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No Copy of Receipt
By -

Talked to an Office Depot representative and sent all the necessary information (card no., date of purchase, store no., register no., amount, item, etc.) and received a call back saying the copy of my receipt would be send via email in the next day and a half. This is a receipt to send to HP for a malfunctioning printer in order to get a refund from HP.

It is now three weeks later and I have not gotten the receipt. I talked to a second company representative in the receipts dept. who checked the records and said I had given the wrong email address, which I corrected and she said she would notify the original representative of the change. I did get a message from a team leader of representatives saying he/she was sorry I had had a problem. I emailed back a note and received a reply that this person was out-of-the-office. I have since sent two other emails and didn't receive any response.

Guess I'm stuck with a HP printer which doesn't work bought last Dec. but I can't get the necessary receipt to get a refund on it. This is only half of the story, the rest involves a replacement printer which also malfunctioned. So much for HP and Office Depot. Guess another commentator was right -- just part of the economic downfall.

Resolution Update 09/06/2009:

I pitched the all-in-one in the garbage in an act of closure.

Office Depot Mail in Rebate
By -

On February 11, 2009 I purchased a computer from Office Depot. On Sunday February 15, 2009 it was advertise in the Sunday paper for $70.00 less than the price I paid of $392.19. I called the store and was informed to bring the receipt of the purchase. At the store I received the paperwork for the mail-in-rebate. I mailed in the rebate.

The Mail-in Rebate Center has a "process" which you are requested to used to check the progress of your rebate! I followed my request. After sometime my request was "approved" and check #** was mailed to me on 03/24/2009. After not receiving the check in the mail and a check of my local post office that related mail service delivery of 03/24/2009 mailed within the USA should have taken no longer than 3 to 4 days! On May 4,2009, I called the Office Depot Mail-in Rebate Center and was informed "check #** would have to be cancelled and a new check issued" also "it would be take about a month before I would receive the check!!!"

Return Policy
By -

MAPLE GROVE, MINNESOTA -- I recently purchased a Canon SD100 camera from the Office Depot for my wife's birthday. I had purchased the camera on March 12th, three weeks prior to her birthday, because it was on sale and I was not aware of the 14 day return policy at that time. My wife ended up receiving another camera for her birthday which she has opened and used so it is no longer returnable.

I tried to return the camera I bought from Office Depot and was told that I could not return it because it was purchased more than 14 days ago. I asked if an exception could be made explaining it was a gift and that it was purchased two weeks prior to her actual birthday because it was on sale and was told there was nothing that could be done. I then contacted customer service via the internet and explained my situation. Talking to the Customer Service Representative was frustrating for the fact that no matter what I said, his only response was, "You have passed the 14 days and there is nothing we can do."

The camera is a currently stocked item which sells for $179 and was purchased on sale for $129. Office Depot had nothing to lose and possibly $50 to gain by making an exception to the return policy and has lost at least one customer for their lack of consideration. I am well aware of return policies and that exceptions can be made, it's called good customer service, something in my opinion the Office Depot falls well short of.

Horrible Warranty Service
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I bought the laptop extended warranty when I bought my HP computer. About 18 months later, my computer stopped working. I called the warranty service and after asking me to do recoveries and other stuff, they finally agreed to have my computer sent to them for repair. The box where I was supposed to mail them the computer did not arrive until 3 WEEKS later. After that it has taken them about another 3 weeks to get it fix, but apparently it isn't fix yet. I have to wait another week or so to get my computer.

Even though the customer service people are nice they cannot offer you anything because Office Depot does not care if you are without a computer for 2 months. They should know that most people need their computers for school, work, etc.

Return Policy - Revised Notice
By -

I just purchased a few things from Office Depot and noticed that the return policy had changed. It seems returning items there are as tough as Target. Here's the wording so it's crystal clear when returning items: "Effective immediately, you must have your original sales receipt for all refunds, returns and exchanges of technology and consumer electronic products and accessories, media and software products, and furniture."

That's in bold under a Holiday Season policy allowing returns from 11/23/08 until 01/10/09. I'm curious to see how they will handle returns without receipts. Office Depot is awful in the customer service department. Could this be the start of a deathly spiral downward?

