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Ordering A Part
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- On May 23, 2008, we went to Pep Boys located on Sahara Ave in Las Vegas NV (store # 0688) to order a fan motor for our car. We TOOK THE PART WITH US that we needed, so there would be no mistakes. We were told that it would be in the following day at 2p.m. Went up there on the 24th to pick up the part and IT WAS THE WRONG PART. Then got the store manager involved and got the correct part ordered, so we thought! Now it is June 2, 2008 and I still have no D**N part. It has not even been ordered. After NUMEROUS phone calls up there, we are getting no where. We phoned on Wednesday and was told it would be there on Monday...(today 6/2/08), and then again we phoned on Friday to make sure that everything was going as planned.

On Friday we were told that because we had only made a partial payment (because we paid for the 1st part that was ordered in full) then they could not order it until we paid the remaining balance, although on the 24th when ordering the correct part with the store manager, we were told that we could pay the remaining balance of $43 when we picked the part up. So, again, on Friday we had the store manager get on the phone and the part was guaranteed to be there on June 4, 2008, with $25 deducted from the remaining balance. So, here these a**holes have $73 of our money already, for the part they they ordered the 1st time and it was the WRONG part, although they had the part right in front of them so that wouldn't happen.

We called up there this morning (6/2/08) because on Friday the store manager stated that he would call us first thing this morning and let us know when the part would be phone call, so we ended up calling, and low and behold the manager didn't come to work today! NOT F**KING SURPRISED. And, the person we did speak to, let us know that the part has not been ordered yet. So, explain to me how it takes 3-5 days to get the part that we need shipped to the store, and it is guaranteed to be there Wednesday and it is Monday and the part has not even been ordered yet! I guess that incompetence is what it takes to work at Pep Boys, and I will NEVER step back in that store, if it is the last f**king auto parts store on the face of the earth.

Also tried to call the corporate office, and couldn't get through, they kept reconnecting me to the Customer Service Hotline, to employees that can not even speak English, tried the CEO of the company Lawrence N Stevens, and he is not reachable either. Not surprised at although. Apparently no one at this company knows what customer service is and doesn't even care, as long as they keep making the big bucks. So screw Pep Boys. They'll never get another penny of my money!
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False information and billing practices
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KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- On Saturday March 15,2008 the power steering on my wife’s 1998 Buick LeSabre stopped working about 4:30 pm.
When I got to her place of employment I found the car to be somewhat drivable and moved it about a quarter of mile to PEPBOYS store #151 located at 106 Market place Blvd. Knoxville, TN. 37922

On Sunday morning March 16, 2008 I went to PEPBOYS service explained the situation to them and asked if they could look at it and determine what was needed to repair it.

JOE a service writer/counterman said they would check it. He called me and said that the (3) bolts that hold the power steering pump in place had broken off in the block and they would have to remove some steering assembly to remove the broken bolts and repair the problem. He also at the time advised me that to removed the steering assembly would cost $139.50, that the drive belt tensioner was bad and that it would cost about $150.00 and may have caused the problem and a new belt (no price given but actually cost about $65.00) would be needed. And the total price would be $937.00.

I asked JOE why would it cost over $400.00 just to remove the (3) broken bolts and he then advised me there were only (2) two bolts that held the pump in place but it would still cost $400.00 to remove them. He later informed me that one of the bolt mounts had broken off and would need to be welded and that he knew someone who would be back on Monday March 17, 2008 in the late afternoon who could give an estimate as to whether it could be fixed or not and how much it would cost. I then advised him not to do any repairs, as it would cost more than the car was worth and I would need to see about towing it home. He said they would reassemble it and see if it worked OK by just replacing the bolts.

He advised me later that they had driven the car for about a half an hour and it would be safe to drive home and would not have to be towed. When I called him March 18, 2008 at 7:45am I was advised JOE was not in at the time but would be in later about 8:00 o’clock. I called back about 8:15am and JOE told me they had again driven the car and it was working safely and could be driven but they did not know how long the repair would hold.

When I arrived about 9:00 I noticed that when I dropped the car off and THEY entered on the paper work that the mileage on the car was 72993 prior to any work being done. When I went to pick it up after the above reported test-drives the mileage was 72994. Unless they drove the car around backwards for half an hour the mileage should have changed more than 1 mile. He advised they had driven it again between the time I called and the time it took me to drive the 3 miles to the store from my house, yet the temperature gauge indicated completely cold (The temperature gauge worked perfectly on the way home and prior to taking it there).

