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Class Action May Get There Attention?
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Metro PCS is waiting for a class action lawsuit to fall upon their corporation, due to non-professional customer service, consumers being misinformed by cust svc, their lack of knowledge in troubleshooting problems within their services, their lack of warranty coverage on products they sell, their failure to monitor privately owned and operated Metro PCS distributors in which represents their logo & company, their customers care is so negligently handled, and their consent & deliberate intent on never resolving issues with consumers has been going on since day one of business..

This is a huge company with so much potentials to become one of the most highly acclaimed companies of this new era. But due to their own greed, deception, and undeniable way of ignoring consumers is surely their own demise just waiting to happen, if all consumers with this history of complaint's like disconnect after paying bill, flashing, defective products, misinformation, etc. would contact the proper authorities and create a website to connect with a interested Civil/Corp Lawyer that would be willing to Launch a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT Metro PCS.

May very well have to file bankruptcy if found liable which will not only affect their Reputation once the media gives it the attention it desires it will not be good for this company and also it will possibly cause them financial hardship and all because their business is ran so poorly? Their business concept was GENIUS!! but their Consumer Communication skill are horrendous.

Whoever is in charge of mandating & orchestrating Departmental guidelines pertaining to Consumers need to be replaced ASAP and an immediate revise put into place as well as a mandatory training for all Call Centers handling (611) calls on how to deal with consumer issues, troubleshooting issues. There should be a Dept strictly for handling consumer complaints & issues. A Dept strictly for service issues and Metro PCS is expanding so rapidly while even in this recession that they can afford to open a technical center in each major city where consumers can bring their phones into or mail into for repairs or replacement at a reasonable charge.

Also information given to consumers via phone (611) should always be the same as in the location offices of consumer, this can be done via data info programmed into their software to assist in the consumers in their locations they reside in so that customers will be advised on what their options are in that particular location. Flashing should be halted immediately and any flashed devices with software problems should be fixed/ replaced/ or credited to those who has suffered a lost due to misinformation given by Metro PCS Customer Care Line..

I believe the flashing was a great big mistake on Metro PCS part, this is where their legal issue will stem from the most. Consumers are being mislead to believe they can flash service over to Metro PCS only to find out that their services are limited and that software problems will and can be an issue. They should not inform consumers they can flash other phones for a fee then afterwards inform them of the problems due to flashing??? like limited service, signal issues with Samsung M800 model (no reception once you leave the center?)

What a deception is that? If there is no signal available? Why is it available at the location the phone is being flashed at and if you go back to that location you can get a signal, but as you leave the area your signal fails? This seems like intent to deceive by the Local Dealerships? Are signal boosters being used inside these locations giving a few bars to these flashed phones just enough to allow consumers to believe that the service is OK before they leave the store?

And when you come back to see why they tell you it must be a software problem with your unit and that is it? No refund, no replacement, even after assuring consumers that if they take insurance out on the flashed phones if there is a problem you are covered? Only to find out that you are not covered until after 30 days and then they are not guaranteed to get the same phone or equal, but just a replacement, leaving you without service for over 30 days. This is very unprofessional and misleading to consumers.

This Company had a great concept of building an Empire. I pray that they will come to an understanding that the consumers is the ones who will rise them to the occasion and the very same ones that will also crumble their empire to the ground. It is important how you treat the consumers who patronize your business that matters the most.

Customer Care is so important in running a good and successful business in today's economy. There is an ole saying if it sounds too good to be true, it very well may not be? So be mindful in all your decisions. Watch out Metro PCS Virgin Mobile is easing up in your lane. Would be a shame to have your concept stolen and taken to another level by your competition.. because they have better people skills.

A Whole World of Suck...
By -

I finally realize paying 100 dollars at another carrier rather than 55.18 a month for all services at metro pcs would be far greater a thing than continuing service with them now. Not only do the ghosts at metropcs exercise perfect and constant negligence, but they have amazingly devised a way to keep their own company from getting money from its own customers! Hilarious!!

