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No Cheese Please
By -

WEST ISLIP, NEW YORK -- After ordering food and stating no cheese on my wife's quarter pounder, and other food, I drove home. It clearly stated on the receipt and box no cheese/onions. Upon arriving home the burger has cheese which my wife hates. She peeled it off. Unacceptable. I drove back where the same crew we still on shift. The manager apologized and gave me a coupon for a freebie. This happens way too often. I can say it's not worth my gas and my time to go back.

The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
By -

MIDWESET CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I'm letting my angry inner child type this one out because I'm mad as hell and I want this to be largely extemporaneous and unedited. Ya know I'm usually the sensible one on my3cents but this time I'm playing the rage card. I think I've earned that privilege.

I wake up this morning feeling good and with an appetite for the first time in a long time. I got a little pep in my step and a hunger in my belly and McDonald's on my mind. I order my breakfast burrito and *rolls eyes* *finger quotes* UNSWEET *finger quotes* iced tea, pays my $2.16 and drive off. Sounds like a happy ending, right. Oh HELL NO. Not by a long shot. I reach in the sack for my straw so I can sip some iced tea and you ain't going to believe this but Jar Jar Binks forgot to give me a straw. Yeah. No straw. What the bloody hell?

The drive-thru line is too long for my time so I had to spin right back around out of my truck into the store for a damn straw before I could be on my UNHAPPY way. I ask you who forgets the straw, man? How hard is it to put a freaking straw in a sack. You serve a drink, you give a straw. It's that way every time. This ain't no decision tree requiring judgment or thought. DRINK - STRAW. DRINK - STRAW. DRINK - STRAW. DRINK - STRAW. There's absolutely no excuse for forgetting the STRAW. GEEZE, GEEZE, GEEZE, GEEZE. If I wanted to get out of my truck for some abuse I'd gone to the Waffle House.

They SCREWED with the WRONG guy this time. I'm never going to McDonald's again. NEVER EVER ANYWHERE. McDonalds in Texas? NO! In the Kansas? NO! On a turnpike or in a Walmart or at a mall food court? NO! NO! NO!!! I AM DONE with McDonald's and I might add for morally superior reasoning. Bottom line, you just don't treat people like that so early in the morning. It's just that simple.

Here's the 800 Number
By -

Two evenings ago my family and I visited the said McDonald's for an evening snack only to have another poor experience at the restaurant. Long of the short, the employees and the manager, in my opinion severely lack customer service etiquette.

Upon arrival to the drive through, we were not greeted with a kind welcome, rather a tone of incontinence. We placed an order requesting only 5 McDoubles, specifying Catsup only. The employee did not repeat the order back properly. I attempted to assure the food was prepared as we requested there was no response returned over the intercom system. We proceeded to the pay window communicating with the employee whom received our request, where we encountered an extremely rood young lady. We asked if she had heard our request for the preparation and she closed the window during the conversation and walked off.

We asked to speak to the manager and as we were advising her on the conversation she (the manager) looked at the employee closing the window, smiling at the employee and walking off. The employee reopened the window stating the amount owed and we paid and drove to the pick up window only to be told it will be approximately seven minutes. Within seconds here arrives at the window an additional employee eating a hamburger and sipping a soda. (I should say stuffing a burger in her mouth) Unacceptable!

We continued receiving poor service. I asked to speak again to the manager, whereas the employee handed me a cup stating, "If you have a problem there is the 800 number, call customer service".This is where I was done with the negative experience, I requested my monies be returned and we left. How pleasing??? Never again!

Bad Service at Location but Very Good Follow Up by Corporate
By -

EDGEWOOD, MARYLAND -- Update- I just received another letter of apology plus 2 more gift cards. This time from the owner. Wow... They must REALLY want my business ^_^. I'm very glad for the apology, but this may be a bit of 'overkill' lol. Sunday, July 6th, my family and I stopped by the local McDonalds for dinner. We went through the drive through and placed our order. It was a special order, but nothing hard: 1 Double Quarter Pounder with cheese only, 1 Filet-O-Fish, tartar sauce only, 1 Filet-O-Fish, cheese only, 1 Small Chocolate Shake.

What we got the 1st time was: All normal sandwiches (none was the special order). 1 Small Chocolate Shake (Kept the shake, returned the sandwiches). What we got the 2nd time was: Quarter Pounder with cheese only (not the Double), 2 normal Filet-O-Fish (Kept the Quarter Pounder, returned the Filet-O-Fish). Was asked to move up and someone would come out with the corrected order.

What we got the 3rd time: 1 Filet-O-Fish, cheese only (correct), 1 Filet-O-Fish normal sandwich (incorrect). (Kept the correct sandwich and sent the other back with a request to speak with the manager.) What we got the 4th time: 1 Filet-O-Fish, tartar sauce only (correct). The girl said that the manager didn't want to speak with us.

We left and I called corporate. Was told I would get a call back in 3-5 days. Monday morning, 10:03 am, I get a call from Corporate asking what was wrong. I told them and the young lady repeatedly apologized and said that she was in Edgewood (where I live) and would go and talk to the evening manager that night. She also said that she would send a letter of apology. I thanked her and thought nothing else about it.

