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Motel 6 in Flagstaff, AZ - the one on Butler Ave
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FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- We were just driving through, and were pretty tired; since it was very late already we decided to go for a cheaper motel because we'd only be there may be 7 hours total. Normally, I try to avoid places like Motel 6 because most I have been to are disgusting or located in bad areas. This Motel 6 is no exception to the rule. The room is very musty smelling, with visible mildew throughout the bathroom and baseboards. The front desk employee was pleasant, and did apologize about giving us the wrong room key.

I think they must have a problem with the window sealing, because even with the old 70's a/c unit going on full blast you could feel the air seeping in through the window (and yes, I did check to make sure it was closed fully!) We ended up taking the bed further away from it because it was 17 degrees outside that night. Beds were quite comfortable, actually, and the bedding seemed washed with no stains or bugs in the sheets. That was really all I was concerned about.

I didn't mind it at all for a one night's stay, but I would advise anyone considering a multiple night stay to look for a different motel/hotel; possibly the other Motel 6 on Woodlands. It looks a bit nicer from the outside. The primary reason for this, would be that there are hundreds of trains running through 24/7 and you can hear them all night long blowing whistles. There's a sign about it in the lobby that they won't give refunds, and I believe this is probably the reason why. I'm a heavy sleeper and was only there for about 7 hours, so I wasn't too bothered by it. Hubby and I actually had a few laughs about it.

The room, although smelly and cigarette burned carpet, was fairly clean and I didn't see any bugs or roaches. The sink has some cracking in it and it doesn't seem like they have the option of warm water... it was either scorching hot, or freezing cold. I gave up trying to get a mix for warm water after about 10 minutes. No noisy people hanging around or in other rooms, so that's definitely a plus. We had to look in the phone book in the morning and a napkin had fallen out with some genitalia drawn on it. We had quite a laugh about that before our checkout!

Overall, the room was good for the price we paid and just a short stay. I don't mean for this to be a complaint at all, more of an informative review for those who may be considering staying here for more than a few hours. I can't honestly say that I would stay there again if I were going to be in Flagstaff for a couple days, but it was OK for an overnight. I was just happy to get a comfortable bed and sheets that passed the smell test & dirt/bug inspection in a cheap-o motel.

Hidden Tow Fees Included When Following Clerk's Instruction
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Rating: 1/51

ROHNERT PARK -- My boyfriend has made use of Motel 6 extensively while working out of town in the Bay Area. I am on occasion his $5 registered guest. The per diem afforded him does little to cover lodging in this "spendy" area. This particular Motel 6 is often short of parking, particularly on the South side... where the landscaping choice (fruiting Plum Trees) and the over zealous leaf blowing landscape team members create yet another concern.

He and I (as well as many other guests) have consistently and repeatedly been instructed by the Motel 6 Staff that it is permissible to park in the spaces immediately adjacent to this area. After we both checked in (around 7 pm) we once again were without parking on 3 sides of bldg... having been assured that it was acceptable for guests to use the adjacent spaces we parked for the evening. He left for work at 5 a.m. and I went to start my car and it wasn't there. Since it was a brand new (still dealer plated) vehicle, I first assumed it to be stolen. I then thought perhaps Motel 6 had inadvertently towed my vehicle, perhaps because it didn't have license plates.

I called the tow company no. on the signs... disconnected. I then called the police no. listed... After speaking with three people I got the word that indeed my car was towed/impounded. They eventually were able to provide me with a valid number for a different tow company. After trying unsuccessfully to reach a taxi service... I called a friend for a ride. In checking my brand new car I noted a 3" scratch... obviously fresh (no dust at all around it). Noted this to driver who of course took no responsibility. I immediately went to Motel office to sort out snafu. They did not authorize tow... It was a business who now claims exclusive rights to parking.

Unfortunately I and the 10 or so other guests were one's caught in the crossfire. I asked the desk clerk to please inform the other guests parked by me that the tow co. was continuing to tow... they were very unreceptive to this. While speaking to the agent authorizing the tows about how Motel 6 had misled all of us... another car was hooked and pulled away. The agent stated she had given Motel 6 ample and repetitive warnings that they were to advise their guests about the new parking policy (I informed her that her process was in violation of the CVC). The signage & placement as well as tow notice were unlawful.

