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Do Not Patronage McDonalds!
By -

NORTH LAS VEGAS 215FWY & DECATUR AGVENUE, NEVADA -- RE: WOW! Is this how you treat faithful longtime patrons!!? I have been a faithful customer of McDonald's for more than 30+ years; enjoying it nearly on a daily basis and spending LOTS OF MONEY. I have bragged and debated with friends, family and strangers at how much better McDonald's was in comparison to Burger King, Jack in The Box, etc., and I've been a very satisfied customer; with the menu. But recent events have shattered the great image I once had for your company. And I regret ever spending a dime with you. For customers, all it takes is one bad experience and we can never look at that company the same again; nor can we patronage it.

I now realize that customer service is not an important element to the success of McDonald's unless you are of a different race or financial community. I have never experienced such poor customer service and discrimination until now. My first bad experience was during the Grand Opening week of the McDonald's on Decatur & 215 in North Las Vegas, Nevada. I entered the store at approximately 5:15 am (the doors were unlocked). As I approached and stood at the counter, staff members saw me as I entered the store but then passed by and didn't even acknowledge me.

Finally, after a few minutes, a manager turned around and said, “'oh, I'm sorry, but we're not open until 6 am”. I didn't look on the door to verify the hours of operation and just walked out disappointed to catch my bus. I did not report this incident because it was a brand new store and I felt that they just weren't organized yet. So I left it alone to give them a break.

However, this recent event on today, November 21, 2007 was completely unacceptable, they've had ample time to get things in order, plus what business opens their doors before they are ready to accept customers?? And what business states the hours of operation on their door yet opens ½ hour later and gives its patrons no explanation?? In both these scenarios, my answer would be BAD BUSINESSES!

Once again, I arrived at McDonald's on Decatur & 215 at 5:15 am expecting to purchase my favorite meal, a Sausage McMuffin with egg. To me no one beat “Mickey Dee's” (that was the famous nickname my friends and I used growing up) on their breakfast menu and I was excited to make my first purchase. My twin sons, who “were” also patrons, told me that they were open at 5 am now, so I was even more excited to learn that they would now open earlier than 6 am and that I can purchase my daily breakfast just before getting on my first bus to head off to work.

Now, mind you it was very early and extremely cold outside and I had only 15 minutes to catch my 1st out of 3 buses (a three hour commute) to my job in Henderson, Nevada. So as I attempted to open the door, which stated that the “Dining area opens at 5:00 a”, I found it to be locked. Therefore, I knocked on the door to gain the attention of the people at the counter, whom by the way saw me standing there “IN THE COLD”. They never acknowledged me and continued to ignore me; as my knocks became harder. They all looked my way and continued about their business.

There was one maintenance man working on a machine (he looked up & ignored me), two cashiers in red shirts (they looked up & ignored me) and an assistant manager or manager in a white shirt that also saw me and ignored me. So, finally after 15 minutes passed, IN THE FREEZING COLD and realizing that I wasn't leaving, another manager in a light brown or grey shirt (I couldn't tell the color too well because it was so dark outside) came to the door.

I asked her why would you have a sign on the door that states the dining area opens at 5:00 am and here it is 5:25 am and the doors are locked. I explained to her that I'd been standing outside for over 10 minutes knocking & the staff would see and hear me knocking on the door but continuously ignore me without at least coming to say that they are delayed in opening the doors or even waving their hands to say “just a moment”, I GOT NOTHING?

All she could say was “I'm sorry; I wasn't in here to see you”. I told her that I change my mind on purchasing another thing from McDonald's and I will guarantee that everyone I come in contact with, including my friends and family WILL know about this experience.

Since this has happened twice, I have a strong feeling that this is what to expect from the McDonald's of today and I also feel it is a racial issue. So if that is how you operate I will make sure I inform everyone I know in “my race” to not support McDonald's; unless they are willing to accept low-grade customer service.

