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ST.LOUIS, MICHIGAN -- I won a kit from the Pampered Chef, then got screwed over big time. Nobody told me I had to pay a fee for not having shows after 3 months even though it's a "go at your own pace" type of job. LIARS and you have to submit at least $150 for it to count... want to know what your commission is off of $150? Barely $80. BULL CRAP! They don't tell you that stuff when you sign up.

Every time I bought something, it broke, and when a customer bought something and it broke. I called and they asked how it broke. I said it was unknown because she put it in the dishwasher, and then the paint chipped off the stainless steel pan after one wash. They said she shouldn't put it in the dishwasher... OK then don't put DISH WASHER SAFE ON THE PAN! So bottom line... don't work with them, and don't buy from them.

Multiple broken stones and broken products!
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I just happened upon this website and was amazed to realize I'm not the only one with broken and faulty Pampered Chef products! I bought most of my products in the late 90's through mid-2000's through multiple parties. Through the years, I've noticed that things seem to break easier than they should or that they were designed very badly. For instance I had a little pair of wooden tongs just break apart through no fault of my own.

And one of the more recent items I bought was the super long metal tongs with black rubber on the ends... these are completely defective as far as I'm concerned. When you use them, they pinch your skin between the two handles and it HURTS!! It's almost impossible to use these tongs without pinching a huge chunk of the palm of your hand! I'm amazed they ever sold these.

But what I'm most upset about is my stoneware breaking. I bought all my stoneware in probably 1999. About a year ago, my large pizza stone suddenly broke in my kitchen sink, but I figured it must have bumped the side and broke. It shattered, but we were still surprised it could break that easily. But at Christmas, I pulled out my pie stoneware, and my 9x13 stoneware to use on Christmas and both of them were cracked! They were still intact, with a huge crack across the bottom of each. They are stored next to one another, not on top of each other, and none of my other stoneware was cracked.

This cabinet is never used other than by me and would not be able to be shaken or messed with to make something crack. I remembered that I thought they had a lifetime warranty, I contacted Pampered Chef and received a response that they have a 3-year guaranty only and that I was out of luck. I wrote back that it was fine for them to do that to me, but I would never purchase from them again ever. I never heard back from them.

Reading all these reviews makes me realize how easily their products break. Unfortunately I should have listened to my intuition way back when, when the little wooden tongs broke that their products are not nearly as good as they seem to be at the parties. I like the stoneware, but they were never as incredible as it was always portrayed in the parties. Although I have to buy new baking pans, I'm not bothered to try out other products/companies as I was never really in love with these to begin with.

Pampered Chef poison product
By -

FLORIDA -- Pampered Chef sucks. Here is a trail of email concern and the not-so-wonderful replies:

ME: Hi, I ordered a 1 gallon beverage mixer-container from a representative at a party, and she moved out of state shortly after that and had never given me a receipt. I wish to return the container as I believe it is made of polycarbonate which has been linked to toxins released in liquids held in them.

PC: Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef. We appreciate you bringing this information to our attention. We would like to assist you further by honoring our generous product guarantee. We have 1-year guarantee on our pitcher. However, let us assure you that Pampered Chef items that are designed to come into contact with food have been tested to FDA standards and are food-contact safe. We stand by the safety and quality of our products. ** Solution Center Representative

ME: Although the FDA had approved polycarbonate containers as food safe, there is increasing evidence that this is not so. On April 18, 2008, Canada declared them as unsafe, and in both the US and Canada they have recalled
baby bottles made from polycarbonate. Therefore, I have also taken measures to ensure the safety of my children by removing all items labeled with 7, and contacting manufacturers who did not label their items to verify construction.

PC: Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef regarding your experience with the Family-Size Quick-StirĀ® Pitcher. Our guarantee guidelines are thoroughly stated on the back of our sales receipt, and they are one of the many reasons why our customers repeatedly order from The Pampered Chef.

Within one year of the original purchase, you may refund or exchange the item for any other item available for sale at the time of the original purchase, provided it has not been discontinued. Understandably, we have to set standards to our guidelines. We are sorry that we are unable to honor your request at this time. It appears that the Family-Size Quick-StirĀ® Pitcher is beyond our 1-year guarantee period, as the ship date of your order appears to be 04-APR-2006

ME: Thanks for your assistance. Regardless, what I needed to know is if the construction of the pitcher is Polycarbonate, so that I may remove it from my home. It is not labeled with any recycle code, nor any of the plastic codes like PP or PE. Could you let me know the construction? I could not find the item on your inventory online.

PC: We do not classify our products using the recycling code you have requested. Like our competitors, we do not disclose the composition of our products as we consider this to be confidential in nature. The Society of the Plastics Industry developed and uses this identification code to help sort products during the recycling process. Their public website states that these identification codes do not provide guidance on the safe or intended use of a product and should not be used for this purpose. If you would like more information regarding the purpose of recycling codes, you can visit

ME: Sent: 23-Apr-2008 It is unfortunate that even though I have stated my concerns for the health of my family, your answers have been nothing short of evasive. As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, consumer, government employee, and educated citizen, you can be certain that due to your lack of cooperation, I will be posting your reply on every website I can find and destroying every Pampered Chef item in my cabinet. Hopefully I will not be invited to another party; I would have to bring your email with me to inform others.

PC: We understand your concerns and have addressed your inquiry to the best of our ability and knowledge. I too am a wife and mother of three and have complete faith that our products are safe as well as the information provided in the link below. I would suppose it would be a matter of whom to believe at this point. In the studies provided on the website below, it explains the concerns and misunderstandings there appears to be regarding this issue.Like our competitors, we do not disclose the composition of our products as we consider this to be confidential in nature. We stand by the safety and quality of our products.

