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Dishonest Company
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SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE -- I had been a Progressive Auto Insurance customer for over eight years, with NO incidents, when one of my custom antique cars was vandalized in my own driveway. I called the police that night, they had me fill out a report, found evidence of someone else at the scene, and informed me that there had been similar vandalism in the area, suggesting that this was not an isolated event.

The following morning I called Progressive, and informed them of the situation. They finally sent an adjuster out three days later to look at my vehicle. Right away I had a bad feeling about the whole situation with the insurance company, as the adjuster knew nothing about antique cars, and didn't seem to have a whole lot of knowledge of automobiles in general.

He informed me that I should get together any receipts I had for work on my vehicle, and he would try to locate replacement parts. The whole time the adjuster was there, he never seemed completely attentive, as he was too busy complaining that Progressive only provided them with 2.0 megapixel digital cameras, and they took horrible photos.

So I collected all the receipts I had for the vehicle, and in the meantime, the adjuster called me asking for photos of the vehicle before the vandalism, and also stated that he could not find certain parts for the vehicle. Along with the receipts, I included original photos of the car, and I was also able to locate companies that produced the parts that he could not find, and passed the information along to him. One week later I heard back from Progressive, and they told me they wanted me to come in to their office, and in a meeting, provide them with more information to help with the investigation of who did this to my vehicle.

Was I in for a surprise. The meeting started out innocent enough, the Progressive "investigator" asked me some basic questions about the car, and if I had any "enemies" that would want to do this. I told him no, and pointed him to the police remarks that there were other incidents involving the same "tags" and type of damage.

Ignoring this, he went on to inform me that 'he knew nothing about cars,' but then proceeded to grill me on the custom details of my car. In an hour long tirade, he told me that he thought the receipts I provided were fake, and that this custom work was not done to the car. I challenged him over and over again to go see the car for himself, I had nothing to hide. You could plainly see the modifications that were done.

When he realized that he was either going to have to go see the car for himself, or come up with a different way to accuse me of fraud, he did just that. He then began passively accusing me of vandalizing the car myself to collect the insurance money, and also accused friends of mine that had helped me with the vehicle over the years.

At this point I was completely flustered. I originally thought I was meeting with them/him to give as much information as I could in hopes that we could find the person or people that did this, and instead I was accused of the act myself! I didn't even know what to say, as he wasn't listening to anything I said, wasn't acknowledging the physical work done to the car that you could plainly see, and was ignoring what the police had to say on the matter.

They clearly lied about what the meeting was about, and I clearly should have showed up with a lawyer at my side (you don't think about these things when you believe you're just going over your policy with the company). As a side note, after I collected all the receipts I had for the vehicle, I realized I had under-insured it, however they also accused me of insuring it for more than what it was worth.

So the meeting comes to an end, and the investigator is demanding information that I don't even know that I can provide. We are a non-title state with antique autos, and he is demanding the original bill of sale, the name of the person I bought it from (YEARS AND YEARS before this happened), along with a plethora of paperwork that is going to keep me busy for weeks.

In the meantime, the adjuster is ignoring parts information that I have submitted to him, and is instead making UNDER-estimates of what he believes parts will cost, along with stating that he believes my $5,000+ base/clear paint job that I provided receipts for, is now only a $900 single-stage paint job from Maaco. I even tried to help them out when they estimated that it would cost $1,500 to fix my damaged hood, and I told him that it could be replaced with a new one for $400-$500.

So while they were enacting all their scare tactics, and trying to devalue my vehicle, they kept probing me for more information. Every time I would provide them with more paperwork/information, they would ask for something else, over and over and over again.I will admit that I was very inexperienced in this area, as I had never had to deal with an insurance company before, and I will also admit that I was outraged at their accusations, and was stubborn about the issue. I was completely innocent, and I refused to hire a lawyer because of that fact.

Progressive had three workers on my case, and while the three of them continued to ask for information, dragging the length of the case out, not one of them verbally, or in writing, informed me that they only had 60 days from the incident to make a decision on my case (I have since found out this is illegal). One day I received a message on my phone from one of the workers, stating that I had denied them information they asked for, and that they had been forced to make a decision without all the required information, and that they were denying my claim.

