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NetSpend Worst Idea Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Trying to get a bill paid due to bank account not being in order. I purchase the PayPal debit card. I put 50 bucks on it to cover the bill. I call to activate the card and I get asked maybe about a 4 to 5 times my address and SS. Finally I get a customer service agent who lets me know that I need verification credentials in order to activate. OK. Not so bad, but after faxing in some info.

I called back to check for activation as I had sent everything they needed to verify me. I got in touch with an agent after the same vetting process that I received earlier. The Agent states that they were unable to see my SS card due to the fax (which was fax from my workplace so I know that it shouldn't have been horrible quality).

So I sent two more faxes with a brighter resolution just in case so there would be no issue. I wait their 8 business hrs and call back to check and the agent tells me this time (after the same crappy vetting process) that there is problem due to the difference in my current address and my old address on my DL and I will need mail to verify my current address.

So I faxed mail, a bill from AT&T that has my address and name on it. Called back after another wonderful 8 business hrs only to find that the mail wasn't good enough and I needed an actual bill, which it was. Hold on, it gets better folks. After resending via fax numerous times, I give them the weekend to square this. I call them and this time they are not receiving my faxes now. I sent these documents over 10 times and they can't locate the info. All I want to do is pay a bill. They have all my current info but they still can't activate my card. Meanwhile I got 50 bucks I can't spend and my Internet account is about to go up due to lateness.

So I'm heated of course and decide to talk to MGR, on hold for about a half hr I reach a supervisor who tells me that whatever dept hasn't sent up my information and that in order to be able to use the card to pay a bill online I still need those credentials authorized. This is after at least 4 to 5 calls to NetSpend, two to three people asking me my address and social three different times and on each call.

So with that I was fed up. I want my money back. **, I think her name, informed me that it will take twenty business days in order to get my money back, which I heard prior while snapping on an agent on the phone about them not getting my info after at least 24 business hours. This is actually the second time I have talked to ** who has no Idea what is happening or why my info has not been processed.

So I'm fed up of course since now my bill has defaulted and I have the money that I was to use stuck at NetSpend. I chose to not use the card, they wanted me to just activated for store use early on but I refused. So I asked for money back regardless of the twenty day wait (which just seems ridiculous).

So I took down ** info and tried to get her managers info which she refused. I wanted some type of confirmation that I would get my money back and she had none just the ref number they gave me for the initial fax that they could never recover. SO now it's about two and a half weeks past the twenty days and I give them a call. I get ** who states that someone never deposited the check that needed to be sent. Of course she is so sorry, not sorry enough to expedite my money because another twenty days needs to go by before I get my the money.

So I give in, just activate the card so I can use the money on something. I'm sure that works for them because they get a nice 5% of it. Something tells me that this was the plan all along. So, way too much hassle just to pay a bill. I wouldn't recommend to an enemy or maybe I would. I would def stay away from NetSpend and all its associates.

My Experience With NetSpend
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Rating: 5/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- OK just wanted to say a couple things. First of all NetSpend card is a prepaid Credit card. It has the added features of a checking account so that you may setup direct deposit if you like. But it is still just a prepaid card. There are fees associated with the use of a prepaid credit card... reloading, use, ATM access, etc. Think of it like this obviously people like me or you who have a NetSpend card most likely have credit and/or money problems, otherwise you would not need to have a prepaid card. So I am truly sorry to anyone who has had a bad experience with them but it is your own responsibility to keep track of your spending.

My advice is to keep track of your balance and account for any active cards. NetSpend and MetaBank are legitimate companies and I really doubt their employees are going around spending their customers money. Me personally had a horrible experience with BofA when I opened up a checking account just for direct deposit. Apparently everything went through just fine and my direct deposit was processed. On the day before pay day I went to check status of my account. Turns out my account was flagged as high risk and they closed it without my knowledge.

When I called them they told me they would mail me a cashier's check for the balance. Now the big problem was my boss has already submitted Payroll and the money was already deducted from her account. Bank of America and Intuit payroll stated that it could be up to two weeks before the money would credit back to my bosses account.

I had a NetSpend account that I didn't use very much so since I needed the money desperately my boss setup direct deposit with my NetSpend account. I was skeptical at first but didn't have much choice as I needed the money ASAP and my work only paid through direct deposit. Unbelievable but the day my boss submitted my payroll... that night exactly at midnight my funds posted and were immediately available.

