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Filtering Negative Review Is the Same as Lying About Your Products Quality
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE, UTAH -- I purchased a $5,100 couch from Overstock based largely on the glowing reviews. I assumed a couch at this price must be a good quality since there wasn't a single negative review. Since we as consumers are buying these products site-unseen the reviews are a major factor in whether someone does/doesn't buy. You must trust the company you are buying from to be open, honest and ethical in allowing reviews, even negative ones, to be posted.

Overstock clearly is none of those things. I have attempted on 5 occasions to leave a review an honest, unemotional, review, each one was rejected. It is far worse to only allow positive reviews than it is to have no reviews at all. That is a COMPLETE misrepresentation of the products you are selling. My review spoke in detail about the quality of the product, from a very informed perspective and was rejected not once but five times.

They cited the fact I mentioned the shipping, which was out of their control, but every single positive review on their site currently for the product also mentions shipping but they let those get posted as they are 5 stars. I feel robbed and cheated in this whole process. This is purely unethical and I will go to great lengths to insure all potential Overstock consumers are informed about this practice of filtering out negative reviews. Buyer beware.

Additionally I called to try to cancel the order before receiving the shipment since the date of the shipment kept slipping out. The Overstock representative on the other end of the line convinced me to accept the delivery by telling me, repeatedly, that if I took delivery a manager would call me back and compensate me with a credit I could use on future purchases. They did not. I took delivery based on that promise, which they broke, and I ordered based on reviews that they have manipulated to misrepresent the product.

Amusing explanation of Overstock.com "lowest price" guarantee
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- This is the online "help" chat I just experienced:

Welcome to Overstock.com's Customer Service Live Chat! You will be joined with a chat representative as quickly as possible. (Less than 2 minutes)
Welcome to Overstock.com Customer Service, you are now chatting with Anderson.
Anderson: Thanks for visiting Overstock.com. This is Anderson, how can I help you?
you: I was just going to order a Garmin 550 gps and I happened to froogle it and found it for $100 less on the compuplus.com website.
you: then I read your low price "guarantee"
Anderson: I'll be glad to help you with your concern.
Anderson: To help you better, can I have your order number or email address please?
you: that if I CHOOSE to purchase it from you
you: for $100 more
you: I MAY BE ELIGIBLE to receive the diffwerence as a store credit?
you: LOL
you: are you there
Anderson: Just to reconfirm, have you submitted your order?
you: no, luckily I did not...or I would be furious.
you: but I was ASTOUNDED to realize your low price guarantee is meaningless
you: I always believed you had the lowest price
Anderson: Let me help you that.
you: a few dollars off I could understand..but $100???
Anderson: Can I have the catalog number of the item you are referring to?
you: Catalog #: $799.99 $239.99 $560.00 (70%) 10480943
Anderson: Are you referring to the 'Garmin StreetPilot c550 Automotive GPS System' for $239.99?
you: compuplus has it for 159.99
you: yes
you: and $25 off for using online banking.
you: their shipping is 14.95 yours is 2.95
you: they do not chg sales tax to MD either
you: you do.
Anderson: We do have a Best Price Guarantee policy.
Anderson: I'll provide the steps to claim for the Best Price Guarantee.
you: its identical mdse brand new in stock
you: what?
you: I should pay you $100 more
Anderson: Please click at the Best Price Guarantee logo at the product page.
Anderson: Just below the 'Best Price Guarantee' logo, you can find the link that states as "Found it cheaper?Let us know."
you: for a $100 gift certificaTE?
Anderson: Please click at that link that says "Found it cheaper?Let us know."
you: I did
you: and its CRAZY makes no sense
Anderson: As you've not yet placed the order, please select the option as "NO".
Anderson: A 'Best Price Guarantee' form will pop up.
you: pay $100 more
Anderson: : Just fill that form and submit it.
you: and MAY BE ELIGIBLE for difff in store credit
you: I did already
you: no one responded to me
Anderson: Our Specialized Representatives will check it and update the correct prize in our system.
you: when?
Anderson: *price
you: I wanted to do biz w you.
Anderson: Could you let me know the model number of the GPS in compuplus.com website?
you: yes hold on..
Anderson: I'll standby.
you: Garmin StreetPilot C550 GPS Navigation System - 010-00522-00 Model # 0100052200 Receiver: New high-sensitivity WAAS-capable GPS receiver by SiRF Display: Automotive-grade, sunlight-readable, anti-glare TFT LCD display, 2.8"W x 2.1"H (7.2 x 5.4 cm); 320 x 240 pixels, with touch screen
you: Garmin StreetPilot C550 GPS Navigation System - 010-00522-00 Model # 0100052200 Receiver: New high-sensitivity WAAS-capable GPS receiver by SiRF Display: Automotive-grade, sunlight-readable, anti-glare TFT LCD display, 2.8"W x 2.1"H (7.2 x 5.4 cm); 320 x 240 pixels, with touch screen Click for Price Average Customer Rating: 4.58 out of 5 Item is brand new and in stock
you: Comp-U-Plus low price: $159.99 We occasionally sell our products at prices lower than the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). When we do, we can only display our sale price here. You can expect tremendous savings when the product you're viewing does not display the advertised price. Comp-U-Plus low price: $159.99 We occasionally sell our products at prices lower than the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). When we do, we can only display our sale price here. You can expect tremendous savings when the product you're viewing does not display the advertised price. We occasionally sell our products at prices lower than the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). When we do, we can only display our sale price here. You can expect tremendous savings when the product you're viewing does not display the advertised price.
Anderson: The Model number of the item in our site is Street Pilot C550.
Anderson: To satisfy the Best Price Guarantee credit:
Anderson: The product must be purchased from Overstock.com.
Anderson: The product must be the exact same make, model, and color purchased at Overstock.com.
you: GARMIN STREETPILOT C550 GARMIN STREETPILOT C550 GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM - 010-00522-00 See Full Description Item is brand new and in stock Usually ships in 1-2 Business Days 2 million satisfied customers since 1993 15 years of internet sales 100% customer satisfaction guarantee All items factory fresh with a full USA warranty 30 day money back guarantee Click For Lowest Price Tell a friend GARMIN STREETPILOT C550
Anderson: The merchant offering the lower price must have the product currently in stock.
you: they do
Anderson: The online merchant must be an established site, as determined by Overstock.com.
you: they are established
you: they have a 5 star rating
you: with over 10,000 customer reviews
you: Item is brand new and in stock
you: this is all cut and pasted from their site
you: identical model in stock brand new
you: that I was ready to order from you NOW
you: but id be a fool to order it right now..when your total comes to $100 more
Anderson: I do understand that.
you: I feel foolish even notifying you..but id hope you'd assure me of a match..because I will tell others of this incident..
you: or even cut and past this chat in someones blog regarding overstock..
you: I'm not threatening..
you: but this is not like a $5 deiff in price
Anderson: I'm sorry you feel this way. We do have 'Best Price Guarantee' for the items listed on our website, however, you can fill up the form for it only after you have purchased the item from us.
Anderson: If you would like to purchase this item now, I can help you with $25 discount on it.
you: 25 off what your price?? or 159.99??
Anderson: Yes, I'm offering $25 off our price.
you: they offer $25 off their price for purchasing w an on line check.
you: so I think I will copy and paste this chat around the web..and let other potential buyers see your policy.
you: and this is nothing against you personally...
you: its OVERSTOCK>
you: boy I was fooled, all these years
Anderson: I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused to you. If you would like to purchase this item now, I can help you with $30 discount. If you think this item can qualify for our Best Price Guarantee credit, you may apply for it (after purchasing the item).
Anderson: You'll still be charged $239.99 for it (on our website).
you: I am going to post this chat around the web..and I will wait to hear from your so called "pricing representative" I'm xxxx xxxxxxx my email is jxxxxxxxxxn@xxx.com
you: I'm for real....and not a random idiot.
Anderson: I'm sorry, if you feel in that way.
you: when I order shoes from zappos
you: and find lower..
you: they immediately credit the difference to my credit card
Anderson: Please click to view more information on our Best price Guarantee policy.
you: PLUS 10%
you: that's a guarantee..
Anderson: Overstock.com guarantees that our prices are the lowest you'll find anywhere online. You'll know you're receiving the best deals available on thousands of quality products.
you: yours is just jibberish and doubletalk
Anderson: And if you happen to find a better online price out there, and meet the qualifications listed below, we'll give you the difference.
you: I have found it
you: and cut and pasted every detail
Anderson: You can fill up the form and submit it.
you: and you can see it for yourself
you: but unlike zappos
you: you do nothing
you: but suggest that I pay your price..then submit
you: and be at your mercy.
you: that is not good business
you: it borders on unethical
Anderson: Once you place the order, you can claim the 'Best Price Guarantee' .
Anderson: Our Specialized Representatives in the 'Best Price Guarantee' team will review your request and contact you with a response in 4 business days.
you: lol I can order now from compuplus and the unit will SHIP in 1-2 business days!
you: this is going to be very comicaL READING..WHEN POSTED...
Anderson: If you would like to purchase this item now, I can help you with $30 discount.
Anderson: If you think this item can qualify for our Best Price Guarantee credit, you may apply for it (after purchasing the item).
you: I appreciate your offer..and you have been very polite w me and thorough in defining your companies policies...
Anderson: Shall I help you in placing the order with $30 discount now?
you: I will decline that generous offer, under the present circumstances as per the difference in pricing...
Anderson: Please let me know if you've any additional concerns.
you: it still amounts to about $65 more.. no that will be it...and again I thank you for your time.
you: I will cose this window after having cut and pasted to notepad.
Anderson: Thanks so much for shopping with Overstock.com. Have a great evening.
Chat session has been terminated by the Overstock Service representative.

