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Customer Service Is Clueless About Their Products
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Bought a PDC2300Z digital camera a few years back. It came with a 16mb Compact Flash card. I decided to upgrade the card so I could take more pictures before having to download. There were only 1G, 2G and 4G available at the store. I checked the owners manual and it said: "The PDC2300Z Digital Camera supports all Type I
Compact Flash memory cards, and is not limited by MB size."

So I bought a 2G card (it was on sale and cheaper than the 1G), and the camera had problems with it. I emailed POLAROID with the details of how the camera was acting, and asking if indeed my camera could handle such a large card. They replied: "The information that you have provided indicates that the memory card you purchase is defective." So off I went to Best Buy to exchange the card. I tried another of the same size and make, with no luck. They were kind enough to also let me try a smaller (1G) card, which also had a slower speed, and again no luck.

So I emailed POLAROID again and waited. While waiting 12 DAYS for a reply, I started searching their site for answers, and this time, found that my camera has a limit of 128mb for the Compact Flash. I found some, that size and smaller, in the reduced bin of my local camera store, and they all work, no problem. The next day, POLAROID finally responded to my email: "You can send that model in for repair for $99.95. If you would like to do so, please contact..."

So 1st they say my camera can take any size, then they say the card was defective, and finally, that my camera is broken. These people do NOT have any idea what their own products' capabilities are. It seems they throw a dart at the wall to decide which answer to reply with. When you repudiate it, they try another. I emailed them again, letting then in on what I found out, but I really don't think they'll respond. If they do, I'll post it. BEWARE POLAROID!

Failure To Honor Warranty
By -

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA -- Our Polaroid digital camera, purchased from Walmart, quick working before the one year warranty ran out. I got a return authorization number and sent it for repair/replacement. After several weeks with no response, I called and was told they are behind -- no idea when they would repair or replace and nothing else they could do. I complained to a higher level. A day later, I received a terse message that they were returning the camera to us. No repair or replacement because it showed signs of wear and tear -- duh -- we had carried it around for about 10 months.

Also stated the serial number had been erased. When we inspected it, we found the serial number was blacked with a very neat black bar -- certainly not something we did as it appeared to have been manufactured that way. You could almost but not quite make out the serial number under the black bar. Bottom line -- warranty was not honored.

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