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Office Depot Mail in Rebate
By -

On February 11, 2009 I purchased a computer from Office Depot. On Sunday February 15, 2009 it was advertise in the Sunday paper for $70.00 less than the price I paid of $392.19. I called the store and was informed to bring the receipt of the purchase. At the store I received the paperwork for the mail-in-rebate. I mailed in the rebate.

The Mail-in Rebate Center has a "process" which you are requested to used to check the progress of your rebate! I followed my request. After sometime my request was "approved" and check #** was mailed to me on 03/24/2009. After not receiving the check in the mail and a check of my local post office that related mail service delivery of 03/24/2009 mailed within the USA should have taken no longer than 3 to 4 days! On May 4,2009, I called the Office Depot Mail-in Rebate Center and was informed "check #** would have to be cancelled and a new check issued" also "it would be take about a month before I would receive the check!!!"

Return Policy
By -

MAPLE GROVE, MINNESOTA -- I recently purchased a Canon SD100 camera from the Office Depot for my wife's birthday. I had purchased the camera on March 12th, three weeks prior to her birthday, because it was on sale and I was not aware of the 14 day return policy at that time. My wife ended up receiving another camera for her birthday which she has opened and used so it is no longer returnable.

I tried to return the camera I bought from Office Depot and was told that I could not return it because it was purchased more than 14 days ago. I asked if an exception could be made explaining it was a gift and that it was purchased two weeks prior to her actual birthday because it was on sale and was told there was nothing that could be done. I then contacted customer service via the internet and explained my situation. Talking to the Customer Service Representative was frustrating for the fact that no matter what I said, his only response was, "You have passed the 14 days and there is nothing we can do."

The camera is a currently stocked item which sells for $179 and was purchased on sale for $129. Office Depot had nothing to lose and possibly $50 to gain by making an exception to the return policy and has lost at least one customer for their lack of consideration. I am well aware of return policies and that exceptions can be made, it's called good customer service, something in my opinion the Office Depot falls well short of.

Horrible Warranty Service
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I bought the laptop extended warranty when I bought my HP computer. About 18 months later, my computer stopped working. I called the warranty service and after asking me to do recoveries and other stuff, they finally agreed to have my computer sent to them for repair. The box where I was supposed to mail them the computer did not arrive until 3 WEEKS later. After that it has taken them about another 3 weeks to get it fix, but apparently it isn't fix yet. I have to wait another week or so to get my computer.

Even though the customer service people are nice they cannot offer you anything because Office Depot does not care if you are without a computer for 2 months. They should know that most people need their computers for school, work, etc.

Return Policy - Revised Notice
By -

I just purchased a few things from Office Depot and noticed that the return policy had changed. It seems returning items there are as tough as Target. Here's the wording so it's crystal clear when returning items: "Effective immediately, you must have your original sales receipt for all refunds, returns and exchanges of technology and consumer electronic products and accessories, media and software products, and furniture."

That's in bold under a Holiday Season policy allowing returns from 11/23/08 until 01/10/09. I'm curious to see how they will handle returns without receipts. Office Depot is awful in the customer service department. Could this be the start of a deathly spiral downward?

Office Depot New Delivery Charges
By -

GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS -- Our firm has been using Office Depot for many years and have never been charged a delivery fee. Today we ordered $39.99 worth of ink and after we entered our debit card information, it showed a $11.88 charge to deliver. Since our office is a couple of miles away, I decided to cancel the order and run over to the store to buy the ink. I immediately called the customer service line and was told that they were unable to cancel the order but should refuse the delivery tomorrow.

Once they take it back to the warehouse, we're supposed to get a credit on our debit account in 7-10 days. I'll be watching that like a hawk but I think it's dishonest to suddenly start charging for deliveries and not being told the cost until they've already charged your card. Needless to say, we won't be ordering online any more!

Late Delivery
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Do I have a good one for everybody!! First you need to know where I live, and my "shopping choices." I live in what would be considered a remote area of Arizona. That is, I live in the NE corner outside a little town called Holbrook. I am 40 miles east of Winslow, and 54 miles North of Showlow. These are the only two towns in my area that have "Super Wal-Mart" stores. I go to Winslow once a month for my office supplies. Wal-Mart usually carries everything I need.

