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Itasca, IL 60143
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Midas Brake job in Lombard, IL. Terrible, Just Shameful
By -

LOMBARD, ILLINOIS -- On 3/6/09 I went to Midas because I needed new brakes after getting an estimate for $777.31 for new rotors/pads in the front and new drums/shoes in the rear. I had the work done and everything was fine for about a month and then the rear brakes started to squeak and squeal. So on 5/23/09 when I was finally able to get in back into the Midas shop in Lombard, IL. they looked at it and I watched as the tech took some emery cloth and sanded the rear shoes.

So OK they gave me back my vehicle and said it should be fine now and as I drove away, I heard the same noises and went back right away. I didn't even make out of the parking lot before hearing the noise again. I went right back and told the manager that it was still noisy and he said it would take about 100 to 200 miles till it cleared up and I said OK and got back in my vehicle and set the trip speed to 0 and drove home and after 100 miles it was still noisy and getting worse and then at 200 miles even worse and at 929 miles.

I was finally able to get it back into Midas on 8/29/09 and they looked at it and told me I needed rear axle bearings and that rear end lube was getting on the shoes which I said I couldn't afford at the time for $632.60. So they put it back together and I took it home and told my husband and he said enough is enough and jacked the backend of it up and pulled the wheels and drums and became very mad saying, they are idiots and morons there at Midas.

He explained that first off only one rear axle bearing had a slight leak with no lube getting on the shoes, nothing to worry about and then he said that when they did the brakes they didn't clean and lube the rear backing plates where the shoes meet with them and they didn't clean and lube the star wheel self-adjusters. And that looking at the brake shoes he could see that they were cheap remanufactured ones because they had glazed over from the heat that they created when stopping and that added to everything else caused them to be noisy.

He went to PepBoys and bought new shoes and cleaned the backing plates and lubed them properly and cleaned and lubed the self-adjusters and put the new shoes on and adjusted them and Oh My God. No Noises No Problems what so ever NOW!!! Midas gave a lifetime guarantee with the brake job, But my husband says that he will disown me and leave, if I even think about going to Midas ever again. Even if it's to just have them check the tire air pressure!

By The Way my husband is 69 yrs old and when younger worked as a certified General Motors Tech for 19 yrs. But he is lazy nowadays and figures he can pay others to do the work. The real chat about this all is that my husband told me to take it to Midas, since they had a guarantee and seemed to have been in business long enough to know what they are doing.

Brake Repair Work At Midas
By -

NOVI, MICHIGAN -- I had my vehicle brakes serviced at Midas store at Novi, Michigan store on 4-9-2009. Midas suggested me to change front rotors and pads, which I accepted. Midas didn't mention anything else about the brakes though Midas did suggest me to change transmission fluid, which I changed at every 50,000 miles so I declined the change transmission fluid suggestion.

About three month later, on 7-13-2009 I experienced losing brake while I was driving in the neighborhood at a stop sign. I stepped on the brake pad all the way to the floor managed to stop the vehicle and slowly I had my vehicle back home. I noticed that the brake fluid is dripping on the driveway. This is the first ever that I drove a vehicle with bright brake lights on. It scared me to death to say the least. A friend of us suggested me to call the tow truck and don't ever try to drive the vehicle again.

A tow truck towed my vehicle to Novi Midas on 7-14-2009. It was around 11:00am. The person at Midas wrote the order and I mentioned to him that I'd wait on it. About five and half-hours later, about 4:30pm, the Midas guy told me that I had busted brake line. The brake line is all rusted and it has to be replaced. This is a five/six hour's job. It'll cost me about 450 dollars and the vehicle will be ready about 5:00 PM 7-15-2009.

Here are my questions to Midas: If Midas is the Auto Service Experts as they claim they are, why they didn't even say anything about the rusted brake line needs to be replaced at the my first brake service job. I think that I, as a consumer, deserve an explanation. Is this the Midas policy to let the customer waiting for over five hours then inform the customer that the vehicle will be ready late tomorrow afternoon? If any person gets a service like this, will he/she come back as a returned customer?

Lowball Price on Estimate; Inflate at Payment Time.
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Rating: 2/51

TULSA -- Back brakes needed for my Kia. It was obvious by the sound. I just quit driving it once the sound started and took it in ASAP. Midas store Manager advised when he called me that the repair would come in at $333. Of course he was gone when it was time to pick the car up for a total of $400. I asked the clerk about the $333 and he said that was not enough (no kidding). A $67.00 (20%) swing may be small change at Midas but it's real money to us. Plan on adding significantly to your quote, better yet, ask then to fax the estimate to you or take a picture of the paperwork and text it to you.

Also this, be certain the location that does your work allows customer comments to be entered for their web located site, MapQuest in this case. The Midas store I went to does not allow any customer comments at a regular search result location... clever indeed.

Brake Pads
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Rating: 1/51

EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went into Midas in East Longmeadow to have my car checked to see if I needed brakes and they said yes, pads only and I said OK go ahead and put new pads on. So after it was done I went to pick my car up and when I was driving the car and I applied my brakes I heard squeaking so I went back to Midas and they test drive it and said that he couldn't hear anything so they can't fix the problem unless they hear what I am hearing.

