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Poor Credit Card Customer Service
Posted by on
OMAHA -- I just got off the phone with one of the JERKS in PayPal's/GE Money Credit customer service department. When calling I had no intention of closing my account, however, after talking to the guy on the phone and how rude he was, I closed it immediately. I can't believe they have people working for them like this. I have had an account with them for quite some time and have always made my payments on time. I thought when I was making my payments I was actually making one ahead, but for some reason, they were doubling reflecting on the same billing cycle. I wanted to see if there was something we could do to work this out, (i.e. credit late fee) since in good faith I thought I was making my payment not only on time, but ahead of the game. The guy on the phone was rude and not willing to work with me. I don't have to take this from someone like that! There are plenty of credit card companies I am sure that would want to have my business.

That being said, I am making sure I post on every site I can find to show that GE's customer service is impossible and unreasonable to work with.
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Anonymous on 09/11/2007:
PayPal and eBay are legalized crime not having to operate under any banking laws. Your better off staying as far from them as you can. Google them and you will find thousands of complaints about people that had their money stolen and have no way to get it back since PayPal and eBay do not have to answer to anyone.
mcgiannetti on 11/28/2007:
I have had the same problem with GE Money Bank. Their customer service knows nothing. I don't understand what they do there all day because I have sent a copy of my cleared check 9 times now and am told I never sent anything, and as soon as I do they'll post my payment
patience77 on 03/24/2008:
What you need to do is make sure you read the terms because with all credit cards if you don't make the monthly payment then you have a late fee. Plus if this was the first time you should be able to have the late fee removed as curteous.
lamett on 10/27/2008:

File complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision

GEMB knows they are violaing FEDERAL LAWS and hope that you do not know or ever find out about them.
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PayPal Resolution Sucks For eBay Sellers
Posted by on
Has anyone out there that sells on eBay had the misfortune of dealing with PayPal's resolution center? I recently had a winning bidder on an eBay auction of mine contact PayPal claiming that they never received their item. My auctions clearly state that I am not responsible for loss or damage if the buyer elects not to purchase insurance. In the email from PayPal's resolution center, they give the seller 3 choices. 1. Issue buyer a full refund. 2. Provide tracking information. 3. Do nothing and PayPal may take the funds from your account after the 7 day deadline passes, which may also result in loss of account usage. WHERE IS THE RESOLUTION? Sounds like the door is wide open for PayPal buyer fraud on eBay. There is no place for the seller to state his side of the case. You can only click on which of the 3 choices you opt for. As a seller on eBay I have 1856 feedbacks with a 100% positive rating. The mail lost the item or the buyer lied, and I am expected to be 100% responsible when it clearly states in the auction that I am not, and PayPal backs the buyer fully. I only have a receipt for the shipping, which shows the buyer's zipcode, on the same date that item was paid for. I at least have some sort of proof that the item was shipped. But since PayPal is now an eBay company, they don't respond to emails. The seller is out listing fees, shipping, and the cost of the item sold, simply because the buyer claims they did not receive their item. I thought I was covered by the instructions in my listings, but obviously not. For you sellers out there, I suggest you do like myself and start requiring insurance and tracking on all items. Buyers looking for free items have an open door thanks to PayPal.
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the-house-elf on 01/03/2005:
You are right my friend. When Paypal was not owned by eBay they were never the best to deal with, but at least you could get a response in the form of a live body if you wanted to take an hour of your time to find the phone number. Having been purchased by eBay you can expect little more than what you received.