When I went to pick up the car there was a charge on the bill for Preventive Maintenance for $15.99 I asked why is there a PM charge on a repair ticket that stated a particular problem, the Service Manager (BILL I believe to be his name) who became quite surly when I inquired about the charge and would not discuss any thing about the discrepancies or the misleading information, removed the PM charge immediately. He advised JOE not to discuss the bill and took the bill to the cash register and told JOE the amount to have me pay. The final bill came to $390.07 for removing the broken bolts and the steering assembly removal and replacement. JOE advised me when I first inquired about the $937.00 that the labor rate was $89.00 per hour but the bill which I paid and have a copy of list a labor rate of $93.00 per hour to remove the steering assembly and a labor rate of $95.00 per hour to remove the broken bolts. Why are there three different hourly labor rates? It was not like that in the Las Vegas facility at any time in five years I used them for services.

I paid the bill and went to the PEPBOYS store manager and advised him of what had taken place and showed him the discrepancies and advised him that the service manager would not talk or discuss why there were so many different stories given to me about an auto repair problem. I advised the store manager and JOE the service writer that I would report this to the Zone and Regional managers and to PEPBOYS corporate offices as this type of customer service is not what I received in Las Vegas, NV. the 5 previous years that I used only the PEPBOYS facility for auto service (Tires, Batteries, Alignments, Brakes, Struts) on both of my vehicles before moving to Knoxville, TN. in December of 2007.

I advised them that I would report the attitude and misinformation all the way to the corporate level and if I received no satisfactory response I would make this information available to all of the local media outlets I do have access with and to state and national organizations as well internet sites dealing with automobile repair facilities.

Ron Dove
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/20/2008:
So we are basically talking about a six dollar per hour difference (89/hr vs 95/hr) on what appears to be about a four hour job? I'm not sure if the Knoxville media will be that worked up over a $24 story, but I guess it's worth a try.

leesah on 09/12/2008:
I live here in chicago, I called around to different pep boy locations just to see if I was going to get the same quote on labor. I need an oil sending swithch for my 2000 dodge intrepid I called about 10 different Pep Boys stores each one gave me a different quote on the same job only one gave me a different price on the part Pep Boys are doing price gauging they are charging people more than what they are really surpose to. the cheaper of all was 47.50 and the highest was 105.79 the part was 7.99 and only one tried to charge me 11.99 for the part. Pep Boys is a rip off. nothing but liars and rip off work their.
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Don't want to do business with them
Posted by on
08807, NEW JERSEY -- Hello. To whom It may concern and Mr Todd Store manager 1014

I was in your store Pep Boys in the location below, on Friday evening 8.30-8.45pm 02/15/2008 purchasing Some Custom parts like Crome beading (Body-Side Mouldings Moldings)for my car doors and bumpers.

Tel: 732-560-9559

First of all I picked 2 of the items, Crome Door Beading which was found on a shelf carrying the same item with different thickness but the price was marked as $15.99 (remember that was the only price on that row for that item by the same company, none of the other items had a price tag) Also I picked a 3rd beading with rubber in the middle priced $16.99. My plan was to use the first two beadings on the front and back bumpers and the third one for the door center.

I walked over to the register they wear ringing out to be 18.99 each for the first 2 sets and 19.99 for the third. I told the cashier they were not priced that way. He page another associate he walked over to that section with me and verified I was correct. So I went back to the register to pay. He paged another person MR Luis to match the price. Mr Luis also wanted me to walk with him to show him the price which I did This was second time. Even though he saw there was only one price tag priced 15.99 and 16.99 he was not willing to match the price he was arguing it was the price for that item only the others are not on sale, I found this funny because the item marked 15.99 and the item I was carrying was in fact the same manufacture and same product. I told him at least to show me any price tag in that area which says 18.99 and 19.99 which he failed to show me.

He told me he is not going to match the price and nothing is going to make him if I want I can complaint to whoever I Want. I told him to gave me the store number he said he don't have them and told me to walk upfront to the casher and ask him, I did walked back to the casher and got the number and store managers name MR Todd. People like Mr Luis makes your shop on my list not to go in there. You know I can find these products much cheaper online. I thought about running a weekend project that's why I went to your store. I am a business man I don't have time to call MR Todd for $9.00 issues during store or his available times, I have better things to do. but the reason I filed this complaint is as a warning to you and your company's future with hiring people who doesn't know the common courtesy to a customer.

