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Great experience
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
DAYTONA, FLORIDA -- I'm in the market right now for a rental and was reading all these horrible reviews about Payless. I had a great experience with them so I felt obligated to post one of my own. I rented a compact car with them that was dirty. They told me to bring it back. In exchange, they gave me an upgrade and promised it was complimentary. At checkout, the charge remained but the manager came out and when I explained the situation and told him who I spoke to, he verified and honored the complimentary upgrade.
Keep in mind when you read these complaints, that hundreds of thousands use these companies but only a few complain because of odd situations here and there. If you get things in writing and document who you spoke to and when, you cover yourself.
I would definitely use them again.
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User Replies:
Alain on 2012-07-12:
No matter how many complaints a company may have, if they deserve a compliment then it's great you took the time to write it.
Robert on 2014-05-26:
Yes, other companies rent way more cars than Payless and have less complaints. As well their overall ratings are 3-5, not 1-2.

Payless is crap. Period.
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Never Again
Posted by on
ORLANDO, WASHINGTON -- We had problems with the car in the first hour we had it. I called the company to report the problem with the car and was treated very bad. The company representative said I had to pay for the AAA, and because I refused(if everything was working property in the car we didn't have do call anyone) she said she didn't want to rent the car for us anymore and took the car from us. She left me, my friend and our 3 children with no car. This was my first and last time using this company, they have terrible employs representing them.
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trmn8r on 2011-12-28:
I had a little trouble understanding what happened.

Are you saying that Payless told you that you would have to pay for the service call if it turned out the car had no problem, and you refused?

What exactly happened to the car in the first hour? Wouldn't start? Something else?

Ultimately, did Payless send a tow truck and tow or drive the car away, leaving you in the street?
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Underhanded / Deceptive Business practices in Costa Rica
Posted by on
SAN JOSE, FLORIDA -- Be careful with this company, and actually I would advise to not rent from them (Payless or you Save), espcially if ever in Costa Rica. First, they were an hour late picking me up from the airport, then I had to wait another hour while another couple in front of me had problem after problem with their car. Finally, around midnight, I was able to proceed with renting the car I had already booked on-line. I declined addicional insurance, and while signing the contract, they hid the charges in abbreviations, and told me I was initialling to decline insurance (when in reality, I was initialling to accept it!). Also, they never explained the charges, after I repeatedly declined the insurance and asked in the agency. Then when I contacted the company after the rental, they told me it did not matter what I said, because the contract was signed! Literally, the most underhanded and shady business practices possible. Again, DON'T RENT FROM THEM!!
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ZERO customer service and very rude employee
Posted by on
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I had an online reservation for Oakland Airport. When the shuttle driver arrived, there were 4 couples waiting to get their reserved car. He rudely told us that, and this is a quote, "We have NO cars! It will be at least an hours wait. If you want a car then you need to find one yourself." Of course we were stunned with this information and inquired about potential options. He then accused me of yelling at him and again stated "if we wanted a car we needed to go elsewhere, it's your problem!!!"

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT rent from these guys. Even if I didn't like you, I'd still tell you not to rent from them. Bad, bad stuff there. Zero customer service and rude employee. No thank you, even if you are cheaper. I'll pay more for reliable service and some common respect.
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User Replies:
Skye on 2011-07-18:
Rude yes, but this is a constant complaint with car rental reservations. This is what can sometimes happen when whomever has not yet returned the car, causes others to not have a car available for their reservations.
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Stay away, stay far away (from Las Vegas branch)
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Las Vegas branch, service is slower than molasses. They failed to honor "reservations" not only for me, but also for many others in line at the same time. What does the word "reservation" mean after all. No cars available after waiting in line for an hour. Next day was not given priority in getting a vehicle. Was expected to stand in a now 2 hour line to get a car that I should have had the day before.

I walked out of line and got a car in ~5 min. from Avis next door. I can only hope that this branch does not represent Payless's business elsewhere.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 2011-07-11:
I believe Payless is affiliated with Fox. I've read numerous complaints about that company.
Anonymous on 2011-07-12:
good review! You shouldn't have had to wait so long to get a car. Thanks for sharing this.
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Horrible Experience at Payless Car Rental
Posted by on
TORONTO -- This a letter regarding our recent car rental experience with Payless Car Rental in Toronto.

I called for a shuttle to pick us (my wife, 2 yr old daughter, and me) up at the airport at about 8:20pm on June 27th. I was told one would be there within 15 minutes. After approximately ½ hour, I called again and see how long we would have to wait. I was told they were delayed, but would be there shortly. Another 15 minutes, another call. I was told the van had “a flat tire”, but another was on the way. Another 15 minutes, another call. I was told the driver had been, picked up some people, and left.

