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Do not purchase gift certificates from this company
By -

Do not purchase gift certificates from this company.

I purchased a gift certificate for three months of the 1 DVD (plus internet Watch Instantly) plan, at $8.99 per month. I emailed the gift certificate to my son, who attempted to use it but was blocked from redeeming the certificate without a credit card. He does not have a credit card, and therefore cannot redeem the certificate. I have requested a refund from Netflix, but they have denied me on the basis on a generic "No refunds" policy. As far as I am concerned, they have stolen my money, and they will steal yours as well under similar circumstances.

Netflix states two reasons for requiring a credit card at redemption:
1)"for your convenience," meaning for uninterrupted service at certificate expiry, and
2) as a guarantee against loss for lost/non-returned discs.

The purchase agreement for the gift certificate clearly states the purchaser of the certificate will be held financially liable in the event of a loss associated with the redemption and use of the gift card, so the guarantee required of the recipient is superfluous. In any case, the original purchaser of the gift certificate is never released of this liability.

Meaning, Netflix will not provide service in the case of gift certificate redemption without a double credit card guarantee against loss. This seems unethical and, in my humble option, illegal as well.

Netflix Does Not Honor Promotions
By -

I signed up for Netflix through a United Miles promotion for the frequent flier points on May 14, 2009.

The United Miles promotion was for 4,000 frequent flier miles which Netflix refuses to give me even though it was their system that messed up.

They had a problem with their system that night and it would not take my credit card. It clearly said welcome United Miles Member when I logged in. I called them on May 15, 2009 and the customer service person I talked to also tried to enter 2 different credit cards for me. He said it showed I had signed up as a United Miles member. It finally took the credit card info after 3 days. During that 3 days it was sent to technical support. Now they claim I did not sign up as a United Miles member (which I did) and they refuse to give me the mileage points.

Netflix probably does not honor other promotional sign ups as well. They rip-off members with bait and switch tactics, have system problems and then blame the members. It was their system error that dropped my United Miles sign up. Their customer service person saw it was signed up through United Miles on May 15,2009 but due to a technical glitch someone removed my mileage sign up # sign up from their system. They admit technical issues during that time frame but still refuse to give me the points that I signed up for.

I have been working hard to earn points and this is the first time I have signed up for anything based on a promotion and it will be the last time I do.

I would like Netflix or United Airlines to give me the 4000 frequent flier points that I should have been given when I signed up for the Netflix service. I would not have kept the service at all if I had known they would do this.
I only kept if for 2 months because I was waiting for the points to show up in my account. I finally called and asked about it and that was when I learned they would not honor the promotion and denied my signing up as a United Miles Member.

Netflix Skips Over New Movies In Your Queue
By -

EVERETT, WASHINGTON -- Until now I have been happy with Netflix.

I can mail a DVD back to them and get a new one two days later, like clockwork.

I also like streaming movies via TV and XBox.

However, the DVD I get from them is never a new release!

The queue says "long wait" and "very long wait" for all new releases, but that is no excuse.

They need to buy more DVD's if they know there's going to be a long wait.

This is crazy. I've had 5 new releases in the top 5 of my queue for over 6 weeks now. They have been in my queue for so long they are no longer new releases!

I called to complain and the guy basically said "Sorry, those are long waits. It just haappens with new releases, it is a high demand item." I said "How exactly does that help me?"

He had no reply. He then basically said "try Blockbuster"

So that's probably what I'm going to have to do, if I want to see any new releases in my area.

By the way, I get DVD's shipped via the Tacoma, Washington facility (that's what the guy on the phone said).

I don't know if it's better or worse in other parts of the country.

I am not happy with them any more. I'm running out of "old" DVD movies to watch. I've seen everything I want to see except new releases.

I've been "scraping the barrel" trying to find movies I haven't seen or with at least 3 stars.

When my queue gets shorter will I have to wait without getting any movies at all?

How long does a new release have to sit in your queue before you actually get to watch it? (more than 5 weeks so far)

20% of Disk Unplayable
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Rating: 1/51

RED BANK, NEW JERSEY -- I've been a Netflix subscriber for several years. We used to experience about 2% unplayable disks. Since Netflix broke off streaming as a separately billed service, the disk service has changed, about 1 in 5 disks is unplayable. We are sent scratched, broken and otherwise visibly damaged disks--disks that never should have left the warehouse.

