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Unreliable, False Advertising, Horrific Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

WORLDWIDE -- I kept seeing commercials running as if they were such a popular good standing company so I figured I would give them a try instead of or Expedia which I have used several times in the past. Originally, I was going to just book a room through their so called drastically reduced rates. However, the website kept popping up suggesting that I save 60% by naming my own price. What a joke. I entered $99 for a three star hotel in Anaheim. It came back stating that they couldn't find anything close to that price for that quality (give me a break full price 3 star rooms are $140 average) and suggested that I increase to $119.

Against my own intuition I tried it. So it told me it booked me for a room at the Annabella hotel, after it charged my credit card it would go on to state that it could not tell me what type of room I would be getting but I would have to contact the hotel directly for that. What a shock I end up having to do more work for the so called travel service. I call the Anabella, first occurrence they did not yet have my reservation and suggested I call back the following day. So, as I called the following day, I am told that they had booked me for a single room, and if I wanted to have a double I would in fact have to pay the hotel directly $25 more dollars. Needless to say I was furious, I called customer service, which oddly enough seems to be based in India.

After 3 phone calls and several push and enter options I spoke to a real person. Guess what he was about as helpful as a. From what I could understand he was saying that in the "contract it states that they do not guarantee what type of room." Excuse me, but what the hell am I going to do with a king size bed and 4 people I told him. He went on to say there was nothing they could do. I of course requested a supervisor who offered more of the same pathetic nonsense. While I was on the phone educating him in US profanity I happened to look up the price for the Annabella on

What do you know there was the room I needed for $139, $5 less than the guaranteed lowest price. I decided to just disconnect the call with the so called supervisor of stupidity and called the hotel direct one more time. I asked to speak to the manager, then and only then was I finally able to get some assistance. Because they have had negative experiences with she understood the problem and assured me she would upgrade me to a room with two beds. Hallelujah, it only took 3 hours out of my Saturday to obtain a rate I could have booked directly through to begin with. Do yourselves a favor do not waste a second of your time or any money on this foolish, deceitful company.

Lack of Star Consistency
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Rating: 1/51

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I want to preface this review to say that I really like Priceline and I think you can get some excellent deals. I will relate a recent experience where the posting did not reflect what I paid for and I am very disappointed at their lack of response. I do not work in the hotel or travel industry so I studied the website and their offerings and in good faith chose a 2.5 star hotel. The 2.5 star hotel examples listed are: Holiday Inn Express, Marriott Springfield, etc. The 2.0 star hotels include Comfort Inn, Ramada Inn, etc.

I was awarded the Comfort Inn Maingate in Orlando. According to the rating system, Comfort Inn is a 2.0 star hotel. Here is where my story with the Customer Care/Relations Service begins… I called Priceline immediately after receiving confirmation of my hotel stay. I spoke with ** who apologized and told me she can't do anything to what I bought because I purchased it with the knowledge that the reservation can't be changed or amended in any way. I agree, I did purchase with that knowledge, but my purchase was not what I purchased. I bought a 2.5 star and not a 2.0 star hotel.

Twenty minutes later, I asked for a supervisor, she transferred me after a long wait. ** came on and apologized and said he would look into it. He called back 15 min. later and apologized but said according to their rating system, this particular Comfort Inn fell within the 2.5 rating description. I was aware of the amenities offered, but the problem lies with it being stated as a 2.0 instead of a 2.5 hotel. He then explained that Travelocity and others rated this Comfort Inn as a 3 star hotel. I was not purchasing from the others, I was purchased from Priceline and I was looking at Priceline's star rating.

He then offered me a cash bonus which I later found to be $50 for a future hotel bid - but there is a catch, the voucher must be used by April 30 and only $10 will be applied per night up to $50. This is not useful for me because I will not be traveling in the next 4 months. I was not satisfied with ** explanation and resolved to call him again the next day. He gave me an 800 number and did not give me his direct line when asked. I call the number he provided, ** answered and asked about the nature of the call before she can connect me. I waited 30 min. (thank goodness there is now a speaker feature on the phones) before a customer care rep, (didn't catch name) answered the phone.