I went back to Motel 6 office and inquired as to if the clerk had reached there guests, she smugly assured me in an affected tone, "YES... I've called every one of them." Another car was being towed. The other towed guests reported that they had not left their rooms for the day, they had no message, and they even used their cell phones to verify that their hotel room phones were functioning.

Motel 6 perpetrated this misery on their guests and wouldn't lift a finger to help. These guests who were towed were headed to jobs, had registered cars, and had to pay a lot of money and it was primarily Motel 6 staff's fault. Even after all this Motel 6 didn't inform their guests about changes to parking preferences. In the next 2 days, myself and my boyfriend advised and redirected dozens of newly arrived and parking guests from the disputed parking area. Motel 6 cancelled our reservation after the manager overheard a woman thanking me for informing her as she parked the night before.

Pretty ironic that Motel 6 was clearly in the wrong and yet I was the one being punished... I have my civil small claims court case pending with the agent who authorized the unlawful tow as well as the tow truck driver. My only recourse with Motel 6 is to speak out, post reviews, and many calls to customer relations for Motel 6... I'm active with all three. Pretty sad when a guest who has spent $7,000 in a year on room charges, had no negative incidences against them, had their car towed unlawfully, tried to do right by her fellow guests is the one who gets the toughest treatment.

My advice... for $15 more on average you can stay at the Best Western, free WiFi, complimentary breakfast, conveniences like fridge/blow dryer/microwave/pillow top mattress/and large rooms complete with desks & dressers & 42" flat screen TV. Add it up, it's actually the more economical choice.

Motel 6 Provides Terrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- For over thirty years, I've stayed at various Motel 6 facilities when I traveled because I'd rather spend my travel money on fun things other than lodging. I've always found Motel 6 to be fine - you get what you pay for, and all I wanted was a clean, bare basic room. When I made plans to be in Fort Worth, Texas for last week, I made online reservations at the Motel 6. I arrived around noon on Thursday, May 3. I called when I got in town because I wasn't sure how to find it, however, the girl who answered the phone was unable to give me directions. Seems like the person at the front desk should be able to do that.

I found the motel and was assigned to room 155. The smoke alarm was chirping, there were no towels and no soap. I went to the office and asked if they would just give me another room, rather than wait for the battery in the smoke alarm to be changed. They moved me to room 160. It had towels (that looked like rags you'd wash a car with) and no soap. I went to the office and asked for soap. She said they didn't have any - they had ordered it twice but it hadn't come. I asked for the manager. She said he would be there at 3 o'clock. I told her to tell him that he had to provide soap for guests, even if it meant getting it from Walmart. I went to run some errands.

I returned at 3 o'clock and went to the room. No soap. I went to the office and said I'd like a refund because I had to go someplace that had soap. **, who identified himself as the manager, said he would refund the second day but not the first. I argued with him since I had not been in the room and they were not providing the basics. While we were "discussing" the matter, someone from an office around the corner where I couldn't see handed me two bars of Motel 6 soap. ** told that person not to bother, that I wasn't staying. I said I was staying, took the soap and went to the room.

First, why didn't they just provide the soap in the first place rather than go through all this? ** was so threatening that I was afraid, and I called Motel 6 guest relations main office. They could only take my report, and I understood they couldn't do anything else. I barricaded myself in the room, pulled a chair and a table in front of the door. The following day, I was gone from early A.M. to later in the afternoon. When I returned to the room, nothing had been done in so far as cleaning - trash wasn't emptied, used towels were not removed and replaced with "clean" ones, bed wasn't made.

I didn't say anything but went to another room where the cleaning cart was parked and took towels from that room. The room was basically dirty all over. I'll never stay in another Motel 6 - it's worth it to me to pay more and not have this hassle. I don't really care - I can't think of anything that would change my opinion of Motel 6. Would be nice if they would give me some sort of refund, but I don't expect it. They've burned their bridges with me.

Dangerous Gun-Slinging Security
By -

Don't stay here, very dangerous gun slinging security guards. He seemed mad at the world trying to make up any reason to pull their guns on people. Not a safe environment. Why did anyone let these men have guns in the first place. This guy acted very childish making up lies telling me, "Haven't I told you not to come back here." I said, "I've never been here before. This is my first time here." He lied, "We have you on file." If you guys have me on file, what's my name when was I there? I have never been there before. I just started a job handing out fliers. Several witnesses watched with disbelief asking why he did that the reason.

