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NetSpend Works For Me
Posted by on
I have had NetSpend for a few months now. With the economy I do not trust banks, so I was refuse to take my checks to a bank. I have been ripped off not once, but twice by a huge banking corporation and honestly was a bit stand offish about using NetSpend. Being a tattoo artist, I was making too much money to carry around in my wallet and after having my house robbed about a year ago, I don't trust leaving anything too valuable in my home. I was talking to one of the artists I work with about giving him some money to put on his card so that I could order this really nice tattoo machine online. He pulled out his wallet and showed me his NetSpend card and said "Why don't you go buy one of these from HEB? They are like $5 and its free to put your money on them. I've had mine for about 2 years and have never once had a problem." So during my break I went to go buy one and was actually disappointed at first when I found out that any transaction would cost me money, but then I was offered one of the spending plans that is only a little over $7 a month (which honestly is not that big of a deal). They have to make money to stay in business. I was more happy with that plan. I then created my account and found out all of the great things that a lot of other banks never offered me. Like you have the option of receiving a text message every time there is money spent on your card. I thought it would get annoying but its actually reassuring. It literally tells you what time, where, and how much was spent. So if you are actually able to track your card down if you really wanted to. The texts come in immediately after you swipe the card. Also you are given an option of free direct deposit, which most banks charge you a fee for. The company also gives you an option of free bank transfer. Which is awesome because if you have a bank and you have money there, but you want to use your net spend card, there you go. Honestly the main problem with the bank I was going with was that my card would get stolen, and I'd be in debt even though I reported it stolen the moment it got stolen. They would still allow my account to be open. NetSpend deletes the card as soon as you call them. Also I love that you can't possibly get any overages. That saves me a lot of money. Sure I don't have extra money that isn't mine to spend if I need it, but I don't get into debt. There are a lot of great things about NetSpend that I haven't mentioned, but you get the point. I feel safe with NetSpend mainly because of the texting option. I don't think I will go with another bank as long as NetSpend is around.
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Alain on 04/25/2010:
Is this like a debit card? I'm not familiar with it.
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Typical company full of subtle thieves
Posted by on
Certain situations in life pushed me to open a prepaid card with Netspend, which I immediately regretted due to the ridiculous unnecessary fee charges here and there that most legitimate financial institutions/crooks don't charge. You're looking at 3 dollars to upload money, 5 to 10 dollars monthly fee for allowing you to use your debit card anytime, anywhere (accept for at an ATM), without incurring extra charges, you're again looking at fees for removing more than a certain amount of money from your account each day, meaning if you have to pay rent and need to withdraw a large amount, you better plan ahead... and so on and so forth. After a while I became used to the fees and learned how to make my card work for me. Yes, it's not going to be as convenient as an account with a legitimate bank (no atms, can't withdraw money whenever you want unless you go to another providers ATM and allow yourself to be subject to their fees, can;t transfer money as easily.. etc), but if you pay attention and stay one step ahead then your Netspend account can work in your favor (which is way more work than a card is worth). For a while I didn't have any issues.. until..

THis past month on 06/30/2011, for the first time in two years, I received an over draft fee. I have text alerts, and was not alerted that my account was in the over draft zone. I couldn't believe it, so I contacted customer service and explained my stance on the issue, and let the agent know that I do not regularly have this problem, so I should receive a convenience refund. Yes, I do feel that I am entitled to receiving my fee back. Well, this agent immediately started with the "I'm sorry Ms. ****, but we cannot refund the fee as we can prove the text was sent". I was infuriated because instead of understanding my stance, this little mind warped customer service agent was treating me like I was trying to rob the company, when in fact the company had robbed me. I explained to her that I have not received an over draft fee charge to date, and have been a loyal customer, so I should be refunded this charge, which again led the agent to apologize and say I shouldn't receive the refund. I asked for a supervisor, and guess what folks, I was on the line waiting for 40 minutes before one came on. I think their game is to drag you out and frustrate you into submission. Once a supervisor came on, I again explained my issue and said I was not notified. See, my logic isn't that I should receive a refund because I was not notified, my logic is, and I explained this, that I have been paying ridiculous, absurd fees to this parody of a legitimate company for about 2 years, and have not complained once, and now that I am requested the service be returned to me as a loyal customer, these people, whose paychecks my fees pay, are holding onto my money and making it theirs without a second thought. The supervisor said she would place me on hold and contact some other department to check if I could get the refund.. about 20 minutes later she came back and said "Ms. ****, I apologize but we have decided not to give you the refund because we feel too many customers call and take advantage of our policies by asking for refunds.. OH, I am SO glad we were not face to face, I would have given her the look to end all looks.. I couldn't believe the hypocrisy in her statement. I reminded her that she worked for the company and did not own it, and that in all actuality the company robs its customers.. wow, I felt like I was being crushed by some weird totalitarian company that just didn't care. The nerve of her response, wow. I said, yet again, that I had been loyal to the company and could not believe the way they were treating this issue. Of course, the companies defense was their terms and conditions.. how convenient. While still trying ot reason with this woman, she abruptly interrupted me and said she was sending me to another supervisor.. so I waited AGAIN for 30 minutes for this new supervisor.

So, let me wrap this up by saying nothing happened in my favor. Also, they misinformed me about how the over draft fees work. Before my check came in, a company went into my account and took a 17 dollar payment. My check went in two hours later, and Netspend also refused to credit me that over draft fee, which is complete and absolute robbery. They said this was because I never paid the other over draft fee (the one this story is about), so they charged me another over draft fee despite the fact that my check came in two hours later, which meets their "less than 24 hours" guidelines. This company may seem all la-ti-da because they give you a 10 dollar lee way when your funds run out, and because their over draft fees are only 15 bucks, but really, they compensate by charging millions of customers ridiculous and unnecessary fees here and there, and refuse credits left and right.

So, basically they did not honor me as a customer, despite all the bullcrap fees I have paid in the past, they did not make me feel appreciated, they robbed me again by misinforming me and charging me another over draft fee, even tho the charge was covered less than 2 hours later, they kept me on hold for a total of an hour and a half, and discouraged me completely. How is that for customer service? Over draft fees are not this black and white problem. I am a human being who is giving my money, time and energy to this card. I use it everyday and put my trust in it, how dare they treat me the way they did. It makes me sick.

