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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS AIR PORT, TEXAS -- I went up to order my food, and the cashier was rude, and rolled her eyes when I told her what drink I wanted. She had acted like she didn't wanna work there. PS the food is way too spicy and hot.

We Need a Popeyes in Kokomo
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Rating: 5/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I believe a Popeyes would do very well in Kokomo .

Forever Rude!
By -

CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS -- The Popeye's Chicken on 4 W. Sibley Blvd, Calumet City, Illinois is the closest one to me. Every single time I go there they are always rude! So dirty! And even answer back to customers. For example, one day my brother and I went - we ordered take out. A customer before us saw that they put fresh biscuits out. He asked the employee if he can get the fresh ones. She said yes.

And the manager heard and in front of the customer she told the employee "You are not to give him the fresh ones until the other ones are all gone!" The customer heard of course and said "It's not her fault, I was the one to ask for them." The manager rudely turns around and says "I wasn't speaking to you." My jaw dropped! I felt a little intimidated didn't even want to ask for hot sauce.

Another time I went and had ordered a 14 piece meal and 2 orders of strips (the meals) the employee asked "mild or spicy." I said "spicy" then she said "What two sides?" I specified my sides then. So she asked again "mild or spicy?" so I repeated "spicy." She gave me my total and I asked her if she run the strips? She said "yes." I said "Okay well did I tell you I wanted the strips mild?" She rolled her eyes and said in a rude high tone, "That's why I asked you! Mild or spicy?" I got mad too and said "I thought you were asking me about the 14 piece meal preference!" so she went back and fixed it.

I've had more experiences. But this is all I'll put now. But that place is very "ghetto" - there's always a bunch of their friends there just relaxing and being loud. I've never seen the workers wash their hands before returning to work. And always have an attitude with somebody. Even the way they dress. With their pants under their booty. And always playing around in flirtatious ways.. So non-pro. I like the taste of that chicken over other places. But the service is horrible!!

Unsatisfied Customer and Unprofessional Manager
By -

DALLAS, STORE #7391, TEXAS -- This is pursuant a visit at store # 7391 in Dallas, Texas. Today started off good. I was hungry and decided to buy some chicken from Popeye's. I was made aware (prior to going) of your Tuesday special by a friend and when I arrived at the drive through by one of your employees.

There were four cars before me; the line was moving slowly. But, I again I'm having a great morning. I placed my order with **. I ordered two Tuesday specials and a small drink (half tea & half sprite). I approached the window to retrieve my food only to be told, “We have run out of chicken (with the exception of white meat). We have enough to fill one of your orders; is there anything else I can get you?” I must add, ** was very calm and accommodating. I asked him if they could substitute shrimp (I do not eat white meat). I was told he would check with his manager.

Please keep in mind, there is no chicken prepared and there is a long line behind me. The manager approaches the window. Before I could begin to speak, she was interrupting me. I asked her to allow me to express my concerns without interruption. But she continued to talk over me and she seemed uninterested in making me a satisfied customer. Oh, I was told I could wait 5 minutes; by her. I asked for what? She proceeded to tell me that every Tuesday is like this.

My thoughts are (seeing I could not express them with her maybe you will hear me), if this happens every Tuesday, as a manager she should come up with a solution, for instance, more workers and more chicken on Tuesday's, (my order was taken at 11:18) something or someone is falling short. It is the manager's responsibility to make sure that the operation is running smoothly. In seeing that this “happens every Tuesday,” per ** she should have come up with an explanation. I hope not listening and not satisfy her customers are not part of her solution.

I waited to get my one order and drink and while doing so, I began to write down the complaint number located on the window, and your manager, ** came back to the window, and grabbed her badge and began to taunt me by saying, “My name is **, my name is **. Did you get that?" I never acknowledge her after that. Unsatisfied Customer.

Threats Made by Employee of Popeye's While on the Clock
By -

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I visited the Popeye's today at 3pm on Sunnymead in Moreno Valley CA. I had a very disturbing experience. I had ordered my food to whom I thought at the time was competent to take my order. I told her my order, then she walked away. The next employee asked if I had been helped. I told the second employee that the other lady had walked away.

The 1st girl came back to me and put the order in the machine and told me what the dollar amount was going to be. I then proceeded to hand her my ATM/visa card. She then state "credit or ATM?" I told her it didn't matter. She then said "I asked you credit or ATM!" I told her ATM and I asked "why she has an attitude." She then proceed to tell me in threatening voices that she was off at 4pm and that we can settle it then. I explained to her that I was a grown adult with 2 children with me and I find it immature to act as she was..