I was able to get away I think is he realized there was a witness and backed off for a quick moment then he said "Run scronny ** boy." I said something back. Then he hopped in his cart and chased me and tried to jump behind me. I backed out and drove away. As I was backing out he pulled his gun on me a second time. I was told to go there and put out fliers. Next thing I know I have him in my face pushing me up against the wall trying to handcuff me. He had no right when I've never been there before. Luckily someone was watching and said something so he backed off for a second because there was a witness.

I was told by my boss you won't be arrested or even trespassed your first time passing out fliers at a place. They only can ask you to leave then if you come back they can trespass you and if you come back again they can arrest you. Well this dirty security guard who should never have been given a gun and thank god he's not a cop! Just what we need right? I called the cops on them and of course cops took forever so for our own safety we found a way to leave and left. They kept trying to box us in. These SO CALLED SECURITY were very dangerous and do not belong having guns.

People like that is the reason we have gun laws and reason innocent hard working people end up dead! Be careful if you stay there. These guards think it's OK to pull a gun on you for no reason and are looking for an excuse to shoot anyone they can. It's possible this man is x military with pds. Be careful, not a safe place for family. Why do these guys have guns anyway. It's not a casino or anything like this just a motel. Mace should suffice. They are there to protect the guest not cause dangerous situations for working people like this! I hope this man's boss finds out and he loses his job.

Someone needs to take his gun before some innocent teenager, kid or young adult ends up dead. I'm going to do everything I can to see this happen. If anyone can help notify the public of this issue or at least have this man told to quit being so quick to draw a gun please feel free to help thanks.

I think anyone that has a gun should at least have to do a short psych evaluation showing that they are stable mentally. And when they come back from overseas if they have psd, they should get the proper help they can because I appreciate everything those men do for our country but that doesn't give them a excuse to pull their gun on innocent people and not follow procedures.

What a Trip!
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Where shall I start: When I checked in, I asked for an additional towel and pillow and was told "he" would bring it up to me. He was the only one I saw working the entire 2 days other than the maids. I waited over an hour and wanted to go to dinner, so I had to call and ask again; he brought them up 10 minutes later; not bad. Couldn't find the ice machine, but there was a pop machine. Called and was told it was clear down at the other end of the other building which had a 15' access between, so it was about 400 yrds to get ice! Whatever! I had also asked him where he'd recommend I eat and was told, Red Robin up the street.

While waiting for the towel and pillow, I noticed "Ritchie's Taco" truck next to the apartment behind the motel. They were DELICIOUS and the best part of the entire stay ;) I requested a room on the bottom floor because my dog is 13 yrs old and has arthritis and they didn't have one available although I'd made the reservation more than a week prior. Dazy was not happy with me. Speaking of which, there was NOT a designated dog potty area; it was EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE you could find considering there were two businesses on either side! Including all of the, so called, flower beds!

That said, the pool had been filled in with dirt and consisted of dead grass and dog turds, both old and new scattered everywhere and unavoidable in order to access the sidewalk to the stairs to get to the rooms. Total frigging yuck. The first evening two dogs next door barked for two hrs while their owners went to dinner, I'm assuming. Of course there was no one available at the desk... just sayin'. I called down to ask what time coffee was available, and was told 7 am, so I asked for a wakeup call for 7:00 and woke up at 7:30 and finally made it down there at 8 and nobody ever did call...

The next morning I went down at 7:30 for coffee and there were people standing around waiting for coffee to be made available!!! The shower; total gross! I put a somewhat clean towel in the bathtub each morning to stand on; their mat had not been pulled up in weeks and it was filthy; there was an opened bar of soap on the tub, and the knob was backwards so hot was cold and vice versa. The stainless tissue box holder had stuff running down it that looked like it had been there for months and it was empty; I would not have reached for a tissue if there had been some available anyhow; ugh.

Last but not least, there was a huge dyed, red hair-ball the size of a baseball behind the trash can under the desk, and an earring on the floor beside the bed. So why did I stay, I was in uncharted territory and had to make it to a wedding two days in a row that was in the boonies, and felt I could endure, but never again. I will stop in to see if Ritchie's Taco truck is there if I'm in the neighborhood however. You should too! Just sayin' ;)

Disgusting Room - Unresponsive Management
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RANCHO CORDOVA, CALIFORNIA -- Physical issues with the room:

· Bedside lamp light bulb was burned out (can excuse this because the last guest should have reported this). The light switch by this lamp did not work, I presume because of the burned out light bulb.

