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Be very careful with PPS - Postal Prescription Services of Portland, OR
Posted by on
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Be very careful when you order prescriptions from PPS in Portland, Oregon. Although they are part of the Fred Meyer family, they do not offer the same low cost generic prescriptions that regular Fred Meyer pharmacies feature. We're not talking a couple of dollars here . . . a prescription that I normally get at Fred Meyer pharmacy costs $20 for a 90 day supply, and there is no insurance involved, so as a Medicare recipient, this prescription does not affect my "coverage gap" or "donut hole," as it has been called in the past. For convenience purposes, I transferred my $20 prescription from Fred Meyer to PPS - when it was received in the mail, I was totally shocked! Instead of costing $20, my prescription was billed at $431, with $324 billed to my insurance and the remainder of $108 charged to me.

I immediately called PPS. The first surprise was that although they openly represent themselves as a Fred Meyer pharmacy, I was told that they are actually a Kroger pharmacy. The second surprise was that they do not offer the low cost generic program. The third surprise was that I could not return the prescription "because Federal law forbids it." Wow - nice to know that my government protects them . . . but what about me?

I am still working with the second or third "supervisor" to reach some compromise, but in the meantime, I have requested that the two prescriptions I transferred to them be returned immediately to my old pharmacy . . . and the rest of my prescriptions will be following shortly thereafter!

If you are trying to avoid the coverage gap, seek out vendors who offer the low cost generic program . . . and almost every well known pharmacy chain does! Secondly, be sure to ask the questions I should have asked - in my case I should have confirmed (1) that PPS was in truth a Fred Meyer Pharmacy; and (2) that they offered low cost generic program. My failure to ask those two simple questions has been costly and stressful.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 06/04/2009:
The first part, since they represented themselves as a Fred Meyer pharmacy despite being a Kroger pharmacy, that is false representation.

Contact the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration (I was told the FDA may deal with this type of matter but I am not sure).
BokiBean on 06/05/2009:
Helpful review! Thanks for the information.
Jim on 08/04/2012:
Talk about false representation! Fred Meyer is part of Kroger Co. as is PPSrx!
I couldn't care less if you don't care for them, just know what you are saying before you attempt to slander anyone or create some conspiracy theory!

And to the original poster, as with anything (especially things you are putting into your body), be aware, read the labels, and be sure to read the fine print.
As part of the largest grocery store chain in the US, I would say this is a very legitimate company and nothing to worry about, but with any company or business dealing you need to pay attention...some people make it very easy for scammers to, well... scam them!
ethel hogan on 11/24/2012:
For one month my prescription cost $40.for three months the cost was $119. for the next three months the cost was $822. I called PPS. The last person they switched me to said to call social security for a poverty exception. S.S. said my yearly income was $2000. too much, I didn't qualify.. I've made calls, wrote a letter plus an email. No one would tell me why this huge increase. This is not a new medication. I've been taking it for over 50yrs. This can't be legal. How is it possible that a high price could be charged without any notification or something in the rule book that allows such a change. They have not heard the last of this. I want answers.
.dog on 04/06/2013:
I have had OK service from them. But the prices seem high. Also, today (04/06/13) I tried going to their web site. This came up:
Internal Server Error - Server is down for maintenance
System is currently down for maintenance until 2am PST on 03/24/2013, please try again later.
KittyKat on 05/15/2013:
Hey ethel, why don't you try contacting your insurance? Seeing as they are the people who dictate what you pay for medications. People need to understand that pharmacies have almost no control over pricing. It is all between the insurance and the manufacterers. The pharmacies are provided little to none info in regards to YOUR POLICY BENEFITS. Please be responsible and understand your own insurance
bingo on 12/29/2013:
I tried them for the first time...seems like they have a lot of bad communication issues internally. The fax machines they receive faxes from Dr's offices evidently have problems actually getting the faxes although the faxes are reported as confirmed/ received ( a rep told me this happens ALL the time).

When this happens to a customer you'd think that PPS would quickly try and offer alternatives (like suggesting the US mail or calling the Doctor's office or suggesting that they speak directly to one of their pharmacists) but they didn't offer ANY of those to me. The office manager at the Doc's office who was wasting tons of time trying to get them fax after fax was left hanging. Then when they finally did offer the idea that it could be mailed in - and it was... they then either ignored the instructions or never made the instructions clear enough... so they sent the meds via regular snail mail DESPITE my having called in and made the explicit order request that this order go via Priority Mail (approved additional $7.50 extra cost) to a different address as I had by then left on my vacation. Well, a week later and the meds still had yet to arrive at the hotel and I have returned to my house. Now I'm a week without my meds.

A supervisor who I spoke to 2 days ago never bothered to do anything to get this sorted out. So frustrating to talk to very nice people and then to have the PPS system be a complete mess of execution. I mean, this is all they do and they did it so poorly in so many ways.. BUYER BEWARE!
Rudy D on 05/22/2014:
What a rip. And, they lied to you - there is no federal law prohibiting the return of unopened meds. My mail-order carrier allows it and so stated explicitly in writing to me.

Did you use the Medicare PDP website to price your plan? This should have shown up there. You should compare your present mail-order plan with optum which is what the most popular (AARP) plan uses.
Kat on 07/16/2014:
I agree that you have to be VERY careful with PPS pharmacy. They want your credit card on file so that they can charge prescription costs to it. However, my experience has been that their prices (on at least one of my prescriptions) have fluctuated wildly and I could NEVER be sure what the price would be unless I was on the phone with them when they tried charge it. They told me numerous times that is the only way they can tell you the price! Once they charge your card and mail it out (even if you haven’t received it yet), they say you can’t return it or get a refund and they site some federal law.

Also, it looks like they have just instituted a MINIMUM CHARGE of $10.99 for ANY prescription. They never notified me of the increase before filling the prescription. (In contrast
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Deceitful Practices
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Postal Prescription Services (owned and operated by Kroger Corporation) is a preferred mail order company for my insurance company; however, they will not quote prices. They say that you have to purchase your prescription before you know what you are going to pay for it. The copay I've had to pay with them has always been more than my copay on prescriptions from local pharmacies. I suggest calling your local pharmacies and asking what there prices are and what your actual copay will be with your insurance. You can save a lot on 90 day supplies locally. The Postal Prescription Services employees are often rude, uncaring, and unhelpful. I would not recommend their "services".
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User Replies:
Kat on 07/16/2014:
They told me that too. They said that the only way I could know how much a prescription would cost is for them to charge it to my credit card. I have had to be on the phone with them several times while they tried to run the charge so I could tell them to stop the charge if it was too much. I think they are in violation of Washington State law WAC 246-881-040 which states
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Money Mongers
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I transferred two subscriptions, one of which had an option of "cream" or "lotion" so they transferred 3 subscriptions, including the cream AND lotion without contacting me, one of which which I didn't need was $60. They refused refund, return or any kind of compromise. Avoid them.
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