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Do They Have Any Repeat Customers?
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I rent cars 15-25 times a year and I should know better than to rent from one of the off brands but to "save" a couple bucks I went with Payless this time because they were in the Las Vegas rental car center. They must have a top down management theory to suck as much out of a customer as possible up front because they will not come back. I Have my acknowledgment here for $234? That will be $250 sir. But I have it right here $234 in writing from your company. That will be $250 sir. Great way to start the vacation.

I don't care for any gas insurance any anything, please get me on my way. But sir many people get the blah blah, Very mad at this point, please give me the car and let me go. Finally get the POS car that I rented that has a hole in the carpet where your heal rests by the gas pedal bigger than a softball exposing the styrofoam and the cars metal floor. I take a picture to the desk and I'm told they are all like that and they don't have any others to give me.

Drive this POS for 5 days and upon my return there is no one to take it back. Finally one of their sloth-like employees manages to crawl out of where ever he was hiding to come out and be rude to the customers. Pay more money up front at Thrifty or Alamo or whoever.

Worst Car Rental Experience, EVER!!!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- We rent cars about 10-12 times a year. This was our first and last rental with Payless. Booked via Internet and the quoted price including fees and taxes was $67.54 due at pickup. After several ** attempts to upgrade to a higher class car the renting agent started on insurance, telling us it was mandatory.

My husband, having been a car insurance for over 40 years, quoted the terms of our personal insurance policy. He was told by the agent that my husband didn't know what he was talking about. After making it clear that we did not want to take the insurance the agent printed the Rental Agreement and asked my husband for his signature. I thought it strange that he did not ask for a signature or initials that we declined the insurance and asked to see the contract. Not only was the insurance on there, but other additional services such as "roadside insurance". (Duh, we have full coverage with AAA).

The total amount due added up to $168.50 for a 2 day rental. Needless to say, we had the agent revise the contract. The total time spent to get the car rented was 65 minutes. Subsequently, our plans changed which made it necessary to extend the car for 1 additional day. I attempted to reach the office by phone and had to make 3 additional calls, each time being put on hold for over 15 minutes. I was dissatisfied with their policy of charging a "contract termination fee" of $11.00 for extending for one day in addition to the extra day rental charge. Overall a horrible experience. Stay away from Payless Car Rental!

Car Insurance Scam
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Join me in expressing my dissatisfaction with a poor car rental company. Feel free to make this go viral and repost. Payless car rental in Orlando, Florida at MCO. On 2-5-13, I rented from them. They pushed the CDW. Said it would cover all damage, deductible and extra fees that might be incurred from an accident, scrape, any damage. Well, some backed into me, and we got info and Allstate said the CDW would cover it.

Now a month later, Allstate paid it but not deductible, and then Payless added $171 in lost rental and $200 admin fees. Then charged it to debit card without notice just this month. WILL NOT USE AGAIN. THEY PUSH THE CDW - Collision Damage Waiver and say that it will cover deductible and be primary and not get charged for rental while being repaired. Well they lied. I paid for the coverage and still got charged the deductible, the rental, and a $200 admin fee. So they are not trustworthy.

Misleading Sales Practices; Faulty Equipment on Vehicle; Unprofessional
By -

APACHE JUNCTION, ARIZONA -- My husband and I recently went to PAYLESS CAR SALES in Apache Junction. We were greeted by a salesman who quickly took us out for a test drive in a vehicle we looked at. My husband and I along with 2 of our children, loaded up in this vehicle for a test drive. Within a block of leaving the lot, we noticed that the speedometer was not working properly as it stayed at 30 MPH regardless of the vehicle moving or not.

The salesman said to just add 30 MPH to the number climbing at the time. There were other damaged equipment items installed on this vehicle. When inquiring about repair of those items prior to sale, we were told that the car is for sale 'as is'. We were reminded repeatedly that they were already taking a loss on the vehicle selling it to us, so the car was being sold 'as is'. I am floored that a company could attempt to sell a car to a family that knowingly has faulty equipment in it. We looked at other vehicles on their lot with a salesman.

We expressed an interest in 2 other vehicles but were told inside that the numbers wouldn't fly with the lender. The vehicles were within $750-$1,000 of the other vehicle we were looking at and similar in age and mileage. This didn't make sense. We had completed a credit application earlier and went inside to discuss approval and vehicle options. We were told that we could select the original SUV (with faulty speedometer and other equipment) or a minivan they pointed out to us. We stated we weren't interested in anything other than SUV's at that time. They agreed at the beginning to 'work on the price' of any vehicle we were interested in.