This simply isn't a good company, hence the outsourcing and the miscellaneous fees all over the place. No bank is a saint, but there are banks out there that will not charge over draft fees, and will prevent their customers from being debited while their accounts are vulnerable. Use Google to locate banks without over draft fees. Unfortunately for me, until I find something new that doesn't mind my credit I am stuck with this creepy company. I will keep my eye on my account so I can avoid ever having to communicate with customer service again. This company keeps a thick wall between the customer and it's true financial implications, meaning you as the customer is on one end, and their true priorities are on the other. This company is capable of functioning as your bank, but it is by no means trustworthy.

I can't imagine what you people with unauthorized transactions go through.. bless your hearts.
Company Response 07/18/2011:
Dear CardHolder,

We truly apologize for the problems you have experienced with our customer service and overdraft program.

This level of service will not be tolerated and we would like the opportunity to address the representatives that you have spoken with. Rest assured that we are going to do our best to come up with a good resolution to better assist you and all our valued cardholders.

Our overdraft service is a program that needs to be opted-in to before it is active. During the time of enrollment, you must agree to the terms and conditions which states when the overdraft fees will be charged.

We do appreciate your loyalty and we would like to assist you with your concern. Please send us an email at and we will get back with you.

If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call customer service at 1-86-NetSpend (1-866-387-7363).

Thank for you for choosing NetSpend.
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Cwazychicken on 07/11/2011:
Yea, I would definitely stay away from this card and try to open a bank account and use a debit card with a bank. My bank (great western bank), has a overdraft policy that if you get the money in by closing business (3-4pm) they will not overdraft you. I wish more people would do this because it is easy for a company to charge for something just before a check comes in (has happened to me). Plus it costs nothing to use a debit card at a bank unless you don't go to a atm that is associated with the bank (mines connected to wells fargo). I have heard a lot of horror stories about cards like this. Great review, makes people think what they are getting themselves into when they sign up for a service like this.

My bank doesn't go by credit, maybe theres a local bank you can go to that won't be bothered by your credit. That's what I would do...because no card to me is worth 14 bucks a month (that's over 140 bucks a year).
PepperElf on 07/13/2011:
although getting texts can be nice for that, it IS the responsibility of each person to make themselves aware of what is in the account and how much they are spending.

also, something else to consider - just because you didn't receive a text does not mean it wasn't sent. for example, on my cell if I'm out of credit I won't receive text messages. and on an old cell I actually had messages that would show up 24 hours late.

you may want to try a credit union with overdraft protection if this continues to be a problem
Tsi on 07/15/2011:
Unfortunately, overdraft fees ARE a black and white issue. If you over draw your account, you get charged a fee. That's the way it is
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Netspend is a fraud DO NOT USE They stole my money.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, GEORGIA -- All the money was stolen from my card $890.00 on 05-12-20012. 2 days before this happened my account was blocked so I called customers service and was told that somebody has been calling in on my account and they askedd if it was me and I said no and that the person was 1 digit off and so that's why they blocked my account OK good. Then I was told that I had to send over documents to the fraud department. I asked to speak to the fraud department then I was told that I could not speak to the fraud department because the fraud department does not speak to customers directly I could only fax them or email them. I emailed them the documents that they had requested and then they unblocked my account. OK the next morning Casey M. Rumph transferred $890.00 from my account to there account I received a text telling me this so I immediately called Netspend to let them know that I didn't do this transaction and I need the money put back into my account. Well Casey had made a transaction of $705.23 and they put $184.77 back on my account now I had to go to the claims department to dispute the transaction so that I could get my money back.

Now here is where the problems come in why was it that when my account was blocked the first time and I called in and askedd to speak to the fraud department I was told that they do not speak to customers directly I could only email or fax them, but now that my money is stolen I can speak with the fraud department? The fraud department the ordered me a new card, changed my pin number, and my security question. Now that my money is stolen and I have to wait 2 weeks 10 business days its OK to speak with the fraud department?

When I finally did speak with the fraud department I askedd them this same question then I was told it is up to the customer service person to determine if they will transfer you to the fraud department or not. That is crazy and a policy that needs to be changed immediately because if I was allowed to speak with the fraud department when this fist happened and they blocked the account I would have changed the information then and they would not have been able to steal the money. My account being blocked and I had to send forums to the fraud department should have been enough cause for me to speak with the fraud department then also and this nightmare would not have happened.

Your foreign customer service is the worst I have ever experienced very hard to understand English, rude will only answer question that they want to ask not the questions that you asked them.

I have been a Netspend customer for many years and have quite of my friends that use Netspend because I told them about it, and this is the worst experience I have ever had with any company. I hope you will straighten this matter very soon and I hope to here from you soon and get this matter resolved.
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trmn8r on 05/14/2012:
To me, the bottom line here is you were the victim of fraud, perpetrated by the individual going by the first name of Casey, not Netspend. Casey is the one who stole your money, as I read the complaint.

Finance institutions are very careful in handling fraud investigations and allegations of fraud. Their procedures are veiled on purpose. It makes it a royal pain for us honest customers and the victims, but that is a necessary evil IMO. I hope this is resolved quickly.
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Netspend Scam
Posted by on
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My name is Clayton Chambers. I work for the Federal Trade Commission and the goal of my company is to take class action against companies whom we deem as fraudulent or who seem to Misrepresent themselves or who are crafty with their Deceptive business practices in scamming consumers unknowingly. However, multiple consumers must call and make claims as we do not act on individual complaints, we rather look for trends and patterns in law violations and report them to our investigators and detectives who then take action against the company in question. I have reviewed all the complaints on this website and they are all about the same issue regarding Netspend. I defended this company on numerous occasions when filing complaints for consumers across the country telling them that it is the merchants fault when in actuality it is Netspend's wrong doings. I have recently found this out the hard way.

