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Bait and Switch, Subjective Business Practices
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Rating: 1/51

TURNERSVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- I could go back and tell of each experience in detail but it is too much to write. But PEP BOYS thinks they have earned the right to charge car dealership rates but has never proved they can be consistently able to perform work on vehicles with the same level of knowledge and professionalism.

1, 4 brand new tires on a Mercury Cougar Customized that had 4 incredibly perfect honeycomb rims that had weights on the back to balance the originals due to the high quality of the rim. Pep Boys put 4 new tires on and the idiot put the weights on the front face of my perfect rims and scuffed them so badly and when I confronted the service manager his arrogance and lack of concern along with his attitude was more than I could tolerate.

There is a problem when you are not intelligent enough to preserve a rim of high quality and, I told the service tech to make sure to put the weights on the back and the service manager's excuse was that it is not as accurate of a balance if they are on the back. My arguments got me nothing. Their arrogance and lack of professionalism to honor their mistake shows clearly they like sweeping their screw ups under the rug.

Next, my Mazda, Pep Boys in Turnersville charges me for doing a computer diagnostic and they said it would be $210. Already this is more than the dealership charges me and the dealership has never lied to me like Pep Boys too. Well, they tried to charge me another fee which brought computer diagnostic charges to well over $340 because they said my braking system was on a separate circuit.

Well Pep Boys, the dealership vouched for me and confirmed that you lied to me, and a diagnostic fee is a diagnostic fee and if you quoted me the $210, there was nothing giving you the right to add more unauthorized charges without my consent. I did approach the Service Manager at the time and his arrogance, and ignorance didn't change. Needless to say, he does not work at Pep Boys anymore. So, a 3rd attempt to use Pep Boys seemed like I could be safe right? Wrong!

Another time I go into Pep Boys for a Water Pump on my Mazda. Later I learned I could have had the dealership do this job for $560 parts and labor. Pep Boys charge me over $880 and I wish I did not pay them until I started my vehicle. When I started it, there was a loud wrapping and banging noise. I thought it was a rod and my engine might be shot. Well, Pep Boys excuse? They said it was already like that when they got the vehicle.

Well Pep Boys, let me teach you something. You can't fool everyone all the time. Turns out the dealership said that the person who did the water pump had to remove the timing cover to get to all the bolts. Under that timing cover is a tensioner for the timing belt. Well, idiots who work at Pep Boys did not check the tensioner and forgot to tighten back up and as a result, the tensioner broke, and the repair for the water pump was just a waste of time and money.

Bottom line is there are some very good mechanics out there and I have had some of the greatest experiences with some of them. And I used Pep Boys in Berlin NJ with outstanding results for a repair on an air conditioner in one of my vehicles and the mechanic was so honest and only charged me $30 because it was too simple to try and rape me for money. It was a connector that was not on the compressor. He not only put the connector on but he actually replaced it to make sure it stayed on securely, and he was honest enough to tell me it only took 5 minutes and THAT my friend is what deserves good rating.

But when you have several inconsistencies across the board due to different levels of service at different branches of your organization, you have some work to do in order to earn a good reputation. Before the internet, the world had a hard time finding out about the true happenings at all different types of businesses far and wide. But we owe it to each other and ourselves to speak up about the unfairness and poor treatment like what I experienced from Pep Boys in Turnersville NJ. I could care less what they have to say anymore because after this 3rd episode I've made sure I do not allow them to get the best of me again.

Big companies are all too willing to stomp all over consumers these days and for those of you who have had good experiences with this branch of Pep Boys in Turnersville, I am happy for you. I am in fact not going to deny you are telling the truth. However, the consistency of their actions is not something that earns them 5 stars over-all. They are truly an unbalanced and poorly run organization at times because they have no system in place that will respect the complaints of a customer even though they will try and claim that there is a procedure for people like me to follow in order to find a remedy.

I will not even entertain this because I was not even able to drive my vehicle away after they charged me $880 for a repair yet I was able to drive my vehicle into their parking lot when the water pump started leaking. I should not have to file any grievance as this was a flat out screw up on their part and they just swept it under the rug again.

