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blue spots on clothing
Posted by Roachmom on 04/12/2005
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I have always used tide. Lately, the last year or so, I have been getting blue spots on my clothes sometimes. I first thought it was dye from some other article of clothing, now I suspect it is tide. When I really started noticing this,it was spotting where there may have been another stain, koolaid, or dirt. I wrote to tide and they said it was not their problem and maybe I was not washing clothes right. Well I have been washing clothes for 27 years. I think Id know. Any-hoo, others on the tide website also complained their clothes were staining too. Still tide denied it was their soap. Longer story short, I switched to gain He, no longer got stains. Then when tide was on sale, I bought a jug, after a few months, and guess what? I have tiny blue stains. I do not think that is a coincidence. I will stop using tide and stick with gain, gain also makes the laundry smell great.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-12:
I agree...Go Gain! Do you have an opinion buz?
Posted by tander on 2005-04-12:
Tide is over-priced anyways
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-12:
Overrated too. What's for dinner , Tandy?
Posted by squeekie on 2006-03-06:
I use Gain. Love it, swear by it. Its way more affordable than tide.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2009-08-27:
I use whatever's on sale to wash my clothes. I am using Arm & Hammer right now. Tide has always been more expensive than other detergents. Ironically, the OP lives in P&G's home town...Cincinnati.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-27:
I use gain detergent and the fabric softener. Clothes get clean and to me they smell better than using Tide and Downey. Uh oh...we're commenting on a three year old post. >:-)
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Offensive ad for Luvs diapers
Posted by Camiinak3 on 08/12/2011
The ad airing for Luvs diapers involving a toddler poop off is offensive and disgusting. I leave the room or change channels when it comes on. I hesitate to buy any of their brand name items now because I keep seeing that revolting commercial associated with their brand.
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Posted by Vinnie11 on 2011-08-12:
Back in the 90s they had a bad ad about a kid's leaky diaper in a shopping cart. It was a huge turn-off. Blech! I see they're still at it.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-08-12:
i agree, the ad does seem to go to far on the side of disgusting!

we all know babies do that, but really!

very helpful review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-12:
I haven't seen this commercial
Posted by hi on 2011-08-13:
If you don’t like the commercial just turn it off. People are getting way to upset over things that just don’t matter this day and age. It is COMMERICAL. Not the national debt.
Posted by jan on 2013-03-12:
The breastfeeding commercial does not have any modesty. I think the mother is being a bit selfish and she should in a more private area to breastfeed her child, because she is revealing way too much. That poor waiter...if it were me, I would have not been that nice. Call me a prude, but I am what I am and am not ashamed or sorry for how I feel. Period, end of story.
Posted by Lynne on 2013-03-16:
I find the breastfeeding commercial offensive. Yes, it is natural for a mother to breastfeed, but on TV, it is just way too much. I am sick of seeing things on TV that should be private or at least not on TV commercials for all eyes to see. I will no longer buy the product for my twins. This is my way of showing Luvs how I feel about their commercial - Please support me....
Posted by Marie on 2013-03-30:
I advise all who are offended by this commercial to please NOT BUY Luvs diapers! I found it offensive, and yes, I did breastfeed my kids. I did it modestly...as not to offend anyone else. This commercial was disgusting....I will NEVER buy luvs products again!
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Mother Daughter Green Blouse Commercial
Posted by StanS on 09/16/2010
Your Mother daughter commercial where the mother lies to her daughter about having worn the daughter's blouse says volumes about the character and honor of your company.

Today's business world may be a life and death struggle for survival, but Character still counts. This ad is disgusting.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
I think the ad campaign is cute and very creative.
It is very common for Mothers and Daughters to "share" clothes albeit knowingly or not.

Cougars rock!
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-09-16:
Didn't someone complain about this commercial awhile ago?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
You know...some things on tv don't have hidden meanings or agendas. Sometimes they are just what they are. Look at the small picture. Nothing wrong with the commerical. Thank you for voicing your opinion.
Posted by momsey on 2010-09-16:
StanS, have you never lied to anyone about anything???
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
yeah big deal. Ive seen that commercial before. I think its cute too, the mother wearing the daughter's clothes. She didn't want her daugher knowing she wore her clothes. Jeeze. Lighen up a little.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-16:
Oh, no.. not again.