Was a Consultant Briefly. Have Many Products in My Kitchen.
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Rating: 2/51

ADDISON, ILLINOIS -- It truly is as bad as you've heard. The only products I can recommend are the pizza stones, and they are terribly overpriced. Some of the products work; others do not. Never purchase the color coated knives because they dull quickly. This is why they are not guaranteed. The recipe books are simply terrible. They make Betty Crocker look like Escoffier. Try following the recipe if you have a background in cooking. I dare ya. It probably won't turn out, and you'll be shaking your head the entire time.

If you are a husband attempting to distract your housewife from your porn addiction and many affairs, this is a wonderful company, even better than Avon in the 1950s-70s. But if you want to cook and care about what you eat: Stay away. Go to a kitchen supply store. In this place, you will find good quality items for much less. Read real classic cookbooks to develop a taste and technique. Buy local. Perhaps then your children will not develop diseases like diabetes. You'll certainly not be stuck throwing away food.

Chef's Knife
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Rating: 1/51

STOCKBRIDGE, MICHIGAN -- Bought the Chefs knife for 75.00. Within a few months the handle fell off. On the replacement knife the tip broke. They would not replace it. I then found out that Pampered Chef items were made in China. This is not shown in their catalog or told to you by their home sales reps. It is stamped on all of their products. Buyer beware.

Approved Exchange Never Received
By -

I purchased Pineapple Wedger at a book party, found the item extremely difficult to use. Six foot husband had to place wedger on floor in order to apply enough pressure for the item to cut the pineapple, that was the only time I used it. I have carpal tunnel and cannot apply that much exertion without pain. Decided to contact Pampered Chef Co., explained situation and asked that I be allowed to exchange the wedger for four (4) of the small spreaders. I emailed with ** at Solution-Center at and she assured me I had an $18 credit.

She gave me a number to place on the outside of the return box and stated that once I returned the item I would be sent the four spreaders. I shipped the item back on August 22, 2011 via Delivery Confirmation and spent $8.59 to ship it, taped invoice inside the box with the wedger as instructed.

Today is November 29, 2011 and still no spreaders. After many, many additional emails I get no response from anyone, in particular not Ms **, at Pampered Chef. At this point I will never, ever purchase from Pampered Chef and would advise people to steer clear of companies with such shabby customer service follow through. I am now out the original $18 for the wedger, have no wedger after returning it and spent another $8.59 shipping.

They Don't Care!!!
By -

My consultant doesn't answer her phone or return calls!!!! My orders are late because no one contacted me to tell me or my guest of a problem. A credit card number was wrong and it held up my whole order because no one could get a hold of my consultant. I still would not know why my guests orders haven't arrived if I hadn't called to check with Pampered Chef myself. The company was no help at all!!

They said a week and a half to two more weeks, nothing they can do to help get it here any faster. She really didn't even care and didn't even act remotely like she did. Pampered chef just lost my business! I now have to tell my guest their gifts for birthdays won't make it. Thank you to ** my consultant and Pampered Chef for nothing!

Broken products and nothing done
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ILLINOIS -- Just tonight 16 Aug 2010 I was baking in my beloved Pampered Chef stoneware as I do so many nights in the week.... when I reached into the oven to pull the 9x9 baking dish out and the whole side broke off in my hand. I was shocked and thank God not burned. I screamed and my husband ran to help and reached in to lift it by the other side and the corner broke off in his hand. We finally slid it onto another pan and got it out of the oven. We salvaged dinner and afterward I called the company customer line. That was a joke as I was told suddenly that Pampered Chef now only has a 3 year warranty on the stoneware line.

I thought that was crap since all the many years and years I had bought the products that it all had a lifetime warranty. And ** the customer service representative was rude in my opinion. You would think that Pampered Chef would Value long time customers in this economy especially!! But I guess not! And from now on I will not be singing the Pampered Chef stoneware praises as I have done so often to my friends. And even more so after reading so many complaints here online of people have problems with stone ware pieces. Oh well I too will be out looking for another company to buy such baking stones from.

Lifetime warranty - not so
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After spending $400+ on Pampered Chef pots, that are about 5 years old, I needed to return a couple of them for replacement. Basically my family skillet had a black unremovable spot right in the center and was no long flat, rather the center was out of shape. My small and medium saute pans were releasing the black coating. Still under my lifetime warranty and with my receipts, I called and send them in for replacement.

Well, the lifetime warranty isn't so. According to them, they look at your returns, do tests and a team decides if it is manufacture's defect or if you simple "misused your pots". Don't fall for the lifetime warranty pitch, I have written the company and have demanded a copy of the tests and the results that lead to their denial to replace my pot. I was a loyal PC customer. Now just a very disappointed one. No more business from me.

Pampered Chef Sucks
By -

Went to a Pampered Chef Party. Bought some stuff, after a YEAR the girl who hosted the party finally got my stuff to me. 3 out of the 4 items busted within a month. Unfortunately, it had been over a year since "purchase" so none of the warranties were any good any more, and I had seriously used this JUNK like twice. The egg/mushroom slicer does NOT slice mushrooms. As for the Salt/Peppermill deal, the door broke off of the place where you are supposed to load the salt, rendering it useless. The pink kitchen gloves got a hole in them in record time. Like seriously within 2 weeks of getting them. I could go on but suffice to say it's all overpriced junk.

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