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Turned over to a collection agency, even though I've never used Paypal
By -

In the mail today, I received a debt collection notice from a company in MN stating I owe $557.00 to PayPal. For starters, I have never used Paypal in my entire life. I have never used their services at any time. I have 2 credit cards I use for online transactions and purchases. What really takes the cake is that I was never once sent a notice from Paypal stating any money was owed in my name. Someone must have stolen my identity.

Paypal should have at least sent a notice to my home address first before turning my name over to a collection agency. I have sent both Paypal and the collection agency certified letters demanding an explanation for this fiasco. It costs me $11.50 to send both letters. Way to go Paypal. I'm now in the position of defending myself costing me money.

Increased time for refund
By -

I attempted to make a purchase via They were having an issue with their servers, which caused my payment to be withdrawn, but not submit the order. I received an error the first time using Paypal, so I thought it was an issue with that payment method. I re-entered the order using my debit card as the payment method and received the same order.

Shortly after, I received an email from Yugster describing the problem and the steps they are taking to resolve the issue. They were very pro-active in acknowledging the error and issuing a refund. Well I can see the refunds were received by Paypal and my bank the very next day!

Here is the difference; The refund issued for the debit payment method was there the day after the occurrence. The refund issued to Paypal was there, but they placed a hold on it, so these funds are not available to me. I'm told this can be 3-5 days before it is available. So, if a speedy refund is part of your consideration in using Paypal vs a debit or credit card, you may want to skip Paypal.

Paypal and eBay Suck for the Casual Seller!!!
By -

I am fairly new to eBay and Paypal. I have bought only 3 or 4 items on eBay and paid via Paypal. With financial times being what they are, I went and did a little housecleaning. I sold what I could on Craigslist, and some other things on eBay. I was shocked at how well I did on eBay. The problems started when the buyers paid through Paypal. Apparently, being a new seller on eBay and with feedback of less than 100, being the fact that I never sold before, I was subject to the holds that Paypal puts on the funds.

Now like I said, I sold these items because funds are pretty low, but Paypal sends me an email for each of these purchases advising me that the payment is being held but to go ahead and ship the item. Well, in order to ship all these things, some heavier than others would cost over $200 of which I don't really have to spend like that and then wait to get my money. I think it is pathetic that scammers across the world have caused Paypal to take these measures.

Now I contacted the buyers and explained to them why I sold the item and why I had no funds to ship it. I asked if they wouldn't mind waiting the 21 days for me to ship, and obviously I wasn't expecting anything different than the rude responses. Now I am facing negative feedback, and I had to refund the money that was pending in my account. I am still stuck with this stuff that sold pretty well on eBay, but couldn't even draw an interest in my hometown.

If I were a business selling in great quantities on eBay I might be able to afford to ship this stuff. This really hurts the little people who are selling this stuff for the financial gain that they will receive. Plus, with all different scams going on throughout the world, although Paypal tells me to ship the stuff, I just don't feel comfortable shipping until I know that the money is actually in my account, not in some pending status.

Paypal seller protection
By -

So, like the person who sold the domain, I sold an account online. The buyer immediately disputes it. Paypal says they don't have a leg to stand on because it's intangible. Wait out the 20 days and you will get your money. 20 days later, the money is released to you. I get worried because the person was talking about my mother in french and saying something about aids. I ask... what if they used a stolen card?

Paypal says, leave it in the account for over 60 days. That's the time limit for a charge back. I leave the money in there for almost three months. What happens two days later? Yup, Paypal takes the money back out. So my empty account is now -935 bucks. Not sure why it's not the full amount.

I call them and they said that the person disputed the Paypal account's use. They say they didn't use it. Funny thing, they speak french as well. So they send me a letter saying they will investigate and 10 minutes later they say we are taking the money back. I call them and they say that they didn't actually investigate. Why would someone dispute the use of their account if it wasn't there account immediately after the purchase? And what are the odds that they both speak french? So they say they will call back within 48 hours. 5 days later no call.

This is the second time I've had this issue. Don't believe their seller protection. They didn't cover me last time even though I was protected. If you have an American express card and decide to buy 3 laptops a year, you can charge back the full amount for each no questions asked per year. Doesn't seem fair to me. Fraudsters are using credit card charge backs to take advantage of people using eBay and Paypal.

Are they really investigating these claims? I think not. They are just charging back the funds to the card. Paypal, in small letters, says that they are not obligated to fight it or get your money back. Great deal. Beware of Paypal. There were like 78,000 charge back complaints on their site in less than a week. I must not be the only one. They aren't a bank so they do not need to comply with federal laws.

