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Price Ripoff Inconsistency
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Rating: 4/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Would like to make a formal complaint. I go to Popeye's a lot and go to different locations in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I always get a breast and a wing. The price is always between $3.10 and $3.13 depending on the tax in that particular and I get what I ask for. When I go to the store located at 683 Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia my price is never the same.

Today, August 3, 2012 around 11:35 and was greeted by ** who told me that my order would be $3.85 cent. Knowing that at this location they always give me an extra biscuit. Thinking that was the reason for the higher price. I asked that they take the 2nd biscuit out and reduce the price. I was told by the manager MS. ** that she could not break it up like that. I told her that I never have that problem with any other store and their prices are always the same and if they took the biscuit out I would be the same price.

I left to go to another location and came back to get the manager's name, store address and phone number. Ms. ** said that she was manager and that she would help me as much as she could and wanted to know why I wanted the information. Initially, I told her that it was because have lied to me and overcharged me. She continued to tell me about the difference in manager stores. I said that shouldn't matter because the price should be standard and they do not change.

Then she said that she could give me a Senior citizens discount which would take it down to $3.40. I was going to purchase it there but I went to the store on Lee street store #2108. I would like to commend them because of the excellent service I get.

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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I stopped here for a quick lunch. Had I known that the service was going to be worse than the upset stomach I got, I would have gone anywhere but here... This occurred at the 7480 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO location.

I needed to get something NOT crunchy, nor spicy. I can't chew the crunchy, and I can't eat the 'spicy' - I was hoping that they would have something 'mild' just like KFC... NOPE! So, I decide on a Kids meal that was supposed to come with 2 Chicken Tenders like their poster had featured in the kids meal that was posted right on the wall at the register. The girl said it only came with 1 tender... I told the girl behind the counter that their ad right there on the wall said AND showed a photo on the poster of a kids meal featuring the kids meal with TWO tenders for $3.69... I told her that is FALSE and MISLEADING advertising!

She then said that they were a franchise and that it only has 1 tender on the kids meal... she got real rude about it too. So I again repeated to her that it was false and misleading advertising. (That is so bait and switch routine.) So, I was forced to buy the 'nuggets'. Well, not only were they too damn hot, but they upset my stomach really bad. Their so called sweet and sour sauce is not at all sweet and sour. It seemed all it was was entirely made of Tabasco!

I will never go to ANY Popeye's ever again. It's back to KFC for me... at least KFC doesn't pull a bait & switch routine, nor do they dump all that damn hot sauce on everything... Doesn't this crappy company realize that not everyone likes to get ripped off, nor can everyone handle hot and spicy.

I guess that is why they are behind the counter frying chicken and making fries and I have a successful career unlike them. They obviously don't care about their customers. AND, if the customer is not taken care of, the customer goes away!

Common Sense Complaining/Problem Solving
By -

Some people see the hole, and others the doughnut. With all the problems that affect our day to day life, why do we need to pollute the reviews with negativity? I mean of everything we can control, we can control what affects our lives daily. I work as a store manager in a unrelated business, we hear complaints readily and they are solved. Most of the complaints generated have "Give me something free" in the wording. Most of the complaints read was futile and could have been solved if the person had used what brains they had and spoke to the proper person/persons and expressed their dissatisfaction.

For example the person that ordered a two piece dinner dark, when they had gotten home they had a two piece white dinner instead: solution is to check before you leave. The recent complaint that made national news: Popeye's runs out of chicken, if the persons would have used common sense they would have asked for a rain-check to be issued to them. Instead they went on this ride to "self important-land" and pushed the panic button (guess they wanted their 15 minutes of fame) cursing, hell raising, and feeling like the world ended in that instant.

"Take your lazy, complaining self to the store and cook for your family, quit wondering how you are going to feed your family and just do it, improvise." Being a MARINE, if these people who take the time to write in their complaints would have been in charge of supply, the military would have run out of ammunition. Because to stay alive you have to plan ahead and improvise when necessary. Big deal! Popeye's ran out of chicken, the marketing dept did a great job if all these people showed up, it is the stores that are FRANCHISED (that means, they rent/or pay to have the name on that business) that DID NOT prepare for the certain influx of the ad.

A real simple solution to persons seeking attention (complainers), DO NOT support something that offends you, IE... Popeye's; boycott the business. What good is it doing you to write the complaint: it might give you a momentary sense of satisfaction, but like a candy rush; only temporary. In summary, people are programmed from childhood to find weakness and frailty, it is the way we become who we are; winners or losers. It is up to us as to what steps we take to get there, it is easy to find fault with something if that is what you are looking for. Thanks, Spiceman

Worst Employee Service
By -

I'm an old employee that worked at Popeye's at the 9100 Jane and Rutherford road near Vaughan Mills. I have to tell you, I'm never working for another Popeye's again. The whole store is a disaster! I wish you read this review properly because trust me, quit your job - they are treating you bad.

