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Rip Off Artists
Posted by on
E. PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- I started my business with them by stating I've been taught to ask, whatever gets replaced on my vehicle, I want in a box when I pick up the car. I needed brakes. Long story short. 3 Days later, and $685. They said 2 of my calipers were frozen. I needed an air cleaner because ' it looked like something was living in it' and an oil change. They didn't have the old air cleaner for me, so I made them, after much complaining remove the air-cleaner from the bill. So I got it for free. But that's only $25 so its a very small win for the informed consumer. 2 Of the pads didn't really need to be changed. The seized calipers are probably because that the pads showed a big gouge on one side from where they used a single screwdriver to spread apart the caliper, instead of a caliper spreading tool. This probably caused the alleged caliper seize. I've done my own brakes numerous times in the past, I'm no pro, but I know if you don't apply even pressure to both sides of the pad while spreading it, it can cause damage. Anyway, they also lost my remote locker/unlocker which was initially with the key. ( They did eventually find it, but still !!! ) They have a charge ( sku#4120 ) for, and I quote: costs and profits to the motor vehicle repair facility for miscellaneous shop supplies ( and fluids).

I know that when dealerships charge you $6 for a can of brake cleaner, ( for example) they use 3-5 squirts and put the can back on the shelf and charge the next person the same, and the next person. Using the same can. So I've been taught to get the remainder of the said cans or bottles. This is your lawful right. Pep-boys gets around this by the computer automatically figuring in a percentage. This also includes, according to them. Compressed air, hydraulic lift, rags. Wear & tear on their equipment, grease etc. This is such a total scam its preposterous. And I am in the process of writing to their CEO and complaining. There is no shortage of complete horror stories about Pep Boys. And no surprise they are not part of the b.B.B. Save your time, and aggravation and go elsewhere for your service. Talk to people and find a local mechanic that's trustworthy. It May cost a few dollars more from time to time, but its worth it. I know, my dad used to be one of those trusty mechanics who didn't make a whole lot of money, but never had an unhappy customer.

