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Who's Interested in a Class Action Lawsuit?
Posted by Toolmanmcnamara on 02/07/2013
We did our taxes and had our money sent thru Netspend. huge mistake. I advise no one use this. they will lie to you, and are extremely rude. I've had enough. attorney time.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-02-07:
what are the issues you experienced?
Posted by Whiteduck on 2013-02-07:
And why do so many people want to start up class action lawsuits? No one wins with those except the lawyers. It'll take 5 years, then you'll get a check for $.37 while the lawyers retire on the millions they made.
Posted by mark on 2013-02-08:
they have falsley added funds to an account which was not verified to collect interest, and have "lost" 3 forms of identification. on top of lie after lie about when the card would be activated. 50 different people with 50 different stories. that's fraud, neglegence, and identity theft.
Posted by brittany.neill24 on 2013-02-08:
I'm in!
Posted by CAUbound on 2013-02-13:
I personally just filed my taxes with Turbo Tax and used the third party ,NetSpend to allocate the funds. I am currently waiting for the arrival of my card with my tax refund loaded . In the event I don't receive my card or any issues surface with NetSpend . I'm in for the class action lawsuit
Posted by Trenton,NJ on 2013-02-13:
I am moving forward with a class action suit threw the IRS against them starting Tuesday. I work for a law firm and it is rather easy to do the paperwork yourself. you need a 14157-A form and 14157 form threw the IRS
Posted by steamed Anon... on 2013-02-16:
I tried to activate my card on a monday 2/15/13 and was informed ny acct was blocked. I faxed all documents at 10 pm that night....i called the next day , still blocked, 36 hrs in i called again and was told it was still blocked because they dont have my docs ..I demanded ti speak to a manager and did...he said i needed to resend my documents and it would take another 24_48 hrs to unblock, he gave me an email address to send to.. did on wednesday at 8:14 pm...i called the next day and was told it woulit
Posted by steamed anon on 2013-02-16:
(Continued) i was told the block would be removed that day....its still blocked on Friday im a single mom of 3 and need access to these funds ASAP...Tax refund ....I told the manager last night that i wanted to cancle the card and them to send my money back to the irs for a paper check....i got disconected :-)
Posted by fed up on 2013-02-18:
i did my taxes with turbo tax and got the netspend card i never received my card and never activated it they told me it had not been ativated but yet someone transfered 1500.00 off of itits now been 3 weeks and i havent got my money they are a scam and count me in..... ive called everyone i know to call i mean the irs send my money and they have someone steal it or so they say
Posted by Brandon on 2013-02-25:
I'm down for a class action all the way!
Posted by NetSpend on 2013-02-26:
We apologize for the problems you have experienced. We can assure you that customer service and account security our very important to us.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will be happy to assist you with this.

Thank you,

Posted by loyalty on 2013-03-03:
I wish i would have used my bank for my tax refund i used the card as credit on a purchase of 294 and was charged 46 dollars in fees no bank that i know charge outrageous prices. My insight card was better than this scam of a card oh well lesson learned i would never put money on this card not even my tax return.
Posted by stacey on 2013-03-13:
Im in made a purchase an canceled my order three weeks ago. The vendor (best buy) relinquished the hold on my funds rhe day after the order was canceled. Net spend will not give my money back.. spent hours on the phone begging to talk to somebody who speeks English. I am not going to loose my 755.00 dollars!
Posted by Tawana on 2013-03-21:
I am so in for a lawsuit against netspend. They are robbing me blind!!! $5.00 fee for this. $1.00 fee for that. A limit to how much of MY money I can take off MY card. I can withdraw a certain amount per day and an additional fee every time I use the ATM. Worst card ever!!!
Posted by Would gladley on 2013-03-26:
Would gladley enter into a lawsuit with them. refuse to lift my"fraud protection" block on my card no matter what I send them. I send what they ask. They reply insufficient every time. They are complete scam artists.
Posted by david brown on 2013-03-30:
Taxed loaded over a week now, still no card over 20 days waiting tired of lies, i'm down for lawsuite..let lawyer get rich,as long as netspend is punished
Posted by MuQuiter Burke on 2013-04-12:
Did you hear they are being bought out by a company called TSS or Georgia-based Total System Services Inc. (NYSE: TSS). http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2013/02/27/netspend-shareholder-files-lawsuit-to.html