In addition to imposing a limit on a customer's own desires to spend their own money, I could not make a credit card transaction which would allow me to speak to my fiance in Italy because I could not add money to my secondary account. Why did this happen? Easy. Metropcs decided to be my parents for a minute by telling me I had already "reached a limit of spending" with the company.

Why? Because I bought a couple accessories, paid a monthly bill and put money on a secondary account all in one week and metropcs was "trying to protect" me from myself. If I need a ** parent at age 36, I'll ask for one. The prime reasons I am leaving metro: No customer service at all. International calling services work 15% of the time on a first attempt to call. All other attempts to call do not work and those attempts steal minutes from your secondary account funds - expect no refunds or compensation with no customer support to give you any.

Calls drop everywhere and it is never another carrier's fault. Metropcs is rumored to be a government-owned cell phone agency so I hope you already expect to have your calls eavesdropped upon regularly. The competence of all metropcs customer service agents at any store I've been to is more incompetent and high school ghetto ebonic oriented more anywhere than I have ever seen anywhere else. Expect attitude, hip-hop being blasted at the highest possible volume and the punk kid from your high school days who always tried to beat you up helping you from behind the counter.

"Enhanced voicemail" gives my friends and family about 1 minute to talk before cutting them off and ending the call - whoever's came up with 'enhanced voicemail' at corporate metropcs can suck me dry under a maroon moon. No one likes a liar with money. I have finally had it with such incredulous and flagrant retardation in an American company - it shocks me that this paltry, pathetic, loser company was actually able to be formed and continues to operate with 4 million losers just like I was all this time.

It's a shame the customer service values of some companies in America get away with the torturously stupid ethics they bring to the table. Don't go metro... there's no one there. Unlimit yourself somewhere you really can... it will never be at this pathetic ** shack of a company carrier run by the most irretrievably stupid corporate jerk offs you could ever imagine.

I've known boxes of hair and piles of feces that play life's game better than metropcs's degenerate investors and employees (that are actually there) ever could. Thanks for reading and please spread the word. I've already talked 18 of my friends off metro and they could not be happier paying more with someone else. Unlimit yourself... leave metro pcs!!!

Very bad service and support
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- Bought a HTC phone, nothing but problems with it. Went back 4 times, told me nothing wrong then screen went black. Went back and then said I had to send to manufacturer, take two weeks to get back, then wouldn't even sell me another phone. Bad service, bad company.

Silver-spoon dealership, the next generation owner
By -

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- The initial deal we got was good. **, the salesman worked with us on a new 2012 Wrangler Unlimited. The one we test drove was a soft top with no hitch. So without a hitch and a soft top, we really did want that one, so ** told us about a Sahara model. In the end, we decided to purchase the Sahara. When we were working on the deal, Metro stayed opened 3 hours past closing, working with us. Needless to say, when we looked at the Sahara Unlimited, it was dark. So after purchasing the vehicle, ** said that they would register the Jeep on Tuesday (DMV is closed on Mon. in CT) and we would make the trade for the vehicles at DMV.

The next day my husband and I drove back to Metro to give them my new insurance card and sign of the title of my PT Cruiser. Since it was daylight, we looked at the Sahara. We noticed that there was a pool of water in the middle console area. We asked Metro if they can check it out when they do the all around inspection. Tuesday morning around 10:15, ** called to ask about my insurance and said that the Jeep is being looked at and it should be ready by 3pm. Approximately 2:30pm ** called and asked if we can pick up the Jeep at the dealership later that evening. We settled on picking it up on Wednesday evening.

During the day on Wednesday, my husband got another call saying that it will be a couple of days because they had to order a new seal for the roof, since it was crimped from the top not being placed on the Jeep properly. My husband called me and told me what was going on. My husband didn't like the idea that there was a leak in the new Jeep and that there was a pool of water. Who knew how long it was wet, or if it leaked on the navigation console area. So I called Bertera, looking for the owner.

I was told he is semi-retired, so I asked for the next person in charge. She gave me **. I called ** and explained the situation and asked him to contact my husband since I was at work. In the meantime my husband talked with the General Manager at Metro and he said he'll see what he could do. We felt uncomfortable with the purchase because of the leak and asked if we could get a different Jeep. ** called my husband and he told him the story. ** asked what we wanted to do. My husband said either get another Jeep or cancel the deal because the mechanic said he didn't know how long the leak was going on for.

