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The Only Place to Get a HAPPY MEAL Along With a Side of HARASSMENT
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- McDonald's is by far the worst restaurant when it comes to the safety and respect of their customers. I went there with my boyfriend and while we were waiting in line to order, three guys behind us kept making inappropriate, vulgar comments to me. At one point my boyfriend stepped in and asked them to stop. They then threatened and made vulgar comments towards him. When my boyfriend asked the person behind the counter for help from the manager, it was very clear that she did not speak English and anyone that did understand our request for the manager made no attempts to get their attention.

While he was asking for them to get help from the manager, the three men surrounded and cornered me away from everyone else. As I tried to get away from them, my boyfriend asked for the manager one more time, stating that he would have to take matters in his own hands to get them away from me. The person behind the counter took this as a threat to them and had the security throw us out, and left the harassers inside to proceed with their purchases.

Since we felt that they had handled the situation incorrectly since the cashiers/security disregarded the harassment we had received, we informed them that we would be reporting them tomorrow to the McDonald's Corporation Headquarters and asked for their names.

The security continued to walk towards the building, unwilling to reveal their names/position to us. Thus we started to walk towards them and asked them again. At this point the security proceeded to arrest us. Since they are only security and are not allowed to touch the customers in any harm-inflicting way, I tried to push away from the security. He took this as violence and filed a report against me for assault/battery. My boyfriend was only charged for disorderly conduct. They then forced us against our will to wait for the police to pick us up and we had to spend the night in jail.

On a further note, my boyfriend and I tried repeatedly with letters to the manager of the McDonald's where the incident took place, letters to the corporation and numerous phone calls, to clear up the issue outside of the court. After 1 1/2 months of our continued efforts, the only thing we received was a letter of apology for the "bad service" that we had received.

Thus, if you would not like to be treated as a criminal for being harassed, then I would not buy from the McDonald's corporations anymore. I did not know that a place that is supposed to be a safe haven and fun for children would allow for this type of harassment to occur. And furthermore, for them to press charges against the victims. I know for a fact that if the employees and managers of the McDonald's that night were to have been responsive to our requests for help, that we would not be facing the legal issues and emotional stress that we have had to endure.

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JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Employments at McDonald's Corporations are to put it politely, a waste of time, energy, and payment. I was an event host for two years there handling parties and events. Very enjoyable work if the job had been anywhere else. I also worked behind the counter and such for one and a half years. My mother has been with the company for thirteen years. She now has an office job handling customer complaints. So I had an idea of the setbacks before I started the job. I was an employee who cared about her job who tried to succeed in all aspects of customer service, preparation, presentation, and more. This company sucked these aspirations out of me.

To begin with, I would like to place some blame on customers. First of all, it is a common misconception that jobs at McDonalds are easy and don't pay very much. Managers make as much as teachers. Store managers make as much as principals and public school board officials. Meanwhile, area supervisors easily make far above the salary of college professors. There is a Hamburger University.

As such, managers know their field. They know what they are talking about. Don't waste their time pretending like you do. Furthermore, these jobs are not easy. And things like running out of napkins, miscommunication, and ice cream machines not working is nothing to get overwhelmed about. Rudeness is. There is no excuse for any employee of any establishment interrupting without an apology.

During the order taking process, interruptions actually cause more confusions. I don't really care if you really want to know if the customer wanted Coke or Sprite. All questions can and should wait until the end of the order. Orders, no matter, how small should always be repeated. That way YOU as the CUSTOMER KNOW WHO SHOULD BE BLAMED!!! And remember, a little apology goes a long way.

Now I would like to discuss the setbacks due to the employees, company, managers, etc. McDonald's Corporation is a conspiracy in the fact that they can convince individual's to dish out work that is worth about $20 an hour, but convince them that they are only worth minimum wage. This business doesn't understand that they key foundation of all business is communication. As an event host, I was required to handle birthday parties and all other events. I cannot begin to count how many times I would run in on what I thought was my day off because there was a scheduled party I hadn't known about.

