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Consumer Ripoff
By -

CONWAY, ARKANSAS -- I want to let all consumers know that any Polaroid TV is not worth the money you pay for it. We bought a big screen HDTV in mid 2007, and four months later it went on the blink. After several weeks, and many phone calls, we finally got a repairman out. He changed the part on the TV that need to be replaced, and told us that usually Polaroids lasted about 8 months before they went out, he was surprised that ours only lasted 4 months. He said they just recycle the parts and reuse them for the next person. Also, he had to make a return trip the next day, because he didn't do the job right the first time.

Then the DVD player went kaput, we just used our old TV for the DVD player, THEN the TV went out AGAIN. After several e-mails back and forth to the company, they told me it would cost $100 to replace the DVD player. In the final e-mail this is what they had to say: "Again I apologize for the issue however your unit was repaired over a year ago and you are currently 5 months beyond the warranty period. Service will not be provided to you for free. We have out of warranty options available for your situation. You will need to call the support center at 866-289-5168 to have your TV fully diagnosed. They will then go over what options we have available for you."

I also bought a Polaroid digital camera, which only lasted about 8 months before going kaput. Believe me, I will NEVER buy Polaroid products again, and I hope that whoever is planning on buying a new TV reads this and takes heed, you can save yourself around $800.

Polaroid TV's Are Garbage
By -

MCHENRY, ILLINOIS -- Polaroid is in bankruptcy because they make incredibly bad products sell them to unsuspecting consumers and run off with your money. If an $800 television set lasts a year then you were lucky. Most will go out sooner! Read reviews on this brand and you will find nothing but pissed off consumers. You cannot even send an email from the website all you can contact are idiots over the phone who are no help at all! If you like to throw money away then buy one but if you work hard for every penny like I do then please buy anything but Polaroid!

We Should All Call The BBB - I Did
By -

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- I have had this problem for a while but just thought to look into it now. That's when I noticed this was a huge problem I called the company once more. After I told them of this being a problem with most of these products and they still wanted to scam me into spending another $300.00. So we hung up went online to the BBB and filed a complaint. There is strength in numbers and I would appreciate all the support I can get with this!!! Hopefully there will be something done about this. I just pulled this off of their website and think it is false advertisement:

"Fun, easy-to-use, and family-friendly, Polaroid products help you create memories you can share instantly, no matter where you are. Globally recognized as a trusted brand for over 70 years, Polaroid is best known for pioneering instant photography. Today, Polaroid has reinvented instant photography with its innovative line of Polaroid pogo digital products. In addition, Polaroid is a trusted brand for LCD TVs, digital cameras, digital photo frames, and more, strengthening its global position as a leading consumer electronics company."

Polaroid Does Not Stand By Their Product
By -

FLORIDA -- My husband and I bought a Polaroid 19" LCD TV at Wal-mart; it was a 2nd TV in the house and we didn't use it that often. Approximately 9 months after purchase the TV made a horrible whining sound and the picture went "crazy"; Polaroid exchanged the TV for another and we were optimistic that the 2nd TV would work; it didn't do anything, no signal. The company sent us another remote suggesting this was the problem; it wasn't. The TV still does not work.

Now they want us to send the TV back again and they will send us another; that will be THREE TELEVISIONS IN LESS THAN A YEAR. I requested a refund and they have refused to do this. It is shocking that the company of the stature of Polaroid would not stand by their product and provide a customer refund. I will never ever ever ever buy another Polaroid product.

Is There A Lawyer In The House?
By -

BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI -- I actually have a 37" Polaroid flat screen HDTV. I have lost my receipt but it sounds like it would not matter anyway, because I would not want to put out the cost that most of you have already done. To start with, when my husband got the TV home and turned it on the picture looked great and then we turned volume up, "OMG", he thought the cat was being stepped on. We have never heard such poor sound quality.