Don't Buy From Overstock!
By -

Rip off scam with Club O and forget returns, you been had!!!! I have been a long time customer of Overstock, spent quite a lot of money with them and until now I've never had any serious problems with them. First off, never, ever, ever, buy into their "club O". This is a scam. You pay them in order to get reduced prices but once you get access, you will find that many of the "reduced" prices are minimal. Oh and hey, you get $1.00 shipping all the time. Oh big deal. 9 times out of 10 you get free shipping not being an O member or at worst it is $2.95 but even club O seems to exclude those "hard to ship" items and you get whammed anyway.

Here is the stinker about Club O: Example: You find item ABC that is priced wonderfully for Club O members only at $150.00. If you are not a club O member, it will cost you $155.00 so hey you save an additional $5.00 and you think wow great. Then you do an internet search on "Overstock coupon codes" just checking to see if there are any good coupons I could apply. Hey, I see one! $15.00 of $150.00 or more and you think, wow great, that's a great deal. I won't get my $5.00 club O reduction but instead I'll get $15.00 off the original $150.00 and come out better in the long run. Wrong.

How is this for a scam: You go to the site, you put ITEM ABC into your cart. The cart shows $150.00 plus shipping, then you apply the coupon code. Wow, it applies and saves you $15.00 more dollars, now your cart is $135.00 plus shipping! Yippee! Right? Wrong. You enter your credit card info, with each passing page the final price of the item does not change from $135.00, the discount is continually shown. Now, they have your credit card info. You mouse to that complete order button and wham, this is where it all goes straight to hell.

The confirmation order page shows that you were NOT charged $135.00 plus shipping but you were actually charged $150.00 plus shipping. They wait until they have your credit card info and then once the order is placed, they increase the amount. Personally, I don't see how this is legal but I'm not an attorney coz if I was I would be too busy suing these bunch of thieves to write this! Then, you get mad and call their "customer service", that's what they call it, I call it, Overstock-how-to-take-you-to-the-cleaners service.

The "friendly" person on the other end of the phone argues with you over and over and over again about the applied coupon and that you can't do that if you are a club O member. And I try to explain to the little girl or boy that it doesn't make sense to join a club in which you pay to get better prices than the general public when in fact the general public can avoid paying the club fee and get better prices simply by using a coupon. The little rep doesn't understand this concept.

I explain to the little rep that it is listed in their policies for Club O members on THEIR site that the club O member is to always get the better price, either the coupon is to be applied or the club O discount, whichever results in the greater discount. Are you with me here? It's a simple concept. This little rep asks me where I found that information on what page because she doesn't believe this is their policy. I ask for a supervisor who upon my long and detailed explanation agrees with me and acknowledges the Overstock policy but does NOT credit my card the difference. Instead I am given a credit for a future purchase.

And the whole thing starts all over again next time you order something. Do I hear class action lawsuit????? Next problem is with their returns. If you are reading this and you need to return something, let me inform you, that you are totally screwed. You have been had. Here's the deal. My husband ordered a Nordicware fry pan set, really nice and cost a little over $150.00. I anxiously await the arrival of this set because my current set is SHOT and I need a new one asap. Normally, in the past I had received my items within a couple of days, day 6 (very disappointing on the ship time), a box shows up on my porch.

I exclaim with much glee, "Yippee!!!!" as I excitedly open the box like a kid at Xmas. I could almost taste how bad I wanted this set. Do my eyes deceive me? Can this really be? It is not my long awaited Nordicware fry pan and griddle set. It is some strange looking black non stick, very large pan and a metal stock pot with a couple of cooking tools thrown in the bottom of the box. Packing material, oh you silly fool, they did not put any in the box so the items in the VERY large box floated around and beat the tar out of each other before my very disappointed eyes got to see that I had been shipped the incorrect piece of junk.

