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Rude, Inhospitable, Disservice, Predjudicial Treatment of Customer(s)
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Rating: 1/51

GALLATIN, TENNESSEE -- My wife received a coupon for a "Free" sandwich at McDonald's and I decided to cash the coupon in. There was a special for the same sandwich as the coupon, so I asked if the coupon could be used for the special. The order taker did not know then asked her supervisor if it could be done. Without even looking at the coupon, she was saying I could get the deal without it, however the coupon was only for the sandwich and I just wanted to know if the coupon would be good for the special since it was free.

The supervisor then (still without looking at the coupon) started to drone at me, (never looking at me at all or the coupon) how the business was run. Being ignored as I was, I informed her that I had spent many years in the food industry and knew how it worked and she was not listening to me or trying to understand me at all. She turned to a higher management person to come over. He also had no idea what was happening, dismissed my presence and then started to talk down to me about how I needed to understand the special.

I interrupted both of them, asked for the free sandwich for my wife and I would leave. The manager then said as loud as possible that when she was treated like she was to refuse to wait upon whoever did so. I was probably as rude as they were at this point and was very unhappy about the situation. However, I felt as though I was totally dismissed as having any importance as a customer.

I started working in the food industry in 1960. I worked for mom and pop, local chains, major national chains and four star international restaurants in my lifetime. I also have had the time that I worked for the McDonald's chain as well. NEVER have I seen such a loss of touch with the consumer as this was. I will remember this ordeal for a long time and if ever asked, will give my story and opinion freely. I also know the value of word of mouth advertisement. If you get cheated or treated badly when I was in business word of mouth either corrected the problem or eliminated it.

Impressed by Response
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Rating: 5/51

WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- This review is not about the food it is about how McDonalds took my complaint serious and did something about it. Last week my husband and I had some rare time alone and were out and about doing errands. We stopped at this McDonald's about 4:00 PM for a snack. The service was great and the food was good. What happened next was shocking. A group of kids (about 15-20 years old) came in and went table to table wanting us to listen to their spiel and passing out pamphlets.

Come to find out they were from PETA. We told them nicely we were not interested in listening. They would not listen. We told them again we were not interested and at that point one of the girls said, "you don't want to hear what we have to say?" WE again said no and "we are having a private conversation," and "please leave." They went table to table doing this and everyone was asking them to leave.

The shocker to me was when we were leaving I decided to mention it to the girls working. Two of the employees listened and were concerned, but when they told the shift manager she snapped at me that they have a right to be there that they can not ask them to leave.

When I got home I sent an email to McDonald's, NEVER expecting a response. Next day I got a call from the DM. He wanted to talk to me about what happened. Of course the shift manager covered her butt and said I was talking about the kids in the playscape, but I told the DM that I made it clear it was the PETA people.

Next day I got an email from Corporate apologizing and assured me that they will take care of the issue and that they were not allowed in there. Few days later got an email from the store manager stating the same. All in all I was pleased with the outcome. I hope that they did talk to the staff and make it clear that groups cannot harass paying customers inside the store.

Anyone Notice How McDonald's Quality and Service Has Declined
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Rating: 1/51

FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS -- McDonald's coffee has been my favorite for years. I would choose McDonald's over any coffee house coffee, (Starbucks, etc). I would always get a large coffee with 8 cream. Well then they started putting the cream in it for you. Well this was OK, but then noticed it was all cream no coffee taste. Well then I noticed they wouldn't fill the coffee full. It would be an inch or two from the top on the cup. I started asking for cream on the side now and for a large cup of coffee it take one cream and when you look in the cup you can see the bottom of the cup. Pathetic. They even raised the price on coffee.

Now it takes me on to the oatmeal. Again an inch or two below the rim. I know another gentleman in my office that gets upset with them about this. He asked for a large Coke instead of a medium and paid for the large but when he got to the window they gave him a medium drink. When he told them it was a large the girl poured the medium drink into a large cup and added more ice and handed it to him. Pathetic.