Remember, eBay is not interested in you, or your losses. They are interested in their listing fees and final value fees. They talk a big story about service...but there is a saying in the business world that "they" fail to understand. That is "your level of customer service is not how you feel about it as a company, but how your customer feels about it". From your comment, and others, it is obvious how the customer feels about it, but the bottom line is they do not care.
jumbalaya on 01/04/2005:
Why didn't you protect yourself on the mail end of it? There are proofs of delivery available in all shipping services. Just send out items nilly willy and hope that nothing happens to it? You knew the conditions, and cry about it now? Take the hit and stop crying.
LegalCollector on 01/04/2005:
I totally agree with the problem solved statement. You should be tracking your packages, or spring for some sort of delivery confirmation. Isn't it worth the extra 1-3 bucks for piece of mind?
Roger&Out on 01/05/2005:
Paying no mind to little Jimmy's 2 posts...Like I stated, I gave the buyer the option of purchasing insurance as I don't inflate shipping & only charge actual costs. If eBay or PayPal were to list someplace on their websites that sellers bear the burden for lost or damaged items, I would have required insurance & tracking on all shipments, as I now do. This post was ment to be informative as well as a complaint, so that eBay sellers won't be blindsided by PayPal's so called resolution.
Flying Dutchman42 on 01/17/2005:
OH BOO HOO poor cry baby,you sellers should accept responsibility for the item your selling why should it be on the buyers shoulders? you set the price you sell the item you set the terms for the sell and when wjen the buyer hits that sned button on PayPal u have ur money at the speed of light, I think all sellers to take resonsibility for what they sell because the buyer has no control over that item until the buyer recievs it. So I do not agree with u.
elspaniard on 01/19/2005:
I too was defrauded by a customer for 123.95 plus shipping. PayPal just gave them their money back when they claimed they didn't receive it. I HAD A TRACKING NUMBER USPS and gave the dc proof to PayPal. the customer, however, sent the same (opened) package to another address to it shows a different zip code. PayPal sided with this crook and will not even look under the "details tracking page of the usps" where it shows one stop (delivery) to their address and then on to the next zip. what a bunch of CRAP!
shellee73 on 01/30/2005:
Roger, I just had the same experience. Sold an item to a customer and mailed it Priority. I inadverently overcharged her 70 cents shipping and immediately refunded her through that crime syndicate known as PP. Something did not feel right from the moment she use BIN. The e-mail address she had listed w/ Ebay kept kicking back my messages. It was an AOL, so I signed on to AOL and used my account to try to find her. AOL had no such user listed. She was very hard to contact. I looked her profile up on Paypal and used that e-mail address to contact her but there was no response back from her. More than 2 weeks later she contacts me asking where is her item? I responded that it was mailed the same day she paid. I inquired as to why did she wait nearly 2 weeks after the day she should have expected the item. If I was the buyer, I would have made contact sooner seeing as I gave someone my $ and expected something for it. She stated she was on vaction for 2 weeks. OK. I asked her to contact the local PO. If no one was home to receive the package then they were probably holding it. Too late. Before I could send her that e-mail, 3 hours after she 1st contacted me, she filed a complaint with PP. I got the same letter and options you did. My TOS stated I was note responsible for PO errors. I had a receipt for the cost of shipping since I paid w/my debit. It had the city and zipcode plus date stamp. She denied insurance of course. I found out just like you that it does not matter what my TOS are because the customer has all the power. I was willing to negotiate a resolution between us but she never gave me the option. # days into the claims process she e-mails me that the item arrived but it is broken AND the broken parts are not even in the box. This girl was pure evil. Nothing was broken and I explained in the item description how to assemble the item. I had pictures showing the item disassembled and assembled. She responded that my excuse was laughable. I asked her to please send back the item, at MY cost, and I would refund her. Then she started getting weird. She would e-mail me several times a day calling me horrible and hateful names, all over 12 dollars. Mind you that the PP claim is still active despite her telling me that the item arrived. I fowarded the e-mail to PP. They asked me for the delivery confirmation #. I felt the situation would be best resolved if she just had both the $ and the "broken" item. I responded to PP's process to refund customer. She e-mails me again asking for her $. I kindly asked her to refer all future contact to PP since they would have to initiate the refund when there is an active claim. If I could have given this unstable person the $ I would have just to get her out of my life. The escalation of her anger was totally out of sync with the situation. After receiving yet another email from her I called PP. The customer service rep. read the case and started laughing. She could not understand why the person was putting up such hell over a relatively little situation. This all began 3 day prior to the tsunami crisis and by now the world is focused on a real tragedy while she continues to raise hell. Her e-mails were really scary. I took them over to a cop friend and he actually gave them to a FBI special agent who works with internet crimes. Seems harassment by e-mail is illegal, just nearly impossible to prosecute. Great system! It has been yet another 2 weeks. PP still has not refunded the customer but has a freeze on the funds. I just know this person will tear me but in FB just as soon as PP gives her the $. I have not listed since Dec. Up till then it was fun interacting with people. It is cool having someone send an e-mail and leave FB saying how happy they are with something they bought for me. If I do sell again, I have learned the importance of Delivery Confirmation. It is interesting how if you buy postage through PP DC is free, but if I haul myself to the PO so I can be certain the shipping is accurate, I have to pay. What a scam.
DebtorBasher on 02/13/2005:
Here is the phone number to call PayPal...since they only give three options to click on...maybe you can call and give your side of the story...866-571-3011 or you can call customer service at 866-571-3012l. If you want to write to them, here is the address for their corp. office: PayPal Inc. Ebay Prak North, 2211 North First St. San Jose, CA 95131 ... Good luck to you!
DebtorBasher on 02/13/2005:
It may be a good idea to start your bid amount to include enough to cover confirmation of delivery. So, if they decide they don't want insurance on the item they win, you can still get the confirmation because it was included in the price of the bid that they bidded on. Instead of starting a bid at $20, start it at $22, $23 or whatever will cover the cost. on 03/19/2005:
It really doesn't matter if you answer Paypal or not. Paypal will take the money!
Hogger on 03/19/2005:
Maybe we need to stop using Paypal until this situation is made right.
CAMedWmn on 04/12/2005:
Did you read the Terms of Service for PayPal before agreeing to them in order to accept PayPal payments from your customers? If so, why do you now expect that the rules do not apply to you? If not, why not?