Well I needed ink cartridges for my portable printer. Lo and behold Wal-Mart doesn't carry them. They sell the printer, but they don't sell the cartridges. (I have already told them what I thought of that idea.) So, I went on the internet. I found a store in Phoenix that did sell them. This store was OFFICE DEPOT. Phoenix is 193 miles from my house, with gas prices what they are I didn't want make a 386 mile round trip just to buy two ink cartridges. So, I ordered them on line.

I placed my order January 31, 2007. I received a printable receipt for the order. The product was scheduled for delivery the next day (Feb. 1, 2007) between 08:30AM-5:00 PM. This was fine. Everything was "kosher." Then, the "DELIVERY FROM HELL STARTED." The 1st came and went, the 2nd, came and went. I didn't think too much about it because we did have some pretty severe weather, and I figured it was delayed to that. But, the morning of the 3rd I went on the internet to tract the order, I found out then that Office Depot had, as they put it, "Gave it to a third party for delivery." That third party was UPS.

So, I went on UPS's website with the tracking number and this is what I came up with: 02/01/2007 1:09am Billing Info Receive. 02/01/2007 1:37am Product Scan in Phoenix. 02/02/2007 5:33am Departure Scan in Albuquerque, NM!!! 02/02/2007 3:28pm Arrival Scan in Phoenix? 02/03/2007 3:46am Departure Scan Phoenix. I called UPS and asked them 2 questions that, to this day, they have not and, most likely will not, answer.

1: Why did this product go from Phoenix, AZ to Albuqueque, NM and back to Phoenix?!!? 2: It was scanned in Phoenix at 3:46AM on the 3rd. It is 193 miles from Phoenix to Holbrook (236 if you go by way of Flagstaff). Even if you go the long way it is only a 5-6 hour drive. Granted UPS has stops along the way. But, guess what, this actually arrived in Holbrook at 9:00am on the 3rd. I know UPS delivers on weekends. Maybe not on Sundays, but they do deliver on Saturdays. Why then did this product sit in Holbrook all day on the 3rd when it was already 2 days late???

UPS refuses to answer either question other than the proverbial: "I DON'T KNOW..." I realize this is long but you need to know the entire story. I called Office Depot and expressed my displeasure. The first person I talked to was a ** in the Philippines. He offered me a $11.18 credit off the original $55.90. He even gave me a confirmation #. Then this morning 02/05/2007 I got a call from a ** in Argentina. This lady was "in customer service." She listened to my problem, agreed that it was Office Depot's responsibility and offered me a full refund.

I told her that if she wanted I would return the product, and try to find it somewhere else. She said that would not be necessary. I could go ahead and keep the product, and she even gave me a confirmation # for the refund. Great!! Every one is satisfied. Office Depot has admitted their responsibility, they have done what is right, everybody is satisfied. At 11:40 Arizona time I finally receive my ink cartridges. I put them in my printer, ahhh, I can get back to work! MY BIG MISTAKE!!! The phone rings; guess who???!!! It is Office Depot.

Some guy (I never did understand him) saying he is a Customer Service Manager and he has CANCELLED my refund. Then, what does he do? He SLAPS ME IN THE FACE WITH AN OFFER OF A $10.00 DISCOUNT!! Then when I tell him that ** said I didn't have to return the product he says "Then we can only offer you $10.00." He insists I return the product in order to get a full refund. I tell him, "What about the delayed delivery that cost me money (because I couldn't use my printer) that I am not asking for?" He still insisted it was not Office Depot's responsibility.

That is when I sort of blew it. I told him I was promised 1 day delivery by OFFICE DEPOT - NOT UPS. It was OFFICE DEPOT's responsibility to live up to their agreement. UPS would never have entered the picture if OFFICE DEPOT never asked them to.

The real problem here is: There is no one local you can deal with with a problem of this sort. The only number they give you is 1-800-463-3768. When you call this number you get one of two locations: The Philippines, or Argentina. According to all that have answered the phone, there is no direct line for Customer Service in the United States.

