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Pep Boys is a rip off!!
Posted by Nina M on 02/28/2005
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I'm glad that I found this web site because I want to advise every one of you to never take your car to Pep Boys for service. Back in Janurary, I needed to get my check engine light turned off in order to pass my emissions test and not have my liscence taken away from me. I decided to take my car to Pep Boys here in Chicago for the first time and ended up having to pay close to 1,000 just to get my check engine light turned off! It started out costing 250..then went to 500.00 and then when that didn't work they needed to do another 500.00 worth of parts and services. It makes me so mad to know that these guys ripped me off but I had no choice but to get it fixed with them because I only had a few more days until my liscence was going to be suspended.
I complained to them that it just didn't seem right to have to get all these new parts and spend so much money on the problem but they would not back down. By the time my car was finished..I pretty much knew everyones name there and its not something that I am proud of knowing. When I did try to complain or inquire about the parts and service they would kind of look down at me like I was incompetant.
Pep Boys took advantage of me and I'm pretty sure that they won't mind taking advantage of you too. Please do not ever take your car to Pep Boys for your own good!

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Posted by ejack053824 on 2005-02-28:
First thing the mechanic should have done was thrown a scanner on your computer to see if any codes were being thrown. Most of the time its usually just a simple oxygen sensor.
Posted by bossdawg on 2005-03-27:
oh yeah you had a choice.but you waited to the last minute to get your done.when you knew it was coming as a result you are trapped getting it done either by choice or force the cheapest way possible...and you got what you deserve..you obviously dont know anything about cars and neither does the person that said its probly an o2 sensor..thats what is wrong with this whole industry..cheap people and retards....you can get quaility service anywhere as well as getting the shaft you need to take the time to research the place you are going to go to.which you did not and thats partly why you got the shaft...every major retail chain has at least one tech who really knows what he is doing and 5 who dont..the good tech cost twice as much as the others and most people dont want to pay for that so they choose the other ones and guess what.........you got it..anyone who makes a statment well it might be this or it might be that is a complete waste of time..it takes time and years of experience not to mention some very expencive equipment to properly diagnosis a drivability problem(ie check eng light)to assume that one could just bodly make a statment like its probly an o2 sensor is what is killing the automotive repair industry...dont guess test.....as far as the repair goes you at any time could have said NO.STOP I WILL TAKE IT SOME WHERE ELSE so dont put all the blame on pepboys
Posted by jackbil on 2005-11-08:
Emission problems will not be solved with a scanner. They usually give you something extremely general like (EVAP leak) there's a lot of different possibilities where the actual problem exists. I'm sure the guys at pepboys weren't trying to rip you off they probably ran into more problems (fix on thing another breaks). At least you got everyone done in one trip. If they half assed it your bill would have been $300 and you would have been back two days later
Posted by PBY on 2006-11-22:
You have not said what repairs were needed or what Pep Boys did for the money you spent. What parts or services were done or replaced or are you just trashing Pep Boys because your vehicle was not maintained and needed repairs you weren't expecting after years of neglect? There's two sides to every story, what's yours?
