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Disgusting and Unclean
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LEWISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- We were in the Lewisburg McDonalds on Sunday, April 14th. It was not extremely busy because it was only 3:45 pm. Being there for a birthday party, we were waiting for the girl to set up. Once the party was set up and everyone was starting to arrive, I went into the restroom to use the change table. The changetable had 1 paper liner to use and the table itself looks like it has never been wiped off with any type of chemical cleaner. I took my infant back to my husband to hold so that I could use the bathroom. I checked all 3 stalls only to find urine all over each one. I asked the girl in charge of the birthday party what to do about cleaning the restroom. She told me to go and talk to the manager.

I went to the front counter and asked to speak with the manager. The man said he would take care of it and asked if I checked the front family restroom in the play area. When I went to use that one it was occupied by children. I returned to the birthday party area while walking behind the girl I assume was asked to check the restroom. She had no gloves, no bucket, no cleaner or anything in her hands. I thought maybe she was checking to see what she needed so I sat and waited. While I was waiting I was sitting with my family at the newly set up birthday party. (Literally 5 minutes after it was set up)

We were the first in there and to sit at the tables. There was food all over the tables and finger smudges from whoever was there before. All of the birthday stuff was set up on dirty places. As I looked around and assessed the other tables I came to realize none of the tables had been wiped clean in between setting up and us arriving. I had to use several wet wipes to clean our table so that I was able to eat off of it. After about 15 minutes I asked the girl working the birthday party, who was standing right by the door if the girl was done cleaning the bathroom yet. She said I didn't even take notice to them being cleaned. I figured it was done, however, to my surprise when I went into the bathroom I checked every stall to find out that only the handicapped one had been wiped off, and by wiped off I mean a towel with a quick swiping. There was feces all down the front of it and urine still on every seat near the back. Nothing was cleaned at all. No chemicals used whatsoever. I was utterly appalled at the manner in which the situation was handled and felt I thoroughly needed to bathe myself in scalding water upon arriving home.

My concern is with the amount of bio hazards floating in fluids, body fluids, it was a germ fest waiting for little hands to try to use the toilet. I would have rather walked next door to the hospital to use the bathroom than use the facilities in the McDonalds.

On the way out of the birthday party, we noticed a bus had arrived with more than 30 people. I imagine the bathroom wasn't cleaned before they got there, nor while they were there as time would have permitted the cleaning before the busy dinner rush.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 04/15/2013:
Report it to the health department.
mcdarienct on 06/07/2013:
thy are required to check and clean if necessary every 15 minutes on 95 in Darien,Ct--that's the manager spercial
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Rude and Ignorant Customer Service via Drive Thru
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GOOSE CREEK, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On Tuesday, October 16Th, at or about 0945 am, I drove up to the local Mcdonald's restaurant to purchase an ice less sweet tea and what I thought was a Fruit and Walnut meal???. The cashier asked me for my order and I stated to him: " a sweet tea-no ice, and the Fruit and Walnut" meal". The cashier then replied: "there is no Walnut and fruit and $1.08 for the tea, please drive forward". So, I stated:" Yes, there is. It is on the menu (display)". The cashier then stated the total again and told me to proceed forward.

I drove forward thinking maybe the cashier didn't quite hear me. So, when I got to the drive through window, I asked the cashier again about the FW meal a/o stating something to the effect of is it fruit and walnut together (I'm thinking a small (fresh) fruit bowl with walnuts sprinkled on top). He stated something like: "there is no Walnut and Fruit on the menu", with an attitude. I, then : "Yes there is and I would like to speak with a Manager. As, he was sliding the drive through window in my face. He called/radioed for a Manager. A few minutes later I can hear the cashier and the manager talking about the meal issue. The cashier stated something like: "she just wants a discount or free oatmeal". Really, McDonald employee. A free $1.99 oatmeal???????.

Next, the female manager opened the sliding window and asked me:"How can I help you" and "what's is the problem"????. So, I started to explain my side of the story. I basically stated/said: "I wanted to order the Fruit and Walnut meal that is on the menu, along with a sweet tea. The manager (again) replied: "there is no Fruit and Walnut meal, on the menu and that they don't serve that, just maple oatmeal". So, for the second time I stated:"YES" there is a Fruit and Walnut meal. I just saw/read on the meal/menu sign, come outside and see. The manager was like "OK" and came outside and walked to the menu sign.

A few minutes later, she came back with an overlay off the menu (she took down from the sign)and told me:" see I told you there is "NO" Fruit and Walnut" meal, but a Fruit and Walnut salad. I then looked at her and the overlay menu in her hand (reading the overlay)and stated: "NO" that is not what the sign says. I don't see salad on there. She then replied that is what it is...a salad. So, I replied then you need to redo the sign or take it down because it is confusing. Mind you the picture of the Fruit and Walnut and oatmeal-menu, display, showed a picture of a bowl of oatmeal and some fruit. Not, one time did I see a picture a fruit and walnut SALAD, at 0945 in the morning.

The manager replied with I was the only person that saw the item/meal as I'm assuming breakfast, everyone else saw it as lunch and that nobody ever questioned that before. I replied REALLY. No one ever saw the sign/picture of the Fruit and Walnut, with price/calories next to and didn't think it was breakfast. She replied: "NOPE" with a grin on her face, like it was funny. I was so outdone with the service/cashier/manager. I would eat mostly lunch, maybe a couple breakfast's there. But after this experience, I will not participated/eat/dine/purchase, at this McDonald's, because any time an employee, let alone a manager behave in this way was so uncalled for and tacky especially in front of her subordinates. Yes, day time drama at the drive through.

I drove away so disgusted and by the way, according to the official McDonald's website, there is a fruit and walnut (oatmeal) dish. I didn't see the fruit and walnut SALAD, at all, on the menu. Can someone please let me know when that happens (when the fruit & walnut salad is displayed on the breakfast menu/drive through).

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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 10/17/2012:
Actually on the website it shows fruit and maple oatmeal, but it is not a meal. And it shows fruit and walnuts in a bowl, that is not oatmeal, also not a meal.
Cwazychicken on 10/17/2012:
Fruit & Walnuts
Go wild with wedges of crisp apples, juicy red grapes, candied walnuts and our low-fat vanilla yogurt.

There is an apple cinnamon walnut oatmeal but that is not fruit, if that's what u were wanting.
Vinnie11 on 10/17/2012:
My McD serves two types of oatmeal: "Fruit & Maple" and "Apple, Cinnamon & Walnut". They are both shown in a bowl. They also have "Fruit & Walnuts" but it is not a salad. It is literally fruit (apples and grapes) with a side of walnuts and a side of vanilla yogurt - not mixed together like the "Fruit (Strawberries and Blueberries) & Yogurt parfait".

No matter what the sign said and even if the customer was confused, they were extremely rude starting with the cashier who took her order. It was obvious she wanted two things and she didn't even attempt to figure out what it was or offer any alternatives. She just said "$1.08, drive around."