We decided we would just live with it, but after a year we wish it still sounded that bad, it went from poor sound to a high pitched squall, similar to shoving a nail in one ear and pulling it out the other. You cannot turn the TV off because the channels will not come back for an hour or so, We thought it was just our luck but it seems like it is everybody that owns one. We will live with this TV until we can afford to buy another TV.

Can you guess what brand it will NOT be? Out of all the complaints we read surely there is a lawyer or someone who is related to Ralph Nader to start a class action suit. Polaroid should not be able to get away with screwing the consumers.

Don't Purchase Polaroid Products... They Don't Stand Behind Them
By -

On November 23, 2007 (Black Friday) I purchased a Polaroid TLX-03210B HDTV. On November 30, 2008 it just went black and would not work. I called the Polaroid number in my paperwork and was told that they were sorry to hear about my problems but that my TV was out of warranty by one week. I told them that I had other TV's in my home that were 20 or more years old and had never stopped working and I could not believe that I had spent a lot of money on a TV from Polaroid that worked only one year and that they would not do anything to help me.

They said that if I faxed them proof of purchase that they would see if they could arrange for a repair to be done. I told them that I had the registration but not the actual receipt. I was told that they could do nothing without the actual receipt. I called a repair shop and they said that it is 50/50 as to whether they could even fix it as the Polaroid parts are hard to get. And I would have to bring it to them (this is a big screen TV) and pay $35.00 just to look at it. I will never buy a Polaroid product again.

The Worst Service Ever From Polaroid
By -

CHILTON, TEXAS -- After literally weeks of enduring a different answer and excuse and promise with each call to find out why my replacement TV hasn't arrived, I finally got so fed up with the obfuscations and buck passing I decided to do the only thing left to me. make my complaint public. Polaroid sent me a rebate check for $100.00. the cost of sending the broken TV back to them was $84.00. so I gained $16.00....but I am out the $297.00 I spent on the TV in the first place and I still don't have a TV and it's been almost two months! We have been told with each call the TV has been sent via fed ex and yet they mysteriously cannot find the tracking number...

I called Fed ex and they said they can track it by name and address and nothing with my name or address has been sent from Polaroid..So when I confronted Hemmhoroid, oopsie, (Polaroid)with this information, they magically discovered that a mistake had been made and it hadn't been sent after all... but not to worry, they were going to e-mail their shipping dept and it would go out the next day.... and I got this line of bull for the next 6 and 1/2 weeks straight...until tonight when the customer service rep said "Oh I see, your TV is actually on back order because we ran out of them." I drew to his wandering attention to the information supposedly entered on his own computer stating they had just received a huge load of brand new TVs and they were being sent out as fast as they could muster. over 6 weeks ago mine was supposedly shipped and it would arrive before the rebate check..the rebate check came...7-10 working days came and went (several times) still no TV..
As I sit here now..still no TV..I was polite for the first month of their twisted tongue truth telling, but not anymore. Polaroid Corporation has absolutely the most inept, dishonest, buck passing, weak, uninformed, misinformed, incapable, illogical and patronizing customer (dis)service I have ever had the ill-pleasure to attempt to do business with. If I were to give them a star rating on a 5 star basis, I would have to invent an addition to the rating that begins about 10 stars below the 1 rating.
I know, let it all out! quit holding it back!

Be smarter than I was and next time you have an opportunity or choice to buy a Poloroid product or run naked the wrong way up a busy freeway, Go for the freeway...It will be more satisfying and will definitely get you a quicker response.

Terrible Customer Service & Warranty/ Rip Off
By -

I know this is a little long but PLEASE read...

I purchased a brand new Polaroid FLM-2634B 26" LCD High Definition TV. The HDMI input on the back of the unit was not a HDMI input. The technician didn't even know what it was.

I called and reported this to Polaroid they sent me a new Core Unit to fix the problem. I had the unit forever until finally the technician showed up. He replaced the unit. Turned on power and started to hear crackling noises. He immediately turned off the power and said they sent me a Defective Core Unit.

