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Try Something Different
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I have worked for three different McDonald's in the course of nine years. I have so much I could say it could quickly turn into a book, but I will try to keep this simpler. I am one of those employees that the other employee's give a bad name to. I always do my very best to ensure orders are correct and I am a perfectionist and will not serve anything I do not find acceptable. I have even argued with managers about this.

Over time though this has become harder and harder for me to achieve and I am anxiously awaiting the end of summer because I am leaving. It saddens me to think of how much pride I do take in my work and all the factors that are attributing to my leaving. One reason is I can not stand working with the people that don't care, including managers. The other is that people as a whole are not the easiest to deal with and I can't stand it anymore. I have read a lot of these complaints and though I can agree with a lot of them, some are just insane.

I have also noticed that on the off chance of someone saying something nice no one comments, but you put up one bad thing and everyone has something to say. Obviously those people have never worked with the public. We like to joke at work that it should be required that everyone works one year in fast food, so then maybe they would have some compassion for those who do.

I can not tell you how many times people order things wrong or are just plain rude. My favorite, when people are on their cell phones in drive through, then act like we are interrupting them by taking their order. And don't bother trying to be polite and say thank you to them because they will just grab their stuff and leave. I once commented to an older gentleman that it was so nice taking his order that was filled with please and thank you's. He asked if most people didn't and I said no, they typically talk to you like you're an idiot.

His response was that if he didn't talk like that his mother would have slapped him. I have a nine year old son and we are always reminding him to say please and thank you when ordering out (which we do often.) Maybe some of you that read this can remember to do that next time. It will get you much farther. Anyhow, it is sad how people talk to you when you work at McDonald's and I'm sure many other places.

I am not any less of a person than you because of where I work, it just so happens to fit my life style and my hours so that I can be home at night and on weekends with my son. My biggest complaint right now would have to be what happened to me today. I was working in drive through and had a customer that asked to pay for the order two cars behind her. I told her that I would have to wait until she pulled to the next window because I can only take two orders at a time because of the space between our speaker and window.

She said that was fine and pulled up, I then took care of the next car and took the order for the following car and went to the first window and received the payment from the person waiting there. No problem. When the next car pulled up I explained to the two women inside, the lady two cars ahead of you paid for your order. The driver asked who it was and I told her I didn't know, she then asked if it was a woman and I replied yes.

The passenger then asked me something that I didn't hear so I very politely asked her what she said. She asked if it was a van and I told her no, I was not sure what it was. She then (a little rudely) asked again if it was a van and I again said no. She then (VERY RUDELY) said a van V-A-N van and I said no it was a blue box something, not knowing what they are called. To which she replied "Yeah like a van."

At which point I shut my window and took the order of the person that was waiting for me. I could not believe that this woman talked to me like that after I answered her the first time, and to spell it out like I was some moron. I may not have known what this vehicle was called (box on wheels perhaps) but it was not a van. I own one and am pretty sure I know what they look like. By the way no offense to the people that own them, I just simply do not know what they go by.

But anyhow, now that this is a book. Please people, give respect, say please and thank you when you order. And if someone makes a mistake politely point it out. Most of them time it will be fixed and even if it happens twice give them a chance. You honestly have no idea what they are going through. It may be training but maybe just maybe this person has something horrible on their mind, like the loss of a loved one or something, but they can't afford to take time off or something.

May be extreme but you don't know. If it happens three times then get mad but do not lose your cool. We are all human, we all make mistakes, the world does not revolve around any one of us (like so many seem to think) and we would all be in a better place if we would get over ourselves sometimes.

McDonald's Employee Mistreatment
By -

CORNERSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- As a former employee of McDonald's I can say it HASN'T been a good experience. Let me tell you why so you'll know what you'll be getting into if you're hired there: Lack of management participation in new employee training process (all of the crew do all of the training!). I had to teach myself everything when I first started and had to learn from trial-and-error. When I asked for help from management they were nowhere to be found. Which leads into my next point.

