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Polaroid nightmare
Posted by TreeQS on 08/11/2006
In Oct of 2005 I bought a Polaroid LCD TV with a one year warranty. It has broken down twice & Polaroid has me running all over the state for service. After being without it for a couple of months, I'm told it can't be fixed. Dealing withPolaroid has been a comnplete nightmare. I think they'd better stick to cameras
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Posted by shawnp80 on 2006-08-11:
Do the pictures come out of the TV instantly? Like the camera.. I wouldnt buy a tv from a camera company.
Posted by TreeQS on 2006-08-11:
I should have stuck to cameras but my daughter had to send her Polaroid digital camera back They did replace it though That should have warned me against the company
Posted by ThomasD on 2006-08-21:
I bought mine in March, it broke down a few months later and Circuit City replaced it. That one broke down 1 month later and I was forced to deal with Polaroid's warranty service.

After reporting the problem on July 5th they promised to have a repair person contact me in 3 to 5 days. After 7 days passed I called them back and they gave me the repair company info. The repair company told me to bring the set in, however after 7 more days passed he called me to say was unable to get the required paperwork from Polaroid. So I contacted Polaroid again and after 2 days they sent the paperwork. Almost a week later the repair company calls again and says that the part he needs is not in stock at the two supply companies Polaroid has authorized him to deal with and there is no ETA on when it would be in stock. I called Polaroid again and they said there is nothing more they can do. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and the first thing I noticed is that they have an Unsatisfactory rating, but I put my complaint in anyway. Three weeks after my complaint "no response" and my brand new TV is sitting on a shelf for about 7 weeks now waiting indefinitey for a part.
Posted by TreeQS on 2006-08-21:
I just today got authorization to get a new TV. Circuit City has advised me that it does NOT have to be a Polaroid. You can be sure it won't be. It wouldn't be so bad if it was easy to contact the company. I even wrote to CEO of Polaroid & no response. My husband was CEO of an international company & he really cared about how people felt about his products (automotive products)Not so with Polaroid
Posted by Kentgood1 on 2006-09-18:
September 18, 2006

On February 7, 2006, I purchased a Polaroid 32” plasma television, Model #FLM3201, for $1099.99 from Circuit City in Palm Desert, California. At the time of the purchase I was offered the option to buy an “extended warranty,” but declined to do so after I was told that the product could be returned to the store up to six months from the date of purchase, and that the manufacturer’s warranty guaranteed the product for one-year from the date of purchase.

Since the purchase, I have experienced ongoing problems with the television – first with periodic color shifting - then more recently with the picture bouncing to the point that you can’t even watch the set. I took my receipt, along with the set back to the Palm Desert Circuit City, for repair, exchange, or was willing to upgrade to a more reputable product. The clerk at the service counter stated that the TV was only covered for thirty days from the date of purchase, but stated that I could contact the manufacturer to have the one-year warranty honored.

After several unsuccessful attempts to make contact with a representative from the Polaroid warranty service department, I finally reached a live person who identified herself as “Larney.” She said their “system was down” and she would call me back. Be advised that when you contact the service number for Polaroid, you are actually calling “Premo World Wide Inc.” (866-396-6322). After a few minutes on hold, you enter into a telephone loop where the automated system tells you to press “O” to continue to hold for a customer representative, then continuously transfers you to a voice mail box that is full, and will not let you leave a message. Due to the frustration of this experience I started researching other consumer’s Polaroid warranty experiences. Several consumer boards list the Polaroid warranty as one of the worst with inadequate results to service complaints. See “My3cents.com” for more consumer nightmares regarding Polaroid television sets.

I then contacted the corporate headquarters of Circuit City and talked with “John.” I related my experience. John reiterated that the in-store warranty is only good for 30 days. I once again stated my willingness to get the unit repaired, exchange it for another, or upgrade to another brand and pay the difference. I also pointed out that according to complaints about this product posted on the web (My3cents.com) other customers have been able to exchange the same set, beyond the original 30-day purchase date. Circuit City declined to provide any help with the situation. Circuit City’s total lack of concern for a customer’s warranty issue with one of their products leaves no alternative but to seek assistance from consumer advocates and/or media. I do not understand why Circuit City would continue to sell this product to consumers after they have been made aware of the problems with the product from several consumers.