And to top it off, they still charged me for a bottle of brake fluid. Brake jobs require brake fluid, it should be part of the price. But alas, Pep Boys loves money, anyway they can get it. Always ask for your old parts and remaining fluid/spray beforehand. Good luck.
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User Replies:
firengine103 on 08/08/2007:
I agree with everything you say. If you need a new air freshener, go to PEP Boys, otherwise... Also, all shops, dealer, independent and chain are charging that extra percentage for shop supplies. Burns my butt!
Anonymous on 08/08/2007:
PEP Boys are the true bottom feeders of the auto repair business. Plus their repairs are sub par as a rule.
MRM on 08/08/2007:
Pep Boys are only good for buying car parts, not for repairs.
runaway on 08/08/2007:
Agree with the others about Pep Boys. Please keep in mind, however, that many parts have core charges if they do not keep the old parts (so they can be recycled or rebuilt), and this can add up.
Also, checking/replacing most air filters only takes a few minutes and can be accomplished by most people for a huge savings.
Starlord on 08/10/2007:
True, runaway, but they are still required to at least allow you to examine the old parts. Just to have them disapper sets up the kind of scam a shop in Indianapolis pulled on my mom one time. She took out 57 Ford ranchwagon in for shocks. They pulled the shocks off, took them in the back room, washed them with that SafetyKleen stuff, and hit them with a shot of black spray paint, and put them back on the car. We got a new set of shocks and got the mechanic fired, maybe. Now, I wonder if it wasn't a bit of street theater and that that was the normal procedure for parts sold to little old ladies.
runaway on 08/10/2007:
Completely agree, starlord, but the OP said they wanted them in a box when they picked up the vehicle; sounded like they wanted the parts to show others, if necessary. Not a bad idea, but could put the consumer on the hook for large core charges (think about water pumps, starters, etc.). Just wanted people to know about the possibility before they started chewing some mechanic out over those "excessive" core charges and thinking they were being ripped off.
miller6521 on 11/27/2007:
well you should know that new brakes come with 4 new pads in the box. sounds like one caliper locked up and they recommended the other, the reason is to avoid a come back and unhappy customer. if you put just one caliper on you run the chance that it may pull when you break, not always but it does happen. but then again people are never happy unless they get something done for free, I guess us techs should just work for free and never retire
Anonymous on 11/28/2007:
He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.
-Benjamin Franklin
Uniform Burrito on 11/23/2008:
Well put, Miller! Do people get ripped off by repair shops? Yes. But everyone seems so quick to assume that they are going to get ripped off. I ran a Pep Boys service center for three year and never, ever would think of doing any of the craziness that you read about. However, I am going to fix your vehicle the right way. You don't just replace two brake pads, my personal opinion is that you shouldn't replace calipers individually, either. And if fixing cars the right way is too much for some people, they should do it themselves or go visit Joe the local mechanic at the corner Shell Station.
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"Bait-and-Switch" Boys
Posted by on
IRVING, TEXAS -- On 5/19/06 I accompanied a friend to Pep Boys in Irving, TX to get his brake pads replaced at the advertised price of $69.99 per axle. When he asked about it, the clerk said something like, "Oh, you don't want to get the $69.99 brake job! We don't take the time to smooth the pads on those. After a few days, your brakes will start squealing. If you bring it back, we won't be able to fix it. You need to get the $149 brake job." When I asked if we could still get the $69.99 brake job, the manager came over and started another sales pitch, something like, "Well, we can do it for you, but you won't be happy with it, etc." When I asked him why his company even advertised the $69.99 brake service if the quality was so bad, he said I would have to ask the corporate headquarters about that. When I told him politely that I disagreed with this type of sales tactic, that it seemed like "bait-and-switch" to me, he became angry and said quite loudly that since we didn't seem to trust them, we should go find another shop to do our repairs. So we did.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, in "Guides Against Bait Advertising," this behavior is illegal:

"Sec. 238.3 Discouragement of purchase of advertised merchandise.

No act or practice should be engaged in by an advertiser to discourage the purchase of the advertised merchandise as part of a bait scheme to sell other merchandise. Among acts or practices which will be considered in determining if an advertisement is a bona fide offer are:

(a) The refusal to show, demonstrate, or sell the product offered in accordance with the terms of the offer,

(b) The disparagement by acts or words of the advertised product or the disparagement of the guarantee, credit terms, availability of service, repairs or parts, or in any other respect, in connection with it,"

Also, before the brakes discussion, they had tried to sell my friend a $95 "tune up", where they would do nothing more than check fluid levels and replace 6 spark plugs. This also seemed like a scheme to make money off consumers who are ignorant about car repairs.

This was my first experience with Pep Boys and will be my last. Companies who violate laws and business ethics like this should prosecuted and put out of business.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/06/2006:
Very good post - Well sourced and relevant. Bravo!
Anonymous on 06/06/2006:
Anonymous on 06/06/2006:
Anonymous on 06/06/2006:
I could not find anything wrong with this location but may you'd want to express your concern to the BBB (they are members)
Your a smart consumer, some would fall for those selling tactics. Do your homework, I'm sure you'll find a reputable auto repair shop, they're out there.
Doc J on 06/07/2006:
Very nice post. Thanks!
Anonymous on 06/07/2006:
again: good post, Interesting and good to know. Thank You
Slimjim on 06/07/2006:
Many times posters here cry bait and switch when it's not. Not in this case. That's classic bait and switch tactics for sure and yes illegal.
Anonymous on 06/07/2006:
Thanks "Ironsides"
Doc J on 06/07/2006:
My thoughts too, slim. BTW: "Bait and Switch" would be a great trade name for a fishing shop that caters to sadomasochists.
PBY on 11/22/2006:
You neglected to mention what type type of vehicle you were requesting brake service on. Some vehicles take different types of pads, ie: ceramic pads, semi-metallic pads or organic pads. ALL different price ranges.