After ** called my husband back, he just kept saying that they were putting on a new seal and the Jeep should be fine. My husband told him we haven't even driven the Jeep off the lot, why do we have to settle for this? ** said there was nothing he could do about it and that's just the way it is. So my husband told him if that's the customer service he provides as being one of the owners, then the least I could do is to let everyone know through our power of the media, how his customers are treated.

My husband told him he was very disappointed in his customer relations and asked him how he could have started that business with such disregard for customer service. Then ** said, "Not every customer is happy" and my husband asked if he was going to use that slogan in a commercial, since we have done some commercials in CT. He then hung up on my husband. So to know who we are, just for fun Google "Stolen Puppets" and see how many different medias we connect with on the web and TV.

On the other hand, the general manager at Metro that my husband talked with was much nicer and more understanding. He said that he wished he had been called first. We hope that they other owners know how ** treats his clients and that they have a chance to fix this poor customer relations. Also, when we were filling out the paperwork for the Jeep, the finance person sold us the extended warranty, based on the fact that he said that we weren't going to find it anywhere else for cheaper.

The next day while getting my insurance for the Jeep, I noticed that my insurance offers BMI for a lot cheaper. When we dropped off the title and insurance card, we told the financial person that we didn't want the extended warranty. He said when we get the account number, call up the warranty place and cancel it. The next day I called the warranty place, just to verify what the financial guy said. The warranty company said that if the cancellation is within the first 30 days, that I need to tell the dealership and the financial person will have to redo the paperwork.

When I told some people about this, they said that it sounds like the financial person didn't want to redo the paperwork. We picked up the Wrangler Unlimited on Saturday. Everything was fine when we picked it up. We had ** cancel the extended warranty. First Automotive has terrible complaints and a poor rating. We asked if the General Manager was there, and he was not. ** said that he will be in on Sunday and that we can give him a call.

The General Manager told my husband previously to see him before driving home the vehicle. ** said that he had the service department clean up my Jeep. (Every place I bought a car from, they clean cars automatically. If they dirty it, they clean it up.) My husband and I also did not appreciate ** constant joking about we got the vehicle for free. Really... then what is the financing for?

When we got home, we were putting some of my stuff in the vehicle and I noticed a small screw under the back trunk mat. I have no idea where this came from or where it goes. Hopefully it's not something important. Also the inside of the hardtop had all fingerprints from the mechanics on it. They show up nice on the white so much for having the vehicle cleaned. Thought not a huge deal, one of the valve caps was missing on the driver's side front tire. It's just one of those things that if there's supposed to be five valve caps on the tire, then I should have had five valve caps on my tires.

Again, this is not a big deal, but when someone is spending a significant amount of money for a brand new vehicle, you expect top notch service. I've bought three brand new cars, not including this one, in my lifetime and this is the worse I've ever seen. The lack of care and details is horrible. My uncle used to buy cars every few years and he never had any type of problem.

On Sunday my husband called up the General Manager at Metro. They said he wasn't available, so he left his phone number. He never received a return phone call. My husband then called up the number that you called on. He couldn't remember your name, but spoke to someone else. The only thing they said was that we can bring the vehicle in for service at the Riverdale location. Wow, thanks for making the customer happy. Great damage control.

In closing, at least I have my dream Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. When it comes time for my husband to get a new vehicle, I will have to think twice about where we go. Good thing it's not anytime soon because I still need to recoup from this experience. I would not recommend buying a car from any of the Bertera dealerships.

What the Hell
By -

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -- My name is ** and I am writing regarding the poor, unlearned, untrained, unknowledge service I had received from metro pcs customer service on Thursday June 2, 2011 and Saturday June 4, 2011. On Thursday around 10:30 is I received a text from my female friend stating she needed my security code to pay my cellular telephone bill online. I was not sure of this security code so I called 888-863-8768 and spoke with a representative by the name of **.

