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Pep Boys
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My Experience with Pep Boys
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My experience with Pep Boys: 7/10/13 Wednesday 5:15 P.M. – I notice flashing clock and poor starting. Go to Pep Boys Buy new battery and it is installed by Pep Boys. Waited on by **. Installation complete and I start to leave. I turn on my a/c and notice it is blowing through the defroster vents but the knob is set to the dash vents. I return inside and notify fleet mgr ** of the issue and am told by ** there is no one available to do the diagnostics on this issue and that if I return Wednesday before 5 pm that he will ensure that there will be a technician available.

7/11/13 Thursday 4:30 P.M. – Return to Pep Boys and meet ** in the parking lot. He indicates that I should wait there and goes inside. After a few minutes ** comes out to speak with me. He advises me that there is no technician on duty that can deal with my issue. He also states that he has seen this issue previously and that they probably just need to hook up a piece of equipment that will allow the technician to re teach the truck's computer about the actuator, no problem.

I tell ** that I was told by ** to return and that there would be someone there. ** said “I don't know any anything about it sorry there is no one here." He says “When can you be here before 5 P.M?” and I said Sunday. He says “that will work. What time can you come in?” I said I would be there at 9:00 A.M. He said “Great I'll have them ready for you.” 7/14/13 Sunday 8:45 A.M. – Return to Pep Boys and wait for opening time. The gentleman that originally installed the battery (I don't know his name) noticed I was waiting outside and said he would advise the manager that I was there.

** the service manager comes out to talk to me and says no one told him anything about this issue and that the A/C tech did not work weekends. He apologizes for the inconvenience and says he will have someone call me on Monday. 7/15/13 Monday - No call. 7/16/13 Tuesday – No call. 5:00 PM I return to Pep Boys and wait at the front counter for 15 minutes before being acknowledged by any staff member. After staring over the shoulder of another cashier while she helps a customer pick out seat cover colors, ** helps a customer. When he finishes he turns around and finally acknowledges me. I ask if he remembers me and he does.

I tell ** hat no one ever called me as he had promised and he said he had left notes for ** to follow up. I express my displeasure at having been here four times so far with no resolution. He says "excuse me I will discuss this with the store manager **." I observe ** and ** discussing the issue in the stairwell to the elevated manager area. ** returns and asks can I leave the vehicle and I tell him I cannot as it is my only transportation. He then asks when I can be back before 5:00 P.M. I let him know that Thursday at 4:30 will work but I was getting tired of coming back over and over without resolution.

** says that ** “the big boss” was aware and would ensure the issue would be resolved. 7/18/13 Thursday 4:25 P.M. I return to Pep Boys and speak to ** at the front counter. He says just a moment and goes to the customer waiting area. ** comes down to the floor ad approaches asking me if I need help. I said I was back again to have my A/C issue looked into. He says “What happened? Tell me.” I retell the majority of the above to jog his memory. He then proceeds to tell me that changing the battery had nothing to do with this and the diagnostics would be laborious and time consuming probably 2 to 3 hours.

He takes my keys and I wait in the customer waiting area and watch the ½ hr of inactivity on my truck. It is in the first bay next to the window so I have an unobstructed view. Finally a technician opens the hood, checks the fuses, hooks some equipment to the truck and leaves. After approximately 45 minutes total (so much for the time consuming labor intensive diagnostics) ** comes in and says the actuator failed three weeks ago and Pep Boys is not responsible. I told him that it worked when I brought the truck in and when I got it back it did not. He said the equipment said otherwise. At this point I'm feeling somewhat misled.

I stated again that it worked when I brought the truck in and that I knew it worked as my wife has a little dog that rides on the dashboard and I shift the air to the defroster to accommodate the dog. I said that I did not believe him to which he replied “it is the computer not me, I didn't know anything about this”. I said that I had watched he and ** discuss this on Tuesday and he said that had not happened. I told him they had their discussion in the stairwell and that ** had come back and let me know that ** would oversee and follow up on the issue.

He replied that he had never had any discussion with ** regarding this issue and that they should have dealt with this on Tuesday as the technician was there. So I asked him why I had been jerked around so much when this was apparently so easy to take care of? Once again he lied to my face saying he knew nothing of the issue. His only suggestion was that I take the truck to the dealer and that if their diagnosis was different “he would take care of it”.

What faith can I put in a man who just lied to me multiple times let alone the company he represents. I feel as though this entire process was by design to make me give up and go away. This guy knows full well that I will be charged a substantial amount by the dealer to have a diagnostic done. And I believe, based on his previous behavior that if I have this done he will deny ever having the conversation or making any promises to fix the problem. The resolution put forth by Pep Boys was to refer the complaint back to the store that screwed it up in the first place!

