the course of nine years. I have so much I could say it could quickly turn into a book, but I will try to keep this simpler. I am one of those employees that the other employee's give a bad name to. I always do my very best to ensure orders are correct and I am a perfectionist and will not serve anything I do not find acceptable. I have even argued with managers about this.

Over time though this has become harder and harder for me to achieve and I am anxiously awaiting the end of summer because I am leaving. It saddens me to think of how much pride I do take in my work and all the factors that are attributing to my leaving. One reason is I can not stand working with the people that don't care, including managers. The other is that people as a whole are not the easiest to deal with and I can't stand it anymore. I have read a lot of these complaints and though I can agree with a lot of them, some are just insane.

I have also noticed that on the off chance of someone saying something nice no one comments, but you put up one bad thing and everyone has something to say. Obviously those people have never worked with the public. We like to joke at work that it should be required that everyone works one year in fast food, so then maybe they would have some compassion for those who do.

I can not tell you how many times people order things wrong or are just plain rude. My favorite, when people are on their cell phones in drive through, then act like we are interrupting them by taking their order. And don't bother trying to be polite and say thank you to them because they will just grab their stuff and leave. I once commented to an older gentleman that it was so nice taking his order that was filled with please and thank you's. He asked if most people didn't and I said no, they typically talk to you like you're an idiot.

His response was that if he didn't talk like that his mother would have slapped him. I have a nine year old son and we are always reminding him to say please and thank you when ordering out (which we do often.) Maybe some of you that read this can remember to do that next time. It will get you much farther. Anyhow, it is sad how people talk to you when you work at McDonald's and I'm sure many other places.

I am not any less of a person than you because of where I work, it just so happens to fit my life style and my hours so that I can be home at night and on weekends with my son. My biggest complaint right now would have to be what happened to me today. I was working in drive through and had a customer that asked to pay for the order two cars behind her. I told her that I would have to wait until she pulled to the next window because I can only take two orders at a time because of the space between our speaker and window.

She said that was fine and pulled up, I then took care of the next car and took the order for the following car and went to the first window and received the payment from the person waiting there. No problem. When the next car pulled up I explained to the two women inside, the lady two cars ahead of you paid for your order. The driver asked who it was and I told her I didn't know, she then asked if it was a woman and I replied yes.

The passenger then asked me something that I didn't hear so I very politely asked her what she said. She asked if it was a van and I told her no, I was not sure what it was. She then (a little rudely) asked again if it was a van and I again said no. She then (VERY RUDELY) said a van V-A-N van and I said no it was a blue box something, not knowing what they are called. To which she replied "Yeah like a van."

At which point I shut my window and took the order of the person that was waiting for me. I could not believe that this woman talked to me like that after I answered her the first time, and to spell it out like I was some moron. I may not have known what this vehicle was called (box on wheels perhaps) but it was not a van. I own one and am pretty sure I know what they look like. By the way no offense to the people that own them, I just simply do not know what they go by.

But anyhow, now that this is a book. Please people, give respect, say please and thank you when you order. And if someone makes a mistake politely point it out. Most of them time it will be fixed and even if it happens twice give them a chance. You honestly have no idea what they are going through. It may be training but maybe just maybe this person has something horrible on their mind, like the loss of a loved one or something, but they can't afford to take time off or something.

May be extreme but you don't know. If it happens three times then get mad but do not lose your cool. We are all human, we all make mistakes, the world does not revolve around any one of us (like so many seem to think) and we would all be in a better place if we would get over ourselves sometimes.

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