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Pep Boys Tire Service Rip-off Scam
Posted by NoPEP on 10/30/2008
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- In April 2008 I had a flat and took my vehicle to Pep Boys to have it fixed. I was told there was a hole in the sidewall and it couldn't be fixed and must be replaced. New tire $135.00.

I was also told my remaining three tires were dangerously thin and should be replaced. I agreed. 4 tires plus balancing alignment and old tire disposal $485.00.

I instructed that the spare tire be placed back under the truck as a spare (had never been on the ground until the flat: 9-miles).

When I went to pick up the truck, I checked the spare. It was one of the worn-out tires! The new spare had been removed from the wheel and a worn-out tire mounted in it's place! So I had four new tires and a worn out spare. I demanded the new spare tire back (I knew the make and size) and had to leave for n appointment.

My wife went to get the truck. I told her to check. Sure enough, the tire had not been replaced. She called me, I called them. My wife left.

On the THIRD attempt to pick the truck up I called ahead and was told the tire had been replaced. When I arrived, it had not. So I made a bit of a scene so the waiting customers could hear as I detailed what they tried THREE TIMES! The service guy just shrugged and grunted as if he'd tried but was caught.

While I waited, they pulled the truck in and got my spare and put it on the wheel and back under the truck. They slid the keys across the counter I asked to see the guy who changed the tire and they paged him. Without warning, I asked him if he'd balanced the tire. He hadn't.
Back on the rack.

Five months later, October 2008: Flat tire. AAA swapped the spare for the flat. Back to Pep Boys. I had purchased a ROAD HAZARD WARRANTY.

The tire was not repairable. Hole in the sidewall. The odds against this are impossible!

New tire $165.00. But I have warranty! Couldn't find it in the 'new system', and didn't even try in the 'old system'. So we started over again. After remaining resolute, the warranty was found in the 'old system' and the tire was replaced for $50.00.

But when I went to get the truck, I noticed the spare was just swinging from the mounting cable under the rear of the truck! I HAD NOT BEEN WINCHED into place! It could simply fall off at highway speed! Back into the shop where the service guy tightened the spare into place and said, THAT OUGHTA HOLD IT.


Pep Boys tried to steal the brand new spare tire THREE TIMES!

Two flat tires, both with suspicious non-repairable sidewall punctures.

Couldn't find our waranty in their 'system'. Didn't look, didn't try. Tried to charge full price.

Left the job dangerously undone.

Arrogant attitude, disrespectful. Got caught, knew it, and just shrugged it off. No apology for the half-done job.

Spare tire scam. BEWARE!

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Posted by MRM on 2008-10-30:
Thank you, "NoPep" for alerting your readers of this particular store in KY. I applaud you for standing your ground when something is not right.
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Rebate Scam
Posted by Rw346 on 12/31/2012
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I went in for a set of tires. I was offered a special $129 per tire, buy 3 and get 1 tire free. I accepted the special. When my car was ready I found out that the free tire was a mail-in rebate. I felt tricked but okay I will mail it in. I paid $664.57. I went home and followed all the instructions for my mail-in rebate.

Today I received a postcard declining my rebate. They say I did not buy the road hazard. These people are a joke. Their employee told me I qualified for the rebate. Does he not know the requirements of the rebate. Furthermore, I would have bought a different product If I had known all of this. I will never spend another red cent with Pep Boys.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-31:
Rebate terms are usually stated on the application. Did the form not list this as a term/condition? The employee should have also warned you that you didn't qualify. Pep Boys is pretty much the WallsMart of the auto repair industry.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-31:
Not that I'm a fan of Pep Boys, but I am a pretty big fan of mail in rebates.

The rebate qualifications would have been outlined within the original rebate form. Before mailing said rebate, you make sure you include an original sales receipt which the retailer will normally provide. Make copies of everything required and post it at the local post office, obtaining a receipt for the mailing. This services as proof of the date the rebate was sent.

