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Don't Buy From Overstock!
By -

Rip off scam with Club O and forget returns, you been had!!!! I have been a long time customer of Overstock, spent quite a lot of money with them and until now I've never had any serious problems with them. First off, never, ever, ever, buy into their "club O". This is a scam. You pay them in order to get reduced prices but once you get access, you will find that many of the "reduced" prices are minimal. Oh and hey, you get $1.00 shipping all the time. Oh big deal. 9 times out of 10 you get free shipping not being an O member or at worst it is $2.95 but even club O seems to exclude those "hard to ship" items and you get whammed anyway.

Here is the stinker about Club O: Example: You find item ABC that is priced wonderfully for Club O members only at $150.00. If you are not a club O member, it will cost you $155.00 so hey you save an additional $5.00 and you think wow great. Then you do an internet search on "Overstock coupon codes" just checking to see if there are any good coupons I could apply. Hey, I see one! $15.00 of $150.00 or more and you think, wow great, that's a great deal. I won't get my $5.00 club O reduction but instead I'll get $15.00 off the original $150.00 and come out better in the long run. Wrong.

How is this for a scam: You go to the site, you put ITEM ABC into your cart. The cart shows $150.00 plus shipping, then you apply the coupon code. Wow, it applies and saves you $15.00 more dollars, now your cart is $135.00 plus shipping! Yippee! Right? Wrong. You enter your credit card info, with each passing page the final price of the item does not change from $135.00, the discount is continually shown. Now, they have your credit card info. You mouse to that complete order button and wham, this is where it all goes straight to hell.

The confirmation order page shows that you were NOT charged $135.00 plus shipping but you were actually charged $150.00 plus shipping. They wait until they have your credit card info and then once the order is placed, they increase the amount. Personally, I don't see how this is legal but I'm not an attorney coz if I was I would be too busy suing these bunch of thieves to write this! Then, you get mad and call their "customer service", that's what they call it, I call it, Overstock-how-to-take-you-to-the-cleaners service.

The "friendly" person on the other end of the phone argues with you over and over and over again about the applied coupon and that you can't do that if you are a club O member. And I try to explain to the little girl or boy that it doesn't make sense to join a club in which you pay to get better prices than the general public when in fact the general public can avoid paying the club fee and get better prices simply by using a coupon. The little rep doesn't understand this concept.

I explain to the little rep that it is listed in their policies for Club O members on THEIR site that the club O member is to always get the better price, either the coupon is to be applied or the club O discount, whichever results in the greater discount. Are you with me here? It's a simple concept. This little rep asks me where I found that information on what page because she doesn't believe this is their policy. I ask for a supervisor who upon my long and detailed explanation agrees with me and acknowledges the Overstock policy but does NOT credit my card the difference. Instead I am given a credit for a future purchase.

And the whole thing starts all over again next time you order something. Do I hear class action lawsuit????? Next problem is with their returns. If you are reading this and you need to return something, let me inform you, that you are totally screwed. You have been had. Here's the deal. My husband ordered a Nordicware fry pan set, really nice and cost a little over $150.00. I anxiously await the arrival of this set because my current set is SHOT and I need a new one asap. Normally, in the past I had received my items within a couple of days, day 6 (very disappointing on the ship time), a box shows up on my porch.

I exclaim with much glee, "Yippee!!!!" as I excitedly open the box like a kid at Xmas. I could almost taste how bad I wanted this set. Do my eyes deceive me? Can this really be? It is not my long awaited Nordicware fry pan and griddle set. It is some strange looking black non stick, very large pan and a metal stock pot with a couple of cooking tools thrown in the bottom of the box. Packing material, oh you silly fool, they did not put any in the box so the items in the VERY large box floated around and beat the tar out of each other before my very disappointed eyes got to see that I had been shipped the incorrect piece of junk.

Now, these items have never seen nor can they comprehend the word quality. Total crap not to mention the totally wrong item. Personally, if it had been the right item, I would have been pretty mad at the inferior quality. Anyway, I get on the phone, little miss hopeful not worried in the least feeling confident that Overstock would take the items back and quickly resolve my issues and get me the correct merchandise. I must have been temporarily insane. Not only did they refuse to talk to me because my husband's name was on the order, they informed me that although this is their fault, this is now basically my problem and my expense to resolve.

Oh and BTW, the box did not include a shipping invoice or anything on paper for that matter. Well when we were finally able to talk to a CS rep, we were informed that if we wanted the correct set, this junk they sent would have to be returned first by me DRIVING it to one of their preferred locations (list would be mailed to me) and then after they are done processing, they would see about sending me the correct items provided they still had them.

