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I Ordered Flowers for My Mom on Mothers Day
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I ordered a dozen roses for my mom mother's day. They were delivered via Ups truck that was hot in the truck.

My mom opened the box and I was shocked and embarrassed at the roses that lay there in that box.

They didn't have and leaves on the roses. The vase was stuffed in the bottom of the box.
So my mom had to "arrange' her own mothers day flowers I paid $44.00 for. They looked nothing like the add in Proflowers web site they looked like stocks with roses on the top with no foliage! Very ugly. I am having my charges disputed through my bank. Cause obviously they don't stand by there guarantee!
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Flowers arrived limp and dead. I had ordered Roses, but they sent me something else. I don't know what they are, because they are mostly dead. The first impression is the one that counts. The recipient was very disappointed and thought it was done on purpose to piss her off. No replacement flowers, refund, or resending the correct ones will undo the damage. Thanks ProFlowers.

First I only complained (did not ask for a refund out right) because I had one more day for delivery. “Mike” assured me I would get them the following day in the morning, so I waited. I did not receive the order by 10AM so I called. They had no record of a replacement order and said they have over 200 employees with many "Mikes". When I requested same day delivery (because of my problem), they said they could not deliver the same day, even though they offer this service online. So now it is Friday and mother's day is on Sunday. I don't have any Roses with a refund that means nothing.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS. I also have experience with 1800flowers, but they also made mistakes sending the wrong/dead flowers. To be fair, they only screwed up 1 time out of 7 orders. But that one time was enough for me to look like a cheap fool and go to ProFlowers, and now this! Walk to your local florist and have them deliver the old fashion way.
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Deceptive Advertising
Posted by on
My husband and I were long time customers of until recently. In May we went on their website to order flowers for my Mother in Law for Mother's Day and there was, what we thought was a great promotion "free shipping". "Wow" we thought this is fantastic, must be a stimulus plan to boost the ecommerce market.

After we ordered the flowers online with our Visa Card, there was a link on the page to get $15 off your next order, this to us did not constitute fee shipping, But my husband clicked it anyhow, hey $15 credit is at least something, and a new window came up and asked him for my e-mail address and zip code, since this was my account. He checked it out and found out that if you clicked the "I want my $15 gift code now" button the detail said it would charge our credit card or Paypal account "for just a $1.95 activation fee billed by EasySaver Rewards to the credit card or PayPal account you just entered during your ProFlowers purchase."

It also stated, "To continue after the introductory trial period, do nothing and all the great benefits and savings will automatically continue for just $14.95 per month, billed by EasySaver Rewards to the same credit card or PayPal account where applicable." This was hidden and not something you would see easily if you didn’t read the fine print.

This is by far the most deceptive marketing that I have seen.

The button (I want my $15 gift code now) does not indicate in any way that you are purchasing anything.

This advertisement implies that the $15 gift code is not part of any kind of purchase, or associated with any other partner. It asks for your e-mail and zip code which they already had for several years with my existing account. I too couldn't understand why they would ask for it again so we never filled that information out and we were not signed up for EasySaver Rewards.

We opted to pay the shipping and handling charges. These charges came out to $19.97, equaling more than half the total cost of the flowers we ordered which were $29.98 plus $6.99 for a vase that was worth $1, plus tax totaling $60.36 for what we thought would be $36.97 plus tax. And to add insult to injury they also tacked on a charge of $4.99 for guaranteed May 8 Delivery which we never asked for since this order was placed in plenty of time.

If this isn't deceptive I don't know what is. We are pursuing this with our State Attorney Generals office.

Just so you know, I contacted customer service on May 6th to lodge a formal complaint and gave my contact information to the Representative on the phone. I told her to have them call my cell number and on May 8th I received a call from A Special Program Associate on my home number. I never give my home number to the Representative but it was listed on my account. I returned his call that evening and one more time two weeks later but never received a return call.

So today I stumbled across this site which listed page after page of complaints for the same reason I lodged mine and decided to once again to respond to the original May 8th email from the Special Program Associate, this time I cc’d another Associate who's email address I discovered at the bottom of the original email.

I received a call from the 2nd person who tried to tell me that they were very sorry for the confusion and that she was going to refund my account for any of the debits for the EasySave Rewards but we didn’t have any account. If either of them actually read my emails they would have seen that I had already stated that.

After many minutes of caned statements I was offered a credit for the extra shipping charges of $4.99 and a free flower order which I declined.

