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I would like to share a disappointment I recently had with that will hopefully serve as a warning to other travelers.

As a retiree my wife and I have enjoyed traveling across the United States, internationally, and sometimes even close to home. For many years I have found utilizing’s “name your own price” a great way to find quality hotel rooms at a discounted price, however, recently I had a very startling, and expensive, experience utilizing Priceline. Because of this experience and my exasperation with Priceline’s customer service function about the issue I will no longer use them under any circumstances.

Recently my wife and I, and another couple, decided to go to Palm Springs. Rather than it being just a day trip we all decided to plan on spending the night there. With those plans in mind I volunteered to make the hotel arrangements for two rooms stating that I “always had a good experience using’s ‘name your own price.’” I went to their website and sorted through the selection options choosing a four star hotel with a “bid price” of $65.00 (plus tax) per room for two rooms, one night. I deliberately and intentionally did not select the “Resort” category because time would not permit us to utilize any of the resort facilities and we preferred a standard hotel for our stay. My bid price of $65.00 (plus tax) was accepted, however, they had “upgraded” my selection to a resort (Hyatt Grand Champion’s Resort). When utilizing the “name you own price” feature you are committed to purchasing the room if your bid price is accepted and your credit card is immediately charged the accepted price plus tax, so one is “committed” to the hotel selection that accepted your bid price.

Upon checkout at the Hyatt Grand Champion’s Resort we were accessed an additional $25.13 per room as a “per day, per room resort fee” which is a standard billing practice of the resort (which is one reason I deliberately avoided selecting a resort as an option when I made my original on-line selections at The addition of this “resort fee” significantly changed the per night cost of each room, an increase of 38.7% over the accepted bid price. Not only was I disappointed and upset about this additional charge I was also embarrasssed in front of the other couple as I had proudly boasted of getting a “great price” via

My calls and written communications to Priceline have obviously fallen on deaf ears….all their customer service function seems to be able to do is to read prepared text responses to customer issues and concerns. I feel the issue resides with Priceline and not the resort as Priceline guaranteed me the room(s) at the accepted bid price plus tax. Priceline claims they reserve the right to “upgrade” whenever they so desire. This “reserved right” gives Priceline the opportunity to “bait and switch” whenever they so desire --- which is nothing more than a corrupt business practice on their part. If they allow their participating hotels to add on additional fees, etc. that are not know at the time of “bidding” you never know what price you will ultimately be paying for the room. What prevents a participating hotel from adding fees of $50.00, or even $100.00?

Having failed to be able to resolve the issue of the additional “resort fee” charge with Priceline when a resort option was not selected, nor desired I find myself in the position of consumer choice. That choice being to never use Priceline again….but also to warn other travelers about the hidden “bait and switch” that Priceline pulls under the guise of an “upgrade” that can significantly increase the room price in a hidden manner. I have always defined a travel “upgrade” as being a nice plus without a price increase, evidently at Priceline it means “let’s get more money than we originally agreed to.” With’s “name your own price” you are not naming your price, you are agreeing to letting them “upgrade” you into a room that is far, far more expensive than you thought you had an agreed price for.