Posted by PBY on 2006-11-22:
BTW ejackoff, it's not just usually an O2 sensor. What a moron.
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When the light goes on... stay away from Pepboys
Posted by Golden Rule on 11/13/2009
FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- I went in for a scheduled appointment to find out why my check engine light was on and see if I could get it fixed so I could smog my car. The Pepboys rewards card shows "FREE check engine light diagnostic." 4 hours later I was charged $89.99. Apparently, Pepboys differentiates between a check engine light diagnostic and a diagnostic check. Very misleading... and standing and waiting for four hours adds insult to injury.
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Posted by MRM on 2009-11-13:
If you can afford to pay a $89.99 service, then surely you can afford a $50 OBD-II Scanner which gives you diagnostic codes. Dagnostic scanners will save you alot of money from being ripped of from repair shops.
Posted by MRM on 2009-11-13:
Presently, there is a sale on Actron OBD-II Scanner for $50 at Pep Boys. Get yours today and save alot of money from being ripped off!
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-11-13:
If the OP has a post 1996 car that would be a great idea MRM. Personally my car is too old for scanners so I have to jump it myself and read the code flashes. Still, it's free so I can't complain.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-11-13:
autozone will usually do a "free" diagnosis, but just give you a read out of what could be wrong. The people doing it aren't certified either.
Posted by Golden Rule on 2009-11-16:
Ytropious, yes my car is too old... 1993. How do you read the code flashes by yourself?
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-11-16:
It depends on the car, I'll try to find the website I used. In the mean time try finding a diagnostic manual for your make and model, there's usually some info in those on how to do it.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-11-17:
I found the site I used but it's for Hondas only. Try searching for your car's make or model and some combination of "paper clip car jump engine code". That also explains why the free diagnostic did not apply to you, because it physically can't. And actually 89.99 is less then what honda wanted to charge me for the same service when I asked about my engine light, so I wouldn't say you were ripped off or anything, but it can be done for free.
Posted by Golden Rule on 2009-11-19:
Well, Ytropious, thanks for all your help. I'm not sure what to do at this point. After waiting 4 hours on 11/13/09, I asked Pep Boys if they would please let me take the car and go home. I asked them to mail me their findings and an estimate for the cost including having them smog the car for me. I called back on 11/16/09 and was told the estimated cost was approximately $2,500 and they were preparing to mail me the information. I live about an hour away from them so I called again on 11/18/09 and was told it should have been mailed out already. It did not come in today's mail either so I called Pep Boys again. I left a message with the service technician again. The clock is ticking on my smog requirement and I feel like my hands are tied.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-11-19:
Oh I completely understand, my state has a similar "e-check" and my car has an engine light that's always on. Can't do the check if the engine light is on. Can't get the green light to renew my plates without the e check. I can make it go off temporarily for the check luckily, but states that have that check just need to get rid of it, it causes more trouble then it's worth.