Can anyone help? Or did I just get ripped off $1099.99!
Posted by TreeQS on 2006-09-19:
I finally called, wrote & generally made a pest of myself. I finally got authorization for credit at Circuit City for the full amount of my purchase. When I went to replace the TV (different brand) Circuit City could not find the original TV. After I called CC customer service, they miraculously found it while I was on the phone with the rep. Bought a Sansung & will surely never do business with either Polaroid or Circuit City.
Posted by ThomasD on 2006-10-10:
Keep trying "Premo World Wide", I think this is the same place I kept calling for my 26" Polaroid LCD, after a couple of months of waiting for a part they replaced my TV. Its refurbished, but it has been working for a month now. By the way, the Better Business Bureau was unable to get a response from Polaroid.
Posted by Stuka on 2006-12-01:
I'm still trying since May to get my replacment, TV broke after about 60 days, still trying to get a new one. Premo World Wide are located in Vancouver Canada, their service is terrible. Supervisor never returns calls, or I get transferred to voicemail and the inbox is full. This is my last time calling them. Going to to have to resort to legal action.
Posted by TreeQS on 2006-12-02:
I would suggest you call again & mention (via voice mail if necessary) that you plan to take legal action & also give them the 3cents site so thgey may see what people are saying. I made such a pest of myself that they finally gave the refund.
Posted by mckaskill on 2007-07-31:
Purchased a Polaroid LCD television in January, after only six months of usage it no longer worked. Getting service turned out to be a nightmare. First encounter with customer service representative yielded no results, my problem was not even logged into the system. Several attempts at repair resulted in the same. Finally had to absorb the cost of returning television to CA from FL and pay for the shipping myself. Cameras are their business and should remain so.
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Polaroid TDA-03211C Nightmare
Posted by TheWaryConsumer on 01/19/2008
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- This TV was a spontaneous purchase for me and my girlfriend. We decided to go HD and what better place to do so than our friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart Supercenter.

We eventually purchased the Polaroid TDA-03211C on September 9, 2007 as a seemingly good value buy and at least in name an American company, so much for economic patriotism. Out of the box the TV worked, looked, sounded, and once again, seemed great. It went kaput on October 17, 2007 and after 16 calls, 8 different customer service reps, 3 repair techs, and three wrong parts, I am officially going to warn every person that I can of this TV and the Polaroid Corporation.
To state that I feel cheated, lied to, and downright robbed is an understatement. There is a known problem with what they call the control-box, which is the key component of the television. Customer service sent us a new one initially without even taking a look at the TV. I inferred that there is probably a known design flaw with this part if Polaroid automatically sends new ones without actually first trouble shooting. If the part is in backlog, which it was for me, it will take about 1 month for the part to arrive from China. You will have to wait for the “independent tech” to contact you to schedule an appointment for repair. Polaroid outsources the repair of their product.

Polaroid does not want to give you a new TV nor does it want to refund your money. WARNING!!! Polaroid does not want to give you a new TV nor does it want to refund your money. It is their tactic to lie, give the customer the run around, and avoid resolution. Not a timely resolution, essentially no resolution whatsoever. I am now approaching the half-way point of the Polaroid 1 year warranty. This TV worked for 5 weeks and has become a 4 month headache. Do not purchase any Polaroid product. I personally believe that the restructuring after their bankruptcy has corrupted their capacity to manufacture quality products. Avoid this brand.

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-20:
I have never seen a friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart anything.
Posted by GIS Guy on 2008-02-03:
I had a very similar experience. My power supply blew out at 11 months. After calling Polaroid, it took a month to get a service call and they had shipped the wrong replacement core! A second part arrived but no serviceman available, so I asked for a refund, which they intitially agreed to. After waiting another month, I called back to find out they fired the guy who promised me a refund and said they would only provide a replacement set. I received that replacement set yesterday and guess what? This set is defective right out of the box!
Posted by Jonnyd1 on 2008-03-07:
If you want a refund on this product, I will save you some time. I have jumped through many hoops to get this phone number. 1-952-934-9918 ask for The Polaroid Consumer Resolution Team. Then ask for Brett. Brett is the actual guy that signs off on the refund. I hope this saves all of you some time. From reading these reviews I know there are people with the same frustrations I had.
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Polaroid LCD Television Customer Service
Posted by VM on 11/07/2007
WALTHAM, MISSOURI -- In November of 2006 my father purchased a Polaroid LCD television, model TLA-04011C. On October 10, 2007 the television quit working. My father called the customer service number in your literature since the television was still under warranty. A technician was sent to his home on October 15, 2007. My father was informed that the television needed a new control box assembly and that it would have to be ordered from Polaroid, and that he would be sent back to install the part.