So more than a year later my credit has greatly improved but I still prefer my NetSpend card over a regular bank. Thank you NetSpend for helping me out of my jam. You made a loyal customer out of me. My only complaint would be the ATM fees but I guess that is to be expected. :-D

Who's Interested in a Class Action Lawsuit?
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, KANSAS -- We did our taxes and had our money sent through NetSpend. Huge mistake. I advise no one use this. They will lie to you, and are extremely rude. I've had enough. Attorney time.

Deliberate Dishonest Refusal to Refund Money
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Rating: 1/51

LOVELAND, COLORADO -- I initiated an order online which, legitimately, resulted in a hold on those funds until the order was completed. Due to unavailability of the online vendor, the order was cancelled the next day. 14 days after the order was cancelled, the funds were still held in pending transaction status. I emailed the vendor and received a response stating they had notified the card company 3 times that that order had been cancelled and the vendor released the funds. I forwarded the email in a secure message in my online account.

The auto response is that it would take 48 hours. 3 days later, funds are still not released and still no additional response from customer service. I called customer service, they said to forward the email from the vendor verifying the order was cancelled and they would release the funds in 6-8 hours. 24 hours later, funds are not released. I called customer service back and was told that I needed to forward to a different email address, and they were unsure why I was given an incorrect email address, but to forward the verification of cancelled order again to the CORRECT address and funds would be released in 6-8 hours.

Today, 24 hours later, funds still not released. I was told they had no record of any correspondence from me - not the email, not the SECURE MESSAGING - nothing. I was told that if I wanted the funds to be released, I needed to call the vendor and ask them to fax, on their letterhead, a letter stating the order was cancelled! Despite the fact that all banking transactions are electronic and I have the confirmation with a specific name, order#, transaction # and domain name obviously from the vendor, now I have to request the vendor to take the time and expense of writing a letter on my behalf.

I am filing this complaint, certified letter to PayPal, their co-branded card partner, BBB, CFTB and banking authority for this transaction in our state. Sadly, aside from the complaints, the only other action I can take is to discontinue using this vendor for any reason.

Please Somebody Stop This Company
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Rating: 1/51

I tried to get my money off the card and close my account. Let me explain this first. I applied for the card at a checking company by my house. I went to the same company to add money and get money to and from the card. The last time I tried to get MY money from the card I was told that someone had reported it stolen. (ITS MY CARD) NetSpend told me I would have to send my SS card and my drivers license in the mail to them. Come on people!!!

If I'm a victim of identity theft, why in the heck would I send my personal information to you by mail??? I was in the same place where I applied for the card. The very same place where I get my money orders to this day. I'm going to keep complaining until something is done. They still have my money. Don't go direct deposit with them, I bet you will regret it.

NetSpend Hell NO!!!
By -

Please if you try to work with this company think three time and don't do it, don't do it. Bunch of broken banker try to get stronger by putting this company to gather and rip you of left and right, worse is they don't tell you in advance and surprise you to hell. Please don't let this losers get stronger. A to Z is full of scam and ripoff.

Unauthorized Transactions - Stolen Acct Information
By -

MONTEBELLO, CALIFORNIA -- I used to be a happy NetSpend customer until my account information somehow got stolen and unauthorized transactions for almost $300.00 was taken from my account. I get the automatic text messages so I was at work when the first charge came in for about $29.00 for some gas station in Texas, mind you I live in California and have never visited Texas. About 30 min later another charge for $108.39, another gas station in Texas.

Well bells went off and I told my boss I had a major emergency and needed to leave and go withdraw my money & find out what is going on. So while I am driving to the check cashing store I am on hold the whole almost 20 min with NetSpend workers telling them my situation over and over, meanwhile I am getting more angry and frustrated. Finally I am supposedly transferred to a dispute resolution person or so I thought. I told him AGAIN what was happening and he told me that if I blocked the card everything would be OK and that the pending transactions were going to be removed and my funds given back asap.

While I was speaking to him ANOTHER charge $125.09 was debited which was proof it was fraud and not my charges. So I blocked my card and was given another temp card but was still linked to my account. I asked "will there be a chance these charges hit again?" "No", the NetSpend employee said, because my card was blocked he said. Well this was all on a Monday, by Wed of the same week my account is short I noticed over $100.00 so I check online and what do you know one of those fraud charges did come in and get deducted.

Livid I called NetSpend only to be given the run around and told I would now have to dispute the charge. Fine after over an hour of getting nowhere I will dispute it. Well now it's Thursday and I check my account only to see another charge hit that was to be blocked this time for the larger sum of $125. What the hell I thought was going on here? How could these charges I had reported as fraud be paid? Also so many days later?

