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No Cheese Please
By -

WEST ISLIP, NEW YORK -- After ordering food and stating no cheese on my wife's quarter pounder, and other food, I drove home. It clearly stated on the receipt and box no cheese/onions. Upon arriving home the burger has cheese which my wife hates. She peeled it off. Unacceptable. I drove back where the same crew we still on shift. The manager apologized and gave me a coupon for a freebie. This happens way too often. I can say it's not worth my gas and my time to go back.

Right to Refuse Service or Discrimination
By -

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- The right to refuse or discrimination. I have visited your store at 18145 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, CA more than 6 days a week and many days two times a day. I eat lunch and many days I have my dinner there as well. The food is really great and the service is excellent during the evenings. I even stick around and use the €œWiFi€ after dinning. Many times I stay longer. The customer service is very good and many of the employees handle multiple tasks without controversy.

However, over the last year I have been in the store a number of times early in the day and before noon and have had an encounter with the same female employee who refuses to wait on me, and screws up my order when she does wait on me. I have a right to the same service she provides to other customers she waits on, but for some reason I do not get satisfactory service from that employee.

She has told other employees "I do not want to wait on him".€ One of the many observed acts of misconduct for example €œI ordered a large strawberry shake and large fry. And she told me the price and it didn'™t sound right, so I asked her to repeat the order back to me. And she had taken it wrong, and had only charged me for a small shake. When I corrected her she became agitated and reached over the counter and began punching the cancel key on the card reader with unnecessary force and stating hysterically "€œOK, OK, if you want to change it we can change itâ€".

I was shocked that she was attempting to blame me for her mistake (which I believe was a willful misconduct of an employee). I contacted a manager right then to let them know what had taken place and after she talked to me she went back behind the counter and everyone gathered around her and began to laugh openly. I was again shocked at such discrimination.

Today Tue. Dec. 27, 2011 at 10:55 AM I come in and she tells another employee she does not want to wait on me. I asked what the problem was and the other employee threw up his hands and stated "I do not know". I suggested that she does not have a right to pick and chose whom she does or does not want to wait on at McDonald's. He pointed to a sign that read "Wœe reserve the right to refuse service to anyone€".

I believe there is a difference in reserving the right and discrimination. If I have done something wrong then ban me from the McDonald's. This is one person who thinks her employment gives the right to choose who they give service to in a customer service position. This issue is not being dealt with at the management level and it continues and will continue as she thinks she is not wrong in what she is doing to your customers. What if we all decided to work at our jobs in the same manner? How long would we stay in business if one rogue employee dictated who they served?

29 Minute Wait for Food
By -

ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- On the morning of Saturday, October 29th, 2011 I went to McDonald's (the newly renovated store #842 on Old York Road in Abington, PA) to get my wife and I some breakfast. I decided to go inside, since I wasn't 100% positive what I wanted yet. When I went inside, I looked at the menu and decided what I wanted. The cashier assisted me and took my order.

I got my receipt at 9:31 AM (that is the time stamp on the receipt as well). My order was a small coffee, 1 big breakfast with hotcakes, 2 bacon egg and cheese Mcgriddles, and 1 order of hash browns. There were approx. 4 orders ahead of me (on the inside orders). They seemed be getting a little restless, but slowly and surely, some of them were getting their food. I noticed that the screen that shows the orders were approaching the 600 second mark, and at times, exceeding it.

I understand that it's a Saturday morning, so it may take a little longer than normal. More people were coming in and placing orders inside. The people who were helped before me eventually all had their food and I anticipated my food to be one of the next ones to be served. Several minutes went by and I still didn't have my food, while people after me (checking the screen that we all could see, some of those people had the same food items that I had ordered, but not my order).