I am sorry for everyone who sees this that has at least attempted to contact the FTC in regards to your debit cards being wiped clean for no apparent reason or having your funds disappear in a matter of hours. For example I checked my account at 9:30 in the morning and by lunch which is at 2:00 Pm Eastern Time my $100 + dollars had been taken off. They said that I had used it at a Gas station for 5 Dollars and an ATM withdrawal for $80. If I'm not mistaken 80+5=$85, so where the hell are my remaining funds. Also I have attempted to provide them with Timecard records for the day in question to show that I did not make those transactions and they denied them. Netspend corporation has repeatedly made unauthorized transactions that I did not approve or in some cases did not even have the funds available for. Upon calling the institution in which they inform you that they will transfer you to their supervisor only to place you on hold for a lengthy amount of time and come back on the line only to try to deceive you with a different dialect than the previous agent. (The same person who said he would transfer you to a supervisor IS the same agent even after he states that he is the supervisor) I have caught several agents trying to dupe me into thinking I'm speaking with a higher authority and I am not. They had little to say after they were caught. Although my disputes only amount to about 200-250 dollars, the times that they have made these unauthorized transactions came costly as I was taken to court for bills that were not paid due to their negligence. I have read some claims on here were people have lost hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars.

I urge everyone to contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-438-4338 and report this company so we can take action against them. The purported purpose of class action lawsuits is to give the common man the ability to take on the largest corporate or private entities (who can afford the very best legal services) and have a chance of redressing the wrong done by these entities. It is important to remember that even though the actual damage or cost to the individual class member may be small, the illicit gain to the corporate entity can be huge if done to hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of class members.
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User Replies:
Ekin on 02/08/2013:
Thank you for posting. I'm in a similar situation with Netspend. It's hard to believe this company can conduct business in such a manner and still be profitable. The customer service department has lied to me several times and seems to have no sense of morals. It's a shame, I always liked this card but they have changed my opinion completely.
brenda on 11/17/2013:
Netspend did very well in opening a claim. If you'll just picture it out what would be the outcome of your dispute at the end of the day you'll get what you want.In filing of case I understand about the given Timeframe that it takes too long to have your money back coz they are investigating about the unauthorized charges.
shanee gore on 04/04/2014:
I'm calling Monday reported.I was looking for a lawyer to sue them. Sad to say but happy I'm not the only one.
shannon forrester on 04/08/2014:
I have had an acct w/ Netspend for over ten yrs and recently my card was stolen I notified them and because I could not give the exact date I opened the acct. the phone operater did not block the card and the 668.00 was stolen from the acct. I got a police report and went to social security and am out the rent and food money
DeeKansas on 04/10/2014:
Same thing happened to me my account was wiped out, a so called transfer that was not done by me to some person I do not know$630.00 plus a $4.95 fee for the transfer. They are telling me I have to wait ten days for a decision. Meanwhile my car payment was rejected. I want my money back. I am ready to start a lawsuit.
Shaneequa on 04/16/2014:
I got my tax refund sent to a Netspend card and I had to report fraud 3 times due to outstanding balances taken off my card. The last card that was mailed to me I never received it. I think it's a inside job goin on and it has to stop they put a hold on my funds now I have nowhere to turn I'm a single patent who's struggling this is very disturbing I've contacted there law firm because I need my money back now
shutupmeg on 04/29/2014:
I have bad credit, therefore can't even open a free checking account. I just got hired with a billion dollar company and require direct deposit. I have an account with Netspend and am considering using direct deposit bc I really have no other options...tho I'm not happy about the ATM fees idk what else to do. Now I'm scared to use this method for direct deposit!!! Any advice??
Crystal Cobb on 05/15/2014:
I had my taxes direct deposit to this card 5/1/2014 here it is 5/15/2014 no card no card no money never received a card I have called them numerous time to try to switch money over they tell you anything to get you off the phone I have had a total of 8 cards sent out to me in 2 weeks and still haven't received the cards I had a card sent to me that had nothing to do with Netspend it was and Account Now card with no money don't know how the card was sent never applied for one all I want us my tax money if I have to sue this company I am with whomever this is outrageous I have seen all the scams and reports from every website talking about Netspend never in all my life have I seen something like this and they look like they are getting away with it it's not been a site I went to yet saying people have recovered their money
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Netspend Hell NO!!!!!!!!
Posted by on
Please if you try to work with this company think three time and don't do it, don't do it, bunch of broken banker try to get stronger by putting this company to gather and reap you of left and right, worse is they don't tell you in advance and surprise you to hell. please don't let this losers get stronger. A to Z id full of scam and ripoff.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/06/2011:
lol would be nice to know some details other than what you look like.
tnchuck100 on 05/06/2011:
Details. Need details. What did they due to you? What was the scam? What did you want that made you feel they would not work with you? What was the surprise? Add some value to your complaint. Tell us what happened.
Destiny on 12/01/2014:
I had $125 stole from me. Empty spending. Including the $2 charge everytime I swiped the card (which is complete bull crap), I only swiped the card 4 times yet there was literally a $125 drop and I still do this day have no idea where my money went! Horrible! Horrible! Horrible company!!!
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Unauthorized Transactions-Stolen Acct Information
Posted by on
MONTEBELLO, CALIFORNIA -- I used to be a happy Netspend customer until my account information somehow got stolen and unauthorized transactions for almost $300.00 was taken from my account. I get the automatic text messages so I was at work when the first charge came in for about $29.00 for some gas station in Texas, mind you I live in California and have never visited Texas. About 30 min later another charge for $108.39 another gas statation in Texas. Well bells went off and I told my boss I had a major emergancy and needed to leave and go withdraw my money & find out what is going on. So while I am driving to the check cashing store I am on hold the whole almost 20 min with Netspend workers telling them my situation over and over, meanwhile I am getting more angry and frustrated. Finally I am supposedly transferred to a dispute resolution person or so I thought. I told him AGAIN what was happening and he told me that if I blocked the card everything would be OK and that the pending transactions were going to be removed and my funds given back asap. While I was speaking to him ANOTHER charge $125.09 was debited which was proof it was fraud and not my charges. So I blocked my card and was given another temp card but was still linked to my account. I asked will there be a chance these charges hit again? No the Netspend employee said, because my card was blocked he said. Well this was all on a Monday, by Wed of the same week my account is short I noticed over $100.00 so I check online and what do you know one of those fraud charges did come in and get deducted. Livid I called Netspend only to be given the run around and told I would now have to dispute the charge. Fine after over an hour of getting now where I will dispute it. Well now its Thursday and I check my account only to see another charge hit that was to be blocked this time for the larger sum of $125. What the hell I thought was going on here? How could these charges I had reported as fraud be paid? Also so many days later? Well of course here I go again calling Netspend so angry because I have to speak to these customer service reps who don't know ANYTHING besides what they read on their scripts. No one with authority ever gets on the line. I requested to speak with a manager and the idiot representative had the nerve to ask why? Are you kidding me I just finished explaining it to you twice!! So finally I get a manager, tho I highly doubt it was because they tell you the same thing the representative did a before. Well this manager tells me that the merchant "Forced" the transactions and that just because my card was blocked and pending transactions removed didn't mean the charges would not hit my account. I went through the roof. I started screaming I was so angry because I had asked this question when I first reported the fraud, and two how come they allowed these transactions I reported as fraud to be forced by the merchant. What was the point of blocking my card then? If I was told this on Monday when I first called I would have taken all my money out of the account period!!! So I calm down and ask OK so now what, how do I get my money back. I was then told I would now have to file a Claim dispute and an investigation would be done but it would first take 10 days for me to even get any initial information. What the heck! So even though I reported it as fraud I am now having to file and fax to Netspend a Dispute letter and wait 10 days for the investigation to begin? What investigation if I reported it as fraud in the first place? So then the so called manager tells me I can try calling the merchants too and see if they will refund the money. I lost it again because I said I don't know who the hell the merchants are in Texas because I live in California. That I had called to report the fraud to avoid any of what I am dealing with now. My money was taken without my consent and I reported it to Netspend only to have them jerk me around. What's even more fishy is how they are located in Texas and the charges that were made with a fake credit card come to find out were in Texas as well. Funny how the charges started to happen right when my Christmas bonus was deposited. Three years of having the card and nothing like this happeneded but right when the largest deposit ever is done a week later charges begin? Makes me think its an inside job. Lets see what happens now? I am a single mom who works to freaking hard to let this happen. Netspend better do right by me. Christmas is now ruined because this has thrown off all my allocated funds and bills. Thanks NETSPEND!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/20/2011:
Thieves pick Christmas time to commit fraud cause people are so busy spending money that they may not notice any missing right away. My debit card info was stolen last year a few weeks before Christmas. I highly doubt that this is an inside job on Netspend's part. The thieves could have gotten your info months ago, but waited until the holidays to use it. Netspend has to investigate the charges. Yes, it's obvious that it isn't you making the charges in another state, but they still have to investigate all fraud. You will get your money back, but it may take awhile. It sucks to be a victim of identity theft. I've been there. Just be patient and let Netspend do their job.
Mrs. V on 12/20/2011:
Also, please don't forget to notify police to get a report. It should help.
Cwazychicken on 12/20/2011:
I have heard a lot about people losing money to net spend, a lot of fraud. Obviously they are not that secure or people wouldn't be having these problems. I would never trust a card like that to hold my funds. I always use my bank debit card. Its much easier and faster to cancel *they cancel it immediately if I lose it or its stolen*. And it does sound suspicious like someone could've worked for the company as its in the same state...but hard to prove. I hope it gets cleared. I know disputes can take awhile. Sometimes they give it 30 days to dispute something, I have had that happen before.