Well of course here I go again calling NetSpend so angry because I have to speak to these customer service reps who don't know ANYTHING besides what they read on their scripts. No one with authority ever gets on the line. I requested to speak with a manager and the idiot representative had the nerve to ask why? "Are you kidding me I just finished explaining it to you twice!!" So finally I get a manager, tho I highly doubt it was because they tell you the same thing the representative did a before.

Well this manager tells me that the merchant "Forced" the transactions and that just because my card was blocked and pending transactions removed didn't mean the charges would not hit my account. I went through the roof. I started screaming I was so angry because I had asked this question when I first reported the fraud, and two how come they allowed these transactions I reported as fraud to be forced by the merchant. What was the point of blocking my card then? If I was told this on Monday when I first called I would have taken all my money out of the account period!!!

So I calm down and ask "OK so now what, how do I get my money back." I was then told I would now have to file a Claim dispute and an investigation would be done but it would first take 10 days for me to even get any initial information. What the heck! So even though I reported it as fraud I am now having to file and fax to NetSpend a Dispute letter and wait 10 days for the investigation to begin? What investigation if I reported it as fraud in the first place?

So then the so called manager tells me I can try calling the merchants too and see if they will refund the money. I lost it again because I said I don't know who the hell the merchants are in Texas because I live in California. That I had called to report the fraud to avoid any of what I am dealing with now. My money was taken without my consent and I reported it to NetSpend only to have them jerk me around.

What's even more fishy is how they are located in Texas and the charges that were made with a fake credit card come to find out were in Texas as well. Funny how the charges started to happen right when my Christmas bonus was deposited. Three years of having the card and nothing like this happened but right when the largest deposit ever is done a week later charges begin? Makes me think its an inside job. Lets see what happens now? I am a single mom who works to freaking hard to let this happen. NetSpend better do right by me. Christmas is now ruined because this has thrown off all my allocated funds and bills. Thanks NetSpend!!!

Account Being Blocked
By -

On 7/15/2011 I received a text message by phone stating that a refund had been deposited into my account. I just got my direct deposit 2 days prior this refund. This refund was from a credit from a dentist office. Yes, I paid in January 2011 for services and used a different debit card and in April 2011 had to report the debit card I used for services lost or stolen so the credit could not be applied to the card used in January, so I requested to have my credit applied to my NetSpend account went through no problem. This took place on 7/13/2011 and on 7/15/11 the funds went through.

OK, on 7/16/11 I go to store to make purchases and my card was denied at checkout x2 times. I checked ATM for balance and the balance was well more than enough to cover purchase and I tried to withdraw, I was denied access to account. I went to the car hoping to get a positive response but instead I was told that since I didn't use the NetSpend card for the services that my card was blocked and that I would have to provide documentation to support the credit/refund on my account.

I explained that I needed at least the money that was from my paycheck at least because that my mother had cancer and I was needing money for the trip and also my daughter was due any day to have her baby and I had gotten things for her household that she would be needing and I needed gas money. I was put on hold for well over an hour and another representative answered the call and I had to explain again what happen and what could be done and they were not trying to hear my concerns - the necessity for the funds from at least from my payroll check. I was told that they unfortunately could not do anything.

I never got to speak with management nor was I able to get my card unblocked not until I can provide NetSpend with what I feel like personal documentation. None of their business information or the other choice is to have the merchant reverse the credit and once it's off my NetSpend account then they can release the funds. What am I to do? Meantime my account is blocked. My mind is made up that I will close the account with NetSpend. They charge too much hidden charges and I don't like the fact that when you call in for a concern it's no concern to them.

The only good thing I can say is that the getting a check 2 days faster was the only plus, but now look at the picture it may be 2 more weeks before this issue is resolved and still no money. But on Monday my plans will be to notify my payroll department and have my future funds re-routed to another provider and once I get my issue resolved never refer this company to anyone ever again.

Fraudulent Charges on Account. Company Does Nothing to Protect Customers
By -

AUSTIN, TX -- On 1/19 I received a text message stating that my paycheck had been direct deposited into my account. An hour later I received a text message saying that my pin number had changed and if I had not requested this change to contact them. I contacted them within seconds of getting this text message and reported this to the customer service agent who insisted that no changes to my pin had occurred and said to ignore it, that it was an obvious error that he was looking at my account and that I had NOTHING to worry about.