He put the old one back in, so I could at least watch TV until I got another one sent. After he put the original back in the TV would Not Work at all. In his report which I made a copy of, he stated New Part Damaged LCD Panel. TV is not fixable.

He called Polaroid told them what happened and then put me on the phone. I was told I could have a replacement or a refund. Naturally I was upset and said I and said for all my trouble I should receive some kind of upgrade. I was told that in 7 to 10 days I would receive a Fed Ex Label, and to call them and they would come out and pick up the Tv. I boxed up the TV with all the original materials in the original box.

Well no label ever came. I have called Customer Service so many times that I can't even remember how many. They have terrible Customer Service. I told them I wouldn't even have a TV for Christmas now. Which did not seem to bother them at all. I was also told that they do not give refunds or upgrades, and they did not know why the first person told me that.

They told me that TV was on backorder, but they could send me something Comparable. I have spoken to Supervisors that said they send out reports, basically emails to the branch that handles that. They said they had many different branches. I asked for the Phone Number or Email Address of that Branch and was told they were they only branch with the Phone Number and Email. So I could not directly contact them.

I was told that a email would be sent out immediately to expedite the exchange. I have been told this on more than one occasion. Still nothing has happened.

Basically the Polaroid corporation has ripped me off. They sold me a Brand New TV that was defective. They sent me a Brand New replacement part that was Defective, and they are doing nothing to solve the problem.

I have never received a phone call or email from them and that Fed EX return slip has still not arrived. I would like to file a suit against the Polaroid Corporation.

Can Anyone PLEASE help me?? Thank You.

Never Purchase A Polaroid TV
By -

NEVADA -- I purchased a 40" Polaroid TV in December 2006 from Circuit City.This Polaroid TV started to make buzzing sounds so loud that you couldn't hear the programs.After contacting Circuit City I found out that after you walk out the door they wash their hands of any problems. I contacted Polaroid in may 2007. Polaroid had sent me to 2 TV repair shops from may to September 2007. Neither shop could repair this TV for lack of parts from Polaroid. I had been on the phone with Polaroid every few weeks to try to get my TV fixed without any help.Finally in October 2007 Polaroid told me to ship this TV back through Fedex and I would receive a refund within 30 days. I have been on the phone every few weeks and get a different story. They claim the TV was never received. I faxed them a copy of the receipt from Fedex, that was signed by a Polaroid person. Then they tell me oh yes we received everything. I still continue to wait after 7 months of being without a TV. It is now December 2007 and I just had to fax a copy of my receipt and the Fedex form. My next step will have to be the attorney general. This is no way to do business.

I will never purchase a Polaroid product in the future.


Customer Service and Quality
By -

MICHIGAN -- I purchased a FLM-2632 HDTV unit on 11/22/06 at Circuit City, and the young man tried real hard to sell me an extended warranty. But I did not purchase one because these warranties are expensive. Yeah, I know, look where I am now! (I think he may have known that I would have a problem). Exactly one year later from the date of purchase (11/22/07) the TV quit. Since I am away at college some 90 miles from my residence, I have rarely used this TV.

It just sits on top of my dresser at home. I had come home for Thanksgiving break to find the picture with 3 horizontal bands that consisted of vertical colored lines within each band. I tried to hook it up to my cable connection down stairs to see if it was my OTA antenna that was causing the problem, and it was clear that it was the TV.

I have contacted the company via their web site, but I think it will be a big waste of my time and effort. I have read reviews on several other sites about Polaroid, and believe that they will do nothing for me since others have had their products quit much sooner within warranty periods. Some are still waiting many months later for a first reply from Polaroid. I guess the next step would be to file a complaint with the BBB, but than again, nothing will probably come of that either. I do not want to waste any of my time with these people.

I will never buy a product from them again as long as I am alive, if this is not resolved soon. I will wait a week to hear from them, then I will take other measures. I don't know about all of you, but I am tired of getting ripped off from these companies that will not stand behind their product, and has poor or NO customer service!

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