If you do not have a bank account, I recommend opening one up. Its safer than any of those cards.
MOMMYOF4 on 01/09/2014:
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Account being blocked
Posted by on
On 7/15/2011 I received a text message by phone stating that a refund had been deposited into my account. I just got my direct deposit 2 days prior this refund. this refund was from a credit from a dentist office yes I paid in January 2011 for services and used a different debit card and in April 2011 had to report the debit card I used for services lost or stolen so the credit could not be applied to the card used in January so I requested to have my credit applied to my Netspend account went through no problem. this took place on 7/13/2011 and on 7/15/11 the funds went through. OK on 7/16/11 I go to store to make purchases and my card was denied at checkout x2 times I checked ATM for balance and the balance was well more than enough to cover purchase and I tried to withdraw I was denied acess to account. I went to the car hoping to get a positive response but instead I was told that since I didn't use the Netspend card for the services that my card was blocked and that I would have to provide documentation to support the credit/refund on my account. I explaned that I needed at least the money that was from my paycheck at least because that my mother had cancer and I was needing money for the trip and also my daughter was due any day to have her baby and I had gotten things for her household that she would be needing and I needed gas money. I was put on hold for well over an hour and another representative answered the call and I had to explain again what happen and what could be done and they were not trying to hear my concerns the necesity for the funds from at least from my payroll check I was told that they unfortunately could not do anything I never got to speak with management nor was I able to get my card unblocked not until I can provide Netspend with what I feel like personal documention none of their business information or the other choice is to have the merchant reverse the credit and once its off my Netspend account then they can release the funds what am I to do meantime my account is blocked. my mind is made up that I will close the account with Netspend they charge too much hidden charges and I don't like the fact that when you call in for a concern its no concern to them the only good thing I can say is that the getting a check 2 days faster was the only plus but now look at the picture it may be 2 more weeks before this issue is resolved and still no money but on Monday my plans will be to notify my payroll department and have my future funds re-routed to another provider and once I get my issue resolved never refer this company to anyone ever again
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User Replies:
MissLeopard83 on 07/17/2011:
It is always better to get a bank account. I never have liked the idea of the payroll cards. Seems dangerous to me. Good review.
Lynda on 08/14/2013:
I only use my card to pay a small bill online. I never put a lot of money on the card, but when I try to use my card, it noes not work . I go to the office where I purchase my Netspend, they say my card is blocked and call the number on the back of the card. I call them, they want to charge me more money to answer my question. I can not put money on my card nor get money off my card, and no one to this day can tell me why my card is blocked. what good are the staff if they can not help a customer with simple question, then call the number on the back. Going online do not help.
NetSpend on 08/19/2013:
We are very sorry to hear that your account has been blocked.

Please send your information to and we will be happy to look into this for you.

Thank you,

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Fraudulent Charges on Account. Company Does Nothing to Protect Customers
Posted by on
AUSTIN, TX -- On 1/19 I received a text message stating that my paycheck had been direct deposited into my account an hour later I received a text message saying that my pin number had changed and if I had not requested this change to contact them.

