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Nikon Service is a joke
Posted by CrazieDan on 04/17/2006
FORT COLLINS, COLORADO -- I recently bought a Nikon Coolpix S1 camera... after using it for only a couple of weeks, the camera had become useless.

I had let it sit for a couple of days in the charger base. The next time I went to use the camera, there was liquid leaking from inside the camera... I am assuming that this liquid was coming from the liquid crystal display. The camera and charger base was sitting where it was impossible for the camera to be exposed to external liquids, or even humidity and condensation. Also... the liquid was coming from inside the camera, there was no moisture on the outside.

However, after sending the camera to Nikon for service... they, of course, denied the warranty due to "water damage" Nevermind the fact that the liquid was coming from INSIDE! the camera itself!

Anybody who reads this I would caution you to be aware that Nikon's warranty concerning "water damage" obviously includes leaking liquid from the camera itself!

So, I then recieved a bill for repair of the camera which was over 2/3 of the overall price I had paid for the camera. After several irate calls to Nikon's service department, in which I explained over and over to no avail, that the camera was never exposed to external liquids, that the liquid was coming from inside the camera!!!! Not only would they not warranty my camera, they insisted on calling me a liar by asserting that the camera had been exposed to an external source of moisture... as I KNOW FOR A FACT IT NEVER WAS!!! They eventually decided that the camera couldn't even be repaired at all and sent it back to me AS IS.

I WILL NEVER EVER OWN ANOTHER NIKON PRODUCT EVER AGAIN... as I do not appreciate being screwed out of $300 and being called a liar! I would stress to everybody not to deal with this company, as their service warranty and repair is, quite frankly, rude, intolerable and has quite questionable ethics.
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Posted by tander on 2006-04-17:
Wow!! I returned my camera for a simple minor plastic seal coming off the lens and exchanged it for a totally different type of camera.Where did you buy it from?
Posted by CrazieDan on 2006-04-17:
I originally bought it at Best Buy... I had the camera for maybe 2 weeks when this happened... I decided to send the camera direct to Nikon, as I wished to avoid arguing over Best Buy's idiotic "restocking fee" policy... I guess that was my first mistake.
Posted by Icnophiliac on 2006-04-18:
You left it in the charger for a couple of DAYS?
Posted by tander on 2006-04-18:
I purchsed mine from Best Buy too, did you buy the warranty?
Posted by SuperMira on 2008-01-07:
Nikon Service is a joke!! I purchased a $350 s7c. The little internal plastic arm piece that holds the battery in place broke off within 3 weeks of having the camera. I sent it in and they told me the camera had 'significant wear and tear and impact damage'! (After 3 weeks! ha ha) I argueed with the srv center mgr until he agreed to take it apart to see if there was impact damage - if there wasn't they agreed to fix it under warranty. Of course there WAS NOT and they fixed it. 10 days later (on vacation) the part breaks again!! This time they said it was not under warranty anymore because they shouldn't have fixed it the last time for me and that voided MY WARRANTY. I had no choice but to pay $129 to fix the same problem. If it breaks again I will just get a new camera - NO MORE NIKONS EVER!!!
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Beware of Nikon Customer Service
Posted by Anemo on 07/16/2009
I have found Nikon to be an excellent camera in the past when I used a SLR (non-digital) to document incoming gas turbine equipment back in the 70s. That camera was a workhorse and tough. In most cases, Nikon is probably a good or even great camera. The problem is in the reliability of the product. If you get a good camera, you are fortunate. If, however, you get a bad camera, look out. I have had the misfortune of getting a bad camera (D80) the first time I purchased a Nikon. It took great pictures for awhile and then became totally unpredictable, taking pictures one time and then nothing the next. To me, it seems to be an electrical problem. If it were mechanical, it would probably stay non-functional once the component broke.

I have found that once you get into the after market or service part of Nikon you will have a very hard time getting them to communicate with you. They do not send you any feedback on your equipment other than a form letter (e-mail) stating they have your camera and it is being looked at. In my case, had I not gone on line and followed an ambiguous trail entering code numbers and initials I would not have learned of my cameras status. They provide no time frame for completion dates, shipping or anything else. The first two times I returned the camera it simply showed up on my porch one day around a month later. To be fair, they do provide expedited shipping to and from their facility....if you push them. Of course, once the camera is received by them it goes into this black, unresponsive hole.

I have returned my D80 three times for warranty repair. The first time it came back worse than when I sent it. The second time it worked for a day and went out again. I have pretty much lost the spring and summer opportunities for shooting. Very frustrating, especially when they fail to communicate or respond to your being inconvenienced by their poor workmanship.

