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Be Wary of Extra Charges That You Won't Find Out About Ahead of Time
Posted by on
I rented a Hertz car through Priceline - charge to my credit card - $158.40. Hertz added additional charges of $188.45 (none for gas, extra mileage, etc.), the total bill was $346.85. I'll never do this again.
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At Your Service on 2012-12-31:
What are you referring to with the, "(none for gas, extra mileage, etc.)" So did you go over the mileage and return the vehicle without filling the tank?
Obsfucation on 2012-12-31:
Did you take the extra insurance?
bob932304 on 2012-12-31:
What were the additional charges for? They are itemized on your final statement. These can be for extra days, excess mileage (though most rentals have unlimited miles), damage, GPS, road service, etc. that you selected when you checked the car out.
trmn8r on 2013-01-01:
Sadly, more details are needed to know if Priceline or Hertz did anything out of the ordinary in this case.

Extra charges should be quoted on the contract, and then itemized on the final bill, so it isn't clear what Priceline did wrong.
Kathleen Wright on 2013-01-14:
Rented a suv from Priceline/Avis and they charged 77.00 for insurance. When we got to Avis they had no record of that, and charged us for insurance with the car rental. Has anyone ever had this happen? Avis had no record of the $77.00. Will never use Priceline again.
newmoon on 2013-03-18:
I think it is a good idea to check out the car rental company website before booking anything through Priceline. The same thing applies to hotels as well since many have "resort fees" etc. that may come as a surprise. That way you should be aware of any additional charges that may apply to your rental agreement (or hotel stay). Also, your own car insurance for your personal vehicle should apply to cover rentals. I've used my own insurance (showing proof) and not had a problem.
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Car Rental With Priceline Is Not Worth It.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LONDON, ONTARIO -- Rented a car through Priceline, and the car was to be in London Ontario, but ended up in Ontario (intl), Ont. which we later discovered is in California. Spent over 1 hour on the original day of the rental talking to many representatives, no luck, rented a hotel plus taaaaaxi to the hotel, the next day we did get a car.

The company we rented the car from acknowledge the rate quoted by Priceline, event though it was not the correct rate, the rental company also stated that the error had been made by Priceline but Priceline basically did nothing except to point fingers at everyone but themselves. Their whole argument is based on the claim that the California address is on the confirmation. It is not and I am quite sure that someone from the car rental agency in both Canada and in the US would have said something when we were trying to find out where our car was.

WE were trying to get an answer as to where the car was for over an hour on the night before we finally gave up and went to a hotel. No compensation from Priceline, just finger pointing. My suggestion is do not use Priceline for car rental
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Alain on 2012-09-01:
Thanks for your warning about not using Priceline for car rentals. Due to the number of poor reviews about Priceline, I wouldn't use them for anything.
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Hidden fees in car rental
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROBBINSDALE -- Thankfully, I didn't go through with my recent Priceline bid for a car rental Las Vegas. I had detailed information about all the various tax and fees levied when renting at the Las Vegas International airport, and I was confused when my total price page came up on Priceline because the taxes and fees they levied were more than twice what would have actually been levied by the various taxing agencies. Priceline states on their website (you have to click around a little) that the taxes and fees they levy are estimates, and that they keep any discrepancy as a fee for service. But this was ridiculous--renting the car from the company directly for the same price would have cost me half of what Priceline charged for taxes and fees. The Priceline fees negated any savings that using their bidding service would have won me, in addition to having to assume the risk of paying in advance with no possibility of a refund. Beware--Priceline doesn't itemize their taxes and fees if you are bidding--so it will be next to impossible to realize what a huge fee they've tacked on unless you research the actual tax rates and fees that will be charged to you at any given location. I got a fabulous price on an airline ticket through Priceline last year--so I'm not saying not to use the service, but please be extra careful.
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Erik Solter on 2013-08-01:
I too am trying to rent a car in Hawaii and have noticed that there taxes and fees are double that of the regular car companies and of from Hotwire. I am bidding 50.00 dollars a day for a Priceline car, taxes and fees are around 64.00 dollars. At Hotwire, my car is costing 60.95 a day and my fees and taxes are 37.00.....that takes away my savings.....disappointed Priceline....
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Very Very Unsatisfactory Assistance
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- My wife did not put both our names on driver list and when an emergency came up I was unable to go, so I tried just to have her name added to driver list so she could get the car when she got to Florida and they said due to contract they could not add her name or take mine off and just add hers. I will write a letter to the president of that suck a** company and give him the names of everyone I talked to until I get a response to why it is so hard to go into a computer and change a name. SUCK A** COMPANY IS PRICE LINE BY THE WAY. I SURE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO OWNS IT SO I COULD CALL ALL HIS EMPLOYEES AND TELL THEM BECAUSE NONE OF THEM KNOW WHO THEY WORK FOR.
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 2012-05-03:
the name really isn't important on a car rental. What Priceline requires is the credit card that was used to book the reservation is the one presented at the counter. So easy a problem to solve with so little drama.
mike on 2012-05-04:
she used her card and my name as driver so they need to hold down the drama part all they had to say was her name on card would not be a problem but in stead they must have tried to cancel reservation to keep the money MY BOOK THEY ARE THIEVES
CowboyFan on 2012-05-04:
No theft here. The Priceline website states:

"You can add a driver to your rental car reservation at the rental counter. There may be a charge for each additional driver which will be disclosed at the rental counter. The primary driver on the reservation must arrive at the counter to pick up the car and add the additional driver to the rental agreement. The additional driver must also be present at the counter. We are unable to add a driver to your rental reservation or change the name of the primary driver originally entered on our web site."

There appears to be even more limitations if the car rental is a name-your-price, instead of a set rental. The lesson is if you want flexibility, rent directly from the rental car company.

cnpawelczyk on 2012-05-08:
I think cowboy is a Priceline employee
cnpawelczyk on 2012-05-08:

jktshff1 on 2012-05-08:
I think cowboy reads the terms & conditions well like everyone should
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Misleading consumers
Posted by on
I went to the "negotiator" and was assured of getting the size car I wanted for $31/day. That bid was regarded as too low, and when I continued by bidding in $2 increments, each bid was too low. Then offers of the size car I wanted were withdrawn, and I was given only choices of economy cars (too small)or luxury cars or SUVs which were far more than I was willing to pay. At this point I had already given a credit card number and was unable to withdraw my offer. I was then given a choice of deals with various car rentals which I could have negotiated myself. I wound up paying $53/day for a standard size instead of the size I wanted. It seems to me that this is just the old "bait and switch" trick which no reputable company should ever resort to. I will never do business with again and will use every opportunity to warn family and friends not to patronize this company.
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Veronica Herrera on 2012-07-24:


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BOGUS advertising
Posted by on
Here's what they say in their advertising:
When you book a Name Your Own Price® Hotel, Flight or Rental Car we not only guarantee the lowest price we guarantee a BIG DEAL! We are so confident that you won't find a bigger deal on some other site, that the Big Deal Guarantee is available all the way until the day before you travel. That's not all, the Big Deal Guarantee also covers Flight+Hotel Vacation Packages.

How To Claim Your Big Deal Guarantee
Call and tell us where you saw the lower price. Priceline will verify the price and availability right there on the phone.

