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My Ruined Thanksgiving
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- As a long time shopper at Meijer on Broad St. in Columbus, Ohio I was appalled at the treatment I received when I reported to the manager about what happened to me on Thanksgiving. As I always shop there, that is where I purchased my Thanksgiving Turkey.

I picked a large turkey out of the lot of them and paid for it and took it home. Come Thanksgiving morning, I proceeded in making my dressing, stuffing the turkey, and put it in the oven. I was having dinner guest of about 20 people for dinner and wanted everything to be just right. I let the turkey cook as normal and poured the drippings out several times to make my gravy with.

Everyone started arriving and we at that time carved the turkey. At the first bite of that turkey everyone started going for the water. That turkey was so hot that it would burn your mouth and I do not mean by the heat of it. None of my guests could even eat it. The gravy over the potatoes was just as hot and you can only imagine the dressing that came out of the center of that bird. We had to throw it away. No one could eat it. My dinner party was ruined. So we went to Denny's and I paid for turkey dinner for all my guests. I was so embarrassed, to say the least.

I went to the manager of the Meijer store and told him my dilemma. He then informed me that what I had selected was a Cajun style turkey. I had never even heard of anything other than a good old-fashioned regular turkey. Anyway he was very abrupt with me. Said that I should have read the package closer and I would have known what I was buying. Treated me like some stupid person that really did not know what they were doing. Again he had embarrassed me.

The turkeys needed to be clearly marked and put in their own location for people that wanted that type of turkey instead of thrown in with the regular turkeys. The manager and this experience has me very upset and doubtful that they will ever get my business again... Thank you for letting me advise the people to Watch Out For cajun turkeys in your grocery store.

Auto batteries and milk
By -

WARREN, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a car battery late on a Saturday night. My son came out of work and someone stole his right out of his car. Of course Meijers is the only place open at midnight to buy such a product. I went there. I found a good deal or so I thought on a battery. After being run up at the register I found I was charged an extra 8 dollars on the bill. I was told it was for the exchange. What exchange? I wasn't exchanging one. Then I was told it was like a core charge and I had to pay it in advance to bring the other one back. I told the cashier I didnt have one to bring back and explained why.

I was then told to just go to the service desk and explain it to them and they could help me. I was tired and it was now going on 12:30 at night and I get up at five am and my son was stranded all alone in a parking lot. I ended up going back the next day. I was told this was store policy. How can they charge you for something you are not going to even return. I was then told "just bring in another one." Sure everyone has an old extra dead battery lying around.

That night I also grabbed a gallon of milk. Opened it up the next morning to have with my coffee to only find it spoiled. I also took the gallon of milk back with me. To only be told how did they know I didn't leave it out all night to get spoiled? After really getting mad now due to the battery and now the milk. I finally got a different gallon of milk.

I am new to shopping at Meijers as this one just opened up on mound and 13 mile in warren. I'm new to the neighborhood and it seemed nice and close. I also ended up returning the battery for a full refund and a explanation of why I was returning it. Its not fair meijers was going to make an 8.00 profit off of me.

I went someplace else and purchased one for even cheaper. No charge for a mystery battery to bring back. I was told "you were only charged this if you did bring one back for them to get rid of it for you." Will never shop at Meijers again. So much for that credit card... Sent it back to them with complaints and explanations. No response from them either.

Bad Refrigerator/poor Customer Service
By -

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- For Christmas I received a compact refrigerator that was purchased at a local Meijer's store. Last month I noticed it was not very cold inside. I kept turning it up and checking every couple of days to see if it was working any better. Friday I unplugged it and took it back to the store. I didn't have a receipt because it was a gift. The store would not take it back or give me another refrigerator because it was past ninety days and I didn't have the receipt. They said I could contact the manufacturer myself.

As I was removing the refrigerator from the car a neighbor noticed and asked if I'd gotten it new. I explained the situation and told her I was unhappy to be stuck with a broken refrigerator. She told me to shop at Target next time. Early last year she bought a microwave and the same thing happened - it quit working after four or five months. She took it back to the store. They called the manager to the desk and she explained the problem. She sent someone to get her a new microwave to replace the broken one.

The customer service representative said it wasn't usually their policy since she did not have a receipt and the purchase was made several months before. The manager told them both that Target stands behind their products and no one expects to buy a microwave that only lasts four months. She also said it would be easier for the store to get their money back and a big inconvenience for the customer. I learned my lesson. Even though it may have been a few dollars more to buy one not on sale at Target, I would have a working refrigerator from a company that stands by its merchandise.

Falsely Accused of Shop Lifting. Accidentally Forgot Ring Up Something in My Cart
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Rating: 2/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- I went through the self-check out at Meijer. I scanned some chicken. Apparently it didn't scan. I scanned all my groceries in the cart. I had two toys in the bottom of my cart. I made a mistake and was distracted by my phone. I forgot to-ring the 2 toys up. I spent around 75.00 in the store. I was stopped by the loss prevention person. I told her over and over again it was an oversight on my part. I never tried to conceal anything. I offered to pay for the items. I told her it was an accident etc... I even stated when she accused me of not ringing up chicken that I remembered having trouble scanning. That it wouldn't scan.

I asked about hidden cameras etc... She threatened to call police or I could get a lawyer. The fee was 65.00. I was mad, confused. The loss prevention person was rude. When I told her I made a mistake that wasn't paying attention that I could pay for it she said "no" and if that made me feel better about myself I could say that it was accident. I have shopped here for a number of years. Spent thousands of dollars I am sure. I was embarrassed and felt like there was nothing I could do or say to prove myself.

