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Bad brake service
Posted by on
DEWITT, NEW YORK -- I went to Midas for new brakes. They told me I needed new pads and rotors on the front. So I paid and got new brakes. About a month later I was again having brake problems. Took my car back and they did the back brakes and rotors. Another month goes by and still more problems. They look at it and say it's the rotors AGAIN, they replaced these under warranty. OK, so another week goes by and more problems. They told me I needed all four calipers replaced. I did this, and after a week I still had serious issues. I decided the heck with Midas and went to the Buick dealership. They said I needed new front brakes and rotors. They replaced them and no more issues!!! The tech told me that they get quite a few people that used places like Midas and have to redo the repairs Midas did. I paid over 1500 dollars at Midas, and another 400 at Buick. I learned my lesson, next time I will avoid Midas like the plague.
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Midas Brake job in Lombard, IL. Terrible, Just Shameful
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LOMBARD, ILLINOIS -- On 3/6/09 I went to Midas because I needed new brakes after getting an estimate for $777.31 for new rotors/pads in the front and new drums/shoes in the rear. I had the work done and everything was fine for about a month and then the rear brakes started to squeak and squeal. So on 5/23/09 when I was finally able to get in back into the Midas shop in Lombard, IL. They looked at it and I watched as the tech took some emery cloth and sanded the rear shoes.

So OK they gave me back my vehicle and said it should be fine now and as I drove away, I heard the same noises and went back right away. I didn't even make out of the parking lot before hearing the noise again. I went right back and told the manager that it was still noisy and he said it would take about 100 to 200 miles till it cleared up and I said OK and got back in my vehicle and set the trip speedo to 0 and drove home and after 100 miles it was still noisy and getting worse and then at 200 miles even worse and at 929 miles I was finally able to get it back into Midas on 8/29/09 and they looked at it and told me I needed rear axle bearings and that rearend lube was getting on the shoes. Which I said I couldn't afford at the time for $632.60. So they put it back together and I took it home and told my husband and he said enought is enought and jacked the backend of it up and pulled the wheels and drums and became very mad saying, they are idiots and morons there at Midas.

He explained that first off only one rear axle bearing had a slight leak with no lube getting on the shoes, nothing to worry about and then he said that when they did the brakes they didn't clean and lube the rear backing plates where the shoes meet with them and they didn't clean and lube the star wheel self adjusters. And that looking at the brake shoes he could see that they were cheap remanufactured ones because they had glazed over from the heat that they created when stopping and that added to everything else caused them to be noisy.

He went to PepBoys and bought new shoes and cleaned the backing plates and lubed them properly and cleaned and lubed the self adjusters and put the new shoes on and adjusted them and Oh My God. No Noises No Probelms what so ever NOW !!!

Midas gave a lifetime guarantee with the brake job, But my husband says that he will disown me and leave, if I even think about going to Midas ever again. Even if its to just have them check the tire air presure .!.

By The Way my husband is 69 yrs old and when younger worked as a certified General Motors Tech for 19 yrs. But he is lazy now days and figures he can pay others to do the work. The real chit about this all is that my husband told me to take it to Midas, since they had a guarantee and seemed to have been in business long enought to know what they are doing.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/30/2009:
Your husband obviously knows the difference of when he worked and was proud of providing good service to customers as opposed to today when they are out to make a buck and scam you if they can.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/31/2009:
I typically use local repair shops, not large chains.
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Brake Repair Work At Midas
Posted by on
NOVI, MICHIGAN -- I had my vehicle brakes serviced at Midas store at Novi, Michigan store on 4-9-2009. Midas suggested me to change front rotors and pads, which I accepted. Midas didn’t mention anything else about the brakes though Midas did suggest me to change transmission fluid, which I changed at every 50,000 miles so I declined the change transmission fluid suggestion.

About three month later, on 7-13-2009 I experienced losing brake while I was driving in the neighborhood at a stop sign. I stepped on the brake pad all the way to the floor managed to stop the vehicle and slowly I had my vehicle back home. I noticed that the brake fluid is dripping on the driveway. This is the first ever that I drove a vehicle with bright brake lights on. It scared me to death to say the least. A friend of us suggested me to call the tow truck and don’t ever try to drive the vehicle again.