He said that he put two of the line brake pads on my car and that there is nothing wrong with my car. I will be back there bugging them until they fix the problem. I am never going back there for any other service to be done on my car.

Overcharged for Brake Service
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Rating: 1/51

HAMILTON, NEW JERSEY -- I was over charged for services rendered by this shop. I was never quoted a price for alleged tire rods that I needed. The representative went on to say that he quoted me the price and he swears on his dead father that he quoted me. If he would have quoted me 600 for brake service I would have told him to take my car off the lift and give it back to me. I feel that I was way overcharged for brakes, rotors and tire rods. I will be filing a formal complaint with the state of New Jersey. Midas 3149 South Broad Street Hamilton, NJ 609 888 4700.

Bad Brake Service
By -

DEWITT, NEW YORK -- I went to Midas for new brakes. They told me I needed new pads and rotors on the front. So I paid and got new brakes. About a month later I was again having brake problems. Took my car back and they did the back brakes and rotors. Another month goes by and still more problems. They look at it and say it's the rotors AGAIN, they replaced these under warranty. OK, so another week goes by and more problems. They told me I needed all four calipers replaced. I did this, and after a week I still had serious issues.

I decided the heck with Midas and went to the Buick dealership. They said I needed new front brakes and rotors. They replaced them and no more issues!!! The tech told me that they get quite a few people that used places like Midas and have to redo the repairs Midas did. I paid over 1500 dollars at Midas, and another 400 at Buick. I learned my lesson, next time I will avoid Midas like the plague.

Scare Tactics
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I am about to go on a long road trip, so I took my car into a nearby Midas to get an oil change and free tire rotation, as well as two new tires if they felt I need them in the front cause it's front wheel drive and they are significantly bald. I dropped my car off and they said they'd call me before doing any work. I got home about an hour later and they soon called. The guy said my car needs several repairs adding up to $1300. I told him I cannot afford that and the car is barely worth that much. He told me he will do the main repairs, which were two new front rotors and pads and a brake fluid flush, because it was contaminated.

These repairs, he said, were necessary for the car to be safe and totaled a $530 after-tax/everything. This did not include the tires I wanted even though the front ones are very bad. I said OK do the repairs because he made me feel like 'THEY HAD TO BE DONE OR MY CAR AND SAFETY WOULD BE IN GRAVE JEOPARDY'. I asked a buddy, who knows more about cars than me (which isn't hard to do), about Midas' price and if it was really an emergency. He didn't get back to me until an hour later after the repairs were almost done, but he said it is very unlikely I needed new rotors.

Now neither him or I know the truth about how bad my rotors or pads were, but the point of all this is I feel like they pressured me into those repairs by making them seem much more serious than they were. They charged me $530 (front rotors, front pads, and a brake fluid flush) and didn't even put two new front tires like I wanted. Also, labor costs a fortune here, the mechanic I used one months earlier was $50 or $60 an hour; MIDAS CHARGED $200 FOR LESS THAN AN HOUR AND A HALF OF WORK!

And I know buyer beware and I am to blame for saying yes but Midas did not show me the old rotors or pads and there did exaggerate the extremity and need to replace them. These scare tactics are unethical. So I think people should not have any repairs done at Midas, or any mechanic, until they see the old parts and get a second opinion if possible because many will try and scare you to get repairs that aren't an emergency. I should have looked at my old pads and rotors myself before agreeing and as for the 'contaminated brake fluid', I don't even know what that means so I should have researched it before getting the repairs.

Help in Time of Trouble
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Rating: 5/51

MCCART STREET, FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I had a situation with a car dealership and questioned their assessment of my brakes. I came to the Midas on McCart Street in Fort Worth to get a second opinion. The guys were so helpful and kind to me and explained everything I needed to know to go back to the dealership with documented firepowerMidas knew that this would not result in a sale for them. They gave awesome customer service anyway. Thanks guys!

Auto Inspection
By -

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK -- I brought my son's car in for an inspection and was told the car needed an oil change, front brake pads & rotors, wiper blades, tie rods and hub bearing assembly. Price quoted was over $1,000 so I asked for a breakdown of the costs but never made it past the price of the brake pads. I was quoted $189 for the front set of brake pads, excluding labor. I really did not have to go any further as I know brake pads run $40 to $60 a set.
The Midas was located at 888 Old Country Road in Riverhead, NY and I would avoid this business unless you enjoy over paying for auto repairs.
I brought the care elsewhere and got the work done for 1/2 the price and was not surprised by this. Terrible way to run a business if you ask me.

Midas Rips off everyone they can by over charging for bad service
By -

CYPRESS, CALIFORNIA -- Nov. 16, 2009 4,400 miles ago I had a Midas shop turn the rotors and install new pads on my front brakes. Last week I had a dead battery so I had a different Midas shop install a new battery for $142.00. They told me my front brakes were bad and I needed new pads also they should turn or replace the front rotors. I was told it would cost between $400 to $500 dollars.

Their ad says they will replaces pads free. So I told them to only replace the pads with free pads. So they did and charged me $70 labor. Now the brakes squeal every time I stop and when I complained they told me I should replace everything namely hardware, rotors even the fluid lines but of course not their new free pads. I believe someone should sue them and their rip-off business ways. Don't trust Midas.

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