I asked for ** and he said ** cannot be requested. I explained the situation and got the same response. He repeated everything that was on written on the notes from the day before. Whether the information on the website was right or wrong, I was stuck with what I paid for. I was not happy but they would not budge. The representative will expedite my request. I will be using the hotel in less than 2 weeks, so I will update if I hear from Priceline.

What did I learn from this experience? If you plan to use Priceline, choose a higher star rating than what you see posted - this way you won't be as disappointed. Don't bother calling. Just eat what you got. I wasted close to 2 hours on the phone. The staff has a script and will repeat over and over again what you already know.

Priceline reps are very well trained. They will apologize and say they understand but... they will not bend even if the customer is right. They will turn the conversation around to make you see it their way even when the website posting is clearly on your side in black and white. I used to recommend Priceline when I need a hotel, but this experience has prompted me to try their competitors. If they acknowledged that their website was not clear and that they will upgrade and that I would have to pay the difference, I would be happy. But unfortunately, Priceline left a less than desirable impression with me when trying to resolve a problem.

The cash bonus for another booking was a nice touch, but the probability of it being used is probably small, so they don't have much to lose. If they want to make the consumer feel good - they should either pony up a $50 cash bonus in the form of a check or allow the customer to upgrade to the next level (spend more $$) if the customer was in the right. Don't make the customer feel duped. The 2nd representative I spoke with said he will "expedite" my request. Let's see what Priceline will do next. I asked them to upgrade to 3 stars.

Finally, I have a feeling a 3 star or higher rating may not charge a "fee" to help make up the difference they would have made on the hotel room rate. The margin of gain is smaller for the lower priced hotels than for the larger chains. The rating I provided for Priceline for this one customer service experience is 1 star. In the past, I would have given it 5 stars (above the 4 star best rating).

Do not everrr book thru this website.
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Rating: 1/51

CANCUN MEXICO -- Do not waste your time thru this website. They will charge your credit card even if it says Zero cancellation fee and if you call to complaint they will tell you that there is nothing that they can do, that they are not responsible for any charges on your account even though you entered your credit card info on their website... On top of that the customer service reps will hang up on you (happened twice) and they will also have an attitude.

Got Airline Ticket for More Than 448 Dollars From Priceline Website
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Rating: 1/51

MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Hello - Booked airline ticket from Cochin to New York for my parents from 30th June 2013 to 14 Dec 2013. Everything was fine while booking the tickets. Priceline website charged me $2428.42. I was happy with the ticket price as I got from Priceline which guarantee's best price until I came to know that the same ticket is being sold on Kuwait airways website for $1979.86, that is $448.56 cheaper than Priceline.

When I spoke to customer service person and chat with CSR they all told me to live with it as I got from Priceline. The lessons learned from here is don't believe Priceline price guarantee. The ticket price on Priceline is still $2490. But 10 days before the travel date the price on Kuwait airways is way cheaper than Priceline. Would request everyone to be extra cautious before buying anything from Priceline. Please double check on all other websites else you will also fall in the same trap as me and pay extra for believing Priceline!!!

Review Your Contract!
By -

Hi, I've been reading the reviews from people using Priceline as well as their experience at customer service. I want to explain and give my point of view of some comments... The 1st one: Overcharged for my Hotel stay
12/2/2010. I recently purchased 2 nights at a hotel in Taos, NM through I received a bill from the hotel upon checkout that was more than $55.00 cheaper than what I paid through Priceline. I asked about the difference and the desk clerk told me that was their going rate for the room and that I should contact about the difference.

I called Priceline only to be given a standard line about how they obtain rates from hotels and that they would not refund me the difference on my stay. I have spent a lot of money with Priceline but I will NEVER use them again. Their customer service is the worst! First of all yes, the hotel provides a cheaper rate to Priceline, OF COURSE! Otherwise Priceline wouldn't make money, or what is a company for if they'd work for free?