I am switching my stuff as soon as I possibly can to my Wells Fargo account. I'll just have to wait 2 days to get paid.
Posted by Amanda on 2013-04-15:
My money is lost I'm pissed mine as well talk to a robot then them... I want in email me mandertrip420@Yahoo.com
Posted by Jamie on 2013-04-22:
Im so in with law suit! Im calling better business bureau on them as im typing.! They are scammers! Email jamjones1248@gmail.com
Posted by R.H. on 2013-04-30:
They advertise you can get your money five days early. That's just a lie in the commercial just to get people sign up for their card. Then they tell you the check wasn't mailed out yet. But even a 10 year old knows that from the IRS to Social Security sends all checks out on computer disks for direct deposits the no longer send paper checks. I agree everybody who has dealt with Netspend should file a class action suit and close their Netspend accounts down.
Posted by Amanda E on 2013-05-01:
My story is almost the same as everyone else, but My check is currently lost, SCAMMERS AND LIERS!!!!!!!!! I am in for lawsuit,Email, amandadannyjr@yahoo.com
Posted by Melissa D on 2013-05-20:
I accidentally made a purchase thru Amazon i cancelled it within 4-5 hrs the vender and Amazon are at their wits end also netspend will not remoive the pending transaction hold its been 16 days $289 isn't nuch to some but a single female in disability and in a wheelchair its over. 1/3 of my mthly income I've sent all the information thet have asked for and I've had amazon also send it... i don't know what to do I'm about to loose my handicapped apt because of this in my smalk rural area there aren't many wheelchair accessible apts or houses mldavis411@gmail
Posted by BEW on 2013-05-29:
I signed up for this card today and then decided to check out the credibility of Netspend. I am shocked at thee amount of theft and fraud these people are getting away with. If you need more fodder for the class-action lawsuit check out this site for 25 pages of complaints against them. http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/directory/netspend

Thank you all for posting this and saving me a huge headache.
Posted by Fed up in MN on 2013-06-30:
I would be willing to start up a lawsuit. My issues are too long to go into on this forum. BUT BEWARE! I am currently stranded in Portland due to NETSPEND. Waiting til Monday to call my local bank and get savings transferred so I can get home to MN. Meanwhile, NETSPEND has my money and will not release it. I received horrible customer service reps that kept lying to me, interrupting me when I asked questions, played "dumb" like they lost the call, and were just plain rude and snarky. When asked to speak to a supervisor, I believe I got the exact same man I was speaking to previously! The supervisor was also rude and could care less about my situation. The hotel we were staying at overcharged us by $379 and I will need to wait up to 30 days for a refund even though the hotel sent NETSPEND the indicated paperwork and spoke to NETSPEND on the phone about the over-charges. Yes, I am irritated with the hotel as well, however, they gave us $50 cash and free breakfast due to their error and attempted to solve the problem. NETSPEND did NOTHING!
Posted by Angry Former Customer on 2013-06-30:
In Dec. 2012, 10 days before Christmas, a company took an unauthorized payment of $600 from my NETSPEND acct. When I called NETSPEND they claimed there was nothing they could do to retrieve this money because I had done business with this company in the past and had therefore authorized payments. REALLY? Therefore, if you go to Kohl's or Walmart, etc. and use your NETSPEND card for the purchase NETSPEND claims that you have authorized payments in the past, therefore they can take money from your account at any time. WHAT THE HECK? The rude advice I received was to contact the fraudulent company that stole the $600 out of my acct. and ask them to fill out forms and send to NETSPEND. Yep, the company that steals money out of my account will just give it back. What a load of b.s. I believe NETSPEND is in partnership with some of these company's. Take your money off your card and cut the card up!
Posted by Fed up in MN on 2013-06-30:
Additionally, I see netspend claims (above in the comments) that they care and disgruntled customers should write a review on their site. Guess what netspend? I tried to write a review on your site, spent over an hour composing it only to have your website claim error. I sent another message which simply stated call me and my phone number, I haven't heard from you netspend. BTW, the number for customer support does not work. I get a connection and then enter my card number and the system claims the acct. number is not valid. I went to www.gethuman.com and obtained a different phone number that worked. When I reported the issue to the rep. she didn't even seem concerned. I am certain she hears the issue a hundred times a day and realizes any notation she makes about the issue will fall on the deaf ears of management. If any of the above posters have started a class action lawsuit, please give me a website or email to contact. THANKS!
Posted by angela castellani on 2013-07-29:
i am in for this lawsuit too i got my sons ssi friday 7/26/13 but did not get mine and they come same day same time every month, i called social security and they said nothing has changed with them at all they are deposited to same account with netspend yet netspend gives me runaround telling me they havent got it thats lie. been getting them both same time every month together, i got my sons for $494 and did not get my $710 one, the rep even said to me arent you happy you got one of them, i said jeez no i am not i need that $710 to pay rent and my electric or me and my disabled son we will be evicted and have no electric, social security says they cant trace it until 1pm eastern time on the 1st and they said that will take 7 days for the trace then another 2 weeks to send me out a replacement check to replace the stolen money that netspend wont post to my account. i think they are purposely stealing some of our money for themselves and blaiming social security when its not social securities fault at all its netspend metabanks fault. my email is - lotrbfmeii@gmail.com
Posted by tamika on 2013-07-30:
im still on hold after an hour. its so much to write and I'm so upset Im starting to cry..
Posted by Bill on 2013-08-03:
I was given a "PayPal" prepaid Debit Card in June. I did not activate it until August. The orginal balance was $50. I contacted PayPal and they said it is not a PayPal prepaid debit card. Here is PayPals response:

Thank you for contacting PayPal Debit Card. My name is Ryan, and I understand you have a received a card that was loaded with funds. I can help explain the situation.