Unscrupulous Billing Practice of PayPal Buyer Credit
By -

NOVATO, CALIFORNIA -- Beware PayPal Buyer Credit! They have unscrupulous billing practices. In my case, I incurred 2 late fees within one month for a bill paid in full on its due date. All this for a service I was tricked into using. How was I tricked? After purchasing an item on eBay I made payment via PayPal. Although I did not have an account, the default funding source was set to PayPal Buyer Credit. I always chose "More Funding Sources..." picked my credit card and completed the transaction.

On my last purchase, I forgot to select "More Funding Sources ..." Payment went through, I received my item. I received a bill in the mail from an account that was closed. I paid the bill anyway. The due date was coming up fast, so my called to ask if we could pay by credit card online. She was told yes.

It wasn't true. The only way we could pay online was to provide checking account information. We didn't want to incur late fees, so we provided the info and made our payment. That's when we learned payment wouldn't be credited for 2 days, which enabled them to charge a $25 late fee. That's usury!

It gets worse. This evening, 3 weeks later, I get a call from a foreign PayPal representative informing that my they couldn't accept my payment because I didn't have an account. And by the way, you've incurred another late fee of $20. $45 dollars in late fees in less than one month's time for payment in full on the due date. All for a credit service I didn't need and didn't want because of their unscrupulous billing practices. The only way to avoid the thieves at PayPal Buyer Credit is to avoid using PayPal entirely.

Paypal Refunded My Money To Buyer After Sale And Delivery Of Product
By -

I was just commenting on a Paypal complaint and thought realized I wanted to share my recent Paypal drama as a review. I sold a digital item to a person in NYC. They paid me via Paypal. The payment said "complete" in my Paypal account, so I sent them the item electronically (a domain name).

A few days later I get an email from Paypal saying they are putting the funds on hold while they do an audit. They took my money back! They then requested I provide similar documentation proving the sale. I thought the buyer was trying to scam me! I contacted her, she said she didn't not know anything about it, but she got a similar email from Paypal.

I called them, sent them all the screen shots of our transaction, annoyed that I even had to spend all this time making screen shots... Especially since neither party had filed a complaint with Paypal. We both told Paypal we wanted the transaction to go through. Paypal assured me I would have the money back before Christmas and this was just a random audit formality. Well the money never was put back in my account, and a few days after Christmas I get notified that they have decided to refund my money to the buyer!!!

This was all done based on a random audit not initiated by either party!!! What made it worse was that I had transferred ownership of my domain to the buyer, and that is a non-revocable action. I cannot get my domain back at this point. I called (very upset) and was told by a manager/supervisor that there is nothing they can do. They told me the buyer needed to respond to their email confirming the transaction. The buyer said she did respond. I told them can they call the buyer, she will confirm we want this transaction to occur. The supervisor told me "Sir, we are in internet company, we do not make phone calls to customers". I said hell you are talking on the phone to me right now...!

The supervisor then told me I could have the buyer re-send the money. I asked would go through for sure this time? She answered, "There is no guarantee it won't get audited again". Why would I want to go through the same process again? She then said I was free to go and use another service if I wanted.

Long story short... They refused to return my money... and I had to then go back to the buyer and have her snail mail me a check. Fortunately she was trustworthy and delivered on sending me a check. But she could have just walked away with my domain and my money if she wanted... all thanks to Paypal. Never again will I be using Paypal.

Credit Limit Reduced from $300 to $100
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Credit limits are too limiting: I have been a Paypal "Buyer Credit" customer for over a year and haven't had any trouble until recently. During Christmas '08 I got a letter stating that my credit limit was reduced due to a recent pull of my credit report. I admit my credit score went down a little since buying a house and a vehicle but I've always paid my bills on time. I paid my Paypal account in full every month! Since opening the account I have over $1500 in transactions. All paid! So of course during Christmas I spent over my NEW credit limit of $100 (I received the credit limit letter after my purchases). I did not receive any penalty or fee that I am aware of.

I called Paypal GE MoneyBank, spoke with a CSR, supervisor, and manager. I asked if they would return my credit limit to the original amount ($300). The supervisor and manager kept telling me to read my credit agreement and letter that was sent stating why my limit was decreased. They might have well as being robots. I explained to them how great of a customer I had been and that in this troubled economy they needed steady paying customers. The robots still said no and would not restore my credit limit. A measly $300 bucks really?

I informed the supervisor and manager that I have no choice but to close the account. So I did. I checked my credit report and it took a small hit because my balance was over my limit and the credit limit was reduced. By the way Paypal BC GE Moneybank is very slow to update/report to the bureaus. My advice: when using Paypal DO NOT APPLY FOR PAYPAL BUYERS CREDIT. The End...

Paypal Refunded My Purchase
By -

I recently purchased a laptop charger on eBay from a PowerSeller because my charger died. First off, I thought the shipping was too much, but, at the time, I didn't say anything. I got the charger about 4 days after paying. When I plugged it into my laptop, the green light didn't come on, and the computer didn't power up.