I'll say the same thing I said on the other review. Maybe the mom buys all her daughter's clothes and launders them too. The least she should get back is the option of borrowing something once in a while. There could even be an understanding between mother and daughter about sharing clothes. I think the mom was trying to hide the fact that she stained the blouse, not so much that she borrowed it.

I've seen a lot of disgusting things, but this commercial is not one of them.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-09-16:
now if she was borrowing underpants ... that would be a bit disgusting
but a blouse?

hell ... she fits into her daughter's blouse... that's pretty cool :)
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-16:
Pepper, that was actually my first reaction to the commercial. She fits into her daughter's blouse! Yay for mom!

My daughter is so tiny. I was always envious of her wardrobe. If I fit into anything, believe me I'd be borrowing it too!
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-09-16:
I borrow stuff from my mom all the time. I don't have any classy clothes but she has a ton of it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
Wasn't there another complaint recently about this commercial? Its a cute commercial. And there's another commercial similar to this about a girl borrowing her roommates shirt without telling her. Nobody complained about that one
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-17:
I don't see anything wrong with that commercial, other then that's one hideous looking blouse. Mothers and daughters share clothing all the time, and may or may not tell the other one when they are borrowing something.
Posted by cjhbtv on 2010-10-05:
I'm sorry for all of you that think this commercial was cute. I was very disappointed to see a Mother lying to her daughter and the daughter pretending that she didn't know. It seems to be saying that lying is O.K. Tide has always been a favorite of mine, but now I don't know how I feel about your product or your company.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-10-05:
cjhbtv, you would actually let that commercial stop you from using your favorite laundry detergent? Do you think that all the people involved in bringing Tide to the market and into your home are one hundred percent honest? I think you are holding people to a standard that no one can possibly live up to. The commercial is trying to make the point that Tide works so well, the daughter never even knew the mom stained the blouse. Those are just actors reading their lines for a commercial to get people to buy Tide. It's not a reality show.

Your feelings are your own and no one can take them away, but you might want to reconsider your reasoning. What will it prove if you stop buying Tide?
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-10-05:
"I''m sorry for all of you that think this commercial was cute."

I'm sorry that you feel the need to pity those of us who don't feel the same way as you. Hell if my mom wanted to borrow something of mine I'd let her. She's Mom.

Then again I never get that worked up over any commercial. So if you want to feel sorry for me over that... um. OK?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-10-05:
So,Stan & cjh, do you also "boycott" movies and shows where actors lie? No difference, it's a couple of actor's acting, has nothing to do with real life.
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Big Blue Spots on Tide Washed Clothing
Posted by Rinky dink on 05/29/2010
I don't usually buy Tide, although I always liked it because it cleaned so well, it was more expensive. So, when it was on sale, I bought some. For some reason the product inside the bottle is BLUE. I don't remember Tide being blue, think it was a clear color.
I have always poured the detergent in while the washer was filling. However, it seems that Tide contains a dye and it stains my clothing. It looks like whereever it touches on dry clothes as the washer is filling it just attaches like a regular stain.
Now, I am NEVER going to use Tide again. I see others have problems as well. I am going back to the cheap stuff and a clear detergent that has no added color in the liquid they merchandise.
I wonder if they are buying it from China nowadays, like everyone else?!!!
Thanks, hope this helps others.

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Posted by Mrs. V on 2010-05-30:
If you like Tide, try the Tide in powder form (big red box). I add this straight to the washer when it's filling and haven't had any problems ^_^
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-05-30:
Mrs. V, I didn't know one could purchase Tide in the big box in powder form anymore. I've always used Tide in the past but have used other brands if on sale and with a big difference in price. Rinky Dink do you by any chance add a fabric softener during the rinse cycle? The ones I've used are blue, Downey primarily, and will leave a blue spot if poured directly in the washer during the rinse cycle and happen to hit a particular item.
Posted by Skye on 2010-05-30:
OP, I use coldwater Tide, and never have that problem with those pesky blue spots. Plus, it saves you money and I think does a better job at washing and cleaning the clothes.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2010-05-30:
I use Bounce Sheets in the dryer (love the smell!).
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-05-30:
Gain is green and I've never had an issue with green spots. Are you absolutely sure you didn't get any fabric softener on the clothes while pouring it into the dispenser? I've had some softeners prematurely contact my clothes only to stain them...
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-05-30:
Good information and feedback. I don't use Tide because it's too expensive, and we don't have much heavily soiled laundry. But if you like the way Tide cleans, maybe you could get the one for sensitive skin. It's probably clear. I really don't understand the reason for the coloring. It doesn't serve any purpose, does it?
Posted by BD on 2013-09-26:
Wow! my wife thought I was nuts
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Disposable Diapers
Posted by Eileendon on 08/04/2013
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- On the package of disposable diapers you have printed directions on how to dispose of solid waste. However, every mother I know, including my daughters, do not follow the directions which state to flush a portion of the used diaper in the toilet. Instead, they wrap the diaper, with the solid waste still inside, use the tabs to secure and put them in the garbage. This has been a pet peeve of mine as it is very unsanitary and just shows how lazy these mothers/fathers are these days.