About the lower rate, and this person calling Priceline and stating that this rate is the hotel's rate... I'm sorry, but it is not, if you'd asked the hotel what is their regular rate I BET you the rate you were given is actually less expensive than their regular rate. Now about this. BOGUS advertising 8/16/2010. Here's what they say in their advertising:

"When you book a Name Your Own Price® Hotel, Flight or Rental Car we not only guarantee the lowest price we guarantee a BIG DEAL! We are so confident that you won't find a bigger deal on some other site, that the Big Deal Guarantee is available all the way until the day before you travel. That's not all, the Big Deal Guarantee also covers Flight+Hotel Vacation Packages. How To Claim Your Big Deal Guarantee.

Call and tell us where you saw the lower price. Priceline will verify the price and availability right there on the phone. 1-800-PRICELINE. 1-800-774-2354 (U.S. or Canada). 1-212-444-0022 (from anywhere else). The Legal Stuff. See more details below by product: Hotels, Flights, Cars, Vacations, Book a Big Deal! If you find a lower price for the same reservation, we'll match the price and give you $25!!"

Well, here's the real story: We booked with them for a car in LAX and named our own price. Several times it was rejected, but finally accepted. Then Hotwire sent me a price drop notification, about 10% less than the price. So I called about their Big Deal Guarantee (In fact,'s regular lowest price was lower than what I paid). The Customer Service lady referred me to Danielle in Customer Relations.

Here's the Real Deal: It seems like nobody gets the bonus or the guarantee. Just because you find a lower price, on the same class of car, same equipment, same dates, etc., you still don't qualify. It has to be from the same company's regularly advertised list price. But I said that "the "SAME" company I'm dealing with is and you have a much lower advertised regular price." "Too bad," she says. It was really a "HA-HA GOTCHA MOMENT!"

Why would a company like this stoop to such unethical practices? Who knows? But I know that no one should patronize a company like this, unless they want to be treated so badly. I'm a senior and money is tight, and the savings would have been important to us. Very disappointed in and their people and their marketing double-talk. Be warned, like so many other. IF YOU'D READ the best price guarantee policies, which I can see you did, but didn't paste the COMPLETE policies, you'd realize why you may have didn't get it. This is what is says.

"If you find a lower published-price for the exact same itinerary, WITHIN 24 HOURS OF BOOKING, Priceline will:
Refund you 100% of the difference, or cancel your reservation so you can rebook at the lower price. Plus, we will give you a $50 Priceline Vacation Package Coupon for your next trip."

My only advice to all customers is to READ YOUR CONTRACT! Yes, you all complain about the Priceline policies "cannot be changed or cancelled", no, and this is because there is a contract, you signed up agreeing for that contract, YOU DID IT! When you sign up whatever in life, you can't break that contract AT ALL...

Besides, there is not only name your own price reservations, there are some other type of reservations where you can have a hotel with the cancellation policy displayed so you don't have any problem at all, but if you choose to NAME YOUR OWN PRICE, have on your mind that YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CANCEL THE RESERVATION OR CHANGE IT. Read whatever the contract says, and I don't mean it just in Priceline, I mean it in every places. You guys think that you can do whatever you want to, but life is not like that, there are some rules you need to follow.

Car Rental Name Your Own Price.
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Rating: 1/51

Priceline states when you do their name your own price car rental, you'll get one of 5 major brands. I had no problems the last 3-4 times I used this Priceline service. This time however, after agreeing the transaction would be non-cancellable, I was given a no-name, off airport site car brand, Sixt. This is classic bait & switch. Now Priceline is playing hardball because they said the contract was non-cancellable, totally ignoring their bait & switch! Buyer beware.

Refusal To Give A Refund
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Rating: 2/51

WISCONSIN -- Was charged for parking in Milwaukee because of the PL booking, otherwise free. Asked Priceline for a refund on 5 occasions over 3 months. Always promised that it is being "reviewed by senior PL management. Your complaint will be resolved within 7-10 days." There is no senior management. They just hope I go away. Has anyone sued PL in small claims court?