I'd find the way to get it to throw the code yourself, find a forum pertaining to your car and ask for advice on fixing it, IE take it back from pep boys asap, because if you're handy at all a lot of part swaps can be done yourself. My problem would require a part that's pretty cheap, it's just not causing enough issues to change right now. Hope it's something small like that for you. Depending on your state you might also be able to get an extension for car troubles. My state has a clause like that where you can basically get a free pass until you fix your car. I'd look into that.
Posted by Golden Rule on 2009-11-22:
Thanks for such helpful advice, Ytropious. I thought I was safe because Pep Boys is a "name brand." Too bad they're not a reputable company. They don't have my car anymore, but I'm still fighting with them to get my paperwork... I don't even have a receipt at this point. Anyway, I'll check with the DMV regarding getting an extension and I found a website with instructions on reading the codes... http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Read-Codes-From-Your-Check-Engine-Light-Fo/

I'm off to fight the good fight. Thanks again :)
Posted by MRM on 2009-11-22:
GoldenRule, I applaud you for researching on how to read the diagnostic codes. I love my diagnostic scanner as it saves me alot of money from being ripped from repair mechanics.
Posted by 98Bird on 2012-01-18:
Not very clear by your review what you told nor committed to have done to your car. The free diagnostics was probably them plugging in a scanner to read the code(s)....then they'd can just give you the codes verbally or on a piece of paper, which are 4-digit numbers for each error code. They won't mean anything to you unless you want them to analyze and offer a solution(s)....this is probably what they charged you $89.99 for. And if you had the work done by them, they usually credit you this $89.99. I hate Pep Boys and don't trust them, but this doesn't sound like any scam. Maybe a little high and should be around $50, but not unusual business practice. You should have said that you want this free diagnostic and that's ALL. And waiting 4 hours....well that's just because they had other people ahead of you.
Posted by ASE MASTER on 2013-06-14:
For 80$ your not buying a scanner, but a code reader there is a differance.
Posted by Retired mechanic on 2013-12-28:
A retired mechanic who saw his service engine light come on while on vacation I went to Pep Boys. For this 15 minute job which turned out to be a simple power steering sensor replacement and listed as .3 hrs.in Mitchel's labor manual they charged me .9 hours. Their first offer was a $40.00 refund I had to pick up at their location. Then they phoned if I was happy and I told them I was NOT and they said they would reopen my case. So far a month later they have not responded at all. Every time I phone they claim to respond in 24 hours but they never did. Stay FAR away from these crooks who charge $113.00 per hour which is outrageous for a universal repair shop as they also up their labor hours to compensate for their "free" diagnostic check.
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Generator output voltage mis-wired
Posted by Disgruntled on 06/10/2005
I recently purchased an 2200 watt generator from Pep Boys. Upon running it for the first time I plugged a Radio Shack 120 voltage wiring tester (approximately $5) into it and found that the circuit was mis-wired. I recommend anyone who purchases any generator from any company test out the circuit before plugging in valuable equipment otherwise you may end up with either damaged equipment or it could even be a safety problem.

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Posted by IconZ on 2005-06-26:
Spend a few bucks and buy quality then and quit buying Chinese crap.
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Prices and quality
Posted by Otisfirefly on 09/15/2007
SALISBURY MARYLAND AND ALL OTHERS, MARYLAND -- Before taking your car for ANY type of service, PLEASE call the service dept for an estimate of repairs. Then call several other places. Shop around. Reason being, Pep Boys recently jacked up their labor rate to 83.00 per hour!!!!!!!
In my area, not only is this high, but it's nowhere near comparable to even the dealer! The dealers here, as well as everywhere else is $65.00 per hour.
A timing belt installation through Pep Boys is $50.00 MORE and comes with a 6 month labor warranty.
The same repair at the DEALER (with dealer parts and certified techs liscensed to work on YOUR car) is $50 less, and has a 1 YEAR warranty!
Furthermore you never know what kind of quality you're going to get. You can take you car for engine work and have a MECHANIC with 6 months experience. You can go back the next day and get a certified TECHNICIAN with 15 years experience.

More helpful advice if you have NO OTHER PLACE TO GO (like maybe you breakdown on a Sunday, out of town). Pep Boys marks their parts up as much as 40% at the service side. So to prevent getting raped on prices, simply go to the retail side, have a parts person look up the parts you need. Purchase the parts at the register and put the newly purchased parts in the TRUNK of your car. NOW go to service, and let them know you already have the parts, you just need them installed. You just saved yourself ALOT of cash.
Same thing goes if they tell you they have to "out purchase" from another parts store (like NAPA or AUTOZONE). Tell them no thanks, you'll come back with the part. "Out Purchase" literally means the associate at the counter can mark up the price to WHATEVER THEY WANT. The higher the markup, the BETTER they look to corporate!!!!
I've read a lot of other reviews about unhappy customers not getting their money back. I worked at Pep Boys (not proud) for 7 years. THEY WILL ALWAYS GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK if you stand your ground. I've put engines in cars because the customer drove their car 50miles overheating in excess of 260 degrees (we put a radiator hose on 1 FULL YEAR prior). All you have to do is stay respectful, DO NOT CUSS (you'll just get thrown out), and politely tell them you'll just call 1-800-PEPBOYS. That's usually all you need to say to get a FULL refund. Simply put, the store manager does not want to deal with the paper work, poor customer satisfaction rating, and being yelled at by corporate big wigs. IF YOU DO have to call, it's usually settled over the phone from there. Just DO NOT leave the store. Let them watch you make the call, or better yet, ask to use THEIRS. Again, YOU WILL ALWAYS get whatever you want.
All in all I would say avoid the store completely, they have nothing positive to offer you. Even the parts sold are bottom shelf, VERY poor quality parts. 50% of all starters and alternators installed at Pepboys are defective right out of the box.