Had you a tracking number (available with all but the cheapest forms of shipping), you would still have your money. Don't blame the buyer because you chose to take shortcuts to save a buck or two. The tracking number is the seller's form of insurance, and is just as voluntary as the insurance you offered to the buyer. SInce you have no proof you actually shipped the item, the burden of proof falls on you.

I usually insist that a seller provide a tracking number, and am always willing to pay for it if need be. It saves both the seller and I much aggravation and time, and gives us both yet another way to resolve a potential issue that can (and often does) come up. The tracking number actually protects both of us from being ripped off by a shipping carrier.

Protest all you want, you agreed to the TOS whether you read them or not. You can decide now to not accept PayPal, but trust me, credit card companies are much tougher when itcomes to consumer protections, and a disreputable buyer can exploit this to their own benefit very effectively, and much quicker than PayPal.
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Will not accept sign in to pay a bill; EBay accepts the order but Pay Pal does not recognize purchase
Posted by on
I have tried numerous times to sign in to Pay Pal to pay for this item but cannot get through their sign in procedures. I am not recognized and now Ebay is threatening to open an unpaid item in my account. I don't need the hassle and no longer need the item.
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User Replies:
grandma005 on 07/18/2011:
Try some of these numbers for Paypal
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Erroneous email from the company
Posted by on
On 6/21/2011, Paypal emailed me that I had sent $ 67.99 to a person named Ramad Ashek
for an eBay item. I have never heard of this person and have never authorized any
payment to him.

I have sent repeated emails to Paypal asking them to send an emaail to me correcting this error by showing that I did not make this payment, but have received to respomse.

My Transaction ID CGY8163318276332E or ( KMM4385362V33398LOKM )

Thank you,

Robert F. Lorenzen, MD
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User Replies:
MJGoldfarb on 07/05/2011:
Is it possible that this is a "phishing" email and not really from PayPal? Have you checked your PayPal account to see if the money was actually sent?
MRM on 07/05/2011:
You are correct, MJ, that it maybe a phishing scam.
PepperElf on 07/05/2011:
Did the original email ask you to "log in" to their link to provide your account information so they could verify the transaction?
PepperElf on 07/05/2011:
can't edit (which is weird cos I still see the edit link...) but anyway...

you may want to change your password - just to be safe - and see if you can get a list of your transactions to see if it matches anything you saw in your email.

because, again, I think the email was a scam and not really from PayPal

I just hope you didn't click on anything in the email etc.
madconsumer on 07/05/2011:
great review.

very helpful!!
Anonymous on 07/05/2011:
I got a similar email like this. I don't have a Paypal account so that leads me to believe it's not a real email, but a scam
kinthenorthwest on 07/05/2011:
IF you have any credit card, PayPal, bank or pay by email type accounts ALWAYS be very careful what you reply to. Do Not Reply to something that seems to be unusual by using your reply buttom..Call them or go to the site...
Many many business get plished everyday.
bcd on 07/05/2011:
Follow the above recommendations to sign on to PayPal to verify the validity of the transaction and change your password.

