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Lied to and Stolen From
By -

I purchased the product "Media Now" after talking to one of the sales associates about its compatibility. The product would not work with Vista on a 64 bit system. I took the product back and told it could not be returned because I might have made a copy of the program and that it was against the copyright laws.

I filed a complaint with the company and was told the same thing by one of their managers. I researched the copyright laws and there is no such law. If there were no software could ever be returned and many companies will take the program back if they don't work. It is simply Office Depot's policy to assume that every customer is a thief. That is their privilege, but they should be upfront about it and not lie to their customers.

No Copy of Receipt
By -

Talked to an Office Depot representative and sent all the necessary information (card no., date of purchase, store no., register no., amount, item, etc.) and received a call back saying the copy of my receipt would be send via email in the next day and a half. This is a receipt to send to HP for a malfunctioning printer in order to get a refund from HP.

It is now three weeks later and I have not gotten the receipt. I talked to a second company representative in the receipts dept. who checked the records and said I had given the wrong email address, which I corrected and she said she would notify the original representative of the change. I did get a message from a team leader of representatives saying he/she was sorry I had had a problem. I emailed back a note and received a reply that this person was out-of-the-office. I have since sent two other emails and didn't receive any response.

Guess I'm stuck with a HP printer which doesn't work bought last Dec. but I can't get the necessary receipt to get a refund on it. This is only half of the story, the rest involves a replacement printer which also malfunctioned. So much for HP and Office Depot. Guess another commentator was right -- just part of the economic downfall.

Resolution Update 09/06/2009:

I pitched the all-in-one in the garbage in an act of closure.

Office Depot Mail in Rebate
By -

On February 11, 2009 I purchased a computer from Office Depot. On Sunday February 15, 2009 it was advertise in the Sunday paper for $70.00 less than the price I paid of $392.19. I called the store and was informed to bring the receipt of the purchase. At the store I received the paperwork for the mail-in-rebate. I mailed in the rebate.

The Mail-in Rebate Center has a "process" which you are requested to used to check the progress of your rebate! I followed my request. After sometime my request was "approved" and check #** was mailed to me on 03/24/2009. After not receiving the check in the mail and a check of my local post office that related mail service delivery of 03/24/2009 mailed within the USA should have taken no longer than 3 to 4 days! On May 4,2009, I called the Office Depot Mail-in Rebate Center and was informed "check #** would have to be cancelled and a new check issued" also "it would be take about a month before I would receive the check!!!"

Return Policy
By -

MAPLE GROVE, MINNESOTA -- I recently purchased a Canon SD100 camera from the Office Depot for my wife's birthday. I had purchased the camera on March 12th, three weeks prior to her birthday, because it was on sale and I was not aware of the 14 day return policy at that time. My wife ended up receiving another camera for her birthday which she has opened and used so it is no longer returnable.

I tried to return the camera I bought from Office Depot and was told that I could not return it because it was purchased more than 14 days ago. I asked if an exception could be made explaining it was a gift and that it was purchased two weeks prior to her actual birthday because it was on sale and was told there was nothing that could be done. I then contacted customer service via the internet and explained my situation. Talking to the Customer Service Representative was frustrating for the fact that no matter what I said, his only response was, "You have passed the 14 days and there is nothing we can do."

The camera is a currently stocked item which sells for $179 and was purchased on sale for $129. Office Depot had nothing to lose and possibly $50 to gain by making an exception to the return policy and has lost at least one customer for their lack of consideration. I am well aware of return policies and that exceptions can be made, it's called good customer service, something in my opinion the Office Depot falls well short of.

Horrible Warranty Service
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I bought the laptop extended warranty when I bought my HP computer. About 18 months later, my computer stopped working. I called the warranty service and after asking me to do recoveries and other stuff, they finally agreed to have my computer sent to them for repair. The box where I was supposed to mail them the computer did not arrive until 3 WEEKS later. After that it has taken them about another 3 weeks to get it fix, but apparently it isn't fix yet. I have to wait another week or so to get my computer.

Even though the customer service people are nice they cannot offer you anything because Office Depot does not care if you are without a computer for 2 months. They should know that most people need their computers for school, work, etc.

Office Depot Advertisements and Product Availability
By -

Why I will never buy another thing from Office Depot

Every time you advertise a good deal on a computer, your stores never have them. When those stores call other stores, those other stores never have. then your sales representative tell me "Oh that's been discontinued" So why advertise it.