· Television was unplugged (can excuse this because the last guest did this).

· Stain on the bottom sheet (this was an old stain but the sheet should never have been re-used).

· Old water leak in bathroom ceiling that was peeled away, leaving a hole.

· There was only a deadbolt lock; the other security latch was half-missing, so ineffective. This could have posed a safety concern for me as a lone, female traveler.

· Smell of smoke in a non-smoking room was making me sick to my stomach. The bathroom vanity showed some burn marks that are caused by cigarettes – evidence the room had been a smoking room at one time and not properly aired out. The carpeting should have been replaced.

· Only one washcloth was in the bathroom for a double room. Even though I was alone, I didn't want the appearance that I took one.

· The sliding door to the bathroom was not easy to open/close.

· There is an oblong toilet seat on a round toilet. This could pose a health issue if not properly cleaned. It gave a trashy appearance to the toilet.

· The bottom, outside of the bathroom tub looked grimy.

· I placed the bathmat on the floor before retiring for the night. The next morning, part of it was damp. I have no idea where the moisture came from as there was no obvious nearby water leak. There is a chance it came from the hole in the ceiling (noted above).

· There were big stains and ‘burnt-looking' holes in the carpet.

· The picture above the bed was crooked and had the appearance of being haphazardly hung on the wall. Again, this looked trashy.

· The plunger in the bathroom sink did not close all the way which made it impossible to fill the sink with water and prevent items from washing down the drain (such as contact lenses).

Noise issues with my stay:

· The room above me was quiet and then around 11:00 PM, it became noisy. Figuring it would take some time for the occupants to settle in, I waited for them to go to bed.

· At around 11:30 I called the front desk about the upstairs noise. I described the noise as heavy footsteps and frequent dropping of heavy objects onto the floor. At times, it was strong enough to shake the walls of my room. The front desk clerk said she would check into it.

· After about 45 minutes, the noise had not subsided, so I called the front desk again. She mentioned about how the occupants were moving furniture around (from her prior call with them?) I was appalled that she casually mentioned this as if it was something commonly done by guests. I told her that this had been going on for over an hour and being after midnight, I expected a quiet room. She didn't leave me confident this was going to be handled.

· At nearly 1:30 am, I called the front desk again and said the noise never subsided. I was not given a satisfactory response.

· The noise finally stopped after 2:00 am.

· Around 8:00 am, I was startled by noise of dropping objects from the room again. The noise lasted only around 30 minutes. If they had really been moving furniture the night before, they sure did not bother to move it back. I say this because of the short time that they were noisy when compared to the night before.

· Upon checkout, I expressed my angst with my stay. The clerk did not offer any compensation for the misery I was put through the night before. I had to ask for your business card to write a detailed complaint. He did not volunteer to put forth any effort to see what was the problem with my stay.

This room's condition is the most awful I have ever encounter by a Motel 6. During college, I worked summers and weekends as a maid in a Motel 6. I know what a maid has to do; I know what management and maintenance needs to do. Your motel is an absolute disgrace to the brand if room 117 is any evidence of the rest of the rooms.

I would have requested a different room but I was physically tired after arriving after 7:30 pm from driving in the rain for 2 hours. Also, it was hard enough to haul in a clothes bag, suitcase, purse, coat, umbrella, laptop, and food bag all by myself. I doubt I would have been provided assistance in a move to another room. Plus it would have taken a lot of time to get re-settled in another room - time I needed to prepare for my business meetings for the day. I directly wrote the manager an email and after 5 days, have yet to receive a reply. Obviously, she doesn't care.

The Place Was Awful and All We Got Was a "Sorry"
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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Upon arrival we entered the room to find that there was no iron/ironing board, no hair dryer, no bathtub, no microwave (not always standard, I understand) and Internet access was EXTRA. The room did not reflect the price we paid for it. The bed sheets did not fit the bed; we struggled with them all night. That made for a very bad nights sleep three nights in a row.