If you were to read the print in the ad, I'd bet it would say "most cars". Not ALL cars. If you wanted the cheapest brake job possible with the cheapest pads and the least warranty for $69, they should do it for the advertised price. I bet it would say rotor resurfacing not included. Am I correct? Keep in mind my brother, you get what you pay for!!

If you've had any experience in retail, you can by a home stereo system at Walmart for $69.99 or you can by a home stereo system at Bestbuy for $299.99. Quality is the difference.

It is not bait and switch, different cars require different pads just as different cars require different tire sizes. Cheap brake jobs are just that, cheap pads on unturned rotors will be noisy and will not last as long as quality pads.
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Absolutely Excellent
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
UNION CITY, GEORGIA -- Shayna walked me back to the brake bulbs and pointed the correct one out she was very helpful and very courteous. I really appreciated my visit.
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Service With A Smile
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- The Pep Boys on Charlotte pike in Nashville is one of the best places that's ever worked on my truck. The service manager Kevin was polite and professional. He got my parts in and fixed my truck in a very short time. His staff was very professional. I would recommend this Pep Boys (0149) store Nbr to any one.
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Brake Service From Hell
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Brake service big rip off paid for work not done first quote $623.00 after starting work then came second quote of $1000.00 then discounted to $800.00 plus they didn't do all the work. They tried to rip me off and got caught. BUYER BEWARE OF PEP BOYS. After going back and complaining they tried to charge me another $300 plus dollars. I refused. Never again they are rip offs.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 04/07/2012:
Oh wow. Considering you can get brake parts at an auto parts store for $300 or less depending on what you need and your type of car, you'd be better off finding a mechanically inclined friend to do it for you.
trmn8r on 04/07/2012:
You'd be better off having Drew Carey work on your car than taking it to Pep Boys. Thanks for posting your experience.
DebtorBasher on 04/07/2012:
Drew Carey...LOL, don't EVEN get me started!
The Triplets boy boy girl on 04/08/2012:
Is Drew Carey that person who defended the mother who killed her daughter Casey Anthony?
trmn8r on 04/08/2012:
Interesting question. The defense team in the Casey Anthony trial consisted of: Jose Baez, J. Cheney Mason, Dorothy Clay Sims, and Ann Finnell.
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Very Sad to Say but this was a horrible experience
Posted by on
WILKES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Paid these guys a hell of a lot of money for some really bad service, one of the tires they gave me had a wire sticking out of it, they were trying to charge me for it and say it was my fault and that I had driven over some wire on the road. I told them that inside the construction of a wheel, there is wire that is used to strengthen the rubber, and that this was protruding from a faulty tire. The idiot mechanic grabs a pair of pliers and pulls me in the back to show me how he is now going to extract this piece of wire.
He pulls and pulls and pulls, much more than the common moron would have needed to before realizing that the wire was part of the tire. This is a prime example of what happened to me over the duration of my dealings with Pep Boys, I ended up getting a nice scratch on my car and an ignored complaint letter was sent to the manager. I vow never to enter that store again other than to take a really nice big dump it their toilet and not flush.
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Anonymous on 11/20/2010:
LOL....nice ending.
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Posted by on
My car's brake light came on and brakes felt funny, so I had car towed to Pep Boys. They said all the brake hoses needed replacing and wanted to charge me $1200 to repair.

I had car towed to a Meineke shop and had car repaired the next day for $175. They said only one hose needed replacing and the others were fine.

Pep Boys thought they had me by the balls when they saw car towed in and tried to keep me from towing away by not wanting to put tires back on the car.