I get a call from **, the guy who told me to show up on Sunday when they apparently didn't have the proper technician scheduled to work, and his solution is the same as ** the liar. All he wanted to do was repeat the problem was not Pep Boys but I could take it to the dealer. My solution is to share my story with any one who will listen. Pep Boys employs folks who will lie to you, jerk you around, break your vehicle (perhaps to drum up more business?) and then tell you it's not their fault. Save your money, save your time and save the aggravation!

Destroyed My Engine Now Trying to Total My Car
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Rating: 1/51

AUBURN, WASHINGTON -- Brought my SUV in for a simple spark plug change, but while they were in the process somehow they dropped a bolt in my cylinder causing the whole engine to be destroyed! They then tried giving it back saying not to be concerned about the rattling in my engine, and that the plugs were changed. After demanding they fix the rattle they created they held my SUV a week telling me every day a different story as to why there's a new rattling. After being carless for a week and calling daily they told me it was being towed to the dealership it came from and that they would pay to fix the damage they caused.

The dealership then found that they not only charged me for a spark plug change and only changed the top 3 that was easily reached but that in the process they dropped a bolt in the engine which would cost $10,520 to fix. Instead of staying true to their word they're now trying to total my car, which was in perfect condition before I brought it in for a simple spark plug change. And their offer was $6,600 and for me to keep my now useless vehicle. I asked why keep the vehicle when you won't give the amount needed to fix the damage you caused. They now won't return any of my calls and have blocked my email.

Worst customer service I've ever dealt with and worst mechanics you'll ever deal with!! I've been without a vehicle for almost 2 months because I decided to do what I thought was a simple tune up. If anyone has any advice for dealing with this horrible company, please let me know.

Predatory Auto Repair Abuse
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CRESTWOOD, ILLINOIS -- First, some history on my 2000 Chevy S-10 4X4. My truck is in excellent mechanical condition. Maintenance has always been performed by the book, on time, no short cuts, no exceptions. On my way into work on 12/10/2010, I began hearing a noise on the front driver's side of my truck which I assumed to be a bad wheel bearing. I took it to Pep Boys in Crestwood Illinois and talked with the service manager. The service manager initially gave me an estimate of $45.00 to investigate the noise.

The service manager called me a short time later and stated that the noise was from three lug nuts that were where loose on my front wheel and that these were tightened and everything was OK. The service manager stated "you could use rear brakes". The service manager went on to say "You could use pads, rotors, and bolt kits(?)". I explained to the auto repair manager that I had rear brakes/rotors replaced 7000 miles ago. The service manager stated that "they look real bad"€. Given that I had no interest in doing a brake lob in 5 degree weather and against my gut feeling, I told the service manager to go ahead with the rear brake work.

The service manager called a second time a short time later. He stated that I needed a front lower ball joint, that there was a lot of play in it. Given that I did not feel like doing a break lob AND a ball joint in 5 degree weather again, against my gut feeling, I told the service manager to go ahead with the repair. The service manager called me a third time a short while later and his opening comment was "how long do you plan on keeping your truck". My first thought was "here we go, I am getting my leg humped by this guy for un-needed work". The service manager stated that his mechanic "chewed up the upper ball joint trying to remove the lower one".

At this point, I said "stop what your doing". I told the service manager that I brought my truck in for a noise in the front end that was resolved by tightening the loose lug nuts and now I have purchased rear brakes and a ball joint that "€œI could really use"€ and now you are telling me I need another ball joint. Already having the feeling that I am being taken complete advantage of. I told the service manager NOT to do any additional work, do NOT call me with more needed work and to return the old break shoes, rotors, and ball joint to me. I picked up my truck later in the day. The initial estimate of $45.00 swelled to $650.00.

The next morning at work, I asked our truck mechanic (32 years'€™ experience) to take a look at the parts that were removed from my truck by Pep Boys. The following is what I was told about the parts: Brake pads when new typically are in the range of 3/8" to 1/2" of pad thickness. My old pads had 3/8" pad surface left. My rotors were not smooth like glass but showed normal signs of use. New rear rotor thickness is 0.79. My rotors were at 0.77 and could have been lightly turned rather than replaced.

The stud end of the old ball joint was clamped into an 18" vise mounted to a plate steel table. A 36" pipe wrench was applied to the underside of the base adjacent to a steel block. Upward force was applied to the ball joint base. Using this crude set up to measure play, it was established that there was less than. 005" of play and the ball joint did not need to be replaced. In addition, after checking my receipt, I found three line items for "Extended Warranty" which I never authorized to be put on my credit card.