I would say the only satisfaction they could give me is if they allowed me 2 or 3 open shots to punch that service manager square in his nose. He was a jerk and even after he was gone, I still had yet another incident of disaster with Pep Boys Turnersville. Their upper management for this region is probably full of corruption and borderline business practices and the entire organization is in no way worthy of charging the same rates as a dealership for service.

Dealerships are specifically trained for the work they do and it is a training that far exceeds anything I've ever witnessed from a Pep Boys mechanic. Furthermore, dealerships are Union and the rates they get paid as well as the Union benefits and other fees charged by a Union are just part of the full rate they charge. The dealership also has a stake in the service department so there are a lot of hands in that kettle.

But Pep Boys is not structured like this and they are raking in fees as if they are a dealership and never will they convince me they can even match the skills of a back yard mechanic. They might do a brake job or tune up, oil change and handle it well, most times. Yes they are good at the basics. And let's not forget their tire scam buying 3 and getting the 4th free. But you are forced to pay for a road hazard warranty on this deal. Any other time road hazard warranty only costs a few dollars extra per tire and it is OPTIONAL. But they made it mandatory on this buy 3 get the 4th free deal and they quoted me $79.99 + tax for it.

Not to mention I've seen it when someone tried to use it, the road hazard and the service department was trying to say there was a pro-rated fee which basically ended up costing the person 70% of the cost of the original tire. Now we know why they claim it's a free 4th tire because they get most of the cost back up front and even more back if you rely on the warranty. Who knows if they might say you had 70% tire wear and it might only be 30%.

I do not trust them after my experiences since I've been cheated by them so many times. It's my fault for trying to trust them after already being ripped off. But I think there has to be a line somewhere. Never would I expect they would be so consistently greedy and dishonest so many times. Any other tire place I've gotten tires from includes the road hazard in the cost of the tire + installation at only a few dollars extra per tire. And Pep Boys is getting upwards of close to $86 extra for that and man that is such a rip off.

Oh, and the road hazard warranty is not optional when you buy 3 get one free. There's your gimmick. Such a scam. My cost for tire installation, including mounting and balancing with road hazard warranty is only $21.95 per tire. Pep boys is charging close to $50 per tire for these same services on their Buy 3 get the 4th free deal and that should be considered price gouging and a deceptive way to sway people to buy. It should be looked at as something illegal IMO.

Destroyed My Engine Now Trying to Total My Car
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Rating: 1/51

AUBURN, WASHINGTON -- Brought my SUV in for a simple spark plug change, but while they were in the process somehow they dropped a bolt in my cylinder causing the whole engine to be destroyed! They then tried giving it back saying not to be concerned about the rattling in my engine, and that the plugs were changed. After demanding they fix the rattle they created they held my SUV a week telling me every day a different story as to why there's a new rattling. After being carless for a week and calling daily they told me it was being towed to the dealership it came from and that they would pay to fix the damage they caused.

The dealership then found that they not only charged me for a spark plug change and only changed the top 3 that was easily reached but that in the process they dropped a bolt in the engine which would cost $10,520 to fix. Instead of staying true to their word they're now trying to total my car, which was in perfect condition before I brought it in for a simple spark plug change. And their offer was $6,600 and for me to keep my now useless vehicle. I asked why keep the vehicle when you won't give the amount needed to fix the damage you caused. They now won't return any of my calls and have blocked my email.

Worst customer service I've ever dealt with and worst mechanics you'll ever deal with!! I've been without a vehicle for almost 2 months because I decided to do what I thought was a simple tune up. If anyone has any advice for dealing with this horrible company, please let me know.

Grossly Overcharged for Replacement of a Fuel Pump. Also, Had to Have Them Correct Their Faulty Installation.
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Rating: 1/51

CARTERET, NEW JERSEY -- I had a faulty fuel pump replaced at Midas. One month later I broke down on the NJ Turnpike and had the car towed to the Carteret Pep Boys. The next day Pep Boys called me and I was told it was the fuel pump again. They gave me a price of $950. I told them that Midas had just replaced the fuel pump and I thought the price had been $800. I was told to bring the Midas bill with me when I picked up my car and led to believe the price would be matched. I presented the Midas bill to **, the manager at Pep Boys, he charged me $900 to replace the fuel pump.