Oh, by the way, I ended up going to Burger King where I received OUTSTANDING customer service from the moment I walked in the door. No discrimination at all, they actually treated me as if I were someone very important. I will definitely tell my friends, family, co-workers and STRANGERS about both experiences! You can learn a lot about customer service from Burger King!

Horrible Service + Nail in Food!
By -

CLAREMORE, OKLAHOMA -- I just found this site and I just had to share the experience I had a few weeks ago at the McDonalds in Claremore, OK. Here it goes... (WARNING!: Story May Gross You Out!) A couple of weeks ago I got off a double shift at my work at around 12:15 (I'm a waiter at a restaurant). I pull into the local McDonald's to get a quick meal. There are about 3 cars in front of me. No big deal, I'll just wait a couple of minutes. WRONG. 10 minutes go by while I'm stuck in the drive through. There is a median where they take your order so I can't drive off.

After 16 minutes I finally get my meal... as I drove off I figured out it was some of it. I ordered a 20 piece McNugget Meal at the beginning. What I got was a 20 piece McNugget and a Drink. They forgot my fries. Me being a waiter I said to myself, "OK they got my order wrong, people make mistakes. It's OK, I'll just drive to the front door (The Drive Through line was packed again. Maybe 5 cars.) and just get my fries." Boy was I wrong. I park my car and knock on the front door. There is a man mopping the floor near the door hearing me knock. No response. I knock harder and he finally looks up.

I tell him I'm missing some fries through the door. All he had to say was, "Drive-Through". I respond by saying I went through the drive through and I was just missing some fries.. could he just hand me some. He says "No, You have to go through the drive through." I said "can you get your manager." He then obliges and gets the manager. The manager doesn't come to the door and just shouts from behind the counter "You have to go through the drive through."

I finally said whatever. So I get in my car go around the drive through and park on the access lane alongside the restaurant. There is another car near the window. So there is the window, the other car, then me. The manager yells across the other car to me "We don't sell 20 piece McNugget Meals." I was like what the hell. I've been getting this for 5 years with no problems.

I tell her that I ordered a meal and I will not leave till I get my fries. She then obliges after about 5 minutes of yelling over the car in between us. What I got was a hand out the window holding the fries and a "Fine, here are you fries." I responded with "No you come here and hand them to me. I tried to be nice and get them from you at the door. You said to go through the drive through and here I am. The whole point of it is for me not to get out of my car."

Then to my astonishment, the other driver (the driver of the car between us) took the fries from the manager and brought them to me and said, "I'm going to call on the idiot too. Don't worry." So after 35 minutes I got the fries and drove off with no apology from the manager.

So I get home and to make the night even worse I bite into the first McNugget. *Crunch* *Gag* I spit out the McNugget and find a chicken talon. Let me repeat in case you thought you misread that. A CHICKEN TALON. Gross! I ziplocked that piece and threw away the rest. I lost my appetite. So after 35 minutes I ended with no food in my stomach, a headache, and a chicken talon. I called the Complaint hotline the next day. They said they would send me some coupons for free meals. What did I actually get when I got the letter? That's it. Just a letter thanking me for calling. No Coupons. Not like I planned on going back. I for one am boycotting McDonalds for life.

McDonald's Almost Refused to Take My Order
By -

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- Against my free will I was forced to once again travel to McDonald's in order to purchase a happy meal for my nephew before visiting my brother. I expected this to be a quick visit and decided to use their drive thru. I attempted to order my nephew a cheeseburger happy meal at the drive through window, but since my nephew is now eleven years old I told the employee taking my order that instead of including the happy meal toy that I would like to upgrade the cheeseburger and small fries to a Big Mac and large fries.

There was a long moment of silence over the loudspeaker and right before I was about to lay on my horn, it became apparent that this woman was hard of hearing because she began ringing me up for the ridiculously overpriced Number 1 Value Meal. I began shouting "Hey! Hey! Hello?" until she finally stopped and I repeated my order nice and slow for her.