I went back to the store and saw the service manager waiting on a customer back in the service department. I told one of the store associates that I wanted to speak with the service manager and left my name. 5 minutes later the associate told me that the service manager was not available and that he (the associate) could help me. I told the associate that I have two questions. First, what is the $35.00 shop fee that was charged to my credit card? The associate said it was a disposal fee for the parts removed, especially the brake pads because they contain asbestos and are hazardous.

I explained that all the parts were returned to me and therefore Pep Boys disposed of nothing related to my repair and I asked that the $35.00 disposal fee be removed from my credit card. The associate stated that that was a standard fee charged to all customers and the fee could not be removed. I then asked about the "Extended Warranty" charge of $23.46. The associate told me that the service manager had asked me if I wanted an extended warranty and I agreed to the charge. I asked for documentation to this effect and the associate said "see, here it is right on the receipt - authorized by phone".

I explained to the associate that I did not authorize the warranty in fact an extended warranty was never discussed and I wanted the charge credited to my card which he did. The associate stated in a very authoritative voice "if you cancel your warranty and the breaks fail after 90 days, we will owe you nothing." I replied "IF MY BRAKES DO NOT LAST LONGER THAN 1 1/2 TO 2 YEARS, I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER PENNY AT PEP BOYS". I have submitted the facts above to the CEO of Pep Boys. While I intend to pursue this, I thought it fair to allow the CEO a reasonable time period to respond to this predatory, fraudulent behavior first.

Depending on the CEO'€™s response, and in view of many similar complaints I have seen on the internet, I am considering contacting my states attorney to discuss a class action suit against Pep Boys. Having purchased at Pep Boys from time to time over the last 20 years and having been mostly satisfied, as far as I am concerned after this fraud that was perpetrated on me, Pep Boys is a predatory auto repair facility. Pep Boys is dishonest, and Pep Boys has lost all credibility with me.

NOTE: The Pep Boys CEO contact information can be found via Google search. Might not hurt to drop him a few lines if you have been defrauded, taken advantage, or otherwise cheated by Pep Boys.

Grossly Overcharged for Replacement of a Fuel Pump. Also, Had to Have Them Correct Their Faulty Installation.
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Rating: 1/51

CARTERET, NEW JERSEY -- I had a faulty fuel pump replaced at Midas. One month later I broke down on the NJ Turnpike and had the car towed to the Carteret Pep Boys. The next day Pep Boys called me and I was told it was the fuel pump again. They gave me a price of $950. I told them that Midas had just replaced the fuel pump and I thought the price had been $800. I was told to bring the Midas bill with me when I picked up my car and led to believe the price would be matched. I presented the Midas bill to **, the manager at Pep Boys, he charged me $900 to replace the fuel pump.

It turns out that Midas had only charged me $650 for the same service - a $250 difference. **, the manager, would not (“could not”) meet the Midas price. I picked the car up at 8:15 PM, I live in Connecticut, Carteret is a 100 mile, 2 hour drive from my house, one way. I got on the turnpike heading South to pick up my nephew in Old Bridge to bring him back to Carteret so that he could drive his car (I borrowed it) back home. I pulled into the service station on the turnpike for gas. Gas poured out from under the car flooding the ground. This was not a trickle, more like a waterfall.

At 8:35PM no one answered the phone at the Pep Boys Carteret store. The store closes at 8:30. I turned around and drove back to Pep Boys in Carteret, dropped the car key in the night drop and drove back to Connecticut. I was so distraught by this and exhausted from driving I am lucky I did not have an accident on the way home. I got home at midnight. On Tuesday morning, at 8:02AM, **, the manager, called me (good for him getting in touch so quickly). I told him what happened and asked that he fill the tank before returning the car to me.

** called me later in the day to tell me that the leak was fixed and that Midas had used silicon on the gasket when they replaced the fuel pump and that is why the tank leaked when I put gas in. So ** wants me to believe that the leaking gas tank was Midas' fault and that the Pep Boys' mechanic, seeing that there was silicon where the gasket sits, was not responsible or saw fit to not remove the old silicon before seating the new gasket because Midas had put the silicon there? That's what ** seemed to be arguing.

Here's another bone of contention. Pep Boys charges $43 to do a computer reading on the car. All they have to do is plug the device into the computer connection and write down the codes. (They did wave the fee when I let them do the repair.) Auto Zone in Connecticut does the computer check for free. If you have an Auto Zone in New Jersey go there first or check around for someone else who performs this service for free – it is not worth $43. Also, consider going to Midas to have your repairs done wrong – it's a lot less money. It's a 28% saving.