It's as if they are trying to drive people from disks to streaming.

Free Trial
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I applied for the free months trial-was turned down so I canceled my post
my credit card was charged anyway for the monthly fee. I DO NOT WANT NETFLIX AND DO NOT WANT TO BE BILLED ANYMORE.

Outrageous Service
By -

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a customer since Dec 2004. I mailed 2 DVD's back on Friday and realized today I hadn't received any new DVD's. Went to their website and seen that my account was put on hold, no notification from them or anything. I called and ended up having to talk to a supervisor who informed me that my account was put on hold October 21 because they were investigating that out of last 3 months I reported not receiving 2 of the DVD's they said they mailed BUT THEY WENT AHEAD & CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD ON OCTOBER 22 FOR OCTOBER 22-NOVEMBER 22. I asked him why am I being punished for the US Mail he said I wasn't then why am I being charged for a service I am not receiving and he replied I'm not. I then said then why did you charge my credit card? Couldn't get straight answer out of them. I canceled my membership and told him they need to credit my card back. We will see what happens. Ever since they changed their pricing, etc they have gone down hill. You would think now that we are paying more we would have better service. GOOD RIDDANCE!!


Netflix Explanation Letter 9/19/11
By -

What your customers need in this economy is not to go up in price to receive both Qwikster & Netflix. In my opinion it's not your explanation that was needed. I got it when I was notified of the price increase. And I dropped Netflix mailers as a result.

I also read in my local newspaper you are losing the ability to stream with Starz, which gives us more streaming choices. Both of these changes will loose Netflix even more customers. I'm already considering switching.

Shame on Netflix to go up in price to receive the same services I was getting for a lower price. In this economy entertainment is the first to be removed from a families budget.

Denise Gilmartin

Movie services
By -

I am super mad! Netflix raises their rates and then the next day I can't get service for several hours. What is going in? They started out as a great company that helped the individual who was going through hard economic times and an opportunity to ditch cable and then they raise their rates and don't perform. They're just like every other company that's out to make so much money that they don't give a crap about actually giving people entertainment to escape from the real world's daily problems at a price that the guy who really needs it can afford. Everything is for the rich. Does anybody care about the hardworking individual?

Serious, Innovating And Reliable.
By -

I've been a customer for over 4 years now. Never had a single problem. Billing has been impeccable, the DVDs come fast and the selection is quite impressive. I use the "watch it now" feature a lot. It's awesome and the picture quality is excellent. Sometimes I do keep DVDs sent to my home for an extended period of time. I was never charged a late fee for that. Right before the stock market crashed, I bought a bunch of Netflix shares because I thought the service came to stay.

Boy, was I right? I made money when most people lost. :) Back to the service, I do my part as a good customer. I make sure my card number is current and pay my bill on time. I change plans according to my necessity and they are very clear about all the rules. I was never overcharged.

As a matter of fact, I lost a DVD once and they charged me $25 bucks for it. I thought it was a little too much, but paid without questioning. A few weeks later I found the lost DVD and sent it back to them. My money was refunded immediately, which tells a lot about how fair the treatment is. In in other words, they are not looking to make the last buck on you. They want to keep you as a customer. In a Country like the USA, where customer service means time wasted on hold, rude representatives hanging up on you and plain and mean corporate greed, Netflix has been an oasis of reliability and respect for my consumer's rights. Good job!

Very good company - if you know what you're doing.
By -

It's interesting that those who complain about Netflix don't take into account that they are responsible for not managing their account's payment date. It's very easy to blame someone else, instead of taking your own responsibility. Netflix doesn't need to scam people into staying, if you forgot the day your account is due for payment, if you forgot your password or credit card information, that is your own fault. Had you done the "adult thing", you would have properly canceled and nothing more would happen. People are just so quick to blame for their own carelessness.

When I signed up for the free trial, I wrote down the day my account is due for payment, I managed the DVDs that I got in the mail, and returned them when I needed. I never lost a single DVD, I never forgot to mail them back, and till this day, I've had not a single issue.

If you notice, most people who complain are those who lost DVDs, didn't care to cancel before the payment date, forgot their passwords or CC info, or their spouse forgot to cancel the subscription (but hey, at least they "thought" their wife did it- that makes it all better).

If you want to use Netflix, make sure you know how to manage your account.
Don't blame Netflix for your own mistakes.

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