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Defective Product
Posted by on
CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA -- I have used NOVA DEVELOPMENT's Art Explosion CD-ROM software for several years. As a matter of fact, the version I have been using is at least four years old, and the packaging has a (c) of 2004.

Thought I'd upgrade to the 2.0 version of the same product, since it was available at a local store for a good price, and although I was having no issues with my "old" program, thought it would be nice to get a "new and improved" product.

Bought the Publisher Pro 2.0 on a Saturday morning.

Happily went on my way to the office, planning to install, and meet a 12:00pm advertising deadline on the following Monday.

Insert Installation Disc One.

I was advised to delete the previous issue of Publisher Pro prior to installing the newer version.

Did that.

Pressed "OK" to continue with the install.

Pop up window comes up saying to Insert Installation Disc Two.

Did that.

Pop up window come up with Error 1311: file cannot be accessed. Check to make sure file is accessible.


I manually right click on the drive and open the file. I'm looking for N:// file.


I mess with this for some frustrating amount of time ---- then look up technical support on the NOVA DEVELOPMENT website. I followed the suggested remedy for this error code to no avail.

I try to call the NON-ONE-EIGHT-HUNDRED number on the packaging, only to get an answering message. The "office" is only open Monday - Friday. Argh!

Grab my discs and the manual, and head back to the store where I purchased the item. Fortunately, they agreed to swap my defective software for a new box off the shelf.

Once back to the office, I eagerly start the install again with the newer discs.


Everything went smoothly.



I did.

A pop up window tells me to Install Disc Two.


I eject the disc, check the label --- sure enough, it says it's Disc Two. Push it back in.

Pop up window comes again --- Install Disc Two.


I manually right click on the drive, to find that the folder on the disc labelled DISC TWO are actually DISC THREE items!

It's labeled DISC TWO, but it's contents are DISC THREE materials. ARGH!!!!

Hopeful, I install Disc Three, expecting Disc Two data to be there, but it wasn't. There was NO DISC TWO included.

Back to the store ---- trip number THREE.

There is ONE MORE ART EXPLOSION 2.0 on the shelf. The nice - super nice - computer specialist opens it right there in front of me. I go with him to a new computer. He tries this software out for himself. After all, even though it IS NOT the fault of the store, they are trying to sooth my frustrations (NOVA DEVELOPMENT SHOULD THANK THEM).

Insert Install Disc One.

It worked! Now comes the moment of truth...

Insert Install Disc Two.




Pop up window says to INSERT DISC TWO.


He follows the same procedure I did. He double checked the Disc ---- and it was labeled DISC TWO. He opened the contents, which were Disc Three data items. He checked the disc labeled DISC THREE. It was indeed Disc Three data. He checked all other disc labels ---- it appeared all were represented.

He apologized. He was beside himself. I had just gone through THREE different BRAND NEW BOXED SOFTWARE SETS, and all three were defective. I received a total refund for my purchase.

I wasted an entire business day trying to load a new program.

I failed to complete my ad for the following Monday.

I couldn't work on my ad at the office, because EVERY SINGLE THING I HAD CREATED OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS was illegible to me until I went home to find my old software (the one I bought years ago), and re-installed it on my work PC.

NOVA DEVELOPMENT ---- you've lost your former number one fan.

I've sang praises for this company for years. LOVE Publisher Pro. Certainly, I thought, this company would not let me down. Surely when I call them Monday at their NOT-TOLL-FREE number (me, spending my dollars to call them), they will hear my desperation and frustration and try to offer me condolences in some manner.

MONDAY AFTERNOON (well, morning for them, as I live in SC and they are located in California):

I call the NON-TOLL-FREE number listed on the back of my "old" Publisher Pro" portfolio.

I press "0" for "other", because they do not list an option for COMPLAINTS. The operator puts me through to Customer Service.

I hold for five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. Five minutes of long distance charges to me!

A customer representative comes on and I tell her the entire drama, just as you've read above.

She apologizes, says that certainly she wouldn't encourage me to buy another 2.0 version. She says although I could purchase one from their website (imagine!!!) that she couldn't guarantee it would be "right". She said it sounds like maybe there was a "bad batch" of sets, but she has no way to knowing if this is the case. She has no way of knowing if there have been other complaints. She puts me on hold to consult with the "technical help" department, only to return a couple of minutes later and tell me the same thing ---- don't buy another one yet. She says there will be an "update" or a "version 3.0", but she doesn't know when. She says "they" don't tell her that info (whomever "they" are).