Lack of management help when needed during a rush. This has happened more times than I can count on my own two hands. We're in the middle of a rush and where are all of the managers to be found? Yucking it up in the office about something they did some Saturday night while employees struggle to keep pace with the business streaming in. When they do finally get off their butts (I wanted to use another word here but I'll be nice) they choose to chew out the employees for doing the best they could while said managers sat on their collective butts.

Favoritism. I was late 5 minutes once and was threatened with a write-up. Another person that was late numerous times was warned and then it was forgotten. Then same said person was late AGAIN and was warned... no write-up. So I'm wondering: how is that fair in any way?

Verbal Abuse. Now this happened at another McDonald's that I worked at. When you're told that you're stupid, dumb, and called numerous other names in a non-joking fashion, without the managers intervening, how long do you think you would want to stay there? I just quit without a word because it occurred to me that the management there wouldn't ever give a crap.

Miscommunication between management and employees. This happened fairly recently. I had to call out one day to go to the doctor since I wasn't feeling well and they told me "okay well get a doctor's note." I went to the doctor and found out that I had the flu and was dehydrated because everything that I tried to get down would just come up or out. I had to be out for 3 days so I called them that very night and told them that I had a doctors note for said date of 3 days from the current date at the time.

I come in 3 days later and find out that I've been taken off of the schedule. It turns out that I was suspended!!! Someone told my main manager that I would not have a doctor's excuse this time around! I leave the note in the office and rush out of the parking lot in a huff. The main manager calls me and tells me that I'm not suspended after seeing my doctor's note. He tries to play it off after I demand to know who told him that I wouldn't have a doctor's note. Needless to say I was ticked but went off to work since I still needed the money and insurance.

Morning shift is left to clean up night shift messes. I have opened numerous times and have found many things not done from the previous nights. From tables not being wiped down to areas not being cleaned and stocked to leftover dishes and messes left over in the grill.

Needless to say: NIGHT SHIFT PEOPLE ARE LAZY. I used to work the night shift and found my work load doubled since no one else wanted to do their jobs. They just wanted to play around, talk, and eat on the clock (supposedly a big no-no but that didn't stop them did it?), while I struggled do what I supposed to do and what they were supposed to before I left. In closing, I hope that some of the heads of McDonald's happen to stumble onto this letter and are thoroughly embarrassed with the way their managers run this supposed "business". I'm Not Loving it, Dracona.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- I went to McDonald's located on Hersbefer Road in Roanoke VA. I paid for order and went to drive through window to receive order. First I was given several drinks in a drink holder. The drinks were a large tea, a large HIC and a kid's drink. During my receiving the drinks, the holder was flimsy due to weight of drinks, and apparently the caps were not placed on correctly. Drinks spilled all over me, and my 2011 Kia seats.

What transpires next is what makes me write. There was no apology from the young man at the window, no offer for anyone to assist in cleaning up, no offer of napkins. He just stared at me. I next asked for a manager/supervisor, after informing/scolding him for not properly placing tops on drinks. He stood motionless after asking for a manager.

I pulled up to another area so I wouldn't block the drive through and proceed to get out of the car and begin to try to get up as much spilled flood of drinks as possible trying to prevent staining of my car. I noticed after about 5-10 minutes I would guess, no one had come out to check on me, and I did not receive the rest of my order.

I then went into the restaurant, asking the clerk for a store manager. She looked at me looked around and asked someone for one and proceeded to go back to her waiting/taking orders. I was astounded, and asked politely a second time. No one assisted me and/or even came my way. Finally I slammed my hands on the counter, shouting, "I would like to see a manager.” Everyone of course stopped, and finally someone came from the back.

After asking the manager at least three times to come out to the parking area so she could see the car seat. She did come out. I told her what happened and how unhappy I am with the no response/attitude I have received. She informed me there was nothing she could do and stated she was sorry.