( U.S. or Canada)
(from anywhere else)
The Legal Stuff
See more details below by product:

Book a Big Deal!
If you find a lower price for the same reservation, we'll match the price and give you $25!!1

Well, here's the real story:
We booked with them for a car in LAX and named our own price. Several times it was rejected, but finally accepted. Then Hotwire sent me a price drop notification, about 10% less than the price. So I called about their Big Deal Guarantee. (In fact,'s regular lowest price was lower than what I paid). The Customer Service lady referred me to Danielle in Customer Relations. Here's the Real Deal: It seems like No Body gets the Bonus or the Guarantee. Just because you find a lower price, on the same class of car, same equipment, same dates, etc., you still don't qualify. It has to be from the Same company's regularly advertised list price. But I said that the "SAME" company I'm dealing with is and you have a much lower advertised regular price. Too bad, she says. It was really a "HA-HA GOTCHA MOMENT!" Why would a company like this stoop to such unethical practices? Who Knows? But I know that no one should patronize a company like this, unless they want to be treated so badly. I'm a senior and money is tight, and the savings would have been important to us. Very disappointed in and their people and their marketing double-talk. Be warned, like so many other advisories here.
Priceline is Out of Line!
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User Replies:
goduke on 2010-08-16:
I would think that it would have to be the same company. If the price you have is, for instance, an American Airlines flight, and United comes out with a lower price, I don't think that you can claim a price guarantee. Am I missing something?
Tmac1126 on 2010-08-18:
Maybe I'm the one who's missing something...I agree with the OP. If I use a discount web service to "find the best price" or even better - name my best price (without knowing or selecting the actual provider), then I think that web based service needs to honor the low price guarantee regardless of who the provider is.

In other words, if I bid on a car and "win" my bid, then find out that any other company is offering a better price - Then Priceline needs to honor their price guarantee.

They stink - very unscrupulous company and as I've mentioned over and over, I won't be doing business with them again!
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Posted by on
FLORIDA -- May 9, 2010

Dear Priceline

This is the second complain about your car rental service that you provided to me.

My Itinerary No. is 130-180-753-59
The first complain has filed to you since April 21, 2010 through your “Contact us” in your webpage. No response since then.

Let me restate the story

I have purchased the car rental service from you and received:-
The confirmation # 08463596US1.
Pickup location Avis rent a Car
Orlando airport
Pick-update April 10, 2010
Drop-of April 15, 2010

I have reached the counter you instructed on time and ask for the service as I purchased. They asked for my driver license. I gave them both my “International Driver License and my passport” to identify myself. They did not accept my “International driver license” and ask for Thai driver license. I did not bring my Thai license since the international driver license is the document that is accepted all over the world. They said this document is just “a translation” of my Thai driver license. They said it is against the law. I asked to have my license fax from Bangkok, they only wanted to see the real, hard copy only. You know ! if I give my Thai driver license, they cannot read it anyway and how can the police read the license if it in Thai. This is why I have International license so everybody in the world can read. I came to realized later that, I am so stupid if I give them any Thai I. D. card, they cannot read it anyway. And none of this would happen. Is that the way I should do, you tell me! . I think this is much worse since it is a lies ! and I think it is not acceptable in the United States of America.
I asked Avis to contact Priceline, they refused. Without any assistance from Avis I ran to check other car rental counter. At least 5 of them were willing to rent me a car with these documents. I got back to Avis, they insisted not to rent me a car. I try to contact at tel no. 1-888-837-3774 but there was only answer machine. I had to rent a car from one of the counter, E-Z which cost me instead of that Priceline had promised and charged to my credit card.
Avis cannot help me with anything since I booked the car through agent which is Priceline. Avis told me to contact Priceline as the one who is responsible for the refund since I did not get the service and Avis did not get the money. Who got the money? So I want to asked Priceline to cancel my payment.
All the evident were attached with this e-mail. If it was Avis misunderstanding, Priceline should talk to them, but do not press the false to the customer !
Best regard