I’m not interested in receiving a refund; she didn’t get the principal behind my lodging the complaint. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING, plain and simple and they need to be investigated for it.
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User Replies:
GreatLakeDweller on 06/05/2009:
It sounds like they could not satisfy you no matter what. They are not going to change their advertising method, as it is apparently making them money. When you were not satisfied in the beginning, it would have been better to cancel your order and go elsewhere. There are florists EVERYWHERE.

Also, before you purchase online it may be beneficial to read the reviews in various places such as this. This company appears to have many complaints.
WLJ0803 on 06/06/2009:
Actually that's not true I have been a long standing customer of for many years, for personal and business reasons and this is new with them. All I want is for them to change business practices. BTW – did you know that EasySaved Rewards is owned but the same corporation that owns, Provide Commerce, Inc.? So no wonder they posted the ad that way. It’s a win, win situation for them.
Do you have any idea of how many people are taken in by deceptive advertising? This is an epidemic in this country. I have elderly parents who are constantly taken advantage of because they are too trusting. And this I find so despicable. People who work all their lives, save a small amount of money and some shoddy business take advantage of them.
Does this make it right for companies like to continue their deceptive practices? I think not.
Also, I've read some of your replies to other comments and figure you must be one of the people who promote these business practices. Am I right?
madconsumer on 06/06/2009:
"This was hidden and not something you would see easily if you didn’t read the fine print."

this is why it is a MUST to read everything before clicking. it was not deceptive, after all you read it before clicking. deceptive would be they did not give you the details.
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The Worst Company Ever!!!!! So Rude!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- THE WORST FLOWER SERVICE EVER!!!! I paid for same day delivery for my cousins new baby and they never got sent. They promised me they would be sent the next day and they never were and my cousin got discharged from hospital before they could even bring them!

Then I changed the address to have them bring them to her house and they screwed it up and brought them to the hospital after she had already left. When I call the supervisor named TIM and he was such a JERK!!! He said that he didn't see an address change and it must be my fault for not tell them the new address. I told I was promised by the last lady I talked to that they changed the address. He said it wasn't his problem and the only thing he could do was deliver another day or cancel the order.

I told him I was going to write a bad review and his said "have fun" REALLY?!!!!!! I am left in tears because I just wanted my cousin to get some flowers in the hospital after having her baby. Now I have 60 dollars tied up in pending refunds and transactions and no flowers were sent. What a joke..
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User Replies:
Nohandle on 04/28/2013:
Normally we see many complaints around Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Shannon, there's no excuse they can use for this one as they do around holidays and being swamped with orders. It's difficult to find a local florist to call directly if you aren't familiar with the area of delivery. Obviously this goes on year round.
trmn8r on 04/28/2013:
I personally use local florists, though as nohandle says it takes some doing to locate them if you don't know the area. I would never use one of these 800 or online places for time-critical delivery (which many are) - there are too many complaints such as yours.
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Don't Do Business With Pro Flowers Express
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I can't tell you how disappointed I am in this service. I was promised next day delivery and instead I got a message 2 days after the funeral telling me that you never delivered my flowers. This is outrageous and HORRIBLE customer service.

I was grieving during the funeral so I did not look to see if my arrangement had arrived but when I opened this email I was livid. I will not be using this service ever again and I will be instructing any friends and family member to cross you off their list as well.

Who knows the number of families this has happened to and to think I suggested that you prepare all the arrangements for my Aunts Homegoing Service! Would she have had no flowers and someone think about it 2 days later with an apology and a request to send them to her home?!? She is no longer living! There is no home to send it to! There isn't a valid excuse for this type of customer service and as I said I am done with your company.

The next time you cannot deliver an order you should call that person immediately. The email should have been sent in a timely fashion and a full refund along with delivery of the flowers to the grave site would also be advisable when you offer a service you cannot/did not provide. Please change your name to Florist because there was nothing pro, express, or floral really about this service. Although you did take my money in a timely fashion, seconds after I hit the button no less, it will be returned in 1-3 business days!!! Do you know what WTF means?! I don't know if there is a Better Business Bureau for online businesses, but I WILL BE SURE TO FIND SUCH INFORMATION OUT!!!!!

The lack of professional service from your company was and is a disservice to me, my family, and my aunt who's no longer with us! In my time of grief I reach out for your services for the little comfort it would offer and you provided me nothing in return! This is a mistake that can never truly be repaid and is burned into my memory never to be forgotten! To read the fact you feel this is a mere "inconvenience" to me during this time of grief is more an added insult to injury! How dare you! This was not for Valentine's Day or a baptism! This was a FINAL GOODBYE with a date, time, and payment for your services which weren't rendered.

