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Why you should NEVER use Orbitz
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Let's call this post, how Orbitz is tried to steal $3600 from us.

My wife booked a trip for herself and our 4 year old son to Pittsburgh for my wife's grandmother's 90th surprise party. Unfortunately, the day before leaving our son developed a high fever (105 degrees). My wife called and "postponed" the trip. She was told she would be subject to a change fee ($360 total... okay, that's fair) and that all she had to do to use the "credit" was to re-book the travel on the same airlines with the same passenger names.

She received a cancellation e-mail that contained no specific instructions on how travel was to be rebooked, only that she now had a credit for the cost of travel minus the "change fees".

She rebooked travel on Orbitz.com and was careful to choose the exact same airlines (since it was a multiple airline flight) and even made sure to do her stops through the exact same cities.

Much to our surprise, 2 days later we weren't charged "the difference in fares minus the change fees", but, we were charged for a whole new fare.. an additional $3600.

We called customer service, ultimately getting to a supervisor who offered 0 help, but only tried to show us how hidden within the site (it took several clicks to get to this, NOT within the terms of service) that in order to use travel credit, you have to call a specific number and tell them you want to use your credit.. you can't just book on the same airline, with the same passengers as she was told on the phone when she cancelled.

After getting off the phone with this supervisor I wrote a letter to the CEO and head of customer service. Within several hours I received a phone call and thought the obvious flaw in their system would be resolved.


I was told that their hands were tied and there was nothing they could do.

WHAT?! They try to explain to me that this is all a "financial sleight of hand" and even though my credit card statements say Orbitz and my confirmation came from Orbitz and I booked tickets through Orbitz, Orbtiz really isn't involved in the process and there is nothing they can do. I explained to them that I was already disputing the charge through American Express (the American Express representative was so enraged by the story he suggested a class action lawsuit against Orbitz for this behavior). Still, their answer was the same... the "best" they could offer was to offer a "credit" for the $360 change fees towards future travel (as if I would EVER use that website to book anything again). However, the $3600... well, too bad... too sad... it will stay as a "travel credit" on our account for a year good only towards the travel of the same 2 people on the same airline to the same city, for which we already re-booked travel.

Lesson learned. You want to book a flight. Go straight to the source.. don't waste your time on "travel sites", because God forbid you need their help in resolving a simple problem they act as if you are trying to move mountains.

Luckily, our story has a happy ending. We called United Airlines directly (since Orbitz was trying to tell us that their hands were tied) and after I explained the story to a horrified United Rep, they explained it would have been very easy for Orbitz to call them directly and solve the problem. It took about 15 minutes (as we had to backtrack to find all the reservation information in their system which is slightly different from the stuff Orbitz's sends), but the representative was able to look up all the flights and issue a credit for the first flight. They told us that Orbitz didn't even have the right to charge us the "change fee" since United Airlines policy is that change fees are waived for illness. However, it seems Orbtiz would rather spend hours on the phone with me explaining why they couldn't help me, than take 10 minutes to call United directly and get it resolved. I guess whatever commission they were going to make on that flight was more important than keeping a customer. Well.. now they lost both forever!
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User Replies:
Bee on 09/24/2012:
Once again, another reason not to use a third party site and to book through an accredited travel agent.
CowboyFan on 09/24/2012:
Orbitz website seems pretty clear to me. I put in "using credits" in their website search engine, and there the steps out spelled out 1-2-3. The mistake pretty much seems to be your wife's. Her mistake does not make Orbitz unreasonable.

Myself, I would never use these third party sources for anything other than to find the best deals and then book directly with the airlines, hotel, etc.
R. Kelly on 09/28/2012:

Sorry for your frustration but thanks for passing it one. were seniors who travel six months of the year and I can guarantee Orbitz won't be involved in our travel plans.......nor that of our extended family and friends. thks R. Kelly
mcarthurdw on 09/28/2012:
I have yet to see where Orbitz or any of these third party sites have saved anyone a dime. Use them to fine the best fare and them book directly with the airline.
LuvBreathing on 09/28/2012:
Seems like another case of blatant fraud. Unless the instructions are in plain view on the main page, it is deception, plain and simple. You shouldn't have to DIG to find things. Shame on them. For that person to blame the wife, is inappropriate.
Chrissiann on 09/28/2012:
with the number of Orbitz complaints, I will make sure to NEVER use them for ANYthing! I will also warn my family and friends to avoid them. Orbitz seems more interested in keeping a few hundred dollars over losing thousands of customers. they have no business acumen obviously.
Lesson Learned on 10/28/2012:
The rules with the airlines are set in stone, and the only way the waiver is issued is by the Airline. In your case they were understanding GOOD FOR YOU! Try devolping a relations ship with a Travel Agent you can speak to in person, have access to while traveling!!! You are not just a number to a TRAVEL AGENT!!! you are important for many reasons... They do not work as an agent for the Big BUCKS.. but it is a passion that many spend their lives in the Industry.. They Simply love booking dreams and helping others travel and gain live long memories!!! GET YOUR SELF A TRAVEL AGENT!!! they are here to stay.. if for no other reason than what you experienced.. And next time look through what your are buying and understand the rules..
Hope you make it to Pittsburgh!! A city of one surprise after another..
Bruce on 06/25/2013:
I agree
custrelguy on 10/04/2013:
Hi, scottk19691,
This is Robert, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com. Please use my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.
Thank you for your patience, I look forward to hearing from you.
Robert Woyach
Orbitz Customer Relations
Engracia Goco on 10/11/2013:
After two weeks vacation from Los Aneles, My husband and I were scheduled to go to Chicago to visit my sister via Spirit Airline someone from the airline assisted us to check in our small baggage and we were surprised that the small baggage for our check in were not accepted and they charged us for 90 usd, our auntie went back to Kansas via Delta and she was charged for an extra baggage check in for only 25 usd..my sister told me that this airline is known for that negative reputation.. This is really too much.
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My Refund Money Has Been Back for More Than Two Years!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I've have been going through an awful experience for more than two years with Orbitz's customer service and refund department.