Pat vichaiya
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 2010-05-08:
Why didn't you take your Thai driver's license with you? It wouldn't have made your wallet that much heavier. If Avis wouldn't accept the international license then what would them calling Priceline have accomplished?
dan gordon on 2010-05-09:
Priceline paid Avis for the car. Its not pricelines fault that your drivers lic wasn't accepted. I know its frustrating but if you book with Priceline and the car rental agency has their requirement I don't think you can blame Priceline.
dan gordon on 2010-05-09:
it took me less than 10 seconds to find the info on Avis' site. If you had done the same it would have saved you much frustration.
YunkaG on 2010-05-09:
dan is right, from the website: "International Driver's Permits are only valid if presented with the original local license. An International Driver's Permit it not acceptable by itself."
pat,an on 2010-05-15:
comment #2
Priceline paid Avis for a car, Priceline did not get a car. Should Avis refund to Avis ? Those two havve done business, do you think they cannot talk together and resolve my problem ?
Beside I can take my thai id card , thai student card, thai stamp food , thai Red Lobster discount card , Big Mc "extra super reward" card etc. with me next time you go abroad, if you ever, bring those too. if I can carry all the thing I want , I will bring my own car . please be grace for your visitor. I visit the US to show my kids for her beuti , her friendlyness "legally" ready to spend in the time of your "Obama : doing Nothing policy" On Priceline info about my rental, it does not say that I should check Avis policy for renting a car. how can I supposed to know that Avis want one and again other car reantal company does accept my I.D. that why I can get through this situation . Is this country use different law for the same business or what.

thank for your comment I think the US the most sincece and the satisfactory guarantee policy is still working!!! in my case, I do not even have a chance to use service but I get charge. Think if yourself in my foot . Would u no claim for your right sorry I mean money !!
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Fictitious Negotiators - Fraud
Posted by on is fake negotiator. When I booked my rental car I was told I would pay 173.17 for an economy car from ALAMO in New Orleans Louisiana. Yet, I was charged 394.30 for the vehicle. I called Alamo twice to confirm that what was indicated on my itinerary (173.17)and what Priceline told me was correct. Alamo confirmed the price of 173.17, but also indicated that I was responsible for the total charge because Priceline did not send over the required voucher. When I contacted Priceline to dispute the charge they told me that the 173.17 was an estimate and they could not honor it. If I would have known that the third party negotiator would not do any negotiating I would have never booked a rental. Not to mention, I paid more for my rental than my air fare. I would have paid significantly less if I would have negotiated a price myself.

PRICELINE's business is malicious! Pleas avoid doing business with this company at all cause. If they are unable to give accurate prices and stick to their word they do not deserve to get any of our business. STEER CLEAR!!!
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Priceline committed fraud
Posted by on
In January, 2010, my husband and I booked, on, a last minute flight with car rental to LAX, Ca. When we attempted to pick up our rental car, we were told the Priceline rental reservation number was assinged by Priceline to another customer, who had already picked up the car. I contacted Priceline and was told the car was picked up so I am not entitled to a refund, no matter that the car was picked up by someone else, hours before I was scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles. (In fact, I was still in my home state when the car was collected) The car company, Alamo, representatives, have stated that Priceline assigned the reservation number incorrectly so they are at fault, so they will not rectify the situation either. I had to pay full price to rent another car. So, not only did I not receive my car, I paid double to rent directly from anther car company. I'll never use Priceline again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2010-01-23:
Yes, they're known to screw up travel plans and not rectifying the situations. If it costs them money to fix something, they won't do it.
Soaring Consumer on 2010-01-23:
Contact Priceline's corporate office in writing, they owe you a refund for the additional rental you had to pay for. Since they are your acting travel agent it is their obligation to make it right.

If they still refuse then the excellent travel ombudsman Christopher Elliott may be able to help you, here is his website:
Ben There on 2010-01-23:
Or someone from Alamo accidentally checked in another customer with your reservation because it was the first reservation the agent found that was similar to what the customer at the counter was asking for. Did Alamo explain why they let someone drive off the lot with a pre-paid reservation that was booked under someone else'e name?
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Car Rental
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Requested a car and arrived at airport to learn that I had to upgrade. Requested car wasn't available. Expected cost was $274. Final cost was $467
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