So I emailed the seller and asked for a refund and told him what the problem was. I noticed that the charger looked cheap in person, and not on the photo on the listing. It was a generic charger, and not what I wanted, which was the genuine Dell charger. I've heard about generic chargers not working, and this was no exception. And, YES, I realize I should have asked before bidding! My mistake!

I got an email back the next day from the seller stating that he would provide me with an even exchange (not what I requested). I mailed him back again and told him that I wanted a refund. I never heard from him directly after that, so I left a neutral feedback score saying such. Then, I decided that it had been 5 days since I emailed him about the refund the 2nd time, I would file a claim with PayPal, just in case.

I told the truth and said what I said here. They asked me to ship the item back to the seller, which I was hesitant about because I was already out of the money, but I did what they asked and sent it Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I sent them the Confirmation number as asked. When I paid for the shipping, it was not $9.99 as the seller charged (he shipped in a flat rate box, too), but $4.75 (I shipped in a regular padded envelope)! I told PayPal that he overcharged in shipping. $5 is a big difference!

So I waited about 2 weeks and got my answer today thanking me for sending the item back as requested and they are refunding my full amount of $19.94!!! I was worried since the seller was a PowerSeller, and I've heard horror stories of people getting screwed out of their money, but I am happy to report that I had no problems! I am happy with PayPal!

Poor Credit Card Customer Service
By -

OMAHA -- I just got off the phone with one of the JERKS in PayPal's/GE Money Credit customer service department. When calling I had no intention of closing my account, however, after talking to the guy on the phone and how rude he was, I closed it immediately. I can't believe they have people working for them like this. I have had an account with them for quite some time and have always made my payments on time. I thought when I was making my payments

I was actually making one ahead, but for some reason, they were doubling reflecting on the same billing cycle. I wanted to see if there was something we could do to work this out, (i.e. credit late fee) since in good faith I thought I was making my payment not only on time, but ahead of the game. The guy on the phone was rude and not willing to work with me. I don't have to take this from someone like that! There are plenty of credit card companies I am sure that would want to have my business. That being said, I am making sure I post on every site I can find to show that GE's customer service is impossible and unreasonable to work with.

PayPal Buyer Protection Program...has a loophole=SCAM!!!!
By -

Warning, PayPal's Buyer Protection Program is not all its cracked up to be. There is a loophole that scammers know of to rip you off. Here's how the scam works... The seller racks up a feedback score of 50 by selling bogus items on eBay (i.e. recipes, beads, or other cheap items). Then once he has a feedback score of 50 and 98% of those are positive, PayPal automatically displays their covered by "PayPal Buyer Protection up to $1000" seal on all his auctions.

Then the seller lists expensive items, once he has this "seal of trustworthiness from PayPal". The buyer then sends funds though PayPal thinking that if he does not get the item, then PayPal will give the money back. Well, not so fast... Several weeks go by and no item, so the buyer emails the seller(scammer). The seller then tries to make the buyer wait past the 45 day deadline for filing for a refund with PayPal Buyer Protection Program by coming up with excuses, or saying he will reship (with no intention of doing so) hoping that he can delay they buyer from filing.

Now if the buyer is smart, he will file a claim with Paypal before the 45 day deadline, but the scam is not over yet!!! When the claim is filed the buyer must choose if it is a "non-receipt" claim, or "goods significantly not as described" claim. The buyer can only choose one, not both--and here's the catch--ONLY 1 CLAIM CAN BE FILED PER TRANSACTION!! Well in this case, the buyer got nothing, so he chooses "non-receipt".

Once the seller gets notification of the claim he has 10 days to respond, so he ships out a box (empty box, dirt, rocks) anything, just so it has a tracking number. During this 10 day response time the fraudster responds to the PayPal claim by giving them the tracking number of the phony package. Once PayPal runs this tracking number, they see it has been delivered to the buyer, and shuts down your case leaving the buyer empty handed, and the seller runs off with the cash! The reason why is because PayPal says this is a "goods" issue since the buyer got SOMETHING, not a "non-receipt" issue- so the buyer filed the wrong type of claim.-remember only one claim can be filed per transaction!!

Now if the buyer used funds from his PayPal account to pay for this transaction, or funds from his bank account he is SOL. If the buyer used a credit card he can contact his credit card and file for a charge back to get his money back... The moral of the story is empty your Paypal account before you buy anything so you can use a Credit Card via PayPal since their Buyer Protection Program is an invitation for scammers that know how to work the system. I can't understand why Paypal would aid and abet fraudsters by giving them this loophole to exploit innocent consumers.

The thing that gets my panties in a bunch is that PayPal gives false expectations that your purchase will be covered when you try to change your funding source from bank account to credit card, when in reality their Buyer Protection Program is a BIG JOKE!! A complete online copy of Pay Pal's Buyer Protection Policy can be found at

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