I bought a ticket from LA to Germany, Japan, and Malaysia two years ago to relocate my self from the States to Malaysia. However, I had to cancel my trip from Japan onward due to the Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.
Before canceling it, I made sure that Korean Airline assured 100% refund.

Therefore I cancelled the trip and booked a new ticket from Germany directly to Malaysia, believing that I would get the full refund within a week or two.

When I asked for my refund, I explained to them I had closed all my bank accounts and they won't be able to refund money back to my account. However they insisted that it's possible to refund to the used credit/ debit card account and that is their refund policy. So I believed what they said, thinking they've been dealing with lots of international customers and they must have experienced with similar cases.

I've received a few emails from the refund department about my refund schedule, which made me relieved. Back then I didn't know how long this would go on after these emails....

After a few months, I called my bank to made sure money was back in my account.
However they told me that it was impossible for Orbitz to make a refund to my closed account.
I called all my banks that I used in the States to whom Orbitz may make a refund just to make sure I didn't call up a bank from which my card wasn't issued. But all the banks said it was impossible unless I used a credit card. But I used my debit card.

So I called Orbitz customer service to explained what I was informed from the banks.
Orbitz customer service personnel insisted that that shouldn't be right. So I called back to all my banks and asked the same question again for the sake of Orbitz customer service. But the answers were all same: it's is impossible.

Again I called back to Orbitz customer service and got a manager of the refund department this time. She told me that she would investigate my case and notify me the result by email.

In a week, I received an email, which informed me that I needed to call Orbitz refund department during their business hours. This time I was already away from the States and it caused so much inconvenience to me with the time difference and bad connection through Skype. Because of that, my correspondences with Orbitz had to be prolonged by unacceptable period of time.

With the time difference and my intense work load, it took awhile for me to call them back during their business hours. But I'd never thought it'd be still taking a long time to complete the refund process from then.

A few months after I finally found time to call during American business hours.
What happened was I had to start from the beginning.
Even though I provided my incident number, they didn't track back my records of correspondences. This didn't happened only this time but every single time I called them.
So each phone conversation took so much time and so far those phone calls are just for nothing!!!!

At the last phone correspondence with Orbitz a few months back, the customer service was exactly the same.
They had no records of the past correspondences with me even with my incident number. I really wonder what the incident number for if they don't use it. They told me that they had to prove that my account received any refund from them. They directly called Citibank customer service to investigate the history of my account. It'd been long time already since I closed my account and the process took awhile. We were first on the conference call with the two parties and me. However, when the process was talking long a customer service personnel from Orbitz suddenly disappeared from our conversation! At least he could have said something to let us know and confirmed with the way forward before hanging up. Really terrible manner....

At the end of the phone correspondence with Citibank customer service personnel, he told me he had to do further investigation as its a closed account. So they would notify me via email and letter, and also Orbitz via email of their investigation's result. I found Citibank customer service very helpful and constructive unlike Orbitz customer service.

In a few weeks, the letter from Citibank arrived. It clearly states that there is no refund credited back form Orbitz in my closed account.

So I emailed at Orbitz's refund department directly with a scan of the official letter from Citibank to ask for a check with the full refund to my current address.

After all of time and efforts I put into the correspondences with Orbitz, their reply was this:

"Dear Midori,

We refunded you back to the credit card used in making the reservation. That is Orbitz policy.

You will need to call Customer Service at 888-656-4546 or 001-312-416-0018. They will be able to assist you with a failed credit application.

Orbitz refund team"

I really can't understand what they are doing. I don't see any logic behind their customer service/ refund department because their policy is totally illegal if stealing my money is their policy!!!
When Orbitz, Citibank, and I were on the conference call, we together made sure that my account number and Citibank's transaction number that Orbitz has.

This is still going on after two years with the document that proves I haven't received my refund!!!
I will never ever use their service! and I do recommend not use Orbitz. I don't mind having some problems but I believe any problems can be solved with time and efforts from both sides.
However with Orbitz, now I can only see they are intentionally trying not to make refund.

Please advice me if anyone knows the best and fastest way to solve refund problem with them.

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User Replies:
Jeanna on 05/08/2013:

My name is Jeanna, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com and enter my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Orbitz Customer Relations
Chicago, IL
midori_dayo on 08/08/2013:
I have sent an email to Jeanna above but I got no reply in vain.... Orbitz is much worse than one can expect.... I think all these messages are just a scam!!!!!!!!
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Don't even think about using Orbitz - read this !!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- We went to Italy this October, and I was stupid enough to book the hotel in Milan using Orbitz, and not check with the hotel's website. Read my email exchange with Orbitz below to see what happened, and what kind of trashy scam service Orbitz is. They add 50% to the original hotel rate, and then try to sell it as a higher star rating hotel. Then they tell you - but you agreed to pay that much. Orbitz is garbage, never, never use it!

From: ******@*****.com
To: erd@Orbitz.com
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 4:53 AM
Subject: Hotel reservation with record locator PBORB049899****

I have a problem with the reservation for the hotel Rio in Milan with record locator PBORB049899**** below.
I paid $519 (401 euros) for 2 nights.
The hotel received 142 euros per night for my stay as I saw on my room statement at the front desk.
This means the price that I was charged was 58 euros per night more than the hotel rate for my reservation.
Based on the room rate and hotel rating given to me by Orbitz, we were under the impression we were going to stay at a nicer 3 star hotel, instead it was worse than a 2 star.