If the price was admitted to be wrong by your first associate or MR Luis apologizes for the misunderstanding instead of arguing I would have never minded the 9 dollar difference Because of Mr Luis Bad behavior you lost a sale worth $60.00 and more, my purchase was not a necessary purchase it, So I thought why put up with this guy I will go to Sears or Walmart or any online stores and can push my weekend project to another week.

I didn't provide you with my number since I don't pass them out you can email me

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Prices and quality
Posted by on
SALISBURY MARYLAND AND ALL OTHERS, MARYLAND -- Before taking your car for ANY type of service, PLEASE call the service dept for an estimate of repairs. Then call several other places. Shop around. Reason being, Pep Boys recently jacked up their labor rate to 83.00 per hour!!!!!!!
In my area, not only is this high, but it's nowhere near comparable to even the dealer! The dealers here, as well as everywhere else is $65.00 per hour.
A timing belt installation through Pep Boys is $50.00 MORE and comes with a 6 month labor warranty.
The same repair at the DEALER (with dealer parts and certified techs liscensed to work on YOUR car) is $50 less, and has a 1 YEAR warranty!
Furthermore you never know what kind of quality you're going to get. You can take you car for engine work and have a MECHANIC with 6 months experience. You can go back the next day and get a certified TECHNICIAN with 15 years experience.

More helpful advice if you have NO OTHER PLACE TO GO (like maybe you breakdown on a Sunday, out of town). Pep Boys marks their parts up as much as 40% at the service side. So to prevent getting raped on prices, simply go to the retail side, have a parts person look up the parts you need. Purchase the parts at the register and put the newly purchased parts in the TRUNK of your car. NOW go to service, and let them know you already have the parts, you just need them installed. You just saved yourself A LOT of cash.
Same thing goes if they tell you they have to "out purchase" from another parts store (like NAPA or AUTOZONE). Tell them no thanks, you'll come back with the part. "Out Purchase" literally means the associate at the counter can mark up the price to WHATEVER THEY WANT. The higher the markup, the BETTER they look to corporate!!!!
I've read a lot of other reviews about unhappy customers not getting their money back. I worked at Pep Boys (not proud) for 7 years. THEY WILL ALWAYS GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK if you stand your ground. I've put engines in cars because the customer drove their car 50miles overheating in excess of 260 degrees (we put a radiator hose on 1 FULL YEAR prior). All you have to do is stay respectful, DO NOT CUSS (you'll just get thrown out), and politely tell them you'll just call 1-800-PEPBOYS. That's usually all you need to say to get a FULL refund. Simply put, the store manager does not want to deal with the paper work, poor customer satisfaction rating, and being yelled at by corporate big wigs. IF YOU DO have to call, it's usually settled over the phone from there. Just DO NOT leave the store. Let them watch you make the call, or better yet, ask to use THEIRS. Again, YOU WILL ALWAYS get whatever you want.
All in all I would say avoid the store completely, they have nothing positive to offer you. Even the parts sold are bottom shelf, VERY poor quality parts. 50% of all starters and alternators installed at Pepboys are defective right out of the box.
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User Replies:
ThinLazyAmerican on 09/15/2007:
I believe everything said here and I intend to try to get my money back on some crap I recently purchased from Pep Boys. Thanks for the information!
moneybags on 09/17/2007:
Good info. Haven't shopped Pepboys in about 13-14 years. Why? They turned me over for a bounced check that had cleared the bank. Had to send copies, etc. to collection agency to get it straightened out as Pepboys admitted error but would provide no documentation.
miller6521 on 11/27/2007:
ya and if you worked at Pep Boys for 7 yrs you would also know that they beat anyones price by 5 percent. all you have to do is show them an estimate from somewhere elst and they have to do it for 5 percent less. and I don't know where you are at but most of the dealer labor rates around pittsburgh are in the 90 dolar an hour and up
beatupchevy on 12/16/2007:
Honestly, who is going to take the time to get an estimate or estimates from other places and take them there? Maybe someone who has no life. I'm from Oklahoma and PepBoys here charges $85.00 an hour and most dealers at most charge $70.00 dollars an hour. They are a rip off.
Anonymous on 12/16/2007:
I advocate getting written estimates first then comparing for value. You got to do some legwork here.
Virgo Shiman on 01/19/2014:
Thank you very much for this information. I was just charged an exorbitant and arbitrary amount of money at Pep Boys for replacing my brakes. I will definitely inquire with customer relations ASAP. I found what they did to me simply abusive.
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Phony Repair
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Asked the Pep Boys technician manager to check my electrical system. The car was hesitating to start. They did their electrical systems check with their fancy machine and came back with "your battery is fine . . . your starter is fine .... oh, but you need a new alternator." Then with a smile on their face they show the labor as $353 and watch me gasp. With faux kindness in their hairy little hearts that adjusted the labor down to $250. I said I would think about it. They said "Oh no, you can't drive the car, it will stop on you and cost more money to fix".

