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Increased Time for Refund
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I attempted to make a purchase via They were having an issue with their servers, which caused my payment to be withdrawn, but not submit the order. I received an error the first time using Paypal, so I thought it was an issue with that payment method. I re-entered the order using my debit card as the payment method and received the same order.

Shortly after, I received an email from Yugster describing the problem and the steps they are taking to resolve the issue. They were very pro-active in acknowledging the error and issuing a refund. Well I can see the refunds were received by Paypal and my bank the very next day!

Here is the difference; The refund issued for the debit payment method was there the day after the occurrence. The refund issued to Paypal was there, but they placed a hold on it, so these funds are not available to me. I'm told this can be 3-5 days before it is available. So, if a speedy refund is part of your consideration in using Paypal vs a debit or credit card, you may want to skip Paypal.

Unscrupulous Billing Practice of PayPal Buyer Credit
By -

NOVATO, CALIFORNIA -- Beware PayPal Buyer Credit! They have unscrupulous billing practices. In my case, I incurred 2 late fees within one month for a bill paid in full on its due date. All this for a service I was tricked into using. How was I tricked? After purchasing an item on eBay I made payment via PayPal. Although I did not have an account, the default funding source was set to PayPal Buyer Credit. I always chose "More Funding Sources..." picked my credit card and completed the transaction.

On my last purchase, I forgot to select "More Funding Sources ..." Payment went through, I received my item. I received a bill in the mail from an account that was closed. I paid the bill anyway. The due date was coming up fast, so my called to ask if we could pay by credit card online. She was told yes.

It wasn't true. The only way we could pay online was to provide checking account information. We didn't want to incur late fees, so we provided the info and made our payment. That's when we learned payment wouldn't be credited for 2 days, which enabled them to charge a $25 late fee. That's usury!

It gets worse. This evening, 3 weeks later, I get a call from a foreign PayPal representative informing that my they couldn't accept my payment because I didn't have an account. And by the way, you've incurred another late fee of $20. $45 dollars in late fees in less than one month's time for payment in full on the due date. All for a credit service I didn't need and didn't want because of their unscrupulous billing practices. The only way to avoid the thieves at PayPal Buyer Credit is to avoid using PayPal entirely.

Credit Limit Reduced from $300 to $100
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Credit limits are too limiting: I have been a Paypal "Buyer Credit" customer for over a year and haven't had any trouble until recently. During Christmas '08 I got a letter stating that my credit limit was reduced due to a recent pull of my credit report. I admit my credit score went down a little since buying a house and a vehicle but I've always paid my bills on time. I paid my Paypal account in full every month! Since opening the account I have over $1500 in transactions. All paid! So of course during Christmas I spent over my NEW credit limit of $100 (I received the credit limit letter after my purchases). I did not receive any penalty or fee that I am aware of.

I called Paypal GE MoneyBank, spoke with a CSR, supervisor, and manager. I asked if they would return my credit limit to the original amount ($300). The supervisor and manager kept telling me to read my credit agreement and letter that was sent stating why my limit was decreased. They might have well as being robots. I explained to them how great of a customer I had been and that in this troubled economy they needed steady paying customers. The robots still said no and would not restore my credit limit. A measly $300 bucks really?

I informed the supervisor and manager that I have no choice but to close the account. So I did. I checked my credit report and it took a small hit because my balance was over my limit and the credit limit was reduced. By the way Paypal BC GE Moneybank is very slow to update/report to the bureaus. My advice: when using Paypal DO NOT APPLY FOR PAYPAL BUYERS CREDIT. The End...

Got Tricked Into Using the Bill Me Later
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- This happened on 2 separate incidents at the same time period to both my husband and I: Tried to pay garbage bill with Paypal (PP), somehow linked it to BillMeLater (BML); said payment due on a certain date. Tried to link bank account/s to BML and it wouldn't accept routing and account #. Kept trying - how many banks accounts does a person have? The bill wasn't due yet, but BML said payment past due and tacked on Late fees ($25 +); in addition to changing the due date; over $100 fees.

Tried to pay a software/computer service to 'unlock' computer (which happens to be another scam), but only let me pay through PP which turned into BML; same story as the first issue; turned into another $100 in late fees (again, starting with the $25).

I believe it's purposely confusing to trick you into using the BML service, then the due dates change without notifying you, purposely don't allow you to add your bank account if it's used in your Paypal account, but honestly how many bank accounts does an average person have? Then once it's considered 'late' your bank account is miraculously approved to be linked to your BML account.

Sounds like this has happened to many consumers from reading the reviews. There should be a major penalty for them to pay. When it was just PP, I was happy with their services; Apparently they became greedy! Now I want nothing to do with either!

Fraud Alert Stopped Transaction, C.C. Still Billed
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Rating: 4/51

I frequently use PayPal for most of my online transactions. It's a much safer way to pay because your C.C. info is not exposed. This dramatically cuts down on fraud and ID theft. I recently ordered a $1200 camera online from a reputable business. The sale was approved through PayPal and they sent me a confirmation email. My C.C. was also billed. The very next day I get an automated phone call from PayPal with a fraud alert. Checking my online account with them I had to change my password and security questions which I promptly did. I'm informed that my account has been reinstated.