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Posted by ThinLazyAmerican on 2007-09-15:
I believe everything said here and I intend to try to get my money back on some crap I recently purchased from Pep Boys. Thanks for the information!
Posted by moneybags on 2007-09-17:
Good info. Haven't shopped Pepboys in about 13-14 years. Why? They turned me over for a bounced check that had cleared the bank. Had to send copies, etc. to collection agency to get it straightened out as Pepboys admitted error but would provide no documentation.
Posted by miller6521 on 2007-11-27:
ya and if you worked at pep boys for 7 yrs you would also know that they beat anyones price by 5 percent. all you have to do is show them an estimate from somewhere elst and they have to do it for 5 percent less. and i dont know where you are at but most of the dealer labor rates around pittsburgh are in the 90 dolar an hour and up
Posted by beatupchevy on 2007-12-16:
Honestly, who is going to take the time to get an estimate or estimates from other places and take them there? Maybe someone who has no life. I'm from Oklahoma and PepBoys here charges $85.00 an hour and most dealers at most charge $70.00 dollars an hour. They are a rip off.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-16:
I advocate getting written estimates first then comparing for value. You gotta do some legwork here.
Posted by Virgo Shiman on 2014-01-19:
Thank you very much for this information. I was just charged an exorbitant and arbitrary amount of money at Pep Boys for replacing my brakes. I will definitely inquire with customer relations ASAP. I found what they did to me simply abusive.
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Be Aware of repair and diagnostic service at Pep Boys (3 repairs worth $194.52 but still the same problem)
Posted by Waukegan_pepboys on 03/13/2006
WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS -- I have send a letter to the Pep Boys CEO Lawrence N. Stevenson and posted in their web site (www.pepboys.com) the following information, the manager from their local store (Waukegan IL) called and he said he could not do any thing and i should contact their corporate office which I did. I was told that they will forward that information to their regional manage BUT HAVE NOT HEARD FROM THEM ever since.

My vehicle was overheating and I took it to the PepBoys in Waukegan IL on 02/11/2006. I was told to replace the THERMOSTAT which I did (see invoice 0966 1111197 for $100.75). I went out of town next day and I came back on 02/16/2006 (the vehicle was not driven in that time) I found the same problem: the vehicle was overheating while in heavy traffic.

I took it back to Pep Boys Waukegan IL on 02/16/2006 and they told me that on 02/11/2006 the mechanic recommended to change the cooling fan relay and thermostat but the service advisor on 02/11/2006 did not say any thing about the cooling fan relay. But any way, as I was told to change the cooling fan relay I agreed and told me to bring the vehicle back next day as they did not have the parts available but I paid for the parts in advance (see invoice 966 1111389 $68.48).

On 02/17/2006 after waiting for 5 hours some one told me that the POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE had to be replaced and they won’t be able to do it that day so i had to bring the vehicle next day (they had to order the POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE from the dodge dealer). But I had to pay for the installation of the relay (see invoice 0966 1111410 $25.29).

On 02/18/2006 when I went there some one else informed me that I had to take the vehicle to a Dodge Dealer to reprogram the POWERTAIN CONTROL MODULE as they can not fix that there. This made me wonder that why I was told the previous evening to bring back the vehicle to Pep Boys.

I took the car to a Dodge dealer and after the diagnostic they informed me that there was no problem with the POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE but the only possible cause for vehicle overheating was a cable between relay and PCM. That cable had been replaced and there was no problem with car overheating any more.
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Posted by miller6521 on 2007-11-27:
its something that happens, not alot but it does. i got caught by one of thoes connectors once. i thought it was the fan relay because i had power going in but none comming out, but it was the connector
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Predatory Auto Repair Abuse
Posted by Kkrat505 on 12/28/2010
CRESTWOOD, ILLINOIS -- First, some history on my 2000 Chevy S-10 4X4. My truck is in excellent mechanical condition. Maintenance has always been performed by the book, on time, no short cuts, no exceptions.