I contacted them within seconds of getting this text message and reported this to the customer service agent who insisted that no changes to my pin had occurred and said to ignore it that it was an obvious error that he was looking at my account and that I had NOTHING to worry about. I was on the phone with this agent for about ten minutes freaking out and questioning why I was getting this message if NO change had occurred. Despite that he was assuring me that everything was fine I requested to change my pin number anyway and was transferred and then the line disconnected. I then checked the balance and learned that it was $1,000 less than what should have been in it and called right back obviously upset since I was just told to not worry about it.. The next representative told me YES there had been a change in my pin number followed by 4 transactions that equaled $1,000 not including the p2p charges and balance inquiry fees. I was left with a little over $30 in my account. I was told that the change to my pin number and fund transfers had occurred through their automated system WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE with the 1st customer service agent who assured me to IGNORE IT.

My question was why did it not flag the first representative since I was telling him that I had received a text message stating my pin number had changed and reported at that time that someone was obviously accessing my account.

The representative was unhelpful almost reading from a script. I reported the fraudulent transactions within minutes of when they occurred and was given the run around, no one wanted to help me. I requested to have the funds held and stopped and was told repeatedly that there was NOTHING that they could do.. That they had NO WAY of knowing whose account the funds where transferred to.. I kept asking how can you not know who's account they went to if they were transferred through the automated system it went to another Netspend members account.. After an hour and talking to several customer service reps. floor supervisors and even the dispute department they all concluded that they could do NOTHING to help me, that I needed to write a dispute letter and fax it over which I did do.

My question was HOW could they change my pin number without having my security questions and no one would answer me. What I did learn is that going through the automated system to change the pin number it does prompt you to put in your current pin in order to change it HOWEVER if you don't know your pin number you can choose an option stating that you don't know it and it will prompt you to put in your social security number and bingo you can change it and have FULL ACCESS.. Not much security there is there.

I have since filed a report with the police department who tried to contact them and the customer service agents REFUSED to speak to them or transfer them to a supervisor because they wanted me to be there and I had already left the police station.

I called to verify that they received the fax and was informed by the dispute department that it can take up to 4 days to receive it.. yes you read that right FOUR DAYS ???
I have filed a complaint for identity theft and against the company for their practices with the Federal Trade Commission and a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.. At this point I am still being told there is NOTHING that they can do and that even though they can see that the funds went to another net spend members account that they cannot give me any information that its protected out of confidentially to protect the other member.. My response.. That's right protect the THEFT that stole my money while I was on the phone with the representative being told to ignore it that everything is fine.

I have since reported this to several friends that have used Netspend who have ALL closed their accounts for fear that this will happen to them and its obvious that they don't care about their customers otherwise they would be doing something to help retrieve the money that was fraudulently stolen and yet they are doing NOTHING..
I don't recommend this company there is NO security or protection, you have more security carrying large wads of cash in your wallet.
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User Replies:
azRider on 01/23/2011:
I have to ask. did you get an email that requested you check your account or that something happened to the account, and it had a link in it for your to click on so you can login and verify it? if so, your the one who gave the bad guys the pin number. you may have been phished with a phony email and phony website that looks like your bank but was not. and when you entered your info they captured it. it does not exclude that the bank needs to fix this, just that you need to be careful with emails. always log-in to the web site manually your self, don't rely on links in email.
SynfullySpoiled on 01/23/2011:
No I never respond to emails I am always careful of things like that and routinely monitor my account. Who ever did it had access to my ssn and knew when my check would be coming in and took it right after. What's frustrating is that I was on the phone with customer service stating that I received a text stating the change and was assured that I had nothing to worry about that it was obviously an error... To make matters worse is that the person who did this has a Netspend account that's the only way to transfer the money from account to account and they are telling me that they have NO WAY to know who it went to that their system doesn't show them...
idontthinkso on 01/23/2011:
Wow.. I hadn't been looking for an online account, but DAMN!! Thanks! I will never do any business with this entity.
Whiteduck on 01/24/2011:
Not sure exactly what Netspend is... But they sound like they do business like PayPal. I.e. they're always getting hammered by scammers so their policies have narrowed down to "we'll make sure we don't get screwed, even if you do".

Thanks for the post. Helpful stuff...
reinman15 on 05/25/2011:
So did you get your money back?
kathie on 06/15/2011:
My sympathies to you. I have had my account number stolen three times in the past 2 1/2 years and trying to get compensation from Netspend is a nightmare! You are correct when you said that it seems as if the customer service rep is reading from a script. The last time the account number was taken was this weekend and the card was used in Great Britain! I was told by Netspend that I need to contact the merchant ( again in Britain-I live in Texas and I can promise you that I did not take a quick trip to Birmingham in the north of England ) to have the charges removed. I have been left broke until my next paycheck whick will be deposited in a proper bank this time.
Melissa on 03/17/2014:
This is a copy of my compliant with BBB- Both my checking and savings account have been have been cleaned out!!! I immediately contacted them!!! An unauthorized account transfer often referred to as a P2P was sent to someone named Julie White. To make matters even worse, my savings account was zeroed out as well, with no explanation at all. I asked her how someone could access my access codes and she just said, " it will be reviewed and we will be in touch." That's it, that's all the response I received. I've been with them for 5 years. I've never had a problem ever before!!! I then asked her how long before I receive my funds back, I'm thinking 48 hours max... She response with, " it will be reviewed to see who is at fault," how is this happening to me? I don't understand how I can have $4700 go missing? She gave me a claim number, which she had to repeat to me three times, cause she barely spoke English!!!! I have like $80 to my name, hoping to find answers, I googled the problem and I was SHOCKED to find thousands of complaints about Netspend!!!!! How can the government allow this problem to continue? This isn't just the past 6 months,it's been going in for several years, people have lost everything due to this scam of a company!!! I have two questions 1. Why hasn't this been on national news? 2. Why is the government still allowing them to be in business?? This is a very sad day for me... I'm broke and I have two kids to feed!! Never mind the fact after reading all the overwhelming negative complaints of thousands of Americans that have been robbed of THEIR money... Never to see it again... I'm not very confident that I will ever see MY hard earned money again either... Please whoever reads these complaints... I beg you to stop this company!!!! It's not fair to sit back and allow hard working Americans to be cheated!!! Never mind the fact that thousands of disabled veterans and retirees are being taken advantage of!!! I promise you if I don't have my money back into my account by Wednesday 3/19/14... I will do everything in my power to bring down Netspend. I promise you this, I will have NO problem gaining support from every state in this country. I'm in the process right now of designing flyers to hand out at every tax place in my home town!!! I will dedicate every free minute I have to shutting them down!!!!
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Don't Trust Netspend With Large Funds Of Cash Deposits Or SSI/SSDI, Nor Pay Checks Or Any Other Check
Posted by on
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I don't believe it is safe for anyone to use Netspend for any of their direct deposits such as employer paychecks, SSI/SSDI, state or government disability checks, or retirement checks; nor do I believe it is safe to deposit large sums of cash to be used for purchases with the use of a Netspend card, as you may not have money credited back into your account for up to 3-4 months once you have reported a theft or unauthorized transaction(s) from your account to Netspend.