At about 9:55, one of the employees asked me what I ordered. I showed him the receipt and he said that they would work on it. For some reason, my order was no longer on the screen, so I'm thinking that they removed it without filling it. I'm not sure why they would do this, though. Finally, at 10:00 AM, I received my order. I requested my receipt back, but they lost it on the ground, so a new one was printed. I was not given an apology of any sort for having to wait so long. When I did get home, the coffee that was order was cold. I believe that there should be hash browns included in the big breakfast, but it was not included.

Normally, I have no problem waiting for food when things get busy at a restaurant or a fast food place, but waiting 29 minutes for an order is ridiculous at a fast food place. I could have gone to a sit down breakfast place and received my food in 29 minutes. I went to McDonald's because I wanted breakfast that I could bring home somewhat quickly, but having to wait 29 minutes for my food isn't quick by a fast food standard, and not even for a breakfast restaurant standard.

Resolution Update 10/31/2011:

Here is the second email I got from Tanya Holliday (the first one was just from the TanwayEnterprises), who I think is the owner.
Message body Dear Mr. My Name,

We offer no excuses, just a boat load of apologies as we will continue to smooth out the lumps and bumps since reopening. Again, we apology. Please understand that clearly this is not our intentions.

We value each and every customers! Therefore, please allow us to " right the wrong". We would like to provide you, your exact same meal FREE .... at your convenience.

Please provide an address so that we can mail you "Be Our Guest" cards or you can let me know when you will be back so that we can grant you a better experience, again with your total meal replaced!

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. It is very helpful as we continue to train our new staff. And, again, please accept our apology.


Tanya Holliday

Sent from Tanya's iPad . . . Thank You & Make It A Great Day!

The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
By -

MIDWESET CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I'm letting my angry inner child type this one out because I'm mad as hell and I want this to be largely extemporaneous and unedited. Ya know I'm usually the sensible one on my3cents but this time I'm playing the rage card. I think I've earned that privilege.

I wake up this morning feeling good and with an appetite for the first time in a long time. I got a little pep in my step and a hunger in my belly and McDonald's on my mind. I order my breakfast burrito and *rolls eyes* *finger quotes* UNSWEET *finger quotes* iced tea, pays my $2.16 and drive off. Sounds like a happy ending, right. Oh HELL NO. Not by a long shot. I reach in the sack for my straw so I can sip some iced tea and you ain't going to believe this but Jar Jar Binks forgot to give me a straw. Yeah. No straw. What the bloody hell?

The drive-thru line is too long for my time so I had to spin right back around out of my truck into the store for a damn straw before I could be on my UNHAPPY way. I ask you who forgets the straw, man? How hard is it to put a freaking straw in a sack. You serve a drink, you give a straw. It's that way every time. This ain't no decision tree requiring judgment or thought. DRINK - STRAW. DRINK - STRAW. DRINK - STRAW. DRINK - STRAW. There's absolutely no excuse for forgetting the STRAW. GEEZE, GEEZE, GEEZE, GEEZE. If I wanted to get out of my truck for some abuse I'd gone to the Waffle House.

They SCREWED with the WRONG guy this time. I'm never going to McDonald's again. NEVER EVER ANYWHERE. McDonalds in Texas?“ NO! In the Kansas? - NO! On a turnpike or in a Walmart or at a mall food court? NO! NO! NO!!! I AM DONE with McDonald's and I might add for morally superior reasoning. Bottom line, you just don't treat people like that so early in the morning. It's just that simple.

Why Has Mcdonald's Regular Coffee All Of A Sudden Gone Weak?
By -

MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN -- I am a daily consumer of the wonderful tasting Mcdonald's regular coffee.... But just yesterday much to my dismay
my cup tasted weak and watered down so... I tested by going to another Mcdonald's in my town... With the same
result. Today I just bought one and where did the rich flavor go! Again it tasted like water so bad I could not even finish the cup. Has anyone else noticed this dramatic change yet? Do we really need ask why? Simply it was raise
the price or cut the amount of coffee added... Sorry to say the one they have chosen. They thought we too stupid
to tell... Shame on you Mcdonald's! You can't fool us real coffee consumers.