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User Replies:
Alain on 01/20/2012:
Thanks for your warning! I'll continue to book directly to avoid problems like this.
Jim on 02/02/2012:
I have been using Priceline since 2001 and I do usually know which hotels I will get first buy using betterbidding or biddingfortravel. That said, being upgraded has always been a risk with Priceline. You are bidding on a certain level of hotel or above. You don't have the option to stick to that 3* if a 4* is available. Sometimes that can also mean the difference between free parking and parking that costs $25 a night valet or even self park. It's not always the resort fee that adds costs. Live and learn.
Jim on 02/02/2012:
In addition, now you will not use Priceline ever again..right? So you will spend more using other vendors instead? Hotwire I suppose could offer you what you are seeking and you would know it isn't a resort up front.
Tracy on 02/17/2012:
Jim, I just had what I feel is false advertisinig with Priceline. I too will never use their service again. I would rather spend more than give any money to a company who rips people off. Currently I will be disputing the charge on my credit card. I don't feel that they should be able to get away with disception.
NODA on 03/22/2012:
Same here! Experienced same with the hotel booking in SFO. Hotel was booked in the wrong area for the price that was lower, then the published rate all over the web, own published rates and even hotel's own website!! I have tried to work it out with Priceline, but it is practically impossible since all CS is outsourced to Mexico/Philippines/India, etc. and agents are completely incompetent. The emails they sent don't make ANY sense - what ever language they used - It's NOT English! I finally (after 2 weeks talking/emailing) was able to request a refund minus $25 service fee (!!!) Let's see if that comes through.. otherwise am taking this issue up with my credit card services. Will NEVER use Priceline again!!!!
donna c on 05/02/2012:
Priceline is a ripoff and please do not waste your money or time.... This is a company that promotes the FRAUD ACT.
L Fitzgerald on 11/29/2012:
Their best price guarantee is bogus I called for and told them I found a cheaper rate for my grandson in the military and they told me they could not honor their guarantee because it applies only if the rate drops within 24 hrs of booking I will never use this gain very misleading and dishonest
EricJoe on 11/11/2014:
I have always prefer using princeline,so call name your own prince. Last april, due the high volume of my work ,i was unable to go for my son in pa,so i purchased tickets for $460 for my friend and my son to come to Desmoines,IA, Princeline, denial my three year old son a seat and requested additional $800 after they took $460 from visa,for the two people, so they denial them and took my $460 free with out service.So before you do business with them ,be careful.They have bad customer service in india that will be speaking indian to you on the phone.
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Our Family Has Used Priceline for Many of Our trips... That Will Now Cease.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- Our family has used Priceline for many of our trips... that will now cease.
Priceline does not appreciate it's customers nor do they care about delivering a high level of customer service.

We booked through Priceline for our last trip and things were going smoothly until we reached our second hotel in our stay. SURPRISE! I now have $60 to spend on parking for this hotel. There is absolutely no free parking. Nowhere did this disclaimer appear for this hotel on the itinerary or any way to de-select any hotels that do not offer free parking. For families who have planned out and budgeted their trips, this could be a big downer. If we would have stayed even longer, that price would be even more through the roof.

The hotel stated it's Priceline's problem, not theirs. They said we need to fight it with Priceline so that they give us this money back.

Priceline was called. First employee was unhelpful. Said that somewhere in the 100000 word hidden contract it says that incidentals is not covered. Incidentals is VERY understandable, but PARKING is not an incidental. PARKING is a necessity in order to stay somewhere. It should have given us an option to opt out of paid parking hotels if that's the case rather than hide a stipulation into their contract that parking is part of an incidental??

Since this was unacceptable for us that they did not want to reimburse us or offer us any type of incentive, we requested a supervisor.
Another employee was handed the phone. Under the impression we were speaking to a supervisor, we proceeded with explaining our situation again. Again, there was no desire to help us. They also said they weren't a supervisor and they have no supervisor to address our call. They told us we could write a letter via MAIL to the corporate office. When asked if they cared about our continued business, they basically beat around the bush and insinuated they didn't care and that it's our fault.
There were no kind words or incentives offered to make things right or to want us to stay a customer of Priceline. Everything that you will pay out of pocket that in real life are not incidentals, is your problem to deal with when you are already out of town. There's no management to oversee their employees on the phone or escalate an issue to. There's no customer service at all. In fact, they were pretty much outright rude on the phone and blamed us for everything. Aren't customers always right? Or at least they should be made to feel that way even if they are not. Not to basically make us feel like they are untrustworthy and we are stupid to fall for their tricks. Never again will we use Priceline. We rather use a service where everything is disclosed right up front without any surprises on our trips.
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User Replies:
CowboyFan on 11/06/2012:
The fact that it was unacceptable to the OP to pay for this incidental, does not make it poor customer service that Priceline was going to stick by the rules that are part of the contract.