Last night, 6:45 pm, I got a call from the owner of that McDonalds, also apologizing and asking if there was anything he could do to make it up to us. I told him no and I was just happy with the apology and that it was brought to someone's attention. Today I received the letter of apology WITH 4 free coupons for sandwiches. I had been irritated mostly with the manager not coming out to see us, but corporate's quick response was wonderful (and unexpected). ^_^

Employees Treated Unfairly
By -

MANCHESTER, TENNESSEE -- As a current employee of McDonald's, I really don't like it at all. The way the management staff treat their employees: leaving them to do all the work while they sit on their dead ** in the office talkin' and laughin' and carrying about stuff that doesn't even involve McDonald's and I am so sick of it! The way they treat their employees is ridiculous! And they say that they don't show no signs of discrimination against certain employees? SHUT UP!!!

I'm one of the employees that's being discriminated against: accused of stealing money out of my own register when I didn't (I'm a Christian and I would never steal money from my own register or from anybody!), getting thrown in the kitchen to cook meat all because the high school kids didn't want to do it & would rather see me cook, or put me in the back where I can't be seen. I'm black so what? Just the rest of them, I'm there for money too. They always throw the best workers with a heck of a lot more experience in customer service in the kitchen.

Oh, they even suspended me for having $39.00 comin' up short out of my own register... FOR 3 DAMN MONTHS! And had the nerve to tell me that another cashier had 40 bucks comin' up short out of their register and they didn't write them up or suspend them for it and that's not fair at all! I've been in fast food service for 6 years (3 years at another restaurant) and was treated 10x better than I am now!

Then what really gets me is managers braggin' about their PTO's (paid vacation time-1 week) and they don't deserve it: we employees do! We're the ones that come into work sick as a damn dog and work our tails off like crazy and don't get appreciated for it! Hell, if I would love to get paid for sitting on my ass in the office doin' nothing but talk to other managers about your personal life outside of work! I am so sick of this! If you're an employee at a McDonald's or a former employee at McDonald's, holla back and let me know what you think of this! That's all I got to say and thank you for reading this!

Mcdonalds Workers Do Not Wear Gloves When Handling Our Food!
By -

Going to Mcdonalds on 13875 Cypress North Houston Road for a simple big breakfast meal turned into a very upsetting encounter. ** the restaurant manager was very rude! He was not wearing a name tag and his workers cooking the food were NOT wearing Gloves which I find DISGUSTING! I am not going to eat anything that has been touched by HUMAN HANDS! Every time I go into this store I ask the workers to put on their gloves, which I should not have to do every time I eat there. If ** was doing his job he would make his employees wear gloves while touching and handling the customers food.

I have been going to this Mcdonalds for 20 years. The person at the register spoke NO ENGLISH and had to go get the Manager **, I proceeded to order a big breakfast, with NO BISCUIT, add an extra egg and have never in 20 years been charged for an extra egg. ** was Rude and tried charging me $1.50 extra for an extra egg. Instead of making a regular customer happy, ** made a scene in the store in front of everyone and told me "Well that's not the way it is here, you will pay extra for your egg from now on!!" HELL no. I will not pay $1.50 extra for my egg, I have been ordering my big breakfast this way for several years and have NEVER been charged!

** is Black and I am White... I bet if I was Black my needs would have been accommodated! DISCRIMINATION!! ** is Rude, Unprofessional, and is a sorry excuse for a manager. I plan on contacting the health board and filing several complaints against **, all over the way he treated me... And to think all this over an extra egg. ** needs to take classes on how to treat his customers and he needs to make his workers wear gloves everyday. I am tired of seeing those mexicans back there scratching their heads, rubbing their noses and touching our food.

Not a Very Happy Camper
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Rating: 1/51

ROSEMONT, PENNSYLVANIA -- In my lifetime (67) I have visited many McDonald's and several around the world. I have also been an area mgr. for 14 years at another fast food, or should I say restaurant (being correct). This place was no place I would take my family into. I went with my son and myself, very hungry after working out in the snow and ice. The employee was very nice, and she took my order and told me it would take about 3 minutes. "No problem," I said, because they had to cook the new batch of fries.

As I waited, I used the bathroom. It felt dirty inside, not bright and clean as I have been used to. The water inside was ice cold and to wash your hand in cold water and soap, just does not kill germs. Wonder how the employees kill the germs. Well, outside the bathroom, there was a mop, mop bucket and just did not look good to me. After leaving the bathroom, as you know very well, I started to look deeper at everything.

This is what I found, do what you need to do, to correct this, it is your choice, not mine and I really will not go back to this store, if possible. Looking at the dining room, there was low lights, several burned out and it looked dirty to me. Then looking at the floor, there were dirty, things on it and mop strings around the legs of tables and chairs. This was my first visit to this store and will be my last.

