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Buyer Beware
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I called Polaroid Cust. Service on 08/28/09 for a problem with a TV. This was under warranty. After doing everything asked they said they would send me out the part and then would setup a service call. I received the part on 10/15/09. After talking to the support group at 866-289-5168 on that Thursday they assured me that a technical group would call me within 3-5 business days to set up a service call. Today is the 26th of October. I called them once again today and talked to the same manager (Nick G.). They keep giving me the run around. They claim they have no contact the technical company that will come out and install the part. I feel I have been very patient since my TV has been out since 08/28/09 and it is now 2 months to fix a warranty part. The support group manager claims they will call me within the next three to four days now. Even though he claimed on last Thursday the 22nd of October that after the day of me getting the part they would call within 3-5 business days. This is the second time that this TV has gone bad 09/06/08. The first time they replaced a part on March 10, 2008. Now it does not work again.

Today 10/28/09:

A technician showed up at my house at about 11:00 today. He saw that the TV worked but would flicker when there were light colors on the screen. He took the part that they sent to me and went to replace it. This part would not work due to a cable would not connect to the TV from the controller box. They instructed the technician to take the cable from the old controller and put it on the new controller so it would fit. Which the technician had done. After it was reassembled the technician had re-hung the TV and we turned it on to find that the TV screen looked like pastel colors. A whole different issue. The technician called the company (Polaroid) and explained what was going on. They instructed him to remove the controller board and reseat it again to make sure it was seated correctly. When the technician went to remove the board to reseat it he said the board was very, very hot. To hot to touch. He let the support technician on the phone know that the board was extremely hot. After trying to reseat and hang the TV once again the TV will now get no picture at all. He explained to the support line technician on the phone that there is no picture now and thinks that the board might have caused a different problem due to the heat of it.

I then had to talk to the representative and he explained to me that there is nothing else they can do and that I am just out of the 719.32 TV that I purchased that is still under warranty. They will not send another technician out and that is it.
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emmac on 10/28/2009:
Seems like you should have more recourse that than. Especially when you had their guy do the work. You should try and talk to the top most person they will put you through to. If that doesn't work then contact the BBB at the very least.
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Polaroid LCD TV does not turn on after 17 months of use
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BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- Extremely dissatisfied with Polaroid quality. I purchased Polaroid LCD TV FLM-4034B (Model 4000) on Black Friday at Circuit City and after 17 months of use, the TV does not work.

FIRST, I submitted the complaint shown below via the Polaroid website:

A reputable repair facility indicated microprocessor in control box is not functioning. Also indicated power supply is operational. Recommends entire control box assembly to be replaced. Quote for control box replacement is $840. Extremely disappointed with poor quality and poor reliability of this product. Is there a product recall for this item or any component within this LCD TV? What compensation can be applied toward this short life LCD TV to ensure consumer confidence and customer satisfaction in Polaroid products? Is the LCD that I purchased a 'lemon'? I think it is.

They responded:

Thank you for contacting Polaroid and for your support and interest in our product. Below is our response to your recent email.

Unfortunately, your product is out of warranty and the only service option we can offer is an out of warranty exchange. You will be required to ship your non working unit to our service center and we will send you a replacement product at a discounted price. If you would like to do so, please contact Customer Service at 866-289-5168 Mon-Fri 8am-11pm Sat & Sun 10am-8pm EST. To better assist you, please have your model number, serial number, and exact date of purchase.

Or you may take the unit to a local electronics repair shop to have it repaired. You should be able to find a repair shop in your local yellow pages or on a search engine. You may inform the repair person that they may contact these national electronics retailers to obtain parts for repair.
Andrews Electronics 800-274-4666
Vance Baldwin Electronics 800-432-8542
Thank you,
Polaroid Customer Service