The PayPal Debit MasterCard is a card that must be requested directly through the PayPal account and is not a card that is automatically loaded with funds. The card itself works off of the available balance in the PayPal account. The Debit MasterCard is a gray card that starts with the digits 558158.

It sounds like you received the PrePaid MasterCard. The PrePaid card is blue with a white stripe and starts with the digits 5311. Although the PrePaid card does say PayPal on it, it is actually handled by a company called NetSpend. PayPal does not charge any of the fees and all account information related to the card is processed through NetSpend. I do apologize about the confusion and hope the information provided was helpful. If you would like to contact NetSpend, their phone number is 866-753-6440.

It seems that the card was issued by NetSpend.

The card issuer deducted $14.85 from the balance because I did not use the card for over 90 days. The card was purchased in April 2013 and the back of the card says "a monthly maintenance fee of $4.95 applies if the Card Account is inactive for 90 days.

Since I didn't activate the card until August 2nd I believe that the card did not represent an active accoount until it was activated. I called the number referred to above and they would not reimburse me for the charges they made to the account balance.

I feel this is a ripoff. Do not purchase this type of card. If the card was purchased through PayPal thre would be not charges. (See above statement from PayPal).

The number of complaints against NetSpend on Ripoff Reports seems significant. I support a class action lawsuit against NetSpend.
Posted by RENEE on 2013-08-09:
Posted by Ian on 2013-08-16:
RUN I HAVE AN over ten pages of print screened conf. Saying I got a $20 referral bonus for signing up friends then taken away accusing me of giving the people $40 to activate card.. Or saying they "may" have had an account b4 and aren't eligible. I threatened to go to the ATTORNEY GENERAL and the women frantically tried to tell me it was an IT mistake and I'd hear back in two days.. Yeah right! Then she sled if I would set up my paycheck for direct dep! Lol
Posted by angela on 2013-08-23:
I see a lawyer Thursday
Posted by Justin on 2013-09-07:
I just checked my account after a $900 deposit. It says $577. There is a bunch of transactions to some dating service in Hong Kong. I tried to call but Netspend's call center is closed. Reported the card stolen to stop further damage. WTF Netspend?
Posted by angry as hell on 2013-10-02:
I am getting a lawyer and calling FDIC,. I am outraged,. loaded money on my card and get a message "there is a problem with your acct." no customer service,. just waiting for hours,. I AM GETTING A LAWYER. tjis is a CRIME.
Posted by kayzeeone on 2013-10-08:
I want in on the class action lawsuit. To get them shut down, we should all contact FDIC.
Posted by Brkhse69 on 2013-11-04:
I'm definitely in support of a class action lawsuit.fraudulent charges appeared on my account.Called customer service 5 times and spoke to 5
different non English speaking reps that told five different versions (lies)...Liars and thieves!!!!!
Posted by Sheila Delarge on 2013-11-17:
I had five hundred dollars refund put on my net spend when I called to see if funds are available they sent me to customer service telling me the funds are there just not available to me I asked why they told me the card had not been used in 6 months a block was put on the card when I asked how to remove they said I had to send them the original receipt of purchase I told them the purchase was made with another card but my refund was put on there card anyho I went through alot spoke to different supervisors and got no where so sick of netspend im all in for a class action law suit first thing in the morning im headed down to the court house
Posted by Doyle Campagnini on 2013-11-25:
I'm down for a class action as well.
"So I've had your card for about a month now, and after sending in all of the required documents I was asked for, I still can't access my money, and am still getting the run around from your company. I've talked to your company almost 10 times now, with no resolution. When I first called after sending everything needed, they told me my account was active, so I went to load my reload pack, and it say it's was inactive. Then I called again and they told me I had to wait until the next day. So after trying again the next day and it not working, I called again and was asked to wait for 48 hours. So I did, only for it to still not be working. Then when I called again, they said that my proof of address wasn't verified and they needed a pay stub for some reason, because the picture of the unopened envelope that I received my last paycheck in, for some reason wasn't good enough for them. After talking to a supervisor he said I would receive a phone call back and that there was an alternative means to activating my card. Two hours later I received a call, I pick up, say "hello," and am immediately hung up on. I tried to call the number back, only to be routed once again, back to customer service. That was three days ago. I called again today, and now I'm waiting again to get a call back. Let's hope they don't hang up on me again. Plus I keep getting charges on a card that isn't activated. I had it for maybe five days before I got my first monthly fee, and this month is almost over, and I still can't get the card activated. I'm greatly considering taking some legal action, because this is really starting to seem like fraud, and my next email will be to the Better Business Bureau. I've had an actual Paypal account for years now, and for some reason can't use it to verify my identity, which I shouldn't need to do in the first place, to use a prepaid card.
Doyle Campagnini
Posted by Erica on 2013-12-17:
The suit will not go very far, as this is not a secured financial institution. The only reason I know this, is because I too, was taken advantage of by Netspend. I had the entire net of my direct deposit fraudulently removed from my account, by someone who had duplicated my numbers onto a pre-paid gift card. I called Netspend while the transaction was still pending, and requested that the reverse the transfer, and close the account. Netspend blatantly refused, stating they would have to wait for the transaction to post, and then they would "help" me file a dispute. Well, needless to say, after the dispute was filed, nothing happened. I even had a Police Report, which included video of the perp using my falsified card at the store in which the fraudulent transaction took place. Netspend stated they would have to pursue an independent investigation on their end, which could take up to 90 business days. I'm sure they thought I would have given up, but they were wrong. After 90 days, I was told per Netspend, that based on their findings, there was not a substantial enough amount of evidence to conclude that the transaction was not authorized by myself, being as though the store it took place in was within 100 miles of my home. Netspend also refused to present me with a copy of their "findings". I explained this to my lawyer, and he suggested I contact the Attorney Generals office. Upon doing so, the Attorney General immediately follwed through, and issued a "Demand Payment" to the Netspend corporation, at which time they responded that the funds would be mailed to me no later than 7 business days. I never received a dime. When I followed up again with the Attorney Generals office, I was informed that they could conduct an investigation on my behalf against Netspend, but could not obtain restitution, due to the monies not being managed by a federally recognized, or secured financial institution within our Country. Word to the wise-no one has authority over Netspend, and we are the fools for dealing with a company that has no check or balance. I even called the CEO of the Company, and he couldn't be bothered to even acknowledge the situation at hand. There are lawyers out there who will convince you that they will take this case on, and that they will win, but in the end, Netspend will just sell its proprietary companies off, file bankruptcy, and open under a new name two weeks later.
Posted by Blanca on 2014-02-06:
I'm in, to long of a story but just to say I haven't been able to get my money out of the account since the 31 of January. I've been without of money since then. Have to barrow money from family and every time I call the manager doesn't want to speak with me. So I'm in.
Posted by Andrea on 2014-02-14:
I have had several issues with Netspend this tax season. My refund deposited onto a card on Feb 6th,and I've been waiting on a card since Jan 21st. They always have the same story or either "undeliverable" and/or 7-10 business days. Now I'm reading once people get their cards, they're blocked for some reason- keep thousands of dollars. There has to be a way to address this. TurboTax is associated, so I feel they should be looking into this as well. I am in for a class action.
Posted by latrisha Readus on 2014-02-18:
My card has been blocked since the twelfth. I supplied all documents by fax and email
Still nothing. I have for kids with nowhere to go. I'm in for the lawsuit and I want to sue for the hardship they are causing us.
Posted by Hanna on 2014-02-19:
I just updated my Netspend phone app,
now its asking me to update my password. First of all, updating ones password should be up to the account holder, not the bank! Then it asks me to put in my card info and email address. After i do that (which I really didn't want to do over the internet) it tells me the info doesn't match their records!?! WTF? I have had an account with them for 2 years! If my account is blocked i have no way to get to work, food, rent... way to go netspend screwing the people who make YOU money. wish someone could block your CEO's bank account
Posted by Lauren on 2014-02-20:
I first had problems with last years return. After my card was activated and my tax return was direct deposit, it was blocked for fraud prevention the next day. I faxed three forms of ID and a week later was still blocked. When I called netspend i was told they never received it and to resend with a fourth document...so I did. Two weeks later it was finally unblocked. After that I didn't have any more problems until now. I filed my taxes and didn't have my direct deposit info so just decided to get a new card. Never received my new card. After my tax return was direct deposit on the new card not received, I asked to transfer the money to my current netspend card. I was told that a money transfer and direct deposit block was placed on my card as of July 18, 2013. I received several direct deposit and transfers after the so called block...never an issue till now. When I asked why I wasn't informed a block was placed on my account they could not give a reason other than it was a security feature!?! I asked why the block was placed to begin with and told the same...security. So...they are allowed to put random blocks on my account without even telling me? I am now waiting for this block to be lifted and very mad.
Posted by amber on 2014-02-27:
I did my taxes and have not recieved the netspend card yet I called and they say my card keeps getting sent back and my post office say it never came. this has been a month they are connected to turbotax I want in on the lawsuit
Posted by Stephanie on 2014-02-27:
They have got me for 1,381.76 they are saying pending transaction it's the same one the are charging me two times bank faxed letter still won't give me my money
Posted by Crystal on 2014-03-01:
Lawsuit worthy. My story is the same as everyone elses.
Posted by Maggie on 2014-03-03:
I thought I was the only one having trouble with Netspend. So anyway my story is about the same as everyone's. I got my card on 1/7/14 and cannot get it activated, or speak to anyone who speaks English. I was going to use the money for my meds but I have been without for two months now. ??
Posted by Marcella on 2014-03-14:
We'll I am up for it because my card was stole and they used all the money on my card and it's been three months nobody has said a word I call they say they didn't get any info on it yet!
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Netspend Scam
Posted by CC17 on 06/22/2010
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My name is Clayton Chambers. I work for the Federal Trade Commission and the goal of my company is to take class action against companies whom we deem as fraudulent or who seem to Misrepresent themselves or who are crafty with their Deceptive business practices in scamming consumers unknowingly. However, multiple consumers must call and make claims as we do not act on individual complaints, we rather look for trends and patterns in law violations and report them to our investigators and detectives who then take action against the company in question. I have reviewed all the complaints on this website and they are all about the same issue regarding Netspend. I defended this company on numerous occasions when filing complaints for consumers across the country telling them that it is the merchants fault when in actuality it is Netspend's wrong doings. I have recently found this out the hard way.