I would like to be refunded 116 euros ($150) that I was overcharged.
Thank you

From: Orbitz - RRD Escalations
To: ******@*****.com
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 12:27 PM
Subject: Hotel reservation with record locator PBORB049899**** [Incident: 121026-00****]

Hotel reservation with record locator PBORB049899****
Discussion Thread
Response Via Email (Customer Service)
10/26/2012 11:27 AM

Thank you for contacting Orbitz.

I understand that this is concerning the hotel reservation you have booked. I apologize for the inconvenience you have encountered due to this situation.

After reviewing your account, I am seeing a past hotel reservation at 'Rio' in Milan last October 23, 2012.

After reviewing your reservation is appears that the hotel shared with you our contracted rate. Orbitz offers the lowest hotel rates possible to our customers but we do not sell rooms at our net rates and it is our hope you will understand this.

During the booking process you selected a pre-paid hotel property. The rates of the pre-paid inventory are negotiated by [brand] with the hotel and are intended to be confidential between the two entities. Just as with any retail provider, there is a difference between the wholesale cost and retail cost. The rate disclosed to you by the hotel is Orbitz negotiated rate, and is typically not available to the public.

A good example would be the price a department store pays for an item of clothing; if they buy the item in bulk they pay less per piece, they then sell the item at the higher rate to supplement the cost of the store's operating costs. It is true for the travel industry as well.

You can still view the amount you agreed to pay in your My Trips. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this causes but, unfortunately, we are not able to compensate you for the difference in costs.

And we apologize that the star rating at the [hotel name] set an expectation that was not achieved. Orbitz works closely with our hotel partners to ensure the star rating posted on our website accurately represents the quality of the hotel property. We look at customer reviews, similar properties, and our competitors to evaluate whether the start rating is accurate and reasonable. When we learn of a mismatch between reality and expectations based on customer reviews and our own internal investigation, we will review the specifics and, if warranted, change the star rating to match real world conditions.

We appreciate your business and hope you will give us another opportunity to fully restore your confidence in our products and services.


Eric Matthews
Orbitz Email Service Team

When you Orbitz, you know!

From: *****@*****.com
To: Orbitz - RRD Escalations
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: Hotel reservation with record locator PBORB049899**** [Incident: 121026-00****]

Orbitz site states: `` Orbitz earns a service fee on some online hotel transactions. The "Taxes and Fees" line includes a fee we charge and retain in exchange for the services we provide in facilitating your transaction with the hotel. There is no additional fee for booking a hotel reservation by phone. ``
According to this explanation, there is no "negotiated" or "retail" rates; Orbitiz earns it's fee per transaction. I would say a fair rate would be at most 10% per transaction, or 28 euro (36 dollars) for the room rate of 142 euro. This still leaves 88 euro ( $114) overcharge. (As I mentioned, the walk-in rate for these nights at this hotel was 130 euro, and hotel's website currently lists it's double room rate as 120 euro, or 102 euro with prepay).
I still believe this is just an accounting mistake, and Orbitz will do right by me. However, if this is not the case, I will have no choice but to make other travelers who may be considering using Orbitz aware of the details of this incident via online forums and reviews, as well as file a complaint with BBB.

From: Orbitz - RRD Escalations
To: ****@****.com
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 12:10 PM
Subject: Hotel reservation with record locator PBORB049899**** [Incident: 121026-00****]

Hotel reservation with record locator PBORB049899****
Discussion Thread
Response Via Email (Customer Service)
10/29/2012 11:10 AM

Thank you for contacting Orbitz.

I understand that you were overcharged in the hotel rates. We are sorry if you feel this way.

Please be advised that during the booking path, our display showed the lowest rate available for reservation for the hotel and dates you requested. And you agreed for the total price of $519.56. You can still view the amount you agreed to pay in your My Trips.

We regret that we are unable to process any refund for the difference in the rates. We hope that you understand that our customer can only have the rate stated on our web site and not the rate that Orbitz and the hotel agreed upon.

We value you as a customer and look forward to serving you again in the future.


Orbitz Email Service Team

When you Orbitz, you know!
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User Replies:
sp on 10/30/2012:
Threatening to contact the BBB will get you nowhere. They don't really do much. They can serve as a liaison between the consumer and business, but in no way does the BBB have any power to do more.
bob932304 on 10/30/2012:
I always check with the hotel's website first, then I know how much a discount I would get from a 3rd party. So far I've only once gotten a cheaper rate going through a 3rd party.
custrelguy on 11/01/2012:

My name is Sarah, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com and enter my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Orbitz Customer Relations
Chicago, IL
Hotel Owner on 10/10/2013:
Never use a 3rd party for a better rate it normally won't happen. We use internet sites to pull in more customers that don't think of contacting the property instead of using the internet, they always ad more to our price. Its simply to gain more customers and you are likely to receive the same or better rate at the property. CONTACT properties before booking online, your likely to get the same or better rate due to we don't have to pay commissions.
Nataly on 08/05/2014:
You are correct about bad reviews on Orbitz! Just got fulled by them as well. And their Customer "service" is as bad as the service itself. Their "best price guarantee" is another trap and lie! I've purchased a vacation package from Orbitz and only 1 week later found the same package for less money on THEIR OWN website!!!