Isn't there a way your company can insure that the diaper waste can be properly disposed of?
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-08-04:
Unless each box of pampers starts including a live person to hit the parent over the head when they don't do that, probably not.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-04:
You really expect people to actually read directions? You will also be glad to know you are paying for an awful lot of these diapers via your taxes.
Posted by CU on 2013-08-04:
If you can't get your own daughters to do it right, how do you expect P and G to get the rest of the world to do it?
Posted by Eileen on 2013-08-09:
I make suggestions to my GROWN daughters and what they do from there is their choice. I know of many, many women/men in many, many professions that do this. I personally think it's the height of laziness and very unsanitary - atmosphere for e-coli and attracts rats in landfills. As for P and G helping, commercials are a very good venue!
Posted by Mark on 2013-08-12:
In most areas of the country it is ILLEGAL to dispose of un-rinsed "disposable" diapers. Perhaps a concerted effort by P and G and local municipalities would help to reduce this unsanitary practice of turning our landfills into toilets. The disposal issue is certainly an important one, however, did you know that according to the National Geographic a single child in "disposable" diapers will require 5.5 barrels of oil, 715 lbs of plastic and 4.5 trees JUST TO MAKE THE DIAPERS FOR ONE CHILD!!! When do we stop this nonsense and call for a ban on this wasteful product? Reusable cloth diapers are so much better, for our babies and the environment.
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Short Fill of Gillette Comfort Advantage Shave Gel
Posted by Kramit538 on 12/19/2012
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have been purchasing and using the Gillette Comfort Advantage Shave Gel for quite a long time from COSTCO. On my two most recent purchases I noticed that when the gel output from the can became so slow that it was not usable, the can did not feel like it was truly empty. Upon shaking of the can it was obvious that there was a substantial amount of product remaining in the can.

As I was getting tired of this being a usual occurrence with this product, I decided to open a can in order to weigh the product remaining in the can. There was 2.4OZ. remaining. If you do the math this translates into 27% of unusable product. In my opinion this is unacceptable, and what bothers me the most is that whenever I have called Gillette on this issue in the past, they always act as if this is an unusual problem. They are always very courteous, and always offer coupons on future purchases, but they just seem unwilling to admit there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-12-20:
Interesting post, now you have me thinking. I purchase the exact same shave gel from Costco. Since I'm still on my first can I can't comment but will definitely keep it in mind.

FYI: Since we're on the subject of unused remaining product allow me to opine. HP Ink Cartridges when they get low will stop your printer from functioning. There is still useable ink but the printer shuts down. HP does this on purpose forcing you to buy their over priced ink. I have a Cannon printer that displays a "low ink warning." I can continue to use this for over a month before it runs out. This is a cost savings and something to consider when purchasing a printer.
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IAMS dog food has moths in it
Posted by Mckriter6 on 05/23/2012
OROVILLE, WASHINGTON -- I have used iams dog food products for 8 years, recently bought a new bag, it had moths in it. my animals became sick, runny stool and vomit, refusing to eat. contacted iams, their solution was to send me coupons for 2 new bags of the same product. one of my dogs is so sick took him to the vet. his electorlytes are low and protien is low. all of my animals are now on a special high protien diet, I refused the coupons, this is not the solution that will save my animals lives. this is like them saying oh, if we give you this then it will all be better, they wanted me to do the lab research and then send it to them, this is obviously not a new problem, moths in the food is reported back as far as 2003, 9 years and they still can't clean it up. my vet was shocked that it was iams that sickened my animals, lab test, vet bills and they want me continue to feed this trash.
I am telling everyone not to feed iams products, if I would have accepted their payment of coupons they would figure the case closed. P&G clean up your warehouse, if anyone is having this problem, the one question others ask is where in your state is the warehouse, well according to iams they make, package in their warehouse, it is then trucked direct to the store, so the problem lies in their factories. they are trying to pass the buck, it isn't their problem they just want the almighty dollar. to say that because we don't cooperate with them giving our information is a cop out, they just keep covering it up. PETA is after them too for animal cruelity, they test animals in their facilaties, the animals are confinded in dirty small cages. don't take my word for it do your own research, the fda also has many complaints. check things out for yourselves. don't attack those of us who have the sick animals, we are the victims here not iams.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2012-05-23:
I had to switch my dog from Iams too; for some reason, she refused to eat it. I think mckriter6 is onto something here
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-05-23:
Have ours on Science Diet, seems to be OK. Dog likes it and is healthy.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-05-23:
Old Timer...I'm thinking it's just about time for your Little Princess to have a nice summer grooming...
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-23:
Did you just learn about IAMS invasive animal testing?