The part, number PCE909-KS0-GF37AXAH was sent on October 16th, and arrived at my father’s home on October 17th. My father called, as he had been instructed, to inform Polaroid that the part had arrived. He was told a technician would be there to install it within 24 to 48 hours from the next business day, which was the next day, October 18, 2007.

Expecting the technician to come no later than October, 19th, my father waited patiently until October 22nd before again calling the customer service number. He was told the same thing again. He waited until October 24th before calling again and receiving the same answer. Calls on October 25th, 26th, 29th, and 30th yielded the same message and result, specifically nothing. On October 31st he called again and became so frustrated with the customer service representative that he had a mild heart attack after hanging up.

At this point I became involved. I called the customer service number that same day and told them what had happened. The customer service representative was very polite and promised to bring the situation to the attention of his manager. Another call on November 1st, and a demand to speak to a manager, got me nowhere; despite assurances from the manager that the situation would now have corporate attention.

After one last call on November 2nd yielded no results, we returned the television to Wal-Mart, where it had been purchased. The Wal-Mart electronics manager also called Polaroid and got no results. He was informed that every time the customer called they were automatically moved tot the end of the queue for that day. We decided that either we were being lied to, or that Polaroid’s system was the most obtuse one that could possibly be devised. The Wal-Mart manager agreed to refund the purchase price at that time, and we bought a Sharp LCD television for only $150 dollars more. The picture is better, the remote easier to use, and it was much easier to set up. My father is thrilled with the new television.

I think Polaroid's customer service is appalling, and it is abhorrent that they delayed and deferred their service to the point that it caused an old man to have a heart attack. It is unconscionable that even after being informed their inaction had caused a heart attack that they still did nothing.
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Posted by moneybags on 2007-11-07:
Bad customer service? Yes The cause of a heart attack - doubtful. If bad service gave everyone a heart attack, most of us would be in the hospital or dead. Your dad was probably on the verge anyway. Most heart attacks are caused by heredity, eating the wrong things (fatty foods), years of not taking care of ourselves, lack of exercise, being on the verge and participating stressful activities, and poor blood pressure control.

Is he ok now? Did he have to have bypass surgery? Hope all is well.
Posted by bargod on 2007-11-07:
Boooo!! to Polaroid. Yay!! to Wal-mart. Hope dad is doing well.
Posted by WhineX on 2007-11-07:
Polaroid used to be a great American company. Since they went bankrupt years ago, it's just a licensed name that gets slapped on products made in China. Hope your dad is better...but you don't help your case by erroneously trying to blame his heart attack on poor service.
Posted by Jumpbackmac on 2007-12-31:
RE: Blank POLAROID TV. I feel your pain--I bought a Polaroid 46" LCD 5 months ago and it is also blank. Customer service claims to know it is a "control box" which they will ship (if it is in stock) as soon as I get the control box (how do they know it is a control box?--must be a common problem) which may be a few days or a few weeks, then I can call again to setup for a technician (another few days or few weeks) I think paying $1,500.00 for a TV with a "full one year warranty" and another 2 yr extended warranty (extra cost) would justify a new one if it dumps. I'm still using 2 remotes because Polaroid doesn't have a code for my TV that will work with DirecTV. Don't bother going to their website for help--it sucks. I certainly won't buy another Polaroid!!!.
Posted by Jumpbackmac on 2008-01-18:
Polaroid is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. However they are not as slick as Sears when it comes to confusing the caller by transferring to other centers. I fought with Polaroid for over three weeks trying to get a control box for my new, blank, crippled, won't come on 46"LCD. They had the wrong zip code on my address, delaying another several days. Next, I called the number for tech service and it was Sears. They promptly scheduled me for a repair in 3-4 weeks. After talking to 5 different people over 3 days I finally gave up.
I had a local TV repairman install the part and now the TV is good as new--great picture. Expect it to quit any day now.
Posted by CatherineFM on 2008-02-10:
Our Polaroid HD TV stopped working when my son plugged his computer into it (following the instructions in the manual.) It never worked again. We went through several weeks of non-answers first from customer service and then from the tech center (which didn't call for weeks after our "control box" arrived, then called to say they'd be calling within 48 hours to schedule an appointment, then didn't call again for two weeks) We got the assistant manager of the WalMart where we'd bought the TV involved. She called them on our behalf and when that, too, yielded no results, WalMart took back the TV. Reading through the uniformly nightmarish descriptions of the company's "customer service" on this and other boards shows that the company's practices verge on the criminal. This is not negligence; it is intentional. They are going to keep doing it as long as they can get away with it and won't stop until a class action lawsuit or a regulatory agency forces them to. DON'T BUY ANY POLAROID PRODUCTS, ever.
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Don't Purchase Polaroid Products... They Don't Stand Behind Them
Posted by Taralyn51 on 12/02/2008
On November 23, 2007 (Black Friday) I purchased a Polaroid TLX-03210B HDTV. On November 30, 2008 it just went black and would not work. I called the Polaroid number in my paperwork and was told that they were sorry to hear about my problems but that my TV was out of warranty by one week. I told them that I had other TV's in my home that were 20 or more years old and had never stopped working and I could not believe that I had spent a lot of money on a TV from Polaroid that worked only one year and that they would not do anything to help me. They said that if I faxed them proof of purchase that they would see if they could arrange for a repair to be done. I told them that I had the registration but not the actual receipt. I was told that they could do nothing without the actual receipt. I called a repair shop and they said that it is 50/50 as to whether they could even fix it as the Polaroid parts are hard to get. Ans I would have to bring it to them (this is a big screen tv) and pay $35.00 just to look at it.