A tow truck towed my vehicle to Novi Midas on 7-14-2009. It was around 11:00am. The person at Midas wrote the order and I mentioned to him that I’d wait on it. About five and half-hours later, about 4:30pm, the Midas guy told me that I had busted brake line. The brake line is all rusted and it has to be replaced. This is a five/six hour’s job. It’ll cost me about 450 dollars and the vehicle will be ready about 5:00 PM 7-15-2009.

Here are my questions to Midas:

1. If Midas is the Auto Service Experts as they claim they are, why they didn’t even say anything about the rusted brake line needs to be replaced at the my first brake service job. I think that I, as a consumer, deserve an explanation.

2. Is this the Midas policy to let the customer waiting for over five hours then inform the customer that the vehicle will be ready late tomorrow afternoon?

3. If any person gets a service like this, will he/she come back as a returned customer?
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User Replies:
Eloise on 07/15/2009:
This review isn't informative it is a complaint. You should mark so.
Not Happy With Midas Work on 07/16/2009:
You're right that I should classify it as complain. Can you tell me how to change it. Thanks.
BokiBean on 07/16/2009:
Midas, go to "my blog", click on the review there, then there is an edit link...
SADIM on 10/06/2010:
The same thing happened to me but you can't blame Midas, Under the car especially in colder climates where there is a lot of snow they use salt to melt the snow at the same time it gets under the car and eats away the metal under the car, sometimes to the point of danger, it could also eat away the metal gas lines. Three months earlier if Midas were to say that your lines were all rusted you would have thought that Midas was trying to rip you off because all the lines under the car are rusted sometimes they leak sometimes they don't. Midas can only sell you what you need at the time you had your brakes done. what if they told you your lines were rusted and three years passed and still no leak then you would have said they tried to rip you off. Midas can't see into the future especially three months later and know that the line was going to leak, if it took them a few hours to find, it must have been a leak under the gas tank or in a spot where you can't see, nobody's perfect, believe me it it was a leak you could see Midas would have told you about it because something like that could kill you and believe it or not Midas does care for your safety!!
bchtony on 11/20/2010:
Cheating is actually the way Midas does the business. They usually get you in the shop with something like low oil change price, but in most cases you will spend much more than expected, they can easily tell you that something something is wrong with your car (but you will never know the truth). You may find that their labor cost seems reasonable but beware their parts are much much more expensive than other places. I also doubt the skills of their technicians as per my personal experiences. 0
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Lowball Price on Estimate; Inflate at Payment Time.
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
TULSA -- Back brakes needed for my Kia. It was obvious by the sound. I just quit driving it once the sound started and took it in ASAP. Midas store Manager advised when he called me that the repair would come in at $333. Of course he was gone when it was time to pick the car up for a total of $400. I asked the clerk about the $333 and he said that was not enough (no kidding). A $67.00 (20%) swing may be small change at Midas but it's real money to us. Plan on adding significantly to your quote, better yet, ask then to fax the estimate to you or take a picture of the paperwork and text it to you. Also this... be certain the location that does your work allows customer comments to be entered for their web located site..MapQuest in this case. The Midas store I went to does not allow any customer comments at a regular search result location... clever indeed.
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Brake Pads
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went into Midas in east Longmeadow to have my car checked to see if I needed brakes and they said yes, pads only and I said OK go ahead and put new pads on. So after it was done I went to pick my car up and when I was driving the car and I applied my brakes I head squeeking so I went back to Midas and they test drive it and said that he couldn't hear anything so they can't fix the problem unless they hear what I am hearing.

