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Unsatisfied Customer and Unprofessional Manager
Posted by The Dreamer on 07/31/2007
DALLAS, STORE #7391, TEXAS -- Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is pursuant a visit at store # 7391 in Dallas, Texas. Today started off good. I was hungry and decided to buy some chicken from Popeye’s. I was made aware (prior to going) of your Tuesday special by a friend and when I arrived at the drive through by one of your employees.

There were four cars before me; the line was moving slowly. But, I again I’m having a great morning. I placed my order with Olwavado (employee #5). I ordered two Tuesday specials and a small drink (half tea & half sprite).
I approached the window to retrieve my food only to be told, “We have run out of chicken (with the exception of white meat). We have enough to fill one of your orders; is there anything else I can get you?” I must add, Olwavado was very calm and accommodating. I asked him if they could substitute shrimp (I do not eat white meat). I was told he would check with his manager. Please keep in mind, there is no chicken prepared and there is a long line behind me. The manager approaches the window. Before I could begin to speak, she was interrupting me. I asked her to allow me to express my concerns without interruption. But she continued to talk over me and she seemed uninterested in making me a satisfied customer. Oh, I was told I could wait 5 minutes; by her. I asked for what? She proceeded to tell me that every Tuesday is like this. My thoughts are (seeing I could not express them with her Maybe you will hear me), “If this happens every Tuesday, as a manager she should come up with a solution, for instance, more workers and more chicken on Tuesday’s, (my order was taken at 11:18) something or someone is falling short. It is the manager’s responsibility to make sure that the operation is running smoothly. In seeing that this “happens every Tuesday”, per Sara she should have come up with an explanation. I hope not listening and not satisfy her customers are not part of her solution.

I waited to get my one order and drink and while doing so, I began to write down the complaint number located on the window, and your manager, Sara came back to the window, and grabbed her badge and began to taunt me by saying, “My name is Sara, my name is Sara did you get that? I never acknowledge her after that.

Unsatisfied Customer

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Posted by MRM on 2007-07-31:
Tea mixed with Sprite is not that bad. Its like Tea lemonade.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-31:
Sounds like another entitlement case. You are getting two pieces of DARK MEAT and they offer you the more expensive and healthier WHITE MEAT and you ask for SHRIMP?! That special out here goes for 89 cents. Give the poor manager a break. It is the lunch rush you know?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-31:
I think that Dreamer meant one with a Sprite and the other with tea.
Posted by mangomaiden on 2007-07-31:
Everytime I went to a particular Kenny Roger's Roasters in Nashville and ordered a piece of rotisserie chicken, guess what? They were ALWAYS out of chicken. That's probably why they went under. I say, vote with your feet! At least they tried to accomodate you by offering an adequate (and less artery-clogging) substitute. If you REALLY wanted dark meat, why not just ask for a can of grease-drippings to go instead?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-31:
Whats wrong with "white meat"?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-31:
all in all a good post. Some people don't like white meat. Also, a request for a substitute is not out of line. The manager can say yes or no.
The business should be prepared if this happens "every Tuesday".
A local KFC had the same problem with Sunday pm and corrected it.
I really don't think fried dark or white meat or shrimp from one of these places is anymore healthy than the other.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-31:
Make mine the white meat and I beg to differ, JK.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-31:
zz not a problem. differences make the world go round.
it's just the people that are unwilling to discuss them and at least listen to another point of view that cause the problems.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-31:
Good point. Now Church's chicken is grease city.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-31:
Some of us do not like white meat, yet the chicken places and even the burger places who do chicken always seem like they are patting themselves on the back when they advertise a new chicken dish. They blare, "All new, 100% white meat chicken doeuvres." Like they have just come up with a formula for world peace. I can't stand white meat, but will eat it if I have to. I have seldom seen white meat prepared in a manner that does not taste dry and tasteless. When I was a kid, I could not choke down white meat, so I only ate dark meat, as it had taste and did not feel like I was eating the box the chicken came in. For those who like white meat, more power to you, it is just not for me.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-07-31:
For a real treat, go to: meat.org the video the meat industry doesn't want you to see.
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Threats made by employee of Popeyes while on the clock
Posted by Skinsfamily on 05/31/2007
MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I visited the popeyes today at 3pm on sunnymead in moreno valley ca.. I had a very disturbing experience. I had ordered my food to whom I thought at the time was competent to take my order. I told her my order, then she walked away. The next employee asked if I had been helped. I told the second employee that the other lady had walked away. The 1st girl came back to me and put the order in the machine and told me what the dollar amount was going to be. I then proceeded to hand her my atm/visa card. She then state "credit or atm?" I told her it didn't matter. She then said "i asked you credit or atm !" I told her atm and I asked "why she has an attitude" she then proceed to tell me in threatening voices that she was off at 4pm and that we can settle it then. I explained to her that I was a grown adult with 2 children with me and I find it immature to act as she was..

