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Biggest fraud ever! "Pep Boys @ cobb pkwy marietta ga
Posted by Romi on 06/04/2009
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- March/April 2009, I was out of town and my wife took our Nissan Quest to Pep Boys to have the wind shield wipers fixed. They kept the van for the whole day. at night when she picked up the van they charged her $257 for replacing the wiper
motor but to her surprise the wiper blades were still not moving. My wife can not speak very good English but she did try to tell them that the wipers are not working. Their response was very rude they told her they did the best they
could and if she does not pay them $275 immediately, she will not be to get her van back. She paid the money. It was dark, so couldn't inspect the van
at that time. next morning when she was about to drive, she found a little crack on the windshield which was very close to the place where the wiper motor is located. She took the van to another mechanic and he told her that the problem was not the windshield wiper motor but it was an electrical circuit, he fixed the problem in less than 30 minutes!

Lesson to learn:- Never ever take your vehicle to Pep Boys=Rip off Boys! they are the biggest thieves and liars.
PS--- This review is about the Pepboys on Cobb PKWY Marietta GA not
the pepboys on Austell Rd.(apologize for the typo)
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Shop Supplies Charge?
Posted by Uniform Burrito on 03/01/2009
DEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- So I just had my vehicle repaired by Pep Boys out here in MA. They put on a muffler (per my request, the old one was rotted through in several spots) and also changed the oil per my request and repaired a transmission leak from previous work they had done, but was out of warranty ( I waited almost two years to say something).

I didn't have any problems with the work that was done. I used to be the service manager there, so I had their best technician work on the vehicle, the pricing is where the problem is. They charged me $20 to look at the car, but really they were only looking at the muffler. So I basically paid $20 for them to walk back three feet while the car was already in the air and for them to tell me I needed a muffler after I already told them. After this "vehicle inspection", I didn't even receive a copy of the mechanic's checklist that they fill out, even though there are two copies and one is supposed to go to the customer.

The best part, however, is the shop supplies charge. Almost $30 for what amounts to 3 sheets of paper and a floor mat that was probably never even put in my car. My washer fluid was full, but even if they filled that up, they charge less than 2 bucks for a full bottle.

Beware of the Boys! They will try to nickel and dime you to make to their sales goals!
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Posted by Starlord on 2009-03-01:
Every place that services cars nowadays charges for shop supplies. As a former empoyee there, I am surprised you are not aware of the supplies they use and ate the cost of for years. They have all begun charging for all the little nickle and dime expenses that used to be absorbed by the shop. I agree that $30 is out of line. When we had tires put on our truck and had the oil changed, we got an $8.00 shop supplies fee and $2.00 per tire for disposal. Get used to it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-01:
Right now I'm looking at an auto repair bill from two weeks ago for brakes, oil change and an alignment and no where on the bill is a charge for shop supplies. So, I'm here to tell you that not every place nowadays charges for shop supplies.

Yes, I agree, sounds like they're trying to nickle and dime you... How silly. Do the smart thing and take your business elsewhere preferably to a locally owned and operated shop who will appreciate your business. Good Review!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-03-01:
A charge for shop supplies has been around for many years. I do think $30 is quite excessive. As far as the $20 charge "to look at the muffler" you should charge them a $25 consultation fee since you told them about the muffler beforehand. After all, everyone knows consultants are paid more than people that actually do work.
Posted by Uniform Burrito on 2009-03-01:
Yes, Starlord, being a former employee myself, I know that there are charges for shop supplies. I also know that the four pieces of paper I received are not $30. If you know the cost of something and are willing to pay a 3000% mark up, go ahead. The argument isn't that there is a charge, rather that the charge is so high. Nothing is free, of course, but this is ridiculous. Even more so knowing that it used to be 6% up to $15, and wait, the stock price is down? How do we make easy money? I know, raise the shop supply charge up to 8% up to $35!

The only reasons I still go there is because the Master Technician there does excellent work and is the only one I really trust to work on my car. The other is that I am in the Army and was put on active duty orders, so I still get my employee discount. If that wasn't the case, I would gladly take my business elsewhere. Just wanted everyone to be aware and take a closer look at their bill during these tough economic times.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-01:
UB, good review and good information to know, especially for those of us that aren't car savvy and wouldn't necessarily think to ask if there will be any shop supply charges added to the bill.
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Buyer Beware!
Posted by Dub-Ya on 09/20/2008
GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND -- I specifically asked a Pep Boys (Fredrick Road, Germantown, Maryland) service technician for a replacement gas cap for my 2004 Jeep Wrangler. The service technician looked up part number and gave me a gas cap. It did not fit. When I tried to return it, the service technician said "too bad". I bought the correct gas cap later.

