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$19.99 Oil Change Offered Is Not True!
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had seen the oil change sign for 19.99 at the Greensburg Route 30 Pep Boys. Perfect as I was low on cash until my next pay. When finished my total bill I paid was $40.01. When I asked the price difference he said there were other fees that the $19.99 does not show until service is complete??? What??? Extra charges were shop fee, labor, filter! There was no baseline cost of $19.99. My base line cost started at $24.95!

My sister went for same service the next day and her bill was $29.99! We compared invoices and all was the same except they charged her more for the shop fee! What? Complete BS. Go elsewhere where they charge you their advertised price! Also on my paperwork it said they discussed my change in price from 19.99 to 40.01 before they began work and that I agreed! Completely untrue!!! Nothing was mentioned until work was completed! They just lost two first and last time customers!

Don't Trust Pep Boys (Hyattsville & Germantown Maryland)
By -

HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- This happened years ago but still bugs me. I go in for a transmission fluid & filter change (Pep Boys in Hyattsville, MD). This job requires removing the tranny oil pan to empty the fluid... but the filter is in a hard to reach place, all the way up the tranny. When the car was done, I asked the mechanic to show me the old tranny fluid filter to prove that he changed it. He turned white (his normal skin color was brown) and started looking frantically for it in the trash bin w/o any luck. Then another mechanic went up after overhearing what I wanted, said "don't worry I saw him change it".

Really? So this other mechanic just happened glanced over at the exact time to see my mechanic do this one, specific step of changing the filter... when the whole place was crazy busy with everyone working? What are the chances? Fast forward years later, my then, girlfriend's car was badly out of alignment... dumb ** climbs curbs and crap all the time while driving. And this was when she wasn't even putting on any makeup while driving (as usual). Went to Pep Boys because they had a sale on alignments and was conveniently right across the street (Pep Boys, Cornerstone Mall in Germantown, MD) from her home.

After getting the car back, nothing changed. Same horrible steering wheel that pulls to the left. My guess was, they were extremely busy and just didn't do the alignment at all while pretending to. Went back and talked to the manager. Manager's first response was "I saw him do it". What a coincidence. From such a busy day like that with all of them running around nonstop, the manager just happens to remember our car and what was needed to be done and remembered it right off the bat. We asked for a refund. He didn't even argue and just gave it to us.

Went to NTB right after for an alignment and it was completely different. Car felt stable right away. It was night & day different. This seems to be Pep Boys' CANNED RESPONSE when they get accused of not doing something properly or not doing it at all! One of the co-workers will step in and vouch for his mate immediately. My mistake with the transmission filter change was that I should have told them from the beginning that I wanted to take home the old filter. This way, it would have forced them to change it in the first place rather than putting them on the spot where they either had to tell me to F off or have to admit that they lied, which they won't.

To not replace parts that are difficult to get to is more common in this business than we think; i.e. my friend who's a mechanic from a dealership, admits to me that he would just not change the rear most spark plug in cars like mine with an LSx motor because that plug is located in a horrific location to get to. I think that the best bet is to have it written on the work order that you want all used parts, filters, etc. kept in order for you to diagnose potential problems with your car. Kind of a non-intrusive, less accusatory request. And find a good, reliable and honest mechanic and keep him. Accept paying a little more is better than paying less to get porked.

Pep Boys Are Crooks in Parsippany NJ
By -

1440 E RT. 46, PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- On 4/7/2010 in went in for a simple synthetic oil change for my Honda Accord, at the Pep Boys in Parsippany NJ. I had called earlier that day to make an appointment at 6:30 the same day and my husband and I got here at 6:20. I indicated to the man behind the counter that I had an appointment at 6:30 and we were 10 minutes early, so he took my keys and I waited. 7:15 my Honda was nowhere in sight when clearly the sign on the wall said "29 minutes oil change".

I asked the guy as to what happened to my car and he indicated that there was more issues with my vehicle. When I asked him what they were - he told me that the mechanic wanted to do the "cooland transfuison flush" and the tune up +2, and the drive belt, also replace the valve gasket. As I was listening to this my husband stepped forward and told the guy that he had all of these things done a week earlier from a dealer - Planet Honda in Union NJ, and we had paid $360 for this service. And why was he suggesting this service be done, when it is optional and not necessary, and because that we had it done already. And, all we came in for was an oil change.

As my husband said this, the guy behind the counter got very nervous and try to explain it away as "I don't know you had that done and the mechanic suggested these services". I told the guy to give me a copy of the Customer Service Request Recommendation form. They were reluctant at first, but I insisted, so they gave me a copy, but I heard the guy behind the counter whisper something to the 2nd guy to scratch off something on this form before he make a copy, so I watched him and he did not get a chance to do anything but make me a copy.