So, I called them to discuss their "best price guarantee" claim...Well, after being on hold for.. ever - I was finally told that this policy does not apply to PACKAGES!!!! And that (and I quote) - "I can read their policy online at any time that is convenient for me" !!!!?? So, they would not reimburse me for the price difference between THEIR OWN package and THEIR OWN price!! And this is based on THEIR OWN policy that they so conveniently wrote by themselves! Well, this is the last time they will see my money!
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Orbitz.com blew it! A courtesy call would have saved me $400
Posted by on
Dec 22 my biz partner tried ordering 2 tickets online. He had some issues so called customer service. After spending over and hour on the phone the rep gave him a confirmation number and told him there would be an email confirmation coming w/in 24 hrs. An hour later he got the email and did what many people do, he filed it away w/out reading it. Feb 8th he wanted to check our itinerary so he opened the email and noticed it said the order was canceled. The subject line didn’t mention anything about "canceled order". It did say "action required" but it was the last thing in a long subject line that was too long to fit in the subject quick view.
We both got online, right away, to look at other flights and noticed the cheapest flight was now almost double the price we thought we locked. This being unacceptable to us I got on the horn w/an Orbitz service rep. The first call dropped and no call back. On the second call I spoke w/a friendly agent. I told her my problem mentioning that there should have been a call made to us way back when the order was cancelled to let us know we needed to find another flight. In my opinion when dealing with limited flights and constantly changing prices an email is not a good way to let a customer know an order was cancelled.
I told the service rep I expected to get a flight close to the times we thought we had booked and for the same price. I had to escalate to a manager because the CSR didn’t have the power to satisfy us. It ended up that the manager didn’t have the power or was unwilling to take responsibility and pony up $400 for their lack of service. She offered a $50 voucher but that was not acceptable. She said that’s all she could do.
I am still very unsatisfied with Orbitz and will not do future biz w/them and I have made it my mission to spread the word. Be careful readers. Everything is fine until you have an problem. Good companies are able to build lifelong loyalties by taking responsibility for their weaknesses/mistakes. Orbitz had their opportunity but blew right over it.
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User Replies:
MaggieMcT on 02/12/2010:
They did notify you. It's hardly their fault your partner didn't read the email.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
Action Required = File Unread. Yep, makes perfect sense to me.
Hugh_Jorgen on 02/12/2010:
They are an internet based travel agency and they correspond the most cost effective way - via email. If you want lots of hand holding, find a good local travel agent and use their services.
trp2hevn on 02/12/2010:
"and did what many people do, he filed it away w/out reading it." How do you know that many people do that? I sure wouldn't!
"Good companies are able to build lifelong loyalties by taking responsibility for their weaknesses/mistakes." How about your business partner take responsibility for his mistake of not reading the e-mail?
Would your company " pony up $400" if one of your customers didn't read a vital piece of information that you sent to them?
I agree with Hugh. Get a local travel agent so that they can read the e-mails for you.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
"did what many people do, he filed it away w/out reading it."

Speak for yourself.

You were informed of the flight cancellation. Your business partner is at fault here for not reading the email... blame him, not Orbitz for his mistake.
BEJ on 02/12/2010:
Your business partner is at fault for this one--not Orbitz. Lay the blame at his feet--it is where it belongs.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
I'll say it again.......book directly with the service provider. Give phone numbers for callbacks. READ YOUR EMAILS instead of filing it away. This is in no way anyone's fault but your own. You are saying you wanted a callback in addition to the email?? Craziness.
GregRBenson on 02/13/2010:
I see all of your points, but when a service rep has given you a confirmation number and tells you that there will be an email w/that number coming w/in 24hrs. One should be able to safely assume that everything went through w/no problems. Orbitz also claims to be a "Full Service" agency. Calling a client for reasons like these is part of "full service".

TRP2HEVN: AbsoFREAKINlutely we would pay the $400. Email is NOT a reliable form of communication w/all of the spam filters and server issues. I will mention it again, he was given a confirmation number from the service rep.

BearKatKitten: I need to explain that the word “Many” does not mean all.

KenPopcorn: You are right. I assume you are pretty active in the tech world. You know as well as anybody else for most email services one can only see the first 5-7 words in the subject quick view, “Action Required” was buried about 10-12 words deep in the subject line

BEJ: He is covering the difference for my ticket. He feels a bit of the responsibility. Companies can always make changes to their process & procedures to make it better for consumers.

If any of you are biz owners you should learn from this experience. It could help to make your business run smoother and reduce problems. Regardless if he read the email or not when something as important as hundreds of dollars and flight reservations personal contact should be made.

I do appreciate the friendly debate
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Do Not Book Through Orbitz!!! Screwed Us Over Big Time
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- My review about our stay at the Bel Air Cancun through Orbitz.

I have nothing but nice things to say about the Bel Air Collection. However, I have been waiting to get home so I could tell everyone what a horror Orbitz has caused my boyfriend & our two friends at the very start of our vacation.

When we booked this hotel on Orbitz. it clearly said "All Inclusive" WHICH IS WHY WE BOOKED IT. (In January by the way.) When we got there on June 5th, the hotel staff tells us that we did not book all inclusive and would have to pay an extra $900. We were in shock. They told us we could call Orbitz and have it solved because to our surprise, the hotel told us that this happens all the time, only with Orbitz. People come in all the time thinking they booked all inclusive, but nope! Everything was wrong. So we called Orbitz, were on hold for over an hour in the lobby of our hotel, not being able to go to our room yet after a 4 and a half hour flight. When Orbitz finally answered, they put us on hold about 4 times for about 30 minutes each. When we finally spoke to them, they kept telling us we did not book all inclusive, when we know we did. That is the only reason why we booked the hotel. We are 20 year olds going to Mexico...WHY WOULDN'T WE BOOK ALL INCLUSIVE?!!?! When we told the woman on the phone that the hotel said this happens all the time, she denied it and said it was not true in the most rude way possible. After 3 long, hot hours of arguing with Orbitz, we gave up because they wouldn't even try to understand. Even though we told them the hotel said this has happened several times before, they did not care one bit.