I took the card and told her that I no longer wanted the food. She followed me out of the building with her hands up and stating "come on I am right here" I told her she was acting like an ass and I was going to cal the cops. She continued to threaten me and stating "i will get you and your dirty-ass kids" my 6 year old was devastated and the baby was crying. I called the moreno valley police department in which they came out and wrote a report. I find it disturbing that society today is allowing these un-educated lil girls work in a customer service environment.. I do plan to do further investigating of my own, yet I will take any advice given.. Thank you
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-31:
Ok...what did you do to piss of the sista behind the counter in the first place? Your not telling the whole story!
Posted by Skye on 2007-05-31:
Gotta agree with Ejack. Give us the "whole" story.

Thank you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-31:
Please stop yelling at us, thank you.
Posted by MRM on 2007-05-31:
It seems like that the poster did not tell the employee if the card is credit or ATM. When the employee did not get a specific answer, she went off like a time bomb. I like to know whether or not the employee is still working there.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-05-31:
Gotta agree with the others. More to this story than we are being told.
Yes it does matter ATM or Visa. Usually you have to use a pin number for ATM. Same as any other place asking cash or credit. The cashier has to do a couple of things different. What's the problem about letting them know ATM or Visa?
By the way, QUIT YELLING!
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-31:
Jktshff1 hit the nail right on the head regarding doing different things for ATM's versus Credit Cards. Poster...next time answer the simple question! Furthermore, NO YELLING IN HERE!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-31:
When she challenged you to a fight after work you should have told her to bring it on, then hid and see if she actually showed up or if she was just acting tough.
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-05-31:
Is someone yelling?
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-05-31:
OP, you should have kicked her a$$, but you were probably wrong and started the whole thing anyway. You wouldnt tell us that though would you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-31:
If someone had threatened me like that I would just have ignored it reported it. But as soon as they bring my children in it I would not be as nice. Honestly if anyone threatened to get me and my "dirty-ass" kids I would take ghostbuster's advice and tell her to bring it on. I still think there may be more to this story.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-05-31:
Is that the one behind the Shell gasoline station? I have been in that place and the employees are rude and mean. Have never gone back and you should do the same.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-06-01:
Call customer service at 1-877-popeyes and tell them your story.
Posted by Extended Warranty on 2007-06-01:
I agree it's probably not the full story. Still though, I know exactly what kind of employee this was. I would have told the kids to go to the car and beat the &*(^ out of her. We don't need people like that in our world.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-01:
I know the area. I've also seen the location. It's a great place for pimps, hookers & car thieves. Keep on driving if your in that area. To the east accrossed I-80 is more civilized.
Posted by tickytack on 2007-06-01:
You know, if you're going to have the gall to call someone uneducated, you might want to take a step back and look at your own grammar and use of slang ("lil").

That being said, why didn't you just answer the question? Further, why did you tell the other person that the girl had "just walked away"? She WAS helping you.

I agree with others - this story has a few holes in it. She may have gone off, but I suspect you're leaving something out.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-01:
Yeah tickytack not answering a fast food worker's question is just cause for an a$$ whippin. Please... Well tickytack if we're going to assume things that we have no way of knowing then I assume you're a disgruntled bottom of the ladder fast food worker with a bad attitude and you hang around consumer gripe sites taking snipes at legitimate complainers in order to feed your passive/aggressive monsters. That's what I suspect. See how easy that is.
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-06-01:
"I explained to her that I was a grown adult with 2 children with me and I find it immature to act as she was..."

Hmm. Once again a completely innocent customer being 'attacked' for no apparent reason. Yeah, I feel like this is the Reader's Digest version of what happened. Love to hear the other side of this...
Posted by jenjenn on 2007-06-01:
Where was the management when all of this was going on??
Posted by tickytack on 2007-06-01:
Stew, please show where I said the OP "deserved" an "a@@whoopin'". Your ignorance is showing. I, like others, merely asked why she couldn't be bothered to answer a simple question and yes, I do think there is more to this story. In fact, I really doubt the veracity of her statement that the employee followed her outside. Somehow, I can't imagine fellow employees/manager allowing that to happen. What did the employee do - jump over the counter?