No “Payless” shuttle had come by us, we were in the correct pick-up spot- we were being lied to.

I kept the dispatch person on the line until a van came to us. More than an hour and a half had passed since we first called. My daughter was becoming dehydrated (we had just come off a 6 hour cross-country flight and hadn’t yet eaten), and at nearly 10pm, it was obviously past her bedtime, and we still didn’t have our vehicle.

When the driver arrived, he berated us and accused us of standing in the wrong spot. Angry words were exchanged and then he said “load your own bags. I don’t need this ‘abuse’”. When I accused him of being less than professional, he threatened to leave us in the roadway and drive away. He would not wait for me to install a child seat in the van, which is illegal, and he did not assist my wife (holding our child) to get in. We drove to the rental area. After a wait, we were given a minivan, which was then driven away to be fueled!

It was almost 10:30pm before we had a vehicle and were on tour way to our hotel.

The van, by the way, was dirty and had brake problems (the ABS light was illuminated on the dash which, according to the manual, requires ‘service as soon as possible’).

After our trip, I contacted 'customer service' per the directions of the agent, and was offered a $10 discount for our inconvenience. It was an insulting offer, and only deepened our resolve to get some sort of satisfaction.
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Do Not Rent In Toronto Horrible
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TORONTO -- We rented a car for a month, they said if we returned early, no problem would be half
when we returned early, they triple charged us, never gave us option to keep car
shoved bill in our face and said get out.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. We are going to media.
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Payless ripped me off $80
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARKANSAS -- I rented a GPS unit with my car for 8-day rental, but the unit didn't work and I returned it halfway through trip, promised the charge would be removed from bill. It wasn't removed, and two straight months was promised it would be removed and it never was. Will never go there again.
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User Replies:
Skye on 2011-11-12:
Have you contacted your credit card company to dispute the charge? You should before you exceed the time allowed to dispute this charge.

It's obvious Payless isn't going to reverse the charge for you at this point.
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Don't Ever Ever Ever Rent Here
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Received a car that was not prepped for rental. Even worse, vehicle would not accelerate above 40 miles per hour as apparently there was an issue with transmission - very dangerous in any town, but in Las Vegas, NV this is particularly dangerous. Despite numerous calls to LV office and even a letter written to President and CFO (Stevens) in FL - he never responded - company REFUSED to refund any portion of the weekly rental. They mistakenly overcharged us and the company was only willing to refund the overcharge. Will NEVER again rent from this company. You may pay extra going to one of the household brands (Hertz, Avis, Enterprise), but those companies would likely address and rectify such issues.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 2010-05-28:
I'm just curious as to why a transmission problem would be worse in Las Vegas than in any other city.
Anonymous on 2010-05-28:
Driving in the desert maybe?
granangry on 2010-06-04:
This type of driving is more dangerous in LV than other areas (new England especially) because the distances are so large, the only way to travel efficiently is to use interstates. Imagine driving sub-40 mph on I-15 where vehicles routinely travel north of 80 mph
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Don't rent from Payless
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Don't ever rent from Payless car rental. Horrible experience. Lousy car, obnoxious salesman, bad service, never-working automatic phone answering.

The salesman kept pushing for an upgrade (not enough space for our luggage, blah blah blah, yeah, right stuck with a coupe instead of a sedan but still not willing to pay a ridiculous amount for upgrading). Then he pushed for gas refill on site, saying it's cheaper than outside, which we turned down. And then asked if we understood him. Obnoxious.

But what made me mad was that he slipped in a charge for additional driver for $70. Our oversight for forgetting to ask if there's additional charge. But in my opinion, the salesman should have told us the charge instead of asking us to initial it, and then slipped the charge into the final bill.

After we found out about it we wanted to complain to the manager but was told that the manager (Pam Lowe) wasn't in. Call numerous times, couldn't get through. In fact, the automatic answering machine gives you an option to press 0 for "all other questions" but once you press 0, it just takes you back to the main menu. I had to jumped through hoops to eventually talked to this "Pam". And then, unsurprisingly, she isn't willing to help or listen, justing bull sh*tting about the technicality that we "initialed" it. Of course they had their rears covered by having us "initial" it. But the sales tactic was shady. Service was bad. Attitude was obnoxious.

Worst car rental experience.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 2010-04-29:
We rented a minivan from Payless in Orlando and the experience was good. We declined the upgrade, gas option, and everything else. We did however tell them that we would have two drivers. In the end we were upgraded to a stretch minivan at no cost because they didn't have the standard one. you just need to pay attention to the contract that you initial and sign.
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