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Change in Charmin Mega Roll Bath Tissue - Width and Sheets
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Rating: 1/51

SPARKS, NEVADA -- My mega roll used to fit snug on my tissue roller - not anymore. It was my favorite tissue. It was worth the extra cost. But sadly not now. Worst yet! Trying to put one over us as consumers. I decide what products we use in this house and what brand. You do the math. I'm very disappointed with your decision concerning this product, now I wonder how many other products made by your company I need to watch out for.

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Rating: 2/51

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I buy mine at Sam's. I always buy the best Charmin. When I opened this pack of Charmin it had not only less sheets, but it was over a 1/4 inch narrower. Yet it was the same price. I take 3 of my friends with me when shopping at Sam's and I insisted they buy the best one. I said you use much less with the best. They bought. Now I'm sorry I suggested it because we got ripped off.

Charmin Ultra Soft Clogs Toilet
By -

I've never had problems with the toilet clogging. Until we started using Charmin Ultra Soft toilet tissue. My Dad told me he thought it was the "ultra soft" TP causing it. But I just thought it was him... ya know, Dads have a way of clogging toilets! After the third time calling maintenance to come and unclog our toilet, I told my Dad I was putting him on a liquid diet (joking of course). Again my Dad claimed it was the Charmin.

OK... so it's been maybe a month since we've had that problem and all seemed well. Just to note, we have been using Angel Soft and Northern TP. Then it happened, THREE times in two days that it was clogged again (I did buy a snake like Maintenance uses to avoid the embarrassment of having to call them for the unclogging in this apartment AGAIN). Sure enough, when I looked, it was Charmin Ultra Soft that we were using again. Yeah, I bought it because I didn't believe a toilet paper can actually cause clogging like that. That was only during the use of the second roll of Charmin Ultra Soft.

So I went to the store and bought Angel Soft and again, haven't had any problems since. We never had any of these problems with regular Charmin, it only seems to be the Ultra Soft. So, we won't be using that anymore. I'd like to hear from anyone else who may have had this issue as well. Ejack, I'm afraid to ask... what's your thought?

Charmin Mega Roll Stealth Shrinkage
By -

Silently, and in the company's expectation that most consumers will not notice, the 6-pack Mega-Roll package of Charmin toilet tissue has shrunk from 400 sheets to 352 sheets, 12% less, AT THE SAME PRICE! P&G, in the company of other big consumer product corporations, assumes American consumer is stupid, and unobservant, and they are right most of the time.

Toilet Paper
By -

I have been using Charmin Plus 1 ply since it came on the market. It was wonderful. Now you have completely changed it and it is horrible. When you use it, it disintegrates into tiny pieces. Half of them are on the floor and the other half are sticking to you. I know hundreds of people are complaining. Please, please go back to the original formula.

Music for Commercial for Charmin Bath Tissue
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I have taken offense and become angrier each time I view the Charmin Bath Tissue commercial. Using Mandel's "Messiah" to sell toilet paper is blatantly ignorant. The "Messiah" is an oratorio celebrating the birth of Christ, and is a piece of revered religious music. It is meant to be uplifting to the soul, not the bottom! I think "offensive" is too kind a word, and I will not be buying any P&G products. In fact, I'm switching to Colgate toothpaste! I don't believe P&G is satanic (circa the logo uproar), but get a clue!

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