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Great customer service
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94109, CALIFORNIA -- I just got back from San Francisco visiting a friend. I wanted to get some fuzzy slippers for me mum back at home, so at the last minute I decided to go to Nordstrum's. I was pleasantly surprised. Initially I was shocked at the madness of the shoe department, but after asking someone for assistance regarding slippers, I had the best customer service. The woman deserves a raise, I left with a smile and a pair of great slippers for mum.
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poor product
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I was confident that your store had quality products that it was selling its consumers, but I found out that it's not as true as I thought. I bought a pair of pants and 2 shirts at your store in Seattle. Both shirts ended up coming apart at the seams and the jeans ended up shrinking when I washed and dried them according to the directions. I am very disappointed and I would expect that somehow you will reimburse me.
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Anonymous on 09/03/2001:
If you shop at Nordstrom often, you'd realize that they have a great return policy. All you need to do is bring the items back to the store you purchased it at and ask for a refund. They take anything back and to get the best service possible, ask for a manager. It'll even help more if you have your receipt and the tags but you don't even have to have that to get your money back. I love shopping at Nordstrom and am glad they emphasize great customer service and a great return policy.
Anonymous on 09/03/2001:
you probably did something wrong when washing the jeans. jeans don't usually shrink. just go exchange the shirt. big deal. they usually understand and give you a new product for your old one. be thankful for their awesome return policy.
Anonymous on 10/07/2003:
I used to work at Nordstrom, trust me they even take back merchandise that didn't even come from their store. Unless you return a lot of merchandise to them, they won't even question it. It may have been a problem with that lot of clothes, and sometimes it's the detergents that are too harsh. Ask the associate who sold it to you if anyone else has had problems with that garment. If they are good salespeople, they will be honest with you. Also, always check and make sure that the jeans are not a blend with another fabric, sometimes they sneak that in, and that changes how you care for it.
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