A quick search of frequently asked questions on Priceline shows: "While parking at some hotels is free or included in your nightly room rate, others charge for parking as an incidental - just like phone calls or room service. If you choose one of our Published Price hotel reservations, review the Hotel Details information on our Web site for specific information on parking options the hotel may offer."

Usually parking is in larger cities or downtown, where people frequently arrive by plane. The other incidentals to watch out for are resort fees in places like Florida or tourist areas.

Anonymous on 11/06/2012:
People, you have got to understand that when forego booking a hotel directly and instead go with a third party site, you still have to do your homework and research the hotel! The third-arty has no interest in the hotel or its amenities, they just want to sell rooms!
Ben There on 11/06/2012:
More often than not I don't have a car with me when traveling, but if I do I assume most hotels charge extra for parking unless it's like a motel or in a residential area.
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Priceline = Garbage.
Posted by on
I am going to Las Vegas on Friday for my 24th birthday with my friend who shares the same birthday(she turned 21). I decided to use Priceline since William Shatner is their spokesperson and I didn't think he would put his name behind such a terrible company.

You know that adage, "the customer was always right?" Well Priceline has never heard of it. When I was making my reservation I was able to pick the location I wanted I chose "ON THE STRIP" seconds after submitting my price I got an email that my reservation had been booked in a hotel MILES away from the strip.

I immediately called in(within seconds of receiving my confirmation email). The representative was from a 3rd world country and barely spoke any English(of course). After explaining my situation to him he basically told me I was SOL and became very rude when I demanded that he fix this issue. He told me there was no way that he was going to refund my money and there was no way he was going to change my reservation to a hotel on the strip like I had requested.

I have booked a hotel through Travelocity now(ON THE STRIP) and it actually ended up costing me less than Priceline wanted me to pay to stay at a hotel OFF the strip and I have placed a stop payment on the transaction with Priceline and they will not see a SINGLE PENNY from me.

Never again.
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 02/09/2011:
I think your leaving out some info. Most times boxes are checked and you have to uncheck them. Was this your first bid? Most likely your first was turned down and they offered you a chance to rebid but you add a new zone which is how you ended up where you didn't want to be. Sounds like your new to Priceline and don't understand their system. They aren't a bad company but they are rigid in their policies.
PepperElf on 02/09/2011:
shatner can't. act his way. out of a. paper... bag.

just kidding. something from the roast of him that one of the guys suggested.

but seriously... I would recommend making your purchasing decisions not based on whom they hire to hawk their product. most actors just endorse a product because they're being paid to.

if you want to listen to an actor or celeb... try listing to someone who promotes a product *without* being sponsored for it.

leet60 on 02/09/2011:
I never use third party reservation sites to book hotels or airlines. They rarely, if ever, are able to give you a rate you cannot get by booking directly - especially in Las Vegas.

As an example I went on Priceline and checked the room price for Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas for a weekend. Priceline quoted $154.00 a night. I checked the hotel website and was quoted $149.00 a night.
jktshff1 on 02/09/2011:
spot on leet, 3rd parties are out for your $$$ and nothing else.
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Read the fine print
Posted by on
I have used in the past to book flights, hotels and car rentals. I have even had the thrill of getting what I considered to be some really good deals...up to 49% off the published rates on other "deal" websites.

Unfortunately, I feel victim to the biggest pitfall with the Priceline process today. I had booked a car rental for an upcoming trip through Priceline. Unfortunately, the dates of my trip had to be changed - the client company that I was visiting had some schedule changes and could no longer accommodate the original date of our planned meeting. I quickly called my hotel to change my reservations - no problem. I visited the Southwest Airline website to change my flights - no problem (but it did cost me some additional money due to the rate change). But when I reached out, I received nothing but problems.

Because I had used the name your own price bidding module for my car rental, I was told that I could not change the reservation dates or cancel the reservation. How much sense does this make? I am being charged $76.05 (total price with all taxes a good price for a standard size car rental at BWI), but I am receiving nothing for my money.

The Priceline associates that I spoke with said, "you should have read the contract page more closely...there is nothing we can do to help you". I say - BOLOGNA!!! How can they charge a fee and not provide a service or product in return? I understand that I received the opportunity to "make my own deal" - but is it worth $76.05 to negotiate a deal and then not be able to take advantage of that deal? I am outraged and I will never use their service again.