I switched my dogs over to Orijen a while back...it's expensive but a serving is half what other brands are, so in the end I'm not spending any more than I normally would. http://www.orijen.ca/orijen/products/
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-05-23:
Funny you mention that DB. Last night the Wife pointed out that our Little Girl was looking a bit scruffy and needed to spend a day with the groomer. I don't believe she had you in mind though.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-05-23:
I don't know anything about the IAMS dog food because my pets have always been given the Purina cat/dog food. I do know my veterinarians (there are 4 in the practice) sell certain brands but quickly will tell you if your pet is thriving on a particular brand of food to leave as be. At least they aren't pushing something for their financial benefit.

I wonder if you just purchased a bad batch of IAMS? Had it sat forever on the shelf OR did it come from the factory that way? I wouldn't think moths appear overnight. This sounds very alarming especially if the company expressed no particular interest and merely offered a few coupons.

As long as your dog didn't get into some other source of food I too would be furious. My little dachshund (died at age 18) found some rat poison pellets at my office and by golly I had to have her stomach irrigated. It certainly wasn't the dog food to blame.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-05-23:
Tell Mrs. Old Timer I'll send her a half off coupon!
Posted by ok4now on 2012-05-23:
IAMS used to be an an excellent dog food until P&G bought them out. They now put artificial ingredients in and by-products. Read the label. They also raised the price.

I feed my 11 month old Lab Kirkland dry food from Costco. Before you think cheap and junk dog food let me enlighten you. I actually thought the same thing until I did a Google search. I was surprised at the number of listings. This is actually a good quality dog food that has been laboratory tested with excellent results. Unlike IAMS it has no artificial ingredients or by-products. The price is cheap because Costco is a wholesaler. You don't need to go to PetSmart and buy the designer label "Blue" for $60.00 to get excellent certified healthy food for you dog.

Posted by Annie Lou on 2013-06-18:
The moths were most likely what's called "stored grain" moths. This can happen with ANY product that contains grains or similar - that includes your breakfast cereal, rice, flour, birdseed, etc.

The contamination does NOT happen during the manufacturing process of foods. It happens when stored in a warehouse in the distribution chain long enough for mated moths to lay eggs on the package. The larva hatch out, burrow into the package and start eating.

Especially in summer time, it's a good idea to put these kind of products in the freezer for 24-48 hours to kill any eggs/larva/adults.
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Solution to Problem of High Costs for Packaging / Todays News
Posted by Gsue1815 on 04/28/2012
I buy a lot of things in half empty packages. Companies could avoid increased costs for packaging by making the packages half as big.

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-04-28:
Some easily damaged items like chips for example need to have larger packaging than you'd expect for the amount of product in the bag. It's called "Slack fill" or something like that. There are legitmate resasons for the practice. I'm sure if companies believed they could save money with less packaging they would.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-04-28:
That makes sense for things like chips. But why do they do that with dog food?
Posted by BigAl on 2012-04-28:
The bigger the package the more perceived value. If your product is next to the competition and the price is relatively the same and your package is 25% bigger a lot of customers will choose the larger package. Then a vicious circle is started and all manufacturers compete this way. Just a thought.
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The New Improved Tide - Not always Improved :(
Posted by Mrs. V on 02/19/2012
New Improved Formula Tide
New Improved Formula Tide
I have used Tide Laundry Detergent for my whole life. My Mom used it, so by defult, it's what I have always used.

