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PayPal... a merchants' broker
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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Without my authorization Wealthy Affiliates University (WA) used my PayPal account for a second year of a non-recurring subscription for $359.88 (subject of another complaint). WA notified me of this after they had been paid by PayPal. I filed an email dispute with PayPal, which was denied. I called them and was told that since they had paid WA, they would not do anything to help me. PayPal is broker for their merchants' financial interests, with no protection for the consumer.

While I was on telephone hold, I heard all sorts of dialogue about how much protection PayPal was to the customers. PayPal actually provides no protection against unauthorized use of one's credit. In my opinion, it is just as safe, perhaps safer, to use your credit card online. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my credit card.

Payment Processing
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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an item from Ebay using PayPal. PayPal took payment out of my credit card but did not send it to the seller (or so the seller says). PayPal said to me (I called them) that they did send it to seller. PayPal has my money and I don't have my merchandise.. a planned Christmas present. PayPal won't help me.

Ebay (I called them) won't help me, unless I pay twice!! Their online resolution email system doesn't work. To top it all off, Ebay has officially listed me as a “refused to pay” buyer, not that I will ever buy on Ebay again. The seller (email communications) won't call (I gave him the numbers) PayPal, which would, I think, clear it up. Any other ideas, folks?

Resolution Update 01/19/2010:

I finallly got a refund... not in time for Christmas, but appreciated.

Beware of PayPal & Ebay Practices
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Beware of PayPal & Ebay Practices: You buy an Item on Ebay. You Pay with PayPal. Both are Owned by Ebay! Ebay says you must pay within 7 days! You are verified with both Ebay & PayPal. You have a verified checking account and Credit Card on PayPal. PayPal notifies the seller you have paid with Echeck. PayPal sends you a Email notifying you that the payment will take days and days and days to process.

Even though YOUR BANK has paid PayPal within just a few days, PayPal holds your payment for even more days, making sure your payment to the seller goes just over the 7 days allowed! This way PayPal makes all the interest they can on YOUR MONEY! You are delayed getting your item, you may get negative feedback, but Ebay and PayPal make their money! Also beware of the 5 free listing thing Ebay has on now. They will RIP you on fees. At least 8.75% or $20.00! PayPal acts like a BANK but are not allowed to be a BANK!

Lies And Convoluted Policies
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I tried to update my PayPal account since we moved to Washington, and when it got to verifying bank account, I ran into a brick wall. My wife, Crystal, had updated her PayPal account already, and I sat down at the PC, fat, dumb and happy, to do the same. Everything was fine until I got to verifying a bank account. I filled in all the proper information, and I was informed by the impersonal website that the bank account was already linked to a PayPal account, and I would have to use another account.

The directions to add a secondary user to a PayPal account apparently are all lies, because the live person I called said it couldn't be done. I told her we had a joint account, and I was not going to open another bank account just for PayPal. The gal said she was sorry, but it sounded a lot like, "Tough fecal matter." I canceled my PayPal account and when they sent me an email saying if I ever wished to sign up again, I would be welcome, and I sent a message back that said, "Bite me!"

No support/won't cancel
By -

BONHAM, TEXAS -- I tried to solve not being able to use my PayPal account over the phone at the 800 number listed. The woman I spoke to understood very little English and was completely unable to resolve the problem. She pretended to understand what I was saying by saying "yes", "ah ha", but then would ask me for information I had already given her. I have no idea what country she was in or was from. I spent 30 minutes cell phone time trying to resolve the problem, finally gave up.

After I gave up, I sent the July bill paid in full ($29.99) with a letter enclosed asking them to close my account. They ignored the request and sent me another bill with a $15 late fee on a zero balance. Trying just to be done with them I sent them the $15 late fee. Not good enough, they sent me another bill of a $15 late fee on the late fee. I'm not sending these crazies any more money, but they keep sending me more bills with late fees on top of late fees. Haven't charged anything with them since June and haven't had a balance since July, but they keep sending those late fee bills. I filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General so we will see.

Great Service in Correcting Problem
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CASA GRANDE, ARIZONA -- I recently made a couple of purchases from eBay, and used PayPal to pay for the items. They paid for the items for me, then apparently since I had not used my PayPal account for sometime, set up a new one. When I tried to confirm my bank account, I received a message that my bank account was connected to another PayPal account, and I could not use that bank account.

I called the 800 number, and was a bit put out at first, due to a twenty minute wait, listening to PayPal advertising. CSR Brian came on and apologized for the wait and asked how he could be of help. I explained my problem and he quickly and professionally brought up both accounts on his computer and verified that I was indeed the holder of both. Seems I had a small amount of money in the old account. Brian consulted with his supervisor, George, and in short order he had transferred the money to my bank account, and closed out the old PayPal account.

My problem was resolved in a short amount of time, and Brian showed concern and was a delight to deal with. The wait was not problem, once I saw that my problem was dealt with completely with one call. I knew that my problem was the total issue for that time. Good job, Brian and George.