Upon further discussion after our test drive, we were told the list price was the best they could do since they were already taking a loss on the vehicle. In addition, we were told we HAD TO purchase the extended warranty. I explained that I actually am not opposed to car warranties, but that my understanding was that a dealership and/or lender COULD NOT demand an extended warranty, that these were optional to the buyer.

Over further discussion, the salesman STILL INSISTED that we had to accept their choice of extended warranty or the lender would not allow us to complete the loan. After excusing himself for a while, he returned with the same answer except now he offered a shorter term for more money. We left the dealership and went home to some more homework. We called several different people at the lender's office and explained what happened and the dealership we were dealing with.

They were very interested in any items that might have been misrepresented with their name attached by the dealership. The lender confirmed our thoughts that EXTENDED WARRANTY COVERAGE IS OPTIONAL, NOT MANDATORY. We also gave them VIN #s, year, mileage, make and model numbers of other vehicles this dealership had, and they stated we would have qualified for these as well. So another lie by this dealership. Oh, and the price that was already too low to consider working on even though it had faulty equipment... they lowered it through at least 2 different car search websites only 2 days after we left!

Think twice, three times, or even 10 times before going here. They are trying to take advantage of people. We have called several times and explained our issues in detail and were double-talked and dismissed like school children. And 5 days later, still no word from the manager/owner that we also left messages for. I would be VERY CONCERNED for the nearby elderly, people with recent credit issues due to rising ARM mortgage payments, slow pays, late pays, new job, new to area, etc. Even with doing some homework and giving them several opportunities to correct themselves, they did not. They looked us right in the eye and lied. Outrageous!

Payless Car Rental Montreal – Hidden Geographic Restrictions On ‘unlimited Miles'
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MONTREAL -- Payless Car Rental Montreal – hidden geographic restrictions on "unlimited miles."

A few months ago I booked a car on Travelocity to go from Montreal to a location 600 km away and back again. Naturally like a fool I gravitated to the cheapest option – Payless car rental based in the Montreal airport hotel, an independent franchise. What a delight when on the screen I saw unlimited miles; however little did I realize there was a hidden clause on the next tab of the page under geographical restrictions saying unlimited miles is only for the province of Quebec.

Anyway I went ahead and booked the car and also 2 hotel rooms in my destinations for the 3 day vacation. The day before our journey I went over to the location and was straight off asked where I was going, and like an honest bloke I said such and such place. I was immediately nailed with the "then sir, unlimited miles does not apply." I was reeling. Should I cancel and get another car? Should I try to negotiate? It was too late to cancel my vacation. This was the classic bait and switch.

I left the place and sat in the lobby to think for a bit; it's interesting that when I dropped of the car later I saw 2 fellows cancel their reservation on the spot. Anyway it was too late so I went ahead and got the car, and begged them to lower my over distance fees. I hate getting surprised like this. I hate losing control over my destiny, and being at the mercy of others. Anyway through their infinite magnificent grace and mercy they decided to extend by daily km allowance out of province and to reduce my charge per over km. Nonetheless when I brought the car back I was hit with a huge excess charge.

Of course the smart fellow behind the counter blamed it on me, saying it was my fault I did not read the fine print. How convenient. I wonder how the credit card companies like it now, in North America, that the governments are forcing them to vomit the sneaky fine print out into bold letters in boxes above the sign here line.

I wanted to be a bit of a smartass so I asked the guy, what if I lied and said I would drive around aimlessly inside Quebec. He said, well sir we will check this on the audit of the contract, with the satellite location finder records showing you left Quebec, and we will then hold you in infraction of the contract. So don't try that – honesty is the best policy always. By honesty I mean the complete truth, not part of it.

By the way this geographic limitation is quite bizarre. I only see this in Quebec only with Payless of course. I used to live in Boston for 10 years and regularly rented cars there for unlimited mileage and I never saw any geographic restrictions. I looked around other rental agencies and I think unlimited only applies to Canada, and entering the USA is altogether another aspect. These is in general a cautionary tale – call ahead and confirm that the unlimited miles means what it says; calls the agent you used [online or otherwise] and the rental firm. Finally get it in writing that it is indeed unlimited.