Two days ago, I checked on the status and, after following the convoluted trail to get the status, found the code that means they are replacing the camera. No letter of apology stating they are sorry for the inconvenience. No "we will get you a new product ASAP". No nothing. This is not a good way to run a company. Their corporate philosophy is interesting in that nowhere in it does it use the word quality. Now I am beginning to see why. They do mention meeting customer needs and expectations. That philosophy seems to end on their website. See for yourself here; http://www.nikon.com/about/info/philosophy/index.htm

A neighbor friend of mine had an even worse experience with his Nikon. His replacement camera (first camera was sent back three times as well) failed! Unbelievable.

The bottom line is, if I had to do it again I probably would not buy a Nikon. I need reliability and a company that responds to its customer's needs.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-16:
i have had warranty service work on my nikon camera. it was repaired, returned, in under the time frame given.
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Nikon customer support / Nikon D80
Posted by Musty153 on 11/16/2010
Let me start by saying that I loved my Nikon D80. Great camera that took incredible shots - when it worked. Lens 18-200 went in for repair 2X under warranty with auto focus lock issues. After that, body goes down with an error message. Camera had less than 5 maybe 600 actuation's at most and was cared for very well.

I call Nikon repair in Melville NY and start the out of warranty repair incident from hell. After about 2 weeks I get a repair estimate for close to $200.00 with shipping. Speak with customer support who informs me that there is a shutter connection problem and that I need to authorize the repair and charge. I ask for a courtesy repair seeing that my system was already in their repair facility 2X which they politely refused.

I then inquire as to the warranty on the repair and informed that the repair is warranted for 6 months (it might have been less). When asked to see this in writing: answer - customer service states that Nikon does not put this in writing. "It's just something we honor and do". Are you kidding me? A multimillion Co. Nikon providing me with a verbal extended warranty agreement? Should have known what was coming next, but they had my camera and I already paid for shipping so I authorize the charge.

Almost a month goes by and no camera. Call Nikon service again in Melville and told that the part is not in yet and possibly not in the Country. I say again - A multimillion dollar Co. Nikon with no repair parts in the US for my camera after almost a month. I leave a message with Management same day and get a response later stating the the part is now in and camera will be fixed shortly - magic FedEx I guess.

Camera is returned with a happy customer? - WRONG... Camera comes back with broken housing and flash. I call Melville Nikon customer support again and ask to speak with a supervisor. Almost 30 min on hold and then I CLEARLY explain the damage, which I even offer up as a possible shipping issue between customer and merchant. Manager states that they want the camera back and will pay for shipping + expedite and possibly swap out after all of the aggravation. Camera sent back and guess what happens next? Yup - I get another bill from Nikon for exactly the same amount (down to the penny for housing/flash repair damage) as the previous bill for an internal shutter issue. Best part, this damage was CLEARLY noted with Nikon management and was not my fault which is why the manager offered to ship it back at their cost.

Call Nikon customer service again in Melville NY. They pull up the invoice and the notes taken from the manager. I'm informed that the notes have no information whatsoever as to the damage upon receipt claim and that only a flash issue was mentioned. Again - are you kidding me? That's why I friggin called!!! They were happy to report though that the camera had impact damage and what the charges were. Holy $%^&!! Really???

I'm then told that they now have to send the new info back up to management to see if the repair will be done as a courtesy. I decided not to say out loud what I was thinking and I am once again without my camera.