I also do not believe that Netspend operates like other large credit card carriers or banking institutions, such as providers like Wells Fargo, which immediately replaces stolen funds back into your account while they investigate a theft or fraud that has occurred with your account. Netspend leaves you hanging with no monies left in your account at all while they do their own investigation, and then pass it off to another company like Visa who can then take up to 30-90 days after Netspend has strung you along. Mortgage companies, landlords, car payment companies, and utility companies don't care about your personal lose of funds, and apparently neither does Netspend. Netspend also doesn't care if you are unable to feed yourself, as once your funds are stolen you have to wait for up to possibly 4 months before funds may ever be returned to your account. You could end up on the street and/or without a car and food before the matter is resolved. You as a Netspend customer will not receive funds that have been stolen from your account for a very long time, period. Consumer Beware. Especially, in these hard economic times where people have lost their credit cards and are now relying on companies like Netspend to fill the void.

We all seem to lull ourselves into a false sense of security where large credit card companies are concerned, and believe me when I tell you that companies like Netspend will NOT do the right thing while your life is turned upside down. This may be because the company doesn’t have to follow the same rules that major credit card carriers have to, but the then again Netspend preys on persons who may not be able to get a bank account for one reason or another, and I believe that they have a niche market with disabled, and low income persons. Yes, I think Netspend targets (preys on) the customer most in need of credit card services and/or check cashing services, but they fail to tell the customer (except perhaps in tiny-tinny print) that their monies from SSI/SSDI or any other income source will not be immediately credited back to their account once they have been stolen from their Netspend account, until the matter is investigated by Netspend, and then Visa. The recovery process with Netspend is very long and you need to have other income sources to pay for faxing services (if you don't have a computer and fax machine), and a Public Notary fees along with any fees associated with mailing documents to Netspend. I don’t believe that Netspend has the proper safeguards in place to protect your funds, which you may have entrusted with them. So be careful...your money could disappear for a very long time before any matter is resolved with Netspend. For persons with no other income source once your SSI/SSDI or other paycheck is deposited, and then stolen from your Netspend account you may be facing a situation that does not include a home, food or vehicle in your future.

Please read what is happening to me before you make the same mistake as I did.

Netspend is not repaying $1,500 of my funds, which I had deposited in cash into my now canceled Netspend account (card). This all started well over a month ago, and Netspend has been dragging their feet with their Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) by requesting documents about two-and-half-weeks had elapsed from my initial report regarding my card number theft (not the card itself). They requested a signed affidavit stating that I did not participate in any of the unauthorized charges; and did not authorize the use of my card number by anyone else to use for stolen purchases I had reported to them back in February. They also wanted a police report filed. Netspend should have asked for these documents the same day that I reported the theft, not weeks later. Now I have been told that they will turn the matter over to Visa who will conduct their own investigation, which will take anywhere from 30-90 days in order for them to respond to the theft/fraud that occurred. This means that if I ever see my money ($1,500) again, it could be well over three-months and maybe up to four-months since I first reported the theft on February 26, 2010.
On March 19 I sent the documents that Netspend had requested, which was a notarized affidavit (cost me $10.00, plus a $2.85 for delivery with proof of receipt of delivery confirmation) and the police report. They received this on March 23, 2010, however when I spoke with them on March 24 I was told that they had not received the documents even though I had proof of delivery. I have been told that I may still be charged a $50.00 fee if I ever get my stolen money back. I don't know what this fee is for as I reported the theft in less than 12 hours while the charges were still pending. Netspend monies may be given back to me once Visa has resolved the case on their end, and maybe not or I least that is what I was told by Netspend. I wasn't told how long Netspend had to submit the documents to Visa, which I sent to them over a week ago, as they claim even though I have proof of delivery from UPS, that these documents were not received at the Dispute Resolution Center (DRC).

I am beginning to believe that even though the personnel at the Netspend DRC are very polite and nice on the phone that their job is to ensure that matters like this do not take priority. What does take priority is recruiting new customers and making persons like me sit through prerecorded messages that encourage me to sign-up for direct deposit of all my paycheck or government checks and thus use Netspend for all of my banking needs, and transactions. Trust me when I say I want to vomit, and I have contemplated the possibility of placing a loaded gun in my mouth for entrusting such a large sum of money to a company like Netspend, but at least I still consider myself fortunate enough to have a working phone in order to call Netspend every few days to hear these nauseating prerecorded messages: These messages help remind me what an idiot I was for depositing $1,500 cash on a Netspend card to begin with. To date I have now incurred a total $1,522.80 in lost monies. I also had to pay $9.95 for a new card at Netspend as I had monies being charged back to the stolen, (now canceled card) from stores that owed credit back to me. The funny thing is, is that one of the customer service persons at Netspend actually suggested that she lift the cancellation on my stolen card number and deposit these funds owed back to me on that stolen card number, as I had expressed an extreme lack of trust in use of my old card, or any Netspend card ever again. I didn't really want to activate the new Netspend card, and then have monies stolen again, since we don't know how the original $1,500 was taken from my card to begin with. So, let’s see...I guess we just add more funds back to the stolen card where the card number has already been reported as stolen, and reactivate it so that the thieves can take more of money from my account. WOW. I guess customer service is not aware of any anti-theft procedures or why it continues to happen. Did these persons in customer service at Netspend go through any anti-fraud or theft avoidance training? I can't believe that they did, especially after that conversation. Frightening!