I will never buy a Polaroid product again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-02:
I hear Polaroid makes a shotty TV
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-12-02:
The Polaroid we all knew and loved is long gone. What's left is a company that licenses the valuable name to a variety of products.

Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-12-02:
Hugh is right. Brand names mean nothing today. These companies sold their names to off-shore companies long ago.
Posted by Justusryan on 2008-12-02:
a little homework on your part would have revealed that polaroid sucks. Its a cheap t.v. and not a CRT t.v as the 20 y.o. ones are in your house, so they won't last as long. Final point, you bought a t.v. with a limited manufacturer's warranty, so after it ends, why would they work for free?
Posted by lindaj on 2009-10-31:
we were told by repair shop that the polaroids were actually computer monitors that polaroid passed off as LCD televisions.
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TV Model FLM3232
Posted by Discouraged consumer on 11/20/2007
MONCKS CORNER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I bought TV Model FLM3232 in December of 2006. It quit working in May of 2007. Since it was under warranty, I contacted Polaroid and was told they would have a service facility contact me. The service facility told me Polaroid had back ordered the parts needed for repair. Several weeks passed and I contacted Polaroid again. They could not give me an approximate date the part would be available but the indication was it could be a couple of months or more. Since this model was evidently prone to defects, I requested a refund. I was instructed to return the TV and receipt to Polaroid. This was July. It is now late November and I still have not received a refund. Moreover, I also had to pay the shipping cost to return the TV.

I have called Polaroid dozens of times, spent several hours on hold and then got the run around. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen or heard about.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-20:
Try a lawsuit. Be sure you have all the documentation to back up your complaint. Chances are as soon as Polaroid gets the summons you'll get a check.
Posted by nashdmills on 2007-11-30:
I agree. I had a problem with my LCD, and Polaroid gave me the runaround. I too will not buy Polaroid products.
Posted by thensider on 2007-12-03:
I believe polaroids warranty states that for certain size tvs, you do have to pay the shipping, however, the rest of your complaint is definatly valid. contact the corprate office. the number i found on their website is 1-800-605-5364
Posted by avbrown on 2007-12-12:
It seems there are enough customers of Polaroid products with these same issues to do a class action lawsuit against them.

I bought a Polaroid GPS/DVD player and loved it. At first, it did everything it was supposed to. And then it stopped charging and died about 2 months later. I contacted Polaroid and sent it in to be repaired and was told it would be about 2 weeks to get it back. That was over 6 MONTHS ago.

I have called and emailed Polaroid numerous times and was told they were out of stock and I should wait. Now they want me to jump through hoops in order for me to get a refund check instead. After dealing with their incompetence and dismissive emails, I've concluded that they've lost my return and are doing nothing to rectify it.

I have contacted the Better Business Bureau about this, and Polaroid never responded to them, either. This is the WORST customer service I have ever had, and now I will have to take legal action in order to deal with this.