He said that he put two of the line brake pads on my car and that there is nothing wrong with my car. I will be back there bugging them until they fix the problem. I am never going back there for any other service to be done on my car.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 06/26/2013:
First of all there are a lot better places to get brake work done than Midas. That being said when brake pads are installed it is common to have some occasional squeaking sounds. Especially when the pads are semi-metallic and the rotors have not been turned. The noise should go away after a short breakin period.
freyja69 on 07/17/2013:
I have experience installing brakes. If the brakes are making sounds you should get a honest mechanic to repair the brakes. Brake pads are not supposed to make noises
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Overcharged for Brake Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HAMILTON, NEW JERSEY -- I was over charged for services rendered by this shop. I was never quoted a price for alleged tire rods that I needed. The representative went on to say that he quoted me the price and he swears on his dead father that he quoted me. If he would have quoted me 600 for brake service I would have told him to take my car off the lift and give it back to me. I feel that I was way over charged for brakes, rotors and tire rods. I will be filing a formal complaint with the state of New Jersey.

Midas 3149 South Broad Street
Hamilton, NJ
609 888 4700
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/06/2012:
This sounds like a bad experience indeed. For you information, if you file further complaints, I believe you are referring to "tie rods".
Bill on 05/06/2012:
All you had to do was search "Midas" on this site and you would of known to avoid them like the plague.
BigAl on 05/06/2012:
If you would list your make, model and year of car it would go a long way on determining if you were overcharged. It would also have been nice to know if it was for front and rear brakes or just front brakes.
CowboyFan on 05/07/2012:
New Jersey law (quick google search) seems to require a written estimate prior to commencement of the repairs with a quoted price, or a not to exceed price. Did you get that? If not, talk to an attorney.
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Scare Tactics
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I am about to go on a long road trip, so I took my car into a nearby Midas to get an oil change and free tire rotation, as well as two new tires if they felt I need them in the front cause it's front wheel drive and they are significantly bald.
I dropped my car off and they said they'd call me before doing any work. I got home about an hour later and they soon called. The guy said my car needs several repairs adding up to $1300. I told him I cannot afford that and the car is barely worth that much. He told me he will do the main repairs, which were two new front rotors and pads and a brake fluid flush, because it was contaminated. These repairs, he said, were necessary for the car to be safe and totaled a $530 after tax/everything. This did not include the tires I wanted even though the front ones are very bald. I said OK do the repairs because he made me feel like 'THEY HAD TO BE DONE OR MY CAR AND SAFETY WOULD BE IN GRAVE JEOPARDY'.
I asked a buddy, who knows more about cars than me (which isn't hard to do), about Midas' price and if it was really an emergency. He didn't get back to me until an hour later after the repairs were almost done, but he said it is very unlikely I needed new rotors. Now neither him or I know the truth about how bad my rotors or pads were, but the point of all this is I feel like they pressured me into those repairs by making them seem much more serious then they were. They charged me $530 (front rotors, front pads, and a brake fluid flush) and didn't even put two new front tires like I wanted. Also, labor costs a fortune here, the mechanic I used one months earlier was $50 or $60 an hour; MIDAS CHARGED $200 FOR LESS THAN AN HOUR AND A HALF OF WORK!

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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 09/26/2010:
VH review. I might let Miduhs do my muffler, but nothing else.
CrazyRedHead on 09/26/2010:
Budget Brakes did the same thing to me or should I say tried. They tried to scare me into getting about $1600.00 worth the work when all I went in for was to have my brakes replaced cause they were squealing. He told me that my rotors and front axle and some other things needed repaired cause they were a hazard to me and my kids (he saw my car seat in the back). I knew my front axle needed replaced but not my rotors and the entire brake line. My front axle had a clicking noise when I turn and both CV boots on the tires were torn. I told him no thanks and left without getting anything done, and went to a local shop that was affiliated with my work. I asked them to check my brakes and let me know if anything else needed repaired. He told me just my brakes, they fell apart when he removed them. He said that there was really nothing else wrong with it other than the front axle due to the clicking sound. It cost me all of $78.00 to have it fixed.

I have since sold that van and got a new one, it was just about as old as dirt.