Here is the initial report filed with Netspend:

I noticed two unauthorized charges on my credit card account with NetSpend on the morning of 2/26/10 at approximately 3:30 AM (PST), and immediately canceled my VISA card ending in the numbers XXXX. The VISA credit/debit card ending in XXXX was used twice in order to make unauthorized purchases in Seattle, WA (college area) on the evening of 2/25/10. However, NetSpend reports the charges occurred at 18:06:09:0 on 2/26/10 at BEST BUY in Seattle, WA where an unauthorized charge for $900.00 was made with my credit card number, and 18:06:14:0 at TARGET in Seattle, WA where another unauthorized charged was made for $600.00 with my credit card number. My credit card was in my physical possession when these unauthorized charges were made. At no time have I ever lost or misplaced my VISA credit card number ending in XXXX. I did not lend nor allow the use of my VISA credit card (XXXX) by another person nor authorize the use of my card number for someone else to make the aforementioned unauthorized purchases in Seattle, WA nor did duplicate or authorize the duplication of my Netspend or any credit card.

Best Buy’s Consumer Relations Department was able to tell me that the $900.00 charge placed on my NetSpend card at this Best Buy store (#470), which is located at 330 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125, was used to purchase a total of three Best Buy gift cards for the amount of $300.00 each. I attempted to call this store all day yesterday, but the circuits were busy according to an automated message from AT&T, and I was never allowed to reach this store so that they could possibly have these fraudulently purchased Best Buy cards canceled before they were billed to my account or at least hold the security tape for the police to review. I did not authorize nor allow any other person to make this purchase or transaction at Best Buy.

I was unable to find out anything about the other unauthorized transaction at Target for $600.00, as Target Consumer Relations Department said they would not deal with anyone who had a problem with a unauthorized third-party credit card transactions used at any of their store locations, and advised me to be contact my credit card company which I had already done.

I noticed the two unauthorized charges on my credit card account with NetSpend on the morning of 2/26/10 at approximately 3:30 AM (PST), and immediately canceled my VISA card ending in the numbers XXXX. I called NetSpend on 2/26/10; they explained that a dispute report would need to be filed. The VISA credit/debit card ending in XXXX was used twice in order to make unauthorized purchases in Seattle, WA on the evening of 2/25/10. However, NetSpend reports the charges occurred at 18:06:09:0 on 2/26/10 at BEST BUY in Seattle, WA where an unauthorized charge for $900.00 was made with my credit card number, and 18:06:14:0 at TARGET in Seattle, WA where another unauthorized charged was made for $600.00 with my credit card number. My credit card was in my physical possession when these unauthorized charges were made.

Best Buy’s Consumer Relations Department was able to tell me that the $900.00 charge placed on my NetSpend card at this Best Buy store (#470), which is located at 330 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125, was used to purchase a total of three Best Buy gift cards for the amount of $300.00 each. I attempted to call this store all day yesterday, but the circuits were busy according to an automated message from AT&T, and I was never allowed to reach this store so that they could possibly have these fraudulently purchased Best Buy cards canceled before they were billed to my account or at least hold the security tape for the police. I did not authorize nor allow any other person to make this purchase or transaction at Best Buy.

I was unable to find out anything about the other unauthorized transaction at Target for $600.00, as Target Consumer Relations Department said they would not deal with anyone who had a problem with a third-party credit card used at any of their store locations, and advised me to be contact my credit card company which I had already done.

At no time have I ever lost or misplaced my VISA credit card number ending in XXXX. I did not lend nor allow the use of my VISA credit card (XXXX) by another person nor authorize the use of my card number for someone else to make the aforementioned unauthorized purchases in Seattle, WA nor duplicate my credit card.

My question is, who except thieves buy large amounts of gift cards in the spring? Best Buy employees and Target employees must have failed the same anti-fraud training (if any was provided) that the Netspend personnel did. I have been told recently that cash cards are great for retailers, as they always get paid. I have also been apprised that persons who want to sell stolen cards, apparently on web sites like eBay benefit from the use of cash cards as well. Amazing, the slimy world we live in. Is there a special spring Christmas or Christmas type holiday that occurs in spring, which I am unaware of? Netspend thought the purchases $300.00 each for gift cards in February was appropriate, so I guess so. Who knew.
Company Response 04/13/2010:
Firstly, we want to apologize that your card number was compromised and your funds were stolen. This is a situation we do not want to see any of our card holders in, but understand that it does happen. Each claim is different so it is difficult in determining an exact time frame of when your claim will be resolved (We hope it has been resolved by this point.) You definitely did everything possible on your part to get in the necessary documentation and by blocking your card. We try to resolve our disputes as quickly as possible and apologize that you have had to wait so long. We are considered a financial institution but we are not necessarily a bank. For this reason we are not always able to issue money back right away while the investigation is done. In our terms and conditions we list the 50 liability and charge this fee because NetSpend will pay this out of its own pocket, it is not actually money that we win back. We truly hope your dispute has been resolved at this point and thank you for your patience with us.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-866-387-7363.

NetSpend Corp.
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User Replies:
grandma005 on 03/30/2010:
CASH baby CASH is King. Cash your check at Bank or Walmart or Check cashing places. Buy Money orders or Cashiers checks to pay Bills if you don't have a checking account. Pay cash for food and other purchases. I would never trust one of those cards.
grandma005 on 04/29/2010:
It has been a month now. Have you received your money back yet?
everyone on 02/25/2014:
Do not trust Netspend.

Gina on 03/26/2014:
Did the same thing with me last year on dispute till finally put me off for almost six months with ignorance then said it was to long since disputed charges occurred. Customer service stinks each person will give a different answer.
Lacy on 03/26/2014:
I read this and cringed. I'm going through the same situation with Netspend as we speak. They are sometimes correct META bank. So when they say they are not a bank, Meta bank is the bank that funds Netspend which is ONLY the title of the card issuer. There has to be something that can be done about this
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Netspend Trap's People Money During The Holiday!
Posted by on
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I've been a long time happy as hell Netspend user for over 3 years now, I have a short temper but I gave this company the benefit of the doubt many time..
First problem was them holding charges back for almost a week and then slamming my account with all of the past purchases I made that entire week, I hadn't had time to check my account periodically all the time so I relied on my phone to text me my balance, I hadn't notice my final text I got was an old balance I had so I made a few more purchases thinking I had a good amount of money left.