VERY poor service :-(

Report your concerns to:

They actually DO listen.
FoDaddy19 on 10/17/2012:
The manager was right, it's a salad, not a meal, and it's only available on the breakfast menu as you can see here

melissa253 on 10/17/2012:
I don't think the manager was rude. You were mistaken and when they tried to tell you over and what it was the McDonald's had to offer. You refused to listen. McDonald's does NOT have a "Fruit and Walnut Meal"
kjs on 10/17/2012:
Meal or salad, the cashier was unhelpful, and very rude. You would have thought if she worked at McDonald's for any amount of time, she could have figured out the patron wanted a fruit and walnut "whatever". The manager was also condescending. Most McDonald's restaurants are hit or miss, depending on the manager or owner.Sounds like this establishment is a miss.
BigAl on 10/17/2012:
I believe the problem here is the word "meal" In Mcdonalds terminology a "meal" comes with other things such as a drink or side. For what it's worth I do not want to be waiting behind this OP in the drive-through while she is argueing her case. I saw no rudeness here other than the OP not believing she was the only confused customer.
madconsumer on 10/17/2012:
there is no excuse for the poster to be lectured about the menu.

I agree, this shows an extreme lack of customer service. instead of the person arguing about the menu, they could have simply stated what they do have. no need t o be rude to any paying customer!

very helpful review, and voted as such!
CowboyFan on 10/17/2012:
I would like to hear the other side. From the tone of the complaint, it seems like the situation escalated when the OP demanded to see the manager over something as small as an fruit and walnut meal. Instead of asking "what exactly do you have with fruit and walnuts in it, it turned into the OP demanded that what she said was what the menu board said.
trmn8r on 10/20/2012:
It sounds like the menu doesn't say "meal" or "salad", but just "fruit and walnuts". This is consistent with the website, where this item is indeed found on the breakfast menu.

I note that the OP states that after she left she still believed Fruit and Walnut Oatmeal is on the official McDonalds website, but that is *not* the case. This may explain why she and the manager could not reach an agreement.

"according to the official McDonald's website, there is a fruit and walnut (oatmeal) dish" - there are two kinds of oatmeal, but not fruit and walnut.
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Mistreating Staff and Customers by Main Manager
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
Okay, so I've been working at McDonalds for probably a little over a month so I understand for the most part how things go. Now I'm not going to use real names for confidentiality purposes.

We have a lot of Canadians during the summer going on vacation. We, as window people (Or cashier inside), have to take a little extra time with them to figure out what they want. The Main Manager told me and another employee, right in front of the Canadians (who seemed to speak English just fine), that they can't understand us so she doesn't know why we are taking so much time trying to talk to them. Well, I was given the impression that we are to treat every customer without discrimination, whether it be race, sex, mental capabilities, or nationality. And also, when I was trained I was ONLY trained for the cash register. Training lasts for four days. Then after they expected me to know everything else without it being shown to me. They do this with everyone that's new. So whenever I can, I help out new people to the best of my ability. The main manager also seems to think that we are robots or something. Doesn't realize that we are going as fast as we can to help all of our customers without rushing the customers. Even when there's a long line I am VERY respectful to my customers and the rest don't mind the wait so long as your nice to them. But she wants us to just forget the whole take your time with the customer to where I'm getting in trouble and, in my opinion, the customer is treated badly. Another thing is when a customer orders a drink it is customary that we, the cashier people, make their drinks and give them their cups. Well I'll be making some guys coffee and find out that they had already done it and now I'm yelled at for wasting coffee but then I get yelled at if I don't get the coffee. So when there are two of us on cash and I'm not busy, I let the other person know if I'm getting their stuff or not, which the Main Manager doesn't think we should know if she is getting our stuff or not. She even accused me for making a customer leave at 5:30 AM. I can assure you that it wasn't my fault or anyone's for that matter.

I was taking the order of a senior citizen, as I normally would. And there was a woman behind him looking over the menu, so I was fully aware of her presence and fully intended on taking her order. The senior ordered a coffee, which I have to get. The woman left during this time. Note that I'm going as fast as I can with the coffee without burning myself. So what does the main manager do? Says I took too long and that's why the woman left. The woman was there probably no longer than two minutes. Maybe she decided she didn't want McDonald's at almost 6 in the morning. All I know is that it wasn't because of me not paying attention to her. I don't know. Maybe I'm just venting but I hate working there. The only reason I do is to get what little money they give me to take care of my daughter. Trust me if I can find a better job I would. If there are managers reading this treat the people under you with respect otherwise they are going to quit and you will be doing the work yourselves.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 07/21/2012:
You sound like a great employee and they should be thankful to have someone like you working for them.
Mr. Reply Guy on 07/22/2012:
I agree with the commetn above. You soud like you have a clue and actually understand what customer service is all about. I hope you keep your positive attitude about good service and are able to find a better job working with people that appreciate your great service!
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Right to refuse service or discrimination
Posted by on
TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- The right to refuse of discrimination

I have visited your store at 18145 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA more than 6 days a week and many days two times a day. I eat lunch and many days I have my dinner there as well. The food is really great and the service is excellent during the evenings. I even stick around and use the “Wi Fi” after dinning. Many times I stay longer. The customer Service is very good and many of the employees handle multiple tasks without controversy; however, Over the last year I have been in the store a number of times early in the day and before noon and have had an encounter with the same female employee who refuses to wait on me, and screws up my order when she does wait on me. I have a right to the same service she provides to other customers she waits on, but for some reason I do not get satisfactory service from that employee.

She has told other employees “I do not want to wait on him” one of the many observed acts of misconduct for example “I ordered a large strawberry shake and large fry” and she told me the price and it didn’t sound right, so I asked her to repeat the order back to me and she had taken it wrong, and had only charged me for a small shake. When I corrected her she became agitated and reached over the counter and began punching the cancel key on the card reader with unnecessary force and stating hysterically “OK, OK, if you want to change it we can change it”. I was shocked that she was attempting to blame me for her mistake (which I believe was a willful misconduct of an employee). I contacted a manager right then to let them know what had taken place and after she talked to me she went back behind the counter and everyone gathered around her and began to laugh openly. I was again shocked at such discrimination.

Today Tue Dec 27 2011 at 10:55 AM I come in and she tells another employee she does not want to wait on me. I asked what the problem was and the other employee threw up his hands and stated I do not know. I suggested that she does not have a right to pick and chose whom she does or does not want to wait on at McDonalds. He pointed to a sign that read “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” I believe there is a difference in reserving the right and discrimination. If I have done something wrong then ban me from the McDonalds. This is one person who thinks her employment gives the right to choose who they give service too in a customer service position.