DO NOT click on a link in the email. Type into your web browser address bar to access the site.
Starlord on 07/06/2011:
PayPal and eBay are popular targets for phishing messages. If you get an email from PayPal or eBay that makes no sense to you, forward it to spoof@PayPal or eBay, unopened. They have the system to handle the phony emails.
PepperElf on 07/06/2011:
well it's a bit hard to read an email and then send it off unopened...

but you may want to ensure the full headers are visible at least.
kinthenorthwest on 07/06/2011:
What turned me on to the philshing of banks etc was getting one from a bank I had not done business with for around 20 years...
I just called them and said what the ???
they said to forward and apologized...
Cwazychicken on 07/06/2011:
NEVER click PayPal links, especially if they are in your junk folder...always go to the site itself. Once they get your info, they can change your information and lock you out of your account. If you still can, go into your account, change your password.
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PayPal... a merchants' broker
Posted by on
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Without my authorization Wealthy Affiliates University (WA) used my PayPal account for a second year of a non-recurring subscription for $359.88 (subject of another complaint). WA notified me of this after they had been paid by PayPal. I filed an email dispute with PayPal, which was denied. I called them and was told that since they had paid WA, they would not do anything to help me. PayPal is broker for their merchants’ financial interests, with no protection for the consumer. While I was on telephone hold, I heard all sorts of dialogue about how much protection PayPal was to the customers. PayPal actually provides no protection against unauthorized use of one’s credit. In my opinion, it is just as safe, perhaps safer, to use your credit card online. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my credit card.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 05/25/2010:
It should be fairly apparent by now with all of the complaints about PayPal and eBay. They care not about the buyers (clients) or the sellers. They care ONLY about themselves and the money they can extract from both sides. Who do the REALLY protect? - THEMSELVES!
CoonCatOne on 05/25/2010:
Someone said: "It should be fairly apparent by now with all of the complaints about PayPal and eBay. They care not about the buyers (clients) or the sellers. They care ONLY about themselves and the money they can extract from both sides. Who do the REALLY protect? - THEMSELVES!"

I agree wholeheartedly...!
PepperElf on 05/25/2010:
is your PayPal tied to a credit card?

if so you may be able to contact the credit card company to file a dispute.

I would also recommend removing any credit information from PayPal as well.

(and you don't have to quote me entirely) :-)
CoonCatOne on 05/25/2010:
Someone said: "is your PayPal tied to a credit card?

if so you may be able to contact the credit card company to file a dispute.

I would also recommend removing any credit information from PayPal as well.

(and you don't have to quote me entirely) :-)"

PayPal was connected to my credit card. I have contacted them and feel hopeful that they will back me.
PepperElf on 05/25/2010:

I said "you don't have to quote me entirely"
and I get quoted entirely, including the statement about not quoting me entirely.

but good luck on the dispute.
tnchuck100 on 05/25/2010:
Pepper, he has been told in the past that he did not need to quote things. Or use 'Someone said:' It just seems to be his way. Granted, it makes things harder to read, but that's just the way he does it.
PepperElf on 05/25/2010:
Well I admit I'd rather be called PepperElf instead of just "someone"
or pepper, or peps, or crazy lady with the weregiraffes

pretty please?
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Payment Processing
Posted by on
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an item from Ebay using PayPal. PayPal took payment out of my credit card but did not send it to the seller (or so the seller says).

PayPal said to me (I called them) that they did send it to seller. PayPal has my money and I don't have my merchandise.. a planned Christmas present. PayPal won't help me.