I am sorry for everyone who sees this that has at least attempted to contact the FTC in regards to your debit cards being wiped clean for no apparent reason or having your funds disappear in a matter of hours. For example I checked my account at 9:30 in the morning and by lunch which is at 2:00 Pm Eastern Time my $100 + dollars had been taken off. They said that I had used it at a Gas station for 5 Dollars and an ATM withdrawal for $80. If I'm not mistaken 80+5=$85, so where the hell are my remaining funds. Also I have attempted to provide them with Timecard records for the day in question to show that I did not make those transactions and they denied them. Netspend corporation has repeatedly made unauthorized transactions that I did not approve or in some cases did not even have the funds available for. Upon calling the institution in which they inform you that they will transfer you to their supervisor only to place you on hold for a lengthy amount of time and come back on the line only to try and deceive you with a different dialect than the previous agent. (The same person who said he would transfer you to a supervisor IS the same agent even after he states that he is the supervisor) I have caught several agents trying to dupe me into thinking I'm speaking with a higher authority and I am not. They had little to say after they were caught. Although my disputes only amount to about 200-250 dollars, the times that they have made these unauthorized transactions came costly as I was taken to court for bills that were not paid due to their negligence. I have read some claims on here were people have lost hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars.

I urge everyone to contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-438-4338 and report this company so we can take action against them. The purported purpose of class action lawsuits is to give the common man the ability to take on the largest corporate or private entities (who can afford the very best legal services) and have a chance of redressing the wrong done by these entities. It is important to remember that even though the actual damage or cost to the individual class member may be small, the illicit gain to the corporate entity can be huge if done to hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of class members.
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Posted by Ekin on 2013-02-08:
Thank you for posting. I'm in a similar situation with Netspend. It's hard to believe this company can conduct business in such a manner and still be profitable. The customer service department has lied to me several times and seems to have no sense of morals. It's a shame, I always liked this card but they have changed my opinion completely.
Posted by brenda on 2013-11-17:
netspend did very well in opening a claim. If you'll just picture it out what would be the outcome of your dispute at the end of the day you'll get what you want.In filing of case I understand about the given Timeframe that it takes too long to have your money back coz they are investigating about the unauthorized charges.
Posted by shanee gore on 2014-04-04:
I'm calling Monday morning..to reported.i was looking for a lawyer to sue them. Sad to say but happy I'm not the only one.
Posted by shannon forrester on 2014-04-08:
I have had an acct w/ netspend for over ten yrs and recently my card was stolen I notified them and because I could not give the exact date I opened the acct. the phone operater did not block the card and the 668.00 was stolen from the acct. I got a police report and went to social security and am out the rent and food money
Posted by DeeKansas on 2014-04-10:
Same thing happened to me my account was wiped out, a so called transfer that was not done by me to some person I do not know$630.00 plus a $4.95 fee for the transfer. They are telling me I have to wait ten days for a decision. Mean while my car payment was rejected. I want my money back. I am ready to start a lawsuit.
Posted by Shaneequa on 2014-04-16:
I got my tax refund sent to a Netspend card and I had to report fraud 3 times due to outstanding balances taken off my card. The last card that was mailed to me I never received it. I think it's a inside job goin on and it has to stop they put a hold on my funds now I have no where to turn I'm a single patent who's struggling this is very disturbing I've contacted there law firm because I need my money back now
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Please Somebody Stop This Company
Posted by Emmalucille on 09/29/2012
I tried to get my money off the card and close my account. Let me explain this first. I applied for the card at a checking company by my house. I went to the same company to add money and get money to and from the card. The last time I tried to get MY money from the card I was told that someone had reported it stolen. (ITS MY CARD)....Netspend told me I would have to send my S S card and my drivers license in the mail to them. Come on people!!!!!!