I told them that all I came in was for an oil change and nothing else, and I was told that the oil change was already done a while ago, so I told them to take my car off the lift, looked like they were ready to do the work without my consent, and then tell me after, so I was forced to pay a lot of money. I requested to see the manager and notified him of my dissatisfaction and that I would give Pep Boys a bad review. I still ended up paying the higher price for the oil change. I had a coupon for a synthetic oil change, and coupon stated that this oil change should cost us $25 and we had to mail in a rebate for $13 and instant $5 discount also.

So, the regular price was $62.03 - $5 discount = $56.68 is what I paid, so if you take my mail in rebate of $13 (when I get it back) $56.68 - $13 = $43.68 is what I actually paid for an oil change that should have cost me $25 at final cost. The manager pretended not to understand and did not care once I told him I was to going to file a compliant. These people at Pep Boys saw a woman coming from a mile away and took advantage of that fact. They are crooks and cheats and looking to make a fast buck. Don't trust them, just tell them what you want done and don't let them talk you into anything else, you do not want or need to get done to your car.

Oh, I failed to mention that we actually are regular customers of this Pep Boys and have never questioned their suggestions - but this was too much facts in ours hands to dismiss. Hate to think of how much money they have made off us in the past - without us suspecting. Do not go there - don't get ripped off especially if you are not too familiar with car mechanics.

Pep Boys Is a Total Ripoff
By -

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- These are the facts I am waiting to hear back from the District Manager. I am very disappointed in the service and feel completely taken advantage of: I brought my 2001 Dodge Durango on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 around 9 AM. I asked for an oil change and said I thought the "valves or belts might need to be checked as the car is making a screeching noise when the car starts." The gentleman at the desk told me he would do the oil change and that the check on the car would cost an extra $17.99 and that the car should be ready at approximately 11:00 A.M. I said this is O.K. and left the store.

Around 11:20 A.M. I returned to the shop and was told the car needed $555.59 in repairs including a new "power steering switch, power steering fluid leak, new coolant, new belts, and new brake fluid" and that "everything else is fine." I asked if the car would run for a while after it was fixed and the gentleman said "Yes." I left the car at the shop until 5:30 that evening when I picked it up and drove it home, approximately 1/8th mile from the shop.

On Thursday, March 20, 2008, the car was driven by my boyfriend to work, approximately 22 miles each way. Upon departure from our residence the engine light came on and the car started to make a clanking noise we have never heard before. He returned home from work around 5:45 P.M and we took it back complaining of the condition of the car. They agreed to keep it overnight and told us they would call us when they knew what was wrong.

Around 11:30 A.M. on Friday, March 21, 2008, I received a call from one of the mechanics at this location. He said that the problem is with the engine and was most likely the valves. I explained to him that the valves were checked and were fine according to the person who took my keys yesterday. The Pep Boys mechanic then said the check we paid for only covers maintenance and they don't open the engine unless a "diagnostic" is ordered and that if I "knew it was the valves to begin with then I should have seen it coming."

I expressed extreme frustration from the situation as I was told the valved were checked and the only thing wrong with the car were the power steering issues, especially the fact that I spent over $500.00 and have a car that sounds worse than before I brought it in and an engine light that NEVER came on until I brought it in to their shop. He said there was nothing he could do. I told him I would be right in. Upon arrival at the store I asked to speak to the manager, **. He explained that "he doesn't know who I spoke to" but "something is wrong with the engine" and the check I paid for "only covers maintenance."

Not only do I feel the service I received was dishonest but unprofessional and frustrating. If I bring my car in for repair I expect to get everything the mechanics say they are going to do to the car to be done. I also feel the manner in which the information was presented to me was extremely unprofessional and manipulative. I trust that someone will contact me as well as ** and amend the situation. Also, I took the car to another mechanic who said that most of the repairs on the car, including a fuel injector and power steering flush, were either not performed, although I was charged for them, or unnecessary.

I do not feel this is good business practice nor motivating to me to bring any of my cars back or refer the services of Pep Boys in the future. I think the only way to rectify this situation is to refund my money or hold up to what was promised. I merely want a car that runs and an honest quote for repairs needed and repairs performed. Even though I am in the medical industry and am well versed in medical terminology and etiology I am very unfamiliar
with mechanical issues and feel I was taken advantage of, not uncommon in the vehicle repair industry.

Absolutely Ridiculous BS
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Rating: 1/51

EXTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I sat here on a Tuesday night to get an oil change. Mind you it's dead as anything. I sat there for over 2 hours and waited. It started to piss me the hell off. I will never come back to this place again. It should never take this long.

Exchange of oil filter without receipt
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Rating: 5/51

TYLER, TEXAS -- I had a very pleasant experience at a Pep Boys Auto Parts Store in Tyler Texas. I had purchased an oil filter but looked up the wrong number and had the wrong filter. I had not saved my receipt but took the filter in to see if they would exchange it. They told me to go back and pick the correct filter and exchanged it with a smile and very accommodating attitude. Good customer service. I will be sure to go back there and purchase additional needs.