Ebay (I called them) won't help me, unless I pay twice!! Their online resolution email system doesn't work. To top it all off, Ebay has officially listed me as a “refused to pay” buyer, not that I will ever buy on Ebay again.

The seller (email communications) won’t call (I gave him the numbers) PayPal, which would, I think, clear it up.

Any other ideas, folks?
Resolution Update 01/19/2010:
I finallly got a refund... not in time for Christmas, but appreciated.
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User Replies:
MaggieMcT on 12/07/2009:
Did you get your 'receipt for payment' email from PayPal?
CoonCatOne on 12/07/2009:
I went to my PayPal account online and they do record my payment and they also record the payment to the seller (who says he didn't get it.) There was a lawsuit in New York over this problem.
Anonymous on 12/07/2009:
Coon, did you hit the Pay Now button on the item or summary page, or type in the email address? It could be a typo in the email in which it would not show in the sellers account.

What is the item number?
CoonCatOne on 12/07/2009:
Someone wrote: Coon, did you hit the Pay Now button on the item or summary page, or type in the email address? It could be a typo in the email in which it would not show in the sellers account. What is the item number? I ordered other stuff and it arrived, so I presume that I did it correctly. There is no way to tell and PayPal and Ebay and the seller won't help.
Anonymous on 12/07/2009:
You ordered and paid for other stuff by the same seller? Or in the same transaction?
CoonCatOne on 12/07/2009:
Someone wrote: You ordered and paid for other stuff by the same seller? Or in the same transaction?

I ordered from other sellers, successfully.
PepperElf on 12/07/2009:
I think she meant that one specific seller. have you ever ordered from that seller before?

(and no you don't need to do the "someone wrote" thing - it'll be clear who you're replying to) ;-)

and... if you've never purchased from that seller before
and PayPal says the seller was sent the money
... I would say, check the seller's recent ratings.
it is possible that the seller is lying to you

and if the seller won't call you - contact PayPal and file a report against the seller to see about getting your $ back

also if you made the PayPal payment via credit card, you might want to contact your credit company and file a report
CoonCatOne on 12/07/2009:
All well and good, Pepper but PayPal has my money and they won't help. Ebay won't help. The seller may be lying, but he won't help. I will try not to pay my credit card, but I expect that PayPal will say they paid the seller.
CoonCatOne on 12/07/2009:
I think I might have found the answer. Another reviewer said that eBay owns PayPal. Their corporate addresses are in the same city. That would explain why no one will help me. Can anyone confirm that this is true?
Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
Coon, yes it is true. But the point of my question is: Did you pay different sellers ll in one transaction, OR did you pay ONE seller and go to Paypal, click the send money tab, and type in the sellers email? That is what I am asking.

If you physically typed in your sellers email address, you may have did a typo and the payment is in limbo. If you paid using the Pay Now button, and included your payment to the seller, what does the DETAILS link on the payment show? Does it show PENDING or COMPLETE?

If it shows PENDING, the seller has not received it for whatever reason Paypal can come up with. If it shows COMPLETE, it can mean one of two things: The seller is lying OR the seller has a typo in the auction with their email address and someone else actually has that email address AND the payment.
bunnyhead on 12/16/2009:
If the payment is showing as complete on Paypal open a item not received case. They will investigate it and if the seller cannot show proof that the item was mailed, Paypal will refund your money. I am a seller on Ebay and I have gone through this. Just remember, as a buyer, you have more rights on Ebay than the seller does.
PepperElf on 12/16/2009:
CC - you missed one of my suggestions

if you made the PayPal payment via credit card
you might want to contact your credit company and file a report