I told her I expected more and I am going to end conversation so I could go get my car cleaned so no stains would come out. I asked for her boss's number. She asked what I wanted to resolve this. I told her for starters she can give me my food, my money back and if the car needs cleaning due to her employee's lack of training, she could expect a bill.

She stated she would have to go and make a call. She stated she would give me the food and money back but could not cover the expense of the cleaning of seat. I requested she go make the call and I would wait. It gets better, after about 15 minutes she didn't come back out. I went back in. She was standing around with about 3 other people and she had my food and a phone in her hand.

When she saw me approach her she quickly came towards me stating she was sorry for the wait. She stated she had spoken to her supervisor who told her to give me my food and money back. She asked for me to leave my number and I would get contacted by the store supervisor. She/he has yet to call. It has been a week. So much for customer service. Thanks for listening.

Disgusting and Unclean
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Rating: 1/51

LEWISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- We were in the Lewisburg McDonald's on Sunday, April 14th. It was not extremely busy because it was only 3:45 pm. Being there for a birthday party, we were waiting for the girl to set up. Once the party was set up and everyone was starting to arrive, I went into the restroom to use the change table. The change table had 1 paper liner to use and the table itself looks like it has never been wiped off with any type of chemical cleaner. I took my infant back to my husband to hold so that I could use the bathroom. I checked all 3 stalls only to find urine all over each one. I asked the girl in charge of the birthday party what to do about cleaning the restroom. She told me to go and talk to the manager.

I went to the front counter and asked to speak with the manager. The man said he would take care of it and asked if I checked the front family restroom in the play area. When I went to use that one it was occupied by children. I returned to the birthday party area while walking behind the girl I assume was asked to check the restroom. She had no gloves, no bucket, no cleaner or anything in her hands. I thought maybe she was checking to see what she needed so I sat and waited. While I was waiting I was sitting with my family at the newly set up birthday party. (Literally 5 minutes after it was set up).

We were the first in there and to sit at the tables. There was food all over the tables and finger smudges from whoever was there before. All of the birthday stuff was set up on dirty places. As I looked around and assessed the other tables I came to realize none of the tables had been wiped clean in between setting up and us arriving. I had to use several wet wipes to clean our table so that I was able to eat off of it. After about 15 minutes I asked the girl working the birthday party, who was standing right by the door if the girl was done cleaning the bathroom yet.

She said "I didn't even take notice to them being cleaned." I figured it was done, however, to my surprise when I went into the bathroom I checked every stall to find out that only the handicapped one had been wiped off, and by wiped off I mean a towel with a quick swiping. There were feces all down the front of it and urine still on every seat near the back. Nothing was cleaned at all. No chemicals used whatsoever. I was utterly appalled at the manner in which the situation was handled and felt I thoroughly needed to bathe myself in scalding water upon arriving home.

My concern is with the amount of bio hazards floating in fluids, body fluids. It was a germ fest waiting for little hands to try to use the toilet. I would have rather walked next door to the hospital to use the bathroom than use the facilities in the McDonald's. On the way out of the birthday party, we noticed a bus had arrived with more than 30 people. I imagine the bathroom wasn't cleaned before they got there, nor while they were there as time would have permitted the cleaning before the busy dinner rush.

Rude and Ignorant Customer Service via Drive Thru
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Rating: 1/51

GOOSE CREEK, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On Tuesday, October 16th, at or about 0945 am, I drove up to the local McDonald's restaurant to purchase an ice less sweet tea and what I thought was a Fruit and Walnut meal??? The cashier asked me for my order and I stated to him "a sweet tea - no ice, and the Fruit and Walnut meal." The cashier then replied "there is no Walnut and fruit and $1.08 for the tea, please drive forward." So, I stated "Yes, there is. It is on the menu (display)." The cashier then stated the total again and told me to proceed forward.