A week goes by and no camera or confirmation from the retailer. I call them and am informed that PayPal stopped payment. I then call PayPal (45 min on hold) and am told this transaction did not fit my normal purchases. Huh? PayPal is only a service that collects a fee for not exposing my C.C. info. I have a $20K credit limit with my C.C. company. They are the one to make the determination about suspected fraud.

While PayPal may have had good intentions they caused me aggravation. Had this been actual fraud I would applaud PayPal for catching it. I am not criticizing PayPal. Sadly this is the world we now live in and I have to accept some aggravation for the protection provided.

Deceptive Business Practices
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Rating: 2/51

IRVING, TEXAS -- It's a shame PayPal has to resort to deceptive business practices to profit. It is virtually impossible, no matter how many boxes you check, to avoid an occasional purchase being charged to Bill Me Later, even when taking out a loan is not your intent. I have even tried calling them to have Bill Me Later completely removed as an option for payment on my PayPal account and I got the runaround and was unsuccessful.

I made a recent PayPal purchase via mobile device and was not even given options for payment and it defaulted to Bill Me Later, even though I have reset my default payment options to avoid that scenario many times. I can't even pay the balance until the next billing cycle, which they inconveniently space months apart, because I show no balance at this time.

This makes it, by design, much easier to forget to pay your balance before you begin paying ridiculous interest charges retroactive to the date of purchase. ** It's much simpler to form-fill your credit card numbers - mine are interest free - with each purchase, albeit perhaps less secure, than to be concerned with taking out a balloon loan unintentionally. You aren't responsible for charges on a stolen credit card number anyway, as long as you catch it in a timely manner, so the claim that PayPal is more secure is arguable.

Although a good service for money transfers, the push to charge payments to Bill Me Later is wrought with high interest rates, smoke-and-mirrors default options, deception and inconvenience. I'm checking out OF PayPal, not WITH PayPal (clever, I thought).

Confused and Furious User Suspended Without Warning or Explanation
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Ebay/Paypal suspended account, offered no information, no appeal, no resolution. Account was suspended without warning or apparent reason. When trying to discover why, I was told I needed to obtain a subpoena. As of 12/31/12, two items had sold on Ebay. The following day my account was suspended. Without any information, I didn't even know whether to ship or not. Turned out payment was held pending resolution, but as the suspension was permanent; the buyers were to be left in limbo with the seller striped of means for direct resolution.

On 1/1/13 I called customer service at eBay twice, both times was shrugged off without any info. On 1/2/13 I called Paypal support and was told I needed a subpoena just to learn why I was suspended. On 1/2/13 I began receiving disputes from Paypal in regards to the products I no longer had any information about. My Paypal balance was 0, because payment was held for a new account. I issued a refund for the product I never sold or received payment for, and was informed that my Paypal account was now in negative balance. In addition, I paid $26.45 in Shipping fees that are now null thanks to the unwarranted, unannounced, and unexplained account suspension.

Turned over to a collection agency, even though I've never used Paypal
By -

In the mail today, I received a debt collection notice from a company in MN stating I owe $557.00 to PayPal. For starters, I have never used Paypal in my entire life. I have never used their services at any time. I have 2 credit cards I use for online transactions and purchases. What really takes the cake is that I was never once sent a notice from Paypal stating any money was owed in my name. Someone must have stolen my identity.

Paypal should have at least sent a notice to my home address first before turning my name over to a collection agency. I have sent both Paypal and the collection agency certified letters demanding an explanation for this fiasco. It costs me $11.50 to send both letters. Way to go Paypal. I'm now in the position of defending myself costing me money.

PayPal... a merchants' broker
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Without my authorization Wealthy Affiliates University (WA) used my PayPal account for a second year of a non-recurring subscription for $359.88 (subject of another complaint). WA notified me of this after they had been paid by PayPal. I filed an email dispute with PayPal, which was denied. I called them and was told that since they had paid WA, they would not do anything to help me. PayPal is broker for their merchants' financial interests, with no protection for the consumer.

While I was on telephone hold, I heard all sorts of dialogue about how much protection PayPal was to the customers. PayPal actually provides no protection against unauthorized use of one's credit. In my opinion, it is just as safe, perhaps safer, to use your credit card online. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my credit card.

Payment Processing
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an item from Ebay using PayPal. PayPal took payment out of my credit card but did not send it to the seller (or so the seller says). PayPal said to me (I called them) that they did send it to seller. PayPal has my money and I don't have my merchandise.. a planned Christmas present. PayPal won't help me.

Ebay (I called them) won't help me, unless I pay twice!! Their online resolution email system doesn't work. To top it all off, Ebay has officially listed me as a “refused to pay” buyer, not that I will ever buy on Ebay again. The seller (email communications) won't call (I gave him the numbers) PayPal, which would, I think, clear it up. Any other ideas, folks?

Resolution Update 01/19/2010:

I finallly got a refund... not in time for Christmas, but appreciated.

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