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Car Insurance Scam
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Join me in expressing my dissatisfaction with a poor car rental company.
Feel free to make this go viral and repost.

Payless car rental in Orlando, Florida at MCO

On 2-5-13, I rented from them. They pushed the CDW. Said it would cover all damage, deductible and extra fees that might be incurred from an accident, scrape, any damage.

Well, some backed into me, and we got info and Allstate said the CDW would cover it.

Now a month later, Allstate paid it but not deductible, and then Payless added $171 in lost rental and $200 admin fees. Then charged it to debit card without notice just this month.

WILL NOT USE AGAIN. THEY PUSH THE CDW – Collision Damage Waiver and say that it will cover deductible and be primary and not get charged for rental while being repaired. well they lied. I paid for the coverage and still got charged the deductible, the rental, and a $200 admin fee. So they are not trustworthy.


Great experience
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Rating: 4/51

DAYTONA, FLORIDA -- I'm in the market right now for a rental and was reading all these horrible reviews about Payless. I had a great experience with them so I felt obligated to post one of my own. I rented a compact car with them that was dirty. They told me to bring it back. In exchange, they gave me an upgrade and promised it was complimentary. At checkout, the charge remained but the manager came out and when I explained the situation and told him who I spoke to, he verified and honored the complimentary upgrade.
Keep in mind when you read these complaints, that hundreds of thousands use these companies but only a few complain because of odd situations here and there. If you get things in writing and document who you spoke to and when, you cover yourself.
I would definitely use them again.

Payless/Fox LAX THIEF EMPLOYEE stole handphone in MINUTES!
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I rented a car from FOX/PAYLESS LAX (Los Angeles) from the 26-28 December 2010.

I made prior reservations so no problems with customer service (apart from long queues due to holiday season). In fact the customer service lady at the counter was very patient and gave me a free upgrade which we were pleased about. The only complaint about the car is that the brake pads were really worn out which was very dangerous.

However, it was a nightmare when we returned the car!

We left a Blackberry handphone in the car cup holder which was clearly in plain sight of the front seats. The phone was also flashing red as we had just received a message on the phone.

We dropped off the car to a new employee called JEREMY and then walked to the counters from the drop-off point (prob about 50 meters away) and realized we had left it. We IMMEDIATELY went back to get it. All this took less than 5 MINUTES and when we went back, the employee JEREMY had mysteriously disappeared!

The other staff who were around, tried to search the car for us and told us they had worked there for over 10 years. Clearly they were anxious for this not to ruin their reputation.

We tried calling the phone but it was already dead! When this new employee, 'JEREMY' resurfaced after 10 minutes, he had problems giving us eye contact and the FIRST thing he said when we asked if he saw our phone was to blame his other colleagues and say that his other colleagues had also accessed the car!

When a manager finally appeared after almost half an hour, he did not do anything about this except search the car for the phone which was obviously not there anymore. They should have pulled up the security cameras as whoever who took it, would have stashed it nearby.

This incident really traumatized us and tarnished an otherwise fantastic trip. It left a bad taste in our mouths about L. A/U. S and also Payless and Fox Car Rental.

We also paid a $20 deposit for an extra driver which we were told would be refunded to us, however till now, we have checked our account and it has not been done so.

Payless, NU, and EZ car rental in Toronto
By -

TORONTO, ON, CANADA -- It's the WORST car rental I've ever experienced in my life.
The staff are rude. Their airport pickup is not guaranteed (only if they feel like it, or they may ask you to go figure out some other shuttle that goes to a hotel which is close to their location).
They over charge as much as they can (insurance is required, and only MasterCard insurance is not enough for them, so they charge you insurance).
for airport pick up they charge a fee in form of "their airport tax", that is separate than "airport fee and taxes".

Full size, mid size, compact car is exactly the same: Toyota Corolla or similar. It works if you're looking for mis size or compact car, but if you want a full size car, good luck getting it from them (even though you reserve for full size), and good luck fitting 5 adult and 2 suitcases in corolla!

I returned the car at 10AM (my drop off), they made me wait for the guy to get off the phone for 20MIN,20 min no kidding, and then there was an extra $17 charge for extra hour that I was late at 10:20.

NU, EZ car rental, and Payless have the same staff and location, and owned by the same borthers, based on what I found out.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- Ms D.S., Vice President, Air Travel Rental Corporation d/b/a Payless Car Rental, 500 Route 1 South, Wyndham Garden Hotel, Newark, NJ 07114, Tel: 973-824-5800, Fax: 973-824-1575

This letter is to report a complaint about the horrible experience I had on July 3, 2008, about 5:30 pm at the above facility of Payless Car Rental. The entire experience was bizarre and very humiliating. The behavior of Ms. D.S. was extremely unprofessional, rash, rude, and intimidating.

I booked my car rental through This was for “unlimited mileage” as clearly mentioned on reservation confirmation . By the way, this was deceptive in my opinion not to mention the geographical restriction on the Priceline reservation confirmation and rather mentioning this in the fine prints of rental policies on a separate web link. Even in the fine prints of the rental policy there is no mention that I need to declare names of all the specific cities I may visit.