Actually the coffee is the only thing I get from them anymore. Since I am 65 years old and seen the change over the years.. in fact I still purchase mostly today from that same Mcdonald's as I did some 50 years ago... And now... I must even give up their coffee. Why didn't you just raise your coffee price a bit? I get senior rate anyway. So I could have easily paid a few cents more. Goodbye.. micky-dees (as we used to call it so many years ago).

Complaint e-mail sent to McDonalds.. worst service ever!
By -

I would have to say this was the worst visit I have ever had at a McDonalds. My mother and I arrived at about 7:50 pm on 12/18/10. There was one guest in front of us. The girl at the counter took her order and then proceeded to help fill orders for drive through ( they wear busy ) but not once did she look at us or acknowledge we where standing there. After waiting 15 min she took our order. She never apologized for the wait and never bothered to make eye contact. I understand they had a backed up drive through but at a very minimum an apologized for the 15 min wait was in order. Annoyed already we made the order and stepped aside to wait for it to be filled. By that time there was already a line forming behind us due to the girl taking so long to take our order.

The manager was very busy filling orders and put our bag of food on the counter but said nothing to us( this was 15 min after the order was placed ). My mother asked her is that was our order and she said yes but I am waiting for a sandwich. Again she didn't apologized or even acknowledge the fact that we had been waiting so long.

My mom then told the girl at the counter the food was getting cold and she just turned away and took the order for the next guest. She didn't even acknowledge my mother. The order sat there for about another 10 min and then she added the sandwich. My mother told the manager the rest of the food was cold at that point. The manager then responded with " I am doing the best I can ". Again no apology... We then asked for our money back and left. The restaurant at that point was filled with guest and every single one of them saw this. We arrived at this McDonalds at 7:50 and left at 8:35. Is this acceptable for a to go order? I understand when things get busy and there may be a longer wait but the guest should be made aware of this and again an apology should be given. I felt like we were ignored and the manager could have cared less if she kept out business or not. She just took our food and put it behind the counter when we asked for our money back. To add insult to injury she gave us the incorrect change when the refund was given.

Out order was
1. Crispy chicken meal ( large )
2. 20 pc nuggets
3. 2 kids meals
Total = $ 24.00

Because of this we will never go back to this McDonalds even though it is very close to my mothers house. I work for a very large Automotive company in the consumer affairs office. I know good customer service and I know sometimes things get rough. But when that happens the manager of all people should be the first to acknowledge a guest and apologize.

We left McDonalds that night and went to Taco Bell up the street and purchased our food. We where in and out of there within 15 min.