Do NOT buy from Polaroid! Save yourself the money and time that you will have to spend dealing with customer service once your product stops working.
Posted by Jumpbackmac on 2007-12-30:
RE: Blank POLAROID TV. I feel your pain--I bought a Polaroid 46" LCD 5 months ago and it is also blank. Customer service claims to know it is a "control box" which they will ship (if it is in stock) as soon as I get the control box (how do they know it is a control box?--must be a common problem) which may be a few days or a few weeks, then I can call again to setup for a technician (another few days or few weeks) I think paying $1,500.00 for a TV with a "full one year warranty" and another 2 yr extended warranty (extra cost) would justify a new one if it dumps. I'm still using 2 remotes because Polaroid doesn't have a code for my TV that will work with DirecTV. Don't bother going to their website for help--it sucks. I certainly won't buy another Polaroid!!!.
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Never Purchase A Polaroid TV
Posted by Jor on 12/01/2007
NEVADA -- I purchased a 40" Polaroid TV in December 2006 from circuit city.This Polaroid TV started to make buzzing sounds so loud that you couldn't hear the programs.After contacting circuit city I found out that after you walk out the door they wash their hands of any problems. I contacted Polaroid in may 2007. Polaroid had sent me to 2 TV repair shops from may to September 2007. Neither shop could repair this TV for lack of parts from Polaroid. I had been on the phone with Polaroid every few weeks to try and get my TV fixed without any help.Finally in October 2007 Polaroid told me to ship this TV back through Fedex and I would receive a refund within 30 days. I have been on the phone every few weeks and get a different story. They claim the TV was never received. I faxed them a copy of the receipt from Fedex, that was signed by a Polaroid person. Then they tell me oh yes we received everything. I still continue to wait after 7 months of being without a TV. It is now December 2007 and I just had to fax a copy of my receipt and the Fedex form. My next step will have to be the attorney general. This is no way to do business.

I will never purchase a Polaroid product in the future.

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Posted by CrystalSword on 2007-12-01:
We are looking to buy an HD flat screen tv in the next year, thank you for the insight on Polaroid....I'm kind of leaning towards looking into a Sanyo...

Found a fabulous tv stand at Wal-Mart for $99 that you attach the flat screen directly too and it enables you to rotate the tv right and left of center, would be great for our situation here with the way our mobile home is laid out...would also give us a place secure enough for tv so it didn't get knocked over, we have a household of klutzes here.

Any input here? Thinking a 42" - 46" screen would be great.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-01:
Crystal, we have a Phillip's 50' plasma. It is about two years old now. Works perfect. people come over and see the HD pic and it blows them away. I see it at Costco now for less than $1,400.00.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-01:
Jor, good post and info, thanks.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-12-01:
I don't know why, but several stores that I visited had polaroid TV's and their pictures were sharper and brighter than any other brand (at all of the stores) but thanks for your review, now I wont spend the money to hear the buzzing sound, I get that for free on my tv now whenever there is a politition talking.
Posted by CrystalSword on 2007-12-02:
We aren't big fans of Philips/Magnavox
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-02:
I don't know which one I like yet and thank you for this information.
Posted by jor on 2007-12-02:
I'm JUST GLAD I COULD SAVE A FEW PEOPLE THE MISERY THAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED FOR THE LAST 7 MONTHS.This Tv was purchased as a second Tv and only used 3 times.I'm shocked with the service from Polaroid. I have now filled a complaint with the Attorney General. I filled a complaint with BBB , but the outcome was "Polaroid would not respond to them."Thank You, JOR
Posted by thensider on 2007-12-03:
try contacting their corprate office. 1-800-605-5364
Posted by Bubby Dave on 2008-04-12:
polaroid is as the last 4 letters suggests a pain,I bought a 37"FLM-3732,had the same results as everybody else and I would love to be in a class action law suit,they know they have a bad product and are still selling them,they sent me two new circut boards and they were bad then they said they would replace the tv,oh but the warranty is up now sorry about your luck,is there anything else I can help You with today Mr Tilley,No then buy a good tv now that We have Your money,I have stood in Wal-Mart And told people about Polaroid until they showed me the door,Thanks For Your time David Tilley
Posted by jor on 2009-01-28:
With my problem with Polaroid, I finally contacted the Attorney General, within a month I had a full refund!
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DVD repair problem
Posted by Ryan2 on 06/18/2007
After two years of use, our Polaroid portable DVD player stopped working. Apparently it can no longer receive a charge from the AC adapter. A local electronics repair shop indicated, and customer-service rep from Polaroid confirmed, that there are no parts available to fix the device--the only option is to exchange it for a new one, with Polaroid, for a cost of $95 (for a player priced at $120 new). In other words, no matter how minor the necessary repair, there's nothing we can do except pay most of the cost of a new one. Polaroid has lost one customer for life.