Since Orbitz completely screwed us over, we tried to work out something with the hotel. We thought we booked all inclusive so we did not have money to pay for food AND to have fun in Cancun. Thankfully, one of the managers, Samuel, came to the rescue. He offered us to pay $225 for the all-inclusive deal, PLUS he gave us two honeymoon suites with a Jacuzzi and ocean view. We were ecstatic and agreed to it right away. My boyfriend & I had one room, & our two friends had another, right next to each other. The room was breath taking. We were all screaming as we entered, just like the movies. The staff were the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Such hard workers and overall kind. Maynor was the person who cleaned our room and he made designs our of our towels and curtains every day. Such a sweet man who clearly loved his job..so cute!!

Over all, I would stay in this hotel if I went back to Cancun and I have already recommended it to other friends who plan ongoing. The Bel Air was amazing but Orbitz, I will warn everyone I know not to book through them. I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER book through them again if they were the last travel website on the face of the earth. Not only did they screw us over, but they were rude about it and did not care that they kept us waiting on the phone in the heat during our first three hours of vacation..only to tell us they did not do anything wrong. Again, DO NOT BOOK THROUGH ORBITZ!!!!
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User Replies:
Orbitz Customer Relations on 06/11/2013:

My name is Sarah, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com and enter my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Orbitz Customer Relations
Chicago, IL
Cwazychicken on 06/13/2013:
I would always book direct with the hotel if you can do that. Seems the hotel did a great thing for you guys. I stay away from sites like this for this reason...too many horror stories.
BM on 06/13/2013:
I had similar situation when I booked vacation for Las Vegas for three nights (Friday-Sunday). After I completed my reservation it was showing only 2nights hotel stay. I calledto Customer service and they said that I am flying back on Sunday mid night and system was taken as 2days. They said that they can refund the money back by charging $25.00 cancellation and I did not agreed with their proposal and 20 minutes later one of their supervisor(I think his name is Chris??) talked to me and saying that they can refund the money back by charging $150.00 for cancellation. They explaining me that they were offered $25.00 refund 30 min ago and now system was changed rules and can refund by deduct $150.00 (they hold me more than 2hours on phone).
The Customer service was SUCKS!!!
I NEVER EVER book the tickets from Orbtiz.com and will spread this info to all my friends and collogues.
Melissa on 07/18/2013:
Warning, Orbitz is really ripping people off when promoting a good deal for families all-inclusive deals. I recently booked a Cancun vacation package for 2 adults 2 children 4yrs old and 1 infant. Once at the hotel I find out children under 12 stay and eat for free. To my surprise Orbitz charged me for my 4 year the same as an adult, full price, I should have only paid for her flight. The first thing I do on my return was call Orbitz, they did not agree to refund me anything and had me on hold for almost 1 hour waiting for a supervisor and call was disconcted, what great customer service they have???. Families with kids do not book with Orbitz or fall into their deals they promise, at the end of they day, they get their money back by cheating people and making unfair charges. I lost about $500 dollars.
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I have a $1855 credit that I cannot use in my only holiday because of their issue!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MANKATO, MINNESOTA -- I just hung up from Orbitz and I am very dissatisfied, very pissed as I am writing. They are not helpful, not understandable, and screwup company!!! Here's my case,

I have booked for an international flight on June 2012 that costed me 1855$, then a week after I was accepted for a summer job, so I had to stay in the United States to work. So I called Orbitz to cancel my ticket, they canceled it and told me there is no way to refund it, I can only use my credit within a year, and I can only use it with American Airline; I told them OK as long as I could use the credit later which is in the timeline of June 2012 to June 2013.

The agent told me that my 30$ rebooking fees will be waived. Christmas came and my family spent the time in the US which there is no point for me to use my credit at that time to go home. Finally, I have decided to use it in March 7th which is my spring break holiday and the only holiday that I have until the expiration of my credit it as I am a full-time student and work in the summer.

I called them today which is Feb 21st to book for March 7th and to return before school starts at March 15th and the agent basically told me, the other agent that waived your 30$ rebooking fees did not give us reasonable information to waive it so we did not waive it, I said OK! Whatever, let me just book my flight and use my credits. So he went searching for a flight and get back telling me that there is no American Airline flying in the Spring Break so I basically can not use it!!

They are telling you to use your credit whenever while you are not sure if they will fine the Airlines that "they want you to use", they will not extend the expiration of your credit, they will not refund your ticket?! What a rip off!! It is 1855 dollars have just went out of my wallet for nothing with this screwup company! They will not understand any issues that happen to their customers.

I will not use Orbitz whatever happens, I will not deal with them anyway possible, and I do not want anyone to be in my situation. It is easy for them to charge your card but they would not give you a cent back whatever issue that might occur, and expect surprise fees as you go into any process with them.

Anyone who have credit with them, use it manually through the Airline itself because if Orbitz do it for you, THEY WILL CHARGE YOU A REBOOKING FEES and 275$ FOR WHATEVER REASON THEY SAID its for. Use your credit, and never deal with them again because I assure you, you will have headaches if you change your mind on a flight!

Ripoff company, money all matter to them, screwed a lot of customers.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 02/22/2013:
In my opinion you waited several weeks too long to try to book a flight for Mar 7. I would have done that at least a month in advance, and even more. When you book airline tickets you book at least a month ahead of time to get the cheapest rates, and when you are using credit to buy tickets I believe there are only a certain number of seats that can be purchased with credit.
Jeff on 02/22/2013:
sue them
custrelguy on 02/22/2013:

My name is Lynne, and I’m a member of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. As you mentioned, airline credits aren’t with Orbitz – they are “held” by a specific airline – in this case American Airlines. That’s the reason only AA flights are valid for the credit. Regrettably, during peak travel times – such as Spring Break, it may be difficult to “book” because flights sell out quickly. Unfortunately, Orbitz has no control over flight availability, but if you’d like us to look into your specific situation, just email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com, and include your Orbitz confirmation number.