A few months or so ago I started to get a very bad, itchy rash. I could not seem to get it to go away. So, I went to my doctor. Who couldn't get it to go away. He sent me to a dermatologist. Didn't work either.

Tried every medication. Nothing worked

Searched the house for anything new that I had bought. Nothing new in the house.

Tried to think if I had eaten anything new. Nothing new tried.

I was at my wits end. So I went on the internet one morning and just started researching everything that I could think of.

In one blog I found a mention of someone with contact dermatitis with the same exact problem that I was having. They mentioned that they finally narrowed it down to the laundry detergent. New Improved Formula Tide.

I ran over to take a look at my good old faithful Tide. There it was. Right on the box - "New Improved Formula".

Back at my computer I typed in "New Improved Tide and Rash". Pages of people having problems.

So I bought All Clear Laundry Detergent and washed every thing that could be washed. Rash is finally going away.

I may miss my old Tide (loved the scent and the way it cleaned the clothes) but I will NOT miss that rash.

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Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-19:
Most brands of detergent have a "free of dyes and perfumes" version. I think Tide does, too. I buy them because I am very sensitive to smell.

This is great information for anyone with an unexplained rash. I'm glad you figured it out.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2012-02-19:
I have a child with allergies and very sensitive skin. I have never been able to use Tide in any form. The allergist told us to stay away from detergent with any perfume at all. I'm glad you found the source of your problem!
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-19:
I can't use Tide because is causes me to break out in a rash. It also causes the kids to break out too. I use All Free and Clear and don't have any issues. Dreft is also really good. I know it's for babies, but it's very gentle and smells good. It's just really expensive.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-02-19:
ALL makes a baby version too. It's much cheaper than Dreft. When I have infants in the house, though, I just use the dye/ perfume free versions for all our clothes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-19:
Clutzy, I didn't know All made a baby version. I will have look for it next time I buy detergent. We all use the dye free detergent. My nephew is a year old and has really sensitive skin. So even though his parent's don't have issues with detergent, they have to use the dye free stuff too.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-02-19:
LS, I just saw it at the store yesterday. It's time for me to haul out all of Baby Clutzy's old clothes and get them ready for Clutzy deux, so I thought about getting it, but in the end I ended up getting the free and clear version.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-02-19:
Since i was about 5, i have always gotten a rash from tide detergent. It has always been bad for me. Especially if it has bleach in it. I can not wash my clothes without breaking out. I use xtra now, much cheaper and i never break out. Or gain.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2012-02-19:
I do NOT like the scent of Tide. My sister uses it and I can't stand being around her and her family because of the terrible scent. We use any cheap detergent that is free of scent, etc.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-19:
I also use the 'free' version of whatever is on sale. I have never used Tide because it's too expensive. I used to use Wisk, but that's expensive too and never goes on sale anymore.
Posted by CrystalSword on 2012-02-20:
A couple years ago we were in a roommate situation and her choice of detergent was Tide, so to save storage problems, we took turns buying Tide, I'd get two to her one....since there were two of us. Shortly after moving in there I developed a rash and it was actually painful....
we were there for six months and after we moved out and i went to my cheaper detergent (I generally buy any liquid that is on sale), and lo and behold, the rash started going away. Now the rash comes back about the same time every year even though I am not using the Tide....makes me really feel sorry for babies that get rashes of any kind....a rash can be quite painful!
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-20:
Crystal, sounds like you could have eczema. The detergent might have set if off, and now it keeps coming back. I know how painful it can be because my daughter has it. And it does flare up at certain times of the year. Oh, and stress makes it worse. There were times she had to resort to a prescription steroid cream because it was so bad. Now that her life is less stressful, she hardly ever gets a breakout.
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Posted by Kwpjr on 01/22/2012
I have been using this product for 20+ years and in less than six months it doubled in price and I was not pleased with the out come of this roduct as I have been in the past, I an not sure what the company changed or why the price went that much higher in such a short time and the product was not as well, I am not happy with the results.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-01-22:
It could have just been a sort of intro price or (more likely), it's just yet another thing that has gone up in price in the past several months.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-01-22:
Perhaps the formula has changed, thus the higher price, and why you're not getting the same results. Especially when you've been using the same product for more than 20 years, and became accustomed to what the product was selling for. If possible, maybe check other stores-they may sell Frost & Tip for less than what you're paying now.
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