At this point, I was getting rather impatient of waiting for my nephew's food so I told this woman through the loudspeaker that I never had any problems upgrading from a junior whopper to a double whopper for my nephew instead of receiving a toy at Burger King. Now this may have been a little white lie, but I see no harm in it and the lady responded by saying "Please pull up" so I guess I was right. Now we are getting somewhere I thought. I was wrong.

I pulled up to the window and waited for what seemed like an eternity before the lady appeared with a female manager. It was the manager who spoke to me, the original female employee did not utter a word. She told me I could either receive a cheeseburger happy meal with a toy or a number one Big Mac value meal and that they could not substitute the items. I asked them if they cared at all about satisfying the customer or my nephew and the manager responded although I was hardly paying attention due to calling my brother and telling him I would be late due to these moronic employees.

All the while, the original employee kept looking back at the line of cars behind me. Apparently, they were growing impatient judging from the employee, but I refused to be taken advantage of. Flatly, I told the manager that I was willing to compromise by purchasing the Number 1 Value Meal like she wanted, at the price of a happy meal. At this point the manager LAUGHED AT ME and told me, and I quote, that I "don't get it". "Don't get it?" I shouted. I told her that I wasn't moving from this line until I receive a free Big Mac Happy Meal with the toy for her treatment of me before I report her to the district manager.

It was at this time that the original employee came out of the store and was speaking to the individuals in their cars behind me, no doubt apologizing for the wait they were forcing all of us to endure. I was sitting in my car for 4 additional minutes (I watched the time pass on my car radio) before a third employee brought me a bag with a Big Mac and large fries inside.

Upon looking in the bag I discovered there was no toy inside so I waited until the employee returned. Ignoring the people rudely gunning their engines behind me I told him I needed a happy meal toy and a soda. Finally, almost 15 minutes after this horrible ordeal McDonald's put me through it was finally over. Why oh why do I keep having to go back to this terrible place?

You Would Think Mcdonald's Would Want to Avoid a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit
By -

I am furious. No, strike that. I am BEYOND furious! On April the 9, 2007, I contacted corporate headquarters for McDonald´s (you know the hamburger joint.) Trying to eat health smart, I had been through the drive-up and ordered a fish sandwich (okay, so I caved in... just a little), french fries, and a large order water - no ice.

Now, keep in mind, I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER. The cashier told me, "I can give you a small water, sell you a tea or soda, but I cannot give you a large water". I told her, "sure you can, I am a paying customer". Again, she refused to serve me a large water. My exact wording was, "well screw you then". I drove off, contacting headquarters the next day.

Needless to say, a supervisor contacted me, within a timely manner. Of course, it was all explained away as "the cashier misunderstood and thought you were ordering a value meal, and we cannot serve a large water with a value meal. We apologize for any inconvenience. It will not happen again. Blah blah blah". My response to that was, "even though I wasn't ordering a value meal there is no reason why you would not have been able to serve me a large water. But, considering I was ordering a large water, and PAYING for the order, I still should have been served a large water".

I went on to explain that I should NOT have to explain any medical condition to them regarding my health, but that I would. I am a kidney patient, and I am obese, and I am also dieting and trying to eat healthy so I can lose weight. Of course, again she apologized and assured me it would not happen again. She, desperately, tried to give me free food, again, assuring me it would NOT happen again.

I told her I was not interested in free anything, the only thing I wanted was to be served what I order. I told her "I don´t care if I have to pay for the water, I just want what I order". She told me if I come in their store again, I would be able to order a large water, without having to explain anything. I thanked her and hung up.

Last night, May 3, 2007, I drove up to the same McDonald´s, ordered a fish sandwich, and a large water. This time I paid for it and got a receipt. However, I was refused a large. I was told they could me a small water, but they are not allowed to give a large water.