that means contacting visa or MasterCard or whomever
and filing a report about what happened
CoonCatOne on 12/16/2009:
Thanks for the info, Bunny. Armed with that, I will go back to eBay. I have filed an official complaint with the Attorney General in my state. That may also get their attention. I think eBay/PayPal are so big that they think they are accountable to no one. I suspect, but am not sure, that the seller was not paid. I have read that on other reviewers complaints.
CoonCatOne on 01/19/2010:
Postscript: The Attorney General's office in my state got involved and today I received a refund.... Hurrah!
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Beware of PayPal & Ebay Practices
Posted by on
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Beware of PayPal & Ebay Practices:
You buy an Item on Ebay. You Pay with PayPal. Both are Owned by Ebay!
Ebay says you must pay within 7 days! You are verified with both Ebay & PayPal. You have a verified checking account and Credit Card on PayPal. PayPal notifies the seller you have paid with Echeck. PayPal sends you a Email notifying you that the payment will take days and days and days to process. Even though YOUR BANK has paid PayPal within just a few days, PayPal holds your payment for even more days, making sure your payment to the seller goes just over the 7 days allowed! This way PayPal makes all the interest they can on YOUR MONEY! You are delayed getting your item, you may get negative feedback, but Ebay and PayPal make their money!.
Also beware of the 5 free listing thing Ebay has on now. They will RIP you on Fees. At least 8.75% or $20.00 !

PayPal acts like a BANK but are not allowed to be a BANK!
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 10/14/2009:
Or you could just transfer some money from your bank account to your PayPal account...I've never used PayPal with an "e check". Since you have to have your account attached to PayPal might as well migrate some funds, or just use the number from your debit card through PayPal. Again, checks, even "e checks" are just nonsensical and totally unnecessary.
CoonCatOne on 12/07/2009:
I had a problem like this with eBay and PayPal. Now I understand why I cannot get help. Thank you.
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Lies And Convoluted Policies
Posted by on
I tried to update my PayPal account since we moved to Washington, and when it got to verifying bank account, I ran into a brick wall. My wife, Crystal, had updated her PayPal account already, and I sat down at the PC, fat, dumb and happy, to do the same. Everything was fine until I got to verifying a bank account. I filled in all the proper information, and I was informed by the impersonal website that the bank account was already linked to a PayPal account, and I would have to use another account. The directions to add a secondary user to a PayPal account apparently are all lies, because the live person I called said it couldn't be done. I told her we had a joint account, and I was not going to open another bank account just for PayPal. The gal said she was sorry, but it sounded a lot like, "Tough fecal matter."

I canceled my PayPal account and when they sent me an email saying if I ever wished to sign up again, I would be welcome, and I sent a message back that said, "Bite me!"
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 12/15/2008:
I like your response.
Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
Good info. I haven't touched my PayPal account in ages.
TGT101 on 12/15/2008:
Marple maybe you have millions of dollars in there now with interest. ;)
madconsumer on 12/15/2008:
great review, funny written. I have never been a fan of PayPal.

very helpful.
Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
Thanks. Enjoyed your response, too.
Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
"Bite me!" seems to be a standard reply people make now when it comes to PayPal. It's PayPal's own fault, someday somebody bigger and better will come along and knock off eBay and PayPal. None to soon in my book. GooglePay has a better system and I hope Google takes down the jerks that run PayPal. (VH)
Principissa on 12/15/2008:
LOL!! I had a PayPal account when I lived in VA almost 4 years ago. Never use it, don't even have the same account anymore.

I cannot believe they expected you to open a new account so you can use PayPal. Give me a break. I'd strangle hubby he did something that stupid.
Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
It is madness to give this company access to your checking account. A true recipe for disaster.
Starlord on 12/16/2008:
I have gotten two emails so far, begging me to reconsider my decision to leave. As I told them, they are not going to let me access my wife's account, and I will not open another bank account just to have PayPal. Mexican standoff. I ain't blinking.
TL-Houston on 01/12/2009:
This is really amusing!
DebtorBasher on 01/12/2009:
I've never had any problem with PayPal...but then again, I haven't used it for a while, so maybe things have changed. I keep the account open so when I get those Emails from Nigeria offering to deposit 20 million dollars into my account, it can be done quicker through PayPal!

Good Review!
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No support/won't cancel
Posted by on
BONHAM, TEXAS -- I tried to solve not being able to use my PayPal account over the phone at the 800 number listed. The woman I spoke to understood very little English and was completely unable to resolve the problem. She pretended to understand what I was saying by saying "yes" "ah ha" but then would ask me for information I had already given her. I have no idea what country she was in or was from. I spent 30 minutes cell phone time trying to resolve the problem, finally gave up.