Now, these items have never seen nor can they comprehend the word quality. Total crap not to mention the totally wrong item. Personally, if it had been the right item, I would have been pretty mad at the inferior quality. Anyway, I get on the phone, little miss hopeful not worried in the least feeling confident that Overstock would take the items back and quickly resolve my issues and get me the correct merchandise. I must have been temporarily insane. Not only did they refuse to talk to me because my husband's name was on the order, they informed me that although this is their fault, this is now basically my problem and my expense to resolve.

Oh and BTW, the box did not include a shipping invoice or anything on paper for that matter. Well when we were finally able to talk to a CS rep, we were informed that if we wanted the correct set, this junk they sent would have to be returned first by me DRIVING it to one of their preferred locations (list would be mailed to me) and then after they are done processing, they would see about sending me the correct items provided they still had them.

Here is the timeline they gave me to complete this process: Snail mail return label to me: 1 week. I must drive to preferred location to drop off: 1-2 days. They receive wrong item: 1 week. They process wrong item: 1+ week. They generate correct item to me if they still have it: God only knows how long. It comes via mail: 6 days minimum. So to get the correct item, it will take me an additional almost 5 weeks from today PROVIDED they don't screw me over like they have some of the others out here that have posted complaints.

I tell CS rep this is unacceptable, what are they trying to hold on to my $150.00 as long as possible so they can make some $$$ in interest? C'mon!!!! CS rep tells me, you want refund? So I decide, I'm done with Overstock, I'll get a refund and shop elsewhere from now on. Guess what, the refund is going to take just about as long provided I "qualify". QUALIFY!!!! What the hell does that mean? I order and pay for items, the brainless twits send me $50.00 worth of other junk instead, and I have to "qualify" to get a refund?????

So here's the deal, Overstock has my $150.00, I have their $50.00 worth of trash and am awaiting my snail mail return form so I can go drive around to their "preferred locations" to drop off their piece of crap stuff and use my GAS to do it along with my time which I will never get reimbursed for so they can decide if I "qualify" for a refund while they now have both the original merchandise, the junk I send back and my $150.00. So this is how they can afford all those commercials. Damn good scam boys! I bet their mommas are proud of them!

Hmmmmm, think I will just call the bank in the morning, cancel the charge (thank God for cancels) and return their crap to them. Then we are about even, I'm out a little time and gas. My face, fingers and mouse will never dawn their webdoor again. I'll stick with the companies that I know are trustworthy. Would love to see a criminal history on these guys... can only imagine.

Overstock.com Overcharging International Customers
By -

Just a heads for those that are not aware. Overstock.com is overcharging consumers that are purchasing internationally. I first noticed this when I decided to change my local to the USA from Canada. My cart dropped from $375 Cad to $300 USD, this appeared to be too large a change for current exchange rates,1 USD = 1.03660 CAD. I was able to locate an option on the Canadian side to be able to purchase my order in USD. When I compared my US cart to my Canadian International Cart there was a $50 US price difference in the two carts. This is just the carts before any taxes, duties, or shipping charges are added on to each order.

Doing some basic math I was able to determine that Canadian customers are being charged a 24.7% premium over what US customers are charged. To make sure it was not only Canadians I also checked ordering from the UK in USD and they were being charged a 26% premium. I was prepared to purchase from them before I found out about the premium they charge for international customers. Other online retailers allow international customers to order without being overcharged just because they outside of the country (Amazon, Martin and Osa are two I can confirm) ship to Canada and Internationally without charging premiums.

I post this as a heads up for anyone considering purchasing from Overstock.com internationally so they know that they are being overcharged.

DECEPTIVE. DANGLES the CARROT Then Yanks It Out of Reach!!
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Rating: 2/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Before even searching on their site for a generator, I had sent a letter to the company stating that they always claim to have the lowest prices on an item and gave you at least a dozen individual cases where that was not the truth. The woman that replied to me stated that your "Best Price Guarantee" fixes that. As long as its the exact item, height, weight, not on promotion or sale... etc).

Now, a few months later, I have indeed found a generator on their site that works for us. I found it cheaper at Newegg.com and asked the person in customer service (chat) about it. He told me it didn't qualify as it was on sale. It wasn't on sale at all... Newegg states "a savings of: x-dollars" on their items but I said "fine", that I would keep looking.

I found another one on HomeDepot.com and initiated chat again with customer service. CHAT REFERENCE #**, with Ian. He immediately went to the rules on what was not covered, it had to be an exact item, not on sale, etc. I said that I already knew this from a prior chat and gave him the item number as well as the competitor's page. After a "hold" lasting quite sometime... Ian told me that even though it qualified, they could ONLY take off up to $100.00 of the NON COUPON (12% off this weekend) price AND that the $100 had to be issued in store credit!!!