I just noticed a 1-888 number on the invoice. I just called it and got a hold of a ** in Argentina. She, after very politely listening to me, (and I was very calm) cancelled the last cancellation and refunded the full $55.90. Yes I did get a confirmation number. We will see what happens. There will be future posts on this both concerning Office Depot and UPS.

Office Depot Nightmare
By -

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- I have never had a worse experience with a merchant than my recent unresolved experience with Office Depot. I am disabled and can't get out to the stores very often. I decided to order a chair online. I received an email telling me the date the chair was to be delivered. I waited and waited and nobody showed up. Finally I called Office Depot, who told me that the delivery was aborted because the chair was damaged on the truck. I asked them when they intended to tell me about it. They had no answer, other than to say it will be rescheduled for delivery tomorrow. Well, tomorrow came and went, and no chair.

I called Office Depot again, and they said that delivery was refused. Delivery where? Nobody came to my house. They of course couldn't tell me where the delivery was attempted, if at all. Finally I decided to call a manager for help. This person gave me a slight reduction on price for my problems, and arranged for me to pick up the chair at the nearest Office Depot store. Now I have to bother my son to pick me up, drive me to the store, drive me home, drag the chair up 3 flights, assemble it for me and go home. Very nice huh?

It gets better. After opening up the box, I noticed the chair looked awfully cheap. Office Depot claims it is leather but it looks, feels and smells like vinyl. I have vinyl chairs that look more like leather than this chair. The paperwork that came with the chair indicated that it was rated for casual use, while the website I bought it from claimed it was for moderate use, a clear misrepresentation, intentional or not. I sat in the chair and after about 30 seconds my butt was killing me. I thought for a minute that this had to be the wrong chair. I went back to the website and noticed that the model number was what I ordered, but the chair didn't look anything like it.

In the photo the leather had a luster to it, the cushions looked overstuffed and the chair had a quality appearance to it. The chair I received was hard, dull, smelled like plastic and was a total piece of junk. Even with the discount, this was not acceptable. So, I get in touch with their "Executive Customer Relations Department." After explaining this entire matter, I receive an email that states that my chair was returned to the warehouse and my credit card was credited. Neither of these is true. I am looking right at the piece of junk, and last I checked my home was not a warehouse, and the only credit card entry for Office Depot was the charge for the chair.

Keep in mind this is the "Executive Customer Relations Department" now. So now I have to start blogging like crazy and send off a registered letter to the CEO of the company. Eventually, I will get a better chair, delivered for no additional charge, but even that won't be worth what I have been put through. My satisfaction will come by way of making sure other innocent people don't get burned by these people like I did. Don't ever buy anything from these people. After making this purchase, I have found much better internet deals on this item than what Office Depot had to offer.

If you do buy something from them, don't do it online, or at least look at the item in the store first. If you don't you can bet what you receive, if you receive it, will be nothing like what it looks like online, or how it is represented in the website documentation. I will update this blog as I go along and will be listing this experience everywhere possible and have already contacted the BBB and Consumer Affairs.

RTA Furniture
By -

AVON, COLORADO -- As a former vendor, and shareholder of Office Depot I am amazed of the merchandising of the RTA office furniture. The VP of Merchandising and buying staff need to learn that prior to buying any RTA furniture, they themselves should be able to assemble the unit. I realize that retail is mostly about "net maintained margin", "turn rate", etc. However if the buying staff were forced to adapt this simple policy, customer satisfaction would be greatly improved, and the furniture department would most likely be empty.

They've Lost a Customer
By -

If I make a purchase and I discover the product is junk I want a full refund. Not a trade for the same piece of junk. If Office Depot can't refund my money for a product that I've decided is less than expected then I'll shop elsewhere. I've bought all my main computer and related purchases from Office Depot for years. “But never again.” You've lost a customer.

Complaint (Sort Of)
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I have office supply delivered to our office and the person that does delivery needs to learn how to smile and might consider taking English classes. He doesn't seem to understand me which is so annoying because everything I ask or say is "yes, yes, yes" when in fact he didn't really comprehend what I said to begin with! Office Depot works just fine for our office supplies but the delivery person is something else.

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