In the meantime, I have had to reserve another car for the new dates of my meeting. I'm paying nearly 25% more because I had to book a car direct and not "name my best price" I am out both my original bid (with additional taxes) which totals $76.05 and I have to pay for another car.

Buyer Beware! I, for one, will not use this service again until Priceline changes their policy on allowing changes to reservations.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
unfortuantely, that's how these 3rd party websites work. you get a huge discount, but in return, the dates are written in stone and they will not budge. Not to be mean, but you really should have understood what you were getting into before you booked.
Tmac1126 on 08/12/2010:
I need really helpful advice - is there another way to negotiate your best price on hotels, flights and cars that is a little more flexible? Prince Caesar, not a bad response - but really - do you think that I thought that my meeting dates would change when I bought my flight, booked my hotel and reserved my car? How many people do you know that prepare for travel by affirmatively belieiving that they will need to change the dates?

The point is this...and I should have put this in my original post...The "no changes and no refunds allowed" policy is entirely not fair and Priceline should change it if they want to keep their consumers happy. It's great that they have devised a system to allow the consumer to get the best price...but when stuff goes wrong - it's a rip off.
goduke on 08/12/2010:
Most organizations will match a web price if you are able to prove it. The problem is that with the "name your own price" quotes, the rates are non-refundable, and the direct companies know that.
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
WEll Tmac, I understand your troubles and I would be just as frustrated as you are. next time, I would suggest you book directly through the companies themself and not through any 3rd party discount site like Priceline or, Travelocity, etc. They all have similar policies. That is why they can get such deep discounts for you rather than booking directly through the companies themself. My advice to you is just shop around through the rental companies, and pick the best quote.
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
You will end up paying more booking directly through the airlines and hotel companies, but you will have flexibility to change dates if needed.
Tmac1126 on 08/12/2010:
Aha - Price-Caesar, now you are on to something...That's my point. I looked at the companies direct today. They want $49 for an econony car all the way up to $130+ for a Specialty Car. I was on one rental car companies website and as a "member" I was quoted $64.00 - just for giggles I revisited as a "non member" and was quoted over $100 for the same class of car.

Is it asking too much to be treated fairly? How does a person get the best rate?

Back to Priceline and continuing my rant on that real problem is this...Who gets my money now that I have cancelled my trip for the original dates? If it's the rental car company, I can almost live with that...they thought they had a car rented for the day - that is their business - making sure that most of their fleet is in service and making money everday...

Now, if it's Priceline that gets my money - I can't accept that. Why should they get to keep my money? All they offered me was a way to communicate my offer to what I assume is all the major car rental companies.
rockfishing on 08/12/2010:
Priceline clearly states that there are no changes or refunds once your click the Acceptance button. Why do people still insist that they should be the exception? The policy is clearly stated, that is the way it is, if you don't like their policy, then don't use their services. Just because you can't get the cheapest price doesn't make it unfair.
Tmac1126 on 08/12/2010:
RockFish - You must work for Priceline. I saw some of your other posts on some of the other complaint threads - each time you say the same stupid thing.

My complaint has nothing to do with wanting an exception to be made....I want them to drop the requirement altogether. I'll say it again for anyone else who thinks I don't know better - I DID NOT PLAN TO CHANGE THE DATES OF MY TRIP. But stuff happens. Should I now have to forfeit my $75.00?

