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Meijer, Inc.
2929 Walker Ave. N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-4924
1-877-363-4537 (ph)
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Invading Your Privacy
By -

BURTON, MICHIGAN -- Recently, when I purchased alcohol at a suburban flint Meijer's, I was asked to provide my driver's license for I.d. purposes, 63 years young, I felt that was a compliment. Then the cashier swipes the magnetic strip on the back of the license. I asked why and she replied they needed my birthdate. Sure enough, the date was printed on my receipt.

Um, folks, your license includes such pertinent, personal info as your social security number, address etc and is a great tool for the devious identity thieves. Calls to Meijer's were rebuffed, with denials that I didn't see what I saw.
Beware. Don't hand over your license.

Assistance at Self-Service
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Rating: 4/51

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- I needed assistance at the self-service check out because there was no number on the tag and was not found on the list. The employee told us that it's self service with an attitude.16 mile at Van Dyke Sterling Heights Michigan Meijer Grocery Store. I've been going to that store for over 20 years. Guess it's time to go to another store.

Don't Trust Them
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- So, I go to check my balance on my debit card. Guess what? Somehow Meijer has stolen my whole check, plus others on Social Security here in CA. This is disgusting! How can they sleep at night knowing they took a disabled person's money in which they need to live on? I want this company shut down! This isn't fair. I hope you somehow suffer the way we are. Oh by the way! Enjoy that nice juicy steak on me **.

Horrible Possible Shopping Experience Ever...
By -

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- Horrible possible shopping experience ever... All their employees seem to hate their job and are anything but nice or polite in any way. Also their employees can even be disrespectful and rude to the point that one abruptly yelled at me out of the blue in an obnoxious way, I even considered calling the cops and/or filing a lawsuit against the retailer.

Self Serve Only!
By -

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- This happened at the Lake Lansing store in Lansing MI, 7:05 AM. I went in for a highlighter (marker) at a cost of $1.00. After finding it I decided to pick up a few other items, mostly grocery. The total bill would have been easily over $100. I walk down the checkouts to find a clerk. Self serve only! Well that's a problem for me. By using these lines we eliminate jobs. After checking again I self scanned the marker I came in for and left everything else. I talked to a worked and asked him to inform his manager that they just lost a larger sale with the additional cost of putting the items back on the shelves or cooler. The explanation was that a worker was on break.

Meijer is so corporate they would love to get rid of as many employees as possible by using a gas station model. Service is not important to them and their workers are miserable. Too bad their Union hasn't been able to help them out over the years. Maybe we shoppers can!

They removed the buzzer at the meat department counter.
By -

INDIANAPOLIS -- This review is about Meijer Store #129 in Indianapolis, IN. The meat department has a new refrigerated counter, but the buzzer that used to be on top of the counter has been removed. Now there is no way for you to attract the attention of meat department employees when you would like service at the counter. I did notice that employess in the refrigerated meat-cutting room stand with their backs to the counter so that they cannot see anyone at the counter. Need I have to say that this is not good customer service. The good news is that there is special on ground round in the counter. The back news is that you can't buy it because no one will wait on you. Accurate checkout is another problem that I have with this store. On my last visit I purchased 20 items, and there were four errors on my checkout ticket. I was charged higher than the shelf price for two of the items, which is not uncommon in this store, as they seem to have a problem removing out-of-date sale items. My container of milk was scanned twice, so I ended up paying for two bottles instead of one. Also, a produce code was entered incorrectly, so I ended up buying cactus pears instead of avocados. I didn't check my receipt until I got home, but had I wanted to make a correction and get a refund, I would have had to stand in line at the customer service desk, where one person was trying to do everything. In general, I am not pleased with the customer service in this store.

Best Customer Service!
By -

FORT WAYNE, IN -- The Meijer on SR 37 has The Best person employed there ever! Her name is Cindy, and she is the Meijer Store Director at the Meijer on SR 37 in Fort Wayne. I was looking to get a Christmas tree with my husband and baby, and Cindy was nothing but polite and helpful. She answered all of my questions with respect and knew her store like the back of her hand! She deserves a promotion (if there is any job higher than Store Director) and a Holiday bonus. I love shopping at Meijer because of great people employeed there, like Cindy. :)
Thank you Cindy for being such a big help. Merry Christmas! God Bless You!!

10301 SR 37 Hwy, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46835
(260) 492-1300 ‎

Forgotten but not yet gone
By -

GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN -- This review is in regard to the vast wealth of the company and the minute
pension of the persons who worked so hard to create this wealth.
When the third greenville store opened in 1964(after a November 1963 fire) many of us were hired and yet few remail today. The hugh monetary bequests of the Meijer family are the result of our long hours and the feeling, we were given, that it was our company too makes it hard to try to live on the minimum amount received as pension.
It has been over 20 years that many of us(those still alive) retired and there has never been a cost of living adjustment for any of us. We need to pay all our own health care and many need to decide between heat or food. This is not my case but I am most fortunate and, yet, feel that all the millions could give us a small increase in our pensions.
Please consider this for those who live to be as old as the chain..
Thank you for listening
Phyllis c. Johnston
Former service department manager
Store #1
Greenville, Michigan

1964 to 1988 service

Franchise Post Office Overcharging
By -

ADRIAN, MICHIGAN -- The Meijer store franchise Post Office at Adrian is overcharging for Shipping Flat Rate Boxes. I shipped a medium flat rate box to NYC about a month ago and paid $14.50 for shipping instead of USPS advertised rate of $10.70. The saleswoman on the customer service counter refused to correct her mistake by saying that I should complain to the USPS about overcharging. After thorough rechecking of shipping rates and printing of shipping label using USPS I sent my son to Meijer @ Adrian and the saleswoman there asked to pay $14.50 for Med FRB. My son did not ship the package. So I went to the franchise PO again at around 6:50 pm and requested the salewoman there to charge $10.70 which is the advertised rate but she refused to do so and was very rude telling me to go to the Post Office instead of Meijer. I requested to talk to her supervisor but she very rudely refused to call her supervisor. On my insistence, she eventually called her supervisor, who after 15 minutes of futile discussion ended up calling her supervisor who eventually charged correctly for the package.
Overall it was a very bad experience as I had to deal with rude, unhelpful staff who had no idea of the concept of politeness with customers. MEIJER Stores needs to set their house in order and stop overcharging their postal service customers.

Product placement
By -

The way the Meijer stores are set up now, you have all of the personal products like toothpaste, lotions, perfume, and other products on the other side of your stores.. OK this is how I look at it, when I grocery shop me and many people I've talked to want the convenience of having all of this together like it used to be.. I'm not going to the other side of your store to purchase these items, instead I'm going to another store where its all together or right next to the groceries like it used to be.. This is just a suggestion to help you sell all of your products and make your store a better shopping experience.. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you make this change..

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