This issue is not being dealt with at the management level and it continues and will continue as she thinks she is not wrong in what she is doing to your customers. What if we all decided to work at our jobs in the same manner? How long would we stay in business if one rouge employee dictated who they served?
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User Replies:
Starlord on 12/27/2011:
I am sorry, but a business has an absolute right to refuse service to anyone for any reason or even no reason. Some people just have a natural aversion to another person, and usually, neither can say exactly why. For some reason you make this server uncomfortable, and therefore she DOES have the right not to serve you. Demanding that she wait on you only exacerbates the problem. You have given no evidence that there is any discrimination, so that is off the table. I would give anything to hear her side of the story. You state that she thinks she is right. Isn't that what you think, too? And don't try to say, "Well, I know I'm right." She knows she is right, from her frame of reference. Just avoid her. Solved.
Molly76 on 12/27/2011:
This sounds like a younger person and for some reason you fluster her, so she absent mindedly makes mistakes. It has happened to me when I was new in the workforce. I would get very flustered because I was really trying my best. But, I did stay with that company for years so it all worked out.
FoDaddy19 on 12/28/2011:
You didn't mention what exactly the discrimination was. But yes business do have the right to refuse service to anyone or any reason. Back when I worked in retail, I refused service to a customer on one occasion. I won't get into the gory details, but my boss backed me up on matter. There are two sides to every story, and there is some crucial information that's missing in the side we are being presented with here.
Anonymous on 12/28/2011:
The business/management has the right to refuse service as stated on the sign, but the sign itself does not mean that McDonalds has given each employee the right to pick and chose which customer they refuse to serve. It is a management decision and I am sure that before any manager refuses service to anyone that they have read and understand the guidelines established by McDonalds or the independent owner. I hope the person posting this complaint has contacted McDonalds corporate and reported the incident. or call 1-800-244-6227
McWeesh on 12/28/2011:
As a GM in the food and beverage industry, I have been in several situations where a server is not comfortable (for whatever reason) waiting on a customer. If the employee has a legitimate reason for feeling uncomfortable with the customer (previous issues, harassment by the customer, etc.) we legally have to abide by the servers feelings or we are creating a hostile work environment. If there is not a ligitamte reason, then it could fall under refusal to perform work duties. It is entirely at the manager's discretion. No customer has the right to demand a specific employee waits on them, just that they get waited on unless their actions dictate otherwise.
CowboyFan on 12/28/2011:
I find the attitude I take into a situation affects how other people treat me. At this point, you are irritated at her, and vice versa. It is not going to get better. As others have said, the best thing is to just drop it and have someone else wait on you. Life is too short to worry about whether I have conflict with an employee at McDonalds.

A definition of "discrimination" is "the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categoriclly rather than individually." The term thus refers to where the alleged improper act occurs because you are a member of a category, e.g. race, sex. There is no discrimination here because the employee just doesn't like you individually, not because of some category you are in.

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29 Minute Wait For Food
Posted by on
ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- Here is the email that I wrote to (as that is the email address at the McDonald's that says to email if there are any questions or concerns).

To whom it may concern,

On the morning of Saturday, October 29th, 2011 I went to McDonald's (the newly renovated store #842 on Old York Road in Abington, PA) to get my wife and I some breakfast. I decided to go inside, since I wasn't 100% positive what I wanted yet. When I went inside, I looked at the menu and decided what I wanted. The cashier assisted me and took my order. I got my receipt at 9:31 AM (that is the time stamp on the receipt as well). My order was a small coffee, 1 big breakfast with hot cakes, 2 bacon egg and cheese Mcgriddles, and 1 order of hash browns.

There were approx. 4 orders ahead of me (on the inside orders). They seemed be getting a little restless, but slowly and surely, some of them were getting their food. I noticed that the screen that shows the orders were approaching the 600 second mark, and at times, exceeding it. I understand that it's a Saturday morning, so it may take a little longer than normal. More people were coming in and placing orders inside. The people who were helped before me eventually all had their food and I anticipated my food to be one of the next ones to be served. Several minutes went by and I still didn't have my food, while people after me (checking the screen that we all could see, some of those people had the same food items that I had ordered, but not my order).

At about 9:55, one of the employees asked me what I ordered. I showed him the receipt and he said that they would work on it. For some reason, my order was no longer on the screen, so I'm thinking that they removed it without filling it. I'm not sure why they would do this, though. Finally, at 10:00 AM, I received my order. I requested my receipt back, but they lost it on the ground, so a new one was printed. I was not given an apology of any sort for having to wait so long. When I did get home, the coffee that was order was cold. I believe that there should be hash browns included in the big breakfast, but it was not included.

Normally, I have no problem waiting for food when things get busy at a restaurant or a fast food place, but waiting 29 minutes for an order is ridiculous at a fast food place. I could have gone to a sit down breakfast place and received my food in 29 minutes. I went to McDonald's because I wanted breakfast that I could bring home somewhat quickly, but having to wait 29 minutes for my food isn't quick by a fast food standard, and not even for a breakfast restaurant standard.

I did see the email address posted behind the registers asking to email with any comments or concerns, so that is why I am emailing this to you so that something can be done to help with the problem.

Thank you for your time and look forward to your response,

-My Name
Resolution Update 10/31/2011:
Here is the second email I got from Tanya Holliday (the first one was just from the TanwayEnterprises), who I think is the owner.
Message body Dear Mr. My Name,

We offer no excuses, just a boat load of apologies as we will continue to smooth out the lumps and bumps since reopening. Again, we apology. Please understand that clearly this is not our intentions.

We value each and every customers! Therefore, please allow us to " right the wrong". We would like to provide you, your exact same meal FREE .... at your convenience.

Please provide an address so that we can mail you "Be Our Guest" cards or you can let me know when you will be back so that we can grant you a better experience, again with your total meal replaced!

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. It is very helpful as we continue to train our new staff. And, again, please accept our apology.


Tanya Holliday

Sent from Tanya's iPad . . . Thank You & Make It A Great Day!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/29/2011:
Hopefully they get in contacts with you and try to make things right. 29 minutes is ridiculous for fast food.
SteveWiginowski on 10/29/2011:
I emailed the email address that was shown at the store and I sent in what happened to the McDonald's main website too. I'll keep you updated.
Anonymous on 10/29/2011:
They should send you some coupons or something
Anonymous on 10/29/2011:
They should pay you lots of money (maybe lots of coupons) for you having to wait 29 minutes.
Anonymous on 10/29/2011:
29 minutes is a long time to wait....I few weeks ago I went and got a sausage mcmuffin ( minus the cheese) and they put onions on it....I wrote the company and they sent one coupon for a free breakfast value meal....
Anonymous on 10/29/2011:
A 29 minute wait for food is a legitimate complaint
Anonymous on 10/29/2011:
Dang 29 minutes I'd be pissed also. I'd hope they would compensate me in some way for such a long wait. five even ten minutes is fine but 29 is way to long for fast food.
SteveWiginowski on 10/29/2011:
Hawking, 29 minutes for fast food is not right. I'm not asking for free food. I'm looking for the company to be aware and to at the very least, apologize to me for waiting. If everyone had to wait the same amount of time, it wouldn't be nearly as bad, because then the place is just being really slow to everyone. If it took 15 minutes, I wouldn't have written a complaint, since many people inside were waiting 10-15 minutes.