I drove forward thinking maybe the cashier didn't quite hear me. So, when I got to the drive through window, I asked the cashier again about the FW meal w/o stating something to the effect of is it fruit and walnut together (I'm thinking a small (fresh) fruit bowl with walnuts sprinkled on top). He stated something like "there is no Walnut and Fruit on the menu", with an attitude.

I, then "Yes there is and I would like to speak with a Manager. As he was sliding the drive through window in my face he called/radioed for a Manager. A few minutes later I can hear the cashier and the manager talking about the meal issue. The cashier stated something like "she just wants a discount or free oatmeal". Really, McDonald employee, a free $1.99 oatmeal???

Next, the female manager opened the sliding window and asked me "How can I help you" and "what is the problem?" So, I started to explain my side of the story. I basically stated/said "I wanted to order the Fruit and Walnut meal that is on the menu, along with a sweet tea. The manager (again) replied "there is no Fruit and Walnut meal, on the menu and that they don't serve that, just maple oatmeal." So, for the second time I stated "YES" there is a Fruit and Walnut meal. I just saw/read on the meal/menu sign, come outside and see. The manager was like "OK" and came outside and walked to the menu sign.

A few minutes later, she came back with an overlay off the menu (she took down from the sign) and told me:" see I told you there is "NO" Fruit and Walnut" meal, but a Fruit and Walnut salad. I then looked at her and the overlay menu in her hand (reading the overlay) and stated: "NO" that is not what the sign says. I don't see salad on there. She then replied that is what it is...a salad. So, I replied then you need to redo the sign or take it down because it is confusing. Mind you the picture of the Fruit and Walnut and oatmeal-menu, display, showed a picture of a bowl of oatmeal and some fruit. Not, one time did I see a picture a fruit and walnut SALAD, at 0945 in the morning.

The manager replied with I was the only person that saw the item/meal as I'm assuming breakfast, everyone else saw it as lunch and that nobody ever questioned that before. I replied "REALLY. No one ever saw the sign/picture of the Fruit and Walnut, with price/calories next to and didn't think it was breakfast?" She replied: "NOPE" with a grin on her face, like it was funny.

I was so outdone with the service/cashier/manager. I would eat mostly lunch, maybe a couple breakfasts there. But after this experience, I will not participated/eat/dine/purchase, at this McDonald's, because any time an employee, let alone a manager behave in this way was so uncalled for and tacky especially in front of her subordinates. Yes, daytime drama at the drive through.

I drove away so disgusted and by the way, according to the official McDonald's website, there is a fruit and walnut (oatmeal) dish. I didn't see the fruit and walnut SALAD, at all, on the menu. Can someone please let me know when that happens (when the fruit & walnut salad is displayed on the breakfast menu/drive through)?

Mistreating Staff and Customers by Main Manager
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Rating: 2/51

Okay, so I've been working at McDonalds for probably a little over a month so I understand for the most part how things go. Now I'm not going to use real names for confidentiality purposes. We have a lot of Canadians during the summer going on vacation. We, as window people (Or cashier inside), have to take a little extra time with them to figure out what they want. The Main Manager told me and another employee, right in front of the Canadians (who seemed to speak English just fine), that they can't understand us so she doesn't know why we are taking so much time trying to talk to them.

Well, I was given the impression that we are to treat every customer without discrimination, whether it be race, sex, mental capabilities, or nationality. And also, when I was trained I was ONLY trained for the cash register. Training lasts for four days. Then after they expected me to know everything else without it being shown to me. They do this with everyone that's new. So whenever I can, I help out new people to the best of my ability. The main manager also seems to think that we are robots or something. Doesn't realize that we are going as fast as we can to help all of our customers without rushing the customers.

Even when there's a long line I am VERY respectful to my customers and the rest don't mind the wait so long as you're nice to them. But she wants us to just forget the whole take your time with the customer to where I'm getting in trouble and, in my opinion, the customer is treated badly. Another thing is when a customer orders a drink it is customary that we, the cashier people, make their drinks and give them their cups.

