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Nova Development Is A Scam!!! Beware.
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I purchased a Photoshop software online with NOVA DEVELOPMENT on February 21, 2017. Till now I haven't received my order. I called them more than 14 times and they told me my order was mailed out on February 23rd, 2017. I tracked the item with the fake tracking number Nova provided to me but stated item was delivered to my address! WHY DIDN'T I GET IT IF TRULY WAS DELIVERED? I checked with my USPS office but they couldn't find any order from Nova Development...

On March 5th, 2017 I call again and they promised to resend my order but it was a lie because I did not receive a shipping confirmation nor order tracking number! So I called them just now (March 13th, 2017) for a refund on my order, the way they replied back one would notice the scammed voice traces in all their fake representatives' dialogue! I am still waiting for my refund.

Y'all need to share this truth and stay away from Nova Development company and all their products, they are fake, scams, no shipping to your address and if you get their items shipped to you, it's certainly their software will not work which means you will need to get back with them for refunds, so why patronizing fake Nova Development company and products?

HGTV Home Design & Remodeling
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered HGTV Home Design & Remodel August 25, 2016. It never arrived. It was sent to the wrong address. They said they'd refund my money when it was returned. Sept. 8, they sent another to the correct address. I received another confirmation that it would arrive in 5-7 days by USPO. It never arrived. Sept 27 when it had not arrived, I complained and they sent another at no charge which would be sent with 2-3 day delivery.

Oct. 4, 2016, nothing has arrived. I went to the post office to see if the first DVD could be traced. The post office they had sent it to did not have post office boxes. There was no way it could have been delivered to the wrong address. I have confirmation #'s for three shipments. None have been received. I can't believe all three were lost in the mail. They billed my Chase card twice for the same amount. I requested the charge be removed. It's probably best to avoid this company.

Nova Development's Publisher Pro Scam
By -

RUN FOREST RUN!! Do not purchase anything from Nova Development unless you are prepared for a very long… nightmare. I purchased the Publisher Pro from Nova's website for my business after being satisfied by a former product of theirs. I paid extra to get the program in a few business days but that didn't happen. Red flag #1. OK, I let that go and was just happy to have the program TEN DAYS LATER. Loaded disc 1, fine. Loaded disc 2... oops! It was actually disc 3 with a disc 2 label so I had 2 disc 3's and no disc 2 at all. Called the company they agreed to send the missing disc. Very frustrated but trying to work with them I agreed.

Got the new disc and it would not load. Called again, they sent us to tech support and gave us the run around. Sent another set of discs that weren't even what we needed?? Hello? Every time we called we got the run around and no one would let us speak to anyone in management so we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau then got a call from Nova the next day. They agreed to give us our money back and mail us a new set that would work properly. Weeks passed no money but they did send another set that didn't work either - bad disc again. We did speak to a representative at Nova that admitted there was a problem with the discs.

After reading reviews of other consumers who have bought the bad programs in stores we believe that the company knew they programs were and are defective and are selling them anyway hoping we will give up on collecting our refunds. They don't seem to be giving anybody their money back. We also think that the reason our first set had a disc 2 label on disc 3 was because they knew disc 2 was no good.

After filing our complaint with the Better Business Bureau Nova sent a notice to them saying that they had sent us a new set and paid us by check which was a LIE! We called the company and they admitted that a check hadn't actually been mailed yet, then had the NERVE to ask for our credit card number to "credit" our account. Do they think we are stupid? We said no, so they told us once again that a check would come in 2-3 weeks.

They lied to the BB Bureau. After going on 4 months of this, being lied to by this company and still no refund in site we are frustrated beyond belief. You know, at this point it isn't even about the program or the money we lost. It's about fighting for what's right and not allowing this company or any company to take advantage of hard working consumers.

There are lots of us out there and we need to pull together. We will get our refund! We don't care how much we have to pay in attorney's fees, we will if necessary. We may have been victims but we will not stay victims. If you are having the same problem with this company do not fighting for your refund. They are making too much money off people who just "let it go". This is what they are banking on. Determined!

Defective Product
By -

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA -- I have used NOVA DEVELOPMENT's Art Explosion CD-ROM software for several years. As a matter of fact, the version I have been using is at least four years old, and the packaging has a (c) of 2004. Thought I'd upgrade to the 2.0 version of the same product, since it was available at a local store for a good price, and although I was having no issues with my "old" program, thought it would be nice to get a "new and improved" product.