If I get a bagel with cream cheese I pay for an extra cream cheese but it doesn't seem to get into the bag. When I ask about it they argue it is in the bag. Now if you want extra condiments you pay for it. If you notice the meat patty is half an inch from the side of the bun. Today I got a bacon biscuit for breakfast and it was only a half a piece of bacon on it. Well I got a Cheeseburger Happy Meal for lunch, the fries were cold and hard. Eating them made you choke. The cheeseburger was so cold the cheese wasn't melted. It is very sad.

I won't even get into the drive through lanes. If this one lady isn't there to take the money you can forget getting anything right. She is truly the only good thing at that McDonald's. They truly have pushed me over the edge. I will not return. I will have to find another route to work. Pathetic. If they are going under they need to shut down some stores and concentrate on building the business again. Quality and service are two main factors that need to be paid attention to. Not just the all mighty dollar. You will end up losing McDonald's.

McDonald's Puts Food Outside DT Before Customer Can Pull Up
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Rating: 1/51

FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN -- About a year ago, I noticed that DT presenters were actually putting the bag out the window before I'd even pulled away from the payment window. I found this to be incredibly rude. Almost as if the presenter were saying to me, "Hurry up!! Your food is ready!!" This practice had declined, so I thought that perhaps it had rightly been discontinued. Sadly, I was mistaken.

Today, I went through the DT. I had the audacity to pay with cash--and looked up before pulling ahead. The bag containing my food was completely outside the building. I hadn't even hit the gas yet. It is March in Wisconsin. You don't put French fries outside a building in 40-degree weather. I told the presenter that I found this to be rude and detrimental to the quality of my order. She dismissed my concern, since this was the way your employees are trained.

Before I left work this afternoon, I phoned the number on my receipt and asked to speak to a manager. The person who answered the phone stated that she was a manager. I related my experience. The only response was, "This is how we train them." I repeated that I found it to be incredibly rude, and that my food was getting cold. We went around for a couple of times, and finally I asked if she could pass along my complaint. She verified that Valley Management, with its 16 restaurants, would be the group to contact, since this group owns the McDonald's restaurants in my city. Interestingly, I can't find an e-mail contact for Valley Management.

Thanks to the unannounced character limit on the McDonald's website, I had to leave out some information. I worked at McDonald's when I was in college. The core values were Quality, Service, Value, and Cleanliness. The Quality of my order was compromised the second my food hit the outdoors--my fries were being chilled by the outside air. The Service, as I noted to the presenter and later the manager who answered the phone, was incredibly rude.

The only thing more rude would have been if the presenter had been shaking my bag while she held it out the window. Value--diminished each second my food hung out the window. I can't speak to the Cleanliness. I would like for Valley Management to revisit this policy of putting food outside the DT window before the customer actually gets to the window.

Poor Service, BAD FOOD,wrong Order, Cold Food & Frozen Food to Eat, Fuzz From Something
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Well the staff over there has changed and nothing is clean at all & will not eat there again as this is the last straw being in hospital and sick as a dog from there, but always ordered from breakfast menu and got sausage egg on muffin. It had an egg shell that I had to spit out and the hash browns half frozen.

Next day get the sausage biscuit and hash browns again. The hash browns were frozen half and sent them back (biscuit hard as a brick as probably left over from day before). As this went on all that week the same thing so I just ordered coffee and brought my own creamer and sugar. Then I ordered burrito and there was something in those things that wasn't cool so picked them out and decided NOT to eat there at all.

Well my very last and final day there I ordered 1 sausage toasted muffin and a coffee. Well when I got a refill on the coffee lo and behold there was something floating in my coffee and that was the final as I left that place and NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER will I step foot in there again. I am human and not some kind of animal that you can throw anything to that I will eat and the health dept. is going to be in there and close it down till it can come to code as they're yelling at people in front of customers and no one will work under those conditions. As I would have told them to find some undocumented worker that will take this from you but not me.

Wal-Mart employees have been complaining as they seen the same thing with the food or you order it with cheese and they forget it and so they take it back and throw a cold slice of cheese on it and hand it back to you. Well hell, I could have bought cheese in deli if that is what I wanted. This place needs to be shut down...

