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4th Replacement In 9 Months
By -

On 02/09/08 I purchased a 32" Polaroid HDTV (TDA-03211C) with DVD player built in. It was our first new TV in more years than I care to remember and was replacing our old 19" main TV that had just gone out. It seemed to be a good buy, although previously I did not know Polaroid made TV's, first red flag.

We had it just over a month when we first noticed that it had a vertical line in the image. It seemed to be a random issue, but always appeared in the same place. It also seemed to happen more often with cartoons, but with 5 kids in house we watch a lot of those. :) Specifically, the line was just to the left of the center mark and it was a shade off the color that it should have been. So if an area was blue, then in that line space it would be aqua blue or maybe greenish.

It wasn't a really bad issue; the image was still OK, but considering the TV was less than a couple months old we opted to call in and find out our options. I called the original store and they informed me I had to go to the manufacturer.

So I called Polaroid and finally got to a customer service rep. They were very helpful and informed me it was a rare, but known issue. They let me know they had to pass it on to the tech department and I should receive a call shortly about getting an exchange set up. A day or two later I got a call from a tech and he needed me to get the serial number and also take photos of the issue in progress. I let him know I only had a cell phone camera and that it may take a day or two because the issue came and went.

He gave me an email address and a few days later I sent images of Family Guy with the line in it. 24 hours or so later I got a call and was informed the exchange was approved and a few days after that a TV arrived at my home. Packed well, we broke it open and got it set up.

Within a week we had the same issue reappear though, in the exact same location. {Insert most of paragraph one here.} This time we opted to wait on calling as it wasn't that bad and random. After a couple weeks though we were watching TV and a loud knocking noise started to come from the TV. I narrowed it down to the DVD-drive. I tried to eject a movie that had been left in there, and it wouldn't pop out. I had to unplug the TV, reconnect it and then press eject on the TV to get the DVD back. The DVD was incredibly hot to the touch. We decided that this was enough and called in the next day.

When I called this time and challenged the whole rare issue statement, I was told by the CS agent that he had never seen this specific issue. I offered up that this was two in a row for me. I had taken new pictures already as I expected them to ask and I sent the info off to the same email address with the new ticket number. A day or so later, I was called by the tech support guys and I asked again how often does this happens and they informed me it was pretty rare and very interesting that I had it happen twice. They ran me through questions about how it was set up in-house making sure I had plenty of room to prevent overheating, I do. They set up another advance exchange.

A few days later a new replacement TV arrived. We opened this one and found that they had only used the bottom half of the Styrofoam "clamshell" container and that the top just had bubble wrap. I thought that was an interesting way to ship an expensive TV, but went with it, setting it up even though they forgot to include the stand screws this time, so I had to scavenge from the previous unit. As I was connecting inputs, I noticed there were multiple scratches and a large crack in the outer frame of the TV. I paid for a non-broken TV and decided this was getting ridiculous.

They again had me take photos and send them off. Two days later, I got a call from tech support informing me that the exterior damage was not something they could cover and that I would be denied a replacement. I was very unhappy and ran over the packaging style that had been used and that the shipping box was still in good condition, so I knew it wasn't a shipping issue if it wasn't packed correctly in the first place. I explained that it had bounced around enough to crack the case and that it there was very little likely hoods that it didn't have other issues internally. He agreed and set up a third advance exchange.

At this point I was getting frustrated and spoke with someone in CS in regards to a refund. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would not be approved for a refund as they had not done everything possible to fix it. I asked what that would take as I was now going on my fourth TV. She told me she has never seen one refunded prior to the 4th. I tried to force the issue with a supervisor, but other than an attitude I got nowhere.

So yesterday I received the fourth TV. It arrived packed the same as the 3rd (poorly) and this time I took pictures of it in the box before removing it. I then took pics of the Styrofoam that had been destroyed because of the TV running loose in the box. This one had even more scrapes and dings in the edges in more than one location. The plastic had been deformed from an impact. Note the shipping box was in good condition with nothing obviously wrong with it.

I had the RMA stuff set up so I figured I would trade them out and then set up another trade or ask for a refund. I got the 4th TV in place and it wouldn't even power up. I reset everything and still got nothing with the remote or the PWR button on the TV. I re-boxed it and put the cracked one back up since it's at least watchable. I called in and asked for a refund and I'm told it takes 30 days to process, and it doesn't start until they get the TV back. So I have to go without a TV for up to 30 days if I want to get a refund.

32" HD TDA-03211c
By -

I bought this unit 02/06/2008 and a wall mount along with it. First problem I had I was sold the wrong mount by Wal-mart employees then had a hard time returning it but got through that. After 6 DVDs the DVD player started making noises and then quit working. I called the support line at Polaroid and was sent a new module and waited for someone to install it and after calling the support line they told me I had to put the parts in. WHAT?!!!! Well after doing so they told me to send the old DVD back or face being charged $179.99 for the DVD. Now mind you I had just do the work for them.

Now I have called them again with the same problem. The DVD has quit but this time they told me it is up to Wal-mart as they are the ones with the extended warranty even though the part they sent me is less than 90 days old and failed a second time and Wal-mart has said to send the TV in to them. However the TV is under in home service so they are going to decide what to do.