My guess is that the rebate you're referring to does outline the qualifications, including that of road hazard insurance. It sounds as if you didn't retain a copy of the rebate form to have anything to reference.

If one knows that they're less than organized, then you're wise to not utilize mail in rebates. But for those who are, rebates can be a wonderful value.

Thanks for posting.
Posted by yoke on 2013-01-01:
Since the employee stated the OP qualified for the rebate then it was up to the employee to state he also needed the road hazard insurance. Pep Boys are the biggest scam going on in auto repair.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-01-01:
I priced four Michelin tires, including the road hazard warranty at Pep Boys. "Guaranteed lowest price." Really? Costco was $230 cheaper for the same deal. They can keep their rebate.
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Great Customer Service and Good Prices
Posted by Lrandant on 07/16/2013
They have great deals such as buy 3 tires get one free and a points reward program. Great customer service and the manager was extremely helpful.
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Careless Service to Customer
Posted by Atomic0007 on 06/22/2013
VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA -- On average how long will take to repair a tire? I'm very disappointed of this store/service dept. I have been in the store multiple times and seems like they need to provide better service. All I hear is customer complaints service not been on time even when appt has been setup in advance. There is a reason you expect to get help when you need it, especially if you had an appointment.

Today 6/22/2013 I took my car in because I have a flat tire on my car and just made it to the store. I was told that I have to leave my car or wait 5 hours. Come on, I see they can do better but always so negative on customer help, they like to exaturate so they don't have to help you especially if the repair will not make any profit on flat repair since its free. They rather make you wait all day instead help you on your needs and rather fair pn the wait. Really do you need to wait 5 hours for a tire repair?

This is my second experience on same person and store. Last time I did let it pass on because just had the tire of the vehicle and was ok to just drop off and pick up the next day. But not today. It seems like they deferred service where is no profit to make.

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Posted by SBo on 2013-06-24:
Pep Boys put the wrong size cap on my oil pan after an oil change and stripped the threads so that I was leaking oil and had to replace the oil pan at a cost of over $800. Several mechanics, car dealers and garages have told me to STAY AWAY. Pep Boys hires people off the street that are not properly trained. Let the buyer beware.
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Worst Place to Go for Tires
Posted by Corey3139 on 05/23/2013
HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- I needed new tires, I decided to try Pep Boys. I was pleased in the beginning, they found the tires that I wanted, it went downhill from there. It was expensive for starters, 850 dollars for a mazda3. It took them almost 5 hours to complete the job, and once they were done and aligned it, the car completely pulled to the left. I came back, they rotated the tires, still had the problem. The next day I went to Firestone, they said the tires had a defect, so I went back to Pep Boys and I told them what Firestone said, they refused to admit that the tire had a defect. They replaced all 4 tires, I haven't had a problem until today, its been 5000 miles since I got their tires and now I need new ones. I went back to them and said they can't give me new ones, they blamed it all on me.
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Great experience
Posted by Sanders.david91 on 05/03/2013
Great service at Mechanicsburg Pep Boys. I got tires shocks and service. The maintenance manager Dwayne and his staff took good care of my car.
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Customer Service
Posted by Kwestjr on 04/28/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I went into the store on 35th ave. & cactus, there were 4 employees in the register area, no one greeted me when I came, I went to the tire area which is next to the registers, I was looking over the tires and looked at the 4 people at the registers, they were talking, no other customers in the store, now I know why. Not one person came to assist me or ask what they could help me with, when I asked for help, they said they would see if they could find someone, but no one went anywhere or called on the phone.