On my way into work on 12/10/2010, I began hearing a noise on the front drivers side of my truck which I assumed to be a bad wheel bearing. I took it to Pepboys in Crestwood Illinois and talked with the service manager. The service manager initially gave me an estimate of $45.00 to investigate the noise.

The service manager called me a short time later and stated that the noise was from three lug nuts that were where loose on my front wheel and that these were tightened and everything was OK.

The service manager stated "you could use rear brakes". The service manager went on to say "You could use pads, rotors, and bolt kits(?)”. I explained to the auto repair manager that I had rear brakes/rotors replaced 7000 miles ago. The service manager stated that “they look real bad”. Given that I had no interest in doing a brake lob in 5 degree weather and against my gut feeling, I told the service manager to go ahead with the rear brake work.

The service manager called a second time a short time later. He stated that I needed a front lower ball joint, that there was a lot of play in it. Given that I did not feel like doing a break lob AND a ball joint in 5 degree weather again, against my gut feeling, I told the service manager to go ahead with the repair.

The service manager called me a third time a short while later and his opening comment was "how long do you plan on keeping your truck". My first thought was "here we go, I am getting my leg humped by this guy for un-needed work". The service manager stated that his mechanic "chewed up the upper ball joint trying to remove the lower one". At this point, I said "stop what your doing".

I told the service manager that I brought my truck in for a noise in the front end that was resolved by tightening the loose lug nuts and now I have purchased rear brakes and a ball joint that “I could really use” and now you are telling me I need another ball joint.

Already having the feeling that I am being taken complete advantage of, I told the service manager NOT to do any additional work, do NOT call me with more needed work and to return the old break shoes, rotors, and ball joint to me.

I picked up my truck later in the day. The initial estimate of $45.00 swelled to $650.00.

The next morning at work, I asked our truck mechanic (32 years’ experience) to take a look at the parts that were removed from my truck by Pepboys.

The following is what I was told about the parts;
Brake pads when new typically are in the range of 3/8" to 1/2" of pad thickness. My old pads had 3/8" pad surface left.
My rotors were not smooth like glass but showed normal signs of use. New rear rotor thickness is 0.79. My rotors were at 0.77 and could have been lightly turned rather than replaced.

The stud end of the old ball joint was clamped into an 18" vise mounted to a plate steel table. A 36" pipe wrench was applied to the underside of the base adjacent to a steel block. Upward force was applied to the ball joint base. Using this crude set up to measure play, it was established that there was less than. 005" of play and the ball joint did not need to be replaced.

In addition, after checking my receipt, I found three line items for "Extended Warranty" which I never authorized to be put on my credit card.

I went back to the store and saw the service manager waiting on a customer back in the service department. I told one of the store associates that I wanted to speak with the service manager and left my name. 5 minutes later the associate told me that the service manager was not available and that he (the associate) could help me.

I told the associate that I have two questions. First, what is the $35.00 shop fee that was charged to my credit card? The associate said it was a disposal fee for the parts removed, especially the brake pads because they contain asbestos and are hazardous. I explained that all the parts were returned to me and therefore Pepboys disposed of nothing related to my repair and I asked that the $35.00 disposal fee be removed from my credit card. The associate stated that that was a standard fee charged to all customers and the fee could not be removed.

I then asked about the "Extended Warranty" charge of $23.46. The associate told me that the service manager had asked me if I wanted an extended warranty and I agreed to the charge. I asked for documentation to this effect and the associate said "see, here it is right on the receipt - authorized by phone". I explained to the associate that I did not authorize the warranty in fact an extended warranty was never discussed and I wanted the charge credited to my card which he did.