I know this doesn't help your situation but you are right, you should get a second opinion, especially when facing that much money. I feel that most mechanics have a tendency to prey on females cause most of us aren't knowledgeable about cars. I just tell them to fix what I came in for and I'll take care of the rest later or when the time comes.
bcd on 09/26/2010:
You don’t know the status of the old pads and rotors therefore this may be an invalid complaint.
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Midas Is A Bunch Of Crooks
Posted by on
MISHAWAKA/TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA -- I went to a Midas in Terre Haute, IN when I was visiting my fiance because I needed to get my brakes done. The price was OK but they "forgot" to reconnect the emergency break. I found this out because my brother was being stupid in my car and decided to pull up my e-brake when I was driving and we kept on driving. I called up the Midas in my hometown, Mishawaka, IN and told them about what happened. They kept giving me the runaround - "Our technicians have 20 some years of experience and would never be that irresponsible.... blah blah blah." I told them to check it out for themselves. They did and said they would reconnect it free of charge. Except that then they decided to take tell me that I needed to get my pads done in the front and had taken them apart without even asking me. They also said that there were grooves in the discs and I needed to get those buffed out because that can effect the strength of my braking. They charged me $57 to run it under the machine for two minutes - I saw them do it. They also tried to tell me that the bushings in my car were bad as well as the struts in the back.

The other Midas said everything was fine, as did the dealer when I took it to them later to make sure. As for the brakes, they had only been done on the back in Terre Haute and the front ones should not have been taken apart. I told them to put it back together and I would have my dad do them over my fall break. They charged me for the labor of taking it apart and told me that I had wasted their time. Oh, and as for that manager who wrote - "I'm so hurt that customers would say these things about our company" maybe you should try and figure out why people are saying it about your crappy company instead of crying.

I've looked on the internet and there are thousands of complaints against Midas. Sure there are people who complain because that's what they do, but not this many. Anyone who reads this, I would avoid Midas at all costs.
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User Replies:
MRM on 03/10/2008:
Not just Midas but there are other repair shops that are dishonest, ripping customers off.
Anonymous on 03/10/2008:
I'd be glad they left the emergency brake disconnected due to the test procedure your brother uses!
DebtorBasher on 03/10/2008:
How can your brother pull up the Emergency Brake WHILE you're driving, and if you seen him doing this, why did you continue to drive?
Midasmgr100 on 04/07/2008:
Well, I guess I'm the manager that was crying and saying that I cared about my customers. Funny, you needed exactly what I stand for. First of all, people do make mistakes, and you should understand that judging by your spelling. I'm willing to bet it was just an adjustment issue with your parking brake which is not for "emergencies". People often state that it is an "emergency" brake which in fact it is only for parking and in most cases, only controls the rear brakes. You did not include what Midas did to your vehicle so you could have declined an adjustment of your rear brakes. The first thing I mentioned when I wrote my monologue is that Midas is a franchised company. You chose to ignore that when you decried that all Midas shops are bad ironically enough after you mentioned that you took it to another Midas (that you apparently trust) that told you everything was okay. What if the Midas that told you everything was okay is the one that is wrong? Which would you be more upset with, a shop that told you that you needed more than you did or one that told you that you needed less than you did on your brakes? Did you ever think that there are some judgment calls to make? But I'm sure deeming roughly 1,600 successful, reliable and relatively economic automotive repair shops to be worthless makes perfect since in your view. Now that's poor judgment.
Midasmgr100 on 04/07/2008:
And by the way, I need to hire the technician that machined rotors in two minutes... I've never seen it done before. Not even in four times that! Can I have his name?
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Help in Time of Trouble
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
MCCART STREET, FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I had a situation with a car dealership and questioned their assessment of my brakes. I came to the Midas on McCart Street in Fort Worth to get a second opinion. The guys were so helpful and kind to me and explained everything I needed to know to go back to the dealership with documented fire power. Midas knew that this would not result in a sale for them. They gave awesome customer service anyway. Thanks guys!
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Excellent service at Midas on 2424 South Figueroa st
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- The service I received was excellent. Ask to speak with Rey and he will take care of you.
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