C'mon People - stand up for what's right!
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
lol I try my best to stand up for what's right. I have saved tons of money with Priceline, but I always understand what I'm getting into before I purchase anything. I understand you didn't mean to change your dates, but this isn't Priceline's fault either. take this as a lesson learned and move on.
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
LMAO! WOW now THAT is funny! I clickd on this review, and there is an advertisement for Priceline. HAHA isn't THAT a slap in the face!!!
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
I would say it's Priceless.
rockfishing on 08/12/2010:
Sorry, I don't work for Priceline. I'm just a supporter of personal responsibility. Priceline does not hide the fact that once you book with them, there are no refunds. If you don't agree with that, don't book with them. It is that simple. It's the same principle I deal with my two year old. All the screaming and crying they do doesn't make what they think is is, is right.
Tmac1126 on 08/12/2010:
Hey lesson learned...the sad truth is I guess I don't qualify for the opportunity to "name my best price" since there is always going to be a chance that my plans might change. Someone might die (God forbid), there might be an act of God, I might lose my job, my kids might get sick, my car might breakdown on the way to the airport....

Does anyone hear the sarcasm?

For anyone interested in telling my how wrong I am - don't bother - I won't be logging back on.

I entered my review and I stand by my initial assertions. Priceline offers a good service - but only to the high and mighty that can personally guarantee that they will absolutely, positively be there when they say they will.

I feel like I got ripped off - and they won't be getting any more business from me.
maxinebb on 08/16/2010:
Your business trip got changed (out of your control). Someone else has a car wreck and ends up in the hospital. Another has a death in the family. And than there is the unexpected baby delivery. The unexpected illness of your child. All unexpected situations out of the person's control. These internet companies and the ones that provide the services you are seeking are not set up to have compassion, they are looking for profit. Businesses over the past 2-3 decades have become business oriented, sacrificing customer oriented. When you purchase goods at a great price, YOU must find out what you are sacrificing.
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Name Your Price and You'll End Up Walking
Posted by on
Like a good consumer I book my tickets in advance. This particular occasion booked a flight 3 months in advance for my soon to be mother in law so she could come and spend time with our newborn. Two months later, to the day, I get a call from a Priceline representative stating that the flights had changed so my tickets were longer good. He did say he was pleased to tell me he was able to secure a full refund... what? I went on about how I booked in advance to ensure that I received the best deal possible and this was only $5 less than Southwest. (Only $5, but it's better in my pocket than someone elses =0) and now 3 weeks from the departure I'm told I have no ticket and there is nothing they can do. I said, her dates are flexible surely you can find alternate flights, we're open to other options (knowing finding a decent rate this late in the game would be tough). He stated that the rules an regulations of the name your price don't allow the change of dates. I asked who's rules, he said Pricelines... So your telling me you sold me a ticket, which you now cannot provide, and you are restricting yourself from finding me alternate flights when I'm being so flexable??

A business with good customer service would recognize that they have messed up and take it upon themselves to make things right, even if it's at their own expense. So I asked for a supervisor, and got Mary. She stated the exact same things as if reading it from a script. She again let me know how lucky I was that I got a refund. Shame on you Priceline....

That's my story. To sum it up, I will be forced to pay for overpriced tickets because I trusted Priceline. Remember, that just because they charged your card and you have a confirmation which you are not allowed to cancel, it doesn't mean anything. If something happens, you are on your own...
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 08/11/2010:
Flights change, stuff happens, Priceline has no control over that. Read the terms and conditions and next time book direct...little more, but less hassle.
olie on 08/11/2010:
Priceline DID make things right. They refunded your ticket price. They can keep prices low because you are the one doing the footwork of finding the flight that fits your needs.
Anonymous on 08/11/2010:
yeppers! Stuff happens. Id consider yourself lucky that Priceline called you at ALL. Better than fidning out the day of your flight that you don't have a ticket.
rockfishing on 08/11/2010:
If you had booked directly you would not of had this problem. You read the agreement before you accepted to purchase your tickets. It is your responsibility as a consumer to know what you are buying before you agree to it. That includes reading the fine print.
Weedwhacked on 08/11/2010:
Priceline or any other travel agency is not responsible for the schedule changes that airlines do about four times a year. By you asking them to find alternative flights means that they would have to pay a new airline for your tickets as the original airline won't buy them for you. Why would they do that? They didn't cancel or change your flight. Read the contract of carriage from your tickets and you'll see Priceline is not at fault like you wish they were.
Tmac1126 on 08/12/2010:
I have to say - I'm a new user to "3 cents", but these comments above are from a bunch of sheep. Shame on you folks for telling the original poster that he should have read the fine print. Priceline screwed me too recently and I did read the fine print - when plans change, there is no recourse and Priceline gets to keep your money??? The original poster should feel lucky that they offered him a refund on the original ticket - it is way more than I got for my troubles. The rest of you - c'mon...your advice is "be a better consumer"???
goduke on 08/12/2010:
That is a pretty unfortunate experience. I know that the "name your own price" is a really, really restrictive program and only seems to work if your plans are set in stone and nothing ever changes. Sometimes it's probably worth the extra $5 to get in with a direct relationship with the airline so that any changes can be dealt within a different manner.
PricelineNot4U on 08/13/2010:
jktshff1 - Stuff does happen, but Priceline does have control over how they handle those situations. To make zero effort to accommodate our original agreement, and leave me hanging with no concern is poor customer service.