Plans are made to fix communication problems, but these are never fully resolved. They also don't understand the evils of indifference. As such, you HAVE to have your best employee train newcomers. Moreover, newcomers HAVE to be trained! Compassion must be shown for them before it can ever be shown to you. People will choose themselves before anyone else.

Now for the finally, I quit McDonald's because I was told I would have to give a months notice for day's off from events. I am a high school senior who is actively involved in dance, theatre, art, music, choir, band, soccer, and countless other activities. I took the job originally to make my own hours. By doing this, they took the only reason I started away from me. I had no further reason to stay. I cannot begin to account for the hours and money I spent on my personal materials for parties and events. As a host, I do face painting, balloon animals, and magic tricks. This all COSTS MONEY. I was hired with the promise that these would be paid for. This never happened.

Then on my final day, I was informed that I had to return all of my PERSONAL party hosting items. I quickly replied uncharacteristically rudely for my usual attitude. I told them they would get it when they paid me about $3000. (This wasn't an exaggeration.)

Now however, I am a self-employed party host that is paid $45 dollars an hour for less stress and less work. This is far better than the $7 I was receiving before. Don't work for a corporate-owned McDonalds. I would once suggest franchise. Thank you for your time, though I doubt that no one is going to read the entire thing.

EDIT: I would like to clarify one of my reasons for quitting because a comment made by one of my visitors has brought up a very good point. Notice is always expected at all working establishments. What I failed to mention is that salary managers have to give a maximum of only two weeks notice. Hourly employees need only a week in my area. Anyone above a standard manager makes their own schedule and it doesn't matter. Since I was not salary, I didn't feel this required month was fair. Especially because parties were being scheduled only twenty-four hours before its scheduled day. Thank you for bringing this to my attention though!

By -

I'm am writing in regards to all those unhappy people that "will never" stop at a McD's again. I work in the McD's in Australia, I'm not sure how it is overseas but I know here, down under, is not what you people say it is. I have a few points that I want to clear up etc. Just off the top of my head, TOYS, we give out 1 toy for every Happy Meal bought. 1:1 ratio, it is advertised that there are 2 toys, usually it is 2 toys that you can COLLECT by buying another Happy Meal.

Secondly, do you people have any idea what we have to deal with from..well...YOU? It's constantly "I want, I want, I want." For god's sake, a please and thank you would be nice once in a while. And no matter if the fries were cooked in gold plated vats (deep fryers) you still would have something to complain about, "not enough salt, too much, shouldn't have salt on, should have salt on, my fries are cold because I decided to talk to my friend for 20 min before eating them!"

We go through hell with these, I know I have had complaints "I have 2 pickles on my cheese burger" or "The lettuce on the big mac is falling off" or whatever else you come up with. When you order your food, you want it NOW. You don't have the patience to wait an extra 30 seconds for it. We do our best to get it to you fast so just tone down a bit honestly.

We have to deal with smartass customers every day. So don't be offended when we don't laugh at you when you add a "mc" to every word you say, "Can I McPlease have a McMeal McCombo, with McFries and a McCoke, McThankyou." It's not funny, and it just shows how dumb you really are. Also have you ever worked at Macca's? If you have you will understand how easy it is to make a simple mistake, by accidentally grabbing the burger with pickles instead of the burger without them. Just politely bring it back and SAY...not Shout or be all aggressive about it.

You may not know it, but WE ARE PEOPLE TOO. I don't come to your workplace and scream at you "YOUR PENCIL ISN'T SHARP ENOUGH" do I? It seems as though as soon as you walk through the doors you turn into complete idiots. Treat us with respect and you will get better service.

Gloves is another thing I see that many people have complained about. I have done all certs in food handling and every teacher I have spoken to agrees that the use of gloves is just as bad as using your bare hands. Now I'm not saying that gloves shouldn't be used, but I know that in some parts it's not necessary. I know in Australia though it is.

Sauce charges, yes we charge for extra sauces. Some may know that McD's have now put in to play some dietary and healthy standards, like 'made for you'. We charge for extra sauces as a deterrent because one portion is better for you rather than 2 tubs of sauce. Also syrups, you complain about McD's making you fat, yet you want more syrup for your hotcakes! FGS have some sense, high in sugar or fat make you big!