I drove to my trusted mechanic who told me that the car DID NOT HAVE ANY ISSUE. I didn't tell him that I had gone to Pep Boys scam repair.

I can read people well and the look that manager at Pep Boys gave me at the start was that of scammer. Check out all the rest of the Pep Boys rip offs online.
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Weedwhacked on 06/27/2014:
The car didn't have an issue? Why was hesitating to start?
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Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
PINEBROOK, NEW JERSEY -- I took my truck to Wigder Chevy in Livingston for a brake fluid flush. They said they couldn't flush them because my brake lines are rusted & would burst if flushed. They suggested changing all the rusted brake lines for $2200.00 . I went to your Pep boys store in Pine brook store ID # 1616 service work order 2009963 and they said if they aren't leaking the flush wouldn't cause a leak. Sean White assured me I was being taken. They are really honest and did the brake fluid, radiator, power steering fluids flushed, check my belts hoses and all was fine I highly recommend this team way to go . Happy in Whippany NJ.
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Good Service at a Fair Price!
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I went in to repair/replace my Brake rotors and pads as they were shuddering something awful. They confirmed that my rotors were warped and that the pads needed replacing. After driving over 50 years (this isn't my first rodeo!) I know about the bait and switch many of these service facilities use. No sales pressure here I picked the parts they quoted me the price and I authorized the repair. When I asked them how long it would take they said an hour to an hour and a half. 55 minutes later I got a text message from the PEP Boys computer telling me my car was ready. When I walked up to the counter they were printing out the service statement. I handed them the 15% off coupon (saved $31.50) that I printed at home before I made my online appointment. I also signed up for their PEP Boys rewards card and I now have a credit for $15.00 off my next purchase or service. Overall a very efficient and courteous experience.
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Auto Repair RipOff Artists
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- Went in for a flat tire repair. His price varied from on the phone. Service Rep had this gimmick where he said he could get me the tire plug for free as he was telling me about other things like an air filter. That was just a teaser apparently. He and his mech then pointed out I may need a new PVC valve. I was pretty stupid and fell for it, as I was in a hurry and did not want to look into it more closely. Charged me $5 for the valve and $129.99 for the installation of it, which only took a few minutes (but he said it would take over an hour). Later on, an Auto Parts store guy told me he had people put them in all the time in just a few minutes.

I could tell afterwards that the Pep Boys guy has finely honed these tricks and pitches... con-artists...avoid this business.
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They Are a Rip Off and Not Up Front About Extra Charges for No Reason
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLLEGEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to have brake lights checked, said brake light wire was installed wrong wire was sitting on disc brakes became burnt and caused light to stay on. They additionally found over $1000 in repairs on my daughter newly purchased 2006 Jeep Liberty that we only drove $1400 miles since purchasing it. Went back to the dealer since some of this was dangerous and should have been noticed during inspection and before the sales of the car. The dealer which was a GMC Buick dealer was charging half of what Pep boys was charging, not giving us a deal, that was their rate to repair the car. I explained that the manager of Auto repairs and owners son was going to come up with a deal for us to repair the car. So they did, we are paying a third of what Pep boys was charging. They charge a shop fee, which is to use tools to repair your car. If they have to do three different repairs than the charge could be as high as $40 extra for this stupid charge. They won't tell you this and their repair hourly rate is $109 per hour plus tax and shop fee. They are a rip off go somewhere else, they will find more repairs to hike up the bill as they did with me as well. You will pay for employees, retail business rent and whatever else, why would you?I'm a Marketing Manager I know what extra fee are and why corporate business filters fees and passes them off to the consumer.
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Appointments Are a Waste of Time.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- All I needed was a simple oil change. I made an online appointment for 11:00am and arrived 5 minutes before. Waited 20 minutes in line while others tried to resolve their problems and finally spoke to somebody at 11:15. I was told at that point that it would take 90 min. to complete. I asked what do long and was told it was because of the tire rotation which takes an hour (bull).This is part if the basic oil change package and online appointments are scheduled at 60min. intervals....I thought this to be excessive. I decided to try it anyhow, but after an hour my car was still sitting in the lot and I gave up, got my key and left.
Terrible management at this place and even worse customer rapport. They actually asked me if I wanted to reschedule. I'll never go back. Appointments are a total waste of time.
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