I tell her how disappointed I am. I ask to whom I can address a complaint. She says I can send it to her and tells me she is a supervisor.

This will not do.

I say, "Well, if you are a supervisor, then certainly you have a boss. Who is your boss?"

She hesitates. Then tells me she's not allowed to give out that information.

I ask for her last name, and she tells me she's not allowed to give me that information either.

She will not give me any information at this point.


As soon as I find a replacement for my "in great condition old version" of Publisher Pro, I'll be using that instead. I do not plan to purchase another NOVA DEVELOPMENT product again.

BUYER BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT! I may have gotten a refund for the product at the end of the day, but I've lost an entire business day of productivity, automobile expenses for running back and forth to the store, and now, the cost of the phone call. This faulty product has cost me in the end.

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User Replies:
madconsumer on 08/25/2008:
I too have expeirenced these types of issues. all to no solution in the end. only solution I have found was to replace the lame product with an entirely different program. sometimes the copy disc machine tjhey use has hiccups, and causes this. of course they want you to purchase more, but will never gauaranty it will solve the issue.

also to make sure, it is not MS publisher correct?
lazara on 06/05/2009:
Almost the EXACT SAME experience here. I haven't ever used a Nova Development product before, so this was my first purchase... no doubt, it will be the LAST.
Tech2010 on 04/16/2010:
I purchased Publisher Pro 2.0 on 4-15-10, and had the same problem. Inserted labeled CD2, only to find out it is actually CD3. Would not install. I contacted Nova Development today and was advised they no longer support the product, nor do they offer an online download of the product. Big bummer, that Nova Development simply will not do something as simple as making the program available online for those who call in stating the problem that was encountered... I am sure someone got fired for this little error that cost them $. The box packaging is superior and someone took a long time and expense on the box/package design/printing, and the thick glossy covered manual included is an eyeful and unexpected, but nice if you don't like online PDF file manuals. There are 8 CD's included too! Wow! But its all for nothing, when you can not install it... Majorly bummed out... I googled hoping I would find an easy answer or online download to at least burn the CD2.
Tech2010 on 05/20/2010:
On 5-19-10 I purchased another Nova Development Art Explosion Publisher Pro 2.0. This set is missing Wizard~4 on CD2. The sticker found on the bottom of the packaging/box is PGWT-CD01-SET #18796. Everyone should advise us of the numbers found on sticker so that we can identify the sets before purchasing/opening the box. My first purchase of this program had a different type of error. See my previous post. :( If anyone comes across a good CD2, please let us know here by posting a comment.
Tech2010 on 05/20/2010:
If you purchased Nova Development Art Explosion Publisher Pro 2.0
If you purchase sticker set PGWT-CD01-SET #1879,
besides the installation error on CD2, no Wizard~4 found, you also may find that CD3 has the same info as CD1.

So CD3 will NOT install correctly... :( Even if you have Wizard~4.
MRM on 05/20/2010:
If you have a lot of space on your harddrive, copy the files from the cd onto the harddrive run the setup from there.
Tech2010 on 05/22/2010:
The product packaging sticker is different from the sticker on the CD packaging.
The CD print run that has the CD2 missing Wizard~4 and also CD3 is burned with files of CD1.
The package sticker reads PGW-NRS^01 18646.

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Nova Development's Publisher Pro Scam
Posted by on
RUN FOREST RUN!! Do not purchase anything from Nova Development unless you are prepared for a very long....nightmare. I purchased the publisher pro from Nova's web site for my business after being satisfied by a former product of theirs. I paid extra to get the program in a few business days but that didn't happen. Red flag #1. OK, I let that go and was just happy to have the program TEN DAYS LATER. Loaded disc 1, fine. Loaded disc 2... oops! It was actually disc 3 with a disc 2 label so I had 2- disc 3's and no disc 2 at all. Called the company they agreed to send the missing disc. Very frustrated but trying to work with them I agreed.