I was not happy with this response, as the LCD TV was only in use for 17 months, at most 5 hrs of use on average per day. By anyone's standards, this is not much use before 'burn out' of the microprocessor/control box. The cheapest 'tube' TV would clearly out last this Polaroid piece of junk. Not satisfied with the response I got, I immediately called Polaroid via the toll free number indicated in the owners manual and was told I could get a refurbished LCD TV at approx 80% of the cost of the new one I purchased AND I would have to pay for shipping. The LCD TV from Polaroid is not a good investment. Stay away from Polaroid as they do not stand by their product. I wonder if Polaroid knowingly marketing a poor quality product to mislead the consumer for monetary gain. A GOOD company would stand by their product and replace a defective component at a fair cost to the consumer.
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User Replies:
msnanny on 07/03/2008:
Your unit has a 1 year warranty. If you wanted to be covered beyond that you could have either purchased an extended warranty or a higher priced unit which offered a longer warranty. You do not have a legitamite complaint.
Anonymous on 07/03/2008:
Man, I want and LCD television, but I'm scared to spend that kind of money just to have it quit. I was told by a salesperson that the life span of one is between six and ten years. I think this person does have a complaint. It may not be under warranty, but $2000 for a television that works a year and half? I'd be upset, too. I WILL be buying an extended warranty, however.
MRM on 07/03/2008:
How big is this LCD tv... 40 inch?
miker on 08/27/2008:
I'm going through the same exact issue now on model FLM-2632. it just stopped working - purchased it about 20 months ago. yes its out of warranty but the biggest problem I have is support is useless, they tell me to check the Yellow pages for a repair shop that supports Polaroid. who does that anymore? I have a Sony lcd as well, they list support shops on their site. all I was told was sent it back and pay for shipping and a $360 fee and we will replace it. no one tried to understand my problem or help. just send it in and give us more money. I will never do anythign with any Polaroid products again.
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Defective TV/Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
In April 2007, a purchase was made at Wal-Mart for a Polaroid 37" HD LCD Television FLM-373B. If I would have known this purchase was being made considering what I know now.....I would have returned it to Wal-Mart the same day. I normally research products through other avenues but my husband went out and purchased it. Keep in mind my family has 5+ television sets and not a one of them has gone out and we have two TV sets that are 20+ years old and are still working!!!!

October 13th,2007 the TV was turned on and then within 10 seconds the picture went out and all we had was audio.

I called Wal-Mart immediately to see if I could return the TV set given it was less than a year old and I was told to contact Polaroid because an extended warranty was not purchased. Within a few days I submitted a repair ticket through the Polaroid website. I received a response within 2 days saying that I would receive a part within 2-3 weeks and then within 2-3 days of receiving the part I would be contacted by a technician for a repair.

Unfortunately after numerous e-mails and numerous phone calls, the part was finally received in January 2008. It took almost 3 months for the part to get here. I was told the part was on back order.

To make matters worse the technician has yet to contact us to schedule the appointment. I have called Polaroid twice and they keep telling me give it another week. I am concerned at this point even though it may eventually be fixed, that in another few months the TV will go out again and it will no longer be under warranty.

I do not recommend purchasing this product.

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User Replies:
Slimjim on 01/18/2008:
All I can think of when the name Polaroid is mentioned, is a white piece of paper coming out of a camera that turns into a picture from 15 seconds of flapping. Actually, I think all that fluttering had very little impact on the development time in reality.
Starlord on 01/18/2008:
I think that the flapping of the developing picture actually served no purpose, sort of like flapping our hands when they get wet. Actually, I was always told to just lay the picture down on a flat surface and let the picture develop that way. I always wondered what an instant developing film company knew about making TVs.
Justusryan on 01/18/2008:
The OP at least didn't blame Wal-Mart for not returning it. Many people have 20 years old CRT tv's, that's why they still go strong. You're not going to get that kind of performace out of a flat panel tv in 99% of cases.
CatherineFM on 02/10/2008:
Let WalMart know what's going on. They may stand behind you once they realize how you are being treated. Ours did.
Coat on 03/27/2008:
Same TV purchased from Circuit City Nov 06, I also purchased the extended warranty. This Polaroid was 37" 1080p LCD and I picked it out for its computer hook up (VGA), cost me $1300 had some sort of sale that day got me $260 off so I purchased a 3 year $280 warranty, for a total of about $1300 something. My TV stopped turning on just before Super Bowl 07(Jan 08). I called Circuit City and they sent someone out quick, but he said the part he needed was on back order. I get a call from someone saying the part is no longer being made and I need to bring my TV in to my local store for return then I will be giving a TV that is at least same size, format, and specifications as the one I got, they said they would contact me with a ticket number so I could do so. After I did not hear back from them I called, and was then informed not bring my TV down there because it was too big of a TV to do that, but to call my local Circuit City and have them come pick it up, then I would have store credit to replace the TV. When I called the store the TV manager said that he will schedule a time to pick up my TV, and drop off an $800 Vizeo TV to replace mine. After I told him about the credit, and the replacement of TV with same specifications that the other people told me about, he said he had just done this same deal, with the same TV, he said this guy fought and fought and in the end he ended up with the $800 refund from the Vizeo. Now I loved this TV, it was perfect, picture was great ran my computer and Xbox, everything I wanted. I have not talked with Polaroid any but looks like Circuit City is not going to be any cake walk. I don't want an $800 Vizeo, I don't even want a new TV, I just want mine fixed. So my question to mustanggen2 is, did you ever get it fixed since your part arrived the same time mine broke, and they told me the part was on back order and now no longer being made.
PureEntropy on 04/22/2008:
I'm finally getting my Polaroid TV serviced locally. I bought mine back in March of 2007 and it's worked perfectly fine until about a month ago. It now has a high pitched sound that eminates from the speakers for about the first 5 minutes that it is on (when the picture is in 720p). If I switch the picture into 1080i or p, it creates an unbearable sound.

