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Defective Pampered Chef products
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REDDING, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Pampered Chef stoneware baker three years ago. The first time lifted it out of the cupboard, it broke in two in my hands. If I hadn't held on to both pieces, the knife-sharp edges could have severely injured my bare foot. I have tried for three years to get a replacement or a refund from several Pampered Chef representatives, but because the original rep quit and the item is no longer made, I have received nothing to date.

Around the same time, I purchased a Food Chopper. The chopper blade became dull and unusable after only a few uses. I was told later that I should have purchased a special chopping board from Pampered Chef. I have yet to receive a refund or replacement. A representative says she is still waiting after three months for Pampered Chef to respond to her inquiries regarding both of the aforementioned items.

Then in November 2007, I purchased a Rice Cooker Plus. While cooking brown rice in the microwave according to Pampered Chef instructions, the cooker suddenly melted and released noxious gases. I could barely breath and had to open all the windows in the middle of winter to get the fumes out. If I hadn't been standing in the kitchen, my home could have caught on fire. As it is, my expensive microwave oven is ruined. Finally, the first time I used the Mix 'N Masher to mashed potatoes it broke.

I have been cooking for 40 years and have never had similar problems with other cookware. I have heard that other customers have had similar problems with the same defective and even dangerous Pampered Chef products. The fact that I could not find a way to communicate with Pampered Chef directly and my representative has apparently tried for more than three months to no avail, indicates to me that the company is not concerned about the health, safety, or satisfaction of its customers. I would like to be contacted by someone who could help me get my money back for these items.

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Rating: 2/51

Over the years I have purchased Pampered Chef products and have really enjoyed them. At the party I was told there was a lifetime guarantee on the products also. A couple of months ago one of my bar pans broke in half in the oven. I called the lady that was the representative at the party and she now tells me that it is only a three year warranty. Funny how the warranty changes after you purchase the product. She was nice enough to replace it this time but told me that when you cook on it you can't have frozen meat on it and you can put frozen pizzas on it and you have to have the pan full on it etc.

Well this certainly isn't told at the party is it. I would never have purchased these very expensive products if I had of known all these things about them and then the warranty changes. I really like the products and if the truth had have been known would you really sell as many items at a party that you do. I have read the comments on the warranty of your products and maybe as a company you should realize that we are not lying when we tell you that we were told that it has a lifetime warranty. And maybe there should be a paper in the box or stamped right on the box that you need your receipt and there is only a THREE YEAR warranty not LIFETIME.

Misleading Sales Information
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- At a Christmas holiday event, I bought a couple of items from Pampered Chef. I received a receipt for $114.47. After receiving the merchandise, including a free item, I decided to return the items for a refund. I packaged everything in the original packaging and returned everything including the free item.

My credit card account was charged $116.64 and my refund was $98.29 even though the receipt clearly indicated that the shipping was only $5.25. After four back and forth emails, a final phone call reiterated the fact that Pampered Chef would not refund any more money and their representative had misled me into thinking that the shipping was $5.25 and miscalculated my receipt (although the math is correct). This outfit is breaking the law and probably making a nifty profit by both overcharging and under-refunding. Never again...

Cheap Products Made in China With Cheap Labor
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Rating: 1/51

Just about like any of these home party marketing schemes Pampered Chef comes in at the bottom of the pile for low quality, overpriced junk made in China. Little of it is actually made in the U.S. A. I purchased a vegetable peeler recently. You can tell it is cheaply made by the feel. A better one can be had at Walmart for about 1/4th the price. All of the stoneware is overpriced and again can be purchased at Walmart for 1/2 or better. Stay away from Pampered Chef junk. Premier Jewelry is another rip-off with junk jewelry made in China. The markup is tremendous with at least 4 levels of sales people getting a big chunk of the markup. Stay away from home party junk.


ST.LOUIS, MICHIGAN -- I won a kit from the Pampered Chef, then got screwed over big time. Nobody told me I had to pay a fee for not having shows after 3 months even though it's a "go at your own pace" type of job. LIARS and you have to submit at least $150 for it to count... want to know what your commission is off of $150? Barely $80. BULL CRAP! They don't tell you that stuff when you sign up.