Purposely oversalted burgers
By -

It was early Saturday morning, when me and my friend decided to go for a ride, we stopped at the McDonald's here in Huron, Ohio, its a small town, and sometimes the off hours food isn't what it could be, so we usually stick to peak hours to avoid dry and cold burgers. We drove up around 10:30 AM and ordered a McMuffin/w egg and 3 Cheese burgers, a Hamburger, and an orange juice, and a shake. The Lady taking our order said we could still order McMuffins, but they didn't have Egg to go with the sandwich; my friend though it would be alright since the first burgers of the day are fresh and hot. They took our money ($10.50),and said at the pickup window (after we got the shake and orange juice) to pullup and park(people were behind us) and that it would be 7 minutes. After we got our bag we pulled away; -Down the road, the cheeseburgers were almost Cold and dry (...sitting around), the Mcmuffin was old and the hamburger was missing.
I told my friend who was driving that the food was CRAP again, I wanted to throw it out and was upset that it was SO BAD again! But she said, "We're taking it back"! We went back to the Huron McDonald's, and I tried to take it inside, but it only upset me more with 15 people in line. Then we went around the drive through, and she told them we were missing a burger and the cheeseburgers were 'not hot'. The lady that took our money before said, "They were just made fresh!" and gave us a dirty look as we pulled up to the next windows to see the Manager; The Manager apologiezed and in a couple of minutes gave us new burgers. A couple of miles down the road we tried the hamburgers, they were fresh and hot; but after a bite, the burger were SO Freaking salty, you couldn't even finish it (It made me gag!). Then I gave her a Cheeseburger, and I tried a Cheeseburger. We couldn't take more than a coulple bites before we had to stop! Everything they gave us was WAY too salty! She said "in the 20 years I've been eating burgers, I Never had a Burger this AWFUL, Ever!". They tasted like they were soaked in brine, it was so GROSS! We called the Huron, Ohio McDonald's phone number on the receipt from the car, and complained about how the food was purposely oversalted because we went back for the burger we paid for and they didn't give us; and how cold the "Made Fresh" Cheeseburgers were. We were put on the phone with the Manager (Melisa.) The girl who answered the Phone said the Manager cook the Burgers herself. The Manager apologized up an down. My Friend explained to her "it wasn't funny, or a mistake; that all the new burgers were intentionaly over salted and made unedible". How can people be so Petty! They throw tons of food away everyday, but Don't ever take food back to McDonald's, these malcontents will spit in it or worse to "get" back at you. I'm sure those delenquints thought they'd show us...

Heres the 800 Number
By -

Dear customer service,
Two evenings ago my family and I visited the said McDonalds for an evening snack only to have another poor experience at the restaurant.
Long of the short, the employees and the manager, in my opinion severely lack customer service etiquette.
#1) upon arrival to the drive through, we were not greeted with a kind welcome, rather a tone of incontinence.
#2) We placed an order requesting only 5 McDoubles, specifying Catsup only, the employee did not repeat the order back properly, I attempted to assure the food was prepared as we requested there was no response returned over the intercom system.
#3) we proceeded to the pay window communicating with the employee whom received our request, where we encountered an extremely rood young lady. We asked if she had heard our request for the preparation and she closed the window during the conversation and walked off.
We asked to speak to the managed and as we were advising her on the conversation she (the manager) looked at the employee closing the window, smiling at the employee and walking off.
The employee reopened the window stating the amount owed and we paid and drove to the pick up window only to be told it will be approximately seven minutes, within seconds here arrives at the window an additional employee eating a hamburger and sipping a soda. (I should say stuffing a burger in her mouth) Unacceptable!
We continued receiving poor service, I asked to speak again to the manager, whereas the employee handed me a cup, stating if you have a problem there is the 800 number, call customer service.This is where I was done with the negative experience, I requested my monies be returned and we left.
How pleasing???
Never again!
My Best
Jeff Phebus & Family

Selling my Soul to McDonalds
By -

It was just the start of January 2009 when I was hired at the local McDonalds. I was more than happy to begin working; it was exciting to be a part of the experience--or so, I thought.

First off, I want to say I am truly surprised at how many people eat at McDonalds, and how MUCH. After all it was not too long ago when there was such an uproar about the fast food corporation because of documentaries like "Fast Food Nation" or "Super Size Me" (very good documentaries too!).

My full-time job was very much confused with hell thanks to both customers, managers, and other employees. Not saying of course that ALL the customers, managers, and other employees were a nightmare to deal with, because some of them were pretty cool.

Customers always complained about how long it took for them to get their order taken and receive their food, it was because this was the second most busy McDonalds in all of Jacksonville. This restaurant is the ONLY fast food restaurant right off the Interstate near here. I had lines of families waiting to order, and when they approached me and my register they would just complain about how they couldn't find a parking spot, how the drive-through was backed up around the whole building, or how long it took me to take their order. What was I supposed to do about that? I was pushing those buttons on my register as fast as I could.

They threw fits when I told them extra sauce was 25 cents. They cried when I couldn't take coupons over their expiration date. They would taunt the front cashiering workers for packets of ketchup when there was an obvious ketchup pump with little paper-cup holders right next to the soda machine while they were dining in; and it seemed that they would take those ketchup packets and coat a section of the trays in them so we would have to scrub them down real good.