11/20/2009 well Wal-mart has set us put with a service provider. They will call me in the next 48 hours to set up service no call and Wal-mart said they will contact them again. 12/08/2009 after waiting for them to call I called Wal-mart service to find out who they were sending. I found they are in another town so I got the name of the company and was told I needed to call them. WHAT SERVICE? NOT. The service company told me they are waiting for me to bring it to them they do not do in home service and due to the TV and their past history with this very style combo they cannot repair it as they cannot get a new DVD mod for it.

So I call Polaroid. Can found they do have refurbed DVDs but Wal-mart will not use them. They feel that are a waste as they will not last long. Now Wal-mart has pulled the contract and will call me in 3-5 business day to tell me what that are going to do but if they offer me a replacement then I have to buy a new warranty as the feel they have filled the contract. Oh and yes they said it will be another TDA03211C combo.

Fix for 32" Polaroid TV/DVD combo DVD problem
By -

Failure of the DVD unit is a very common problem with the 32" TDA-03211C TV/DVD combo unit. Polaroid sent me three replacement DVD units in the first year and each began doing the same thing after a few months (chunking noise and could not load disks). Finally my warranty expired and it failed again. I ended up with two non-functioning DVD units left after all those exchanges, so I took one apart to see if I could figure out what was going wrong.

In switching the units out one day, I noticed that the forward facing side of the DVD box was getting very warm even when it is not being used. Also, the DVD's felt very warm when ejected from the unit. I also noticed that the metal plate which is behind the picture screen and only about 1/4" from the forward facing side of the DVD box was even warmer (about 110 to 120 degrees F). This heat is distorting the thin metal and plastic parts in the DVD unit, causing the parts not to be in correct contact and alignment (disk won't play and sometimes won't eject).

With the front and top covers removed from the DVD box and the box laying flat on a table (and no DVD in unit of coarse), I pushed downward firmly on the black plastic disk at the top of the drive, and also on the lever arm that is accessible through a hole near the left front of the unit until they bottomed out to bend them down some (the lever arm was warped upwards where it was actually rubbing the top of the case - that was the chunking sound I heard).
I then went to O'Rielly Auto Parts and bought a 1'x2' sheet of 3/32" thick exhaust manifold gasket material for $8. This material is not flammable and will withstand temperatures that would melt this TV into a puddle.

I cut the gasket material so that it would fit neatly inside the top cover of the DVD box (metallic side up), tucking it under the lip at the back and behind the front edge so that the top cover will fit back on as before without interference. I then put the top cover and front cover back on the unit. I cut another piece of the gasket material to fit snugly in the space between the forward facing side of the DVD box and the metal plate that is behind the picture screen (metallic side facing picture screen). I then reinstalled the DVD box into the TV.

Both of the previously non-functioning DVD units I have play fine now in the TV. The disks eject perfectly every time now and I notice a significant difference in the temperature of the disks when I eject them. No more strange noises either. These DVD units are fine and are actually quite well built. They are just mounted too close to a heat source. A little insulation is all it needs. I can't believe Polaroid's design. People can't figure this out.

StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

This TV stopped working after three months. Took forever to find customer service to get a return authorization number. The repair service told me that it would take three weeks to fix after they got it. I gave them a few extra days, then called. They told me that "the parts are not in yet" (old excuse) and it would take another month. Today was "another month", and I was told that it will take "another three weeks". YEAH RIGHT! I'm paying for three months of cable with no TV and I'm just TIRED of the lies and excuses! Why don't they just send me a replacement like any company that has customer service? Seems like this company is run from a tree fort!

Tvs That Are Lemons
By -

CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA -- We bought this TV for my daughter. The first thing to go was the DVD part. She said that was OK we had other DVD players. Now there is no picture just sound. This TV cost over 658.00 and now we have to pay to get it repaired and they are having a hard time finding the power source supply to replace it. The TV is less the 2 1/2 years old not used much. She just watched it at night. I don't understand the company when they know that the product is a lemon and don't want to make it right with the customers.

Everything is now "get the money and forget about the customer service". They should supply and take care of the customer. That is what keeps the business going but with product like these lemons then they won't last long. I have been in customer service nearly all my working life waiting tables and then working at movie gallery. When you forget about the customer you lose everything. That is why movie gallery is going out of business.

I think I should talk to a lawyer and see what can be done not only to Polaroid but also Wal-Mart, because they sold the product and only warranty it for 90 days at the store but the TV had a year warranty on it, and Polaroid told us to ship it to them in California and they would repair it and then they would not guarantee it would not get broken before we get it back. I am very unhappy with this product.

I will not buy a TV from Wal-Mart again and I will make sure it is not a Polaroid. I know by writing this it just gets it off my chest but it won't solve anything so I hope someone will read the reviews and not get into the spot where we are.