olie - I already did the footwork and found a low price which I paid for months ago. Basically they sold me something that doesn't exist, and I feel that the only right thing for them to do in these instances is to seek alternate options regardless of the extra legwork. If they had done this and still were unable to find anything even with my being very flexible, that would be a much different story. In business sometimes you take the hit to keep your consumers happy and coming back - which I won't be.

Weedwhacked - They would attempt find me alternate flights with one of the many airlines they represent to maintain consumer confidence in their brand.

@Tmac1126 - I thought the same thing. It seems to me people just get used to this sort of treatment to the point its acceptable rather than forcing vendors to improve themselves. If we allow it as a group, then we deserve it I suppose.

goduke - My plans didn't change, but apparently the airlines did. I agree the extra $5 and to book direct is probably a better option. However the airline is the one who caused the wake.

Anyway just wanted to post my feelings and let it be heard that I personally feel hung out to dry because it wasn't easy money for them. Some may say this is to keep prices low, but what good are low prices when they may decide to cancel your tickets anyway? And in my case forcing me to pay more.
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Name Your Own Price
Posted by on
HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I've just had a horrible experience dealing with the customer service at the to include even the supervisor [snip]. It seems as though they have a "script" in front of them to only respond a certain way when people call them up with a concern. With all of them (1 company rep, 2 customer service rep, and a supervisor), they had neither the compassion nor the willingness to help a customer out except to say, "I am sorry, Mr. but the policy is that you can neither change or cancel this reservation." I used this service one or twice before but this would be the last time I would ever use this service again. I was planning a business trip and I was intending to take my family along with me, my wife and 3-month-old son. Well, something happened where now, neither I or my family wasn't going to be going on this trip. I called them a day later after booking the rental car reservation only to hear them say, "I am sorry Mr. but we cannot change or cancel this reservation." A reservation is a reservation to most of "customer caring" businesses except for the I found out how people are frustrated with their service only after I had to deal with it myself. 85% of 262 people rated their service as poor.

Now, that says something about the quality of their service in this "people business." The phrase "Name Your Own Price" will have a bitter taste in my mouth for some time. Way to You have just lost another customer dissatisfied with your service.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/17/2009:
So you're mad cause they won't bend the rules for you?
Ben There on 04/17/2009:
Why did you buy a nonrefundable product that does not allow changes if there was a chance something would have changed? They are very upfront that you can not change your booking if you do the name your own price thing... What did you think that meant?
Anonymous on 04/17/2009:
It is not now, nor has it ever been a secret that all their sales are final. No exceptions. Was the few dollars you thought you were saving really worth it?
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I Was Deceived By Priceline And Now They Won't Answer My Calls
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I recently went to name your own price for hotels on I was looking for a hotel in cabo san lucas. It first asks me what area I want and then it asks me what level of stars do I want for my hotel. It was a last minute vacation for me and knowing that the economy has been terrible, I thought perhaps I could get a top notch hotel for a bargain price. I chose 3 and half stars,4 stars or 5 stars, knowing fully that I would most likely be turned down because of my low offer. What I didn't expect is that they accepted my offer. There is one problem, they gave me a 3 star hotel. I never chose the option for a 3 star hotel but Priceline seemed not to care how many stars I was comfortable with. I tried to call them on the matter with no luck. They transfer their phone calls to the phillipines, with trouble understanding them and their protocol answers, they told me there was nothing they could do. Then I wrote one of the executives, his name is [snip]. He wrote this statement to me:

"We are sorry we did not provide you the answers you were looking for and we thank you for your time.