It turns out that Midas had only charged me $650 for the same service - a $250 difference. **, the manager, would not (“could not”) meet the Midas price. I picked the car up at 8:15 PM, I live in Connecticut, Carteret is a 100 mile, 2 hour drive from my house, one way. I got on the turnpike heading South to pick up my nephew in Old Bridge to bring him back to Carteret so that he could drive his car (I borrowed it) back home. I pulled into the service station on the turnpike for gas. Gas poured out from under the car flooding the ground. This was not a trickle, more like a waterfall.

At 8:35PM no one answered the phone at the Pep Boys Carteret store. The store closes at 8:30. I turned around and drove back to Pep Boys in Carteret, dropped the car key in the night drop and drove back to Connecticut. I was so distraught by this and exhausted from driving I am lucky I did not have an accident on the way home. I got home at midnight. On Tuesday morning, at 8:02AM, **, the manager, called me (good for him getting in touch so quickly). I told him what happened and asked that he fill the tank before returning the car to me.

** called me later in the day to tell me that the leak was fixed and that Midas had used silicon on the gasket when they replaced the fuel pump and that is why the tank leaked when I put gas in. So ** wants me to believe that the leaking gas tank was Midas' fault and that the Pep Boys' mechanic, seeing that there was silicon where the gasket sits, was not responsible or saw fit to not remove the old silicon before seating the new gasket because Midas had put the silicon there? That's what ** seemed to be arguing.

Here's another bone of contention. Pep Boys charges $43 to do a computer reading on the car. All they have to do is plug the device into the computer connection and write down the codes. (They did wave the fee when I let them do the repair.) Auto Zone in Connecticut does the computer check for free. If you have an Auto Zone in New Jersey go there first or check around for someone else who performs this service for free – it is not worth $43. Also, consider going to Midas to have your repairs done wrong – it's a lot less money. It's a 28% saving.

My Experience with Pep Boys
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My experience with Pep Boys: 7/10/13 Wednesday 5:15 P.M. – I notice flashing clock and poor starting. Go to Pep Boys Buy new battery and it is installed by Pep Boys. Waited on by **. Installation complete and I start to leave. I turn on my a/c and notice it is blowing through the defroster vents but the knob is set to the dash vents. I return inside and notify fleet mgr ** of the issue and am told by ** there is no one available to do the diagnostics on this issue and that if I return Wednesday before 5 pm that he will ensure that there will be a technician available.

7/11/13 Thursday 4:30 P.M. – Return to Pep Boys and meet ** in the parking lot. He indicates that I should wait there and goes inside. After a few minutes ** comes out to speak with me. He advises me that there is no technician on duty that can deal with my issue. He also states that he has seen this issue previously and that they probably just need to hook up a piece of equipment that will allow the technician to re teach the truck's computer about the actuator, no problem.

I tell ** that I was told by ** to return and that there would be someone there. ** said “I don't know any anything about it sorry there is no one here." He says “When can you be here before 5 P.M?” and I said Sunday. He says “that will work. What time can you come in?” I said I would be there at 9:00 A.M. He said “Great I'll have them ready for you.” 7/14/13 Sunday 8:45 A.M. – Return to Pep Boys and wait for opening time. The gentleman that originally installed the battery (I don't know his name) noticed I was waiting outside and said he would advise the manager that I was there.

** the service manager comes out to talk to me and says no one told him anything about this issue and that the A/C tech did not work weekends. He apologizes for the inconvenience and says he will have someone call me on Monday. 7/15/13 Monday - No call. 7/16/13 Tuesday – No call. 5:00 PM I return to Pep Boys and wait at the front counter for 15 minutes before being acknowledged by any staff member. After staring over the shoulder of another cashier while she helps a customer pick out seat cover colors, ** helps a customer. When he finishes he turns around and finally acknowledges me. I ask if he remembers me and he does.