We would have checked out but there were so many events around town that we couldn't get accommodations for the next night. We really tried and I gave up on saving money, but no one was available except for the other "cheaper" hotels. This took time out of our scheduled events that day also, so it was very irritating to go on a wild goose chase for nothing because the front desk clerk couldn't give us accurate information about the quality of the room. But, by God, she did let us know that WiFi was EXTRA on top of the amount we paid for the room.

We were charged $230 (3 nights at military discount) for two hard beds with bad fitting sheets, a stall shower, a desk with a chair that also doubled as a TV stand, a bad and old TV, some hangers, a luggage stand, a tiny tiny nightstand, itchy and irritating soap (no shampoo), linens, and an ice bucket and cups. Oh, and I cannot forget that though we didn't have any other normal hotel amenities we sure as sin had a beer bottle opener in the bathroom!

There was no complimentary breakfast offered, which I remember being told that there was. Again for the price paid here we did not get anything that reflected the value. This was disappointing to hear. My girlfriend and I got up early and for nothing expecting breakfast and when we learned there was none, we got a coffee from the front lobby and it was the most bitter and cheap tasting coffee I have ever had in my life. It was nowhere near good.

On our way out to town we came across a housekeeper and my girlfriend asked her a question. The housekeeper looked at her with a confused face and said "No speak English." Now, don't get me wrong but I thought we were in America. I really wish that people would stop employing citizens (or illegal's) that cannot speak the native language and cannot assist in customer service because they "No speak English." I don't know if she really did not speak English or if she just did not want to talk to my girlfriend. Nevertheless, that is disturbing that she either did not want to help or really couldn't help. It is also disheartening that this is what American owned businesses are coming to, while plenty of American citizens that can speak English sit on unemployment. I am saddened that Motel 6 would employ this person.

We decided to go to the pool one evening and we were, at this point, not surprised to see a police car in front of the lobby. There was some issue with a teen. I was not interested in knowing. We entered the pool only to find the redneck freak show was in town. There were a few adults out with a few teen aged kids. It became clear quickly that the teen with the cop had issues with the other people at the pool. The adults were all blatantly drunk. They were yelling and arguing with the cops and the kid. It was shameful.

One of the guys had his lady friend there and still had the nerve to drunkenly come over and hit on my girlfriend as we were getting in the pool. Then my girlfriend and I decided to read the rules and there isn't one there about alcohol, but there is one there about glass containers are not allowed in the pool area. Nevertheless, Mr. Hit on my girlfriend while his lady is sitting right there had a LARGE container of Jim Beam and a bottle of champagne. Both glass containers and the hotel staff (because they never came out), nor the police ever came and said something to him. They also had their laptop out for some musical entertainment, which was terrible and loud music.

We never saw any hotel personnel come out to check on anyone or even make sure that things were going alright with the police. The office was RIGHT THERE. You can see out at the pool from the office. And if not then you can walk right out there. We just wanted to relax and swim and we couldn't even enjoy some quiet time and even if it wasn't “quiet” it didn't have to be as trashy as it was.

The hotel walkway was also pretty unsettling. I am a big guy and I was afraid to walk up the stairwell and to our room. The stairs were chipping away and uneven, my girlfriend tripped several times. There was an A/C unit at the top of the stairs that had been modified using wood that had to have holes drilled in it. There were wood shavings all over the place that never got cleaned up. On the walkway to our room it sloped as if it were falling off the side of the building. There was a break, chip, in the cement where they had poorly tied up a small orange cone to. It really felt as if it could give way at any time. And the railing was scary too. I leaned on it and it bowed out. I quickly stopped.

When my girlfriend went to the lobby to attempt to pay for half of the hotel room she was told that we could not refund half of the amount on my card (I paid up front) or even the whole amount and start all over. Then when she asked about a customer service satisfaction survey of some sort the front desk personnel did not even attempt to find out why and resolve the issue. She just told her that there was one online that can be emailed to her AFTER the reservation had ended.

This was a very poor stay. I have to say that I would have rather stayed at the Econolodge. At least there you know what you are getting and still don't have to pay as much for it. So, I will never again stay at this Motel 6 and may very well never choose this chain again.

Sunnyvale CA Motel 6 - Horrible!
By -

ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA -- I stayed at the Motel 6 Sunnyvale North #1054 on Saturday August 21, 2010. First, let me say that there are two of them across the street from each other. Of course, I went to the wrong one and had to find my way across the street to the other one (via the Burger King parking lot). Who puts a hotel in the Burger King parking lot??