Waiting 29 minutes though, they just forgot about me. I was standing up in the front by where they were giving food to customers who already ordered, so it's not like I was in the back, not being seen. I could have gone to some breakfast restaurants and received my food in 29 minutes. At a fast food establishment, that is not acceptable.
Venice09 on 10/29/2011:
jktshff1 on 10/30/2011:
Good post Steve and good replies as well.
Anonymous on 10/30/2011:
Mistakes happen. If it was intentional, then that is another matter altogether. But if the order was accidentally bumped off the screen during their rush, then I don't see it as being something that requires compensation or apologies from a corporate level.

I worked in fast food as a youngster, and this happened from time to time. They saw you standing there and asked if you had been helped, then corrected the mistake. You presented them with the problem, allowed them the chance to fix the mistake, and they did. In my eyes, that is good customer service. Accidents happen, but as long as it wasn't intentional or done with any malice, then I'd move on. It isn't a perfect world, and too often we expect it to assumption I've been guilty a time or two myself.
bargod on 10/30/2011:
I hear the Mcrib is back...I was wondering what they were going to do with Gadhafi's body.
SteveWiginowski on 10/30/2011:
J4A, accidents do happen, I agree. At the very least, an apology should be given to me from the people working there, but that wasn't even given.

It wasn't like I was standing in the background and couldn't be seen, every time they gave another person their food, they saw me. I couldn't really get a word in to ask them what was going on with my food.

I don't expect a perfect world, but I do feel that this is an issue (especially since other orders were taking over 10 minutes to fill) that should be known to the owner and potentially the corporate office in hopes that they can work on correcting the issue.
SteveWiginowski on 10/31/2011:
Here is the email that I got back from Tanway Enterprises.

Dear My Name,

Thank you for your feedback. Please know that we value all of our customers and their feedback. We are working hard at our re-opened Abington McDonald's, with new employees and new equipment.

Please be patient with us, as we try to "get it right." Thank you for your continued support and your feedback for our Abington McDonald's!

From the Office of:

Tanway Enterprises, LP dba McDonald's
Alain on 10/31/2011:
Look's like the message will at least get to the Abington McDonalds.
SteveWiginowski on 10/31/2011:
I hope so, at least. I will probably go back at some point, but not for a few months, which is hopefully enough time to adjust to the new equipment and employees.
SteveWiginowski on 10/31/2011:
Update: Second email received from owner. Issue resolved.
MRM on 10/31/2011:
Hip Hip Hooray!
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The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back
Posted by on
MIDWESET CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I'm letting my angry inner child type this one out because I'm mad as hell and I want this to be largely extemporaneous and unedited. Ya know I'm usually the sensible one on my3cents but this time I'm playing the rage card. I think I've earned that privilege.

I wake up this morning feeling good and with an appetite for the first time in a long time. I got a little pep in my step and a hunger in my belly and McDonald's on my mind. I order my breakfast burrito and *rolls eyes* *finger quotes* UNSWEET *finger quotes* iced tea, pays my $2.16 and drive off. Sounds like a happy ending, right. Oh HELL NO. Not by a long shot. I reach in the sack for my straw so I can sip some iced tea and you ain't going to believe this but Jar Jar Binks forgot to give me a straw. Yeah. No straw. What the bloody hell?

The drive-through line is too long for my time so I had to spin right back around out of my truck into the store for a damn straw before I could be on my UNHAPPY way. I ask you who forgets the straw, man? How hard is it to put a freaking straw in a sack. You serve a drink you give a straw. It's that way every time. This ain't no decision tree requiring judgment or thought. DRINK – STRAW. DRINK-STRAW. DRINK-STRAW. DRINK-STRAW. There's absolutely no excuse for forgetting the STRAW. GEEZE GEEZE GEEZE GEEZE. If I wanted to get out of my truck for some abuse I'd gone to the Waffle House.

They SCREWED with the WRONG guy this time. I'm never going to McDonalds again. NEVER EVER ANYWHERE. McDonalds in Texas? – NO! In the Kansas? - NO! On a turnpike or in a Walmart or at a mall food court? – NO! NO! NO!!! I AM DONE with McDonalds and I might add for morally superior reasoning.

Bottom line. You just don't treat people like that so early in the morning. It's just that simple.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/14/2011:
Good one Churro....

Anonymous on 07/14/2011:
Great review Churro (not charro)
Anonymous on 07/14/2011:
Unbelievable! I hope you took the time to address this with the manager and sent this to McD's corp.

They didn't try to charge you extra for the straw did they?
Anna Molly on 07/14/2011:
Wow. I'm not the only one who drinks iced tea at breakfast.
Churro on 07/14/2011:
JC, No charge for the straw. I'm carefully contiplating my next move. I'm not saying I have a legal case here but I'm not shutting that door either.

Anna Molly, Iced tea for breakfast is awesome in the summer. The tea I had this morning was PERFECT. Really, really hit the spot as well as did the breakfast burrito. Whoever rolled it did a spectacular job with an even distribution of egg, sausage and McBurrito McFixens. It's a shame I'll never get to enjoy another one.
jktshff1 on 07/14/2011:
Got up feeling well, but on the wrong side of the bed huh? :)
Anonymous on 07/14/2011:
I would go to the nearest ATM, the ones in Oklahoma that refuse to bend to the will of The Man by not charging withdrawal fees, and March your McUnhappy #ss over to the nearest Burger King and spend your money on the ham-egg-cheese croissant...the only good thing that franchise offers. They used to serve a mighty mean Whopper. But lately their standards have reduced it to The Whimper. Good review!
madconsumer on 07/14/2011:
I found this review very helpful!

well done Churro (not charro)
Anonymous on 07/14/2011:
The outer adult oughta be kicking that inner child's {snip} for not checking the bag at the window. Haven't you taught it anything?
DV8 on 07/14/2011:
I agree with the last comment. You can't trust the employees to have your back.
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Why Has Mcdonalds Regular Coffee All Of A Sudden Gone Weak?
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User Replies:
Starlord on 02/16/2011:
Why are you shouting? As we age our senses change and things begin tasting differently to us. I am 64, and have always hated oatmeal since being forced to eat it as a kid, but lately, I have begun to enjoy a hot bowl thre or four days a week. The only coffee I have ever drunk from Mickey Dee's was their iced coffee, and that was only because my son like to get stuff from there. I refused to go to McD for over 20 years, but recently got turned on by the Angus Bacon and Cheese burger, yummy!
Anonymous on 02/16/2011:
Good point Star. I have developed a taste for something recently that I never cared for before, and now can't get enough of it.
trmn8r on 02/16/2011:
ok4now on 02/17/2011:
A true coffee connoisseur wouldn't get caught dead in McDonald's. If their coffee is now weak and not to your liking I have a suggestion, make your own. Being unable to find a decent cup of coffee I now brew my own at home. It's much cheaper making the expensive exotic blends affordable. Consider this: StarBucks makes a 400% profit on a single cup of coffee. Do the math and it's no wonder that they can afford to keep opening more stores. P.S. STOP SHOUTING....WE CAN HEAR YOU.
Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
I've been making my own coffee for about 35 years now. We started when a friend of ours at the beach, where we lived, opened up a store selling coffee beans--yes, he was ahead of his time!