Thanks for reaching out.

Orbitz Customer Relations
Chicago, IL
Joi on 02/27/2013:
I am so disgusted with Orbitz! I booked a vacation pacakage with them a few weeks ago and now there is $990.00 difference on their website. Now Orbitz will not honor their own price difference! I cannot believe it!! I will never use them again.
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Choosing Orbitz Was a Mistake!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ANY CITY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I hate Orbitz. They have screwed us over so much. We have spent over 900 minutes on the phone with them and additional costs that amount to almost the original cost of our vacation. We are STILL trying to resolve issues that started in October and every time we call we have to explain the situation AGAIN. So many issues with them I am just livid. I used to love Orbitz but I wouldn't recommend them any more.

They keep saying the hurricane was a voluntary reason for flight changes?! They charged our credit card without telling us and the receipt they sent us had an Orbitz credit card with Orbitz mailing address on it, so I didn't find out until we got our credit card statement. What if I had used my check card and that came out of my checking?!? Um, yeah.

We were flying for a cruise and they would not change our destination city so we had to buy an extra flight because our cruise ship wouldn't be there a day later- but they didn't care. It's just ridiculous. They promised us vouchers for future travel but now they are saying they never did and keep repeating "sorry, we can't meet up to your expectations". Seriously, I expect you to do what you say you are going to. That's all really... The best part is we have trip insurance for this entire thing. Over 2500 claimed to trip insurance and an additional 1600 Orbitz owes us. I would say don't bother with them!!!

Every time we call, we are on hold for a very long time and then we have to ask for the international department. Otherwise, we explain our situation and then they say you need the international department and we are on hold again. The customer service agents speak English but they don't really understand what we are saying and sometimes I don't think they understand the full meaning of what they are saying because they don't make any sense. Then if you get disconnected, instead of them calling you back, you get an email about the disconnection. And you can't speak to the supervisor you were speaking with before because they can't transfer you. So you are back to square one explaining your situation all over again.

We were supposed to fly JFK to FCO on October 30 but the Hurricane hit. We got a flight from Boston to FCO that ended up having a connection in Atlanta. We couldn't make it to Boston so we looked for a flight to Atlanta. We found one with the same airline but the airline told us Orbitz didn't actually issue our ticket from Boston to FCO so thank God we didn't drive to Boston. We called Orbitz a million times and they could get us on another flight to FCO but arriving in Rome on Nov 1 for our cruise departing Oct 31 really wouldn't do us any good. Can we get a flight to Athens and meet the cruise there on Nov 2nd? No, that's considered a voluntary change in itinerary. So we end up getting a flight to FCO on Oct 31 and we have to buy a separate flight from FCO to ATH on our own. Orbitz says, since you have to do that we will give you a credit for each ticket- $100 that you can use on future travel. And our new flight going to Rome on Oct 31 will not cost us anything additional? Right. We had the lady say it at least 3 times because she kept messing things up like having us on another flight from Boston to Rome instead of JFK or an airport near us. I get an email and it shows Orbitz paid some $3500 for our new flight on some Mastercard issued in a lady's name I don't know and I reverse search the address to find it is an Orbitz billing address. Okay, makes sense.

Then, we got back from our vacation and I got my credit card statement of two charges 1700+ and one refund of 1900+ for a net charge of 1600 or so. WTH? I call, again. And again. Oh My Goodness, my phone records from all the calls to Orbitz are out of control! And it's because I never get anywhere. So this time they have nothing for me, basically the refund takes 45 days and I should have it around December 15.

My husband also deduced that what they are probably doing is completely refunding the original flight and that is why they charges appear with a payment for the difference of the original flight and the new flight. December 15 and still no refund. Call today, on hold 20 minutes, ask for international department but the lady says she can help. explain the situation and she says you already got a refund of 1900... NO, that was because they charged for the new flight and agreed to pay the difference in cost. We need the refund from the original flight. Get transferred. Same thing- you already got a refund. No, and I explain it again. Oh, yeah they are still processing that. Okay, what about the $200 in credit for future travel? That's not in the notes. We don't do that and I can't honor that. Plus why would you get a credit in addition to a refund? Because you flew me to Rome when my cruise left the day before and refused to get us a flight to Athens which doesn't make any sense since you had to refund the original flight anyway.

I could write a book about the phone calls I have with this company. I wish I could not be so [snip] to continue documenting this play by play of a mess we are in but we need our money back and I'm tired of being on the phone with Orbitz and getting nowhere.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 12/27/2012:
I HATE when you go through an entire call, then the next time, I'm told there are no record or notes showing I ever called or talked with anyone.
I forgot what company I had this issue with, but after my conversation, the rep asked, 'Is there anything else I can help you with today?', I said, 'Yes, can you please read back the notes you entered of this phone conversation?'...after a long silence, she said, 'Oh..well, I'd have to go back to another screen and if I do that now, we will get disconnected."...LOL...sure enough, when I had to call back on the same issue, there was no record of that conversation.
info352 on 12/27/2012:
I'm sorry about what happened to you but that's entirely your fault, before you get mad though please read on:
I'm an airline employee, I work for a major airline.
You should never buy flight tickets from Orbitz, Expedia, etc. and instead buy directly from the airlines websites for several reasons:

The airline will always offer the same or better price than the vacation websites if you're flying with that airline only (if you're flying multiple airline you'll get a better price on Orbitz, etc. but at a cost: misconnection, unable to change tickets, higher chance of lost luggage when transferring from an airline to another, etc.)

