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Rating: 2/51

PORTLAND -- Due to my insurance, I've had to use them for many, many years. In the past, until they improved things, I was very happy with their fast service and easy to use website. Simply put: I am not happy with the new look of their website or its lack of functionality. I've worked with computers, applications and networking since 1978 so it's not that I am not tech savvy. Intuitive it is not. Easy to maneuver it is not. I have ended up using the phone to order refills and even that process is more lengthy.

I just attempted to login and find out why my refill has yet to arrive even though I have received a notice from my clinic that the doctor signed for it nearly a week ago. At first in January I thought I'd gotten to a spoof of the site. No notice to us that there would be a change or what it would look like. Nothing. Once again, "progress" is slow, inadequate, and repelling - not an improvement. The final blow was when I write this review on their website, and upon completing it, there was only one option - "Cancel" as the "Post" button was grayed out!


Not your normal mail order service
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Rating: 2/51

PORTLAND, CALIFORNIA -- People are rude and not knowledgeable of the industry they are in. Typically you get a bargain in mail order prescription services related to your insurance that is 3 months of medicine for 2 months of co-pays, not this one. It just is not worth the hassle dealing with these rude people telling you your Rx was canceled, and them having a bad attitude, and no knowledge, when you can go to your local pharmacy that knows you and pay the same thing and not have to wait. This one you just get 2 months of medicine for 2 months of co-pays and no bargain and a bunch of hassle and rudeness.

Super Fast Mail Order
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Rating: 4/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- My insurance just changed, and was told that PPS was the preferred provider for mail order. I was skeptical - their website is clunky. I had to actually print out and mail in the new Rx request. No fax, no electronic submission. I've used many, many mail-order Rx companies. They average about 10 days to get your Rx... So I was prepared to wait. I put it in the mail on Saturday. On Monday, they called to verify some info. On Tuesday, the Rx package was on my doorstep at 7am. I'm not sure they have the best prices, and I will probably shop around before I use them again.

The customer service representative on the phone was a little dopey (I had to explain "Prior Authorization" and "Tier Exception" to her). But they sorted out my complicated Rx easily with my insurance, and they are FAST. I am amazed at how quickly they were able to get me my Rx. They get a few stars for this.

Excessive Charges and Mailed RX to Wrong Address
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Rating: 3/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- First, I can't remember the cost but I was shocked to see a huge increase in my generic thyroid medication. PPS representative said the drug companies were charging more. Second they sent me three canisters of Pro-Air, a rescue inhaler that I seldom use. I only needed one. ProAir is expensive and has a relatively short shelf life. When I called to complain, they just said too bad, they cannot be returned or refunded. Third they sent a RX to an address I had changed. I had written the new address three times on the order form. They did resolve this satisfactorily, mailed a refill to the correct address and did not charge me.

Deceitful Practices
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Postal Prescription Services (owned and operated by Kroger Corporation) is a preferred mail order company for my insurance company. However, they will not quote prices. They say that you have to purchase your prescription before you know what you are going to pay for it. The copay I've had to pay with them has always been more than my copay on prescriptions from local pharmacies.

I suggest calling your local pharmacies and asking what their prices are and what your actual copay will be with your insurance. You can save a lot on 90-day supplies locally. The Postal Prescription Services employees are often rude, uncaring, and unhelpful. I would not recommend their "services".

Money Mongers
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I transferred two subscriptions, one of which had an option of "cream" or "lotion" so they transferred 3 subscriptions, including the cream AND lotion without contacting me. One of which which I didn't need was $60. They refused refund, return or any kind of compromise. Avoid them.

Be Very Careful With PPS - Postal Prescription Services of Portland, OR
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PORTLAND, OREGON -- Be very careful when you order prescriptions from PPS in Portland, Oregon. Although they are part of the Fred Meyer family, they do not offer the same low cost generic prescriptions that regular Fred Meyer pharmacies feature. We're not talking a couple of dollars here. A prescription that I normally get at Fred Meyer pharmacy costs $20 for a 90 day supply, and there is no insurance involved, so as a Medicare recipient, this prescription does not affect my "coverage gap" or "donut hole," as it has been called in the past. For convenience purposes, I transferred my $20 prescription from Fred Meyer to PPS - when it was received in the mail, I was totally shocked!

Instead of costing $20, my prescription was billed at $431, with $324 billed to my insurance and the remainder of $108 charged to me. I immediately called PPS. The first surprise was that although they openly represent themselves as a Fred Meyer pharmacy, I was told that they are actually a Kroger pharmacy. The second surprise was that they do not offer the low cost generic program. The third surprise was that I could not return the prescription "because Federal law forbids it." Wow - nice to know that my government protects them but what about me?

I am still working with the second or third "supervisor" to reach some compromise, but in the meantime, I have requested that the two prescriptions I transferred to them be returned immediately to my old pharmacy and the rest of my prescriptions will be following shortly thereafter! If you are trying to avoid the coverage gap, seek out vendors who offer the low cost generic program and almost every well known pharmacy chain does! Secondly, be sure to ask the questions I should have asked - in my case I should have confirmed (1) that PPS was in truth a Fred Meyer Pharmacy; and (2) that they offered low cost generic program. My failure to ask those two simple questions has been costly and stressful.

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