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Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-18:
removed by poster
Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-18:
Just one of the hazards of dealing with products that eventually break down, and have been replaced by new technology that make the manufacture and storage of obsolete parts way too costly. If that is going to keep you from a fine company like Polaroid, what are you going to do when you find that is standard in the electronics industry. You won't escape it by turning to a worse product.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-19:
Most compact electronic devices are unrepairable. If there is a breakdown during the warranty period all they do is replace it. After two years it's not unexpected that something will stop working.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-06-19:
Most electronics are made to be thrown out, not repaired, thus the price. $120 DVD players, televisions, surround sound systems, etc. are not made to last forever, or to be repaired. If you want something to last, it will cost you a lot more than $120.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-19:
A trip to Wal-Mart this week showed me several DVD players for less than $30. I have tried one, and they work very well. It is true that electronics now are like Timex watches. You cannot get a jeweller to work on a Timex, they will flat tell you it is cheaper to buy a new one rather than spend a lot to fix it.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-06-19:
I can't believe you got a polaroid to last that long, those portable units suck!
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Polaroid TV Still Running Great
Posted by Leha55 on 12/31/2013
Had this TV for over 5 years and its still running great. I know people who play thousands for Sony visio or other "high end" brands that don't last as long.. and the picture quality isn't nearly as good.. I have seen a lot of bad reviews for Polaroid TVs but I am more than happy.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-01:
I'm glad to that your TV is working out for you, but many people and leading consumer review magazines seem to hold the opposite opinion.
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StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Posted by Gfhs on 08/01/2012
This TV stopped working after three months. Took forever to find customer service to get a return authorization number. The repair service told me that it would take three weeks to fix after they got it. I gave them a few extra days, then called. They told me that "the parts are not in yet" (old excuse)and it would take another month. Today was "another month", and I was told that it will take "another three weeks". YEAH RIGHT! I'm paying for three months of cable with no TV and I'm just TIRED of the lies and excuses! Why don't they just send me a replacement like any company that has customer service? Seems like this company is run from a tree fort!
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Posted by andbran on 2012-08-01:
did you get the extended warranty?
Posted by bobbie on 2013-08-10:
Doesn't matter with the warranty, We bought a plasma. It won't turn on without the remote and the remote isn't available because they do NOT have the parts. Someone bought the Polaroid name to make the TV's. They do not have back up parts - one woman told me when I had called customer service for the 30th time. Anyway, we found a guy who works on TV's and for 120 bucks he fixed it. Seems if you view it as a computer repair, there is something that the guy did that made it work and explained it to us.... Anyway, we then sold it later, still working and bought a Samsung and love the Samsung.
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More poor customer service
Posted by Orin.willner16 on 12/01/2011
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I purchased two of Polaroid's PMP180 on Black Friday, seeing a display indicating they were only $13 each! Considered buying more. At the cashier, I learned it would be $13 after the $10 rebate. Fine. Got them home, realized only after opening up the plastic and reading through the guide that it won't work with the Mac. Also, didn't want to have to open up the second one to cut out the UPC to send in with rebate to get $10 back before giving as a gift. OK. Then got out our old PC laptop, downloaded albums onto the MP3 player, only to learn that the "rechargeable battery" doesn't work or hold a charge, even after more than a day, if it is disconnected from the power source. The packaging asks consumers not to return item to the store but rather to call the customer service hotline, M-Th 9-5, but nobody answers, ever, and nobody returns messages. Or e-mails. I'm returning both items Saturday. If I had known, never would have bought them, and will not be buying Polaroid again, even though the customer service problem is with Southern Telecom.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-12-01:
Was there any guarantee that the players were compatible with OS X? Most Mac users realize this issue and will confirm the comparability before making such a purchase. Additionally, the type of rechargeable battery does make a difference. Lithium batteries require a couple of good complete charges and dissipations before their battery length becomes set. Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Hydride batteries don't hold a charge for as long.

Before trying to return it to the store you purchased them from, it would be worth a call to confirm they are returnable; especially whereas the one has been opened.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-01:
Good luck on whatever is opened. If the packaging says don't return to the store, the store may not accept it and it becomes a manufacturer issue.
Posted by Me too on 2012-07-18:
I recently bought the same item and have had the exact same issue with the battery not charging. Even with the battery charged completely, the most it will last is 1 hour. I'm very disappointed in the brand and product.
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