He assured me that there was no security code needed for her to pay the bill online, he instructed me to have her follow the prompts on the main screen and the bill would be paid. I text her the information as well as the telephone number I used to gather this information and the gentleman's name. Two-three hours had gone by and I was under the impression everything was taken care of until around 4:00 pm I had gone to use my telephone and received the recording my service was temporarily interrupted due to nonpayment of the bill. You can imagine how disturbed I was to hear this recording, after coming from not one interview, but two interviews that day.

After being giving the runaround with the automated service, and being in areas in which I could not get any service (Gloster la) I was finally able to walk into one of your stores 2730 w 70th st and paid my bill for the amount of 56.00 cash, confirmation number **. This bill was paid at 19:29:24. Mind you the stores closes as 20:30. Well after I walk out of the store I received a telephone call from my friend and I had ask her was she able to pay the bill, she instructed me she had just posted the payment online.

So by this time two payments had been made to my account, 56.00 cash, and she had posted 80.00 to my account, not knowing the bill was only 53.00. It was too late to walk back into the payment center because the doors were locked. I told her I was going to see what could be done, either a reimbursement or credit to my account. I was never able to get a hold of anyone that night however the next day, I spoke with a customer service representative by the name of **.

I explained to the gentleman the situation that had taken place the day prior and wanted assured information there would be no problem with a reimbursements of either of the funds. His words were,"I cannot reimburse the 80.00 that was paid online, but if you have the receipt, you can go back down to the payment center and get the 56.00 reimbursement.” I wanted clear understanding of this for I did not want to look like a fool going back down there using his words, "he assured me" there would be no problem as long as I still had the receipt.

At 6:28 pm I walk back into the same payment center and gave the clerk the information I received from ** in which I was told there was no refunds out of the center. I called 1-877-315-6074 while standing in the payment center and spoke with a representative by the name of ** who really had no idea what he was talking about. His words were, “I'm sorry you were given wrong information and I could have the store clerk call into the customer center and start the process.”

The store clerk assured me he was not giving out any refunds and he was not calling into the customer center. (Mind you I'm still talking to the customer service center at the same time I'm in the store). By this time I was being told to get the ** Out of the store (by the owner) and he was warned by the clerk he was going to call the police. The police came, and nothing was done. I have spoken to ** and ** from the service center and neither one of these clerks has given me the same information, while there has been two payments made to my account, (to a company that has untrained customer service reps).

I also get thrown out of the store where I was sent by the company customer service reps. Metro pcs should be ashamed for their reps, should be retrained and they all have the same information. I would not be so angry regarding this matter however I was given misinformation by the first clerk ** and has received consistent misinformation by five clerks and no one can finalize this situation correctly. That's why I say ''what the hell."

Never Deal With This Company
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Purchased the Samsung freeform phone April 18th, 2011 and it has been a nightmare since. No customer service at the franchise nor when or if you finally are able to reach an actual human being on the customer service line. My young, knowledge filled customer service representative kept putting me on hold to speak with whom I now assume was a nonexistent supervisor because she "had never heard such a problem."

That reaction was because when I returned to the store to have the representative show me what I might be doing wrong at the Yahoo site, (he had set it up for me), I had entered my own password, but it had yet to work. He asked if he could try his account. Worked for him, however the man never logged off? I guess? Later at home my phone froze on the Facebook log in site. I do not use Facebook and had not logged in. After many futile efforts I thought it better to turn the phone off then throw it out the window.

I turned it on over an hour later and someone I had never heard of was welcoming me as their friend on Facebook. Then I had 62 spams, I don't have that much spam after a couple of weeks not checking in. Then I saw my Time Warner account. I don't have a Time Warner account. When I did talk to customer service I was advised to return it.

I had tried to return the phone prior to this incident. 2 hours 29 minutes meant it was non returnable. Now I was furious. Not only did it not suffice my needs, as the merchant realized before not letting me return it. Now I could get his email and not my own. I told customer service if they do in fact record their calls for "quality assurance" I wanted it recorded that this was the problem, and this was her advice for said problem.

I called the merchant by name when returning and asked if he wondered how I knew. He said, "I told you." Then I told him some information he never would have told me and a stranger could not find out easily. He agreed to refund me and wanted the phone. I demanded that we stand together while all info was erased from it. I did not trust him enough to hand him the phone. He called his boss, spoke in a language I am not fluent in and only managed to say, "She is out of her head," in English.