The associate stated in a very authorative voice "if you cancel your warranty and the breaks fail after 90 days, we will owe you nothing. I replied "IF MY BRAKES DO NOT LAST LONGER THAN 1 1/2 TO 2 YEARS, I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER PENNY AT PEPBOYS".

I have submitted the facts above to the CEO of Pepboys. While I intend to pursue this, I thought it fair to allow the CEO a reasonable time period to respond to this predatory, fraudulent behavior first.

Depending on the CEO’s response, and in view of many similar complaints I have seen on the internet, I am considering contacting my states attorney to discuss a class action suit against Pepboys.

Having purchased at Pepboys from time to time over the last 20 years and having been mostly satisfied, as far as I am concerned after this fraud that was perpetrated on me, Pepboys is a predatory auto repair facility, Pepboys is dishonest, and Pepboys has lost all credibility with me.

NOTE: The Pepboys CEO contact information can be found via Google search. Might not hurt to drop him a few lines if you have been defrauded, taken advantage, or otherwise cheated by Pepboys.
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Dishonest Service Work
Posted by Tin bender on 03/14/2009
EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- I notice a small amount of antifreeze on my garage floor. I do most of the mechanic work on my car and truck. So I started checking for the leak. Checked radiator, radiator hoses, heater hoses, coolant line for oil cooler, I noticed small amount of seepage around lower timing belt cover and water pump. I was going to make the repair but my wife thinks I'm to old to still be working on my truck. So I took it to Pepboys and told them about the water pump leaking. I know when you replace the water pump it is best to replace the timing belt too because you must remove the timing belt to get to the water pump. This was quoted as five hour job. Took it in first thing Monday morning. Repair was completed on Saturday at 7:00 PM. Picked up truck first thing Sunday morning. Asked the service manager if I could drive it to Indianapolis In. he said no problem. I paid my bill and drove to my home in Newburgh In. which is about seven miles from the Pepboys location in Evansville IN.

I parked my truck outside my garage while I put some of my things back in my truck when I noticed antifreeze leaking rather badly under my truck. I drove back to Pepboys while watching temp gauge which never ran hot. I was telling the service manager about the leak when the mechanic standing there said, are you driving the T100, I said yes I am. He said you have a bad radiator leak, I told him it was not leaking when I brought it in, and he said he did nothing to it. The top radiator tank was cracked on the side next to the motor. I asked if he removed the radiator to replace the timing belt and water pump like the manual calls for and he said no. He laid a piece of cardboard on the radiator and laid on it to do the work. The top radiator tank is plastic like most cars and trucks use now days. Without liquid in the tank it is not very strong. And when he was laying on the radiator he cracked the tank.

They wanted 379.99 for the radiator and 79.00 for labor to replace it. I got my key and left they wanted me to pay for the radiator, that they damaged while working on my truck. The next day I went back and spoke with the store manager, he went and spoke with the mechanic that had worked on my truck, then we went out and looked at the cracked top radiator tank, he said it's been leaking a long time. We can not do anything about it. I told him it was not leaking when I brought it in. I went home and was telling my neighbor about what happened to my Toyota truck since he has a Toyota truck the same year. I told him what I had replaced and about the leak when I got it home. He said they cracked your top radiator tank. I said how the hell did you no, I just left the store, he said when Toyota replaced his timing belt and water pump they cracked his top tank. They did not remove his radiator to replace timing belt and water pump, they laid across the top of it like Pepboys did.