I pulled up to the pay window (yes, I was in the drive-up again), and told the cashier that I had been through this last month, and I know that I can order, and receive a large water. She said "okay", took my money, and gave me the receipt. I drove to the food pick-up window, and was told they could not give me a large water. Again, I told them "I had spoken to corporate last month and I can order and receive a large water". The manager came to the window, and she told me I could not have a large water. I told her "fine, I will file a lawsuit against you company".

I got my money back, and here I am... looking for an attorney who will represent me. I would like to file for the fact that 1) I HAVE to explain WHY I want water. 2) I am discriminated against because I want a large water instead of a tea or a soda. 3) As a paying customer I should not be FORCED into purchasing a product that is unhealthy for me in order to get a large drink. Think this is frivolous, it isn't. I am limited to where I can go for any drinks, because I work nights driving a taxi. It isn't like I can pull in a parking lot, park and go inside a restaurant and sit down and get multiple glasses of water.

Do You Really Know What They Are Serving Their Customers?
By -

142 CARBONDALE RD SW DALTON, GEORGIA -- We all dine at fast food restaurants, and we all want our food prepared the way it should be and never tampered with. On Monday March 12, my son and a couple of his friends wanted to go to the skate park here in Dalton. They go to GCHS and they was out of school for an in service day. I took an early lunch. Went home and picked the boys up then took them back to the Skate Park. They asked me to pick them up at 7:00pm that evening. About 6:30pm I was off to pick the boys up. After picking the boys up we were headed home in Gordon County, so we passed the McDonalds at the Carbondale Rd area.

I let the boys know that I would buy them dinner because I knew they were hungry and asked would they like McDonalds and they agreed. I went through the drive through and I placed the order. When the gentleman took the order he did not call the order back to me and it was not displayed on the screen so when I got to the window I asked him could he repeat the order. He repeated what he had and I let him know that it was correct. I paid for the meal with my credit card. We waited for some time, as it was taking longer than it should have.

Upon getting the order another gentleman brought the bag to the window and the gentleman who took my order asked him to give it to me. I pulled up to check and as my son took the first double cheeseburger out of the bag to see whose it was, it had been bitten off of. He said "Mom this is disgusting." I grabbed the burger, put my car in park and blocked the traffic at the drive through and got out and headed back to the drive through door. The door was open at the drive through, and I said to the gentleman that took my order "How dare someone do this and give it to a customer." He said they gave me the bag and "I gave it to you."

I requested a manager to come to the door. A lady came and I explained to her what had just happened. She asked for my receipt. As I went back to my SUV to find the receipt, the boys all looked at me and said "We won't eat that food. It has tobacco dip/substance on it." I grabbed the 2 bags of food, took back to the door and told the lady "First I did not get my receipt and 2nd the other food had tobacco dip/substance on it."

She was at the register trying to figure out what to do when I told her "I put it on credit card." She said she did not know how to take it off. I then told her that no one should be working in an establishment after this incident. Everyone back in the grill area needed to be fired. She never once apologized for what happened or even said she would get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, one of the boys was getting sick for what he just saw. My son told him to open the door and not to get sick in my SUV.

I let her know I was contacting McDonalds Corporate office and see what actions would be taken. McDonalds should be held accountable for their employees actions. If they thought this was a funny joke it was not and they all should be in the unemployment line.

What if this was given in a kids meal and the parent did not check the food, and their child ate it. This is the most unexcused thing that could have happened at a fast food establishment. Everybody eats at McDonalds, but now we will never eat at this establishment again. If they did this to me, my son and his friends, what do you think they have done to others?

This is so disgusting that McDonald's lets people that they have employed at this location tarnish their name. I have contacted the Corporate Office of McDonalds, and I still have not heard back from anyone. So think about what you could be served at this McDonalds on Carbondale Rd in Dalton Ga. It is located right inside the Pilot.