As mentioned in a previous negative Nikon service issue, my intent with this complaint is not to sway your purchase decision but to help you make a more informed one after seeing what I and other customers have gone through. Warranty/out of warranty issues may be handled better by other Nikon repair facilities and the shots taken with my D80 (when it worked) were all without complaint. Unfortunately, Nikon's after sales support and repair history left me a very unhappy Nikon owner.
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Buyer Beware!!!
Posted by Jenny1 on 07/08/2009
I received a Nikon Coolpix camera for Christmas and found it to be pretty user friendly and took good pictures. I did however have a problem with the camera (battery not holding charge, camera taking blurry pics, and randomly snapping pics) after a few months but was not concerned because it was covered by a year manufacture warranty. I called Nikon and got less than helpful service from the customer service dept. They did ask that I send the camera in to be looked at and probably would need repair. Then about a week later I received an email informing me that my repairs would not be covered by my warranty and my warranty as far as they were concerned was void. I was quite upset since I had only had the camera a few months and not done any damage to the camera. I again spoke with a different customer service representative who was quite short with me and said the repair dept reported that the camera needed repair but due to the external damage to the camera my warranty was completely void. I asked what damage the camera had since I did not send a camera with any damage. His reply was that there were minor scratches observed on the exterior of the camera. I explained that I have a 1 year old daughter and take lots of pictures and the camera had normal wear from being in and out of my purse but no major damage to it. He informed me that only cameras that remain in “mint condition” absolutely no scratches or any kind of wear are covered under the warranty. Nikon puts unrealistic limitations on their warranty as a way of not upholding their warranty and forcing the customer to pay for repairs. I am not fixing the camera and will go back to a Canon!!!!!
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Posted by MRM on 2009-07-08:
Visit www.newegg.com for your camera batteries at a low price. I bought two batteries for my Canon SD780 and works great!
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-08:
i had my prosumer nikon camera fixed under warranty. found their service concise, to the point and speedy.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-08:
Thanks for the tip, MRM.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2009-07-09:
Better yet, buy a camera that uses AA cells instead of one with a dedicated rechargeable cell. AA batteries can be found anywhere. The lithium AA cells take more shots than alkalines, though.
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Nikon Holds Equipment Hostage Accusing "Impact Damage" to Get Out of Warranty
Posted by Don6890 on 11/21/2013
MELVILLE, TENNESSEE -- On 4/23/2012 my favorite Nikon 24-70 f2.8 G lens was bumped against a piece of drywall, and now needed a new filter ring. I’d been putting off purchasing a new rubber grip, but was otherwise performing 100% up to my expectations and my favorite lens.

In September of 2011, I decided I finally had a short window of time to work on lens, and called and spoke with Terrell S. @ Nikon support and asked to purchase (2) $20 parts to replace the filter ring on my 24-70 and and was informed that I could no longer order them, and had no option other than sending lens into be repaired in-house. (Thank goodness we can go order parts for our cars, otherwise we’d have to take them to the dealership every time we needed a new headlight bulb)

On 10/31/12 I sent the lens in to have the ring and grip replaced, received estimate for $772 related to “impact Damage” - the lens had never been dropped or even made a funny noise or been stiff ever.

On Jan 31st, 2013 after over 20 emails and 15 phone calls, I finally gave up and simply paid them at a discounted rate ($621.02) and didn’t receive my lens back until the first week of March.

I began using lens in March and quickly noticed that focusing seemed a little “off” but in the busy wedding season I simply blamed perhaps user error or maybe camera settings (fine-tuning on body)

On June 2nd, 2013 I sent Nikon service a message stating that the lens was indeed still having problems and that I was VERY unhappy considering that the lens was working better PRIOR to my simple attempts to purchase the filter ring which ended up costing me $621.

ALL NIKON SERVICE has a 6-month warranty and June 2 is less than 6 months from March.

Sara B (upper level person) replied to me the next day requesting sample images.

I finally (after extensive testing and experimentation) submitted sample images (quite a while later due to some family and travel related issues) but it was confirmed that the lens was still in need of service.

At least this time I got a loaner lens (which seems to be banged up worse than any of my lenses, but at least it focuses properly) - I sent my poor lens off again on 11/11/2013 and Now, I’ve been given the same exact run-around - they’re accusing me of Impact damage (a second time??) and sent me an estimate for $640 on 11/16/13

This is heinous - I’ll be selling all my Nikon gear and switching to canon. It breaks my heart as I’ve always been a die-hard Nikon fanboy, but can’t keep getting mistreated. Now, like a battered spouse, I’m TERRIFIED of having to send in any of my other lenses, for fear they’ll accuse me of “IMPACT DAMAGE” again.