But Toyota replaced the radiator that they cracked no charge because they cracked it. I called the store managed and told him about what Toyota did to my neighbors truck. He said but your truck is going on sixteen years old, and I told him my neighbors Toyota truck is the same year. He said yours has been leaking a long time. I filed a complaint with the BBB. Have not heard anything yet. Do not trust PEPBOYS AUTO. I will tell everyone I meet not to take anything to Pepboys Auto. Pepboys did a a pressure test on my truck while they had it. No mention of a radiator leak. Isn't that strange. They also charged 35.00 for an electrical evaluation. I don't know why. Bunch of crooks.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-14:
File in small claims court.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-14:
Pep Boys are crooks. I can't wait for the day my wife tells me I'm too old to work on mine, and everyone elses trucks. lol. So Toyota has the water pump behind the timing belt? That sucks. Good luck getting Pep Boys to do anything. I'd find a radiator wholesaler and replace it yourself. 379 sounds high. I replaced one in my truck that has an oil and tranny cooler, for 260 wholesale.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-14:
Take this to small claims court. You have a witness to verify that they did this before.
Posted by Jeremy on 2012-02-18:
Been to Pep Boys twice, that was enough to let me know they are crooks and do not stand behind their work. Had 4 tires installed, woke up next morning for work with a flat. Lived a good distance away so asked if they could come to me. Of course not! Then after the work they expected me to pay for them not finishing the job right. Hmmm, me pay twice for a job to be done right? So, do you have different levels of payments? Standard payment says your work may last or you may break more in the process. Silver payment says you will guarantee you wont break anything more, but cannot guarantee your work. And if we pay the gold amount, you will do the work and stand behind the work. Will never do business with them again. Oh yeah, have your wife go in, they will try to confuse her into buying more than she needs. Crooks, straight up crooks.
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Yes, you have a warranty, no we wont honor it
Posted by Um wtf on 01/21/2010
MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Two years ago I took my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan in to have the serpentine belt replaced since it was original to the vehicle that now had 119,00 miles on it. The service was relatively quick and the van seemed to have new power and life. Two days later, the belt started squeaking again. I called the service department and the man there told me that it does that for a while when its new and to not worry. I am not a mechanical person. Over the next 2 years my wife and I drive the van a total of 8,200 miles since I drive a company car.
Fast forward to last night ---->
My wife is driving the van home from work at night and the van suddenly looses power to the steering, but can still accelerate. My wife attempts to pull over, nearly wrecking the van due to no power steering and then the van starts overheating. Upon inspection, the serpentine belt had just come loose. We called Pep Boys since the belt had a 3 year warranty and they came and towed the vehicle to their store nearby. Tow service was quick by the way :D

Inspection revealed that the serpentine belt had come loose, causing loss of power steering, water pump power was lost and caused the radiator to overheat and crack, thermostat was now damaged as well.
After replacing the radiator and reattaching the new belt, the system was pressure tested and revealed that no other components were damaged that may have lead to the belt coming off. Interesting...
I commented to the service manager that it was not a labor warranty issue as the belt would have come off in a matter of days if not immediately if something was not tightened. Since there was no other problems with the van, then it had to be a belt problem.
To make a long story short, the belt failure falls under warranty and resulted in the damage to the radiator. The service manager does not want to cover it under warranty for unknown reasons. He says that the part was put on 2 years ago, I told him that it had a 3 year warranty. He was then evasive and did not talk to me anymore.
I have contacted corporate office and haven't heard back from them yet, I have also contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair and filed a complaint with them.

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Posted by SMRP on 2010-06-03:
Quick question, what is the reason for your rating? By your own telling of this event, they installed the belt correctly, answered your question about the squeal appropriately, and when there was a failure of the component Pep Boys honored the warranty and repaired all damage and checked for any hidden damage... It seams to me that the problem was with the manufacture of the belt and not with the services provided by Pep Boys?
Posted by SMRP on 2010-06-03:
OK just saw PAGE #2 and see where the problem is, and this does seem wrong. Pleas excuse my prior comment, I am a mechanic for Pep Boys and this is why I took offense at what I thought was the complete story. Understand that I only diagnose install and repair the automobiles and have no power over the service managers and the decisions made by them.
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Customer No Service and Physical Threats
Posted by SandraLR on 09/01/2009
PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- I dropped my truck off for service this morning at about 10am for hesitation and rough idle issues at the Panama City, FL 23rd Street location. I was told by the service manager that they would run a diagnostic test and have an estimate for me by early that afternoon. I left at that point to run some errands. By 4pm today I had not heard from them so I called to check the status of my vehicle. I was told by the employee that he just got on shift and would check on it and call me back. Two hours later at 6pm I still had not gotten a call. So I called again. Again I was told there was no information and I would be called. An hour later at 7pm I physically drove to the location thinking that they must know something.