I had a cappucino at McDonalds here in Singapore one day when I was desperate. It was probably the best bought cup of coffee I've had. I was very surprised. Maybe the use a different blend here or maybe they aren't making it quite right at your McD's. Try another one and see.

This person is in their mid-60's. If they want to use caps because they can read their writing easier, then so be it. I really don't know why it bothers everyone so much. I don't hear any yelling--it's absolutely silent on my end.
Starlord on 02/17/2011:
Sing, in the cyber world, typing in all caps is considered shouting, and is generally considered to be rude. People have the option of adjusting the size of the fonts onscreen, and the idea is for the other people to be able to see what you are writing, because you already know what it says. On top of that, all caps really is harder to read than conventional type, and has been proved in tests. when confronted by a page of all caps, I tend to go cross-eyed. Have a great night and a better tomorrow.
Venice09 on 02/17/2011:
My tastes have definitely changed, but not overnight. The OP noticed a change in the coffee from one day to the next. I think it's safe to say that the coffee changed and not the OP's taste buds.

If the OP is right about the coffee being watered down then shame on McDonalds!
Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
OP, have you started any new medications recently? Some can certainly affect your tastebuds.

Like Venice pointed out, though, if McD's did water it down, shame on them.
Mrs.Cole on 02/17/2011:
Could it be they ran out of their normal coffee and have to substitute for a few days? Hopefully, their regular coffee is on the way.
PepperElf on 02/17/2011:
I never thought of coffee as a ALL CAPS kind of issue

although personally I've felt most fast food coffee is too weak for me. except bk cos I like seattle's best.

got to have mine brewed strong.
madconsumer on 02/17/2011:
rather all CAPS or not, this is a valid complaint.

I wonder if they changed coffee vendors?

very helpful, good review!!
Starlord on 02/17/2011:
I use a French press. No U-totem tea for me. Like the German lady in Bagdad Cafe said all through the movie, "That's not coffee, that's brown water."
Anonymous on 03/21/2011:
Hi I can assure you that McDonalds has not changed there coffee. They still use Newmans Best. I find the coffee fantastic and it's only a buck. Beats Dunkins in both taste and value
RP on 08/10/2011:
You know, I noticed the watered down coffee also. At first I thought it was just me, then I asked someone else, and they noticed it also. Yes, they are watering down their coffee at McDonald's, maybe not every one of the McDonald's, but the one at 550 Gray Hwy. in Macon, Georgia. How about that? It's easy to tell when the taste of something changes...especially for the worst. Shame on McDonald's for deceiving loyal customers!
CoffeeAddict on 04/26/2012:
Yes, McDonalds has certainly WATERED down their coffee. I've been drinking McDonalds coffee for over 20 years and the last three times I've ordered coffee - it has been tasting watered down. It's a shame as I could always count on the quality of their coffee and can't do that now. So we now get a large coffee for a buck, but it tastes like water :( I live in the Minneapolis area and after reading some of these comments, I believe McDonalds made a nationwide change in all their franchises. McDONALDS, BRING BACK THE GOOD COFFEE!
wayne short on 04/29/2012:
I want to add that I also know coffee drinkers are not stupid. Every McDonalds in the Kingsport Tn. area has a new habit of making fresh coffee and then pouring the hours old coffee into the new pot. They will also pour the old coffee in your cup and add 10% new and say it's fresh. Bite me Mikey D we ain't stuuuppid.
Tom Ellis on 02/05/2013:
McDonalds changed their coffee in Kentucky mid-October 2012. For years I got breakfast there primarily for their coffee. Overnight it went from the best coffee to some of the worst. I took my first cup back thinking it was tea and just a mistake. Refill was the same. Next day, same coffee. I inquired and the attendant said it was a new, bag was different. I sent comment to McDonalds web site, got a call from local McDonalds, but no admission of any change. Went to Tennessee in November 2012, tried their McDonalds coffee, and it was same as new coffee in Kentucky. I do not buy coffee at McDonalds anymore. I miss their coffee that was sold prior to October 2012.
Dissappointed on 03/13/2013:
Who cares about caps and shouting - the point is that the coffee is noticeably weaker. I share your dissappointment.
Alanna on 05/26/2013:
They have changed it and its horrible now ! It used to be my coffee of choice for the cost of course but now I'll pay the extra buck at Gloria's instead.
gina on 06/15/2013:
That's why I'm here. I noticed MacDonald's watery brew for iced coffee and I did ask the young manager who blew it off totally! She said they make it the same the night before! Yeah right.then like I was stupid she blamed the ice!!! I will not be expecting any difference from other sites but I will open my mouth and give it back to fix. Its kids working there who don't care too.
Joe Harkins on 08/03/2013:
The McDonalds coffee was great for 1-2 years when they switched to European style blend and charged $1.50 - $2.00 for a large cup. It was the best coffee! Now they charge $1.00 and it is weak and nasty tasting!
Look likes I will be going back to Starbucks!
tessa ash on 09/26/2013:
My co-worker and I have always stopped at McDonalds for coffee and in the last few months its terrible! Weak, and watery tasting. Both the iced and the hot coffee. We tried different Mickey Dee's with the same result. Too bad.
Gail Owens on 10/17/2013:
I was at McDonalds yesterday after my Dr. apt and got a cup of coffee. The first sip I took I couldn't believe it only tasted like cream and splenda. I asked my husband if he liked his, and he said no. I took it to the counter and told the guy it was real weak. He said it was a new pot and he just made it. Gave me a new cup, just as bad. Threw the coffee out and fill my cup with diet Coke. Today I was at the same McDonalds and the coffee was the same. I will not be wasting my money on there coffee anymore. Always thought there coffee was the best.
RF on 12/31/2013:
Jerry is right, their coffee sucks lately and it's not just our immagination. It's so watered down that where I used to use 2 creamers now it bearly takes 1 and there is no coffee taste. Just light brown water!
dawn on 03/12/2014:
Just decided to google 'what has happened to McD's coffee' and found all these interesting comments :)) About 7 yrs ago a friend bought their coffee (drive-through) and it SMELLED SO GOOD and tasted good, also, I found out. However, more recently I tried it and was so disappointed, wondering what was the change? THANKS to all you who posted your impressions
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One In A Million
Posted by on
I am a current employee of the McDonald's corporation and currently work as a "Swing Manager" at a local McDonald's in upstate NY. (A Swing Manager is just a shift manager) I'm sure upon entering this it will just become one in a million, seeing as McDonald's is the second most "commented" corporation on this site, which does not surprise me. Let's be honest and get two facts straight first.