I took the card and told her that I no longer wanted the food. She followed me out of the building with her hands up and stating "come on I am right here." I told her she was acting like an ass and I was going to call the cops. She continued to threaten me and stating "I will get you and your dirty-ass kids." My 6 year old was devastated and the baby was crying. I called the Moreno Valley police department in which they came out and wrote a report. I find it disturbing that society today is allowing these un-educated little girls work in a customer service environment.. I do plan to do further investigating of my own, yet I will take any advice given.. Thank you.

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MISSOURI CITY, TEXAS -- 9/11/2012 at around 3:35 pm, here in Missouri City, Texas, Store is located in 4850 Hwy 6 South, near Fort Bend Toll Road. I was at the drive through, ordering for the chicken Tuesday Special. The female sales representative took my order but she was not paying attention. And then she asked me again for my order three times and again I said "Four orders of Tuesday Mild Chicken." She replied to me with a yelling/screaming manner and then right before she end my order, she said "and get out of my way!"

When I reached the window to pay, I asked the black female cashier who was helping me in the drive through, she said, "I'm so sorry, I had a rough day, but I was not helping you." Then I asked to see her manager because I believed it was not right for treating me this way. As the female manager was approaching the window, her name is **, she started telling me that they were talking (referring to her two female staff) when in fact this manager came from the front store taking orders, while her two female staff were at the back of the store. I said "Stop, before you say something LISTEN first."

I started telling her what exactly happen at the drive through, while the other two female staff were arguing about the incident. I said "Somebody made me angry right now," and they refused to tell me who was helping me at the drive through." I told the manager to re-educate her staff regarding good customer service.

This is not the first time that happen to me, it happened also before. Most of the staff at this store location has a terrible customer service/very bad manners/ghetto behaviors. Who knows if they are handling our food clean and safe. l live very near to this store location and from now on I will take our business somewhere else where there is happy people and good manners and good customer service.

Price Ripoff Inconsistency
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Rating: 4/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Would like to make a formal complaint. I go to Popeye's a lot and go to different locations in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I always get a breast and a wing. The price is always between $3.10 and $3.13 depending on the tax in that particular and I get what I ask for. When I go to the store located at 683 Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia my price is never the same.

Today, August 3, 2012 around 11:35 and was greeted by ** who told me that my order would be $3.85 cent. Knowing that at this location they always give me an extra biscuit. Thinking that was the reason for the higher price. I asked that they take the 2nd biscuit out and reduce the price. I was told by the manager MS. ** that she could not break it up like that. I told her that I never have that problem with any other store and their prices are always the same and if they took the biscuit out I would be the same price.

I left to go to another location and came back to get the manager's name, store address and phone number. Ms. ** said that she was manager and that she would help me as much as she could and wanted to know why I wanted the information. Initially, I told her that it was because have lied to me and overcharged me. She continued to tell me about the difference in manager stores. I said that shouldn't matter because the price should be standard and they do not change.

Then she said that she could give me a Senior citizens discount which would take it down to $3.40. I was going to purchase it there but I went to the store on Lee street store #2108. I would like to commend them because of the excellent service I get.

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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I stopped here for a quick lunch. Had I known that the service was going to be worse than the upset stomach I got, I would have gone anywhere but here... This occurred at the 7480 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO location.

I needed to get something NOT crunchy, nor spicy. I can't chew the crunchy, and I can't eat the 'spicy' - I was hoping that they would have something 'mild' just like KFC... NOPE! So, I decide on a Kids meal that was supposed to come with 2 Chicken Tenders like their poster had featured in the kids meal that was posted right on the wall at the register. The girl said it only came with 1 tender... I told the girl behind the counter that their ad right there on the wall said AND showed a photo on the poster of a kids meal featuring the kids meal with TWO tenders for $3.69... I told her that is FALSE and MISLEADING advertising!

She then said that they were a franchise and that it only has 1 tender on the kids meal... she got real rude about it too. So I again repeated to her that it was false and misleading advertising. (That is so bait and switch routine.) So, I was forced to buy the 'nuggets'. Well, not only were they too damn hot, but they upset my stomach really bad. Their so called sweet and sour sauce is not at all sweet and sour. It seemed all it was was entirely made of Tabasco!