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Rating: 1/51

The rate on the cruises was incorrect. I called Priceline 's 1-800 phone number the lady was going to do a Mid Ship window upgrade for my honeymoon. Her price was not adding up to the price on the website. We were literally on hold for 2 full hours. I screenshot the call to show the duration to prove it. Out of the two hours, she stated the price that has been showing up on the website for the past few days is incorrect, and I would have to go with their set price!!! I said that the website is false advertising cheap rates and will not own up to the promised rate on the website you have to go with the rate they give you until they fix the issue.

Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card
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Rating: 1/51

We were driving in eastern Kentucky and were told motel rooms were scarce and we needed one room to be a pet friendly room so we thought we better make a reservation. Cell service was poor but we found a phone number for a motel in the next town 30 miles away. We called and got a guy that sounded like he was working from home from the background noises. We proceed to tell him what we need and start with the painful download of personal information. Somewhere in the exchange we lose cell service but he calls back.

All this time we are pounding down the interstate at 70 mph and are getting close to the town. He says, “Should I make your reservations?” and we say, “Yes” reluctantly. He goes silent and then says, huh, my first choice doesn't have any rooms. We are a mile from the exit and he says let me try another. We have no idea what he is referring to and are getting more nervous. He finally says yes they have rooms, let me book them.

I am exiting when he says, “Huh, it didn't go through and I am looking at the motel.” He says, “Let me try again” and we pull into the lobby parking just as he says, “Huh, (his favorite expression) it still won't go through.” We say, “Look, we appreciate your effort, but, you can't get our reservations and we are at the motel so we will just get our own rooms.” He says nothing and we say thanks, goodbye. Now it's 6:30 on Oct 4 and the guy had our phone number and never called us.

We checked in and the rooms are $5 each cheaper than the Priceline quote and we ask if anyone has placed a reservation for us and are told no. Two weeks later we get our credit card bill and, huh, there's the Priceline charge right along with our legitimate charge. A big dispute ensues consuming a lot of my time and ends when Priceline says we cannot produce a cancellation receipt and our credit card company gives up. We later found out the Priceline reservation come in at 3:00 Am on Oct 5 after the shift change at the motel. I called the motel manager, who couldn't have been nicer and he called Priceline and got blown off as well so the motel refunded our legitimate charges because "what happened wasn't right". We will never use Priceline again and frankly don't know why anyone would use them.

They Stole My Money!!
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS, KANSAS -- After hours in their system trying to delete "my trips" history and calling 3 or 4 different numbers trying to speak with an actual person, all I got was automated service, and after I noticed they have charged me over $1200.00 and when I checked the charged, how convenient, now all of a sudden I have a number where I could reach Customer Service and when they declined to assist me and cancel and credit my account , Jane employee at Customer Relations, sounded like a recording, "I am sorry I wish could have other offers but cannot cancel or credit your account as you review the purchase prior to pay” (1st lie as we could never review before their site charged me).

And after 2 hrs trying to make her reason, she says she is the higher authority and can't transfer me to a higher authority, but couldn't make a good customer service by helping me. She to the contrary, when I mentioned other airlines, she says and I recalled "I CAN CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION AND YOU CAN TRY TO BUY THAT FLIGHT WITH US BUT THERE IS GOING TO BE A CANCELLATION FEE OF $152.00 per ticket and a CHANGE FEE." Wow and I thought they could not cancel or credit my account, but of course as long as is for their advantage, now they can.

Not only that while trying to make her to reason, she attempted to hung up an me and my husband many times. Simply, Priceline has no ethics or professionalism, and their employee are just recording machines with no leadership, or initiative to take actions into matters. No wonder their reviews are horrible. Listen to me and to all the others that have troubles with Priceline in the past, I should have make a review search before got into their site.

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