Number 1: McDonald's is franchised

What does that mean? There are owners within the corporation who control on a few stores and then report to supervisors, who reports to area reps, who report to the corporate aspect of McDonald's.

Now some of you out there, may be doubting my all knowing McDonald's factoids, but I dare you to go to a local McDonald's and ask for the store manager who can give you the number of the store supervisor, and upon speaking with an actual supervisor, ask for the number of their area rep)

Sure it's a long line of lanky-s and who-dads, but did you honestly think it operated so simply? okay, moving on..

Number 2: "It's all in the fine print"

What I mean by Number 2, "It's All In the Fine Print", is that upon quickly glancing through several "complaints" these are easy fixes, at the end of all the commercials, it says, "at participating locations only" or "while supplies last" or "individual locations may vary"

Also, McDonald's does not serve breakfast all day/ nite, plain and simple, they just don't, it would be a pain in the u- know- what, to cook breakfast meats and make eggs, and make lunch meats-- it's not a complimentary system when combining breakfast and lunch.

As I explained before, the whole McDonald's franchised- thing. Very few, "crew members" ( ie basic employee) know exact McDonald's "going's ons" like where "they" are building a new McDonald's or where happy meal toys are made.
**This type of information is not shared with "crew members" unless it is happening specifically in their franchise or if there is a national promotion ex. McRib, or a special event, like Monopoly.

Obviously, I haven't worked at McDonald's my entire life, but before I worked at McDonald's I was a customer of McDonald's.
I have to say though, some of these complaints are legitimate, ex. finding inanimate objects in food, or bugs in drinks, things like that are clearly sanitation issues at those specific locations, and I can ensure "you" (whoever reads this) that not all McDonald's are operated that poorly. Honestly, if I'd had an experience equal to that, I would never want to look at another McDonald's ever. Other complaints, such as, getting a cheeseburger with pickle when asking for no pickle, again, sadly, you just received a daft order taker, sorry. I'll explain..

When you walk up to the front register there is a person pushing buttons on a computer screen that is connected to a computer screen in the back the "grill area" where the food is made, that tells that food makers what to make, and to put or what not to put on the sandwiches.
The same thing happens when you pull up to the speaker in the drive-through, it is distinctly TWO different people that take the order and make the order. and without going back to complain about how your food was made, that specific McDonald's may never change training processes or fire that rude person that ignored you when you asked for, "no tomato".

P. S--> If you're so curious ask to speak with the store manager and set up a date to get a store wide tour, and ask sanitation ( ie cleanliness) questions and ask why they don't serve breakfast all day, or what the register looks like from an employee's position.

Please, if you have any more questions comment this post, with your e-mail address and I will answer, to the best of my knowledge, any and all questions you have.

P. P.S--> For more information check out, if you have a receipt and recently received an incorrect order please let that location know, so they can correct the situation.

Love and Gagas fellow blabbers,


(Disclaimer: This was meant to be a helpful and informational post, please keep it informative)
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 11/19/2010:
Sorry, but your definition of franchise is wrong. While there may be corporate employees that do have franchises, "More than 70 percent of McDonald's restaurants around the world are owned and operated by independent local businesspeople."
Ytropious on 11/19/2010:
Good info, thanks!
Anonymous on 11/19/2010:
He's mostly right jkt. It isn't like Subway who will sell a franchise to whomever has the bucks. They sell their stores to people within McD - former area supervisors etc... become Owner/Operators. It is EXTREMELY difficult to get one.
Anonymous on 11/19/2010:
That is interesting incrediblelee, I always thought if someone had enough money and/or credit they could buy whatever they wanted, regardless of who they were.
Anonymous on 11/19/2010:
Nope - you have to be a member of some special Burger Brotherhood or something I
Anonymous on 11/19/2010:
Oh you! *smile*
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Terrible Service, Disgusting Product, Repulsive Atmosphere
Posted by on
EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA -- I rarely go to McDonald's, and my last outing to the location at 8415 109 Edmonton reminded me why.

When I arrived, there was a slight lineup, and I assumed my position at the back. It moved forward slowly, and when I was finally next in line, a McDonald's employee came from behind the counter and wordlessly stepped in front of me to place an order. I was exhausted and hungry, so I gritted my teeth and let her get her food, although any halfway respectable fast food outlet would have her wait until her break wouldn't disrupt customers.

It was finally my turn to order (after about 10 minutes since arriving), and I purchased a six-piece nugget meal with a sundae on the side. The teller fumbled with the register and we eventually exchanged money and change after she corrected her mistakes for 5 minutes.

She then proceeded to pour my drink, at which point I noticed that a bottle of disinfectant and a dirty rag were sitting immediately beside the ice container. This was slightly off-putting, and should not be left in clear view of the customer.

While she was pouring my drink, another staff member approached her and whispered something to her, to which she distinctly replied "that's gross". I didn't even want to speculate as to what they were referring to. Again, I was just tired and needed sustenance.

I received my food, which was technically the correct order, but completely inedible. The coke was overflowing, spilling on some of my fries, and it didn't taste at all like coke--more like tonic water and some vague, faint chemical. I took one sip before giving up on it and setting it aside to toss out.

The nuggets and fries were both lukewarm and tasted as if they had been sitting around for a while. I forced myself to eat half of both before giving up and tossing them out as well. And I was VERY hungry. The sundae was okay, at least.

I went to The Dump my uneaten meal out, and couldn't find the garbage anywhere. After checking the usual spots, I noticed that it was, for some reason, located directly in the way of stairs that lead to further seating. I threw my food out in disgust. By the way, there was another disinfectant and rag combo lying on one of the tables.

Since one of the rude and indifferent employees there was clearly a manager, I looked for a complaint form, to no avail. I went home and looked online for a way to contact McDonald's. This only turned up phone numbers for their branches in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and a mailing address. I assumed that head office would want to protect their reputation and punish irresponsible branches, but apparently it doesn't matter to them at all. So I went here. If the company doesn't care, hopefully someone in Edmonton will read this and I can do the least bit to spread the word about the quality of that branch.

I know that the service industry sucks and that those people make minimum wage and are yelled at by morons, but they are put in a position of trust when they handle people's food. I'm surprised that I didn't get food poisoning, and I don't think that anyone who works there should even be cooking for themselves. Their commitment to sanitation is extremely suspect, and their contempt toward their customers is obvious.

Their service was horrible, their food was repulsive, and there were garbage cans and chemicals lying around randomly. I won't be coming back.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/28/2009:
Sounds like a real bad trip, but thankfully you missed out on what the employee found to be gross.
annoyed_customer on 04/28/2009:

Yeah, ignorance is bliss.
bargod on 04/28/2009:
Finally, someone who has a bad experience at one branch but doesn't give up on the whole company only that one branch. I do the same thing I don't don't write off the company I just don't go to that particuler location again.
Anonymous on 04/28/2009:
Well written with a touch of humor!