From Horrible to Great
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Rating: 5/51

HICKSVILLE, NEW YORK -- Back in December, I brought my car to the Pep Boys in Hicksville, NY (on Long Island), as my engine was overheating. They took it in and worked on it for a few hours while I waited. That night, I got my car back and, ~$500 later, it was working. Fast forward to March, and my car started to have the same issue. I thought "There's no way it's the same thing" and had it towed to another shop nearby that my boyfriend had used. Lo and behold, it was the same issue (thermostat housing was leaking). I called Pep Boys and had it towed to their shop. They had the car from Thursday til Monday, and when I picked it up Tuesday, my car was dead.

An employee jumped my battery, while casually informing me that my battery was old and I needed a new one (he didn't push me to buy it there, but noted I should have it charged when I got to my destination, which was school). My car was also completely out of gas, but thankfully I was able to fill up. As I drove home from school that night, the engine started to overheat again. My father called Pep Boys and they admitted that the car was left on overnight (with the keys in ignition), and that's why it was dead. They also fixed a "different leak", and told me to bring it back. I left it off again, and picked it up a few days later.

I brought it to my boyfriends for the weekend, and when I drove it again on Monday, the same problem happened again. I brought it back and left it off, as I couldn't afford to bring it elsewhere. When I picked it up this time, they let me know that back in December, the wrong part had been put in, but they ordered a new one from the dealer. However, my freeze plug had popped out and they couldn't fix it, so they made me drive my car to another auto shop (they insisted that it was safe, despite my complaints, and the fact that it was smoking). The man at the next shop told me it was a huge job where he'd have to drop the engine, and would cost me about $1700.

Finally, corporate got back to my father, as he had been calling the last few weeks. He spoke to a woman, Mrs. **, who apologized and told him to bring the car to Pep Boys, and they would tow it to another of their locations equipped to handle the job. She then called me and let me know that this was not how Pep Boys works, and told me they would refund my tows, any travel expenses I had incurred from not having a car, and the original $500. She was incredibly helpful and nice, and gave us no attitude or problems. She admitted their faults and assured us the employees would be dealt with, and kept in close contact with us.

When my boyfriend rented a car (as I am not old enough) she also reimbursed us for that. I was extremely upset and frustrated with the company, and felt cheated. However, ** is an amazing person and knows how to truly run a business. She worked with our issues to come up solutions and was gracious and honest. It's hard when a well known company has some workers that don't care or misunderstand their jobs, but what's important is that the company itself was willing to admit wrongs and take care of their mistakes.

Her help has restored my faith and showed that the company truly does care about its customers, even if someone else doesn't follow policy and makes a mistake.

Pep Boys…. Scammers and Thieves
By -

Shame on Pep Boys - scammers and thieves. The Pep Boys at 830 Military Dr. in San Antonio, Texas, are full of lies and deceit when it comes to servicing your tires. Your boss, Pep Boys President, Mike O'Dell knows about this and will not get involved. An email to Pep Boys President gets no attention: Today I visited your Pep Boys location at 830 SE Military Dr. in San Antonio. I needed this visit to correct a vibration problem that was felt on my 1995 Mercury Mystique. This has been an ongoing problem since mid 2010, yet I was not made aware of this until recently from my brother.

I entered the service department and was greeted by service advisor ** (I soon come to find out he is the manager, he did not portray the position). I explained that I had a vibration that was getting worse daily and would like to have the balance checked since I had the lifetime balance. ** proceeded to write up a service order, he then walked out to my vehicle looked at the driver side front tire and he came back into the service area stating to me that the tires were almost worn out and they needed to be replaced. I felt this was odd since he just looked at 1 tire, so, I asked what the tread depth was; he stated 3/32"€.

I then questioned him as to what was causing the vibration; being sarcastic, I asked, "is it the air?" Again, he stated that the tires are worn almost to the point of being illegal, which is 2/32"€ (a scare tactic to make a sale by instilling fear into the customer). At that point, the service technician was bringing my vehicle into the bay. My vehicle was lifted into the air by this technician after he performed an inspection in the engine compartment. While in the air the technician also jerked on the front suspension, apparently to ensure there were no loose parts.

I asked ** to inform the technician be careful when removing the hubcaps since 1 hub cap was cracked on the last tire installation at Pep Boys (this still has not been taken care of). ** then went back out to the vehicle, this time a complete walk around the vehicle, looking at the other three tires, only this time he comes back into the service department counter stating that the right rear is not a Pep Boys tire. I tried to explain that my brother has had constant vibration problems with the Mystique, apparently having that tire replaced at another retailer. As a note, I found this Pep Boys tire in his garage gathering dust.