After 3 weeks of trying to have some service company send me a box to get it fixed, I finally had it out with customer service and they pointed me towards a local service center. I'm going to take it in and see what they can do. Although after searching around the internet and hearing about everyone's experiences, I'm not sure if they'll be able to fix it.

I'm hoping that at best I will get my money back for the TV and I'll put it towards another one. It's a shame too because the picture on this tv is incredible.
monkees on 12/25/2010:
My TV went bad on my Polaroid with the DVD built in player. Now the on and off switch won't work on the same 27 inch Polaroid TV! And all the companies are doing and selling TVs the same way. Take your 500 dollars-3.000 bucks first and not want to fix the TVs! Sony,LG,Panasonic,Sam-sung,Zenith who is made by LG and the list goes on! Plus get your money on a service contract and good luck after that! This con game is still going on because they get away with this.
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Possible fix for Polaroid model TDX-03211B
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This may be helpful to someone out there, if your still holding onto this model TV. I've had issues with my Polaroid TV model TDX-03211B going completely blank, but I can still hear the station I'm on. To fix it or bring the screen back hold the power button (on the side) of the TV, and unplug the TV from the wall socket. While still holding the power button, give it say 20 seconds then plug the TV back in. My screen comes back every time and I've had mine since 2008. My DVD went out after the warranty expired, but after some button play I figured out a way to hard cycle the TV from the buttons on the side, which fixed the DVD player for a day, but I haven't been able to duplicate the steps. I'm not referring to just the power button. I remember holding multiple buttons at the same time along with the power button. The TV went through a start up screen like a PC. Now all the DVD player does is state no disk even though I can eject and insert DVDs and hear the disk spinning.

I hope this helps for those of you still holding onto these models.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 11/08/2011:
Great information
Tazrivas on 08/18/2013:
Thank you. I still have my tv only thing is that the DVD won't work
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Many Many Issues With These Televisions
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FLORIDA -- I've read comments from many even saw one from a so called customer service representative on here stating that their products have a low failure rate. And that it's a well known fact that LCD's do not last long. LOL. Okay lets go back... 1 year is not a long time nor should it be the goal of Polaroid to achieve in any way.

There are many other company's that make LCD televisions and they do NOT fail in 12 months or 18 months. There is no excuse for this. Polaroid offers a 1 year warranty on their products but the issue is they do not last much more than that. A customer should be able to spend $1,000 or more and fully expect to get well over 5 years with minor issues NOT complete failure. No less failing in 12- 18 months that's insane!!!! Polaroid should fully take responsibility for the 100's of thousands of complaints online & at the BBB regarding the same failure on their LCD line of TV's. This is unacceptable and not even on a lemon law type situation it's robbing the consumer.

No person or representative from Polaroid should even try and say this is okay and perfectly acceptable that you paid your hard earned money to our company and the product is failing on all levels across their LCD line of TV's. It's disgusting unprofessional and down right ripping off the same people that keep your company afloat keep this up and soon no one will be buying your products. Matter a fact I'm more than confident the Polaroid company's name is smeared because of the large amounts of verified lemon products you throw on consumers and expect us to think it's okay that we only get 1 year for a $1,000 product.

After reading so many comments after my Polaroid went after 16 months I did not even bother making contact I wrote it off as being ripped off and gave the set to the garbage men. I lost $800 and change due to poor electronics and down right sad consumer response to Polaroids lousy 1 year warranty.

Only thing left of my Polaroid LCD is the Receipt. I paid $800 for 16 months and a paper receipt:(
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User Replies:
redmx3racer on 07/10/2010:
You know, I had a buddy laugh at me because I spent $2800 on the same size TV he bought for $879-unlike me, he did not care about having high-def.

2.5 years later, my TV is going strong. His is long gone.