Got the new disc and it would not load. Called again, they sent us to tech support and gave us the run around. Sent another set of discs that weren't even what we needed?? Hello? Every time we called we got the run around and no one would let us speak to anyone in management so we Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau then got a call from Nova the next day. They agreed to give us our money back and mail us a new set that would work properly. weeks passed no money but they did send another set that didn't work either- bad disc again. We did speak to a representative at Nova that admitted there was a problem with the discs.

After reading reviews of other consumers who have bought the bad programs in stores we believe that the company knew they programs were and are defective and are selling them anyway hoping we will give up on collecting our refunds. They don't seem to be giving anybody their money back. We also think that the reason our first set had a disc 2 label on disc 3 was because they knew disc 2 was no good. After filing our complaint with the Better Business Bureau Nova sent a notice to them saying that they had sent us a new set and paid us by check which was a LIE! We called the company and they admitted that a check hadn't actually been mailed yet then had the NERVE to ask for our credit card number to "credit" our account. Do they think we are stupid? We said no so they told us once again.....that a check would come in 2-3 weeks.

They lied to the BB Bureau. After going on 4 months of this, being lied to by this company and still no refund in site we are frustrated beyond belief. You know, at this point it isn't even about the program or the money we lost. It's about fighting for what's right and not allowing this company or any company to take advantage of hard working consumers. There are lots of us out there and we need to pull together. We will get our refund! We don't care how much we have to pay in attorney's fee's, we will if necessary. We may have been victims but we will not stay victims. If you are having the same problem with this company do not fighting for your refund. They are making too much money off people who just "let it go". This is what they are banking on.

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User Replies:
pissed off customer on 04/23/2013:
I agree with you 100 percent. About a month ago I purchased greeting card factory version 9. I purchase the download option and it worked for about two days and then all of a sudden it stopped working the program would crash every single time I try to open it. Well I got fed up and I called the company I was switch to technical supportiDoctor explaining the problem after doing my own diagnosis after restarting my computer after doing everything that I should have done before calling tech support they had the nerve to tell me to do it all over again. I did and the same result. Then they told me it was most likely my anti-virus software causing the issue. So I deleted the software and of course you need anti-virus software so I downloaded a new software to protect my computer same results program would not load Dave and tell me that I should get another anti virus software because that one is conflicting. I am absolutely frustrated why should I delete my anti-virus software your software should be compatible with what I have already on my computer. Then they tell me that I have a faulty computer and I need to call the manufacturer. I said this is crazy I would like a refund they said will send you a refund sheets and you have to fill it out and it will take up to 30 days. I said 30 days? Are you crazy you took my money instantly you should give it back instantly I need this money so I can buy another program so I can get my greeting cards done. Mind you I miss the deadline now and I need to have those done and I was not able to therefore I lost money. So just thinking that it was just that software I went and purchased photo explosion deluxe version 9. It works great for about 3 weeks. Today I go to open a greeting card file and anytime I want to admit my own photos from my own files the program crashed immediately it works fine as long as I use their stupid photos but the moment I go to find one of my photos immediately the program crashes I call to today and I got the same stupid runaround from the same exact person in a very condescending voice telling me again but it is another conflict in a problem with my faulty computer and I need to call the manufacturer the same exact run around the same exact stupidity I am start up with this company is a complete ripoff a waste of time and I lost money again because I missed another deadline. This company is a scam and something needs to be done about it
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Software Not Received but Paid For
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
This is concerning a backup CD that was ordered and paid for but never received. I have called multiple times and they say they reshipped it, finally after the 2nd or third shipping supposedly, I gave them an alternative address and the CD still did not arrive, now I am over the 90 days and they refuse to refund my money.

There is no way a CD was shipped 3 times and to 2 different addresses and still never arrived.