I'm out 8 bucks for a useless (to me) gas cap; they are out one good customer.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-20:
I can't imagine why they won't take it back IF you still have your receipt. Try taking it back to a different Pep Boys or sell it on EBAY.
Posted by BobJohn on 2008-09-22:
You couldn't return it? Was it damaged.
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Good Service at a Fair Price!
Posted by Nhcoin on 03/12/2014
MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I went in to repair/replace my Brake rotors and pads as they were shuddering something awful. They confirmed that my rotors were warped and that the pads needed replacing. After driving over 50 years (this isn't my first rodeo!) I know about the bait and switch many of these service facilities use. No sales pressure here I picked the parts they quoted me the price and I authorized the repair. When I asked them how long it would take they said an hour to an hour and a half. 55 minutes later I got a text message from the PEP Boys computer telling me my car was ready. When I walked up to the counter they were printing out the service statement. I handed them the 15% off coupon (saved $31.50) that I printed at home before I made my online appointment. I also signed up for their PEP Boys rewards card and I now have a credit for $15.00 off my next purchase or service. Overall a very efficient and courteous experience.
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Excellent Customer Service
Posted by Corneliabynum15.cb on 02/04/2014
Tyrone Greene has excellent customer service skills. He greats his customer with a smile make sure that they finds everything they need before leaving the store. He show that he care about his customers. Nice job Mr. Greene I enjoy visiting your store.
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State Inspection and Repairs Lied to and Ripped Off
Posted by Robert9miche on 01/11/2014
ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went in for a safety inspection, and was told a bunch of things were wrong. We negotiated and got the price to 520 dollars for repairs necessary to pass inspection. I specifically told them not to do anything if it was going to cost more than that.

They did the repairs and then failed the car unless I came up with another 500.dollars because my 17 year old car leaks a little oil which has nothing to do with a safety inspection and everything to do with get them more money.
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They Are a Rip Off and Not Up Front About Extra Charges for No Reason
Posted by Ktornese on 12/30/2013
COLLEGEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to have brake lights checked, said brake light wire was installed wrong wire was sitting on disc brakes became burnt and caused light to stay on. They additionally found over $1000 in repairs on my daughter newly purchased 2006 Jeep Liberty that we only drove $1400 miles since purchasing it. Went back to the dealer since some of this was dangerous and should have been noticed during inspection and before the sales of the car. The dealer which was a GMC Buick dealer was charging half of what Pep boys was charging, not giving us a deal, that was their rate to repair the car. I explained that the manager of Auto repairs and owners son was going to come up with a deal for us to repair the car. So they did, we are paying a third of what Pep boys was charging. They charge a shop fee, which is to use tools to repair your car. If they have to do three different repairs than the charge could be as high as $40 extra for this stupid charge. They won't tell you this and their repair hourly rate is $109 per hour plus tax and shop fee. They are a rip off go somewhere else, they will find more repairs to hike up the bill as they did with me as well. You will pay for employees, retail business rent and whatever else, why would you?I'm a Marketing Manager I know what extra fee are and why corporate business filters fees and passes them off to the consumer.
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Appointments Are a Waste of Time.
Posted by Sbapgar on 12/27/2013
PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- All I needed was a simple oil change. I made an online appointment for 11:00am and arrived 5 minutes before. Waited 20 minutes in line while others tried to resolve their problems and finally spoke to somebody at 11:15. I was told at that point that it would take 90 min. to complete. I asked what do long and was told it was because of the tire rotation which takes an hour (bull).This is part if the basic oil change package and online appointments are scheduled at 60min. intervals....I thought this to be excessive. I decided to try it anyhow, but after an hour my car was still sitting in the lot and I gave up, got my key and left.
Terrible management at this place and even worse customer rapport. They actually asked me if I wanted to reschedule. I'll never go back. Appointments are a total waste of time.
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Oil Change Overcharge
Posted by Grahamweg on 11/14/2013
RIVERDALE, UTAH -- After retrieving a Pep Boys Coupon for a $20 oil change off the internet, I took my car in and showed them my Coupon. The sales person asked if I wanted to purchase a mileage improver package for an additional $10. I agreed and when I went to pay they charged me $46 which should have been $32 with tax. They did replace a fuel filter but did not ask me for permission to do so. I hate bait and switch tactics and will never go back to Pep Boys. Too bad they will screw over a customer once to make a few extra dollars and lose a customer forever.
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The Worst Customer Service Because He Was About to Be on Break
Posted by Dalila.mascorro on 11/06/2013
I was requesting help on a part I need, and they only had one so I ask if I could get one more and the person in charge said" well don't you know that I'm about to take my lunch break, I guess I'll never be able to eat". That made me so mad because he kept ignoring me so I could go away. Bottom line if you don't want to deal with customers go work at a zoo. .. .
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-07:
A lot of retail stores have pretty strict rules about employees clocking out for lunch, if they don't clock out after X number of hours the store can be fined for violating labor laws. That could be what happened here. When I worked retail, it was no joke, you could be written up and/or terminated for not take scheduled breaks exactly when you were supposed to take them.

He could've explained himself in a more polite way though.
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