I left and bought 4 new tires else ware. worst customer service I can remember in a long time.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-04-28:
I agree. Pep Boys is an old company, and I hate to see what it has become, but I won't take it upon myself to help them right their ship. I have no interest in shopping at that store after visiting just twice.
Posted by Suzy on 2013-04-29:

i agree, best to give your business to someone who appreciates it, you did the right thing to leave. If I had the time to waste though, if no help was seen to be coming shortly after asking I think I would have gone back and asked again for help, a bit more insistent this time and then just stand there looking at them until someone either went to get help or came themselves, then after taking up their time decide to go elsewhere, just for the irritation value and poor customer service they provided me. Not nice I know but neither were they to ignore a customer.
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Tire service
Posted by Qrt7 on 01/10/2013
WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have Aluminum rims that can be a pain in the neck with slow leaks at the beads. The guy who changed my tires busted his butt cleaning the beads (I didn't even mention the leaks) and cleaning the mounting surfaces on the van. I expected a quick unprofessional job. (how professional can changing tires be?) The guy (Noel) impressed me. I was watching him work on the van and thought "I wonder if I should give him a tip" Then I thought "I'm gonna give him a $5) Then I thought "I'm gonna give him a ten." I tip waitresses much more for less service! Thanks Noel...

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Pep Boys Columbus Blvd - South Philly
Posted by Ebony545 on 07/06/2012
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I never do this but I have to! Needed 2 tires replaced. Watched my car sit on the lift for 4 hrs as the so called mechanics walked around and played with themselves.. I 'thought' they were busy working on other cars but apparently the longer they keep your car clocked the better for them.. I think this location hires all ex- cons and very ignorant guys anyway. Hey, I know you don't need a college degree to be a mechanic however I have a lot of respect for 'mechanics' NOT these idiots on Columbus Blvd who are extremely rude and don't even want to work.. Also make sure you take all belongings out of your car before giving it to them.. My change holder was empty when I got my car back. Disrespectful..
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-06:
It's too bad this location didn't have "mechanics [you could respect]."
Posted by ticia232 on 2012-07-06:
What time did you bring your car in? The people not working on cars may have been on their authorized lunch break.

As for the missing change I would talk to the manager, they have cameras in there for a reason.

Also, THEY DO NEED A CERTIFICATION to work on cars. No place would hire them if they didn't. Many of my husband's friends in the Army (and my husband indirectly because he worked on helicopters) found that without that they couldn't get jobs ANYWHERE!
Posted by BigAl on 2012-07-08:
I am no fan of Pep Boys. That being said, just because the OP saw "mechanics" walking around and fiddling with their "junk" does not mean that they were intentionally delaying his or her needed service. Not everyone at a place like this changes tires. Tire changing is usually done by an employee who is hired and trained to do this. That employee may have been busy. The OP is right about a college education is not needed to be a mechanic but a "mechanic" is a highly trained person in his field. Trust me if your car is broke down you won't be looking for a college grad, who probably won't have an inkling of what is wrong with your car, you will be looking for a "mechanic"
Posted by crabby on 2012-09-10:

Are you aware that a fair number of community colleges offer an Associate's degree in Automotive Mechanics Technology? These two year college curriculum in the technologies are very rigorous. As far as your claim that an automotive mechanic doesn't need a college degree, I have personally seen some of the automotive repair disasters created by more than one of the non-college educated mechanic types.
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Posted by Danasj on 06/06/2012
AUSTELL, GEORGIA -- Pep Boys advertises the best tire prices in town. I had to purchase one from them due to a nail in my sidewall. They quoted a basic price of $196, which did NOT include the rebuilding of the TPM (tire pressure monitor).
In addition they did not have the tire in stock.

I then went to Discount Tire, who quoted me a basic price of $140 for a similar tire, which INCLUDED the rebuilding of the TPM. They also had that tire and 3 other tires for my vehicle in stock. Needless to say, they do not have the best prices in town.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-07:
Good thing you were smart enough to shop around. Thanks for the review!
Posted by Razzel on 2012-06-07:
Rebuilding pressure sensors is a new money making scam that is spreading. Check with your dealers service dept. and hope that they are honest. Sensors go for years.
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