This is not price matching, this is not "Best Price Guarantee." This is get MORE money out of the consumer by making her/him spend the money they saved... AT OVERSTOCK.COM!!!! This is wrong on SO many levels. It is underhanded and sneaky. I asked in advance three times, the rules... NO ONE ever mentioned this great little loophole they keep handy. Extremely disappointed. Honor the Price Match... period.

Completely Awful!
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- I ordered the Lauren Grey canopy bed from Overstock.com with expedited shipping. Boxes arrived within a few days (it ships in two different boxes). I opened them to find one box was correct, while the other box was to a completely different piece of furniture! I called to complain, and they did immediately refund what I paid for expedited shipping and said they would look into it. However, the next day I received an email saying the bed was out of stock, they wouldn't know if it would be back IN stock for over a month, and here's $30 off in-store credit to Overstock.com... like I'm going to use that!

I was even more appalled at the dismissive tone of the email when I discovered that there is another Lauren Canopy bed that is *exactly the same* with the exception of a different colored headboard. I called to ask if they could send me the 2nd box for that one instead. I was given several days of run around, being referred to different departments and different people. Someone tried to tell me that just because two beds LOOK alike doesn't mean they have the same parts... I had to inform her that the beds did not simply "look alike", they were actually the same bed with the same model number.

Finally they agreed to ship those parts to me, and kept informing me that the "warehouse was working on it". I was told the bed would go out with expedited shipping. (Ironically, the original bed color had come back in stock while all of this was going on.) My bed shipped over a week after the original incident started and guess what?? No expedited shipping! Instead of 2 business days I was told it would arrive in 5-10 business days.

I called to complain and they claimed that there was nothing in the notes about expedited shipping, yet it did say that RIGHT in the email chain that I was looking at from their customer service reps (I spoke to about 9 different people). Overstock literally messed this up at every step of the way and I will never shop there again. Oh well, guess I'll never get to use my $30 in store credit. Btw, still waiting on my bed.

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered five 4 packs of Axe deodorant to put into care packages for Christmas. Overstock sent me 5 individual sticks. Then, they said they will send the right amount out. They sent 5 sticks again, and closed the customer service complaint as "buyer remorse"! They have since changed the description of what I ordered. Even their customer service gave me a link to the exact product I ordered, copy and pasted the description into the body of the e-mail, but manipulated it to make it look like the description was for what they sent me. Bait and switch tactics, and bad customer service. DISHONEST!

Bait and Switch - Inferior Laptop Delivered
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Rating: 1/51

Product details said Lenovo laptop standard memory was 4 GB, maximum memory of 8 GB. A "Features" box at the bottom of the product details listing said "Computer Memory - 8 GB." The listing certainly implied that the version they were selling had been upgraded to 8 GB of memory, in which case it was the best deal I could find on Black Friday. Laptop received only has 4 GB of memory. As far as I'm concerned, they advertised one product and shipped an inferior product. They have offered to refund my money, but since the other Black Friday deals I passed on in favor of Overstock.com are over, I'm screwed.

Company Response 12/01/2012:

If you can send me your order information at social@overstock.com , I would love to help you.

Where is My Order?
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered a light fixture from Overstock.com and paid for expedited shipping to insure getting it in 2 business days. When I called at the end of the 2nd business day I learned my order was shipped and attempted to be delivered to the incorrect address. Overstock's response appeared genuine at the time and guaranteed a replacement light fixture was being sent out overnight and guaranteed it would be delivered in 2 days. Guess what? did not happen either. They really dropped the ball on this one and it seems there is no one who is accountable for not following through with the promises. I will not be ordering from Overstock in the future - ever!

Customer Service SUCKS!!
By -

I just spoke to the customer service rep via live chat. I recently did a return, obtaining a RMA number and was asking about that status of the return. I returned it by USPS delivery confirmation, but no tracking. The rep asked for my tracking number and stated that she could not tell me if the package was received by the warehouse without the number. I argued that the tracking number would only tell her if it had been delivered (I could do that myself), but I simply wanted to know if it had been received and logged into their computer.

She refused to try to check on the status of my return without the tracking number. This is obviously frustrating and wrong. It's one thing to state that it has NOT been received and therefore they need proof of delivery for a refund. It's another thing to state, that unless you have proof of delivery, you will not receive help for your return! Please do not shop here, unless you want to be treated like me!! As someone who buys a lot over the internet, I am sad to say that I will stop shopping at Overstock.

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