If I'm a victim of identity theft, why in the heck would I send my personal information to you by mail????? I was in the same place where I applied for the card. The very same place Where I get my money orders to this day. I'm going to keep complaining until something is done. they still have my money. Don't go direct deposit with them I bet you will regret it
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Posted by hateful of netspend on 2013-03-23:
Posted by donnie mcswain on 2013-07-09:
This co.took my money will not tell me were it is because i could not send a elec. Gas ec t bill to them on phone thry are very rude to me an tell me samebthing over an over all i want is my money
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Netspend - Money Withdraw Rip Off
Posted by Bshuga on 12/02/2010
I have been a Netspend customer for 3+ years. I choose to come to them due to the ease of using the cards and the minimum fees. I went into an ACE location yesterday to withdrawal money for my rent total $1200, I was told that there was a new rule in place and they now charge to withdrawal money after the first $300. This immediately alarmed me because I have not received an email, mail or text notification with any of this information. Although I did receive an email notification of their new elite program, I found this extremely odd. I asked why did they not inform their customers his response was that it was posted on their website. I said well this does not justify sufficient notification, many people don't have regular access to a computer, and furthermore why go online if you can send a text to them for your balance? The ACE employee of course could not answer. I then asked what the fee was he said 2% of the withdrawal - I WAS IRATE AT THIS POINT. TWO PERCENT OF THE $1200 AFTER THE INITIAL $300 (i WAS CHARGED ON THE $900) TOTAL FEE $18!!!!!!!! I am still pissed off - what a rip off. I told him they are only doing this because income tax is coming and people are going to be pulling of large amounts - if you have $5000 being pulled out after the $300 they don't charge for that is $94 - that is a lot of money. I was thinking what if all I had was the EXACT amount I needed for my rent then I would have been short because of Netspends horrible business practices. At minimum they should notify consumers at least 1 month ahead. He said they try to compensate by the lower $5 fee vs the $9.99 fee - there is no comparassion - they are trying to get over because they feel that most people that have this card needs it because they can't get a bank account. I chose to get this card because of the ease of use and no hassles with the bank. I make between $3200 - $3500 a month I am not trying to throw money away by paying ridiculous fees to access money when I need it. It's not even reasonable withdrawal limit. Most banks allow $500 minimum withdrawal limit without any additional steps. I am outraged and will be closing my account before my next direct deposit. I refused to be taken by this monster of a company. This is truly a scam! I will be checking to see if they broke any laws by not providing sufficient notice of their changes. If they did I will be reporting them to every appropriate agency.
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Posted by leet60 on 2010-12-02:
There are banks available that will allow you to open a checking/savings account without first checking Telechex/Chexsystems and/or your credit profile. The problem with any of these "prepaid" debit style cards is they always have a disclaimer in their agreement that terms can change without notice.
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Netspend is a fraud DO NOT USE They stole my money.
Posted by Rcspeedmart on 05/14/2012
AUSTIN, GEORGIA -- All the money was stolen from my card $890.00 on 05-12-20012. 2 days before this happened my account was blocked so I called customers service and was told that somebody has been calling in on my account and they askedd if it was me and I said no and that the person was 1 digit off and so that's why they blocked my account OK good. Then I was told that I had to send over documents to the fraud department. I asked to speak to the fraud department then I was told that I could not speak to the fraud department because the fraud department does not speak to customers directly I could only fax them or email them. I emailed them the documents that they had requested and then they unblocked my account. OK the next morning Casey M. Rumph transferred $890.00 from my account to there account I received a text telling me this so I immediately called Netspend to let them know that I didn't do this transaction and I need the money put back into my account. Well Casey had made a transaction of $705.23 and they put $184.77 back on my account now I had to go to the claims department to dispute the transaction so that I could get my money back.

Now here is were the problems come in why was it that when my account was blocked the first time and I called in and askedd to speak to the fraud department I was told that they do not speak to customers directly I could only email or fax them, but now that my money is stolen I can speak with the fraud department? The fraud department the ordered me a new card, changed my pin number, and my security question. Now that my money is stolen and I have to wait 2 weeks 10 business days its OK to speak with the fraud department?

When I finally did speak with the fraud department I askedd them this same question then I was told it is up to the customer service person to determine if they will transfer you to the fraud department or not. That is crazy and a policy that needs to be changed immediately because if I was allowed to speak with the fraud department when this fist happened and they blocked the account I would have changed the information then and they would not have been able to steal the money. My account being blocked and I had to send forums to the fraud department should have been enough cause for me to speak with the fraud department then also and this nightmare would not have happened.