The staff at the Payless Car rental asked for my driver license and my credit card and charged my credit card (American Express) for $368.43 (which was later voided). Then they asked me to specify which cities I will be going to. I told them I may go anywhere in the areas that is covered in your plan as "free" and colored green in your map. However, they kept insisting that I HAVE to tell them which cities I will be going to. I said I may also go to Philadelphia in addition to New England. I told them to please just mention in the rental car agreement that we may go anywhere in the "free" covered area. I found it strange and odd that they have to know and they have to specify in the rental agreement all the places I may visit in the next 10 days.

I am still mystified as to the reason for the way she (Ms. D.S.) behaved. She was full of attitude. She told me that she will not give me a car and cancelled my reservation. In my hand, I had a copy of the rental car agreement I had just signed and a customer copy of my credit card receipt. She came and PHYSICALLY snatched these documents from me and called the security. A few minutes later, one of her staff gave me the yellow copy of the rental car agreement/invoice and voided Amex receipt (photocopies of which are enclosed herewith). The entire episode happened in front of my wife and my son who were horrified and disgusted, and could not believe if this was really happening. Two security guards came and talked to me and my wife. He told us that this lady is "full of attitude and in the past she has had several incidents with other tourists including a female German tourist recently". We asked them why no one takes action against her. He said she "owns" this Payless car rental franchise.

I have rented cars on numerous agents over last several decades. Needless to say, I have never had any experience anything like this. I was totally shocked with what had happened today. I along with my wife and son then went back to Newark International airport (several miles distance) and rented a vehicle at National Car rental. The experience at National was pleasant, friendly and smooth. My 12 year son told me that why did not we come to this facility first. He is absolutely correct.

I would appreciate if a thorough investigation is done in to this matter and appropriate actions are taken. In my view, at the minimum Ms. D.S. and her company should be stripped of her Payless Car rental Franchise and people like these should be debarred from any participation in customer service. I would not be surprised at all if there are past complaints by other tourists against Ms. S and her Payless car rental franchise.

This was the first day of our long planned 10 day vacation and this experience at Payless ruined our vacation experience, and caused immense emotional and mental harm.

I plan to leave no stone unturned including a possible legal action unless and until appropriate action(s) is taken against Ms. D.S. and her Payless Car rental Franchise.

Bait and Switch Car Rental
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Rating: 1/51

TANPA, FLORIDA -- Charged more that advertised price. Added on car breakdown service that I did not need due to having AAA. Refused to remove charge. When I complained to Southwest who booked it all they did was forward my complaint. I will never rent through Southwest again either, they don't stand behind their offers. When I complained to Payless, they did not respond. Will never rent from them again. They advertise the lowest price, then switch it when they get trapped in their office.

Do Not Rent In Toronto Horrible
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO -- We rented a car for a month, they said if we returned early, no problem would be half
when we returned early, they triple charged us, never gave us option to keep car
shoved bill in our face and said get out.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. We are going to media.

Never Again
By -

ORLANDO, WASHINGTON -- We had problems with the car in the first hour we had it. I called the company to report the problem with the car and was treated very bad. The company representative said I had to pay for the AAA, and because I refused(if everything was working property in the car we didn't have do call anyone) she said she didn't want to rent the car for us anymore and took the car from us. She left me, my friend and our 3 children with no car. This was my first and last time using this company, they have terrible employs representing them.

Underhanded / Deceptive Business practices in Costa Rica
By -

SAN JOSE, FLORIDA -- Be careful with this company, and actually I would advise to not rent from them (Payless or you Save), espcially if ever in Costa Rica. First, they were an hour late picking me up from the airport, then I had to wait another hour while another couple in front of me had problem after problem with their car. Finally, around midnight, I was able to proceed with renting the car I had already booked on-line. I declined addicional insurance, and while signing the contract, they hid the charges in abbreviations, and told me I was initialling to decline insurance (when in reality, I was initialling to accept it!). Also, they never explained the charges, after I repeatedly declined the insurance and asked in the agency. Then when I contacted the company after the rental, they told me it did not matter what I said, because the contract was signed! Literally, the most underhanded and shady business practices possible. Again, DON'T RENT FROM THEM!!

ZERO customer service and very rude employee
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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I had an online reservation for Oakland Airport. When the shuttle driver arrived, there were 4 couples waiting to get their reserved car. He rudely told us that, and this is a quote, "We have NO cars! It will be at least an hours wait. If you want a car then you need to find one yourself." Of course we were stunned with this information and inquired about potential options. He then accused me of yelling at him and again stated "if we wanted a car we needed to go elsewhere, it's your problem!!!"

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT rent from these guys. Even if I didn't like you, I'd still tell you not to rent from them. Bad, bad stuff there. Zero customer service and rude employee. No thank you, even if you are cheaper. I'll pay more for reliable service and some common respect.

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