Here is the timeline they gave me to complete this process: Snail mail return label to me: 1 week. I must drive to preferred location to drop off: 1-2 days. They receive wrong item: 1 week. They process wrong item: 1+ week. They generate correct item to me if they still have it: God only knows how long. It comes via mail: 6 days minimum. So to get the correct item, it will take me an additional almost 5 weeks from today PROVIDED they don't screw me over like they have some of the others out here that have posted complaints.

I tell CS rep this is unacceptable, what are they trying to hold on to my $150.00 as long as possible so they can make some $$$ in interest? C'mon!!!! CS rep tells me, you want refund? So I decide, I'm done with Overstock, I'll get a refund and shop elsewhere from now on. Guess what, the refund is going to take just about as long provided I "qualify". QUALIFY!!!! What the hell does that mean? I order and pay for items, the brainless twits send me $50.00 worth of other junk instead, and I have to "qualify" to get a refund?????

So here's the deal, Overstock has my $150.00, I have their $50.00 worth of trash and am awaiting my snail mail return form so I can go drive around to their "preferred locations" to drop off their piece of crap stuff and use my GAS to do it along with my time which I will never get reimbursed for so they can decide if I "qualify" for a refund while they now have both the original merchandise, the junk I send back and my $150.00. So this is how they can afford all those commercials. Damn good scam boys! I bet their mommas are proud of them!

Hmmmmm, think I will just call the bank in the morning, cancel the charge (thank God for cancels) and return their crap to them. Then we are about even, I'm out a little time and gas. My face, fingers and mouse will never dawn their webdoor again. I'll stick with the companies that I know are trustworthy. Would love to see a criminal history on these guys... can only imagine.

Overstock.com Overcharging International Customers
By -

Just a heads for those that are not aware. Overstock.com is overcharging consumers that are purchasing internationally. I first noticed this when I decided to change my local to the USA from Canada. My cart dropped from $375 Cad to $300 USD, this appeared to be too large a change for current exchange rates,1 USD = 1.03660 CAD. I was able to locate an option on the Canadian side to be able to purchase my order in USD. When I compared my US cart to my Canadian International Cart there was a $50 US price difference in the two carts. This is just the carts before any taxes, duties, or shipping charges are added on to each order.

Doing some basic math I was able to determine that Canadian customers are being charged a 24.7% premium over what US customers are charged. To make sure it was not only Canadians I also checked ordering from the UK in USD and they were being charged a 26% premium. I was prepared to purchase from them before I found out about the premium they charge for international customers. Other online retailers allow international customers to order without being overcharged just because they outside of the country (Amazon, Martin and Osa are two I can confirm) ship to Canada and Internationally without charging premiums.

I post this as a heads up for anyone considering purchasing from Overstock.com internationally so they know that they are being overcharged.

Completely Awful!
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- I ordered the Lauren Grey canopy bed from Overstock.com with expedited shipping. Boxes arrived within a few days (it ships in two different boxes). I opened them to find one box was correct, while the other box was to a completely different piece of furniture! I called to complain, and they did immediately refund what I paid for expedited shipping and said they would look into it. However, the next day I received an email saying the bed was out of stock, they wouldn't know if it would be back IN stock for over a month, and here's $30 off in-store credit to Overstock.com... like I'm going to use that!

I was even more appalled at the dismissive tone of the email when I discovered that there is another Lauren Canopy bed that is *exactly the same* with the exception of a different colored headboard. I called to ask if they could send me the 2nd box for that one instead. I was given several days of run around, being referred to different departments and different people. Someone tried to tell me that just because two beds LOOK alike doesn't mean they have the same parts... I had to inform her that the beds did not simply "look alike", they were actually the same bed with the same model number.

Finally they agreed to ship those parts to me, and kept informing me that the "warehouse was working on it". I was told the bed would go out with expedited shipping. (Ironically, the original bed color had come back in stock while all of this was going on.) My bed shipped over a week after the original incident started and guess what?? No expedited shipping! Instead of 2 business days I was told it would arrive in 5-10 business days.

I called to complain and they claimed that there was nothing in the notes about expedited shipping, yet it did say that RIGHT in the email chain that I was looking at from their customer service reps (I spoke to about 9 different people). Overstock literally messed this up at every step of the way and I will never shop there again. Oh well, guess I'll never get to use my $30 in store credit. Btw, still waiting on my bed.

