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Messed Up Name on Ticket
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Rating: 1/51

I booked a flight from Spokane to Seattle for my wife and I 3 weeks ago on Alaska Air. A few minutes ago when I checked in on line with Alaska Air I saw that they had run our first and middle name together - no space between first and middle name and dropped the capital letter for the first letter in the middle name. At first I assumed that it was a mistake on Alaska Air's part. No. It turned out to be the way Orbitz transmits the information to Alaska Air. When I contacted Orbitz I was not given a satisfactory answer. I will never use Orbitz again.

I Was Told Wait Time Would Be 22-28minutes. I Hung Up After 60! Customer Service Is Terrible!
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Rating: 1/51

ARDMORE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I called Orbitz customer service to discuss travel changes to a package I bought my husband as a surprise. I was told I could wait 22-28 minutes or receive a callback in that time. I decided to stay on the phone. I hung up after waiting more than 60 minutes! Meanwhile, I called the booking department and was speaking with a live person within 1 minute! This is a disgraceful display of "customer service". I will never book with this company again.

Nightmare Getaway
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Rating: 1/51

IDAHO -- My wife and I booked a weekend out of town (110 miles away) through Orbitz. We got a confirmation and booking number. Upon arriving at our destination, we were turned away by the hotel clerk. Apparently, Orbitz overbooked the hotel by about 6 rooms. Understandably upset, I called the 800 "customer service" line and was promptly put on hold. My wife and I sat on hold, in the parking lot of this hotel for 2 hours. Orbitz was not only unable to relocate us for the night, but we were forced to drive back home (2 3/4 hours) in the middle of the night. I requested a call from a manager and was assured a call would be received within 24 to 48 hours.

Three (3) days later no call was received. Furious at the lack of consideration, I took it upon myself to call them. After being on hold for another 20 minutes, the agent informed me that no manager was available to speak with me, but insisted I would be contacted by the first available manager within 1 to 2 hours. Three (3) hours later, I received no such call. Becoming more and more furious with this terrible customer service, I called again - only to be informed that Orbitz was undergoing a system update and I would have to call back 2 to 3 hours later. BTW, has anyone noticed that not a single agent speaks fluid English?

So, to recap; My wife and I drove approximately 6 hours round trip for absolutely nothing; spent roughly 3 hours on hold only to accomplish zero; and have received no absolutely no compensation (other than a refund of the original booking) for a ruined getaway weekend. Word of advise: Never, under any circumstances use Orbitz to book anything - ever! Unless you want to be like me - wasting even more of your time by typing this review that may or may not be read. Never use Orbitz. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!!!

Orbitz Are Crooks!!!
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Rating: 1/51

WILDWOOD, GEORGIA -- I recently booked a round trip ticket to Phoenix, AZ with my debit card and the "ORBITZ" site said that the transaction could not be completed. Thinking that maybe I had made a mistake, I tried to enter the card information again. Once again the transaction came back "cannot be completed." This was on Saturday January 23rd, 2016.

I went to the bank on Monday to see what the problem could be, why the transaction was incomplete. The bank informed me that my account had been debited twice and Orbitz had tried to debit the account for the third time. I knew I had sufficient funds in both my banks. So I went to my second bank and Orbitz had tried to debit this bank for the same amount on my card information. My other bank refused it because I had gone over my $500 dollar limit.

I went to my banks and had a printout of the transactions and ORBITZ denied they had my money while I was looking at the withdraws on my bank statement. Long story short, Orbitz tried to get $1400 out of my banks for a $350 plane ticket. If we (USA) had any kind of news in this country, Orbitz would already be "out" of business. The reason major news will not tell Orbitz's story is because Orbitz sponsors our network news.

Orbitz Is a Scam
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Rating: 1/51

Most horrible travel booking experience I've ever had. Book a cruise for December and was offered a free drink package that included the tips. Before I paid I took a screenshot that included the drink special however when I paid and continued the order the package was for 250 minutes of internet after I clicked continue with my credit card information.