No we don't substitute, if you don't want pickles but want an extra meat patty you have to pay for it. Yes, you cannot just mix and match things. We don't custom make your burgers. We have a set standard although we can take sauces away or meat etc, or add stuff on but we don't pay for all of it. The common myth that our nuggets are just the scraping of bones... NOT TRUE, Aussie nuggets are taken from the breast of the chicken.

And don't scream at us for broken shake and sundae machines or frozen drink machines... It's not like we tell that machine to break like I have had stuff thrown at me cause the frozen coke machine is broken. We have to wait for the repair people to come out and fix it, and you know what they are like.

I'm not saying that all customers are bad, and I'm not saying that it's always your fault. And I totally understand that some crew people look and act like they have just been picked off the street and have no manners, but before you get on your high heels and become that mad customer, try being polite about it and I'm sure we will fix it for you. We take a lot of crap from you. Thank you.

Manager Verbally Abuses & Threatens Customers
By -

GLACE BAY, NS, CANADA -- This past Saturday we went through the drive through at Mcdonald's. Me and 4 friends were in the vehicle, we placed 2 orders, and we were all coming from a party and the passengers in the back were all after having a few drinks. My boyfriend and his friend were in the front. So we were carrying on amongst ourselves and whatever and so we get to the window and the girl serving us says "don't take my picture", and she said this cause I had my camera out taking pics of me and my friends, and I didn't take her picture nor did I want it.

Then she leaves and the manager on duty who's no older than 18 comes to the window and throws our food at us and says we're being "rude and obnoxious" and not to come back. So then my boyfriend says "excuse me how are we being rude" and he says "you were taking pictures and carrying on like fools and being rude", etc, and then he slams the window and so my boyfriend's friend who's in the passenger seat gets outta the car and stands up and is like "open the window" because they had left the window and they could not see us as we were lower than the window in the car.

So he comes back and says "don't come back" and slams the window again, so we go back through the drive through because at our Mcdonald's they only let you place 2 orders at once, and we had 2 more orders to make, so they wouldn't answer us or ask us for our order. They just totally ignored us.

Then my boyfriend called them on Monday and wanted to talk to the head manager and they said he would call us back either Tuesday or Wednesday. So he did today and he asked for my boyfriend's name and address and his car make and model and all that, and we gave it to him thinking he was going to come and apologize or something.

But then once we gave him the info he starts screaming at my boyfriend, cursing and swearing and threatening him with legal action, saying we were "being little pricks trying to get free food" and that we were threatening the staff, which NONE of this happened whatsoever. And (did I mention that this Manager is the Father of the male who slammed the window in our faces several times on Saturday?).

So my boyfriend asks if they have audio of this because he wants to hear where we made threats, and the manager says no "he doesn't have audio but he has a tape of us in the drive through", and my boyfriend says "Then I want you to ask the girl who served us what I said to her that was so rude" and the manager says "No I will not ask her. I know what you said" (funny though cause he was not there and does not have an audio tape??).

My boyfriend then asks if he can see the video cause he would like to see where we made threats then and the manager said "NO" and started cursing and swearing at him again. Then my boyfriend hung up cause he was so pissed off and couldn't believe what this manager was saying to him and how he was treating him.

But he then realized that he had his information and wasn't sure what he was going to do with it cause obviously he has some sort of temper. So he called back and the manager wasn't there. Shortly later the manager calls back and starts with his yelling and hollering again, told my boyfriend he was going to "give him advice & to choose his friends better", which has NOTHING to do with the situation at all.. The funny thing too is that if we were in our 30's or 40's they wouldn't have said a word to us and guaranteed the manager would have called and apologized to us.

The manager told my boyfriend that he is responsible for the way the passengers are acting, so if that's the case what happens when a mom pulls through with a bunch of kids in the back screaming and yelling and crying, are they going to say "listen lady shut your kids up?", no they aren't. So what makes them think they can talk to us the way they did. NOTHING. There is not a single reason for the way they treated us. ESPECIALLY the MANAGER.