While others have posted that this is clearly not a nice area to be in, I think the OP exacerbated the situation by being rude to the employee. No, I do not think that the OP (if events unfolded as she relates) deserved to be threatened or, as you so eloquently put it, "asswhooped", I also think she is leaving a big chunk of the story unsaid.

Grow up.
Posted by tickytack on 2007-06-01:
Oh, one more thing, Stew - you're wrong. I'm a college graduate with a good job.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-01:
tickytack - Sure you are... I don't care what you post cause I know you're a burger jockey. I'll just make up your story like you do for others. And another thing tickytack - you're no patriot in this consumer revolution! Now good day SIR.
Posted by Noneill on 2007-06-01:
If the cashier HAD to have a specific answer to ATM or credit, then she should have politely explained that is what she needed. Why is that too much to expect? And how many of you think it is normal for a person to listen to your food order and walk away? The order should have been immediately rung up or she should have explained why she needed to step away. And it is not far fetched to generalize that young fast-food employees are uneducated when their speech indicates they are. The OP is justified.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-06-01:
[Sidebar]Stew, careful there. tickytack will come back (when she's not busy on other forums) and chop you off at the knees! She'll silence you with one swipe of the tongue--NOT--you can out voice her. But watch your grammar because that's one her pet peeves.[End sidebar]

I'm wondering why a simple 'ATM' wasn't enough in response to being asked the second time, without further comment.

'...un-educated...' Wow! This is the pot calling the kettle black.
'...ordered my food to whom I...'
'...police department in which they...'
Normally I don't care how the complaints are written, but this one is calling for it because of the original slam.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-01:
When im asked "credit or atm" I normally say it doesnt matter.Most attendants advise that there is a charge for Atm,and no charge for Credit,So of course I go with the credit.

Its Friday people.Lets all get along!

Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-02:
We have debit cards, and when someone asks credit or debit, we always say either one, and have never had a problem. Some clerks prefer to run them as credit cards, and some as debit. It really makes no difference to us, and usually get a smile.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-02:
Please keep you foul language to yourself if your gonna pick on Ghostbuster! He's just a little soul trying trying to broaden his horizons. So leave him alone !
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-04:
jenjen - The management was talking bets with employees to see who would win the fight.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-04:
ejack - I am not telling her to fight the lady, I am just telling her to see if she is just making empty threats.
Posted by jennjenn28 on 2007-08-04:
i use to work for popeyes and when you ask a customer credit or atm, the machine works the same for both without needing a pin. Yes the customer should have answered the question. but also, it would not have mattered what the employee typed in.
Posted by 2C2H on 2010-06-08:
There's more to this story? Management is not going to allow the employee to follow the customer out so they can fight and I doubt the person went off without reason, something had to have been said. I'm not saying that was the right thing for the employee to have done, because that wasn't professional. I would have talked to management, not walk off. The issue should have gotten settled, hopefully cutting off future occurances.
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Charging for Condiments
Posted by Aqeelahrashed on 10/30/2012
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I went to the Popeyes located on Greenfield and Joy Road #(2280.
I ordered 5 different orders for myself and my co-workers. The lunch order included 7 biscuits and 3 pieces of chicken, 2 red beans and rice and 2 dirty rice. To start off I went through the drive through. The cashier was very rude it was like she did not even want to be there in the first place.

When she gave us our order I asked for honey and hot sauce. I was told there was some already in the bag. When I looked in the bag there was 1 honey and 1 hot sauce packet. So I in turn asked her for some more. she rolled her eyes and gave me two more hot sauces and 1 more honey.

I then parked and went in the restaurant and asked for some more. I was told that there would be a 10 cents charge for extra hot sauce and extra honey. I then asked where on the menu does it say that there is a charge for condiments. I asked to speak with a manager and was told the same thing. I find it sad that customer service is hit or miss these days and to make matters worse.