Well I'll be making some guys coffee and find out that they had already done it and now I'm yelled at for wasting coffee but then I get yelled at if I don't get the coffee. So when there are two of us on cash and I'm not busy, I let the other person know if I'm getting their stuff or not, which the Main Manager doesn't think we should know if she is getting our stuff or not. She even accused me for making a customer leave at 5:30 AM. I can assure you that it wasn't my fault or anyone's for that matter.

I was taking the order of a senior citizen, as I normally would. And there was a woman behind him looking over the menu, so I was fully aware of her presence and fully intended on taking her order. The senior ordered a coffee, which I have to get. The woman left during this time. Note that I'm going as fast as I can with the coffee without burning myself. So what does the main manager do? Says I took too long and that's why the woman left. The woman was there probably no longer than two minutes. Maybe she decided she didn't want McDonald's at almost 6 in the morning.

All I know is that it wasn't because of me not paying attention to her. I don't know. Maybe I'm just venting but I hate working there. The only reason I do is to get what little money they give me to take care of my daughter. Trust me if I can find a better job I would. If there are managers reading this treat the people under you with respect otherwise they are going to quit and you will be doing the work yourselves.

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Rating: 1/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- Occurred: April 20, 2012 about 5:30 AM. I stopped by the McDonald's at 1501 Keowee St, Dayton, Ohio as I do a couple times a week for breakfast on the way to work. I ordered off the dollar menu as I normally do. Ordering a Sausage McMuffin, no egg. The lady that took the order (which as with every morning I stop in is very friendly) told me as normal my order was a dollar. I pulled to the window and paid with a ten dollar bill and was given change. I pulled to the next window and realized that I had only received $6 and some change. I just figured an honest mistake and I looked at the receipt and was charged for oatmeal (another honest mistake).

I spoke with the woman at the next window and told her the problem and she took the receipt and change and made a correction bringing me back another amount. After looking I now had $7 and some change. I told her that what I had ordered was off the dollar menu and she said she wasn't sure and checked with another person that I assume was a manager and she said no that it wasn't on the dollar menu.

I tried telling them that I had just stopped in on Thursday and purchased the same thing and was only charged one dollar. She said they must not have charged me right. Needing to get to work I decided to leave and called to speak to the manager after I got to work. I tried explaining what had happened and she tried telling me that I had not ordered what I had said I did.

I order the same thing every morning. Only changing with maybe ordering a hashbrown to go along with my order. I was overcharged and never received the correct amount back. I have contacted McDonald's Corp and below is the only response that I have received:

"Hello Jason. Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's Customer Service Center to bring your recent experience to our attention. First, I hope you will accept my sincere apology for your disappointment in McDonald's. I can assure you that we want you to be completely satisfied every time you visit one of our restaurants. Because most McDonald's restaurants are independently owned and operated, I have forwarded your comments to the franchise owner or local representative for follow up at the restaurant you visited.

Secondly, we want to recognize your complimentary comments and thank you for your kind words. Although we did not completely meet your expectations, please know that our restaurant employees strive to maintain the highest standards of quality, service and cleanliness. It's certainly nice to know that their efforts are appreciated. Again, thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's. Customer feedback is very important to us as it helps us improve. McDonald's is number one because of customers like you." Gloria - McDonald's Customer Response Center ref#:**.

Right to Refuse Service or Discrimination
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TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- The right to refuse or discrimination. I have visited your store at 18145 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, CA more than 6 days a week and many days two times a day. I eat lunch and many days I have my dinner there as well. The food is really great and the service is excellent during the evenings. I even stick around and use the WiFi after dinning. Many times I stay longer. The customer service is very good and many of the employees handle multiple tasks without controversy.

However, over the last year I have been in the store a number of times early in the day and before noon and have had an encounter with the same female employee who refuses to wait on me, and screws up my order when she does wait on me. I have a right to the same service she provides to other customers she waits on, but for some reason I do not get satisfactory service from that employee.