He played with the store computer while talking to his boss, logged off after undoing what he could. He then told me they do not sell used phones. I had written some things down as I feared he would do just that. I hour of usage makes a phone non refundable. This phone can only be used with metro pcs. There is no unlimited email, no unlimited web. THE PHONE SUCKS AND DOES NOT DO WHAT AN AVERAGE CELL WOULD. The franchise stands behind corporate rules, and the corporation advises you do deal with the franchise owner. Never do business with this meanly clever company. You will save no money.

Your Nickel and Dime
By -

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- Metro PCS. At first glance it seems like a great deal. It could be if it wasn't for its poor customer service as well as cheap product. As most people have already mentioned, it's apparent that MetroPCS does not think highly enough of their customers to bother training their employees on their products and/or troubleshooting. They only train them to sell the product and collect the money (more money than you owe, if you let them). There are many stores popping up all over California which fail to have at least one staff member with the expertise of the products and the service they provide.

As a matter of fact, it seems like their employees are simply robots, trained on selling and collecting money. One example that is one of my greatest pet peeves with MetroPCS. I chose to pay my family plan bill at the counter. Not sure about anywhere else, but here in Los Angeles/Inglewood, you are charge an additional $3.00 for this service. I agree to their charges. However, when I visit their store to make my payment they round up the amount required of me to pay. Example: The cost of my cell phone service as agreed is $80.44/mo. Upon attempting to pay I'm told my bill is $84.00.

The 1st couple of times I challenged this, I was told that the machine rounds up and there is nothing they can do. As I refuse to pay this amount they then proceeded to charge me the $83.44 as agreed. Today I visited a different store which of course told me my bill was $84.00. Again I told him that was not the amount due. The individual at the counter then told me that the reason it was $84.00 was because they don't deal with change. When I gave him a confused look he then said, “This is because we don't keep change in the store”. I then told him that I was going to pay with my ATM card. He then told me that this would be an additional $2.00 charge.

I politely smile and told him thank you as I exited the store. Some people may say so what if they charge you a few more cents. It's no big deal. I thank God that I'm able to afford those extra cents if I chose to pay it. However, I feel that if I'm keeping up with my end of the agreement and paying my bill in full when it is due, then they should abide by their contract and charge as agreed. Some people may say I'm nickel and diming. And I say to those individuals “Isn't that what they are doing to you when they take your few extra cents?”

Look at it on a bigger scale. (.56 from 1 million customers means $560,000 in MetroPCS' bank account) And all they did for it was tell you that the machine only knows how to round up. They did not provide you with any additional service for this money.

Customer No Service
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Orlando, Florida October 19th, 2010. December of '09 - I purchased a phone and a plan from metroPCS. The phone started to have speaker issues about four months into 2010. I found out the phone would be replaced with another phone (a refurb) anytime within one year of purchase, but I have to travel to the corporate office - a one hour round trip. I have a metroPCS store very close to me. It seems only the corporate office can exchange the phone.

You might think the store I purchased it from could do a little customer service for me. Here's my point. Yesterday I picked up my refurb and the salesman transferred my stored phone numbers from the old phone to the refurb replacement phone, but he did not make it clear I would "loose" (not be able to transfer) my personal voice recordings from my old phone. That was never brought up. I had 70 voice recordings stored on the old phone. After spending about two hours waiting for the transaction of getting a replacement phone I left the store and went home.

Next day, to my dismay the voice recordings were not on the phone. I called the main number 800 something metro and to my dismay again it took almost two hours to get through to talk to someone. I kept getting so far through all the voice prompts and then I was disconnected over and over again. (I am sure Verizon is enjoying this post). So I got in my car to venture to metroPCS corporate office (again) to see if there was any way I could retrieve those 70 personal and very important voice recordings that were left on the old phone.

So by the time I arrived at the corporate office and waited to talk to a customer "no service" agent - lo and behold I was connected to a live person on the phone. (Yes I still had been trying to get a hold of someone by phone.) It was my turn to talk with someone at the counter and as luck would have it, I was finally connected to someone from metroPCS on the phone.