Your foreign customer service is the worst I have ever experienced very hard to understand English, rude will only answer question that they want to ask not the questions that you asked them.

I have been a Netspend customer for many years and have quite of my friends that use Netspend because I told them about it, and this is the worst experience I have ever had with any company. I hope you will straighten this matter very soon and I hope to here from you soon and get this matter resolved.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-14:
To me, the bottom line here is you were the victim of fraud, perpetrated by the individual going by the first name of Casey, not Netspend. Casey is the one who stole your money, as I read the complaint.

Finance institutions are very careful in handling fraud investigations and allegations of fraud. Their procedures are veiled on purpose. It makes it a royal pain for us honest customers and the victims, but that is a necessary evil IMO. I hope this is resolved quickly.
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Netspend Fees are Ridiculous
Posted by GoSox on 07/21/2010
Netspend has now starting to charge $2.50 per ATM withdrawal. On top of that, the customer can only withdraw $325 per transaction. So, to get my money off the card (because I refuse to pay $1-2 for every purchase I make, even on online) I have to pay the $2.50 every time plus the bank fee of $3.00.) I only want a debit card to receive my benefits, and getting it a few days earlier does not make up for all the money Netspend charges. I see they got their act together with charging to check your balance in the automated system, but upped fees in other areas. Their savings account is bullcrap when you do tap in the savings the fees applies to that money too! So to even get your savings money you will be charged the same fees, which takes the interest part of the savings. Trust me, Netspend is not doing consumers any favors.
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Posted by FlShopper on 2010-07-21:
Why not just open an account at a credit union or bank?
Posted by bcd on 2010-07-21:
Apparently some people have such an unfavorable banking history they don’t even qualify for a checking account.
Posted by goduke on 2010-07-21:
Actually, if you left a negative balance of like $1 at a bank, they can load it into the banking system to that you can't open an account at most banks for up to 5 years. It's very much like the mob.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-07-21:
As shopper said, why use them unless you are in that pool with checksystems that prevent you from getting a conventional account. If that's the case, then comparing fees to a bank wouldn't be apples for apples. You review has value to readers as people should note from this fee list what their alternative will be if they misuse their checking account.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
goduke, Thanks for sharing your experiences. So what fashion of prepaid debit card do you use or are you totally a cash-and-carry type of guy?
Posted by goduke on 2010-07-21:
I use oklahoma cow chips for currency, Stew.
Posted by Maggie on 2014-03-03:
Some comments made here by bcd, goduke are not everyone's situation. My granddaughter was going to DC on a class trip and the Visa card was for her to use. We are still waiting for validation of the card as of today 03/03/2014.
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Unethical Pirates!
Posted by Super Woman on 03/30/2009
LOUISIANA -- On 3/30/09 I arrived home to find a nice, new NetSpend Prepaid Visa in my mail. This would have been fine except for one small detail...I did not apply for this card! I have no need to purchase a pre-paid Visa card as I have two perfect, zero balance unsecured credit cards. The letter enclosed said that one of their partners had suggested that me and my 800+ credit score would be a good candidate for their card. I called their customer service line and spoke to "Gracie" who promptly asked me for the last 4 of my social security number for verification purposes. I asked her how her company came to be in possession of my social security number or any other personal information. She then proceeded to tell me, "I don't see your number here, we just have to ask the question." At that point I advised her that I was not stupid and I did not appreciate being lied to. I advised her that I did not apply for this card, did not want the card, and if I found that either NetSpend or Meta bank had run an inquiry of my credit I would seek legal remedy against them since I did not initiate any type of contact with their company. She advised me that the "account" had been closed and that she could send me a confirmation letter.