Bought the Publisher Pro 2.0 on a Saturday morning. Happily went on my way to the office, planning to install, and meet a 12:00pm advertising deadline on the following Monday. Insert Installation Disc One. I was advised to delete the previous issue of Publisher Pro prior to installing the newer version. Did that.

Pressed "OK" to continue with the install. Pop up window comes up saying to Insert Installation Disc Two. Did that. Pop up window come up with Error 1311: "file cannot be accessed." Check to make sure file is accessible. Hmmm. I manually right click on the drive and open the file. I'm looking for N:// file. There is no file by that name on the second installation disc!

I mess with this for some frustrating amount of time, then look up technical support on the NOVA DEVELOPMENT website. I followed the suggested remedy for this error code to no avail. I try to call the NON-ONE-EIGHT-HUNDRED number on the packaging, only to get an answering message. The "office" is only open Monday-Friday. Argh! Grab my discs and the manual, and head back to the store where I purchased the item. Fortunately, they agreed to swap my defective software for a new box off the shelf.

Once back to the office, I eagerly start the install again with the newer discs. INSTALL DISC ONE. Everything went smoothly. Whew. INSTALL DISC TWO. I did. A pop up window tells me to Install Disc Two. I did that already! I eject the disc, check the label, sure enough, it says it's Disc Two. Push it back in. Pop up window comes again, "Install Disc Two." "I DID INSTALL IT," I SAID! I manually right click on the drive, to find that the folder on the disc labelled DISC TWO are actually DISC THREE items! It's labeled DISC TWO, but it's contents are DISC THREE materials. ARGH!!!

Hopeful, I install Disc Three, expecting Disc Two data to be there, but it wasn't. There was NO DISC TWO included. Back to the store, trip number THREE. There is one more Art Explosion 2.0 on the shelf. The nice - super nice - computer specialist opens it right there in front of me. I go with him to a new computer. He tries this software out for himself. After all, even though it IS NOT the fault of the store, they are trying to sooth my frustrations (Nova Development should thank them).

Insert Install Disc One. It worked! Now comes the moment of truth. Insert Install Disc Two. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting… Pop up window says to "INSERT DISC TWO." He did! He INSERTED DISC TWO!!! He follows the same procedure I did. He double checked the Disc, and it was labeled DISC TWO. He opened the contents, which were Disc Three data items. He checked the disc labeled DISC THREE. It was indeed Disc Three data. He checked all other disc labels, it appeared all were represented.

He apologized. He was beside himself. I had just gone through THREE different brand new boxed software sets, and all three were defective. I received a total refund for my purchase. I wasted an entire business day trying to load a new program. I failed to complete my ad for the following Monday. I couldn't work on my ad at the office, because every single thing I had created over the last four years was illegible to me until I went home to find my old software (the one I bought years ago), and re-installed it on my work PC.

NOVA DEVELOPMENT, you've lost your former number one fan. I've sang praises for this company for years. LOVE Publisher Pro. Certainly, I thought, this company would not let me down. Surely when I call them Monday at their NOT-TOLL-FREE number (me, spending my dollars to call them), they will hear my desperation and frustration and try to offer me condolences in some manner.

Monday afternoon (well, morning for them, as I live in SC and they are located in California): I call the NON-TOLL-FREE number listed on the back of my "old" Publisher Pro" portfolio. I press "0" for "other", because they do not list an option for COMPLAINTS. The operator puts me through to Customer Service.

I hold for five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. Five minutes of long distance charges to me! A customer representative comes on and I tell her the entire drama, just as you've read above. She apologizes, says that certainly she wouldn't encourage me to buy another 2.0 version. She says although I could purchase one from their website (imagine!) that she couldn't guarantee it would be "right".

She said it sounds like maybe there was a "bad batch" of sets, but she has no way to knowing if this is the case. She has no way of knowing if there have been other complaints. She puts me on hold to consult with the "technical help" department, only to return a couple of minutes later and tell me the same thing - "don't buy another one yet." She says there will be an "update" or a "version 3.0", but she doesn't know when. She says "they" don't tell her that info (whomever "they" are).

