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Orbitz Runs A Car Rental Scam - Do Not Rent!!!
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I rented a car on Orbitz, for pickup at, InterContinental Airport for a quoted price of $190-ish. I made my reservation. When I went to pick it up, the car wasn't there. They had sent it for Hobby Airport, almost 40 minutes away in a car. I was stranded at InterContinental and when I called Orbitz, they cancelled that reservation and told me for almost $100 more, I could rent a car at the airport I was actually at, where I had booked my original reservation.

I filed a complaint with Orbitz and they told me that it was all my fault and I booked it for Hobby and they wouldn't refund me the difference. I explained it's not my first time in Houston. I know the difference between IAH and IOU and I double checked before placing the order that it was at InterContinental. I had had a previous experience with another agency who, also booked me at Hobby but I didn't know that time. So, lesson learned. I quadruple checked I was booked at InterContinental.

During this whole time I had to deal with dropped calls, being told that I was called but my phone never ringing - Orbitz prefers the passive-aggressive e-mail bomb to actual confrontation. I spoke with a manager who told me that basically everything that happened to me was my fault. I should have babysat Orbitz and continued to monitor my reservation because I could have had my refund if only I had watched the booking. And I wasn't going to get my money and NO - her manager doesn't 'take phone calls.' Maybe he's too busy sailing around Monaco with the CEO on the money they shake out of their clients.

What's hilarious is that Orbitz sent me the cars available at InterContinental when I requested a car booking but they told me that this same, amazingly smart, computer had nothing to do with *me* booking it at Hobby. Please stay away from this company if you want a car rental. Their airline booking never gave me any problems, but car rental shopping should come with high blood pressure medication or alcohol. You're going to end up angry and stressed and not to mention, a much lighter wallet. Believe me that company doesn't care as long as they can part you from your cash.

Company Response 09/10/2015:


My name is Charlotte, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com and enter my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Orbitz Customer Relations
Chicago, IL

Car rental
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Rating: 1/51

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I had booked a trip all in one to key west, and as soon as I landed in Miami to get my car from dollar rental, they said, "Sorry cannot do it cause of my credit." I spent 3 hours dealing with them. Finally had enough so I went next door 2 family rental and got a car in 3 minutes. I would never do any of this again. In my opinion Orbitz deserves to give me some money back as I lost so much time on my trip and had to pay 500 dollars more to get a different car. The lady at Orbitz thought it was funny which pissed me off even more. Lesson learned.

Made good on car rental price
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Rating: 5/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Orbitz, which I have used for many years, shows the price of renting a car listed as Total Cost once you complete the booking process. As car rental prices change, I booked a Full size car for 4-4-12 to 4-16-12 for $416 on 2-8-12 and then a few days later on 4-13-12 for $358. Being a helpful person, I promptly canceled the first. Then I decided to switch to a Premium as it was only $10 more and booked this right after on 4-13-12 for $368.63; again I helpfully canceled the prior $358 - Full booking. Today I checked again to see if prices had dropped further but discovered they were much higher, almost twice as much.

Deciding to check my reservation just to be sure, I found it still said Total Cost as $368. But Orbitz has a + for more information on cost and billing; here there was an additional line I discovered showing Total as $745.70. I thought perhaps all of them had this BUT checking, this switch did NOT appear in either of the two prior rentals. In other words, Orbitz seems to have changed their price presentation. Further before you click the + it shows Total as $368.63. Total means TOTAL, and I should not be charged more than that PARTICULARLY as I canceled the prior reservations based on the inaccurate/incomplete information provided.

I have also taken Screen Shots of all these items and have them available. It took a long time (1 hour plus) and two calls, but the very professional customer service agent, **, contacted the car company, Thrifty, and they and Orbitz made good on the $368 Premium car price for 12 days from Philadelphia International airport. I've now confirmed it on the Thrifty website.

Rental car robbery via Orbitz and partner
By -

Wednesday, 8/4/2010 - Orbitz, Economy Rental Car: We recently booked a rental car via Orbitz for a vacation to Manual Antonio Costa Rica. We chose Economy Rental Car based on their discounted rate. What a mistake!!! Our reservation was made via Orbitz on July 21, 2010. Our pick-up date was Monday, July 26/2010, and the car (a Hyundai Tucson 4X4 SUV), was to be returned on July 31st. Orbitz quoted $299. According to the written contract when we left the office in Manual Antonio on the 26th, it specifically stated the rental was for $385 for the entire week (A rate of $49 per day/$385 for the week), as liability insurance is mandatory @ $20 per day).