I am choosing to give my money to Popeyes and am being charged for condiments. How money hungry can you be. If you are charging for anything in a restaurant in my opinion the charge should be listed. To allow the customer's the option if they want to continue with their orders. Had I known there was a charge for honey I never would have even placed an order. I can buy a can of biscuits and honey from the grocery store for less.
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Posted by melissa253 on 2012-10-30:
10 cents!
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-10-30:
Unfortunately people who took advantage of the formerly more liberal condiment policies are to blame for this. I don't blame fast food places for instituting polices like these, years ago, I'd see people just take handfuls of ketchup packets for a single meal. If that sort of thing happens several times a day, and I'm sure it, did, it becomes an added expense for the restaurant.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-10-30:
FoDaddy, this same topic came up on another review a while back. I commented some individuals boasted they never bought condiments for their home because they always had a pantry full of condiments from ketchup, mustard, mayo on down to sugars, creamers and plenty of napkins and straws. This is what happens when some take advantage. This OP should have received at no extra charge enough condiments for an order. Clearly he/she did not.
Posted by radar1857 on 2012-10-30:
I find this ironic as my wife and I recently ate at Popeye's in Pueblo, CO and one of the employee's was on break and had grabbed about 2 dozen packets of honey and some sauces and threw them in the garage after he finished. The sad part is, they weren't even used. I would never pay for extra condiments after seeing this.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-10-30:
there was a review written by a member here that had the same complaint, and everyone agreed with them. this is the same complaint, so there should be many comments agreeing!!

it is not about the dime, it is about principle. as said, it was caused by many people who took advantage of their generous ways of giving out free condiments. i once heard someone bragging about how they stocked their cabinets with free packets of condiments. we have them to thank for the charge now.

very helpful review, and voted as such!
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2012-10-30:
Another case of punishing the honest for the actions of a few that take advantage. Such policies only serve to drive away your honest customers, and deservedly so.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-31:
Good review. Very helpful! I agree.
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-10-31:
Considering where this location is its a wonder they even let the customer inside. She coulda locked them all in the freezer and stole the copper plumbing.
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Need more Popeye's chicken locations in Minnesota
Posted by Kathyd on 03/30/2010

The service is poor and the employees/managers really need more training. I live in Coon Rapids, MN. The only Popeye's in Minnesota is located in Minneapolis, which is about a 30 minute drive for me. I've been to this location several times and each time the service is terrible. Well I visited this location for the last time two weeks ago, and the way they talk to their customers is not right. They feel that since they are the only Popeye's here in Minnesota, that they have the right to charge you too much for chicken. I'm form Chicago and I've been living in Minnesota for 7 years. All the food in Chicago tastes better, anyway, will you please, pretty please add more locations in the state of Minnesota, like in Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Coon Rapids and St. Louis Park. Thank you for caring.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-30:
While your at it Add some more locations in phoenix never been to this place.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-30:
Really Wally? There's 2 locations in Phoenix.

3426 W Greenway Rd
Phoenix, AZ


6540 W Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-30:
Yeah I know But I don't really frequent that area of phoenix much. But all this Buzz about Poppey’s makes me wanna go and try it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-30:
Lots of locations in the East Valley, wally
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-30:
I eat at church's and KFC often I need another place that makes a delish greasy bird lol
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-30:
Popeye's is delish. Just their biscusts alone... *nomnomnomnom*
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-30:
I like the red beans and rice
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-03-30:
But what exactly are they doing that you consider to be of poor service? It might be something out of their control.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-03-30:
In my area (Cleveland, OH), most of the Popeyes locations tend to be closer to "the hood". I do like Popeyes better than KFC.
Posted by PAULA on 2012-12-04:
I to feel the same way they should have more Popeye's Chicken locations in North MN, Brooklyn Center, and across the Minneapolis/ Metro area I love there biscuits.
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Another Reason Why I Never Eat The Chicken When Dining Out
Posted by on 01/21/2009
DENVER, COLORADO -- Being the self proclaimed Emeril, of my kitchen AND M3C, I must say that the three chicken joint chains out here are just awful. KFC, has gotten worse as the years go by just as their shopmate Taco Bell has.

Church's Chicken is good when it's fresh out of the grease but if it has been sitting watch out! If I wanted my chicken swimming in grease, I'd have my MOM cook it (forgive me Mother) and don't reheat it in the microwave or you will be tossing out your meal.

As for my last and final visit to Popeye's (at least for the chicken) the service was prompt and friendly but the two 'spicy' pieces were overcooked to me to the point of being hard and flavorless with just a hint of Cayenne. That's unacceptable for my discriminating palette.

At the time I was too tired to thaw out some bird and fry it up so I scarfed it down with the side of Mac and Cheese. I realize that this is just a chicken joint but how hard is it to make M&C that is so runny that you could practically drink it? I think most of us here are well aware of the horrors and humiliation that runny food can cause?

It is so frustrating for me to get a decent chicken meal anymore. If it's not bloody raw on the inside, it's cooked until when you bite into the outer crust the inside of your mouth gets shredded!