I've worked there for over 2 years, I just got laid off recently, thank god!!! But yeah, the management was so all over the place. The manager himself doesn't know how to respect their employees, he would take the workers shift and work for himself so he makes the money. Throw dirty pieces of brown paper towel at my face one time just for coming two minutes late for my shift. The restaurant was so dirty whenever I worked over there, the oil in the machines were so disgusting, the cleanliness and tidiness was hilarious.

Also, they had workers at Popeye's who did not know anything and put them at cashier or service and blame recent employees like myself saying why don't you teach them. Another thing which I should have done was sue the company for food poisoning which caused me to stay home for over 5 days having diarrhea problems. The doctors said, "It was cause of raw chicken that you ate caused you to have salmonella." So thank god that my sickness went away but yeah I should have sued this company for bad food.

To be honest I enjoyed all my time working hard, and respecting others, but the manager and supervisors always treated me like I'm at fault for everything or mistake made or if someone complains they would joke and blame me.

Another issue which I need to talk about is, after I got laid off from work, I ask them "Can you get the letter of employee so I can claim EI for my regular expenses I need for college because I'm currently unemployed." They tell me the supervisor, "We will get it for you just wait." OK I waited nearly one month for this guy to get the letter from head office and yet I still didn't get it. So after I came again to the store, asked this time from the manager the problem I've been having with the supervisor in regards the letter but he's like "Are you crazy, it takes a long time for the letter to come?"

Omg how can a piece of letter that says employment history take so long?? So I said OK, and the manager gets pissed off, and he's like "We will call you whenever they give it to us." And yet it's end of February, I still haven't received it. I'm really mad and angry because I've been treated really bad even though I was their best employee for two years. Thank you and every! Think twice before applying to Popeye's lmao.

Last Time I Ever Eat at Popeye's
By -

Today for lunch I went to Popeye's in Whitby. I used to be a frequent visitor to Popeye's; until today. I loved the food so much, I got a job there last year just for the discount on food. But I quit 2 months later after the worst health inspection I have ever witnessed (later explained).

The owner **, of all the chains in Durham region, took my order. He handled my money, then proceeded to cough into his hand several times; obviously suffering from a cold if not the swine. Then he handled the bun for my sandwich with his bare hands, and loaded up my fries into the box; collecting some extra's that spilled over with his bare hands, ALL WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS. Even though he passed by the sink several times. No gloves, no nothing. I asked him to remake my order after washing his hands; and got treated like I was doing something wrong.

I find it funny that he is the owner of several stores and has listed on the side wall above he sink hygiene rules about how to keep the workplace clean; but I guess they don't apply unless you ask them to wash themselves. I also found a 'health' inspection, when I used to work there, hilarious. As it was done by another member of a Popeye's organization. There were violations such as roaches, mice, expired chicken; and yet the inspector was focused about sending me home to change my footwear; while he left the restaurant open, and gave the owner 2 weeks notice before the real health inspector was coming around. Mice, roaches, and all!

You might like to know that if you are the same race as the owner; you get a discount!!! I thought I was safe going to a new store, but I could not have been more wrong. Take what you want from this; I have nothing to gain or lose by posting this. But if you get sick after eating at Popeye's; don't act surprised.

Unfamiliar With Menu; Incompetent Staff
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- On 3/8/09, I visited the Popeye's Chicken on Lake Street to purchase the Tackle Box meal advertised for $4.99. The person at the register had no idea what kind of meal I was talking about & tried to sell me a Shrimp Basket Meal for $7.99. When I explained that the meal shown on TV included cajun fries & chicken with the shrimp, I was told that they served a shrimp only basket without any side dishes or biscuits for $3.99.

After two or three tries to make the person behind the register understand what I wanted, he then told me that they have the Tackle Box Meal & it only came with 8 shrimp & nothing else for that price. When I asked how is that possible I was told by the person that they change the menu daily & sometimes it has the extras. I spent almost $7.99 buying additional chicken & side dishes to complete the shrimp basket my husband wanted.

I find it shows a lack of caring in a business for the staff to be unaware of any specials the company is running on national TV & try to hard sell the customer onto something different than what they wanted. I also found it disturbing that there was no manager available to assist with the cashier; whose first language is NOT English; nor did any other member of the staff come forward to ensure that the customer's wishes were taken care of since it is our money that is being spent in their establishment.

To some this may not seem like a big deal but this amounts to false advertisement with a touch of extortion because I spent more money than I had anticipated & still not completely satisfied with the entire experience. It will be the longest of times before I give any more of my money to Popeye's chicken. My new chicken restaurant is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their chicken may not be as tasty as Popeye's but at least the staff knows the product, advertised TV menu deals, speaks English & there is a supervisor in a tacky necktie just a step away to ensure that the customer leaves the establishment happy & satisfied with their purchases.

No Service, Doors Were Closed and Locked at 9:45 pm
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My wife & I wanted a later fair and decided to go to Popeye's, unfortunately they had closed and locked their doors at 9:45 pm while they should be opened till 10:00 pm since that's what their "Hours of Operations" states on the door!!