I get there, and it is loud. Apparently there is a club next door and it was in full swing at 11 P.M. when I checked in. First problem, I can't park anywhere near my room (I have blue plates). Then I get to the area of my room, but the catering trucks for the club next door, are parked IN the Motel 6 lot. So I can't get into the handicapped parking area. I asked how long they'd be, that was a waste of time. I had to get security to get them to move. They thought it was funny.

As I'm getting my bags, it is a steady stream of traffic, some club, some just hood rats. Lots of looks, one rolled down the window and said "what are you looking at?" All I can think of now is that I've found a bad hotel. I get to the room, it's fine. The bathroom walls are a weird yellow at the bottom, but otherwise, it is all good. My other half gets to the room, and tells me that twice on the way up he was approached in a malicious manner outside. Now he's in a great mood too.

So, you can hear the reverb from the club until 1:30 A.M. until the music stopped. Then, it was a free for all with the traffic and police sirens. The music doesn't stop either, now it is in all the club traffic's cars as they drive through the motel parking. The noise slows down and then at 4:30 A.M. here we go all over again! I went to the office at 1:30 A.M. This would be my 3rd visit and I'm still not able to sleep. They tell me "what can we do", and "there's a club next door..." Yeah! You think??

At 7 A.M. I'm up to go to work (which getting sleep was the entire reason for getting the room in the first place) and I've had no sleep. The front desk is hearing about it from several people when I walked in. And their only response was "when you stay next time we'll give you a discount." Who wants to do this all over again? And the that I complained to at 1:30 A.M. thought it was funny to ask me if I heard the noise start again at 4:30 A.M.?? You got to be kidding me.

The thing that kills me is that the "old" Motel 6 across the street was nice and quiet. Not busy, not full. No club next door. I'd made the reservation online, so I couldn't change locations, and the desk sure wasn't making me feel like I was important enough to transfer me to the other location. And since I didn't want to pay 2x for the room, I got to spend the night sleepless. The hotel staff seemed to have made peace with the hell they have on club nights (especially) and the guests do not matter.

On 8/23 I phoned the customer service hotline. I was told thank you for my feedback, sorry I had a rough time, and we'll let the supervisor know you had a bad time. Basically, it was the brush off and the same as the staff at the hotel. Too bad, we have your money, now go away. I won't be staying at this location ever again. And honestly, unless you want to party all night long, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Cheap Vs. Economical
By -

I recently stayed at a Motel 6 in Mifflinville, PA. This was actually my third time staying there, but it will be my last. It's a new motel, so the building itself and the rooms are nice. But the corners the management is cutting to save money are driving me and my family away.

First, let me say that I am all in favor of saving money by cutting out frills. OK, so they don't provide little bottles of shampoo, etc. No big deal, I usually bring my own anyway. Continental breakfast on my first 2 visits was skimpy: coffee, tea, milk, juice and some little donuts. Alright, I can go out for breakfast if I want. No clock in the room? Well, OK, so I bought a travel alarm clock. That was really all I thought was missing on my first 2 trips, but I returned for a 3rd stay based on the low price and newness/niceness of the rooms, plus the indoor pool.

This weekend when I walked in the lobby in mid afternoon (check-in time), the lobby was really dark. Not very inviting, I thought. Why such dim lighting? I looked around and noticed all the lamps in the reception area were turned off. Saving energy, yes, but not welcoming to travelers.

We had reserved 2 rooms online, and put in requests for a crib (my granddaughter is a toddler) and extra pillows. We were informed that Motel 6 does not have cribs. I was surprised. Why not? Surely people travel with babies and small children and not having a few cribs available leaves them no option but to stay elsewhere, or bring a cumbersome "pack n play" or something from home. We decided to let our granddaughter try to sleep on the pull-out couch in the room. Extra pillows? Well, we only have 3, they said, you can have 2. (for 2 rooms)

Moving on. I had been excited about taking our granddaughter swimming in the indoor pool. I thought she'd like the novelty of a nice warm pool, inside, in mid-winter. Ah, but the pool door had a sign: closed for maintenance, sorry for any inconvenience. I asked at the desk when the pool would be open, and was told it would not be available all weekend.