"Alex can I have a 'D' for disappointing?"
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
I voted your post helpful ZZ. chicken joints aren’t as good as they used to be.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
I'm not a fan of Popeyes. The one near me is always empty of customers.

ZZ, do you have Bojangles ? That's good FF chicken.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
I have never had the satisfaction of eating at a popeyes chicken. the menu looks good with all the Creole type menu items.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-01-21:
Gimmie a C for corrupt Alex! This is sitting red at -1!??? I've seen far less helpful content be clickity-clacked past green by the fishman sympathizers. I'm giving it the slim seal of approval and removing this tarnished badge. Gobble into high gear and torpedoes away!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-01-21:
Got a question ZZ, just what food is Denver noted for?
Not trying to be funny, but consider:
Dallas...Brisket (yea I know, but barbecue is a dead pig, not a cow)
New Orleans...Cajun, Creole, depending upon who you ask
New York......Gotta be the street vendor hot dogs.
See what I mean?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Dang ZZ as always you write an awesome fast food review. Its a crying shame you never got a chance to eat at Barry's (Switzer) chicken house in Norman before they closed down. That was some awesome pan fried chicken. (VH)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Yeah, jkt, I follow your logic...

Tulsa - Road kill
Posted by Starlord on 2009-01-21:
I have never liked Popeye's. I always wondered what fried chicken had to do with a squinty-eyed sailer, but then I found out it was named after Popeye Doyle of French Connection fame. Now I wonder what fried chicken has to do with a cop, unless it is that most cops tend to live on fast food. When I went to a family function in Richmond, IN, whoever was in charge of food brought Pioneer chicken, and had it in both regular and spicy. The regular was fantstic, and I can't speak to the spicy, I can't handle too much spice. Pioneer, at least in Richmond, had KFC and Church's beat all hollow. If you could see me, you would see me shaking my head at your 'discriminating palate.' Gordon Ramsay would say your palate was like a cow's behind. Sorry, but fast food and discriminating taste do not belong in the same universe.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
The only thing I ever found worth eating at a Popeye's Chicken were the biscuts. (VH)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Denver - Omelets.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
I like spicy chicken. but the kind at churches they over do it. at mine they pepper that bird full of cayenne pepper.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
My fellow M3C citizens, I thank you for the comments and votes!
JKT, good question. The Denver Omelette is nothing to brag about. At least the on's that I have eaten.
Hmmmmm, I'm drawing a blank.
Do "Rocky Mountain Oysters" count? *wink-wink*
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-01-21:
ZZ, if you like good chicken, you should try "Basher's Bountiful Breast and Terrific Thighs"...if not, I have a great reciepe for them...or you can just come over for some. Sorry, Basher doesn't serve armpits!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-01-21:
Yea, the oysters count, but down here we call 'em nuts
nut & gut....a dinner consisting of rooster fry's and chittlins (spell check spells if chitterlings), and whatever wild game you have to go with it!
I want to know about the omelet. Tell me more.
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The Customer Service Was Rude and the Chicken Was Disgusting Old
Posted by LORRYJACKSON15 on 02/16/2014
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- I love Popeye's chicken but the Popeye's at the store at Green Oaks and Cooper needs help. I went to the store late in the evening. I asked if the chicken was fresh and they assured that it was. When I received the chicken it didn't look fresh and I asked for some more, which I received. When I came home with the chicken it was still hard as a rock and I realized that the staff lied about it being fresh. This has happened on more than one occasion and from now on I will take my services to Churches Chicken. Thanks for nothing Popeye's!!!!
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Posted by clutzycook on 2014-02-16:
So where were they rude?
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Horrible Customer Service, Worst EVER ANYWHERE IN 40 years
Posted by Tim.g1963 on 11/22/2013
LANSING, MICHIGAN -- Ordered a crawfish tackle box and a 2 piece and a biscuit. Was told there would be a 3 minute wait on the crawfish so I pulled ahead, that was at 12:10. Then at 12:18 a lady came and told me that now I am waiting on the chicken, I asked if they could not figure out I had chicken on my order also?? I told her I just wanted my money back. At 12:23 I went inside to get my money back!! I am diabetic and NEVER got lunch that day!!!! I contacted Popeyes corporate office right then from the parking lot and was told someone would get back to me . Called on 11-1-13 and was told to early for them to review my complaint. Called on 11-13-13 and was told " she will have someone contact me ASAP. On 11-19-13 I called again and was told the same thing?? Does Popeyes have so many complaints that they can't get back to people in 3 weeks???
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Horrible Experience With Chicken and Waffle
Posted by Smalthings on 08/19/2013
SUISUN CITY, CALIFORNIA -- Just wanted to voice my opinion of the new feature item of chicken and waffle battered chicken. HORRIBLE!!! The batter on the chicken tasted like coated flour with baking powder mixed in and that horrible, horrible, condiment called "maple honey sauce" What the hell is that stuff?! I dipped the chicken in the sauce, anticipating a sweet honey flavor. What I got was a glob of gunk, that made me want to throw up! I immediately threw it away.