We will be going to MCDONALD'S CANADA and writing a letter. We tried calling but they said there is nothing they can do for complaints that we'd have to file it against the store, which in this case I'm sure the manager would just laugh at us and throw our complaint out.

I myself work in customer service and I can't think of a single manager who would DARE talk to a customer that way, especially using threats and verbal abuse. Nor can we as employees do this. Customer is always right, are they not? We also filed a police report on the manager because we felt threatened by him cause as soon as he took our information he started with threats so we weren't sure what he was going to do. Me and my friends are absolutely mind blown by the way we were treated by the staff and management. McDonald's can be sure they won't have us as customers anymore.

Customer Service Has Been Stolen by the Staff.
By -

LLAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Why is it when I go to eat, the service never matches what the TV commercials make us believe we will get? It's bad enough that I now need to take an interpreter with me just to order - My Polish Great - grandmother Kaszinsky made her children “learn the language of the new land, not the old country" as she put it; She understood. The order takers are masters of making me feel like I'm in the wrong for complaining if I have to slowly explain what I wanted when they ring it up incorrectly.

I am by no means the master of correct grammar; however, I am always open to learning and improving my abilities. Why all of this fanfare over a fast food fungus like McDonald's? It is because this company is the blood pressure monitor of the culture of America. They reflect back more than the enlarging of our society's waistline.

Fransisco, at store 17708 in Las Vegas recently gave me my order of Asian Salad without the little bags of almonds. I asked him for the bag and he said we don't have any. I had already eaten several bites the salad before our conversation and I politely asked him what he planned to do to rectify the situation upon notice of his blank stare. He said the only choices were for me to eat it without the almonds, or to bring the whole salad back for a refund...

While I was there at the counter, five (yes 5!) other customers came up to complain about messed up orders as well. Not once did I hear "Sorry", "Thank you", or any other well-mannered verbiage spouted from the mouths of the employees other than the word "yeah". The "ghetto" lingo that has become the iconic language of our "look at me" generation is a reflection of the new “no one else matters” standard in America!

Why has the influence of poorly educated, unmotivated, self-absorbed gangster wannabes become the only aspiration of so many young people. You see it in the clothes we buy and the street language we hear on television. Why has the world found favor with people that can only find validation, not through their personal achievements or good values, but only through their vulgar language, scarring tattoos, and acting like something they have seen on TV?

Is behaving like Snoop Dog (Snoop Dork in my book) the highest accomplishment a human being can achieve? Does his standard and values of being reach the zenith of all that human being should and can become? Someone let me off this train! I beg you!

The search for the meaning of life should reach higher than the hydraulic bounce of a low-rider car (insecure-mobile), more in depth than the foundation of make-up, or farther than the pass of a football. Maybe McDonald's should try training their employees the fundamentals of respect, common courtesy, and self-initiative. As Fransisco seems to have none of these attributes when he didn't stick around for my answer but went on to make a milkshake and just ignore me as if I was no longer something to worry about, I realized he just didn't care. This lack of care for others (the minimum wage syndrome) was really a reflection of his lack of care for himself.

Once, I had a job that required me to clean toilets and I didn't like it; however, I had enough self-respect to make sure that they weren't just clean, but that they sparkled! Is the sparkle in America gone? The “judgementalists” among you may claim I am intolerant for a variety of reasons to single out a working class group of people even though I was working in the same class when I cleaned toilets; wouldn't their hate of an intolerant person make them intolerant as well?

If we, through our desire to be tolerant accept and celebrate mediocrity, ignorance, and selfish rudeness, we have failed as a species. Life isn't just about the destination of our journey - it is about how we strived for decency and the lifting of a higher hope along the way. I ask McDonald's to not just make money, but make an effort to add richness to our society.