Screwed at the Drive Through
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Rating: 1/51

ABERDEEN, MARYLAND -- We have continued to receive wrong orders at the McDonald's located on Rt. 22 and Rt. 40 in Aberdeen, MD, with the latest screw-up being this evening. On an average, we (my husband and I) visit these McDonald's 2-3 times a week. And, on an average, two out of these three visits would result in an incorrect order, an incomplete order, or an order where the food was cold.

Tonight the husband ordered his meal and asked for fries. He was halfway home and you guessed it - no fries. Now, this doesn't happen once in a blue moon. This happens consistently. I've told my husband to always check his order before he leaves the window because it's a running joke about the cold fries they give you. Now, McDonald's is not a bargain any longer. We pay an average of $12 - $14 for sandwich meal "deals" for two people. This is no gourmet meal, granted, but it is still a substantial amount of money to pay for meals that are sadly lacking.

McDonald's demands that you pay first and then throws cold food at you in addition to taking your money for what they DON'T put in the bag. You're tired and you're hungry and you don't feel like you have to sit at the window to check to see if your order is correct but you have to. So, on the days you neglect to check your order you have to return in order for them to "make it right" and then the other items in the order you placed gets cold waiting on your correct order.

This is an outrage and must stop. We are Mr. and Mrs. America here and what is happening to us happens to everyone. We are tired of being ripped off by this huge corporation and feel that there must be some recourse to this travesty of both shoddy service and food quality.

What has happened to the customer being important? What has happened to someone overseeing operations and making sure an order is correct? I thought that managers attended a training facility known as "Hamburger U." Now I feel the facility must be renamed to "Hamburger Screw-You" because that is what's happening. It's obvious that McDonald's has gotten so big that they no longer care for quality; just the almighty green that crosses their palms. They no longer care for the customer - it is obvious in almost every transaction conducted.

Nasty Manager
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Rating: 1/51

LITTLEFALLS, NEW JERSEY -- The manager of McDonald's in the little falls NJ told me one night that if I did not move my car from his parking lot that he could have his people tow my car and I would not get it back. If his people are there I would not be able to get in my car and leave. That they are towing it. This is not something that he could have done. This is not right. What do you think? I was the one person who got ill on food from McDonald's in April of this year 2012. Had a write up about this problem, but as the McDonald's corporation is they do nothing about it.

What about the so called McDonald's charity programs ha... I always ordered something from this McDonald's location. There was one night that they did not have their food gloves on when they were filling the orders for people. They used their dirty bare hands. You should have seen this. I felt sick, they were passing germs on the food to people that paid and ordered food. There the people at the window could not see this but I did because I was inside the building with two of my friends. At the time this was going on they said they ran out of supplies that the order was coming in the next day.

Well go out to a store and pick up some food service gloves next time and please do not do this again. This makes me really think what germs I already was exposed to at this McDonald's location in little falls NJ. And sometimes some of the workers were not very nice to the customers.

There were a lot of drunken people and the place was always a mess. Some of the people would vomit in the parking lot or inside the building. One time a young man vomited on the table in front of me. He must have been drunk. This location I think is getting out of control. One time some people were banging on my car. Believe me other things have gone on there that are upsetting to me. I have to say some of these people are animals that come in there.

Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

WICHITA, KANSAS -- I went to the McDonald's at Seneca and Pawnee, ordered 2 biscuits and gravy and an oatmeal. I got home, opened up my biscuits and gravy, and noticed there was hardly any gravy. My husband opened his and noticed same thing. I took both biscuits and gravy back to the store thinking I would get it fixed. The manager came to counter, I showed her what I got and she said she would fix me new orders. I waited and waited after waiting at least 10 min. I just asked for my money back and I would go somewhere else Instead of her saying, "I'm sorry let me get this fixed right now." and making me a happy customer, she went ahead and gave me my money.

So I left headed for your store at Pawnee and West street, got delayed by a train of course by the time the train got by it was 10:40. I was not sure if I would get my biscuits and gravy but thought I would give it a try, hoping after the manager would hear about the poor service at your Pawnee and Seneca store that they would want to make me happy. So, went in and told the manager about what had happened and that I would have been on time but due to the train, I was late.