I asked if she could send it via email and before I could get my email address out....she was reading it to me! As of this posting I still do not have the email, but it has only been about 20 minutes. I plan on contacting the credit reporting agencies tomorrow and my Better Business Bureau. Stay away from this company, as their practices are scary at the very least.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-31:
They could have gotten your information from any company you do business with. Companies can make a good amount of money selling their contact lists.
Every year in January, I receive privacy forms from just about every business I have an account with (bank, telephone co., electric co., etc) to fill in and send back to "opt out" of having them disclose my contact information to a third party.
Posted by mark sartori on 2013-11-25:
Since i have a p o box (for privacy) someone delivered this card to my home! BUT I DO NOT WANT IT SINCE I DID NOT ORDER IT! I have been on hold for 25 minutes! I will be contacting their States Attorney Generals Office!
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The Refund That Block My Hold Account
Posted by Techchet53 on 05/26/2012
I've been with Netspend for 3 years, until May 23,2012...Waiting on a refund from a furniture store to return money to my Netspend visa; Instead of holding the refund off until it's approved, Netspend added the unsettle refund to my account, stopping all excess to my personal money. Later Netspend shut down my hold account, where my direct deposit, from my job monies is going into. I did everything they ask, faxing the receipts and so for to verify the incoming refund!still no answer;spoke to several managers and agents; Am continue been BLOCK OUT from my own account....my hard earn money? Today technology could separate the refund that's on hold, instead of blocking me out from my own personal money. I guest every Netspend member will have their day. Unfortunately mine will be in court.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-27:
Let us know how the court goes, if you would.
Posted by Tonya on 2012-06-07:
I have Netspend also, and they have blocked me from being able to transfer funds to my girlfriends account, who by the way has Netspend also. I have tried and they asked me some questions and when I answered them and 1 of the questions did not pertain to me at all and I told the lady that it did not pertain to me and she told me that I failed and I had to send all this information to them and I told them you have it all but they refused to unblock my account transfers. I have liked them since I been with them but I am getting ready to get a checking account with someone else, it was nice getting paid a day in advanced but to have to deal with this its not worth it.
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Rip OFF!! Beware!
Posted by JoeSchmoe on 02/17/2011
So I had a refund applied to my Netspend card for services I had previously purchased at a company. Netspend put a hold on my account because I had not used the Netspend card for the original purchase. Even though the company authorized the refund and processed the credit from their location! So they locked my card, and I was unable to access my money, even though I had other funds on that card not related to the refund. I called customer service and was told that I had 2 choices. Either I could have them credit the amount back to the merchant, or fax over an original invoice to prove that I really did purchase something from the company. I chose to have the amount credited back to the company as I did not have a copy of the receipt. I waited the 3-4 business days, and still my account was held. I called them back and they said, no, that the MERCHANT had to do the refund. So I called the merchant and they tried to reverse the transaction, but it was declined! So I call Netspend and they said to fax over the invoice instead, which I did. They said it would take 15 minutes to unblock my card. I waited 3 days and it was still blocked. I called back and was told the merchant would have to reverse the credit to unblock my account. It has been 60 days!!! And my card is still blocked, they have all my money, plus the refund money, and I am pissed! Their call center is manned by non English speaking people, who all say something different every time I call!!! WHAT A RIP OFF!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-18:
You might take a look at creditcards.com and see if there is another prepaid card that would better suit your needs.
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Netspend/MetaBank/Inter National Bank Warrants Federal Regulatory Investigation
Posted by Theoline on 09/10/2008
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- My Netspend prepaid Visa card was sent a few days ago. It is a permanent card to replace the temporary that I purchased back in January of this year with a 15 credit/balance startup bringing the total to 24.95 initially. This was done at PLS a check cashing company in Phoenix at 38th st. and E. Thomas, this company is one of your authorized agents engaged in the purchasing and issuing of your Netspend card.

This temporary card was never activated due to error in data entry by your authorized agent I was informed. After calling twice to your customer service number, I was told a copy of my social security card was necessary before my Visa Netspend card would be available... this was extremely inconvenient as I had paper documents in storage in the 118 degree attic.

I had your PLS authorized agent call 2x to clear this matter up by validating what my social security number is since this agent cashes a SS check for me monthly for over 3 or 4 years. But that didn't seemed to be good enough for Netspend. The Netspend logic being that the Netspend agent PLS could not be trusted to validate my SS number accurately even though they cashed my SS check monthly. Week and a half ago a PLS agent called Netspend once again to straighten this out and insisted on a resolve of the card which was withheld for 9mos. from my use.

Today when I called Netspend to activate this permanent Visa received a few days ago in the mail your representative tells me there is zero balance. . that the system automatically withdraws a fee from card after 3 mos. if their is no activity on the card. Well check this out... I expect Netspend to then manually put my 15. dollar balance back on my card as I purchased originally. The card was never activated which means I didn't agree to your policies and fees which you proceeded to execute and yet deny access to the use after purchase of the card.

I was put on hold waiting for a supervisor to resolve this matter with and yes no one ever came on no supervisor nor the representative who put me on hold. Let's see if there is a response to this customer service email attempt. Because I find your customer service handling and actions questionable I will begin with this email CC: to the Federal Banking Commission faithfully once a week as well as happily send each week anew this same email to state regulatory agencies (banking and financial) where Netspend conducts business.

Sincerely Theoline Digiovine.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-10:
Financial institutions are under federal guidelines which specify that they have to prove identity of each customer, and retain the method and the proof of identity. The word of a PLS agent is unfortunately not going to cut the mustard.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-09-11:
ok, I'm confused Ken...I never have to provide a "copy" of my SSN...just confirm or provide the number...this sounds like a scam or at least a highly suspectable company to deal with...I would discontinue my association with the company.
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