She has told other employees "I do not want to wait on him". One of the many observed acts of misconduct for example - I ordered a large strawberry shake and large fry. And she told me the price and it didn't sound right, so I asked her to repeat the order back to me. And she had taken it wrong, and had only charged me for a small shake. When I corrected her she became agitated and reached over the counter and began punching the cancel key on the card reader with unnecessary force and stating hysterically "OK, OK, if you want to change it we can change it".

I was shocked that she was attempting to blame me for her mistake (which I believe was a willful misconduct of an employee). I contacted a manager right then to let them know what had taken place and after she talked to me she went back behind the counter and everyone gathered around her and began to laugh openly. I was again shocked at such discrimination.

Today Tue. Dec. 27, 2011 at 10:55 AM I come in and she tells another employee she does not want to wait on me. I asked what the problem was and the other employee threw up his hands and stated "I do not know". I suggested that she does not have a right to pick and chose whom she does or does not want to wait on at McDonald's. He pointed to a sign that read "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone".

I believe there is a difference in reserving the right and discrimination. If I have done something wrong then ban me from the McDonald's. This is one person who thinks her employment gives the right to choose who they give service to in a customer service position. This issue is not being dealt with at the management level and it continues and will continue as she thinks she is not wrong in what she is doing to your customers. What if we all decided to work at our jobs in the same manner? How long would we stay in business if one rogue employee dictated who they served?

No Cheese + Outright Rudeness
By -

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- I guess this is a double complaint, I'm just fed up. I've had problems with McDonald's for years simply because I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like cheese on their burger. I have nothing against cheese as a food item. Just wish for it not to mingle with my meat :) About 4 years ago I wrote to customer service about the McDonald's near my house in Lafayette, LA for continuously putting cheese on my burgers then being rude about redoing it. 6 weeks later I got an apology in the mail with a coupon for a double cheeseburger.....I'm Lovin' It!

So, for a while I ordered the Big N' Tasty because it was their only burger without cheese, and therefore harder for them to screw up. Then of course they removed that item from the menu so that all their burgers now have cheese by default. And the madness begins again. Currently I live in Baton Rouge, LA and my roommate loves McDonald's so we go there a lot. We always go through the drive through, always check our food, and always have to stop and go in to ask them to redo my burgers (they've yet to get it right even once even though I always ensure that the screen says "No Cheese" before driving forward).

I've worked at a fast food restaurant before, and have been employed in the restaurant industry as a server for a few years now so I always try to be pleasant to McDonald's employees despite their ignorance with the cheese thing and basic customer service (like apologizing for messing up my order....something that's only happened twice in the past 8 years).

So, here's the big part of the story. A few weeks ago my roommate and I were running some early morning errands and decided to pick up some McD's breakfast before heading home. We knew we would have to go in eventually (because I also don't like cheese on my egg mcmuffin), so we just parked and ordered inside. My roommate went first and got some pancakes, then I ordered myself the egg mcmuffin value meal (sans cheese). She asked me what I would like to drink and I said "orange juice, but could you upgrade it to a medium, I always finish before I even get home".

When the price was a little higher than expected I didn't think anything of it because I knew she would charge me more for a larger drink. But then she handed me a cup. Figuring it was just a little mistake I said "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I ordered an orange juice." She then turns to me and says "No you didn't, you ordered an egg mcmuffin meal with a medium drink and an extra orange juice." My roommate, who heard the whole thing spoke up; "Actually, I heard her, she never ordered an extra juice." While I felt the woman behind the counter was being a little rude about the whole situation, I knew my roommate had a short fuse and I didn't want the situation to escalate.

From my experience in the industry, I know how voids, comps, etc. work and that it would be easier for me to just cancel my juice and keep the rest of the order as is (it's easier to split off an added item as opposed to something included in a meal). So I actually apologized to the lady for the misunderstanding and asked that she simply remove the orange juice as I wouldn't be requiring two drinks. (Once again, I wanted the OJ, but was trying to make things easy on this girl to avoid confrontation).