Then I get slammed with all of the last week's purchases made and end up in the negatives..

Now I have this problem today 'TODAY 11/25/09' the day before thanksgiving, Netspend is closed, There's no customer service to contact, no one to talk to in technical support, your directed over the phone to go to and see what help you can get there, and the website is totally down, I mean the entire domain is like shut down as if it doesn't exist anymore, I'm currently scared all of my funds are done for and I'm going to be in for a fight to get my money from a company that can pretty much vanish without a trace at any moment.
I'm going to make some attempts at mailing them hopefully my funds are available before the mail get to them, I'm going to also track their bank down and contact them.
I'm also reporting this to the BBB.

It's as if they all took a vacation and have forgotten real people have real money on these cards, I just got paid and I'm relying on that money to gas my car up so I can get to my family, if I can't go anywhere I'm going to be FURIOUS!
Then on top of that my car needs maintenance, I will literally lose my job if I don't show up Friday due to no gas!! These people need to seriously find a way to let people know they are going to be experiencing some problems and allow us time to pull some funds out before they go down..
I'm feeling hopeless at this point. they have literally crippled me financially, I'm looking around for a real bank account now, I didn't want to have to deal with the fee's and all the mess so I went with this company but if this is what I got to go through HELL NAW!!
Resolution Update 11/26/2009:
The Netspend Website appears to be up and running now and everything looks in place. i'll call this resolved, however if it happens again i'll be back on here or wherever my complaints are welcomed.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
Stop it!
DebtorBasher on 11/25/2009:
LOL Pro!
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
Whaaaaaat? What did I do. (insert angelic face here) lol
dninc on 11/26/2009:
I'm not sure how this site works but I'm assuming this discussion is regarding my post?
So why was "Stop it" posted by Proconsumer?
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
So you basically didn't keep track of your spending and overspent now you have no money? Listen very carefully: That is NOT their fault. It is YOURS.
Leo L. on 11/26/2009:
it is not that the person didn't have the money to spend. #1 the most you can overdraft is $13 and she had just got paid(context clues people, pay attention this is stuff you learn in elementary). #2 this happened to every cardholder including my wife and I. there was a technical issue and it stopped us from getting groceries and paying for the dinner that we had just had for our anniversary. I'm tired of all you people not taking the time to read the posts and see that it was a tech issue on NETSPENDS side, not ours. then calling us out for not having the money when we really did
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
What amazes me is that so many people have all of their financial means of payment wrapped up into one card. Poor planning or ignorance? You decide. What happened sucks and Netspend needs to explain the system failure, but you have got to have a contingency plan for instances such as this or you are going to find yourself in the same boat... again!
Raddle on 11/26/2009:
Don't expect the "real banks" to be any better. Banks don't offer any additional protection if you use a debit card.

I thought the basic Netspend service doesn't allow you to make purchases if the funds aren't available. Even if those purchases are pending it deducts that amount from the available balance.

Is there something I'm missing?
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
If I can stop being ignorant long enough I think I can answer that Raddle. The server was down. The OP was denied the use of the funds because the server was down. Now Netspend is an evil doer who intentionally stopped millions of users form accessing their money at the last minute shopping excursions.

OP, your condescension is sorely lacking. I am better at it. Trust me.
grandma005 on 11/27/2009:
That is why CASH is King.
Raddle on 11/27/2009:
Right, but what about this person stating they are getting all of these overdrafts? I didn't know that was possible with Netspend.
dninc on 11/29/2009:
Answer for "Raddle" Regarding my post..
perhaps I didn't properly date that incident, that happened over 2 years ago 3 years after I had my account, I had no problems beforehand, But that one problem occurred during a Netspend System problem that held several members debits in suspended animation for a week, no one knew the true Balance of their accounts because the system stalled..

My money used to be generally spread out in various area's I have a Credit union account, Netspend and I used to have a regular bank account, I dropped that bank because of so many bad problems with them, and the customer service was atrocious, Way worse than Bank of America by far, I'd recommend no one go to Bank of America!.

I did properly date the occurrence that recently happened with many people though when the Entire Netspend System failed, this is the first time this has ever happened to me so I was in deep shock, I have my entire check deposited there and then I usually withdraw funds and hold cash and put a few funds into my Credit union savings account bi-weekly as usual, this time I couldn't do it because the system with Poof, Netspend customer service went poof, Netspend website went poof, nothing could be done..
Everything is fixed now I have called this problem resolved as soon as Netspend made corrections, and they do obviously read this site, they've kindly asked me to remove my last post that had all of their Headquarter Contact numbers including extensions, their headquarter address info and the owners and co-owners names all posted, I've taken it down and saved it in a notepad.. I've gone to my Employer and have now asked them to cut me 50% of my check and the rest go to Automatic draft instead of 100% of it..

However to ask "Raddle" a question back:
Where exactly are you reading "Overdraft?" in my post?
I think your mixing 2 comments up or read my wrong..
dninc on 11/29/2009:
Here's the Email I got back from Netspend by the way:

Customer service

show details Nov 27 (2 days ago)

Dear Edward,

Thank you for contacting NetSpend customer care.

We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our customer service.

We are experiencing difficulties in processing transactions through our payment processor last November 25, 2009 causing all transactions using your card were declined as well as technical issues with the website and alerts. However, the issue was resolved later that day.

Please accept our deepest apologies for any inconvenience that this incident may have caused. Rest assured that we are going to do our best to come up with a good resolution to better assist you and all our valued cardholders.

If there is anything else we can due to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call customer service at 1-86-NetSpend (1-866-387-7363). Answers to frequently asked questions and self-help options can be found online at

Thank you for choosing NetSpend.

Customer Care Specialist
1-86-NETSPEND (1-866-387-7363)

Hours of operation:
M-F 8 am-10 pm CST
Sat-Sun 8 am-8 pm CST

LaShondra Chance on 12/11/2014:
NETSPEND HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THE PLANET where they hire there associates from i have no idea first they put a block on my debit card and didn't even bother to send a text email anything then when i called to get this resolved someone hung up in my face also i have been on the phone with this company since 8am and haven't spoken with anyone from fraud in regardless to my account this is just sad makes me feel as if there is a scam with the company and why they cannot remove the BLOCK IM REPORTING THIS COMPANY to the BB asap cause something has to be done
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