Upon approaching the door you could clearly see their employees and manager eating at a table near a window. As my wife & I engaged the front door we realized that it was closed and locked, closed I understand but locked??? Now it would've made more sense if the manager had gotten up and said we locked the door for a security purpose. Obviously that wasn't the issue, since one of the employees started to go behind the counter and pretend to get back to work. The manager continued to eat his dinner and shrugged his shoulder at us. To say the least I now assume that they were closed.

My point is this, I'm not upset that they were closed, I'm upset at the negligence without communication. This could have been easily avoided had the manager not been so ignorant!! Do you know that just across the street 100 feet away there is a KFC? Secondly with this economic challenges we are all facing in this current day I don't think that you could afford to lose any guests under any circumstances. Completely unacceptable!!

Are you aware of "How many businesses close their doors for good each and everyday??" You don't have a second chance!! I will be going across the street a 100 feet away and take my business there since my wife & I almost had to inconvenience you while you should have still been opened!!

BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!! What are you saving Labor?? How many other guests have you lost?? Not just last night but each and every night?? Has this been happening since you've opened?? You could pay for the labor if the doors were opened and you had sales!! Don't you think?? Why don't you check your sales report for the last several months and see if there was anything rung up in the critical "Last 15 minutes of Business" - this last 15 could make your night!! Remember this is Las Vegas and this is a 24 hour city!!! Manage your business and if your hours of operations are too long then change your hours!!

Rude, Inefficient And Careless Attitude
By -

In Canada, Popeye's is patronized by many Muslims because of the Halal aspect. But that seems to have become a source of arrogance and monopolistic attitude in their attitude and service. They seem to think that all customers who walk in there are doing so because they have no choice and are all brainless fools.

On at least 3 occasions I have been given the wrong order or supplied with products not as shown in their offer. Eg. More wings and drumsticks v/s thighs and breasts and they trying to pass it off slyly and if caught, respond by saying that they have run out of it and so on.

But what really shocked me was when I went there last, the store at Terryfox and Matheson in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and was met by a long wait with no one at the cash to take orders. Finally one guy, Rahim, turns up and when asked about sandwiches, he jokes and says they have fish, shrimp, chicken and goat sandwiches!! When I object and comment about this stupid remark of his, he laughs and insults me in front of other customers. I am 54 and this boy about 19-20.

When I asked to see the manager, a chap called Hamza walks up and when I explain to him, all he can say he is sorry. No word of admonishment to the employee or anything else. When I ask about the head office no. He stonewalls me and finally I do not get it. After many inquiries over the phone and the internet, I finally locate a customer service number in USA. I have called there at least 4 times so far, they listen and promise to get back. In more than 2 months, there is no action and finally I am going public.

I have also noticed a very cavalier attitude of their kitchen staff with hygiene and general cleanliness of their stores. I have decided that from now on, not only will I never ever visit this lousy Popeye's chicken stores, but will do my utmost to prevent others from going there too.

Charging for Condiments
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I went to the Popeye's located on Greenfield and Joy Road #2280. I ordered 5 different orders for myself and my co-workers. The lunch order included 7 biscuits and 3 pieces of chicken, 2 red beans and rice and 2 dirty rice. To start off I went through the drive through. The cashier was very rude - it was like she did not even want to be there in the first place.

When she gave us our order I asked for honey and hot sauce. I was told there was some already in the bag. When I looked in the bag there was 1 honey and 1 hot sauce packet. So I in turn asked her for some more. She rolled her eyes and gave me two more hot sauces and 1 more honey.

I then parked and went in the restaurant and asked for some more. I was told that there would be a 10 cents charge for extra hot sauce and extra honey. I then asked where on the menu does it say that there is a charge for condiments. I asked to speak with a manager and was told the same thing. I find it sad that customer service is hit or miss these days and to make matters worse.

I am choosing to give my money to Popeye's and am being charged for condiments. How money hungry can you be. If you are charging for anything in a restaurant in my opinion the charge should be listed. To allow the customer's the option if they want to continue with their orders. Had I known there was a charge for honey I never would have even placed an order. I can buy a can of biscuits and honey from the grocery store for less.

Need More Popeye's Chicken Locations in Minnesota
By -

MINNEPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- Hello. The service is poor and the employees/managers really need more training. I live in Coon Rapids, MN. The only Popeye's in Minnesota is located in Minneapolis, which is about a 30 minute drive for me. I've been to this location several times and each time the service is terrible. Well I visited this location for the last time two weeks ago, and the way they talk to their customers is not right. They feel that since they are the only Popeye's here in Minnesota, that they have the right to charge you too much for chicken.

I'm from Chicago and I've been living in Minnesota for 7 years. All the food in Chicago tastes better, anyway, will you please, pretty please add more locations in the state of Minnesota, like in Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Coon Rapids and St. Louis Park. Thank you for caring.

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