I called and waited 50 minutes for a representative just for someone to pick up and drop the call on me. I called back, waited 30 minutes, was told by the Orbitz representative that I needed to talk to someone in the cruise department so I waited another 45 minutes. Some lady picks up the phone and after listening to my issue said that I contacted Expedia...BS!!!

I called again and the lady who picked up looked into my issue and told me that I should never book cruises online but need to call in it because when you book online you never get the bonuses correct due to it always defaulting to the lowest available bonus. She starting arguing with me that I should never use the online booking because I'm acting as my own travel agent.

She wants me to pay an extra $200 for the drink package. I ask her to cancel the whole transaction and after 30 more minutes on the phone she comes back and say her supervisors agreed to cancel for a $100 cancellation fee. This was just the most outrageous experience I've ever had!!! How does this company stay in business? Stay away folks!!! I'm going to warn everyone I can!

Replies Blew It! A Courtesy Call Would Have Saved Me $400
By -

Dec 22 my biz partner tried ordering 2 tickets online. He had some issues so called customer service. After spending over an hour on the phone the rep gave him a confirmation number and told him there would be an email confirmation coming w/in 24 hrs. An hour later he got the email and did what many people do, he filed it away w/out reading it. Feb 8th he wanted to check our itinerary so he opened the email and noticed it said the order was canceled. The subject line didn't mention anything about "canceled order". It did say "action required" but it was the last thing in a long subject line that was too long to fit in the subject quick view.

We both got online, right away, to look at other flights and noticed the cheapest flight was now almost double the price we thought we locked. This being unacceptable to us I got on the horn w/an Orbitz service rep. The first call dropped and no call back. On the second call I spoke w/a friendly agent. I told her my problem mentioning that there should have been a call made to us way back when the order was cancelled to let us know we needed to find another flight. In my opinion when dealing with limited flights and constantly changing prices, an email is not a good way to let a customer know an order was cancelled.

I told the service rep I expected to get a flight close to the times we thought we had booked and for the same price. I had to escalate to a manager because the CSR didn't have the power to satisfy us. It ended up that the manager didn't have the power or was unwilling to take responsibility and pony up $400 for their lack of service. She offered a $50 voucher but that was not acceptable. She said that's all she could do.

I am still very unsatisfied with Orbitz and will not do future biz w/ them and I have made it my mission to spread the word. Be careful readers. Everything is fine until you have an problem. Good companies are able to build lifelong loyalties by taking responsibility for their weaknesses/mistakes. Orbitz had their opportunity but blew right over it.

Orbitz Cancellation Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- DO NOT PAY FOR FLIGHT PROTECTION! This is a scam. To make a claim thru Orbitz they put you on hold for over 40 minutes just to tell you that you have to call their insurance company AON Affinity which after spending 15 min on hold they tell you unless you're dying, there is NO PROTECTION. Do not pay for this option. It is just a money grab!

Orbitz $250 Bahamas Instant Promotion Code Is A Scam
By -

I looked at several places to book online and have accounts with both Orbitz and Expedia. For the trip I was booking to Nassau, Bahamas January 23 - 27, 2012, and I was booking it on 12/24/11, Orbitz was offering a $250 Bahamas Instant Promotion Code discount on air/hotel packages. I selected air through Delta and Comfort Inn Suites in Nassau (Paradise Island). The package came to $1472 for my wife and I LESS $250 Instant Promotion Code that it said this package qualified for.

Upon purchasing, I was prompted to enter the "promotion code" and when I entered each of two codes provided, neither worked. So I called Orbitz customer service right then and told them of the problem I was having with the codes and they said it must be a computer problem and they would look into it and get with me. I told them that since I had purchased the "last two air tickets with Delta" and at a very good price, I didn't have the luxury of waiting till they figured it out. They said they would get back with me and I purchased the package believing they would figure it out and make good on the problem I was experiencing. Boy was I WRONG.

We just got back from the trip and I called customer service today and was escalated a few times finally to a supervisor named ** (said his supervisor id is **) and this supervisor gave me three different stories, all bogus, and not willing to provide any documentation for his statements. First he said that "Instant Discount codes were for a future Bahamas trip I need to book and use", then I argued with him and he said, "your $250 discount was already taken off your total package."