Now I know why there is a security guard at metroPCS. I could see how tempers could flair. Long story short they were very short with me and made quick work of my visit by telling me there is absolutely nothing that could be done about retrieving my 70 voice recordings and I was talking to the manager of the office who's next step was to ask the security guard to show me the door because I kept asking questions like these... “Where was the phone?” “Gone,” she said, “we sent it out last night.”

“Where was it sent to? May I try to retrieve the phone?” “We can't even get it back” she said. “May I have the address and telephone number of the place where you sent my old phone, please?” “No you cannot, we are not allowed to give that information out.” she said. “May I have the serial number or ID of the phone? I know you have a record of that information, I saw the agent scan it yesterday.”

So I started to talk to the agent from yesterday who scanned the phone and she said, "You don't have to talk with him, he has nothing to do with what you want, there is nothing we can do, you have to leave now." When I ask for her name or employee # because I would like to lodge a complaint about the way I was treated, she refused to give me her name.

So let's review: Two hours of travel time, plus gas and wear & tear on my car, two hours total in the store wait time & service time, two hours of wait time and constantly recalling 800-metroPCS, six hours of my time out of two work days - very, very frustrating.

Like I said, I know why they have a security guard on duty. I think they may be the only phone store with a security guard on duty. And boy, if I had a temper that guard would have earned his money today. Yes, the phone service is cheap and yes there is... "customer no service". Good Luck and may your experience be better than mine. What we go through to save a buck.

Don't Walk, Run
By -

NORTH BABYLON, NEW YORK -- In the capacity of my job, I traveled to different businesses in my neighborhood, and asked if they would help out with an event we were having. During my travels I met with ** the Dealer for MetroPCS in my area. As I was also in the market for new phones, I asked about the plans Metro PCS had to offer. He told me that there was no roaming charges with the 50 dollar a month plan, nationwide coverage and that the specials would run out the next evening.

I came back the next day, July 30th, and that was the beginning of my nightmare with this company. That evening, I was at ** Metro PCS store for over 3 hours. It wasn't because he was busy, we were the only ones in the store. I again asked him about the plans, ** told me we had 7 days to check out the service and if we weren't happy, we could return them. At that time, he said nothing about the one hour of talk time. He was on my phone an hour alone trying to program it.

I purchased 3 phones. Two Samsung Freeforms, and one LG Imprint. I was never given a contract on the 30th. I left with the 3 phones a small receipt for 523,00 and 3 white pieces of paper listing information about the phone. When I arrived home, we tried the phones. The grey phone didn't work at all. The LG Imprint wouldn't text, picture message or receive calls, and the red freeform couldn't send picture messages. I called customer service and I had to spend another hour getting the grey one to work. I also found out through that call that I would have to pick up the rebate forms and that I was overcharged.

I called ** on Saturday told him what customer service said and that I was a little upset. He told me he would have the rebates for me and that I could pick them up when I got a chance. I found out the next day that my daughter called customer service to get her phone working and found out that a place I spend half my time has no coverage at all and that roaming charges are not included in plans. A fact I clearly specified with ** the three hours I spent in his store. I went back to his store on Tuesday and picked up the paperwork, and after 2 hours was told I would have to go to the Corporate store in Westbury.

Being as I work so many hours and it was so far away, this was going to be a problem. ** gave me the rebate paperwork, and shoved the contract in the back of all the rebate information. I didn't even see it till Friday the 6th. I was very upset. When I got home from ** store, I called customer service again and tried to get the mess straightened out. Again another hour on the phone and I was not happy with what ** was saying about the phones. She had stated that I had to go to the corporate store in Westbury and that if they couldn't fix it, I could bring the phones back on Friday for a full refund.

At this point I had no other choice. I went to work and asked to have the afternoon off to take care of this problem. They complied, and I headed to Westbury. Took 1 ½ hours to get there only to find out they couldn't help me after an hour. ** tried to fix it and again told me there is no service where I am. She told me that I could bring the phones back to the store I purchased them from on Friday and get a full refund. So I left very upset and took the 1 ½ ride back home. Friday morning I again went into work and asked for the afternoon off to take care of this problem. I arrived at ** store at 2:45PM.