Orbitz takes your money so doesn't matter how hard you complain to us at the airport there's nothing we can do for you, the contract states that you must contact Orbitz

If you need to change itinerary as in your case, it doesn't matter if the sky is falling, Orbitz (Expedia) etc. cannot without repricing the entire ticket.
But if you bought the ticket directly with the airline and something like a hurricane happened we'd be happy to re-route you at no expense.

There's a lot more but this should give you an idea. Is it worth now saving $10?
Lizzie on 12/28/2012:
Never use a third party website - I don't agee with info however about booking through the airline directly. Your best bet is to book with a travel agent. They know the products available better than anyone else and they will be able to find you the best price and fit to your schedule.
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Third World Customer Service: My Orbitz Experience
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
, ILLINOIS -- I recently booked my trip to India through Orbitz, a popular internet travel service. I have booked at least a dozen trips on Orbitz over the past decade, so the process was comfortable and easy. Orbitz found me connecting flights to and from New Delhi using a combination of airlines and I was pleased with the short layover between my domestic and international flight segments. I booked my November travel in July and paid with my American Express card.

In August, I received emails from Orbitz advising of flight changes. Unfortunately, the airlines rearranged their flight schedules which created a problem with my itinerary. My connecting flights, no longer connected. I called Orbitz and spent a lot of time on the phone attempting to resolve the issue, but because they could not find an itinerary acceptable to me, Orbitz said I could cancel and they would provide a full refund. "Expect a credit in 8-10 days," advised Bella, a supervisor at Orbitz. "Why so long," I asked? "That's just how long it takes" was her reply. Well, FORTY-ONE DAYS LATER the $1,653 credit was posted to my American Express Account.

For 41 days it felt as if my money was held hostage and I was forced to fight hard to gain its return. As an American consumer, my expectation was a refund in one day, not forty-one days. I'm not so certain that I would have ever received a refund had I not persevered. I spent countless hours on the phone and by email only to be put off or lied to. It was an extremely frustrating experience, but I did learn a few things.

First, I was reminded of the principle - he who holds the money, holds the power. I could grovel all I wanted, but I was powerless.

Second, because the airlines were the cause of the problem, I held a false belief that obtaining a credit from a large corporate Enterprise was a given. I found out that it's not like taking the defective vacuum back to Sears where you make an exchange or the clerk asks you a couple questions and in minutes you leave the store with a credit receipt in hand. No, it's more like the Sears store has relocated to Timbuktu and the clerk tells you over the phone that Eureka in Shanghai will process the refund in 8-10 days or maybe in a couple of weeks or sometime, whenever they get around to it.

Third, when calling Orbitz, you speak with customer service representatives based in the Philippines. But that's only after navigating though the computer prompts and waiting endlessly on-hold listening to melodies of static. And although the young Philippino's are pleasant, the combination of a poor phone connection and their accent makes for a real challenging conversation. The cultural differences don't help either. I just didn't get the feeling these folks really related to my problem. They're at best scripted telemarketers and sometimes liars.

In fairness to Orbitz, my refund did come from the Chicago office of Air India. However, Orbitz wasn't any help to me and Air India refused to talk to me directly. I was finally able to correspond by email with Archana, an Air India representative. I rank her level of service to what I would expect when visiting Mumbai or buying gas at my local 7-11.

So before you book your next trip on Orbitz, take pause and consider. If you encounter any problems with your travel plans you to will have the opportunity to experience third world customer service.

David Wittkamp
dwittkamp@cinci. rr. com
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/24/2012:
"As an American consumer, my expectation was a refund in one day, not forty-one days."

Refunds of credit card purchases made can take up to 10 business days, right here in good old USA. 41 days is extremely long, but I believe the root cause is that multiple companies (Orbitz + airlines) were involved.

Customer service is getting more global all the time. We may need to get used to foreign accents and cultures. Our own country's face is changing right before our eyes.
CowboyFan on 10/24/2012:
A one day refund is unreasonable to expect. The forty one days does not seem unreasonable to me. Obviously Orbitz is not going to refund the money to you, until they receive a refund from the various overseas airlines. When Orbitz gets its refund, then it starts the process of refunding to you.

dwittkamp on 10/25/2012:
Thanks for the feedback. I was OK with refund in 10 days. However to wait 41 days and spend the time and energy to get that result is a different story. Orbitz reps, supervisors and managers are not truthful. They waste your time and have no power to do anything for you. All I can tell you is that I am a very experienced traveller and Orbitz customer service is incredibly poor. As a company, I find Orbitz to be substandard and not reputable. It's all fine until you have a problem. My point is simply user beware.

David W.
CowboyFan on 10/25/2012:
Dear Dwittkamp: I thought about your situation overnight, and a question came up which I never considered. I have a normal American Express card that you pay monthly (as compared to one of their credit cards). If I bought the ticket in July for November, that would mean I had already paid for the ticket before the problem came up.

How would I dispute the charge with American Express since a) it had been paid, and b) it had been more than 60 days? I had never thought about this possibility. Thanks for bringing it up. What do you think the solution is in that case?
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"Free" shore excursion for the cruise is not free
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I just booked a Carnival cruise with Orbitz for a first time and have to tell you that Orbitz offer of "free shore excursion" is completely misleading to the customers.