At his point the service technician was in the process of removing the 3 Pep Boys tires so that they could be checked. Each of the front tires were set up on the wheel balancer and spun to check for defects. At this point I noticed from the customer waiting area, that the right front tire had a severe separation which was more than likely the problem that was felt on the steering. I walked into the shop where the tire technician was measuring the tread depth, stating that it was between 4/32"€ and 5/32". This is when I realized that I had just been set up to be scammed. I asked ** where did he get his 3/32"€ tread depth reading from, his remark was by his eyesight.

** and Pep Boys integrity and honesty fell way to trying to make profit and personal gain. ** should have never lied about the measurement, in fact he should have done his job correctly and measured the tread then he would not have to lie to me by telling me that the tires were worn out and needing to be replaced. I know Pep Boys is in the business of making a profit but at whose expense. Also, how many times does this type of selling tactics performed with unsuspecting customers never realizing that they have just been lied to and ripped off?

The next issue was when he decided to do an adjustment on the 2 tires in front, he quotes me a price that put me in sticker shock. Without asking if I wanted the Road Hazard Warranty, he just added the cost into the invoice, then there was a charge for tire disposal (this tire is being adjusted and should be going back to the manufacture for credit, so, no disposal should have been needed), and then there was a charge for tire balancing. Most manufacturers credit the vendor for these charges for providing customer service for the handling their tire adjustments, at least this is the procedure that BF Goodrich used on their adjustments.

I thought this tire was a manufactures workmanship and quality issue not a mileage issue, yet the adjustment was based on of mileage; the terminal did all Johnny'€™s calculation which I feel over charges on this percentage of wear. I rough calculated the percentage worn from the beginning mileage of 80,000 and the current mileage of 116,000 shows mileage of 36,000 miles used out of the 60,000mile warranty. Which roughly calculates this tire worn at 64% yet the Pep Boys system calculated for 71%, I guess another way to make a profit. (A couple of dollars here, a couple of dollars there, sounds similar to a shop supply fee.)

I asked ** why the difference, he stated that he had no control on the pricing since it is all handled through the computer program, (it is easy to pass the blame to corporate, especially when uncertain on how to handle a situation in which he got caught being deceitful to a customer). He then proceeded to show me how he arrived at the adjustment price by inserting the required mileage in the fields provided on the terminal. We talked about other manufacturers of quality tires, (BF Goodrich / Goodyear etc) and the way the tire adjustment manual calculated the cost. I ask if he had the tire manufacture adjustment/warranty literature he stated, "no."

Frustrated, I finally told him to put my car back together and give me the number to Pep Boys corporate office so that I could see about what could be done on this situation, in which he blurted out "1 800 PEPBOYS." He did his best to try to keep me from contacting management in regards to this situation, stating that any calls to that number would be directed right back to him. ** stated, he makes the final decision on the outcome of this situation, since he is the manager and that is the way it is. I don'€™t believe this to be the case since the store name would be ** Boys or something of that sort. Although he does run it as if it were his own. You be the Judge.

I definitely don'€™t trust anything ** has to say now, since he lacks integrity, and has proven to be deceitful in lying to me about my tires being worn out and needing to be replaced, this just to make a sale and more profit. If nothing is done about this situation, then ** 20 plus years of management style will continue to go unnoticed until he is caught in another LIE, then again on this side of town due to the demographics. It is unfortunately easy to get over on customers by being deceitful. The sad part about it is most of them will or may never know.

Lastly, today I also did comparison shopping on this 60,000 mile tire, and it was on average $5.00 more at Pep Boys, than the equivalent name brand tires manufactured by Goodyear, BF Goodrich and others sold at Wal-Mart and Discount Tire, and when it comes time for understanding their customers needs for service and/or adjustments. These retailers are customer friendly, that really makes the difference. I don't want these Pep Boys tires any more after the aggravation this has caused and deceit that I have endured.

Pep Boys Burbank
By -

My car broke down on the highway on 11/02/2009 and was towed to the Pep Boys in Fontana, they installed a new fuel pump and it ran fine afterward. A few weeks latter my car broke down again and I had it towed to Pep Boys in Burbank. They told me the engine needed to be replaced and it would cost $2,000.00 and I gave them permission to install a new engine. I ended up paying $3,195.00 and taking delivery on 12/9/2009. After a few days I realized the engine sounded a lot different than the original and it was ticking and knocking. When I called Pep Boys they told me it was just a new engine and it was just settling in.

I took it back to Pep Boys on 12/21/2009 and they said there was a problem with the lifters and worked on the vehicle until 2/2/2010. On Dec 23rd 2009 I filled a complaint with Pep Boys and they acknowledged the issue with the engine and provided a rental car until till my car was returned on 2/2/2010. It still sounded like a lighter tick but they insisted it was normal. In August of 2010 I turned my airconditioning on for the first time and noticed it was not working. I called and was told it had nothing to do with the new engine and that it probably would need to be charged. Pep Boys wanted $90 just to look at it and I declined service.