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered five 4 packs of Axe deodorant to put into care packages for Christmas. Overstock sent me 5 individual sticks. Then, they said they will send the right amount out. They sent 5 sticks again, and closed the customer service complaint as "buyer remorse"! They have since changed the description of what I ordered. Even their customer service gave me a link to the exact product I ordered, copy and pasted the description into the body of the e-mail, but manipulated it to make it look like the description was for what they sent me. Bait and switch tactics, and bad customer service. DISHONEST!

Bait and Switch - Inferior Laptop Delivered
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Rating: 1/51

Product details said Lenovo laptop standard memory was 4 GB, maximum memory of 8 GB. A "Features" box at the bottom of the product details listing said "Computer Memory - 8 GB." The listing certainly implied that the version they were selling had been upgraded to 8 GB of memory, in which case it was the best deal I could find on Black Friday. Laptop received only has 4 GB of memory. As far as I'm concerned, they advertised one product and shipped an inferior product. They have offered to refund my money, but since the other Black Friday deals I passed on in favor of Overstock.com are over, I'm screwed.

Company Response 12/01/2012:

If you can send me your order information at social@overstock.com , I would love to help you.

Where is My Order?
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered a light fixture from Overstock.com and paid for expedited shipping to insure getting it in 2 business days. When I called at the end of the 2nd business day I learned my order was shipped and attempted to be delivered to the incorrect address. Overstock's response appeared genuine at the time and guaranteed a replacement light fixture was being sent out overnight and guaranteed it would be delivered in 2 days. Guess what? did not happen either. They really dropped the ball on this one and it seems there is no one who is accountable for not following through with the promises. I will not be ordering from Overstock in the future - ever!

Customer Service SUCKS!!
By -

I just spoke to the customer service rep via live chat. I recently did a return, obtaining a RMA number and was asking about that status of the return. I returned it by USPS delivery confirmation, but no tracking. The rep asked for my tracking number and stated that she could not tell me if the package was received by the warehouse without the number. I argued that the tracking number would only tell her if it had been delivered (I could do that myself), but I simply wanted to know if it had been received and logged into their computer.

She refused to try to check on the status of my return without the tracking number. This is obviously frustrating and wrong. It's one thing to state that it has NOT been received and therefore they need proof of delivery for a refund. It's another thing to state, that unless you have proof of delivery, you will not receive help for your return! Please do not shop here, unless you want to be treated like me!! As someone who buys a lot over the internet, I am sad to say that I will stop shopping at Overstock.

By -

I ordered a product from Overstock.com at a very low price. Considering their website advertises 80% off, I never once believed the offer could have been “too good to be true.” After ordering the product I called my friend and informed her of the awesome deal I had just gotten. She goes on the website to order this as well and sees they are out of stock. With hearing that it was such a good deal she decided to locate them on Facebook. Once there, she noticed someone put up a post asking if prices were correct. The moderator for that site informed them that there was a pricing error and everyone should hear something very soon on their orders.

12 hours later I receive an email that states my order was canceled due to either ME canceling or them lacking enough information to process my order. Well, I didn't cancel and they had enough information to already take the money out of my bank account and send me an email. Their excuse was a pathetic lie. Well, shortly after I get another email with the subject line of “Opps”. That email did explain the error but never mentioned when my money would be returned and no offer to rectify the situation. A third email then comes stating I can check my account for further details and all money will be returned.

Well… still didn't tell me when MY money would get back to me. I fully believe prices should have been honored. My local grocery store honors their prices. And really, Publix will give it to you for free if it rings up incorrectly. Before the emails started I also “liked” their Facebook page to stay updated on what was going on. Someone posted a link to BBB on there and I made a comment under it. The post was deleted. I asked why this was deleted and the moderator explained they didn't know what I was talking about and never seen a link and they welcome any and all feedback posted to their page. The person re-posted the link to BBB at that time.

Well, now all of the posts have been deleted. So there's lie number 3. Lie 1 = They told us a certain price and then went back on that price. Lie 2 = Blaming me for their error! Lie 3 = Deleting posts on FB. Please do your research into this company before buying anything from them. They will not honor their name. Google had an issue with them spamming to make their posts show up at the beginning of the search engines and there's a lawsuit forming against them from CA right now. Not a reputable company at ALL! They genuinely do not care about their customers.