That said-I do agree with the OP. You should be able to get a decent TV that will last longer than a year for $800.
safesinger666 on 07/10/2010:
You are right you do get what you pay for.
But the issue is there are other low cost LCDTV makers that their TV's last just as long as higher end TV's. Of course they lack a lot of the features that higher priced TV's get.
I find it really disgusting that Polaroid gets away with this.
$800 x 1,000's of others that got the same product and others even lost more on their so called replacement parts Polaroid made them pay for to fix these lemon TVs.
Nancy on 02/04/2013:
I am an old woman that can not afford another TV. I to paid $800.00 for a Polaroid TV . It has lasted me 5 years. Not acceptable. NO Support either. The TV I had for 20 years was still working, it was just a big console that I gave to a person that had no TV when I bought mine. Polaroid used to be a name with quality, these TV's should last the public much longer. Trust me $800. Is quite a lot for most people. Not a Happy consumer.
bobbie on 08/10/2013:
There IS no real service and they don't have the parts. They can't get the parts made. We called cs 30 times for our large Polaroid. A computer guy finally fixed ours for under 130 bucks by considering it to be like a computer screen, etc and it worked fine. A woman in customer service finally broke down and told me there are no parts, she was going to quit because they had no resources or what to say to the customers. Just an FYI.
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Polaroid Sucks
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I bought a Polaroid 32 inch flat screen with DVD from Walmart 2 yrs ago. And like most, first the DVD stopped working. Last week the TV started to smoke and the screen went black. Doesn't work at all now. A lot of money to spend on a piece of crap. I just want to thank Polaroid for there lack of help and compassion during a difficult time for many people in financial difficultly. NEVER, EVER, AGAIN. I will do my best to make sure no one I know and who knows them will ever purchase another thing from Polaroid. If there is any class action lawsuit, please keep me informed.
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Keep away from Polaroid
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My TV broke as soon as the year was up. Cost more to fix than replacing it. Last time I buy a Polaroid TV from Wal-mart. Going to Costco where they warranty their TV for two years.
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trmn8r on 08/19/2011:
I have heard nothing but bad things about Polaroid tvs. I thought that they stopped making them.
Anonymous on 08/21/2011:
Polaroid televisions are one of the "seconds" manufacturers of television industry. There are a load of them out there and they generally have a lot higher degree of breakdown aside from the major O.E.M.s.

Before you accept Costco's two year warranty at face value, you may want to do some checking around. I've known people who have tried to use this so-called warranty and had more problems than I can list.

Just buy a good television from a reputable, local television specialist. They'll generally be as competitive as any place and offer a great deal better service.

Personally, I really like the Sony line.

Best of luck.
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Stay away from Polaroid HDTV DVD Combo
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My mother-in-law purchased this TV for my teenage daughter and gave it to her as an early Christmas gift. 2 days into using it the DVD player stopped working, then blue screen on the TV portion. DVD was stuck in the unit. Took it back to Target but they couldn't replace the DVD so she had to purchase another DVD. She purchased the exact same TV thinking it wouldn't happen it again. WRONG. Now, 2 weeks after the purchase of the same TV model the same thing happened again...with another DVD stuck inside. Guess we'll be taking this one back to and will have to replace yet another DVD. Tried to contact Polaroid after the first TV died. Shocking but true not a peep back from them. Junk products and non-existent customer service. Stay away from this TV product.
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User Replies:
Skye on 12/06/2010:
I would keep trying to contact Polaroid. I would not just go away. Here is a link, that has several options, for contacting Polaroid.

James on 07/13/2012:
I bought a poloroid tv/dvd combo and had the same problem. I bought mine from target also. Funny how you go to poloroid's website they don't have a listing for the tv. I'll not be buying another!
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No picture on my Polaroid TV
Posted by on
I had the exact same problem. When I googled it I saw pages of complaints. I almost gave up because it seems that most think it's cheaper to replace the TV. NOT TRUE. When I called Polaroid they wanted me to purchase a $250 control box, install it myself, then send back the old one for $100 refund; no warranty, no guarantees. I continued my search and found a local repairman here in Georgia who fixed my TV for $120 with a 90 day warranty. He even agreed to look at it free of charge. Call 678-590-1337 and ask for Steve. His service was excellent and the workmanship remarkable. The TV works better than when it was new. He found several things wrong but only charged me what he quoted. In the meantime, I am trying to find a way to start a class action lawsuit against Polaroid. A TV should last more than 2 years or it should say DISPOSABLE on the label.
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User Replies:
momsey on 06/08/2010:
Don't bother with a class action lawsuit. That won't do you any good. Class action suits are only good for the lawyers.

Maybe you should write a compliment review for Steve.
goduke on 06/08/2010:
Come on, momsey, think of all of the hungry lawyers out there that need a new BMW.
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My TV is burning
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I was watching my TV and suddenly smelled something burning. To my surprise my TV picture went out but the sound worked and then smoke started billowing out of my television. I bought the TV about 1 1/2 yrs ago. Luckily I was home when this happened or I wouldn't have a home. I called Polaroid and they said it is out of warranty and if I could turn on the TV so they can do a diagnostic check. Excuse me, but if you turn on the TV my house will burn down. So they offered my a chance to buy a refurbished television for a little less than what I purchased this one for at Walmart, but other than that nothing we can do. The sad thing is that I have another one I bought about the same time period. I will have to unplug it so it does not burn my house down. This is ridiculous that a company can put out such a dangerous item with no care for people safety. They need to do a recall same as Toyota is doing.

I won't advise anyone to purchase a Polaroid TV ever. I've had older model televisions that lasted longer than this. Class action suit I'm down for it.
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