What are we professionals to do? $2300 lens and just a filter ring and rubber grip are about to cost me $1250 and over 40 hours of time sending emails, phone calls etc - just trying to get treated as though we’ve spent $20k in equipment.
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Posted by azRider on 2013-11-22:
but you said you 'bumped' it against a wall. sounds like impacting something to me. perhaps the second lens just bumped on a table or something. who knows.
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Defective Camera-Nikon Refuses To Do Right Thing!
Posted by Lexiegram on 08/03/2012
NEW YORK -- I purchased a Nikon L-820 which took horrible, blurry pictures. Camera was under 1 yr warranty. Returned camera at my expense, and did not hear a thing from Nikon for 5 weeks. I was then told they were waiting for parts. Long wait-where do these parts come from-China or Japan? After arguing with them over the excessive wait, they sent me another defective camera, the L-810. Contacted Nikon-again, and they requested sample pics. I sent them 8 pics to Mr. David [snip] (all about customer service, ha ha-what a joke) and he accused me of editing the pics. What a dork, what do they think, I have all day to send emails, make phone calls, take blurry pics, and forward them to a company that then accuses me of editing the pictures? I just want a damn camera that works. I paid $300.00 for the original camera, and still do not have a working camera. Nikon refused to give me a refund or allow me to pay the difference for a better camera. Nikon is fine-as long as you get a fully, functional camera, but if you don't-you're screwed, cause Nikon will not do a thing to make it right. I'm making a complaint with BBB, Attorney General and FTC!
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Worst customer out there, BUYERS BEWARE!!
Posted by Lmd5545 on 01/28/2012
For my birthday I received a digital camera a Nikon Coolpix S6100, the quality of this is complete junk, touch screen doesn't function properly and the picture quality is awful the worst of any digital camera I've used in the past. All the images come out orange, I've read the manual I've adjusted settings, this camera is simply defective! Yes Nikon you need to admit you sold a defective product, it happens; and as a customer I'm understanding that defects happen. What is not acceptable is how I was treated by Nikon's customer service departnment when calling in on my defective camera, one of the most rude customer service departments I've ever dealt with. I was told to send it in and they'll "look at it" and to send in copies of pictures I took that were orange, how inconvient. All I wanted to do was exchange my defective camera, really Nikon that's how you treat your customers? Unacceptable!
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2012-01-28:
They need to see whether its defective or if you did something to it yourself.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-02-01:
I wouldn't think what they said was incorrect. It seems simple enough to me. I've got a family member with a Nikon SLR that they absolutely love.
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Awful Nikon USA Service
Posted by Ph007f95 on 12/11/2011
Nikon USA doesn't even know the meaning of customer service. Nikon web site is so antique you don't even have a detailed follow up of what you repair order status is while UPS or FedEx allow you real time to know where your package is... Nikon ask you for an email address but don't know how to use it. You receive snail mail for all kinds of pretext slowing the process. They even managed to loose my American Express charge authorization!!!
It took me over a month and close to $300 to get a perfectly fine D300 sensor to be cleaned.
My next camera is a Canon!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-13:
It's a shame that Nikon flubbed the customer service for you. They may have a good product, but that's not going to keep a customer if you don't help them when there's a problem. On the plus side, since you mentioned you're going to Canon for your next camera, I hear they make a good product, too.
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Warranty Covered Repair Parts Hold For 2 Months
Posted by Beach_loving_family84 on 10/02/2011
I purchased the Coolpix S9100 in May, 2011. In August, while on vacation, there is a lens error. Not good because I rarely used the camera between May and August. We could not take anymore pictures of our vacation either. Called Nikon and they said send it in. I sent it in in August. This is October and I still have not gotten my camera back yet. It is on a parts hold and has been since August. I called them over and over. One representative tells me I will receive it September 30. Didn't receive and I called back. They said, you didn't call because we don't have a record of you calling, so basically they called me a liar. They said the parts are coming from Japan. I said it doesn't take a month to get the parts even from Japan. They don't care. They have already made the money from the purchase so it doesn't matter to them if you get your camera back or not. I am one step away from contacting an attorney just to show them they should not do people this way.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-02:
I'm not sure what an attorney is going to do for you. It is possible that an act of God in Japan 5 or 6 months ago impacted a factory that makes the needed part.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-02:
Nikon is actually one of the really nice digital camera designs. It's unfortunate that you've had the problem. Just as trmn8r stated, many of the factories have been having a problem getting parts out. If you contact an attorney, you'll need to be prepared to pay a $1500 retainer and I don't think you'll see anything happen any faster.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Paradespc65 on 09/22/2011
Camera does not come with a take along printed guide. When I called to request one (as my vacation has no computer access) I was told they would not provide a printed manual, that I could print the few hundred pages of CD and bring all those with me everywhere and implied my request was unreasonable. They also acted as though I was wasting their time when I called and were very rude. The camera was expensive, my request was reasonable and they should be able to supply a portable instruction guide for their products.

Had I known this before I purchased my new camera I would NOT BUY FROM NIKON!!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-09-22:
i have always enjoyed my nikon camera. many print services can print the manual in smaller format so it wont be a huge book.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-22:
I have a lot of things now, some old and some new, that don't have printed instructions. I have a 35 year old tractor, and found the instruction and service guides online in PDF form. Quite thankful to have them.

Some new items, like my Dell Hell computer and LexMissedTheMark printer, didn't come with a printed manual (like they used to years ago). They are available in PDF form.

I think it will be more and more the case that paper manuals are not supplied with stuff.
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