You should be ashamed as a company with how you handled this and do better for the next first time user of your service because you want them to come back. I MOST CERTAINLY WILL NOT!!!
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ProFlowers sent dead Flowers for Valentines day
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Never order from ProFlowers or their 5 other businesses!!! For Valentines Day I ordered 15 tulips from ProFlowers (from me) and a small giraffe ring holder from Red Envelope, an affiliate business of ProFlowers, (from my kids) for my wife. I was promised delivery on Valentines Day by the end of business. I do not know about you but I think the end of business day is 6pm. Well…not ProFlowers! They consider 8pm the end of business day. We waited all day for the delivery. I wanted to have the flowers on the dining room table for our special Valentines dinner and have my kids give their mother their present after dinner. Luckily I got her some jewelry as well because the ProFlower delivery came at 7:54pm. The beautiful display of 15 tulips they show on the web site turned out to be 13 drooping ½ dead and frozen buds. When I placed them in the vase they looked like Charlie Browns Christmas Tree. The buds all hit the counter top because they drooped so much. We had already put our kids to bed (they are 2 and 5 years old) so we had to wake them up to see mom open her gift. The giraffe was as stated on the web site but what a disappointment. To wait all day and finally get the gifts at 8pm on Valentines Day ruined a special occasion. Luckily I have an understanding wife who was happy with the effort if not the outcome. When I called the customer care line (that’s a laugh) the operator tried to blame UPS for the screw up. When I reminded her ProFlowers contracted UPS and chose that method of delivery so it is ProFlowers responsibility she could do nothing but agree. I got my money back for the flowers & delivery of flowers but no discount was offered for the giraffe. I will NEVER order anything from ProFlowers or their 5 other businesses, ProPlant, Red Envelope, Cherry Moon Farms, Sharis Berries & Personal I should have read the reviews before I ordered from them. Check out this web site Do yourself a favor and stay clear of these brands.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/15/2011:
Good review...I used Pro Flowers once to have flowers delivered to a relative and had a similar experience..only in my case the flowers showed up 2 days late. I also got a refund and a coupon for 20% off my next order (which went in the trash), but a refund doesn't really make up for poor service in this type of a business. Since then I always call florists fact I have to wonder how these "middle men" places even stay in business with the cr@p service they provide.

PepperElf on 02/15/2011:
well technically all cut flowers are dead, no?

but if they won't fix the issue... I'd suggest contacting the credit card company to file a dispute.

I would also recommend, instead of specifically using a national company, ordering flowers directly from a florist. I've found that some florists are associated with several national companies, that way you may find fresher deliveries, instead of relying on the national company to complete the order
Anonymous on 02/15/2011:
I use Pro Flowers quite a bit. I did not use them this year but I did receive a delivery of tulips as a gift. Like yours, they were bent over and headed toward the This is not uncommon with cut flowers that have been out of water for a while. Peel the extra leaves, put in water with the plant food they send and they will perk up in a few hours. I ALSO received mine late - around 7 pm but they were standing tall when I awoke this morning.
Venice09 on 02/15/2011:
Blue, that's exactly what the instructions say. The flowers actually do perk up once they are in a more friendly environment. I wish the OP had read the instructions before deciding that the flowers were a lost cause.

Also, if the OP wanted delivery before 6 p.m. he should have asked what "end of business day" meant to ProFlowers when he placed the order. 8 p.m. on Valentine's Day is not that unreasonable. Unfortunately, it sounds like he was one of the last deliveries.
Anonymous on 02/15/2011:
Exactly Venice - end of the day is pretty much the end of the "UPS day" so if you normally receive your UPS deliveries at 7 pm (like me), your flower delivery will come at the same time. I am the very last person on the route because I live waaaayyy off the beaten path. Still I enjoyed the gift. Some people do not like arranging the flowers themselves or dealing with the minimal nursing they require and a traditional local florist is always the best choice in those instances.
Venice09 on 02/15/2011:
I am the luckiest person in the world when it comes to deliveries, regardless of the company. It's probably because I'm not far from the main road. However on a holiday like Valentine's Day, I would expect a delay.