I will never go to ANY Popeye's ever again. It's back to KFC for me... at least KFC doesn't pull a bait & switch routine, nor do they dump all that damn hot sauce on everything... Doesn't this crappy company realize that not everyone likes to get ripped off, nor can everyone handle hot and spicy.

I guess that is why they are behind the counter frying chicken and making fries and I have a successful career unlike them. They obviously don't care about their customers. AND, if the customer is not taken care of, the customer goes away!

Common Sense Complaining/Problem Solving
By -

Some people see the hole, and others the doughnut. With all the problems that affect our day to day life, why do we need to pollute the reviews with negativity? I mean of everything we can control, we can control what affects our lives daily. I work as a store manager in a unrelated business, we hear complaints readily and they are solved. Most of the complaints generated have "Give me something free" in the wording. Most of the complaints read was futile and could have been solved if the person had used what brains they had and spoke to the proper person/persons and expressed their dissatisfaction.

For example the person that ordered a two piece dinner dark, when they had gotten home they had a two piece white dinner instead: solution is to check before you leave. The recent complaint that made national news: Popeye's runs out of chicken, if the persons would have used common sense they would have asked for a rain-check to be issued to them. Instead they went on this ride to "self important-land" and pushed the panic button (guess they wanted their 15 minutes of fame) cursing, hell raising, and feeling like the world ended in that instant.

"Take your lazy, complaining self to the store and cook for your family, quit wondering how you are going to feed your family and just do it, improvise." Being a MARINE, if these people who take the time to write in their complaints would have been in charge of supply, the military would have run out of ammunition. Because to stay alive you have to plan ahead and improvise when necessary. Big deal! Popeye's ran out of chicken, the marketing dept did a great job if all these people showed up, it is the stores that are FRANCHISED (that means, they rent/or pay to have the name on that business) that DID NOT prepare for the certain influx of the ad.

A real simple solution to persons seeking attention (complainers), DO NOT support something that offends you, IE... Popeye's; boycott the business. What good is it doing you to write the complaint: it might give you a momentary sense of satisfaction, but like a candy rush; only temporary. In summary, people are programmed from childhood to find weakness and frailty, it is the way we become who we are; winners or losers. It is up to us as to what steps we take to get there, it is easy to find fault with something if that is what you are looking for. Thanks, Spiceman

Worst Employee Service
By -

I'm an old employee that worked at Popeye's at the 9100 Jane and Rutherford road near Vaughan Mills. I have to tell you, I'm never working for another Popeye's again. The whole store is a disaster! I wish you read this review properly because trust me, quit your job - they are treating you bad.

I've worked there for over 2 years, I just got laid off recently, thank god!!! But yeah, the management was so all over the place. The manager himself doesn't know how to respect their employees, he would take the workers shift and work for himself so he makes the money. Throw dirty pieces of brown paper towel at my face one time just for coming two minutes late for my shift. The restaurant was so dirty whenever I worked over there, the oil in the machines were so disgusting, the cleanliness and tidiness was hilarious.

Also, they had workers at Popeye's who did not know anything and put them at cashier or service and blame recent employees like myself saying why don't you teach them. Another thing which I should have done was sue the company for food poisoning which caused me to stay home for over 5 days having diarrhea problems. The doctors said, "It was cause of raw chicken that you ate caused you to have salmonella." So thank god that my sickness went away but yeah I should have sued this company for bad food.

To be honest I enjoyed all my time working hard, and respecting others, but the manager and supervisors always treated me like I'm at fault for everything or mistake made or if someone complains they would joke and blame me.

Another issue which I need to talk about is, after I got laid off from work, I ask them "Can you get the letter of employee so I can claim EI for my regular expenses I need for college because I'm currently unemployed." They tell me the supervisor, "We will get it for you just wait." OK I waited nearly one month for this guy to get the letter from head office and yet I still didn't get it. So after I came again to the store, asked this time from the manager the problem I've been having with the supervisor in regards the letter but he's like "Are you crazy, it takes a long time for the letter to come?"

Omg how can a piece of letter that says employment history take so long?? So I said OK, and the manager gets pissed off, and he's like "We will call you whenever they give it to us." And yet it's end of February, I still haven't received it. I'm really mad and angry because I've been treated really bad even though I was their best employee for two years. Thank you and every! Think twice before applying to Popeye's lmao.

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