We have received many packages and never had any lost before. It took me a week just to get the download to work.
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Refusal to give refund
Posted by on
CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA -- On 04/08/2006, I purchsed a copy of "Transfer Your PC Deluxe" from Office Max so that I could move my data to a new PC that I had just purchased. After hours or trying to get it to work, and getting absolutely ZERO help from Nova Development's Technical Support, I called the comapnies customer support line (800) 395-6682, on 04/10/2006. The lady I spoke with (Erica Garcia) apologized for the problem and told me if I would return the package to Nova Development (Office Max would not take opened softare back), I would be credited and given a refund. I was given an RMA number for the return. The lady told me I would get a check for refund within four weeks. After four weeks I called and spoke to a different person. She said, "Oh no, it takes six weeks for a refund. Call back in two week"". I called back in two weeks, to be told, "sorry, it takes eight weeks to process refunds". I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told that they do not have supervisors and that no one can help me. I again called at the end of eight weeks. Guess what? I was told call back in two weeks because it takes ten weeks for refunds to be processed. I promptly called back two weeks later, and was lucky enough to get the lady I spoke to originally, Ms. Garcia. She denied telling me it took four weeks. When I asked her to look me up in her system, at first she said she could not locate my name. I gave her the RMA number, to which she replied that they had never received the product I returned. When I gave her the name of the employee that signed the return rec eipt requested card, she told me "Oh here it is, you check is going to be printed this afternoon". I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor, that I knew she had one, and that if she did not give me a name I was going to be sure to find one anyway and that I would let the supervisor know she had lied to me. She relented and gave me a name, Brian Weiss (818) 591-9600, x119. I called him and have left three messages. He has not called me back and I have a good idea he is avoiding me. I want Nove to do something about this. They have $69.99 of my money and I have nothing to show for it but frustration. They have continually lied to me and given me the run around. A word of warning to everyone. Look carefully at the name of the company producing software. If it says Nova Development, RUN.
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User Replies:
Doc J on 06/27/2006:
Excellent post! Sending things CRRR and holding onto the signiture card is the wisest thing consumers can do. I love entertaining myself with the chimp's "we didn't get it" for several minutes. Then, I produce my "little green card" invariably signed for by one of their fellow CS chimps. Almost always the response is "Oh yes, now I see where it was received." I always respond with "Any more lies you want to tell?" And, guided by state law, recording lying chimps has a great effect on the rest of their CSR monkey colony. A really assertive poster would now take all of the evidence and file a small claims suit or a complaint to your state AG. Listen...I hear the chimps...OOOO-OOOO-EEE-EE-AH-AH.
Anonymous on 06/27/2006:
For future reference, Windows XP comes with a program called FILE AND SETTINGS TRANSFER WIZARD. It is very easy to use, and in my experience, works very well. And it's FREE!
Anonymous on 06/27/2006:
From my experience most of those transfer, back up regsitry programs are snakeoil. Right, KenPop the (File and Settings transfer wizard) works great. Looking at Nova Development's file they have 64 complaints of "not making a refund as requested" 3 of "making a partial refund" and other various dicking around for a total of 85 complaints. Punch in the Nova Developments name in then click COMPLAINT in the lower right corner and get it over with. Nova needs to punished (spanked) for their stinken business tactics and lack of communication.
redheadedsister on 08/26/2006:
I would like to add that I just purchased the Photo Explosion Deluxe and when installing it stupidly (as it turns out) also paid 9.99 for a download of AquaZone. They said they would send me the download to my email address. NOT...never recd anything, but they sure charged my credit card in about 2 days! I tried to call them and was on hold for over 1/2 hour. Also, they will not answer any emails! I guess the chance of me ever receiving my $20 rebate for buying the Photo Explosion is just a pipe dream. Hasn't anyone turned them into the Better Business Bureau?
redheadedsister on 08/26/2006:
Go to and file a complaint against them. I just did. Nova Development Corp seems to answer the Better Business Bureau faster than their customers!
snordinek on 08/25/2008:
I've recently had an issue with NOVA DEVELOPMENT myself. Please let me know if this issue was ever resolved. I got the same run around from Customer Service today, as far as "not telling me who a head person" is.
Ms. Upnorth on 04/17/2010:
I just posted a blog about my experience with Nova & their rebates.
PepperElf on 04/17/2010:
this complaint is almost 4 years old...

you may want to start your own.

the companies don't get copies of the replies - they only get copies of the main letter.
LA on 07/15/2012:
I have a feeling that many of Nova Development's products are garbage. I have Photo Explosion, and it seems as though it's causing an error message on my computer b/c as soon as I started using it, I get a Not Responding message. I called them at one point to get to the bottom of the issue and they pretty much were rude, and condescending and were of no help whatsoever. I am now using dh's computer with another version he installed of Photo Explosion. I've used it like 2x now and guess what? Getting the NOT RESPONDING message again!
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