Every time I bought something, it broke, and when a customer bought something and it broke. I called and they asked how it broke. I said it was unknown because she put it in the dishwasher, and then the paint chipped off the stainless steel pan after one wash. They said she shouldn't put it in the dishwasher... OK then don't put DISH WASHER SAFE ON THE PAN! So bottom line... don't work with them, and don't buy from them.

Approved Exchange Never Received
By -

I purchased Pineapple Wedger at a book party, found the item extremely difficult to use. Six foot husband had to place wedger on floor in order to apply enough pressure for the item to cut the pineapple, that was the only time I used it. I have carpal tunnel and cannot apply that much exertion without pain. Decided to contact Pampered Chef Co., explained situation and asked that I be allowed to exchange the wedger for four (4) of the small spreaders. I emailed with ** at Solution-Center at and she assured me I had an $18 credit.

She gave me a number to place on the outside of the return box and stated that once I returned the item I would be sent the four spreaders. I shipped the item back on August 22, 2011 via Delivery Confirmation and spent $8.59 to ship it, taped invoice inside the box with the wedger as instructed.

Today is November 29, 2011 and still no spreaders. After many, many additional emails I get no response from anyone, in particular not Ms **, at Pampered Chef. At this point I will never, ever purchase from Pampered Chef and would advise people to steer clear of companies with such shabby customer service follow through. I am now out the original $18 for the wedger, have no wedger after returning it and spent another $8.59 shipping.

They Don't Care!!!
By -

My consultant doesn't answer her phone or return calls!!!! My orders are late because no one contacted me to tell me or my guest of a problem. A credit card number was wrong and it held up my whole order because no one could get a hold of my consultant. I still would not know why my guests orders haven't arrived if I hadn't called to check with Pampered Chef myself. The company was no help at all!!

They said a week and a half to two more weeks, nothing they can do to help get it here any faster. She really didn't even care and didn't even act remotely like she did. Pampered chef just lost my business! I now have to tell my guest their gifts for birthdays won't make it. Thank you to ** my consultant and Pampered Chef for nothing!

Broken products and nothing done
By -

ILLINOIS -- Just tonight 16 Aug 2010 I was baking in my beloved Pampered Chef stoneware as I do so many nights in the week.... when I reached into the oven to pull the 9x9 baking dish out and the whole side broke off in my hand. I was shocked and thank God not burned. I screamed and my husband ran to help and reached in to lift it by the other side and the corner broke off in his hand. We finally slid it onto another pan and got it out of the oven. We salvaged dinner and afterward I called the company customer line. That was a joke as I was told suddenly that Pampered Chef now only has a 3 year warranty on the stoneware line.

I thought that was crap since all the many years and years I had bought the products that it all had a lifetime warranty. And ** the customer service representative was rude in my opinion. You would think that Pampered Chef would Value long time customers in this economy especially!! But I guess not! And from now on I will not be singing the Pampered Chef stoneware praises as I have done so often to my friends. And even more so after reading so many complaints here online of people have problems with stone ware pieces. Oh well I too will be out looking for another company to buy such baking stones from.

Lifetime warranty - not so
By -

After spending $400+ on Pampered Chef pots, that are about 5 years old, I needed to return a couple of them for replacement. Basically my family skillet had a black unremovable spot right in the center and was no long flat, rather the center was out of shape. My small and medium saute pans were releasing the black coating. Still under my lifetime warranty and with my receipts, I called and send them in for replacement.

Well, the lifetime warranty isn't so. According to them, they look at your returns, do tests and a team decides if it is manufacture's defect or if you simple "misused your pots". Don't fall for the lifetime warranty pitch, I have written the company and have demanded a copy of the tests and the results that lead to their denial to replace my pot. I was a loyal PC customer. Now just a very disappointed one. No more business from me.

Pampered Chef Sucks
By -

Went to a Pampered Chef Party. Bought some stuff, after a YEAR the girl who hosted the party finally got my stuff to me. 3 out of the 4 items busted within a month. Unfortunately, it had been over a year since "purchase" so none of the warranties were any good any more, and I had seriously used this JUNK like twice. The egg/mushroom slicer does NOT slice mushrooms. As for the Salt/Peppermill deal, the door broke off of the place where you are supposed to load the salt, rendering it useless. The pink kitchen gloves got a hole in them in record time. Like seriously within 2 weeks of getting them. I could go on but suffice to say it's all overpriced junk.

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