Do Not Patronage McDonalds!
By -

NORTH LAS VEGAS 215FWY & DECATUR AGVENUE, NEVADA -- RE: WOW! Is this how you treat faithful longtime patrons!!? I have been a faithful customer of McDonald's for more than 30+ years; enjoying it nearly on a daily basis and spending LOTS OF MONEY. I have bragged and debated with friends, family and strangers at how much better McDonald's was in comparison to Burger King, Jack in The Box, etc., and I've been a very satisfied customer; with the menu. But recent events have shattered the great image I once had for your company. And I regret ever spending a dime with you. For customers, all it takes is one bad experience and we can never look at that company the same again; nor can we patronage it.

I now realize that customer service is not an important element to the success of McDonald's unless you are of a different race or financial community. I have never experienced such poor customer service and discrimination until now. My first bad experience was during the Grand Opening week of the McDonald's on Decatur & 215 in North Las Vegas, Nevada. I entered the store at approximately 5:15 am (the doors were unlocked). As I approached and stood at the counter, staff members saw me as I entered the store but then passed by and didn't even acknowledge me.

Finally, after a few minutes, a manager turned around and said, “'oh, I'm sorry, but we're not open until 6 am”. I didn't look on the door to verify the hours of operation and just walked out disappointed to catch my bus. I did not report this incident because it was a brand new store and I felt that they just weren't organized yet. So I left it alone to give them a break.

However, this recent event on today, November 21, 2007 was completely unacceptable, they've had ample time to get things in order, plus what business opens their doors before they are ready to accept customers?? And what business states the hours of operation on their door yet opens ½ hour later and gives its patrons no explanation?? In both these scenarios, my answer would be BAD BUSINESSES!

Once again, I arrived at McDonald's on Decatur & 215 at 5:15 am expecting to purchase my favorite meal, a Sausage McMuffin with egg. To me no one beat “Mickey Dee's” (that was the famous nickname my friends and I used growing up) on their breakfast menu and I was excited to make my first purchase. My twin sons, who “were” also patrons, told me that they were open at 5 am now, so I was even more excited to learn that they would now open earlier than 6 am and that I can purchase my daily breakfast just before getting on my first bus to head off to work.

Now, mind you it was very early and extremely cold outside and I had only 15 minutes to catch my 1st out of 3 buses (a three hour commute) to my job in Henderson, Nevada. So as I attempted to open the door, which stated that the “Dining area opens at 5:00 a”, I found it to be locked. Therefore, I knocked on the door to gain the attention of the people at the counter, whom by the way saw me standing there “IN THE COLD”. They never acknowledged me and continued to ignore me; as my knocks became harder. They all looked my way and continued about their business.

There was one maintenance man working on a machine (he looked up & ignored me), two cashiers in red shirts (they looked up & ignored me) and an assistant manager or manager in a white shirt that also saw me and ignored me. So, finally after 15 minutes passed, IN THE FREEZING COLD and realizing that I wasn't leaving, another manager in a light brown or grey shirt (I couldn't tell the color too well because it was so dark outside) came to the door.

I asked her why would you have a sign on the door that states the dining area opens at 5:00 am and here it is 5:25 am and the doors are locked. I explained to her that I'd been standing outside for over 10 minutes knocking & the staff would see and hear me knocking on the door but continuously ignore me without at least coming to say that they are delayed in opening the doors or even waving their hands to say “just a moment”, I GOT NOTHING?

All she could say was “I'm sorry; I wasn't in here to see you”. I told her that I change my mind on purchasing another thing from McDonald's and I will guarantee that everyone I come in contact with, including my friends and family WILL know about this experience.

Since this has happened twice, I have a strong feeling that this is what to expect from the McDonald's of today and I also feel it is a racial issue. So if that is how you operate I will make sure I inform everyone I know in “my race” to not support McDonald's; unless they are willing to accept low-grade customer service.

Oh, by the way, I ended up going to Burger King where I received OUTSTANDING customer service from the moment I walked in the door. No discrimination at all, they actually treated me as if I were someone very important. I will definitely tell my friends, family, co-workers and STRANGERS about both experiences! You can learn a lot about customer service from Burger King!