Worst Customer Service Ever... Kafkaesque
By -

I've used Overstock on several occasions but will not be using them ever again. I recently ordered two items from them. A backpack and a watch. My credit card was immediately charged but my order was "in processing" for almost five days when I logged int to my Overstock account. Funny how the process to take your dough is almost instantaneous but the delivery of said product... not so much. I was patient for a few days... then I finally got an email telling me that my items were shipping (tracking numbers and all). One item shipped UPS and the other FedEx. Whatever, as long as I get it.

Now mind you, I ordered with the hope that I would get my items about ten days. Sound familiar? The original arrival date was the 2nd of Nov. for one item and the 1st for the other. I was fine with the item on the 1st but I was not going to be here to receive the item on the 2nd. I then logged into see where the items where and I noticed that they still had not shipped. I talked to someone at Overstock and told them the 2nd would be too late and since the item has not shipped yet that I would like to cancel the order. She told me that it was out of her hands and that I should contact FedEx.

This made no sense to me since Overstock still had the item in the warehouse and the item had not shipped. So I contacted Fed-ex and they were very helpful (as usual for them). The item was returned (once it was shipped) back to Overstock. I then contacted Overstock in regards to a refund and they told me it would be 3 to 5 days. No biggie. When I logged back in today to Overstock to see when the other item was going to be delivered I noticed that Overstock reshipped the item in question. Have no idea why. I again contacted Overstock and explain the situation. I was told that the item is on its way to me (even though it was already returned once).

At this point I was super frustrated. I was told that the item shipped out again because it was never cancelled. I told that I did cancel it and returned it. They admitted that THEY didn't cancel it. I asked the representative (**) how that could be my fault. He said it wasn't but that I had to returned the item again to get my money back. (Even though I had already done this once.) He told me to contact FedEx to see what they could do. Frustration factor is very high by now. The guy at FedEx couldn't do anything cause Overstock uses a Smart-post system. So the post office will deliver my item to the usual spot where I get my mail.

So it's not FedEx delivering but the mailman. Great! So the mailman will just leave the box outside. It's happened before and I'm sure this time won't be any different. Since I'm traveling for the next two months I won't be able to return it. So I'm stuck with something I don't want and those jerks at Overstock have my money. Don't use them unless you absolutely have to.... and then use another vendor. They are inept and horrible at customer care. I just happen to google "overstock customer service" and got a ton of negative reviews from various websites.... should have done this before I used them.

Returns Policy - a Complete Rip-Off!!!
By -

I recently bought a decent sized order (approx. $360 worth of clothes) from Overstock.com and both jackets I had bought were too big so on the same day I received the order, after trying the jackets on I sent them straight back in the exact same way I had received them - in the plastic coverings and tags still attached. After speaking to someone on their online chat, I was told I had to send the jackets back in 2 separate boxes - although they had sent the entire order to me in one box! I figured it was a little strange but since they were paying for the return shipping, I wasn't that bothered about it because it didn't really inconvenience me.

Anyway, I waited over 2 weeks for any sign of a refund and today received an email stating they would only be refunding half the amount of one of the jackets I had bought. (The jacket cost $74.99 and they offered me a $37.50 refund.) So it was back to the live chat for me!! I queried why they were only giving me half of my money back and was told that the item had been used OR been opened. Which one they could not specify!! But I am assuming that it's because I opened the plastic covering to try the jacket on.

Anyway, after explaining that I had returned it as I received it - with all its tags still attached and neatly selo-taped back in the plastic covering. I asked their representative how you are supposed to try the clothing on if you cannot even take the item out of the plastic covering?! This seems very ridiculous to me! I did not get a response to my question. I assured the representative I did not rip or damage the plastic covering in any way and the representative just said they would pass my complaint along to their "Specialized Customer Service Department" and they would be in contact in 1-2 days.

I am absolutely disgusted with Overstock.com as this seems to be somewhat of a scam to try to make more money out of people. In effect, they are trying to charge me $37.49 for a plastic bag which would normally cost less than a $1!!!! I will NEVER use Overstock.com again if this is the kind of scams they are pulling on their customers and after reading hundreds of similar reviews, I know I am not the only one. I am absolutely disgusted and only wish I had read the reviews first, before buying anything from these scam artists!! DON'T USE OVERSTOCK.COM!!! THEY WILL SHAFT YOU ANY WAY THEY CAN TO GET YOUR MONEY!!

Resolution Update 11/06/2009:

After MANY emails and phone calls of complaint to them, Overstock.com has kindly decided to refund the total amount due back to me, not just half.

I am guessing they rely heavily on most customer's apathy and inaction in these types of situations because I know if I did not complain as much as I did, if I didnt speak up I would not have got all of my money back.

Anyway, I am very pleased with the overall outcome

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