Polaroid TDA-03211C Nightmare
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- This TV was a spontaneous purchase for me and my girlfriend. We decided to go HD and what better place to do so than our friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart Supercenter. We eventually purchased the Polaroid TDA-03211C on September 9, 2007 as a seemingly good value buy and at least in name an American company, so much for economic patriotism. Out of the box the TV worked, looked, sounded, and once again, seemed great. It went kaput on October 17, 2007 and after 16 calls, 8 different customer service reps, 3 repair techs, and three wrong parts, I am officially going to warn every person that I can of this TV and the Polaroid Corporation.

To state that I feel cheated, lied to, and downright robbed is an understatement. There is a known problem with what they call the control-box, which is the key component of the television. Customer service sent us a new one initially without even taking a look at the TV. I inferred that there is probably a known design flaw with this part if Polaroid automatically sends new ones without actually first trouble shooting. If the part is in backlog, which it was for me, it will take about 1 month for the part to arrive from China. You will have to wait for the “independent tech” to contact you to schedule an appointment for repair. Polaroid outsources the repair of their product.

Polaroid does not want to give you a new TV nor does it want to refund your money. WARNING!!! Polaroid does not want to give you a new TV nor does it want to refund your money. It is their tactic to lie, give the customer the run around, and avoid resolution. Not a timely resolution, essentially no resolution whatsoever. I am now approaching the half-way point of the Polaroid 1 year warranty. This TV worked for 5 weeks and has become a 4 month headache. Do not purchase any Polaroid product. I personally believe that the restructuring after their bankruptcy has corrupted their capacity to manufacture quality products. Avoid this brand.

Polaroid LCD Television Customer Service
By -

WALTHAM, MISSOURI -- In November of 2006 my father purchased a Polaroid LCD television, model TLA-04011C. On October 10, 2007 the television quit working. My father called the customer service number in your literature since the television was still under warranty. A technician was sent to his home on October 15, 2007. My father was informed that the television needed a new control box assembly and that it would have to be ordered from Polaroid, and that he would be sent back to install the part.

The part, number PCE909-KS0-GF37AXAH was sent on October 16th, and arrived at my father's home on October 17th. My father called, as he had been instructed, to inform Polaroid that the part had arrived. He was told a technician would be there to install it within 24 to 48 hours from the next business day, which was the next day, October 18, 2007.

Expecting the technician to come no later than October, 19th, my father waited patiently until October 22nd before again calling the customer service number. He was told the same thing again. He waited until October 24th before calling again and receiving the same answer. Calls on October 25th, 26th, 29th, and 30th yielded the same message and result, specifically nothing. On October 31st he called again and became so frustrated with the customer service representative that he had a mild heart attack after hanging up.

At this point I became involved. I called the customer service number that same day and told them what had happened. The customer service representative was very polite and promised to bring the situation to the attention of his manager. Another call on November 1st, and a demand to speak to a manager, got me nowhere; despite assurances from the manager that the situation would now have corporate attention.

After one last call on November 2nd yielded no results, we returned the television to Wal-Mart, where it had been purchased. The Wal-Mart electronics manager also called Polaroid and got no results. He was informed that every time the customer called they were automatically moved tot the end of the queue for that day. We decided that either we were being lied to, or that Polaroid's system was the most obtuse one that could possibly be devised.

The Wal-Mart manager agreed to refund the purchase price at that time, and we bought a Sharp LCD television for only $150 dollars more. The picture is better, the remote easier to use, and it was much easier to set up. My father is thrilled with the new television.

I think Polaroid's customer service is appalling, and it is abhorrent that they delayed and deferred their service to the point that it caused an old man to have a heart attack. It is unconscionable that even after being informed their inaction had caused a heart attack that they still did nothing.

Over 20 Years Ago I Bought a Polaroid Instant Camera for Around $25.00. It Was a Good Camera. No Problems
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

RANDLEMAN, NORTH CAROLINA -- Polaroid should stick to making cameras not TV's. I flagged a post on my local Craigslist. The owner stated it was a Panasonic, he misspelled it as a Panasonic, but it was a Polaroid TV he was trying to get $200.00 for.

Polaroid TV Still Running Great
Rating: 5/51

BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK -- Had this TV for over 5 years and it's still running great. I know people who play thousands for Sony Vizio or other "high end" brands that don't last as long. And the picture quality isn't nearly as good. I have seen a lot of bad reviews for Polaroid TVs but I am more than happy.

More poor customer service
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I purchased two of Polaroid's PMP180 on Black Friday, seeing a display indicating they were only $13 each! Considered buying more. At the cashier, I learned it would be $13 after the $10 rebate. Fine. Got them home, realized only after opening up the plastic and reading through the guide that it won't work with the Mac. Also, didn't want to have to open up the second one to cut out the UPC to send in with rebate to get $10 back before giving as a gift. OK.

Then got out our old PC laptop, downloaded albums onto the MP3 player, only to learn that the "rechargeable battery" doesn't work or hold a charge, even after more than a day, if it is disconnected from the power source. The packaging asks consumers not to return item to the store but rather to call the customer service hotline, M-Th 9-5, but nobody answers, ever, and nobody returns messages. Or e-mails. I'm returning both items Saturday. If I had known, never would have bought them, and will not be buying Polaroid again, even though the customer service problem is with Southern Telecom.

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