After sitting down, I notice how cold it was in the building. I know it is very very cold outside, record cold in last 5 years, but we wanted to sit inside and feel good. I could also see the employees all had sweat shirts on, even those in the cooking area. I know back there is cold. I am wondering if the store mgr is trying to show good costs, on heat and electric (keeping it down)?? I found the food to be very good, fries excellent and hot and meal excellent. I did find my Coke to be little weak, I am wondering if you are doing a 5 to 1 ratio??? P.S. it was not very busy. Check your readings at the time I was there, 19:37 pm--** was my order #. Thanks and Good luck.

Poor Quality of Food as Prepared and Presented
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Rating: 2/51

WELLSTON, OHIO -- Drive Through at the Wellston, Oh location on Fri, Sept. 27, 2013 at 3:49 PM. It was busy, with a long line -- not a problem. I don't mind waiting my turn. Ordered 5 piece wings, 2 McDouble sandwiches and fries (special request for fries to be prepared "extra crispy" -- noted on receipt). Sandwiches were obviously prepared in a great hurry with catsup and pickles hanging out 1 side of the bun and the meat patties hanging out the other with the cheese outside the bun altogether -- one was in the bag not totally wrapped.

Wings were very well-done and exceptionally greasy, leading me to believe they had been sitting awhile and then "refreshed" be immersing them in the hot grease again. The fries, which I had requested "extra crispy" were pale, limp (very limp) and unappetizing -- the cat even rejected them.

This is a fast food restaurant and I certainly don't have high expectations, however this was beyond bad. I called to get the phone # for the District Manager, and was told I need to contact ** at 710-0053 - this turned out to be a wrong # and I called again to request a correct one and was told "We gave you the right number before!" and then the phone was slammed down.

I called the Jackson, Ohio location to request the correct #, was once again told to contact **, the owner-operator, at 710-0523 (please note different #). I contacted his voice mail and left a message with my name and phone # on Friday 9/27/2013 at approx. 4:50 PM. NO RESPONSE!! Called again Monday 9/30/2013 at approx. 3:00 PM. and once again went directly to voice mail.

Left message with my name and the fact that this was my 2nd attempt to contact him. I also said I would post the issue online. In view of the owner-operator's lack of response to my messages and the employee's attempt to misdirect my call by giving me incorrect information, I won't be returning to the McDonald's location in question, in spite of the convenience, however I will tell my friends and acquaintances about my experience.

Rude, Inhospitable, Disservice, Predjudicial Treatment of Customer(s)
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Rating: 1/51

GALLATIN, TENNESSEE -- My wife received a coupon for a "Free" sandwich at McDonald's and I decided to cash the coupon in. There was a special for the same sandwich as the coupon, so I asked if the coupon could be used for the special. The order taker did not know then asked her supervisor if it could be done. Without even looking at the coupon, she was saying I could get the deal without it, however the coupon was only for the sandwich and I just wanted to know if the coupon would be good for the special since it was free.

The supervisor then (still without looking at the coupon) started to drone at me, (never looking at me at all or the coupon) how the business was run. Being ignored as I was, I informed her that I had spent many years in the food industry and knew how it worked and she was not listening to me or trying to understand me at all. She turned to a higher management person to come over. He also had no idea what was happening, dismissed my presence and then started to talk down to me about how I needed to understand the special.

I interrupted both of them, asked for the free sandwich for my wife and I would leave. The manager then said as loud as possible that when she was treated like she was to refuse to wait upon whoever did so. I was probably as rude as they were at this point and was very unhappy about the situation. However, I felt as though I was totally dismissed as having any importance as a customer.

I started working in the food industry in 1960. I worked for mom and pop, local chains, major national chains and four star international restaurants in my lifetime. I also have had the time that I worked for the McDonald's chain as well. NEVER have I seen such a loss of touch with the consumer as this was. I will remember this ordeal for a long time and if ever asked, will give my story and opinion freely. I also know the value of word of mouth advertisement. If you get cheated or treated badly when I was in business word of mouth either corrected the problem or eliminated it.

Impressed by Response
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- This review is not about the food it is about how McDonalds took my complaint serious and did something about it. Last week my husband and I had some rare time alone and were out and about doing errands. We stopped at this McDonald's about 4:00 PM for a snack. The service was great and the food was good. What happened next was shocking. A group of kids (about 15-20 years old) came in and went table to table wanting us to listen to their spiel and passing out pamphlets.

Come to find out they were from PETA. We told them nicely we were not interested in listening. They would not listen. We told them again we were not interested and at that point one of the girls said, "you don't want to hear what we have to say?" WE again said no and "we are having a private conversation," and "please leave." They went table to table doing this and everyone was asking them to leave.

The shocker to me was when we were leaving I decided to mention it to the girls working. Two of the employees listened and were concerned, but when they told the shift manager she snapped at me that they have a right to be there that they can not ask them to leave.

When I got home I sent an email to McDonald's, NEVER expecting a response. Next day I got a call from the DM. He wanted to talk to me about what happened. Of course the shift manager covered her butt and said I was talking about the kids in the playscape, but I told the DM that I made it clear it was the PETA people.

Next day I got an email from Corporate apologizing and assured me that they will take care of the issue and that they were not allowed in there. Few days later got an email from the store manager stating the same. All in all I was pleased with the outcome. I hope that they did talk to the staff and make it clear that groups cannot harass paying customers inside the store.

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