Every time I order something from Tech Depot that was advertised in print or on your site, I get told "Oh that's been discontinued"

My last order: Purchased online from OD website for store pick up, charged 899.99, although your phone representative say I wasn't. Call me the next morning, state that the store I want to pick computer up doesn't have any and I cannot get on delivered because ummmmm "It's been discontinued" Call store: Store has 2, we'll hold it for you, GREAT!!!! But since OD online is holding $899.99 (901.00 actually) I can't pay for new computer. Ask OD online to call my credit card company to release the hold, poor English speaking representative tells me that my card was not charged, ummmm my cc says it was, 901 hold pending could take 3-5 days to drop off. CC company says we'll gladly drop the hold immediately if OD calls and provides some info and I can buy computer immediately. Again OD representative speaking poor English tells me that my card wasn't charged.

Called store for assistance, guy tells me "Sorry this kind of stuff happens all the time, and there's nothing I can do." At least I could understand him.

This year Best Buy and Staples will get all my computer business, which I plan to buy one nice desktop, 2 laptops, an LCD projector, a 42 inch HDTV, and related software titles. All by Christmas.

No matter how irresistible your prices are, no matter how many tempting emails I get, I would rather pay more from a Store or Website that provides quality customer service, consistent prices between Web and Store, and actually carries the products they advertise, not discontinuing them the day the ad hits the streets.

Thank you for making this so easy for me.


If I have a good experience, I will tell 2-3 people by word of mouth, and none via the internet.

If I have a bad experience, I will tell 10 by word of mouth and MILLIONS via the internet.

Thank you Al Gore, thank you for inventing the internet so I can tell the world about crappy retailers and their lack of realizing that without happy customers, the only ones that are happy are the bankruptcy vultures.

Office Depot Rebate Failure
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- On October 27, 2006, I purchased a Compaq Presario PC from Office Depot. There was a $150 rebate from Office Depot, which was what motivated the purchase. HP also offered an additional $50 rebate. I filled all the forms out correctly and mailed them in on the same day. I received the $50 rebate from HP but Office Depot never received my $150 rebate submission. A customer care agent said to resubmit the paperwork to the resubmit department and wait the recommended 90 days.

After hearing nothing from Office Depot, I checked again to see if they received my second submission. There was no record of it arriving at the rebate center. I told the agent I could send the receipts in again. She said it was too late and there was nothing I could do to get the rebate.

I've also submitted some minor rebates to Office Depot and never heard back from those as well. Has anyone successfully received a rebate from Office Depot?

A poor fulfillment process is not just poor customer service but also dishonest. Unless I can get some help from Office Depot, I'll need to recommend and use a competitor.

Unprofessional Behavior by Company Representatives
By -

PASADENA, TEXAS -- I purchased office supplies from Office Depot. Imagine that! My purchase was scanned through the register and I paid for my purchase with a bank card. My card was approved, my order was complete and I received a cash register receipt. However, the employees said my card did not go through and I would have to have my purchase scanned again and use my bank card again. I questioned repeating this action because the first transaction was approved and had obviously gone through. I HAD A RECEIPT with approval numbers!!

They assured me that the transaction had not gone through and that I would have to have my purchase completely done over including the use, again, of my bank card. Reluctantly, after a long discussion, I agreed to let them do the transaction over again. I was assured I would not be charged twice for the same items. As soon as I went home, I looked on my back account and I had been charged twice for the same purchase. The next morning, I went to the store with my receipts and asked the company representative to correct the problem. The company representative stated they could not correct the problem at the store level and the corporate office would have to take care of the problem. We called Office Depot everyday to follow up on this matter. They called us one time towards the end of the week to ask for my bank card number so they could credit our account. To make a long story a little shorter.

The "store manager" and the "corporate manager" that I spoke to on the phone are one and the same. A week later Office Depot representatives were still telling me they had taken care of the matter and it was not their problem or fault but it was my bank's problem that we had not received a credit. I called my bank, a National bank, and there was no record of any contact from office depot. I was given a reference number from the back and they said they would handle this matter. It is amazing that a business like "Office Depot" when asked whom they spoke to at the bank to credit my account or if they had a reference number concerning this matter, answered NO I don't know the persons name at the bank I spoke to. I have NO information. I have been very surprised with the service I received and very dissatisfied with the unprofessional behavior of the Office Depot representatives. By the way, the amount of my purchase was over $200.00 so this was not a small purchase.

RTA Furniture
By -

AVON, COLORADO -- As a former vendor, and shareholder of Office Depot I am amazed of the merchandising of the RTA office furniture. The VP of Merchandising and buying staff need to learn that prior to buying any RTA furniture, they themselves should be able to assemble the unit. I realize that retail is mostly about "net maintained margin", "turn rate", etc. However if the buying staff were forced to adapt this simple policy, customer satisfaction would be greatly improved, and the furniture department would most likely be empty.

They've Lost a Customer
By -

If I make a purchase and I discover the product is junk I want a full refund. Not a trade for the same piece of junk. If Office Depot can't refund my money for a product that I've decided is less than expected then I'll shop elsewhere. I've bought all my main computer and related purchases from Office Depot for years. “But never again.” You've lost a customer.

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