I Can't Believe How Terrible the Food and Service Was!
By -

My husband and I went to McDonalds yesterday before heading to the grocery store (never a good idea to shop on an empty stomach. :) We went in, got in line and were amazed that it was that backed up at nearly 2:00 in the afternoon on a weekday. As a former McDonalds employee -- I went up to the counter to have a peek at their drive through screen to see how long the cars were waiting to get an idea of how long we would be in line. My average working there was 26 seconds and rarely over 2 minutes. The screen on the first order read over 12 minutes.

I went back to the end of the line to debate with my husband on if we would stay or run next door to KFC, since it was raining we decided to just wait it out. My husband is an extremely picky eater, so in order to increase the odds of getting the order correct for one of the burgers - I ordered the same thing as him. Two big extra meals, nothing on the big extras except bacon and cheese.

I repeated this twice and confirmed on the slip that it read: "Grill - plain - bacon - cheese". This was after approx 20 minutes in line, we wait about 5 more minutes or so (thankfully just before our order some very grumpy looking managers took over in the kitchen and things were getting out a little faster).

We get our meals, go back to the table and see that both Big Xtras have everything on them. I keep mine and just bring his up saying "I will eat mine as it is, but my husband won't," repeated my order to the girl, she apologized and went to the kitchen, where I heard her repeat my order correctly and ask for it immediately. I waited a few more minutes, then got the burger, went back to my table, handed it to my husband. He opens it up, starts laughing. It didn't have any cheese on it.

OK, so I take it back up again -- he offered but at this point I was rather annoyed. I take it to her, she -- truly apologetic takes it back. Where I watch the manager roll her eyes, sigh and plunk two pieces of cold cheese on it, and hand it back.

Both burgers though made within the past few minutes were stone cold, the cheese wasn't anything even resembling melted on either one of them. The only person who acted in the manner they should have was the poor girl at the counter who was obviously as frustrated with the kitchen as I was, but still acted in a respectable way.

Now if nothing else I know why after only 2 months part time at McDonalds they were talking about my promotion to management, I am absolutely disgusted!!! I know there is no chance the people working with me and my managers only a few years back would have gotten away with anything close to that. They weren't even finishing the cooking in order to get it out faster (after 25 minutes I will wait 30 more seconds for hot food!!!) OK, rant over, wish me luck as I am going to be contacting the company directly on Monday.

Long Lines
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Rating: 1/51

PRIMM, NEVADA -- This restaurant is on the LV strip just before you arrive. I have never seen such slow service in my life. People were waiting to order, waiting for food, one cashier entering new orders, foreign guests standing around wondering, others crashing into the waiting line to refill drinks. Never again. All I wanted was to order some chicken nuggets. It isn't worth the money to eat here. The place was dirt with dust as well.

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Rating: 1/51

FRANKLIN,& OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA -- The Oil City & Franklin McDonald's charge $3 for a vanilla iced coffee. It's full of ice and it was good. Now they have downsized the cup to a medium, but the price is the same. In the large you got 16 oz vs 8 oz. Now It's a ripoff. You can buy 1/2 half gallon of gourmet vanilla iced coffee at the grocery store for $3 so they have our business of 3-4 days a week.

Worst McDonalds Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I visited this McDonald's for the first time last night and will NEVER visit again. I ordered a cheeseburger, French fries and soda last night before my class at DePaul. I took my first bite and got a huge pubic hair in mouth. It was INSIDE the sandwich. I nearly threw up. I still gag thinking about it.

My disgust was compounded when I notified the manager and he barely blinked an eye. He didn't apologize; he literally threw another cheeseburger on the counter in front of me. I told him I did not want another burger. Seriously, why would I eat something made in the same kitchen that put a pubic hair in my mouth only minutes earlier. He ended up giving me $1.11 back despite the fact that I couldn't eat my entire meal. I am disgusted by this entire situation and how it was handled. Poorly done, McDonald's.

McDonalds Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ATCHISON, KANSAS -- Asked for 3 chicken selects. They gave me 1 and half chicken selects and 2 chicken nuggets and when I came back to tell them she told me that she had given me what I paid for and that was that, no refund.

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