There was one customer in the store at the time. ** was trying to program a phone. By 4:30pm he still wasn't done. Grabbed the two phones he was trying to set up and said sorry I have to close the store for 30 minutes. By this time I was very upset. I told him I was very patient and that I wanted a refund. I told him I wasn't leaving without my money. He then asked if he could trust me and left me in charge of his store for 45 minutes, left to go to his office in Lindenhurst and left me my son and the customer in the store.

While he was gone one customer called, her name was **. She wanted information on a touch screen phone. I took her name and number and left a message for **. When he got back, he was still setting up the customer that was there when I arrived that took another 45 minutes. In the last few minutes before that customer was done, another customer walked in. ** put two fingers up and told me to wait. He then sold a Red freeform to that customer, programmed it and made we wait till he was done. When that customer was done, he then said he would see me.

When I told him I wanted a refund. He told me no. He stated that there could only be one hour of talk time on phones at this time he hadn't even checked the time on the phones. I explained that I laid out all this money and still have phones that don't work and told him to call someone else. I was told on phone that they would escalate it but they didn't, so all that money, all that time and still no service. I was lied to, cheated and had my money stolen. To say I left unsatisfied is an understatement.

I called my bank to dispute the charge. That didn't work because ** stated I signed a contract and that now it was eight days since I purchased the phones. So I filed a claim with the BBB and I plan on filing a complaint with the Consumer Affairs, and Bureau of Consumer Protection. I am a lung cancer survivor with emphysema. I work 40 to 50 hours a week for my money. I do not take kindly when people steal my money. All I want the refund of the $523.00 I was told and promised by not just one, but 4 of their representatives.

Worst Customer Service in the World
By -

I got a family plan where I was told I would be paying $90 a month for the two phones. At their office after the representative set up my phones. She looked to tell me what my bill next month would be. She told me it would be $157. She said, “Oh, that can't be right.” and she tried to figure out how to fix it. I had already been in the store for over 2 hours setting up the phones, since she was having a hard time setting up the phone and was having a hard time, she told me she will resolve it with a supervisor when one becomes available. That was on Saturday, she said she I should check the balance on my phone on Monday and it should be corrected.

Well, as you can imagine, on Monday the balance was still 157. I called Metro PCS about 16 different days for the entire month, spending sometimes as much as 2 hours trying to get the problem resolved. They would put me on hold and then the call would drop. I would call back and beg the clerks not to put me on hold because the call would drop. They would promise me it won't, then they would put me on hold and of course the call would drop.

That was also the month where they had just started service to NY, and I would call explain my situation to someone and they would say to me, sorry I cannot pull up NY records, I have to transfer you to someone who can help you, and then of course in transferring me the call would drop. This went on for the entire month until my payment day came, I still had not gotten the problem resolved, had not paid so they cut off my service. I had to end up paying them the $157.

They eventually made some adjustment to my account the following month for $29, but not for the $67 that they overcharged me. Being totally disgusted with them, I decided I would go back to a contract (mind you, I did not have a contract with Sprint when I left to go to Metro PCS). I got a new phone from AT&T on the 27th and contacted Metro PCS about when my bill was due. They said since my bill cycle is on the 28th, I have until the 30th of the month to make my payment. On the morning of the 28th, I called AT&T to port my number from Metro PCS to AT&T.

AT&T told me they couldn't because I had an inactive number with MetroPCS. They had cut my service off on the 28th because I had not paid by then (even though the day earlier one of their reps had told me I had until the 30th to make the payment). I ended up having to pay them for the new month on the 28th (just so I could get my number ported to ATT). A few hours later my service was transferred to AT&T. MetroPCS told me they could not reimburse me for the month. So they got another month of payment from me without any service.

I had left one line on MetroPCS and to this date my brother who uses the line has not been able to receive text messages. I have called MetroPCS several times, but they still have not been able to rectify the problem. I am now looking to transfer the 2nd line to AT&T. They are a waste of time.

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