She even accused me of doing the same thing on previous shopping trips but had no proof of such and stated she could catch up to me, which is ridiculous since I am in that store at least 3 times a week. I felt like she didn't have any real proof of anything. I was given a civil fine of 65.00.

Invading Your Privacy
By -

BURTON, MICHIGAN -- Recently, when I purchased alcohol at a suburban flint Meijer's, I was asked to provide my driver's license for I.d. purposes, 63 years young, I felt that was a compliment. Then the cashier swipes the magnetic strip on the back of the license. I asked why and she replied they needed my birthdate. Sure enough, the date was printed on my receipt.

Um, folks, your license includes such pertinent, personal info as your social security number, address etc and is a great tool for the devious identity thieves. Calls to Meijer's were rebuffed, with denials that I didn't see what I saw.
Beware. Don't hand over your license.

Attitude of Meijer Employees
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I am an owner operator delivering goods/produce all over America. I have been at the Meijer warehouse for almost 7 hours trying to get unloaded, at 3 hours I asked "what's going on why are trucks that came in after me unloaded and leaving before me?" and the woman receiver said "THAT'S THE WAY IT IS". I asked again and explained that it cost me money to sit and wait-- she stated the same thing again. I then told her "I would be leaving in 45 minutes that's 4 hrs and taking the trailer back the 34 mi to our warehouse and someone else could deliver it." Well she hung up the phone as all this is on a phone in the guard shack.

It wasn't 5 minutes when she called my cell and told me to back up to door 442 that was 4 hrs ago, and still I'm not unloaded, she did call my corporate office in Canada to complain which they called my dispatch who called me. I told them to fire me if I'm wrong. I was nice -- I refused to get mad-- but I have looked up the corporate officers' HOME phone numbers as I am a retired collection agent sitting here in the truck. Thought I would call them tonight at about 11pm.

If they treat the people who deliver the good/produce this way why would I continue to spend my money at their store about $250 a week.

Truck # 264435
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Rating: 1/51

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I was traveling E. on Route 59 today, March 28th, 2012, going at a normal speed when one of YOUR TRUCKS starts speeding up and was almost in the backseat of my car. We then came to a stoplight and I put on my brakes but noticed YOUR GUY wasn't slowing down, I looked in my side mirror and HE WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD AT ALL!!! Two times this jerk almost plowed right into the back of me, I then moved over to another lane and noticed he was doing it to the now next car... This guy better take a courtesy road test, or else GET OFF THE ROAD. A very pissed off woman driver!!!

By -

MICHIGAN -- I was at the deli counter choosing a cheese and meat for my husband, he is very particular. The woman had an obnoxious tone with me as I made my selections. She then sliced my meat so thin it was falling apart (I asked for thick slices) and my cheese looked like half inch blocks (I asked for thin slices.) She was pricing these items and the bill came to $21, it should have been $11-$12. I asked for the manager. The woman said "You'll have to wait an hour she is on lunch." (Very snotty and rude). I walked about four feet away from the counter to see another woman in a blue shirt.

This was the manager. Her name was ** and when I asked if she could help me she said "Can't you see I'm on my lunch break, talking to my boyfriend." There was another Meijer manager standing near her and the conversation I interrupted was vulgar for a sales floor. As I am not interested in what sex position you prefer. I apologized for interrupting but asked saying "it would only take a minute if someone could help." She said "Go find another manager who isn't on lunch and maybe gives a ** about your ** lunch meat." I was so angry and felt foolish so I left empty handed. Shame on you ** for treating a sixty-four year old woman with such disrespect!

Self Serve Only!
By -

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- This happened at the Lake Lansing store in Lansing MI, 7:05 AM. I went in for a highlighter (marker) at a cost of $1.00. After finding it I decided to pick up a few other items, mostly grocery. The total bill would have been easily over $100. I walk down the checkouts to find a clerk. Self serve only! Well that's a problem for me. By using these lines we eliminate jobs. After checking again I self scanned the marker I came in for and left everything else. I talked to a worked and asked him to inform his manager that they just lost a larger sale with the additional cost of putting the items back on the shelves or cooler. The explanation was that a worker was on break.

Meijer is so corporate they would love to get rid of as many employees as possible by using a gas station model. Service is not important to them and their workers are miserable. Too bad their Union hasn't been able to help them out over the years. Maybe we shoppers can!

They Removed the Buzzer at the Meat Department Counter
By -

INDIANAPOLIS -- This review is about Meijer Store #129 in Indianapolis, IN. The meat department has a new refrigerated counter, but the buzzer that used to be on top of the counter has been removed. Now there is no way for you to attract the attention of meat department employees when you would like service at the counter.

I did notice that employees in the refrigerated meat-cutting room stand with their backs to the counter so that they cannot see anyone at the counter. Need I have to say that this is not good customer service. The good news is that there is special on ground round in the counter. The bad news is that you can't buy it because no one will wait on you. Accurate checkout is another problem that I have with this store.

On my last visit I purchased 20 items, and there were four errors on my checkout ticket. I was charged higher than the shelf price for two of the items, which is not uncommon in this store, as they seem to have a problem removing out-of-date sale items. My container of milk was scanned twice, so I ended up paying for two bottles instead of one. Also, a produce code was entered incorrectly, so I ended up buying cactus pears instead of avocados.

I didn't check my receipt until I got home, but had I wanted to make a correction and get a refund, I would have had to stand in line at the customer service desk, where one person was trying to do everything. In general, I am not pleased with the customer service in this store.

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