On June 25th 2011 I was returning from a business trip in San Diego when I stopped and filled my gas tank at an Arco station. About 20 min latter the vehicle stopped running completely. It was late so I had to have it towed to the local Pep Boys Tri City/Oceanside store number 742. The store was closed so I had to pay $25 for a taxi to the only hotel in town that had a vacancy on a Saturday night. I then paid $88.09 for the night and $25 taxi ride back to Pep Boys at 9 am the next morning.

On arrival I explained to the service tech that we are stranded and had been there overnight and they agreed to start work immediately on my vehicle and at the time they only had one other car in the bay. Two hours later I returned to Pep Boys and they had not even looked at it. There were several other cars there and after complaining they said they would see if it was the fuel filter and if it'€™s not that it may be the fuel pump. The person working on my car kept disappearing, off to lunch or wherever. At 5:00 pm I started to complain knowing they would close in an hour and I would be stranded again.

At 6 pm they told me the engine installed at the Burbank Pep Boys was junk and that they will have to install a new one. We also noticed that the original paperwork was incorrect and they showed my odometer at 1 mile at the time. After an hour of arguing the manager (**) told us it would take 7 days to install a new engine and we were told they would work things out with Burbank Pep Boys. He then made arrangements to get us to a rental car place and said they would pay for it for seven days while the work is being done and he called and got an estimate for $201.53.

He told me I would have to pay for it up front because the rental car they usually use is closed on Sunday but he would reimburse me at a rate of $29 per day. June 27th 2011 10:18 am ** the manager in Oceanside called me to say that they would not replace or repair the engine because it is no longer under warranty and Burbank Pep Boys will not stand by the repairs. He said that Oceanside will pay for the rental car they had me get yesterday but will only pay for that day and today and that I have to return the car today.

June 27th 2011 10:36 am I called and spoke to the service manager in Burbank (**) explained and talked over the whole situation. ** explained that the engine block they purchased from another vendor and it had problems with the lifters and that is why it was making the noise. He said that during the time they had it they sent it back to the vendor but he didn'€™t have the time or capacity to repair or replace it. I call, calling daily to get my car back and they were paying for a rental car so they cut their losses and tried to fix it themselves.

He said he will work with me and he would fix it no charge and if they couldn'€™t repair the engine (send it to a machine shop) they would replace it BUT they won't pay for the tow from Oceanside to Burbank or for my rental car. I called several towing companies and it would be a minimum of $500 to tow it to Burbank. I asked him why they can't just fix it in Oceanside and he insisted he would not and could not do anything unless they car was in Burbank. 11:55 am ** from Pep Boys tri city called and will release the vehicle at no charge and will pay for two days of rental car and told me I could return it to any Enterprise rent a car.

I called Enterprise and they will charge an additional $50 if I don't return it to the San Diego Airport. I've called 1(800) pep-boys but the line disconnects (4 times). Finally got through to the complaint division and spoke with **. I explained everything and they re-opened the case I filed back on Dec 23rd 2009. Total spent $3,880.57 and I still don'€™t have a car and am paying per day for a rental car.

How They Are Cheating the Customers
By -

MARLTON, NEW JERSEY -- Hello Guys, I got very bad experience with Pep boys Auto at Marlton, New jersey location. This whole thing is done in 3 days. This is I am writing for not to get cheated by others. This is all about my observation from my bad experience. It is lengthy but worth to read. You can get an idea how they are trying to cheat us. I am not good at written English so please excuse me If I cannot explain well.

My car details: 2002, Oldsmobile, Intrigue. Car Issue: Service engine soon light turned on. My experience with Pep Boys Auto: I went to Pep Boys Auto and gave for diagnose the issue. They said $103.96 (89.99 +parts 7.17 + tax). I said okay and gave for diagnose the issue. They called me after diagnose the issue and told that the issue with "Air pump diverter valve" (front one is damaged) needs to be changed (they recommended to change both valves front and rear). I asked him "how much the cost for part and labor is?" They said $69 for labor and part value is $371 (for front part only). I told him "I will call you back for the confirmation to change."

I tried to find out the rate from GMC dealer, when I find nearest dealer from Pep Boys. I got Marlton New jersey, I got Burn Buick - Pontiac- GMC (this dealer is apposite side of the road to Pep Boys auto (500 W RTE 70)). I called to this dealer and gave my car VIN and part name then the guy gave me the rate is $259 (front part only). I called Pep Boys and asked him which one is the best to get repair in low cost (I mean shall I go to the dealer or get repair with the Pep Boys which one is best?). He said "I will call you back around 11am." I said "Okay."