Too bad you didn't take the time to talk to the manager on duty, I would have liked to have read how they responded to your complaint.
Anonymous on 04/28/2009:
I looked for where the employees were 'rude'. 'Incompetent', yep. 'Rude' gets tossed into so many complaints that it's become meaningless. It's like many people believe 'incompetent' and 'dirty' isn't convincing and they must toss in 'rude'.
sarahnkrystal on 04/28/2009:
They were probably talking about how someone smeared poop on the bathroom walls.
annoyed_customer on 04/29/2009:

Exactly. I can completely sympathize with franchise owners who lose business as a result of the incompetence of other managers. Glad to see that someone else feels the same way.


Thanks. Glad I could at least get a laugh out of it. Although I felt a bit ripped off and grossed out, I can appreciate the social commentary that these experiences offer. It will keep me eating healthy in the future.

Re:Ghost of Doc J

I consider it "rude" that an employee cut in front of me and ordered while I was in line, and that all of the other employees thought that this was acceptable. I'd consider it rude if a non-employee did it as well.

I agree that the term gets thrown around too much. I think that it's ridiculous and downright abusive that clerks are expected to project phony happiness constantly, and am fine with relatively indifferent or uninterested but still competent service. In this case, I think that it's fair to characterize my service as "rude" and am kind of annoyed that people who abuse the term make my claim just seem like noise.
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Try Something Different
Posted by on
I have worked for three different McDonald's in the course of nine years. I have so much I could say it could quickly turn into a book, but I will try to keep this simpler. I am one of those employee's that the other employee's give a bad name to. I always do my very best to ensure orders are correct and I am a perfectionist and will not serve anything I do not find acceptable. I have even argued with managers about this. Over time though this has become harder and harder for me to achieve and I am anxiously awaiting the end of summer because I am leaving. It saddens me to think of how much pride I do take in my work and all the factors that are attributing to my leaving. One reason is I can not stand working with the people that don't care, including managers. The other is that people as a whole are not the easiest to deal with and I can't stand it anymore. I have read a lot of these complaints and though I can agree with a lot of them, some are just insane.

I have also noticed that on the off chance of someone saying something nice no one comments, but you put up one bad thing and everyone has something to say. Obviously those people have never worked with the public. We like to joke at work that it should be required that everyone works one year in fast food, so then maybe they would have some compassion for those who do. I can not tell you how many times people order things wrong or are just plain rude. My favorite, when people are on their cell phones in drive through, then act like we are interrupting them by taking their order. And don't bother trying to be polite and say thank you to them because they will just grab their stuff and leave. I once commented to an older gentleman that it was so nice taking his order that was filled with please and thank yous. He asked if most people didn't and I said no, they typically talk to you like your an idiot. His response was that if he didn't talk like that his mother would have slapped him. I have a nine year old son and we are always reminding him to say please and thank you when ordering out (which we do often.) Maybe some of you that read this can remember to do that next time, it will get you much farther. Anyhow, it is sad how people talk to you when you work at McDonald's and I'm sure many other places.

I am not any less of a person than you because of where I work, it just so happens to fit my life style and my hours so that I can be home at night and on weekends with my son. My biggest complaint right now would have to be what happened to me today. I was working in drive through and had a customer that asked to pay for the order two cars behind her. I told her that I would have to wait until she pulled to the next window because I can only take two orders at a time because of the space between our speaker and window. She said that was fine and pulled up, I then took care of the next car and took the order for the following car and went to the first window and received the payment from the person waiting there. No problem. When the next car pulled up I explained to the two women inside, the lady two cars ahead of you paid for your order. The driver asked who it was and I told her I didn't know, she then asked if it was a woman and I replied yes. The passenger then asked me something that I didn't hear so I very politely asked her what she said. She asked if it was a van and I told her no, I was not sure what it was. She then (a little rudely) asked again if it was a van and I again said no. She then (VERY RUDELY) said a van V-A-N van and I said no it was a blue box something, not knowing what they are called. To which she replied "Yeah like a van."

At which point I shut my window and took the order of the person that was waiting for me. I could not believe that this woman talked to me like that after I answered her the first time, and to spell it out like I was some moron. I may not have known what this vehicle was called (box on wheels perhaps) but it was not a van. I own one and am pretty sure I know what they look like. By the way no offense to the people that own them, I just simply do not know what they go by. But anyhow, now that this is a book. Please people, give respect, say please and thank you when you order. And if someone makes a mistake politely point it out. Most of them time it will be fixed and even if it happens twice give them a chance. You honestly have no idea what they are going through. It may be training but maybe just maybe this person has something horrible on their mind, like the loss of a loved one or something, but they can't afford to take time off or something. May be extreme but you don't know. If it happens three times then get mad but do not lose your cool.

We are all human, we all make mistakes, the world does not revolve around any one of us (like so many seem to think) and we would all be in a better place if we would get over ourselves sometimes.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/18/2009:
mrnmrsweibel, thanks for posting this, what a great reminder to all of us that we are no better than anyone else on this planet. You are a great example to others and your son is one lucky little fella to have you in his life.
Anonymous on 02/18/2009:
Amen to all of that. I worked fast food myself for three years, starting as an employee and worked up to shift supervisor. It really is an underpaid, thankless, dead-end job where you deal with some very rude/nasty people. We used to say the exact same thing at my store..if only they could work here for a WEEK. Just feel sorry for the people who treat you's probably their only opportunity to feel superior to somebody else throughout their day. Why else would it be necessary to treat minimum wage peons so poorly. Anyway..good luck with finding something better! Any employer would be lucky to have you.
Anonymous on 02/18/2009:
I do not go often, but when I do the service I receive is never really that bad. As long as I say please, and thank you (like I would want someone to say to me) then it is a pleasant experience. As it should be. Kindness, compassion, courtesy... it goes a long way. Good job mrnmrsweibel.
Anonymous on 02/18/2009:
I have never been rude to a fast food employee, even when they make mistakes. It happens. If I don't like the service I get, I don't go there anymore. I wish you luck in finding a better place for yourself in the world. Someone would be lucky to have you.
Principissa on 02/19/2009:
Mistakes happen. Really, unless the employee is truly at fault, the only person to blame is the management for not training them properly.

I've said this before and I'll keep saying it, a little common courtesy (please, thank you, have a nice day) goes a very long way.

Whoever your next employer is is extremely lucky to have you on board. Good luck in your job search.
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
I could swear I've seen this informative here before....

Glad you take a little pride in your work,need more like you.
Crown Jules on 02/19/2009:
I totally agree with the comment about everyone needing to work fast food for a year so they can get some perspective. I worked three or four different fast food jobs in college and then worked part-time in retail for three years as a second job. I feel like I have seen it all and I have much respect for the people who do those jobs with smiles on their faces because heaven knows it's not always easy to stay cheery considering some of the people you have to deal with. I wish the best of luck to the OP.
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
I worked fast food for 5 long days when I was 15...I don't know how people do it..