I'm glad you enjoyed your flowers, blue. I like nursing and arranging, so I'm enjoying mine, too.
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Screwed By
Posted by on
FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA -- After I ordered flowers online with my Paypal account, there was a link on the page to get $15 off your next order. I clicked it, and a new windows came up and asked for my e-mail address and zip code and click the "I want my $15 gift code now" button.

The detail said it would charge my credit card or Paypal account,

"for just a $1.95 activation fee billed by EasySaver Rewards to the credit card or PayPal account you just entered during your ProFlowers purchase."

It also stated, "To continue after the introductory trial period, do nothing and all the great benefits and savings will automatically continue for just $14.95 per month, billed by EasySaver Rewards to the same credit card or PayPal account where applicable."

My 2 complaints are:

1. Deceptive marketing
The button (I want my $15 gift code now) does not indicate in any way you are purchasing anything. Also during the order process of my purchase, there was statement that said that if you want to remember your credit card/Paypal account information check this box. I specifically DID NOT CHECK THE BOX so it the site would not keep my PAYPAL account information, AND I WOULD HAVE TO ENTER MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION EVERY TIME I PURCHASE SOMETHING.

Not only does the pop-up window imply that the $15 gift code indicate it is not part of any kind of payment for a order, or associated with an order. It asks for your e-mail and zip code. Proflowers already collected my e-mail address and zip code in the ordering process. If the two were related(which most would assume THEY ARE NOT), I would not need the enter the information again.

2. No refund
Less than 10 minutes after I ordered the flowers and unknowingly ordered the EasySaver Rewards program. I tried the cancel my order. I called the 1-800 number and a customer service representative said I could not cancel my order for the flowers, also I could not cancel the EasySaver Rewards subscription until next week.

It's Sunday right now, next Sunday is Mother's day. I tried to canceled my order 10 minutes after ordering and they say I can't cancel.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WASHINGTON -- I ordered a plant for my mother 5 days before mother's day. I accidentally made a mistake and put my own name as the recipient instead of my mothers on the on-line order (all other fields were correct). I called their 1-888 number immediately and was told that they cannot modify my order AT ALL. The customer service representative that I spoke to told me that someone will contact me by phone within 24-48 hours. Instead I received an email from a customer service representative which stated that "your order has already been processed and scheduled to be delivered..." thus they are unable to make any changes. I think they should just cancel the whole customer service department, since they have no intention in providing any service at all. This is by far the worst ordering experience I have ever had. I will not order from them ever again and will not recommend them to anyone.
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Pro Flowers Does NOT Deliver On Time, Sends Wrong Card
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ONLINE, GEORGIA -- For Mother's Day, Pro Flowers delivered half dead lilies. Most appeared to be those ugly yellowish orange ones that grow wild along the road. They included a card from someone named Shawn. My son's name is Chris. When I called them, they read the card my Chris had sent me. They refused to send me the correct card. I save the flower cards from my son.

Yesterday was my birthday. I waited all day for the red roses my son said he had sent. They never arrived. My son called them. They said the Fed Ex driver could not find my subdivision and did not want to use his personal cell phone to call for directions. The roses arrived today. Today is NOT my birthday. My son received a refund. Well good for him and all of the other customers I read about that got screwed by Pro Flowers. With all of those refunds, I hope Pro Flowers goes bankrupt! They could give a flying S about insulting and hurting feelings. They are a sorry organization.
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Missed Valentine's Day Delivery
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Confirmed orders for wife and daughter a week ago for delivery on Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day at 1041am, received a curt email from ProFlowers saying that they were sorry but they couldn't fill the orders, but would "expedite" delivery. It's a little hard to expedite an order when it's already late.

Called their 800 number to complain and was told, "we're so sorry for the inconvenience, but we took too many orders and hope to deliver your flowers within a couple of days." Asked to talk with a supervisor, was put on indefinite hold for 25 minutes, then transferred to "Alice in Los Angeles." Alice assured me that the orders would be delivered today. They weren't ever delivered.

When I called again, they said that they were, "so sorry." I agreed that they are so sorry ..... so sorry in fact that I will NEVER use them again and go out of my way to tell others of my bad experience with their service and lack of concern.
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User Replies:
Obsfucation on 02/14/2013:
Did you get your money back?
yoke on 02/14/2013:
It is still early, they could still get them out.
trmn8r on 02/15/2013:
Personally, I would never use one of these high profile 1800 flower services. The web is replete with complaints about them.

My preference is to go the old fashined route, and call the florist directly in the area of the recipient. It doesn't have the panache and ease of using a smart phone to order online, but it remains more reliable.
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