Hello Orbitz! During the course of the week, we discovered via our credit card company that our MasterCard had been pinged for $466, $266, $385, and also a hold via Economy Car Rental was placed on our account for $1,253!! All of which we consider to be fraudulent, and deceptive business practice. My wife is an attorney, has been for over 25 years, and fully understands service contracts in general, as do I, and to say the least... she wasn't happy at all about the absolutely ridiculous discussion that took place at the local office when we confronted the representative.

It was an absolute insult to our intelligence. We immediately returned the car, and paid cash for what we had used... then took a cab everywhere for the last few days. Orbitz has been contacted and refuses to make any comment whatsoever. It was the first time we had used the travel site, and will obviously be the last time. I cannot even find who owns/operates Economy Car Rental in Costa Rica. Orbitz really needs to pull their heads out and take a good look at who they are doing business with.

Phantom Charges Ruined My Bank Account
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- Last night I was on the ORBITZ website, and after finding the flight I needed, I selected a flight, provided all the passenger, address, and credit card information, and clicked the button to confirm and to pay the final amount. I then got an error message that the ticket couldn't be issued, and that I should try again with a different flight. I selected another similar flight, and after confirming the credit information again, I got another message indicating the ticket could not be issued, and to try it again, which I did, and that was also declined.

So after three attempts, I was not able to purchase a ticket. However, the following morning I got a notice on my bank that I was overdrawn by more than $1800.00, because ORBITZ actually charged me for the flight that they said could not be authorized - THREE TIMES!

So far, because of this mistake by ORBITZ, I cannot access my account, I cannot pay for groceries, I have so far bounced several checks and incurred at least one fine, all because ORBITZ charged me for these tickets that they said could not be issued. I spent about 45 minutes with one of the 'customer service' people from another continent, who had no idea what to do, nor did they understand how the ORBITZ website worked, or how American banks operate. They were of absolutely NO help. Not surprisingly, I also got no response from their 'customer service' website.

My bank said they could not reverse the charges, because ORBITZ is using my credit card number to generate 'valid' purchases, for which I have nothing. So, I've been charged three times for three tickets I do not have, I've been locked out of my own account because of the overdraft they caused, and am now paying fees and ruining my credit through checks and payments that are being bounced because of ORBITZ.

After checking the Consumer Affairs website, this is definitely not an isolated incidence as several other people have reported similar problems. I make about five flights a year, most of them overseas and usually with a group, and I will not be using ORBITZ ever again.

Car Rental Price Increase
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Rating: 1/51

I rented a car for my recent trip to New York. The company I rented from overcharged me, and Orbitz doesn't care. The car was filthy, and I didn't notice all of the garbage in the back until after I took it. I showed Orbitz all of the proof of the overcharging and the mess and they still didn't care. Don't use them. They told me that the price is just an estimate and the car company can charge anything they want. Use somebody else, I have never had this kind of trouble before.

Never trust Orbitz... multiple charges to your account
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I reserved a car with Orbitz a week ago. I went to the rental car, make the necessary payment and pick up the car. After a week, when I check my account I found out that Orbitz charged me for separate insurance which I already paid at the rental car. When I called to request a reason, the only justification they gave me was that they emailed me the next day that I would be charged for it and gave me a fax number and email to make a complaint. It is only $36, but never trust these people...

By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Having prepaid a round trip airport to hotel car service transfer, we arrived into the Charlotte airport on schedule. The driver was nowhere to be found. We paged the driver and waited 20 minutes; no one showed up. We placed 3 separate calls to both Orbitz Customer Service and to Carmel Car Service's main office in New York. We were either put on hold or subsequently disconnected.

Upon reaching the hotel we called Orbitz again. After being rerouted and put on hold several times, the Orbitz representative informed us that the driver said he was there, but we were not. They lied to my credit card company as well and I now have no recourse but to pay for services not received. Obviously, I will NEVER use Orbitz again.

No Assistance
By -

I reserved a car with Budget Rental through Orbitz. I was told when I checked in that there were no cars available, with no idea as to when they would be available. I called Orbitz to get their help, and their response was ludicrous! I called three times, and each time they said they had to call Budget.

They put me on hold each time for over 20 minutes, only to come back on the line and tell me that no one picked up at Budget. Even though I told them that this was the case, they would not check with other rental agencies, or come up with any other solution. In a nutshell, they were absolutely NO HELP!

Overdrafted charges Orbitz made me lose money
By -

LA, CALIFORNIA -- Booked a hotel on Orbitz. Solely a hotel, I was charged an extra fee of $319 that was unknown to me and I lost money - $75 for overdraft fees. My bank penaltied me for not having sufficient funds in my account. I needed that money for groceries and starved for about a week cause I couldn't by food. Still a week later Orbitz is making charges on my card. Customer service is not helpful and uncaring. Never book with Orbitz. Ever ever ever ever. Causes more stress, it advertises to relieve.

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