Conclusion – "Payless' means "Getless", and you end up paying the same as others, through tricks and games and deception. Located in the Lobby of the Hilton Hotel. 12505 Cote de Liesse, Dorval, Quebec H9P 1B7, Canada. 514-828-9494. Montreal

Horrible Customer Service
By -

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- Ms **, Vice President, Air Travel Rental Corporation d/b/a Payless Car Rental, 500 Route 1 South, Wyndham Garden Hotel, Newark, NJ 07114, Tel: 973-824-5800, Fax: 973-824-1575. This letter is to report a complaint about the horrible experience I had on July 3, 2008, about 5:30 pm at the above facility of Payless Car Rental. The entire experience was bizarre and very humiliating. The behavior of Ms.** Was extremely unprofessional, rash, rude, and intimidating.

I booked my car rental through This was for “unlimited mileage” as clearly mentioned on reservation confirmation. By the way, this was deceptive in my opinion not to mention the geographical restriction on the Priceline reservation confirmation and rather mentioning this in the fine prints of rental policies on a separate web link. Even in the fine prints of the rental policy there is no mention that I need to declare names of all the specific cities I may visit.

The staff at the Payless Car rental asked for my driver license and my credit card and charged my credit card (American Express) for $368.43 (which was later voided). Then they asked me to specify which cities I will be going to. I told them I may go anywhere in the areas that is covered in your plan as "free" and colored green in your map. However, they kept insisting that I HAVE to tell them which cities I will be going to. I said I may also go to Philadelphia in addition to New England. I told them to please just mention in the rental car agreement that we may go anywhere in the "free" covered area.

I found it strange and odd that they have to know and they have to specify in the rental agreement all the places I may visit in the next 10 days. I am still mystified as to the reason for the way she (Ms.**) behaved. She was full of attitude. She told me that she will not give me a car and cancelled my reservation. In my hand, I had a copy of the rental car agreement I had just signed and a customer copy of my credit card receipt. She came and PHYSICALLY snatched these documents from me and called the security.

A few minutes later, one of her staff gave me the yellow copy of the rental car agreement/invoice and voided Amex receipt (photocopies of which are enclosed herewith). The entire episode happened in front of my wife and my son who were horrified and disgusted, and could not believe if this was really happening. Two security guards came and talked to me and my wife. He told us that this lady is "full of attitude and in the past she has had several incidents with other tourists including a female German tourist recently". We asked them why no one takes action against her. He said she "owns" this Payless car rental franchise.

I have rented cars on numerous agents over last several decades. Needless to say, I have never had any experience anything like this. I was totally shocked with what had happened today. I along with my wife and son then went back to Newark International airport (several miles distance) and rented a vehicle at National Car rental. The experience at National was pleasant, friendly and smooth. My 12 year son told me that why did not we come to this facility first. He is absolutely correct.

I would appreciate if a thorough investigation is done in to this matter and appropriate actions are taken. In my view, at the minimum Ms. ** And her company should be stripped of her Payless Car rental Franchise and people like these should be debarred from any participation in customer service. I would not be surprised at all if there are past complaints by other tourists against Ms. ** and her Payless car rental franchise.

This was the first day of our long planned 10 day vacation and this experience at Payless ruined our vacation experience, and caused immense emotional and mental harm. I plan to leave no stone unturned including a possible legal action unless and until appropriate action(s) is taken against Ms.** And her Payless Car rental Franchise.

Do Not Rent In Toronto Horrible
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO -- We rented a car for a month. They said if we returned early, no problem would be half. When we returned early, they triple charged us, never gave us option to keep car. Shoved bill in our face and said get out. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. We are going to media.

Payless/Fox LAX THIEF EMPLOYEE stole handphone in MINUTES!
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I rented a car from FOX/PAYLESS LAX (Los Angeles) from the 26-28 December 2010. I made prior reservations so no problems with customer service (apart from long queues due to holiday season). In fact the customer service lady at the counter was very patient and gave me a free upgrade which we were pleased about. The only complaint about the car is that the brake pads were really worn out which was very dangerous.

However, it was a nightmare when we returned the car! We left a Blackberry hand phone in the car cup holder which was clearly in plain sight of the front seats. The phone was also flashing red as we had just received a message on the phone. We dropped off the car to a new employee called ** and then walked to the counters from the drop-off point (prob about 50 meters away) and realized we had left it. We IMMEDIATELY went back to get it. All this took less than 5 MINUTES and when we went back, the employee ** had mysteriously disappeared!