I got call from Pep Boys and he said that the rate is around $304 for the part. Then I asked him why is the rate is much variation with the dealer? He said "you can buy that part and bring that to here so that we can fix it and charge for only labor." I said okay and I went to the Pep Boys Auto and asked for diagnose report for bring the part. He said there is no diagnose report only they will say orally and by hand writing. Asked him to write the part name in a piece of paper. He gave me the Pep Boys Auto Business card to write the part name, then I took that and write on that required part name.

Then I went to Burn Buick - Pontiac - GMC dealer to get the part. I gave that Pep Boys Auto business card because I wrote the part name on that card. (My doubt has started here.) When I gave the card he immediately called to that Pep Boys Auto. I shocked. (In generally if we ask the part he should give the part and give the bill but he directly called to Pep Boys.) Here we can understand how the relationship between them. After he spoke with that Pep Boys guy he told me the rate $298+tax (it will comes around $304). Then I told him "I spoke today morning with your parts department and they told $259." (Here we can see his expressions in his face).

Then he called to Pep Boys again and told him about this issue. He spoke with him and trying to hide the issue. This dealer guy is told me he doesn't have those parts and the cost is $259 each after 20 minutes and he said "you should change the front and rear valve parts." If I want that, I need to give order. He gave me the estimation invoice with the parts details. Next day I called Pep Boys Auto and said that to fix the issue because I did not get the part from dealer. He said okay and he is going to give order for that part (I asked him to replace front part only).

After 1 hr I called again to Pep Boys and told him I need car before 5 pm on that day. He said it is not possible. So I said to cancel the order and do Oil change only. He said okay but if order cannot be able to cancel, I should pay the part cost. I requested him to try to cancel the order, he said okay. He called me and told me that my car is ready with only oil change. I said okay and I will come for pickup my car. I went for pickup my car to Pep Boys Auto. Actual required repair is not done, so I asked diagnose report for my future reference, if I need to repair my car in other auto repair shop.

Here is my question I asked Pep Boys auto service people: If I want to repair my car in another auto repair center, I need the diagnose report so that I can ask them to replace the part. (Because I don't want to pay again $100 for diagnose in another auto repair center.) Answer: But he (**) said there is no diagnose report only they will tell orally otherwise they will write by hand. (For getting this sentence from them I got ½ hr time). My request is declined from starting of my discussion. After ½ hr another senior aged person came and write required part name on my invoice paper (initially they written on my back side of invoice envelop).

Conclusion: Cheated by the dealer, GMC dealer guy parts department (**) is working for Pep Boys not for that particular dealer (its looks like cheating the customer). Cheated by the Pep Boys Auto guys, Pep Boys guy (**) is talking unnecessary things, because we should get repair by the Pep Boys or not decision taking by the customer not the Pep Boys guys (their intention is I should get repair in Pep Boys). If I was not realized because of this cheating I may be get repair in Pep Boys.

I spoke with mainly 3 guys totally in this above conversation. **: He was just did his job (I won't say he is wrong guy). **: I spoke with this guy ½ hr in above conversation. ** (GMC-dealer): around 20 minutes taken for giving the part rate and availability. Finally Surprising thing is: Without get repaired my car is now not turned on "Service Engine Soon light". If the issue is in my car still it should turned on "Service Engine Soon Light".

I think they are tried to cheat me without having the issue in my car, they tried to replace the part (I don't think they will replace the part they will charge me just like that) that means no part should be changed and there is no repair in my car but we get bill for some $300 bucks. I realized that "Service Engine Soon Light" is turned on because of doing late oil change. Here, they were not even changed the sticker for next mileage for oil change. Advise: Be careful guys If you are not careful they can do anything. Note: This is all my observation in my experience.

Customer No Service and Physical Threats
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PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- I dropped my truck off for service this morning at about 10am for hesitation and rough idle issues at the Panama City, FL 23rd Street location. I was told by the service manager that they would run a diagnostic test and have an estimate for me by early that afternoon. I left at that point to run some errands. By 4pm today I had not heard from them so I called to check the status of my vehicle. I was told by the employee that he just got on shift and would check on it and call me back. Two hours later at 6pm I still had not gotten a call. So I called again. Again I was told there was no information and I would be called.

An hour later at 7pm I physically drove to the location thinking that they must know something. When I arrived the employee at the counter pulled my file and told me they didn't really know what was wrong with it but I "should" replace the coils, plugs, plug wires, PCV, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, and get a Fuel System Cleaning to see if that fixes the problem. I had a problem with this as I had recently had the wires and plugs replaced and the fuel filters replaced at Firestone 3 months ago. This told me they really didn't look at anything on my vehicle. And to top it off they had no estimate as to how much all of this would cost and told me they would call me later.