Horrible Service + Nail in Food!
By -

CLAREMORE, OKLAHOMA -- I just found this site and I just had to share the experience I had a few weeks ago at the McDonalds in Claremore, OK. Here it goes... (WARNING!: Story May Gross You Out!) A couple of weeks ago I got off a double shift at my work at around 12:15 (I'm a waiter at a restaurant). I pull into the local McDonald's to get a quick meal. There are about 3 cars in front of me. No big deal, I'll just wait a couple of minutes. WRONG. 10 minutes go by while I'm stuck in the drive through. There is a median where they take your order so I can't drive off.

After 16 minutes I finally get my meal... as I drove off I figured out it was some of it. I ordered a 20 piece McNugget Meal at the beginning. What I got was a 20 piece McNugget and a Drink. They forgot my fries. Me being a waiter I said to myself, "OK they got my order wrong, people make mistakes. It's OK, I'll just drive to the front door (The Drive Through line was packed again. Maybe 5 cars.) and just get my fries." Boy was I wrong. I park my car and knock on the front door. There is a man mopping the floor near the door hearing me knock. No response. I knock harder and he finally looks up.

I tell him I'm missing some fries through the door. All he had to say was, "Drive-Through". I respond by saying I went through the drive through and I was just missing some fries.. could he just hand me some. He says "No, You have to go through the drive through." I said "can you get your manager." He then obliges and gets the manager. The manager doesn't come to the door and just shouts from behind the counter "You have to go through the drive through."

I finally said whatever. So I get in my car go around the drive through and park on the access lane alongside the restaurant. There is another car near the window. So there is the window, the other car, then me. The manager yells across the other car to me "We don't sell 20 piece McNugget Meals." I was like what the hell. I've been getting this for 5 years with no problems.

I tell her that I ordered a meal and I will not leave till I get my fries. She then obliges after about 5 minutes of yelling over the car in between us. What I got was a hand out the window holding the fries and a "Fine, here are you fries." I responded with "No you come here and hand them to me. I tried to be nice and get them from you at the door. You said to go through the drive through and here I am. The whole point of it is for me not to get out of my car."

Then to my astonishment, the other driver (the driver of the car between us) took the fries from the manager and brought them to me and said, "I'm going to call on the idiot too. Don't worry." So after 35 minutes I got the fries and drove off with no apology from the manager.

So I get home and to make the night even worse I bite into the first McNugget. *Crunch* *Gag* I spit out the McNugget and find a chicken talon. Let me repeat in case you thought you misread that. A CHICKEN TALON. Gross! I ziplocked that piece and threw away the rest. I lost my appetite. So after 35 minutes I ended with no food in my stomach, a headache, and a chicken talon. I called the Complaint hotline the next day. They said they would send me some coupons for free meals. What did I actually get when I got the letter? That's it. Just a letter thanking me for calling. No Coupons. Not like I planned on going back. I for one am boycotting McDonalds for life.

Worst McDonalds Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I visited this McDonald's for the first time last night and will NEVER visit again. I ordered a cheeseburger, French fries and soda last night before my class at DePaul. I took my first bite and got a huge pubic hair in mouth. It was INSIDE the sandwich. I nearly threw up. I still gag thinking about it.

My disgust was compounded when I notified the manager and he barely blinked an eye. He didn't apologize; he literally threw another cheeseburger on the counter in front of me. I told him I did not want another burger. Seriously, why would I eat something made in the same kitchen that put a pubic hair in my mouth only minutes earlier. He ended up giving me $1.11 back despite the fact that I couldn't eat my entire meal. I am disgusted by this entire situation and how it was handled. Poorly done, McDonald's.

McDonalds Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ATCHISON, KANSAS -- Asked for 3 chicken selects. They gave me 1 and half chicken selects and 2 chicken nuggets and when I came back to tell them she told me that she had given me what I paid for and that was that, no refund.

Cockroach in Mc Special Sandwich
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Rating: 1/51

Yesterday May 27, 2012 I went to the local branch of McDonald's in Saudi Arabia and ordered Special chicken meal after getting it and opened it I wound Cockroach inside. I do have the picture of it and the invoice as I return it back to them after ruining my day. This is very, very, very bad.

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