The other staff who were around, tried to search the car for us and told us they had worked there for over 10 years. Clearly they were anxious for this not to ruin their reputation. We tried calling the phone but it was already dead! When this new employee, '**' resurfaced after 10 minutes, he had problems giving us eye contact and the FIRST thing he said when we asked if he saw our phone was to blame his other colleagues and say that his other colleagues had also accessed the car!

When a manager finally appeared after almost half an hour, he did not do anything about this except search the car for the phone which was obviously not there anymore. They should have pulled up the security cameras as whoever who took it, would have stashed it nearby. This incident really traumatized us and tarnished an otherwise fantastic trip. It left a bad taste in our mouths about L. A/U. S and also Payless and Fox Car Rental.

We also paid a $20 deposit for an extra driver which we were told would be refunded to us, however till now, we have checked our account and it has not been done so.

Horrible Experience at Payless Car Rental
By -

TORONTO -- This a letter regarding our recent car rental experience with Payless Car Rental in Toronto.

I called for a shuttle to pick us (my wife, 2 yr old daughter, and me) up at the airport at about 8:20 pm on June 27th. I was told one would be there within 15 minutes. After approximately ½ hour, I called again and see how long we would have to wait. I was told they were delayed, but would be there shortly. Another 15 minutes, another call. I was told the van had “a flat tire”, but another was on the way. Another 15 minutes, another call. I was told the driver had been, picked up some people, and left. No “Payless” shuttle had come by us, we were in the correct pick-up spot - we were being lied to.

I kept the dispatch person on the line until a van came to us. More than an hour and a half had passed since we first called. My daughter was becoming dehydrated (we had just come off a 6 hour cross-country flight and hadn't yet eaten), and at nearly 10 pm, it was obviously past her bedtime, and we still didn't have our vehicle.

When the driver arrived, he berated us and accused us of standing in the wrong spot. Angry words were exchanged and then he said “load your own bags. I don't need this ‘abuse'”. When I accused him of being less than professional, he threatened to leave us in the roadway and drive away. He would not wait for me to install a child seat in the van, which is illegal, and he did not assist my wife (holding our child) to get in. We drove to the rental area. After a wait, we were given a minivan, which was then driven away to be fueled!

It was almost 10:30 pm before we had a vehicle and were on tour way to our hotel. The van, by the way, was dirty and had brake problems (the ABS light was illuminated on the dash which, according to the manual, requires ‘service as soon as possible'). After our trip, I contacted 'customer service' per the directions of the agent, and was offered a $10 discount for our inconvenience. It was an insulting offer, and only deepened our resolve to get some sort of satisfaction.

Policies after online reservation
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Payless offers a lower cost service online for car rentals. However, once you arrive at the desk to pick-up your car they use a series of bait and switch type behvaiors to add a series of add-ons. It is high pressure sales and in my case an outright lie to add additional insurance coverageand a misrepresentation of the total cost. I attempted to find the manager once I checked with my insurance company on the coverage I had for a rental. When I was at the car return the manager was inside, when I went inside the manager was at the car return.

The first part of this approach is to have no one at the counter so you're in -line for a very long time. Like myself, their clients are not business people they are families looking for a deal and they use that fact. While you're in line a natural reaction is to want to get out since family or friends are is waiting on you. There were no less than 10 different options I was questioned about, a continuous push to pre-buuy gas and upgrade to a bigger vehicle. Once you've gone through this the form has no less than 10 places you must initial about the what you've purchased or not and then a signature. In my case I was told $10 for coverage my insurance doesn't cover in Arizona, it was a lie and moreover it was $10 per day no total. My fault for not reading more carefully but also, I've never had Hertz or Avis pull this type of thing.

I believe the approach is legal but skirting the edge and it is certainly unethical. Personally, I'll never use them again. If you ever do use them, they are lying for the most aprt about any upgrades or costs, just say no. Also, there is no way to get them to just give you your contract aas signed up for online, you have to go through the entire 30 minutes wait in line and close to 20 minute loop at the desk. Then, be sure you look the car over completely. They are all over the car on return looking for any damage to charge you for.

I did email them and got a reply saying they don't see anything wrong, the absolutely cannot refund any money and won't check on it. Also, the note has an attachement stating that I cannot use their direct response as it is a personal and confidential correspondence.

Pretty much they got the money and don't care otherwise. The behavior of the sales rep shows this is obviously a trained situation.

Not much else other than a very poor customer experience.

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