Executive Offices"

He never answered my question and my problem of how could they give me a 3 star hotel when I didn't choose the option for a 3 star hotel. They could have easily given me a 1 star hotel at this point, it just didn't matter. It was unfair and completely ruined my entire trip. I felt that my hard earned money was thrown down the drain. I would have never named my own price if I knew Priceline was going to ignore the option that I had chosen. I did try and go to the hotel, very disappointed. No beach, broken Jacuzzi and endless noise. I went and spent my time on a couch at a friends resort. Thank you Priceline.

If anyone has an idea of what to do next, please help a fellow consumer from being screwed by another big corporation. Thank you

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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/17/2008:
Where did you determine this to be a 3 star hotel? I think their rating system is unique to them. It might have been a 3.5 or 4 star in their world.
rogerheart69 on 01/02/2009:
If they gave you a 3 star hotel by their rating system it was only because you agreed to a 3 star hotel, maybe by mistake. This would explain it. They will not downgrade you as that violates their contract with you. They fix all errors made by them. If you see it rated as a 3 star on other sites, you might be out of luck. Their rating system is unique only to them and does not go by other standards although it is usually tougher then like AAA.
missmad on 01/30/2009:
I totally get what you are saying. I too named my own price for a hotel. I was following their instructions and because I wasn't looking at the map and concentrated on the boxes, I was put out a good distance from downtown. Did you get a rude message from a Gordon guy defending Priceline?

rogerheart69 on 01/31/2009:
Missmad just explained why she messed up....She didn't look at the map. If she would have she wouldn't have had a problem. It is a AREA people. AREA is not a specific address. Think about it.
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Car Rental - Name Your Own Price
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I have used Priceline on several occasions. Until this year, had not had any issues. I am planning a trip to Orlando and wanted to use the name your own price with car rentals. It worked last year. Priceline has now changed this portion of the website and it tells you that you are not bidding enough. So you are naming your own price anymore, you are naming the price that Priceline tells you.

In the past I had gotten great car rental pricing. Not so , this go around. I have had to go up 7 dollars and still the bids not accepted. Not only that, they no longer let you change your bid. You have to wait 24 hours in between bids. Like I have weeks to keep going on line. I am going to go to a different site because it has gotten ridiculous.

Don't believe the commercials that say 30% discount on car rentals. Or the stats on their web page that tell you the lowest car rental rates accepted in the area you are traveling to.

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Amenities Are Not Guaranteed
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NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- Be sure to read screens and offerings carefully. Amenities are not guaranteed when using 'Name you own price' tool. Free breakfast and free internet on one screen may not be shown in the next, what they refer to as contract. Contacted customer service. I offered to take a different location. Reservation can NOT be changed or canceled. Escalated to customer relations. Same outcome after one hour of waiting on hold. They offered mailing address to file complaint. What you see is not what you get. Beware.
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onlooker on 03/24/2013:
this is a good warning....but what you saw ...had you read the final screens may have been what you got.

It bears repeating again - don't click don't sign until you have checked everything out again
Old Timer on 03/24/2013:
Unless you're ready and can afford to lose your money, stay far away from all these 3rd party travel sites.
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This Pack Is a Scam!
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This company has the "WORST" customer service I have ever seen. It sounds like they are reading off of que cards. They can't guarantee anything and the hotel even said "they hate" third party companies and Priceline is the worst. Don't even think I will show up for my reservation as I am not sure what I will get. There goes my money down the drain.
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Ben There on 04/30/2012:
I have saved tons of money using Priceline, but if you need exact amenities or location it is best to not use any opaque booking site. It is also important to read the terms and conditions no matter how you book as you can get nonrefundable/no change rates from everyone including the hotels themselves.
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