I then proceeded to request a copy of the details showing me $250 taken off my hotel portion or the package and he said "he couldn't show it to me but it was there"… I called him a liar when he said he couldn't or wouldn't provide the details and third, he told me that "the $250 was taken off when Orbitz and Comfort Inn Suites negotiated a special price between them and the $250 was taken off before I saw the $1472 total price" and I told him, "then why do I get a promotion code when I go to pay." This supervisor and the culture of everyone I spoke with is incompetent and not only that, willing to insult my intelligence with stories that make no reasonable sense.

I asked ** if he is willing to have Orbitz lose me as a customer for $250 and he said, "do what you have to do, we respect that". I told him I hope Orbitz fires him… he's a liar, he gave me three different stories, and either he is to blame or Orbitz is to blame for creating a culture of lying to the public, first with the deceptive ads and then with customer service that is told to tell the customer whatever they want to get them to go away.

I HAVE RARELY BEEN SO MAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I have been self employed for more than 25 years and cannot understand how a company can stay in business with these kinds of practices. I welcome a competent Orbitz representative providing proof of the $250 discount given in a line item receipt or giving me the $250 they owe me and compensation for future travel for the hassle and half day wasted with their customer service personnel and my having to file these complaints.

Read Reviews Before You Book. Worst Flight Experience of My Life.
By -

This could be a very long story as I was on the phone for over 5 hours total.( I am not exaggerating!) I booked a round trip from Phoenix to Calgary for two of us with Orbitz. When we arrived at the airport I was denied boarding as I did not have my passport, just the passport card. Lesson one learned is you cannot use the passport card for flying. This part is totally on me!

United Airlines, after about an hour and half was unable to help me at the airport (they tried very hard) because I booked through Orbitz they could not separated the two person itinerary so I could rebook. OK so I go home to call Orbitz. They do their thing and I am told I have a confirmed reservation the next day with United Airlines.

Now the saga begins: I waited about two hours and went to the UAL site to check in and print a boarding pass. There was no record on their site. I went to Orbitz where I found my revised itinerary but there was no way for me to check in. I called Orbitz and after about an hour of who knows what they were doing the assured me that my flight the next day was confirmed and it would show up with United later tonight or by the morning at the latest. LIE #1.

The next morning there is no record, no email, no nothing about my flight. I called Orbitz. They again assured me that I had a flight and to just go to the airport and pick up my boarding pass there. LIE #2. While I was talking to Orbitz I checked online at United and there was no record of me. I insisted with the Orbitz representative that things were not as they were telling me and that I would not get off the phone until I had a boarding pass printed.

Now it really got interesting. After about a half hour the representative came back on the phone and informed me that indeed my ticket was NOT issued and there was no longer any space on the flight for me. After regaining some resemblance of composure I asked to speak to a supervisor. ** got on the line and again informed me that I was not issued a ticket and there was no room on the flight they told me I had the previous night. I had the itinerary sitting in front of me.

** then proceeded to spend about an hour and half looking for another flight. He came back on and had a couple of flights for me and all it would cost me is $1100 additional. Again it took a couple of minutes to regain composure and lower the blood pressure. After a little negotiation and reasoning, ** found a flight that I think he said would not cost me anything but would get me into Calgary at midnight. I figured I had not choice but to accept.

After another hour on hold, he gets back on and informs that I would have to call United directly to make the change but that all was well. I told him I did believe that and that I wanted a confirmation and boarding pass before I hung up. He insisted that my only recourse was to call United that he could not make the change. LIE #3.

I called United and they had no record of what ** was talking about. (Imagine that) They did have the flight ** had told me would be free. Unfortunately it would cost me $2300. (Again imagine that) The United representative heard my story and worked very hard. In about a half hours time I was booked on a US Airways direct flight for... $82!!!

There are many more details I could include (I think I have already rambled) but the moral of the story is… DO NOT USE ORBITZ. They lied to me and certainly did not have any form of customer service. I heard at least 5 times that it was my fault because I had missed my original flight.