After I gave up I sent the July bill paid in full ($29.99) with a letter enclosed asking them to close my account. They ignored the request and sent me another bill with a $15 late fee on a zero balance. Trying just to be done with them I sent them the $15 late fee. Not good enough they sent me another bill of a $15 late fee on the late fee. I'm not sending these crazies anymore money but they keep sending me more bills with late fees on top of late fees. Haven't charged anything with them since June and haven't had a balance since July but they keep sending those late fee bills. I filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General so we will see.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 10/29/2008:
What kind of PayPal account do you have that charges late fees? Is it a PayPal credit card?

I understand the frustration, however calling ANY customer service most likely will take hold time and depending on the reason for the call, it can easily add up to a 30 minute call. But, knowing this, it was your choice to call on your cellphone using your minutes to do so...therefore, you authorized the call and the charges, I don't see that anything will be done about that. If a person is concerned about their minutes, the worse thing they can do is call any customer service or tech help from their cellphone.
truckin21 on 01/29/2009:
I think DebtorBasher missed the point. You were not talking about cell phone charges, you were talking about being charged 2 late fees on a ZERO BALANCE ACCOUNT. I must be lucky, I used pay pal in 2005 when my wife died. I use it to pay my E-Bay bill when I sold my wife's trike. I closed both accounts in 2006. I still get e-mails from E-Bay saying my account has a positive balance, (they owe me) and I get monthly reports that I purchased
$400.00 worth of merchendise through my "Pay Pal Account".
Apparently, once you sgn up with these two outfits, you are there for life
DebtorBasher on 01/31/2009:
Truckin...I understand the poster was talking about the charge for late fees. But my comment was in respons to the poster saying, " I spent 30 minutes cell phone time trying to resolve the problem, finally gave up". Since the poster brought up the fact that they used 30 minutes of cellphone time, it must have been an issue with them and that is why I said it was their choice to make the call from their cellphone.
truckin21 on 02/01/2009:
debtorbasher: Understood, sorry for the mix-up. I don't worry about cell phone minutes because I never get close to using them up. I use my cell phone for business only. I want to "yap" I use the computer, ie e-mail.
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Beware of new PayPal Phishing Scam!
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I just read about a new PayPal phishing scam and thought I'd pass it along as a warning to everyone. Again, the best way to combat this kind of stuff is to never click on a link in an email. If you think there is a problem with your PayPal account, type the site's address directly into your browser's address bar. Here's the article about how it works:
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/06/2008:
Phishing scams hit all the major financial institutions. A good way to combat is to download the latest Firefox browser. If you click on a link it searches an excellent database that detects phishing sites, then provides a warning screen with details on the scam.
DebtorBasher on 07/06/2008:
Thanks for the warning...also it's important to report it (forward the entire Email) to PayPal to investigate said above, never click on any links IN that Email...PayPal's website has the Email address to forward and report those Email Scams.
Sparticus on 07/06/2008:
This is actually a very clever attempt to scam folks. I have not seen this technique used before, and I am glad I read this. For those who did not read the whole article, you now have to be very wary of links that are EVEN legitimate Paypal links! Scary stuff.

I'm sure Paypal will have this loophole squashed in no time, but definitely something to watch out for... Good find Chemman!
Anonymous on 07/06/2008:
Very Helpful Chemman! Thanks.
fazie on 07/07/2008:
I got one that looked like I had just bought something." this is to confirm your payment of $347.86 to blah blah blah.
well I knew I hadn't bought anything recently so I forwarded the whole email to PayPal, have since received 6 more of the same type of emails.
Starlord on 07/08/2008:
If you receive an email that you think might be wrong, forward it unopened to they can ascertain in a matter of minutes if it is legit or phony, and take the appropriate steps. Same thing with eBay. I have gotten complaints about merchandise I 'sold,' and I have not sold on eBay for a couple of years. I just forward the email to and they tell me in minutes it is not from them, and the proper authorities have been notified.
patvanv on 07/08/2008:
The last email I read just before reading this M3C was the actual phishing attempt!!! Thanks for info.
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