I tell her how disappointed I am. I ask to whom I can address a complaint. She says I can send it to her and tells me she is a supervisor. This will not do. I say, "Well, if you are a supervisor, then certainly you have a boss. Who is your boss?" She hesitates. Then tells me she's not allowed to give out that information. I ask for her last name, and she tells me she's not allowed to give me that information either. She will not give me any information at this point.

I AM LIVID. I AM BEYOND DISAPPOINTED. As soon as I find a replacement for my "in great condition old version" of Publisher Pro, I'll be using that instead. I do not plan to purchase another Nova Development product again. BUYER BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT! I may have gotten a refund for the product at the end of the day, but I've lost an entire business day of productivity, automobile expenses for running back and forth to the store, and now, the cost of the phone call. This faulty product has cost me in the end.

Easily the Worst Software Company I Have Dealt With in 40 Years!
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Rating: 1/51

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased the HGTV Designer for $49.95 in Micro Center and it would not load. Called NOVA and they wanted to charge for Tech Support. I understand the concept, but for software that will not even load from the disk? I ended up ordering their "upgrade" for another $19.95 and have had the same problems with it. Add to that, the fact that they SPAM you incessantly, these guys are liars, thieves and con artists. Deal with them at your own peril. I cannot imagine they have even one satisfied customer.

If You Have a Problem, Do Not Expect Free Support
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Ordered Audials Moviebox online download which requires an Authorization Number which did not unlock the Software in order for it to be of use. Now they have the buyer's money and could care less about buyer's problem. I will not waste my time with them in the future.

Never received Boxed CDs
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Rating: 3/51 - Consumer improved rating by 2 stars

Do not order anything from this company. They do not send you what you bought. Their online message center is always offline, and if you want to call them you have to pay. I have already e-mailed them a couple of times regarding my order, and they don't write back. Buyers Beware!!!

Resolution Update 01/17/2016:

It took several weeks to receive my product, but It finally arrived. They didn't sent an e-mail to say they sent it out. I had no problem downloading the software.

Software Not Received but Paid For
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Rating: 1/51

This is concerning a backup CD that was ordered and paid for but never received. I have called multiple times and they say they reshipped it. Finally after the 2nd or third shipping supposedly, I gave them an alternative address and the CD still did not arrive. Now, I am over the 90 days and they refuse to refund my money. There is no way a CD was shipped 3 times and to 2 different addresses and still never arrived. We have received many packages and never had any lost before. It took me a week just to get the download to work.

Refusal to Give Refund
By -

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA -- On 04/08/2006, I purchased a copy of "Transfer Your PC Deluxe" from Office Max so that I could move my data to a new PC that I had just purchased. After hours or trying to get it to work, and getting absolutely ZERO help from Nova Development's Technical Support, I called the company's customer support line (800) 395-6682, on 04/10/2006. The lady I spoke with (Erica **) apologized for the problem and told me if I would return the package to Nova Development (Office Max would not take opened software back), I would be credited and given a refund. I was given an RMA number for the return. The lady told me I would get a check for refund within four weeks.

After four weeks I called and spoke to a different person. She said, "Oh no, it takes six weeks for a refund. Call back in two week." I called back in two weeks, to be told, "sorry, it takes eight weeks to process refunds". I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told that they do not have supervisors and that no one can help me. I again called at the end of eight weeks. Guess what? I was told "call back in two weeks" because it takes ten weeks for refunds to be processed. I promptly called back two weeks later, and was lucky enough to get the lady I spoke to originally, Ms. **. She denied telling me it took four weeks.

When I asked her to look me up in her system, at first she said she could not locate my name. I gave her the RMA number, to which she replied that they had never received the product I returned. When I gave her the name of the employee that signed the return receipt requested card, she told me "Oh here it is, your check is going to be printed this afternoon". I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor, that I knew she had one, and that if she did not give me a name I was going to be sure to find one anyway and that I would let the supervisor know she had lied to me. She relented and gave me a name, Brian ** (818) 591-9600, x**.

I called him and have left three messages. He has not called me back and I have a good idea he is avoiding me. I want Nova to do something about this. They have $69.99 of my money and I have nothing to show for it but frustration. They have continually lied to me and given me the run around. A word of warning to everyone. Look carefully at the name of the company producing software. If it says Nova Development, RUN.

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