Office Depot New Delivery Charges
By -

GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS -- Our firm has been using Office Depot for many years and have never been charged a delivery fee. Today we ordered $39.99 worth of ink and after we entered our debit card information, it showed a $11.88 charge to deliver. Since our office is a couple of miles away, I decided to cancel the order and run over to the store to buy the ink. I immediately called the customer service line and was told that they were unable to cancel the order but should refuse the delivery tomorrow.

Once they take it back to the warehouse, we're supposed to get a credit on our debit account in 7-10 days. I'll be watching that like a hawk but I think it's dishonest to suddenly start charging for deliveries and not being told the cost until they've already charged your card. Needless to say, we won't be ordering online any more!

Office Depot Rebate Scam Class Action Lawsuit Signup
By -

I am going to be starting a class action lawsuit again Office Depot for their prepared neglect and purposeful stealing of moneys from rebates of their customers. This is so disgusting and the practice is all the same story from consumers everywhere.

When you call the hotline will say:
1. Oh, we didn't get it, resend it in.
2. It is past the expiration date.
3. We did send the check to you and cannot send it again.
4. Your rebate was invalid because it did not meet all of the criteria.
5. They will transfer you to the computer...

...And so on. Anything to stall you until you eventually forget or write it off. This can add up to some big bucks. The average rebate is $150. Say they do this to 500,000 customers, this adds up to $75,000,000!!! They have stolen from consumers. You can also contact the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU at Thanks.

Office Depot Laptop $150 Rebates - Big Lying Scam
By -

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- In 12-07 we bought (8) Toshiba laptops ($600 ea.) and were 100% guaranteed by the sales people that each computer qualified for a $150 rebate in 90 days max. We mailed those off right away... Well it's almost 5 months now!!! And all we got after many calls, emails, and stress with useless customer service reps, etc. are 3 rebates.

The rebate center is a black hole of: no service, no help, misleading, lying, changing facts when they please, etc... Our receipts state 1 rebate per qualifying purchase, not 1 per household which they claim is what it should have been. This is a store you must boycott and avoid getting ripped off, and being treated like a stupid potato head. This store should be sued by many consumers and the whole corp. be shut down.

Store Hours - Store Closed Early After I Drove Several Miles to Get There
By -

CARY (WALNUT ST), NORTH CAROLINA -- Store hours are posted as 'until 9pm'. I went to Office Depot on Walnut St, Cary, NC on the evening of 1/17/08, knowing I was pushing the closing time, but I needed one small item and I wasn't planning on spending any time other than what was necessary to grab my intended item and check out. As I pulled up, according to the clock in my car I had five minutes until closing time. All of the lights inside the building were on.

I parked close to the entrance, jumped out of the car and dashed to the door where an employee met me by blocking the door and said "Sorry, we're closed." Pointing to the business hours painted on the door I said, "The door here says you're open until 9pm." The employee answered, "The store's clocks say 9pm." I said, "The store's clocks are fast."

I got back in my car and my car clock displayed 8:56. I checked the time on my cell and they were in sync. This incident ticked me off enough to write this complaint. I won't be going to Office Depot anymore. There are competitors just as close geographically. And this is certainly no way to retain long-time loyal customers such as myself. I went to a store across the parking lot which was still open and got the item I needed.

Poor Quality; Poor Construction
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I purchased this desk and hutch because it was advertised as solid wood and wood veneers - I wrongly assumed that the finish veneers were applied over other solid wood. No, it is composite - the only things that are solid wood are the desktop and legs. The finish is beat up & chipped. The drawer slides which came installed were applied backwards (unless you want your drawers to open away from you). One of the drawer slides was damaged & ball bearings were missing - metal was so twisted we had to go to a major home store and buy new drawer slides.

The dowels (an irregular size, not a standard 1/4" or 1/2" - so Asian-made, no doubt) which are used to attach the desktop to the main frame were too small for the holes, so others had to be purchased and whittled down in order to fit.

Would I buy it again? No. Would I recommend it? No. Does the 5-year warranty help? No, because you have to take it all apart again in order to return the damaged pieces. I bought this on sale (original price $899.99 - although their website today, 12/15/07, lists the original price as 599.99). Should've just gone to a furniture store and bought something. Oh, and this was supposed to have been "easy assembly." Again, not. Though advertised as Office Depot being the brand/manufacturer, Sauder is listed on the "easy assembly instructions." Now I know why Office Depot doesn't allow customers to leave reviews as is done on the Staples' site.

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