I tell ** hat no one ever called me as he had promised and he said he had left notes for ** to follow up. I express my displeasure at having been here four times so far with no resolution. He says "excuse me I will discuss this with the store manager **." I observe ** and ** discussing the issue in the stairwell to the elevated manager area. ** returns and asks can I leave the vehicle and I tell him I cannot as it is my only transportation. He then asks when I can be back before 5:00 P.M. I let him know that Thursday at 4:30 will work but I was getting tired of coming back over and over without resolution.

** says that ** “the big boss” was aware and would ensure the issue would be resolved. 7/18/13 Thursday 4:25 P.M. I return to Pep Boys and speak to ** at the front counter. He says just a moment and goes to the customer waiting area. ** comes down to the floor ad approaches asking me if I need help. I said I was back again to have my A/C issue looked into. He says “What happened? Tell me.” I retell the majority of the above to jog his memory. He then proceeds to tell me that changing the battery had nothing to do with this and the diagnostics would be laborious and time consuming probably 2 to 3 hours.

He takes my keys and I wait in the customer waiting area and watch the ½ hr of inactivity on my truck. It is in the first bay next to the window so I have an unobstructed view. Finally a technician opens the hood, checks the fuses, hooks some equipment to the truck and leaves. After approximately 45 minutes total (so much for the time consuming labor intensive diagnostics) ** comes in and says the actuator failed three weeks ago and Pep Boys is not responsible. I told him that it worked when I brought the truck in and when I got it back it did not. He said the equipment said otherwise. At this point I'm feeling somewhat misled.

I stated again that it worked when I brought the truck in and that I knew it worked as my wife has a little dog that rides on the dashboard and I shift the air to the defroster to accommodate the dog. I said that I did not believe him to which he replied “it is the computer not me, I didn't know anything about this”. I said that I had watched he and ** discuss this on Tuesday and he said that had not happened. I told him they had their discussion in the stairwell and that ** had come back and let me know that ** would oversee and follow up on the issue.

He replied that he had never had any discussion with ** regarding this issue and that they should have dealt with this on Tuesday as the technician was there. So I asked him why I had been jerked around so much when this was apparently so easy to take care of? Once again he lied to my face saying he knew nothing of the issue. His only suggestion was that I take the truck to the dealer and that if their diagnosis was different “he would take care of it”.

What faith can I put in a man who just lied to me multiple times let alone the company he represents. I feel as though this entire process was by design to make me give up and go away. This guy knows full well that I will be charged a substantial amount by the dealer to have a diagnostic done. And I believe, based on his previous behavior that if I have this done he will deny ever having the conversation or making any promises to fix the problem. The resolution put forth by Pep Boys was to refer the complaint back to the store that screwed it up in the first place!

I get a call from **, the guy who told me to show up on Sunday when they apparently didn't have the proper technician scheduled to work, and his solution is the same as ** the liar. All he wanted to do was repeat the problem was not Pep Boys but I could take it to the dealer. My solution is to share my story with any one who will listen. Pep Boys employs folks who will lie to you, jerk you around, break your vehicle (perhaps to drum up more business?) and then tell you it's not their fault. Save your money, save your time and save the aggravation!

Phony Repair
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Rating: 1/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Asked the Pep Boys technician manager to check my electrical system. The car was hesitating to start. They did their electrical systems check with their fancy machine and came back with "your battery is fine... your starter is fine... oh, but you need a new alternator." Then with a smile on their face they show the labor as $353 and watch me gasp. With faux kindness in their hairy little hearts that adjusted the labor down to $250. I said I would think about it. They said "Oh no, you can't drive the car, it will stop on you and cost more money to fix".

I drove to my trusted mechanic who told me that the car DID NOT HAVE ANY ISSUE. I didn't tell him that I had gone to Pep Boys scam repair. I can read people well and the look that manager at Pep Boys gave me at the start was that of scammer. Check out all the rest of the Pep Boys rip-offs online.