What?! This was a holiday weekend! Valentine's Day on Sunday, Presidents' Day Monday. No pool?! I went down later and peeked inside, and saw that the water level was significantly lower than it should be. No maintenance was being done. It was simply not going to be used. I have a feeling if I returned 2 weeks from now I'd see the same thing.

They're not running the pool to save money. Cheap. And misleading. IF you have an indoor pool, then for heaven's sake, open the damn pool! I bought my granddaughter a new bathing suit, hard to find in February, and told her beforehand we were going swimming. Then I had to tell her we could not, because the pool was closed.

Continental breakfast was another joke. I went down in the morning for just a cup of coffee, and got a tiny styrofoam cup, cold coffee, and that's about it. No more juice, no milk, no doughnuts. This motel has a nice, big room for the purpose of "breakfast" with tables, countertops, everything necessary except for anything resembling breakfast. AND this room was dark too! Really. What's going on here?

One exit was posted "do not use" because there was a steady stream of water pouring from a faulty spout, which formed a puddle of ice when it hit the pavement. I went in a bathroom on the main floor to find no soap, no towels, no toilet paper! I won't stay here again. I had planned to return there my next visit upstate, but not now. I feel like we were being squeezed out by cheapness. Save some money, but lose paying customers. Seems like a poor way to do business.

Completely Unacceptable And Disgusting
By -

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- This was the worse hotel I have ever seen or stayed at in my life. Not only was the quality of the room was disgusting, the management, the front desk staff, and the housekeepers did not care at all. Being an employee of a hotel chain, I know how a room should look and what the staff should do about it. Here is a formal list of complaints to help you know the truth about Motel 6:

1) When we first went to check-in at 5:30, the room was not done but she said we can wait outside and a housekeeper would come around. The housekeeper asked us if she could skip vacuuming and all she did was spray a freshener and change the sheets. There was no soap available in the room, the top sheet had old blood stains on them, and the floor was covered in dirt and fuzz from previous stays.

2) After the housekeeper left I was in shock. Although I did take a lot of pictures of the condition of the room I do not see a place to share them on here. So let's start the list: mold on the ceiling, there was feces stains left in the toilet, the bathtub was covered in mold, the sheets did not fit on the bed, the TV did not work, the telephone had buttons but that's all (no face-plate), the AC knob fell off and was covered in dirty hand stains.

The front door looked like it had been kicked in a few times and the lock broken, all the caulking in the bathtub was green, the bottom borders on the walls were coming off and were completely black and filthy. If all that is not enough, there were roaches and BLOOD ON THE SHEETS (must repeat that).

3) After calling corporate and having almost every rude housekeeper come into our room and having nothing done about it, I couldn't stand it anymore. I was 5 hours away from my home, every other hotel was sold out, and we were stuck. We got switched to another room which looked like a palace compared to the last except for the roaches in my sheets and hair all over the bathroom floor.

Seeing that it took 3 hours for us to get another room and for them to finally realize that their establishment was a disgrace to hotels anywhere in Tallahassee, I could no longer deal with the imbeciles that ran the front desk so we went to a Walgreens down the street and bought a bottle of Lysol and then found new sheets.

4) The housekeepers walked around property in Mickey Mouse pajamas and regular clothes. When they checked the condition of our room, they said things like, "Oh honey I can't clean up there" or "I got some mildew spray but it ain't going to help that none."

They also walked into our room without knocking or anything to make sure I wasn't lying about the room condition and after they saw it, they DID NOTHING but walk out and roll their eyes. (Mind you during this whole time I was polite because I know the difficulties of working at a hotel.)

5) The front desk staff took 30 minutes to check us in and were very rude to everyone in front of us. I would like to mention that I was told 1 of the 2 front desk people were new BUT the entire time she was helping someone she had her head resting in her palm like she was bored helping a guest.

The second front desk representative was the manager who was not offering ANY help to the new girl and who was the one "helping" me. She had to be one of the worst hotel managers I have ever seen in her organization skills, her politeness, and her customer service etiquette.

This hotel needs to be put under new management, the rooms gutted and remodeled, bombed for bugs, and every employee needs to learn how to speak to guests and do their jobs. Let me repeat, this was one of the worst hotels I have ever had the displeasure of staying at and I am going to re-post this on every possible consumer website to warn people to save themselves the trouble and avoid this property and hopefully this entire chain. "Clean, comfortable rooms at the lowest price of any national chain." Seems to me that they need work on their advertising campaigns.

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