Jacked Up My Car
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I brought my car into Pep Boys for four new tires and an oil change. Easy things right? When I dropped off my car I specifically mentioned that the windshield wiper fluid was empty and was told that it was standard to refill it with an oil change. When I picked up my car I noticed that there was no sticker in the window indicating when the next oil change should be done. I also noticed there was no windshield wiper fluid, but the receipt clearly showed me being charges for the oil change AND they had given me the paperwork for the $13 rebate for the oil change so I assumed they did it and left.

The car was driven less than 6 miles to my boy friends and sat the entire day the next day. When I went to drive it home I noticed a strange sound coming from the engine. The check engine light came on. When I stopped at a DIFFERENT Pep Boys two of their technicians were closing shop but said it sounded like an oil problem. I showed them my receipt for the oil change and they in front of me checked the oil - EMPTY. And the teeny tiny amount in it was black and they said it would be gold if it was new oil. THIS WAS THEIR OWN TECHNICIANS. I left it overnight and called the original store first thing in the morning.

I filed a complaint with corporate and they sent an adjuster to check it out. He claimed the oil was full and that it was a rod knock and not related to the oil change. I had it towed to a different mechanic who said there was NO OIL IN THE CAR and took a photo of the dry as a bone dip stick. I am still fighting with corporate, have filed with both the BBB and consumer affairs and am headed in to file a small claims court complaint tomorrow. ** will never touch ANY car of mine again.

3 Hours and an Overnight Wait at Pep Boys for an Oil Change? C'mon...
By -

BEAR, DELAWARE -- So it was time for yet another oil change on the 2008 Honda and I took it down the road to Pep Boys as they are the most convenient local place for me to have it serviced. I like their prices and have been mostly pleased in the past (I've been going there for the past year and getting my car serviced about every 6 weeks due to the high amount of driving I do for work) with their service. Over the past 4 months however service has swiftly fallen. I have not been able to get my oil changed in less than 2 hours since October and my most recent visit has been especially frustrating.

I dropped my car off at 5:08 PM and was told by the clerk that the car would be ready no later than 7:30 and I would receive a phone call as soon as it was finished. I left and went grocery shopping with my fiance. We finished shopping, returned home, cooked dinner, ate, and cleaned up the kitchen. By this time, it was nearly 8:00 PM. We then drove back to Pep Boys to check on the car. I arrived at Pep Boys at 3 minutes to 8. The doors were already locked and the store closing. I could see 6 associates inside the store mulling about. I called the store and let the phone ring until 10 minutes after 8.

I am wondering how it could possibly take that long to change the oil in my car. I can do it myself in 30 minutes when I am back home, and yet it requires a "trained professional" over 3 hours to get it done? I plan on picking up my car in the morning after they finish the oil change, speaking with the manager about my disapproval of their "professionalism" and never returning to this or any other Pep Boys for any kind of service or part in the future. Way to go Pep Boys! You've not only lost my business, but my fiance's and both of our families; not to mention anyone I meet looking for parts or service will be referred elsewhere.

Good luck remaining in business with that kind of professionalism.

Oil Change Overcharge
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Rating: 1/51

RIVERDALE, UTAH -- After retrieving a Pep Boys Coupon for a $20 oil change off the internet, I took my car in and showed them my Coupon. The salesperson asked if I wanted to purchase a mileage improver package for an additional $10. I agreed and when I went to pay they charged me $46 which should have been $32 with tax. They did replace a fuel filter but did not ask me for permission to do so. I hate bait and switch tactics and will never go back to Pep Boys. Too bad they will screw over a customer once to make a few extra dollars and lose a customer forever.

Oil Charged
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Rating: 1/51

FRUITVILLE PIKE LANCASTER -- I came in for oil change for maintenance. I hardly use my car because we have another car. After a month my oil gauge light came on indicating oil low. It was new year and Pep Boys were closed. I added a pint of oil to top it and drove to Philly. All the while now it says oil high. Next day took the car for oil check. Was told must be computer glitch for the light to come on but there was overfilled oil so they drained and filled oil again. Coming home car was smoking bad, turned around back to Pep Boys and complaint about the smoke coming out of the exhaust and smell of oil burning. They drained and fill it up again with oil. I was told it is OK now to drive.

There was some spills of oil when I overfilled it and the car should only get better. This time cruise control driving home I heard funny sounds. I said something is not right. Decided to take the car back the next day. Driving back the sound got worse big clunk sound and the car stopped. I was in Rt 283. Started the car and slowly got the next exit and called Pep Boys. They told me if the car is running to drive there. This time I called Mercedes and they towed the car to the shop. I was told the wrong fluid was drained and new oil added to the old engine oil. To make the story short $5000.00 damage to replace the defender that blow up and other issues that cause it.

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