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Posted by Susan on 2013-08-19:
The time to complain about food quality and request a refund is when you are still at the restaurant or the same day if it was a take out order.
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Best Customer Service Ever, Anywhere.
Posted by Sheltonsylvie on 08/02/2013
MONTGOMERY, TEXAS -- I was sitting in the lobby of this Popeye's restaurant, at 14631 Highway 105 West in Montgomery, Texas, with my family eating our dinner. My fries were old, and I told one of the workers who was running around busting her butt for everyone. She was wearing the only green shirt there, so I'll refer to her as Green Shirt, and she had a head set thing on and was helping the people at the drive thru, while helping her coworker at the front, and I caught her attention and told her my fries were old and asked for fresh ones. She never dropped her smile the entire time, and without missing a beat she said, "Of course, I'll go drop fresh ones for you now and bring them out when they're done."
She personally went to where the fryers were, put the fries in herself, and went about doing other things that needed to be done. When my fries were ready, she brought them out with a smile, and I thanked her.

Well, five minutes later, an elder man comes in and was trying to order, but you could tell the girl on front counter was having a hard time with putting what he wanted into a button on her register. The elder man started getting angry, raised his voice, which caught all the Popeye's employees, and my family's, attention. The other employees were obviously really busy working the drive thru, but here comes Green Shirt to the rescue!

She had her wonderful smile on, asked the gentleman exactly what he wanted, took all his berating and his foul language that he was directing at the girl that had been working the register, as she stood next to Green Shirt.

Ms. Green Shirt apologized, sympathized with him, even though he was talking about how the young (her) generation is going nowhere in life, she kept her smile, put his order on cash register, packaged every thing he ordered, and had it all bagged up before he could even get his change. He continued to talk negative to her, and all she did was smile and was nothing but respectful and understanding. She even gave him a free apple pie for his "troubles" and wished him back to visit that Popeyes once again.

As soon as he left, she ran back over to her coworkers at the drive thru, and started boxing their chicken, boxing biscuits, and making sides. She is incredible! She not only did her job, she did everyone else's as well. She is an incredible worker, and a great person in general.
Right after the elder man left, my family and I were cleaning our mess and I went up to her to compliment her. She only smiled and said she didn't deserve it, that no matter what her main goal is to keep the customer happy, and boy, she excels at it! We will be returning to this Popeyes store, mainly because of Ms. Green Shirt's amazing-ness.
Oh, I did ask her name, and her name is: Amber.

If you go to this Popeyes and Ms. Amber, a.k.a Green Shirt, is working, you will not have a bad experience EVER!!!
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Posted by Yusten on 2013-08-03:
wish there were more Ambers out there. nice to see a good review.
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77 Yr Senior Experienced KNIFE Fight by Mgr While at Restaurant
Posted by Mother.olive.blake on 07/23/2013
3622 AUBURN ST. ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- Sun. July 21, 2013 went to restaurant to get dinner around 8:00PM. Fight broke out between Mgr. & woman, while I was asked to sit in parking lot & wait for food. Just getting to box to order was too long. 10 min. in 80+ weather. Then asked to drive out in traffic around to parking lot & then wait again. after waiting again, fight broke out in parking lot between Mgr. & woman, cursing, then fist fighting, then he went in & came out w/ very large knife & threw it across lot @ woman who started fight by slapping mgr. first & cursing. 3 others got out of car & beat Mgr. when staff freed him that's when he went inside and got knife. 4 other cars in lot . All afraid. Others could have guns. I laid down in car til Police came. I still waited for my meal. No one came out.

After about one half hr. I went to window while police still there. Girl waitress was still shaken & confused, but gave meal. This was too much!

Please clean up that staff, but not window waitress. never before experienced anything like this. woman wrong but mgr. could have hurt someone else. Temper like this is unsafe for other employees & patrons.
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Posted by Susan on 2013-07-24:
Personally speaking, in a situation such as the one you describe, I would have put my personal safety before a chicken dinner and been out of there.
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