My son's experience

My son won eBay auction for an electric violin. For some reason, PayPal chose to put a hold on the transaction and investigate. They were investigating my son, not the seller. They said the transaction was unusual for him and raised a flag. It, however, was the second electric violin that he purchased from eBay through PayPal. The most unusual part is that they took my son's money!!! PayPal has his cash, right out of his account, and isn't paying the seller. My son has phoned PayPal and talked to them twice. They still have his money, almost a week later, and are not paying the seller.

Terrible Customer Service
By -

Requested a PayPal debit card which they offer free of charge. Received card. Went to activate it online but got an error message. Called customer service. After going through long wait times and trying to translate Indian speakers, they said they would send another debit card. Next card arrived and still didn't work! Same problem. Sent from batch of "bad cards". Again spoke to customer service. Assured me they were sorry, etc. and would not happen again. Well they sent another and it happened for a THIRD TIME! The card they sent was, once again, from the bad batch.

Rep I spoke to said "company has no control over this problem" and blamed it on MasterCard, with whom the company was "under contract" to produce cards. (Wouldn't sending bad cards be breach of contract?) Card #4 is supposedly in the mail but this company is absolutely incompetent. They treat their customers like garbage.

Hopeless Customer Service
By -

CANADA -- I live in Canada and received some U.S. funds in my PayPal account, which I naturally wanted to convert into Canadian dollars before depositing them in my bank. I didn't know whether to enter the U.S. amount or the converted Canadian amount in the "Amount" (amount to deposit) box, so I called customer service - not a toll-free number, by the way. The first person had no idea and went off for quite a while to check. When he returned he still didn't seem quite sure, so he left again. After waiting nearly another 10 minutes, I hung up and called again in the hope of reaching someone who would actually know the answer to this very basic question.

The second person somehow accidentally disconnected our call after about three seconds. The third person was so clueless that I gave up (among other things, she seemed a bit puzzled about why someone would want to convert money into Canadian dollars). The fourth person did virtually the same thing the first person had done, and disappeared for ages in search of the answer, then came back and suddenly left again with no explanation whatsoever.

While I was waiting I decided to try entering the U.S. amount and see if it would convert automatically. It did. I didn't wait for the woman to come back (I wasn't sure she was even going to come back). Incidentally, all of these people had varying degrees of difficulty with English, so it's possible they weren't even completely sure what I was talking about. I'll never know - I hope never to have to contact PayPal again.

PayPal Buyer Protection Program...has a loophole=SCAM!!!!
By -

Warning, PayPal's Buyer Protection Program is not all its cracked up to be. There is a loophole that scammers know of to rip you off. Here's how the scam works... The seller racks up a feedback score of 50 by selling bogus items on eBay (i.e. recipes, beads, or other cheap items). Then once he has a feedback score of 50 and 98% of those are positive, PayPal automatically displays their covered by "PayPal Buyer Protection up to $1000" seal on all his auctions.

Then the seller lists expensive items, once he has this "seal of trustworthiness from PayPal". The buyer then sends funds though PayPal thinking that if he does not get the item, then PayPal will give the money back. Well, not so fast... Several weeks go by and no item, so the buyer emails the seller(scammer). The seller then tries to make the buyer wait past the 45 day deadline for filing for a refund with PayPal Buyer Protection Program by coming up with excuses, or saying he will reship (with no intention of doing so) hoping that he can delay they buyer from filing.

Now if the buyer is smart, he will file a claim with Paypal before the 45 day deadline, but the scam is not over yet!!! When the claim is filed the buyer must choose if it is a "non-receipt" claim, or "goods significantly not as described" claim. The buyer can only choose one, not both--and here's the catch--ONLY 1 CLAIM CAN BE FILED PER TRANSACTION!! Well in this case, the buyer got nothing, so he chooses "non-receipt".

Once the seller gets notification of the claim he has 10 days to respond, so he ships out a box (empty box, dirt, rocks) anything, just so it has a tracking number. During this 10 day response time the fraudster responds to the PayPal claim by giving them the tracking number of the phony package. Once PayPal runs this tracking number, they see it has been delivered to the buyer, and shuts down your case leaving the buyer empty handed, and the seller runs off with the cash! The reason why is because PayPal says this is a "goods" issue since the buyer got SOMETHING, not a "non-receipt" issue- so the buyer filed the wrong type of claim.-remember only one claim can be filed per transaction!!

Now if the buyer used funds from his PayPal account to pay for this transaction, or funds from his bank account he is SOL. If the buyer used a credit card he can contact his credit card and file for a charge back to get his money back... The moral of the story is empty your Paypal account before you buy anything so you can use a Credit Card via PayPal since their Buyer Protection Program is an invitation for scammers that know how to work the system. I can't understand why Paypal would aid and abet fraudsters by giving them this loophole to exploit innocent consumers.

The thing that gets my panties in a bunch is that PayPal gives false expectations that your purchase will be covered when you try to change your funding source from bank account to credit card, when in reality their Buyer Protection Program is a BIG JOKE!! A complete online copy of Pay Pal's Buyer Protection Policy can be found at

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