Stay clear of this ripoff company
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Anonymous on 05/12/2010:
They apparently tried muscling you with the old tactic of "possession is 9/10 of the law". Way to stand up for yourself and get your money's worth!
Weedwhacked on 05/12/2010:
Good job not falling for their "bull."
bcd on 05/12/2010:
Good review.
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Overpriced, Ripped-Off and even Destructive!
Posted by on
MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- In January 2010, I went to a Pep Boys in Moorestown, NJ to have my front brakes done and one side of my wipers tightened up. I understood that the rotors would have to be surfaced and I expected to pay around $300. Instead, What I got was presented with was a $500 plus bill. Then I was told that a Ball Joint needed replacement and would cost another $500, which I declined. They forgot to repair the wiper, but they did and soon after it broke again. They had trouble closing my hood, which worked fine when I came in. They could not repair it, stating that it was broken when I came in, which it was not! Now my hood will not lock and is visibly open but attached only by the safety. My wiper does not work! And worse yet, my steering wheel veers off to the right like crazy, which was never the case when I drove in. These people actually did far more damage to my car then repairing it! They are a disgrace and a joke and I will never go back there again!
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Anonymous on 03/07/2010:
I would immediately take it to another garage or 3 for estimates of the problem, not telling them that someone just did a brake job. If they say that one side is rubbing causing the pulling to the right, see if they'll put something on paper and then take it to PEP Boys for it to be resolved or to return some money to fix the problem elsewhere.
yoke on 03/14/2010:
Hubby took his truck to get front and back brakes today, that was until he got the estimate. They quoted him $1500. They tried to tell him the brakes were really bad and that all this other stuff needed to be done.
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Great Brake Job and a Great Price !
Posted by on
ROUND LAKE BEACH, ILLINOIS -- So my truck needed brakes something bad, so I took it to several places to get estimates, average place about $480.00 for the front brakes to be done, including new rotos-pads/shoes. I was in the Round Lake Beach IL area and there is a local Pep Boys, I decided to swing in and get an estimate. I couldn't believe the estimate it was about $260 dollars for new Rotos-pads/shoes installed out the door. So I went home and started looking over on-line forums about Pep Boys, I found one good review out of hundreds, I was very hesitant to bring my truck in to get a brake job. However, the brakes got worst and I needed to take it in, I called the store and spoke with Don, very nice guy. I was told come on in and drop your truck off anytime today, I was at the store at 9:15am and out the door at 10:30am, and my new brakes are wonderful and smooth ! ! ! I do want to say thanks to the Round Lake Beach IL Pep Boys, you got my vote and a return customer ! I had my brakes done one time by a co-workers shop, and he said he'll get me a great price, in turn Ford was going to replace Rotos and Pads, and my Co_workers price was only like 75 bucks cheaper, with grinding the rotos down, which in turn made the brakes pulsate really bad, I'll never bring it back to my co-workers shop, horrible !
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SMRP on 06/03/2010:
I'm glad to see a good review... as for your co workers shop... if they turned "ground" the rotors there should have been NO pulsations at all, we at Pep Boys also turn the rotors as long as there is enough material left. The reason we do that is because it will ALWAYS eliminate any vibration and or pulsations assuming it is dome correctly.
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Lousy service at Pep Boys and very overpriced
Posted by on
STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- Well at 1:30 on a Sunday I took my car back for warranty service on the breaks that I got just 1 month ago. At 3:00pm on Monday I still had not heard from them, so I called. First call they told me they would call me back and then never did, second call made 1/2 hour later and they had not even looked at my car yet. Back and forth phone calls and now they cannot find my keys. At 5:00pm Monday they had my car on the lift and it's now 6:39pm and I still have not heard anything from anyone. I also asked on Sunday if they park the cars in the bays at night and they said "yes" I have a high theft car and without keys I guess it sat outside all night in the huge thunderstorm that came though the same night. It's pretty bad when you tell your friends what is going on with your car and not being car mechinac's they know what it is, and Pepboys still hasn't. I know what's wrong and they don't! DON'T GO THERE! I'm going to let them keep my car for as long as it takes for someone to call me about my car, I bet I will wait a long time! Or I'm going to get in after hours and they can wonder where it went!!!!!!! HORRIABLE
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