Fraud Deliberately
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Rating: 1/51

ROBERTSDALE, ALABAMA -- I took my 2007 F150 in for 2 tires 2 months ago. Yesterday, I took it back for two other tires, master cylinder, brake booster and 2 wheel hubs upfront. When I got my bill I saw the actual receipt from local auto parts house sitting on my paperwork. They nearly doubled the price on every part they replaced. They also added the limited extended warranty (66.00$), road hazard warranty (46.73) which I said I don't need because where I'm moving to they don't have Pep Boys locations. Then they charged me $20 more per tire than I paid two months earlier for same tires.

This company advertises low cost tires, but add on extra charges and doesn't tell you. This is not honest or good service... When I called, they took my info, and case number. LOL you must get a lot of complaints if you need case numbers. If you choose to buy from these people, ask upfront what is your out-the-door price. They mislead you any way they can.

Customer Serviceless
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Rating: 1/51

BRANDON, FLORIDA -- I called and got an estimate from Shawn on the price of placing a trailer hitch on my daughter's car. Two weeks later I called and made an appointment to get the hitch put on and spoke with Shawn. We arrived for our appointment to get the hitch put on and Shawn attempted to check us in. It seems that Pep Boys doesn't carry a hitch that fits my daughter's car.

He asked me who gave me the quote. I told him that he did. I had his name written down with the quote. He told me there was no way he did it because he didn't even know how to look stuff up. Very very reassuring. Meanwhile we were suppose to leave on vacation with a trailer hitch that has now had to be postponed. Do not trust these people. If they will lie to you to get your vehicle in their bay they will not tell the truth about what may be wrong with it.

Good Service at a Fair Price!
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Rating: 4/51

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I went in to repair/replace my brake rotors and pads as they were shuddering something awful. They confirmed that my rotors were warped and that the pads needed replacing. After driving over 50 years (this isn't my first rodeo!) I know about the bait and switch many of these service facilities use. No sales pressure here I picked the parts they quoted me the price and I authorized the repair. When I asked them how long it would take they said an hour to an hour and a half. 55 minutes later I got a text message from the Pep Boys computer telling me my car was ready.

When I walked up to the counter they were printing out the service statement. I handed them the 15% off coupon (saved $31.50) that I printed at home before I made my online appointment. I also signed up for their Pep Boys rewards card and I now have a credit for $15.00 off my next purchase or service. Overall a very efficient and courteous experience.

They Are a Rip Off and Not Up Front About Extra Charges for No Reason
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Rating: 1/51

COLLEGEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to have brake lights checked, said brake light wire was installed wrong wire was sitting on disc brakes became burnt and caused light to stay on. They additionally found over $1000 in repairs on my daughter newly purchased 2006 Jeep Liberty that we only drove $1400 miles since purchasing it. Went back to the dealer since some of this was dangerous and should have been noticed during inspection and before the sales of the car. The dealer which was a GMC Buick dealer was charging half of what Pep Boys was charging, not giving us a deal, that was their rate to repair the car.

I explained that the manager of auto repairs and owners son was going to come up with a deal for us to repair the car. So they did, we are paying a third of what Pep Boys was charging. They charge a shop fee, which is to use tools to repair your car. If they have to do three different repairs than the charge could be as high as $40 extra for this stupid charge. They won't tell you this and their repair hourly rate is $109 per hour plus tax and shop fee. They are a rip off go somewhere else, they will find more repairs to hike up the bill as they did with me as well.

You will pay for employees, retail business rent and whatever else, why would you? I'm a marketing manager I know what extra fee are and why corporate business filters fees and passes them off to the consumer.

Appointments Are a Waste of Time
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Rating: 1/51

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- All I needed was a simple oil change. I made an online appointment for 11:00am and arrived 5 minutes before. Waited 20 minutes in line while others tried to resolve their problems and finally spoke to somebody at 11:15. I was told at that point that it would take 90 min. to complete. I asked what do long and was told it was because of the tire rotation which takes an hour (bull).

This is part of the basic oil change package and online appointments are scheduled at 60min. intervals.... I thought this to be excessive. I decided to try it anyhow, but after an hour my car was still sitting in the lot and I gave up, got my key and left. Terrible management at this place and even worse customer rapport. They actually asked me if I wanted to reschedule. I'll never go back. Appointments are a total waste of time.

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