The girl then gives me an annoyed look, turns around and yells for her manager, she then proceeds to tell the manager (who also looks annoyed) to cancel my entire order. At that point I was honestly too shocked to say anything. They refunded me. During all of this my roommate's order had been placed on the counter. She hadn't picked it up yet and the same looked at her and asked "You ordered hot cakes?", my roommate nodded, "Well there they are!". My roommate picked up her bag, informed the girl that the attitude was not necessary and we left.

You know, I've had to deal with unreasonable customers time after time in the food service industry and I know it can be tough which is why I always apologize for misunderstandings automatically even if it's not my fault. And when the customer is understanding about things, it just makes me want to make things right for them even more.

As a customer in this situation, I did everything I could to make things easy on this girl because I didn't know if it was her first day, or if she had just had a bad morning. The drink really could have been a misunderstanding....if she was 95% deaf in both ears, but to have my entire order cancelled when I only asked to take off an additional drink, there was no excuse for that.

I am so tired of the way customer service has fallen in this day and age. Call me old fashioned but I still believe that when someone is paying for a service or product that you want them to buy from you, you should treat them with a little respect. Just the other day at work, a lady at my table felt that her burger wasn't quite med well. I apologized, my manager apologized, we cooked her a whole new burger, we comped her appetizer.

Even though it was our standard med well, we took full responsibility and did everything possible to make her happy and I thought it was justified because we wanted her to be happy with her experience and return. Then I go to effing McD's and get treated like crap for what? A lazy employee with a sorry attitude, and a perfect twin to every other employee that works there. So tired of this being the norm.

Worst Service Ever!
By -

I would have to say this was the worst visit I have ever had at a McDonalds. My mother and I arrived at about 7:50 pm on 12/18/10. There was one guest in front of us. The girl at the counter took her order and then proceeded to help fill orders for drive through (they were busy) but not once did she look at us or acknowledge we were standing there.

After waiting 15 minutes she took our order. She never apologized for the wait and never bothered to make eye contact. I understand they had a backed up drive through but at a very minimum an apologized for the 15 minute wait was in order. Annoyed already we made the order and stepped aside to wait for it to be filled. By that time there was already a line forming behind us due to the girl taking so long to take our order.

The manager was very busy filling orders and put our bag of food on the counter but said nothing to us (this was 15 minutes after the order was placed). My mother asked her if that was our order and she said "yes but I am waiting for a sandwich." Again she didn't apologize or even acknowledge the fact that we had been waiting so long.

My mom then told the girl at the counter the food was getting cold and she just turned away and took the order for the next guest. She didn't even acknowledge my mother. The order sat there for about another 10 minutes and then she added the sandwich. My mother told the manager the rest of the food was cold at that point. The manager then responded with "I am doing the best I can." Again no apology... We then asked for our money back and left.

The restaurant at that point was filled with guests and every single one of them saw this. We arrived at this McDonalds at 7:50 and left at 8:35. Is this acceptable for a to-go order? I understand when things get busy and there may be a longer wait but the guest should be made aware of this and again an apology should be given.

I felt like we were ignored and the manager could have cared less if she kept our business or not. She just took our food and put it behind the counter when we asked for our money back. To add insult to injury she gave us the incorrect change when the refund was given. Our order was Crispy chicken meal (large), 20 pieces nuggets, 2 kids' meals. Total = $ 24.00.

Because of this we will never go back to this McDonalds even though it is very close to my mother's house. I work for a very large Automotive company in the consumer affairs office. I know good customer service and I know sometimes things get rough. But when that happens the manager of all people should be the first to acknowledge a guest and apologize. We left McDonalds that night and went to Taco Bell up the street and purchased our food. We were in and out of there within 15 minutes.

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