Orbitz Has Lost My Business Forever!!
By -

On Monday night I tried booking a flight from Seattle to Ontario California on Orbitz. For some reason my card was declined (I'm thinking address issues?) so I tried again and then again, for a total of 3 times. When it didn't go through I used my friend's debit card and planned to give her the money for the ticket. No problems, ticket booked, excited about my trip!

Until yesterday (April 26) when I found out my friend had been charged DOUBLE the ticket cost. She called and was told the second charge would fall off within a few days, which was upsetting to say the least. If they are going to hold two times the amount of the ticket they need to put that in BOLD where it is visible before purchasing a ticket. I would have booked elsewhere if I saw it, which is probably why its somewhere in the fine print but regardless, we were less than thrilled.

THEN, I checked my account and found out I had ALSO BEEN CHARGED for the same ticket!!! Seriously, you ask? Oh yes. So by declined they meant "this will look like it's not being processed so you continue on in another way but we are actually in the process of manhandling your financial life. Thanks." The incredible part is that because I was charged this amount without knowing the other items that hit my account caused it to be overdrawn, causing hundred of dollars in fees to be assessed before I had my morning coffee.

Of course I called and spoke to a woman who didn't understand that my problem was not that the money would be put back in my account. It was explained to me that within 3-5 days the charge would "fall off" because it wasn't attached to an actual reservation. However, my problem was that I was incurring fees as a direct result of their substandard system and would have multiple bills returned, incurring more fees AND damaging my history with these companies. I explained this to the woman at least 5 times and was told that I should contact my bank. So I did.

My bank informed me that the only thing I could do is file a claim which would take about 10 days to resolve. So I did so and then per my bank's instructions, called Orbitz back. This time I was able to talk to a fantastic gentleman named **. He did a truly great job of keeping me calm and listening to my ACTUAL problem and offered to call Alaska Airlines on my behalf to have the charge reversed. Unfortunately, there was no code listed with the transaction on my bank account so he was told Alaska couldn't do anything. Back to square one after more than 5 hours on the phone.

I called my bank to get the code and it wasn't there - the transaction simply said something to the effect of "Alaskaairorbitz" - not what we needed. I called Orbitz again and was accidentally hung up on during the initial "can you verify your account" thing which I know was accidental, but now on my 6th hour, I was getting upset. That didn't help. Maybe they need a new phone system too?

This time I encountered a less than accommodating woman who was obviously trained to ignore a customer's request to speak with a manager and continued to waste my time informing me of the same irrelevant details that were becoming a redundant song blasting my ear drums!!! I was extremely frustrated and asked yet again to speak with a manager. The woman I was transferred to couldn't help and sent me to yet ANOTHER woman who was reasonable but not at all kind or comforting through this process.

After another 30 minutes of the runaround of what the problem was, whom I had spoken to and what they said, how my bank was handling this situation etc., I was finally able to convince her to call my bank herself to rectify the stinking issue. She did and I was told the money was already added back to my account. I thanked her and went on my merry way after the most hideous experience with a company I've ever had.

Problem was - it wasn't. She told me that money would be available right away and maybe it was a bank hang up that caused it not to be available until this morning but how about checking with the person you're talking to before giving out false information? I attempted to get gas and was declined which would have been a HUGE issue had I not had cash with me.

All in all I'm angry. I spent the better portion of my day dealing with an issue that shouldn't have happened in the first place BUT I get that systems have glitches. That's not the problem. My problem is that whatever she did at the end of the day should have been done when I called initially. I was also not offered any help with my bank - which is not the treatment my friend got (she was told they would contact her bank on her behalf), not met with a courteous or helpful attitude in most cases (except ** - great job with him!) and was not offered anything for my ordeal. This has been a miserable experience.

In the future I will either book directly through an airline (or hotel or rental company). The last thing I'll say is that this isn't just unfortunate for my friend and I on a personal level because of all of our wasted time and held funds, but also because this particular friend works for a company which utilizes companies like Orbitz on a regular basis and because of our experience this week, they will also be going elsewhere from now on. Great job Orbitz! It's been an experience.

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