Ponie on 02/19/2009:
I worked FF a short while when in school. Now that I'm more settled (older?) in my ways, they couldn't pay me enough to work it again or in retail. I know I wouldn't last too long and probably would be arrested. After the third 'the world owes me a living' customer, there'd be a bloody nose involved and it wouldn't be mine. We need more people on this earth like you, Mrs. Weibel. Good luck to you if you're going into another job or if you've decided to take life easy for a while.
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
I did a stretch of fast food incarceration MANY years ago. The job was hot and nasty (cleaning out maggots in the meat cooler). But the cougar waitresses loved hitting on us younger guys AND I earned enough to keep me in beer and weed. You have to find the good in everything. *smiling in blissful remembrance*
mrnmrsweibel on 02/19/2009:
I just wanted to say thank you for the positive comments. I was worried people would miss understand what I was trying to say. And thank you so much to those that offered well wishes to my future. I am thinking of taking some time off to just enjoy my son for a bit. I luckily have a great husband who makes more than enough to support us for a little while. I've only been working because I tend to spend more money than I should. I have received numerous job offers while working at mcdonalds. People that have told me they would like to have an employee like me on board. Maybe I should call one of them. The only reason I haven't is my husband is away for months at a time and I am concerned about getting into something that limits my flexability. If my son gets sick I need to be able to be home with him which is the reason I've stayed as long as I have. Anyway, thank you all again.
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
Very good review. I rarely find myself in a fast food restaurant, but even in my limited experience, it seems people treat fast food employees like idiots. I'm especially amused by the people who speak really slowly to the cashier. I'm even more amused when the employee speaks really slowly back :) Hope you find a job where people treat you better - you sound like you deserve that!
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
One of my students works at a fast food place. He is saving money for college, too humble to think he'll get a full ride to Harvard or MIT, both of who are interested in him. He scored a perfect score on both the ACT and SAT, one of 35 kids in this country. Fast food folks aren't necessarily stupid so they shouldn't be treated that way.
decco on 02/23/2009:
I applaud you for hanging on so long in working ff. It's a tough job, made tougher not only by nasty rude customers who are looking to make themselves feel better, but also by co-workers with bad attitudes not only about the job itself, but about how they treat the people they work with, and management that just doesn't care about anything beyond their paychecks. I know from experience (5 yrs at Wendys) that the work is hard, thankless, and disgusting enough as it is, and then to have customers who think they are the be-all and end-all, well! It's just another small sign of the diseased society we currently live in, where common courtesy is dying a swift death. Good luck to you, take the time and enjoy your son, it won't be long til he's grown!!
Big Al2674 on 02/23/2009:
Excellent commentary. McDonald's will be losing a very valuable employee when you leave, and that is a shame. It sounds to me like you could make an impact on the company if you were in their headquarters.
BoA Pissed Customer on 02/23/2009:
I can appreciate the individual who works in McDonalds and how customers can be very rude. I have also worked at McDonalds (25 years ago), and currently work in an upscale restaurant, where we also joke that everyone should work in the service industry for at least a year...but, back to his/her comments re: McDonalds: I have stopped going to fast food restaurants any more than twice a month anymore because of the piss poor customer service (This is in Savannah, GA). I am IN customer service and some of the worst experiences I have had in restaurants is the fast food market. THEY don't say "thank you", "Please", "May I"....the one that gets me the most is the lack of the "thank you"...Some of these associates act like I'm doing them a favor by coming into their restaurant! They get the orders wrong, and do nothing to fix it, I have seen people in the window at the drive-through on their cell phones while tending to customers (THAT individual got a piece of my mind as soon as I saw it). This is a double-edged sword, from the server perspective as well as the guest perspective. I'm actually GLAD this individual treats guests with respect and dignity. He or she should, and I'd definitely go to that restaurant, even though McD's is not my favorite! I usually make positive comments when I have a positive experience, but I'm not afraid to make negative comments for a negative experience, I don't care if it's Wal-Mart or the convenience store! In general, customer service skills are seriously lacking in EVERY department, from Verizon Wireless, the gas company, down to the fast food places. Customers are starting to get tired of it and are being more vocal and even obnoxious. That COULD be why the person complaining about the customers feels the way he/she does. It doesn't make it right, but I understand BOTH sides!
shortontime on 02/23/2009:
I certain agree that customers should be polite, actually works both ways. I do believe the situation could have been handled differently; I'm sorry! I wish I could help you but I didn't notice what kind of vehicle she was driving as I'm very busy with orders. It doesn't leave any room for any other question about the vehicle and lets them know your mind is on your job. Yes, I worked fast food when I was a kid and I take my grandkids to McDonald's ever now and then. Most workers are young and some are overwhelmed with a rush. No matter what age, life issues will happen. A customer that is rude could have lost
a love one, job, home, etc... or a grump or plain mean. Try not to be so offended and remember the nice customers.
Nosliw on 02/25/2009:
I would have handy a police whistle.
cccmaa on 03/15/2009:
OK, I can agree with everything posted. I am a current employ of Mc Donalds, and I take orders in drive through for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. There are soo many customers who are rude and sometimes rarely will you get the nice ones who say thankyou and so on.... It's usually the nice ones that get the better treatment, and usually the nice ones who come in and politely tell us we got their order wrong, but it's not problem because they were nice about it, so we are happy to fix it. Now it's the rude customers who come through, and expect us to bow down to them.. Well they will usually get treated just like the way they treat us. And if we get their order wrong, they are the ones to come storming in talking crap and trying to make complaints or get refunds. Those customers are most likely not going to get the same treatment as a polite customer.
MikkiMarvelous on 03/25/2009:
McDonalds are poor career choices in general. The company doesn't understand the foundation of communication inside a business and the evils that apathetic behaviors can cause. It was this kind of attitude that made me recently quit as well. I will post a review very soon. Thank you for this post. Merely confirms my views and my feeling that I made the right choice.
kari91 on 06/24/2010:
great point of view. I still work at mcdonalds and have been here 3yrs and really enjoy my job but I agree with everything u said
PepperElf on 06/24/2010:
thank you for bumping this one back up.


I'm glad that this employee is still doing their best, despite having to deal with people who feel "fast food worker" means 'stupid"

it's an honest wage, especially if that worker is really trying to do a good job.

"Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing future of time."
- From Desiderata by Max Ehamann

What's sad is that I've seen people with the mentality of looking down on others because of their job. I've even seen it here in complaints where someone pulls the attitude of "well you're just an employee for company X - you're beneath me!"

cos, well first of all that's a horrible way to treat people.
second... sometimes that "lowly worker" is actually the smarter person. I've seen enough cases where that "lowly worker" was in fact someone working part time to finish up on a master's degree etc. or they're working a second job just for extra cash.

but really... great review
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