I can tell you the manager at your Pawnee and West Street store was very nice. They didn't have any biscuits ready but said if I didn't mind waiting about 2 minutes, he would be happy to make me 2 orders of biscuits and gravy and in no time at all I was on my way with my order.

Kudos to your staff at the Pawnee and West Street store. They made me a happy customer and a forever customer. As far as your other store, they just lost a customer and I will never go back. My son has also got his orders wrong or gotten cold food numerous times at this location. Someone really needs to take charge of this store and start showing customers that they can get orders right or will fix the problems right away and start getting people to put trust in this store again or you will not have a store due to lack of customers.

Horrible service
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Rating: 1/51

EVANS, GEORGIA -- It was around two in the morning when I went to the McDonald's that is open 24 hours in Evans, GA. All I ordered was a medium fries, large sweet tea, and a Mcdouble. I waited in line for fifteen minutes through the drive through with only two cars ahead of me. I pulled up to the window and got my order and pulled up a little bit to check it. I noticed that they gave me a small fries instead of a medium.

So I went back through the line again waiting another fifteen minutes. When I get up to the window I explain the situation, gave her my receipt and untouched bag of food, and she told me I had to go back through the line yet again. I asked why she couldn't just take back the small fry and just correct the mistake and she said she just couldn't. So she called over her teenaged manager and she rudely asked me what the problem was and I told her.

She said it will be a minute, she had other customers waiting so I needed to go back through the drive through. I asked her if I could just have a refund then and she said no. So I unfortunately waited another fifteen minutes in the line again and when I finally got to the window yet again she just held it out not saying a word. The fries were cold.

How is it so difficult to just get a medium box and put fries in it? Why did I have to go through the line again? Not once did she apologize for their mistake. Yes it was just fries, but what makes me mad is going through the line again and just waiting for cold fries. I didn't even touch them when I got them or the food because for all I know they could have messed with my Mcdouble.

I wasted money and was not happy. She could have handled the situation a lot better than that. Not going to McDonald's again, yes they mess up my order all of the time but usually a manager corrects it at that moment with no problem. If I need to go to a fastfood restaurant in the future I will not be going back to McDonald's. I'll be taking my business elsewhere. If McDonald's can't hire a friendly staff, then there is no point in even taking your business there. They have no idea what they are doing.

Discriminated Against My Mother And Attitude Problems
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- My mother is 60 yrs old and does not speak English. The cashier and manager treated her so bad that she came home crying to me. She asked for a $1 salad, McChicken, fries and a cup of water. When she placed the order, she was not informed that the cup of water cost $1, and when she received her food, the order was wrong and did not get her McChicken.

Then she asked the cashier why was she being charged a dollar for a cup of water, the cashier went crazy and told my mother that he did not care if she got soda or water, that he had to charge for the cup. My mother understood the part where he had to charge but what she could not understand is why this young man is giving her an attitude over a question and instead of explaining it to her or taking time to fix the problem.

He got the manager. Guess what happened next. I'm so furious, he snatched the cup from my mother's hand and threw it away. Then he opened the register and threw the dollar in her face and gave her a small cup, the size of a shot glass and said "Here you go, if you want water drink out of here". I can't believe it, if I were there I wish they would have done that. I would have grabbed that manager by the neck and showed him.

I'm so sad that McDonald's is not paying attention to customer service especially for Latinos and I have to admit that I rather pay for something expensive as long as the service is good, people don't care about personal issues. If they can't do their job right then it's time to fire them. The only one losing money and business is the owner. I swear, I will never eat or have my family eat there anymore or any McDonald's for that matter.

I know people make mistakes and they deserve a second chance but they forget that they are getting paid because I am making a purchase and if no one went there, then there would be no McDonald's. I am truly disappointed and I will make sure to tell all of my friends, family and people I know so they can be aware of what to expect from this chain restaurant. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I truly hope something is done about this matter.

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