When I arrived the employee at the counter pulled my file and told me they didn't really know what was wrong with it but I "should" replace the coils, plugs, plug wires, PCV, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, and get a Fuel System Cleaning to see if that fixes the problem. I had a problem with this as I had recently had the wires and plugs replaced and the fuel filters replaced at Firestone 3 months ago. This told me they really didn't look at anything on my vehicle. And to top it off they had no estimate as to how much all of this would cost and told me they would call me later.

I decided at that point I did not want them to touch my car and asked for my keys. The employee then rang me up $103.97 for the "diagnostic" test that apparently can't tell them what is wrong with my truck. I asked to speak with his manager which turned out to be a big mistake. When I told the manager about my wait, the issue with not knowing what was wrong and my dispute about the diagnostic fee he became very belligerent and aggressive. He screamed at me and when I tried to speak he talked directly over me. Towards the end of our conversation he came to the counter, put his finger in my face and leaned forward in a threatening manner. I told him if he continued to be aggressive I was going to contact the police. He continued to do so and was extremely belligerent.

At that point I stepped out of the store into the parking lot to contact the police. I advised them I was not comfortable with the situation as a 6 foot tall well over 200 pound man was threatening me. (I am a 5 foot 2 inch woman and very small in stature). When the police arrived the manager accused me of threatening him and that I was going to leave without paying the bill. Neither of which I had done or intended on doing. It was at this point I just paid the bill and am in the process of contacting their corporate offices. I wanted this to go out to a warning to anyone thinking of going to this or any other Pep Boys.

I do not recommend going to Pep Boys for any repair as I believe them to be dishonest, belligerent, aggressive, and they have the worst customer NO service I have EVER experienced. They will charge you for diagnostic fees and then tell you they do not know what is wrong with your vehicle. They are unapologetic for their incompetence and totally unhelpful.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-01:
Pep Boys is a joke. I would recommend never using them.

Good for you for calling the cops on the jerk. Be sure to contact their corporate office and let them know it took police intervention for you to feel comfortable on their property. I'd tell them you want your money back too.
Just don't let them work on your vehicle, regardless what they offer.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-01:
I agree with C20...you need to demand your money back for non service...calling the police was a big plus for you!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-01:
Heeeellllooooo MSCANTBE!
I agree with your agreement.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-09-02:
Sandra, you sound like some of the regular "ladies" on this site. Good for you!

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Con Artists
Posted by Btaggart09 on 11/08/2012
GLASSBORO, NEW JERSEY -- Pepboys is a bunch of con artist. My heat was acting up so I took it to them while my mechanic was out. I wait for an hour on what's the problem and they tell me 2000 to repair my heat along witb other things that need to be done. Apparently my water pump, oil, and holes in my radiator and hoses. Well firstly I got a new timing belt kit with everything about two months ago about a month ago got an oil change. I take it to my mechanic its a FRACTION of the price and of course my radiator and everything else is fine.

Oh don't forget the 3 days to fix my car if it was at Pepboys and they said labor would go up the longer it was there. Never go there !!!!!!!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-09:
I don't know why anyone would use Pep Boys for service, unless they were desperate and had no other options. This is the kind of stunt I would expect, based on what I have heard.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-11-09:
Pep Boys and Walmart are competing with each other for the worst customer service. As 8r correctly stated why would anyone use this service? Don't spend your hard earned money at these rip off companies.
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