Some of the managers and employees were worse. I had worked morning shift, and at 2:00 pm the night shift were SUPPOSE to come in and take our spots. Every day, they were always late and that meant I had to stay after until they decided to get there. And when they did arrive there they got away with a slap on the wrist, and I'm pretty sure I have not gotten a single dime from working overtime like that. Those night shift workers had it good. They wore jeans and high-heels to work sometimes, and listened to their ipods their entire shift. Those night shift managers let them do whatever they wanted.

I had problems were night shift were supposed to stock the front area for us cash registering people for morning shift, and sometimes they never did.. causing us problems with the customers and the morning managers. That too was a slap on the wrist for night shift.

We had hired a girl from South Korea who learned 10 years worth of English but still had somewhat of an accent. I always overheard the other employees and even the managers make smart remarks about how she should learn how to talk English right, or how they were disgusted with her culture.

Sometimes at the end of the day I would have money missing out of my drawer, and it puzzled me why because I was so damn good with money. After I paid McDonalds back with the money out of my paycheck I learned that managers were using my register when I was out for lunch. So I had to pay for their careless mistakes!

One day after work, I was called by one of my managers to take her home and I agreed to do it. I thought her house was nearby but it was clear over in Orange Park. While we were driving there she asked me if I can sign a rental car for her in my name and if she could borrow my credit card. She also stole money from out of the registers there at McDonalds, and stole a credit card from a customer. And guess what? She still works there.

The week after that happened I quit.

Now I couldn't tell you about the food there. I vowed to stop eating at fast food places a long time ago and that's working out very well for me. But hey, the apple dippers with caramel there are pretty tasty!

The overall worst visit to McDonalds in my life.
By -

CARTHAGE, TENNESSEE -- I've been going to Mcdonalds my whole life. Of course there have been times when it was better than others, but I've never had a worst experience than what I had a few days ago. I got there and there was hardly anyone there. There was one family infront of me with about 4 people and that was it. Well when me and my friend got in there, this family had already ordered, but they were standin up there waitin for their food. The woman at the register knew these people, and she was talking to em. So me and my friend stood there patiently waiting for her to take our order. Time passed and we were still standing there. Then another family came in behind us. She still hadn't took our order, she was talking to the people in front of us, and I heard what they were talking about, and it had nothing to do with Mcdonalds or their order or any reason they could have had to hold up the line. It had been about 20 minutes and there was about 3 families standing behind us. And it wasn't like the woman couldn't see us, we were in perfect site! I don't see how you could miss 4 groups of people waiting to order. So finally I just stepped up to her and said "excuse me, I don't have time to stand here while you talk to them, I have somewhere I have to be and I'm already running late because of this." I was very nice about it, and I was telling the truth because I had to be somewhere and I was running late already and she made it worse. So she finally took our orders. We both ordered the chicken nugget meal. If you order the meal, it's cheaper than orderin separately a medium fry, 10 pieces of chicken nuggets, and a drink. And we both said meal I know for a fact. We got our meal and went to sit down and I didn't realize till after we left but I looked at our receipt and she had put it as we ordered one meal, but then put the other meal all separately, so she ended up chargin us more than she should have. I would have gone back in there had I not already been late. But when we ate our fries... I've never had fries like this in my life.... but when you bit into it... normally it has the potato in the middle.. it had none. It was crispy on the outside.. and inside. It was horrible! They cooked em wayy too long! They were the worst fries I have ever had in my life. Then our chicken nuggets had been cooked the same way.. way too long. But at least the fries were hot! The chicken nuggets had been cooked too long, then had sat out for a good while so they were cold and way too hard to bite into! It was just overall the worst visit I've ever had in my life to mcdonalds, and I don't plan to go back anytime soon.

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