I was on the phone with this agent for about ten minutes freaking out and questioning why I was getting this message if NO change had occurred. Despite that he was assuring me that everything was fine I requested to change my pin number anyway and was transferred and then the line disconnected. I then checked the balance and learned that it was $1,000 less than what should have been in it and called right back obviously upset since I was just told to not worry about it.

The next representative told me YES there had been a change in my pin number followed by 4 transactions that equaled $1,000 not including the p2p charges and balance inquiry fees. I was left with a little over $30 in my account. I was told that the change to my pin number and fund transfers had occurred through their automated system WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE with the 1st customer service agent who assured me to IGNORE IT.

My question was why did it not flag the first representative since I was telling him that I had received a text message stating my pin number had changed and reported at that time that someone was obviously accessing my account. The representative was unhelpful almost reading from a script. I reported the fraudulent transactions within minutes of when they occurred and was given the run around, no one wanted to help me.

I requested to have the funds held and stopped and was told repeatedly that there was NOTHING that they could do. That they had NO WAY of knowing whose account the funds where transferred to. I kept asking how can you not know whose account they went to if they were transferred through the automated system it went to another NetSpend members account. After an hour and talking to several customer service reps. floor supervisors and even the dispute department, they all concluded that they could do NOTHING to help me, that I needed to write a dispute letter and fax it over which I did do.

My question was HOW could they change my pin number without having my security questions and no one would answer me. What I did learn is that going through the automated system to change the pin number it does prompt you to put in your current pin in order to change it. HOWEVER, if you don't know your pin number you can choose an option stating that you don't know it and it will prompt you to put in your social security number and bingo you can change it and have FULL ACCESS… Not much security there is there.

I have since filed a report with the police department who tried to contact them and the customer service agents REFUSED to speak to them or transfer them to a supervisor because they wanted me to be there and I had already left the police station. I called to verify that they received the fax and was informed by the dispute department that it can take up to 4 days to receive it. Yes you read that right, FOUR DAYS???

I have filed a complaint for identity theft and against the company for their practices with the Federal Trade Commission and a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. At this point I am still being told there is NOTHING that they can do and that even though they can see that the funds went to another NetSpend members account that they cannot give me any information that it's protected out of confidentially to protect the other member.My response... "That's right protect the THIEF that stole my money while I was on the phone with the representative being told to ignore it that everything is fine."

I have since reported this to several friends that have used NetSpend who have ALL closed their accounts for fear that this will happen to them and it's obvious that they don't care about their customers, otherwise they would be doing something to help retrieve the money that was fraudulently stolen and yet they are doing NOTHING. I don't recommend this company. There is NO security or protection, you have more security carrying large wads of cash in your wallet.

NetSpend - Money Withdraw Rip Off
By -

I have been a NetSpend customer for 3+ years. I choose to come to them due to the ease of using the cards and the minimum fees. I went into an ACE location yesterday to withdrawal money for my rent total $1200, I was told that there was a new rule in place and they now charge to withdrawal money after the first $300.

This immediately alarmed me because I have not received an email, mail or text notification with any of this information. Although I did receive an email notification of their new elite program, I found this extremely odd. I asked why did they not inform their customers, his response was that it was posted on their website.

I said "Well this does not justify sufficient notification. Many people don't have regular access to a computer, and furthermore why go online if you can send a text to them for your balance?" The ACE employee of course could not answer. I then asked what the fee was, he said "2% of the withdrawal". I WAS IRATE AT THIS POINT. TWO PERCENT OF THE $1200 AFTER THE INITIAL $300 (I WAS CHARGED ON THE $900) TOTAL FEE $18!!! I am still pissed off - what a rip off.

I told him they are only doing this because income tax is coming and people are going to be pulling of large amounts - if you have $5000 being pulled out after the $300 they don't charge for that is $94 - that is a lot of money. I was thinking what if all I had was the EXACT amount I needed for my rent then I would have been short because of NetSpend's horrible business practices.

At minimum they should notify consumers at least 1 month ahead. He said they try to compensate by the lower $5 fee vs the $9.99 fee. There is no comparison, they are trying to get over because they feel that most people that have this card needs it because they can't get a bank account.

I chose to get this card because of the ease of use and no hassles with the bank. I make between $3200 - $3500 a month. I am not trying to throw money away by paying ridiculous fees to access money when I need it. It's not even reasonable withdrawal limit. Most banks allow $500 minimum withdrawal limit without any additional steps. I am outraged and will be closing my account before my next direct deposit. I refused to be taken by this monster of a company. This is truly a scam! I will be checking to see if they broke any laws by not providing sufficient notice of their changes. If they did I will be reporting them to every appropriate agency.

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