I decided at that point I did not want them to touch my car and asked for my keys. The employee then rang me up $103.97 for the "diagnostic" test that apparently can't tell them what is wrong with my truck. I asked to speak with his manager which turned out to be a big mistake. When I told the manager about my wait, the issue with not knowing what was wrong and my dispute about the diagnostic fee he became very belligerent and aggressive. He screamed at me and when I tried to speak he talked directly over me. Towards the end of our conversation he came to the counter, put his finger in my face and leaned forward in a threatening manner.

I told him if he continued to be aggressive I was going to contact the police. He continued to do so and was extremely belligerent. At that point I stepped out of the store into the parking lot to contact the police. I advised them I was not comfortable with the situation as a 6 foot tall well over 200 pound man was threatening me. (I am a 5 foot 2 inch woman and very small in stature.) When the police arrived the manager accused me of threatening him and that I was going to leave without paying the bill. Neither of which I had done or intended on doing. It was at this point I just paid the bill and am in the process of contacting their corporate offices.

I wanted this to go out to a warning to anyone thinking of going to this or any other Pep Boys. I do not recommend going to Pep Boys for any repair as I believe them to be dishonest, belligerent, aggressive, and they have the worst customer NO service I have EVER experienced. They will charge you for diagnostic fees and then tell you they do not know what is wrong with your vehicle. They are unapologetic for their incompetence and totally unhelpful.

Dishonest Service Work
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EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- I notice a small amount of antifreeze on my garage floor. I do most of the mechanic work on my car and truck. So I started checking for the leak. Checked radiator, radiator hoses, heater hoses, coolant line for oil cooler, I noticed small amount of seepage around lower timing belt cover and water pump. I was going to make the repair but my wife thinks I'm too old to still be working on my truck. So I took it to Pep Boys and told them about the water pump leaking. I know when you replace the water pump it is best to replace the timing belt too because you must remove the timing belt to get to the water pump. This was quoted as five hour job.

Took it in first thing Monday morning. Repair was completed on Saturday at 7:00 PM. Picked up truck first thing Sunday morning. Asked the service manager if I could drive it to Indianapolis IN, he said no problem. I paid my bill and drove to my home in Newburgh IN which is about seven miles from the Pep Boys location in Evansville IN. I parked my truck outside my garage while I put some of my things back in my truck when I noticed antifreeze leaking rather badly under my truck. I drove back to Pep Boys while watching temp gauge which never ran hot.

I was telling the service manager about the leak when the mechanic standing there said, "are you driving the T100?", I said "yes I am." He said you have a bad radiator leak, I told him it was not leaking when I brought it in, and he said he did nothing to it. The top radiator tank was cracked on the side next to the motor. I asked if he removed the radiator to replace the timing belt and water pump like the manual calls for and he said no. He laid a piece of cardboard on the radiator and laid on it to do the work. The top radiator tank is plastic like most cars and trucks use nowadays. Without liquid in the tank it is not very strong.

And when he was lying on the radiator he cracked the tank. They wanted 379.99 for the radiator and 79.00 for labor to replace it. I got my key and left. They wanted me to pay for the radiator that they damaged while working on my truck. The next day I went back and spoke with the store manager, he went and spoke with the mechanic that had worked on my truck, then we went out and looked at the cracked top radiator tank, he said "it's been leaking a long time. We can not do anything about it." I told him it was not leaking when I brought it in.

I went home and was telling my neighbor about what happened to my Toyota truck since he has a Toyota truck the same year. I told him what I had replaced and about the leak when I got it home. He said "they cracked your top radiator tank." I said "how the hell did you know, I just left the store." He said when Toyota replaced his timing belt and water pump they cracked his top tank. They did not remove his radiator to replace timing belt and water pump, they laid across the top of it like Pep Boys did. But Toyota replaced the radiator that they cracked, no charge because they cracked it.

I called the store manager and told him about what Toyota did to my neighbor's truck. He said "but your truck is going on sixteen years old", and I told him my neighbor's Toyota truck is the same year. He said "yours has been leaking a long time." I filed a complaint with the BBB. Have not heard anything yet. Do not trust PEP BOYS AUTO. I will tell everyone I meet not to take anything to Pep Boys Auto. Pep Boys did a pressure test on my truck while they had it. No mention of a radiator leak. Isn't that strange. They also charged 35.00 for an electrical evaluation. I don't know why. Bunch of crooks.

Resolution Update 03/27/2009:

Pepboys payed for the radiator that they damaged, and refunded the money charged for and electrical evaluation that they failed to do. Still will not do business with them again.

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