I've been on many cruises before and booked several excursions but with other agencies and had NEVER been tricked like this.
First of all, the list of excursions is very different than Carnival offers (I found out it ONLY after booking a cruise with Orbitz, booking agent clearly told me to go on Carnival website (my reservation email clearly says the same) and pick a excursion I want and I did and it wasn't included in this offer). Second of all, it is not "free" it's $70.00 off, so if the excursion costs more than $70 you would have to pay extra. That I found out AFTER booking the cruise as well. And after I finally booked the excursion I wasn't really interested in because Orbitz didn't have any similar to what I've seen on Carnival: the ride to the place was NOT included. YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! You couldn't organize a ride for $70 excursion? I go on the cruise by myself and I simply don't feel safe to get a taxi in a foreign county I don't speak the language. And you call it "free" excursion? Who knows how much more taxi ride is going to cost? It makes me wonder: if I get to the place who knows what other "surprises" I might experience? So I have to make a decision not to go at all.

Like I said I've booked several excursion with Carnival before: everything was VERY well organized, from the start to finish, no gimmicks, no hidden costs, to tricks and transportation was ALWAYS included in the cost of excursion!

If someone new will have this experience he/she might think that all cruises are so poorly organized but that's so not true. I wouldn't be coming back! No wonder Orbitz advertise that their excursions are less crowed. Who wants to experience this? Keep finding out what is not included as you go and you can't do anything about it?!

Thank God I haven't actually paid that $70 dollars, but I'm sure I'll NEVER book a cruise with Orbitz again! I have been completely fooled! This is how I feel about this experience!
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User Replies:
Alain on 04/07/2012:
I never trust third party contractors like Orbitz largely due to seeing many reviews very similar to yours. Thanks for sharing your experience!
Maggie on 04/27/2012:
I was going to book an international flight from Orbitz, which is about $300 cheaper than other travel agencies. But after reading those reviews I decide not to. $300 is quite a lot of money to save. But bad travel experience cost a lot of more than just money.
To Orbitz: please improve your service or you will out of business soon. Good reputation is always the key to a successful business.
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Orbitz $250 Bahamas Instant Promotion Code Is A Scam
Posted by on
I looked at several places to book online and have accounts with both Orbitz and Expedia. For the trip I was booking to Nassau, Bahamas January 23 - 27 2012, and I was booking it on 12/24/11, Orbitz was offering a $250 Bahamas Instant Promotion Code discount on air/hotel packages. I selected air through Delta and Comfort Inn Suites in Nassau (Paradise Island). The package came to $1472 for my wife and I LESS $250 Instant Promotion Code that it said this package qualified for. Upon purchasing, I was prompted to enter the "promotion code" and when I entered each of two codes provided, neither worked. So I called Orbitz customer service right then and told them of the problem I was having with the codes and they said it must be a computer problem and they would look into it and get with me. I told them that since I had purchased the "last two air tickets with Delta" and at a very good price, I didn't have the luxury of waiting till they figured it out. They said they would get back with me and I purchased the package believing they would figure it out and make good on the problem I was experiencing. Boy was I WRONG. We just got back from the trip and I called customer service today and was escalated a few times finally to a supervisor named James (said his supervisor id is MHT) and this supervisor gave me three different stories, all bogus, and not willing to provide any documentation for his statements. First he said that "Instant Discount codes were for a future Bahamas trip I need to book and use", then I argued with him and he said, "your $250 discount was already taken off your total package"...I then proceeded to request a copy of the details showing me $250 taken off my hotel portion or the package and he said he couldn't show it to me but it was there"..I called him a liar when he said he couldn't or wouldn't provide the details and third, he told me that the $250 was taken off when Orbitz and Comfort Inn Suites negotiated a special price between them and the $250 was taken off before I saw the $1472 total price" and I told him, then why do I get a promotion code when I go to pay. This supervisor and the culture of everyone I spoke with is incompetent and not only that, willing to insult my intelligence with stories that make no reasonable sense. I asked James if he is willing to have Orbitz loose me as a customer for $250 and he said, "do what you have to do, we respect that". I told him I hope Orbitz fires him...he's a liar, he gave me three different stories, and either he is to blame or Orbitz is to blame for creating a culture of lying to the public, first with the deceptive ads and then with customer service that is told to tell the customer whatever they want to get them to go away. I HAVE RARELY BEEN SO MAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I have been self employed for more than 25 years and cannot understand how a company can stay in business with these kinds of practices. I welcome a competent Orbitz representative providing proof of the $250 discount given in a line item receipt or giving me the $250 they owe me and compensation for future travel for the hassle and half day wasted with their customer service personnel and my having to file these complaints. Below you will see my reservation receipt including the Instant Code Special Offer that I never got.
Reservation made for:
Jeff D.
(Must check in for this reservation)

Comfort Suites Paradise Island
Paradise Island Dr.
Paradise Island, Bahamas 0000
Phone: (242) 363-3680
Fax: 1 242 363-2588
Check-in: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 1500
Check-out: Fri, Jan 27, 2012 1100

Room description: SuperSaver Junior Suite - 1 king bed and 1 sofa bed

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Additional hotel information
Orbitz special offer



Book a qualifying Bahamas flight + hotel package between 12/12/2011 and 2/6/2012, for 4 or more consecutive nights for travel between 1/1/2012 and 3/14/12and instantly receive $250 off your booking by entering one of the below applicable promotion codes. Limit one discount per package and one promotion code per booking. Discounts are not redeemable for cash for any reason. Promotion codes are non-transferrable, not for resale, and cannot be combined with other offers. Offer is only valid when flying from any city in USA or Canada. Promotion subject to change and can be withdrawn at any time. Please refer to our Bahamas Destination Page for the most current details and applicable coupon codes. Valid Promotion codes: BAHAMASWINTER250 – OR - CTXBAHAMASWINTER
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User Replies:
Alain on 02/01/2012:
Thank you for giving me a good reason not to use Orbitz.
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