I made one last call to find out what was going on, and it appeared to me that they had "mis-placed" (*wink-wink-nudge-nudge*) information that I had given them about my vehicle. I broke down and cried. I had spent close to five years, and the equivalent of one whole year of pay, restoring this vehicle. I thought I had done the right thing, insuring this vehicle with a company I had been with for years. At this point in time, my nerves were shot, and my emotions were all over the place with what I had just been put through with this company, that I didn't even know what to do. I wanted to be done with them, and that's all I cared about.

I wanted to talk about what happened with me, so that people could [hopefully] see what this company is about. I was attracted to them by their cheap rates, lulled into a false sense of security with their commercials, and I will admit, friendly phone-reps. But when it came time for them to pay on a legitimate policy, with an eight-year-loyal customer, they were not the company they claimed to be all those years.

I have since spoken with many ex-customers of Progressive, and have also spoken with many garages, body-shops, and even insurance underwriters that refuse to do business with Progressive due to their reputation; a reputation that is unfortunately not well known to the general public. Avoid Progressive, and if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, swallow your pride and hire a lawyer.

Stay away from progressive
By -

I didn't know this web site existed until I was looking online for a way to get help with a progressive claim. Wish I saw it and all the complaints earlier. May have saved my family a big headache. Last June my parents bought a brand new 31 foot motor home. My dad worked his whole life and scrimped and saved for this motor home for use in his retirement.

My parents used the motor home three times in the past year for a total of 11 days. The motor home had a total of 800 miles on it. About five weeks ago my dad was taking the motor home in to have it de-winterized so he could use it to go camping when he was in a chain reaction accident. My father was stopped in a traffic jam when someone came speeding up from the rear at a very high rate of speed. The car hit 1 car which skid into a second car, which skid into the rear of the motor home. The motor home was heavy enough to stop the forward progress of the accident, but it suffered quite a bit of damage.

My father called his insurance company, Progressive, and has had nothing but problems. First The person who caused the accident has the lowest policy allowed by law $10,000/$50,000, but it should be no problem as my parent carry under insured motorist. That's where we were wrong.

Progressive required my parents to take the motor home to a certain shop to have the work done. I believe this is illegal, but my parents did it. The adjuster came out and said there was about $5000 worth of damage. According to the repair shop there is a lot more than that. The frame is bent in one place, and broken in another. I think this should warrant totaling the motor home and replacing it, but they say it can be fixed.

Then the adjuster told my parents some of the damage was done prior to the accident and they would not pay for it. Remember this was a brand new motor home. The whole body is so out of whack the doors and cupboards will not close. They said it wasn't leaking, the refrigerator was leaking. It had been winterized and was in storage for the 5 months before, the refrigerator was off and cleaned out, there was nothing to leak.

Now, five weeks later the motor home is still sitting at the repair facility and progressive will not allow the work to be done. The only thing I can figure is progressive wants to keep the claim below the 10,000 the other insurance company will pay. One of the other people in the accident was a friend of the family. Their insurance company had their car totaled, and a check in their hand five days after the accident. Progressive is stalling hoping to get my elderly parents to agree with everything they say and sign off on the lower amount. If at all possible stay away from progressive and save yourself lots of headaches.

Rate Increase
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Rating: 1/51

EAGLE, COLORADO -- I have never written a review before in my life, but got so disgusted with Progressive I had to vent. I haven't had a ticket in years, but about 6 months ago I got a seatbelt ticket. A SEATBELT TICKET! I just got my bill for the next 6 months of insurance and my rate was increased by $95. This has to be the worst insurance company out there. I would advise anyone to tell FLO to shove those policies she is peddling someplace inappropriate.

Overall, I am satisfied after doing some extra probably unnecessary leg work
By -

I switched from American Family to Progressive in Sept 2010 because they have been my motorcycle insurance carrier for over 2 years and American Family decided they should be making more off me, which is totally understandable because my driving record is terrible. I just totaled my 2006 Chrysler Sebring Touring convertible about a week ago. I had a couple issues with my claim:

The first issue was Progressive had the wrong vehicle identification number. In 2008 I totaled an identical Sebring convertible and American Family never updated the vin on their files. So for over 2 years they had been covering a car that I hadn't owned. When I switched to Progressive I gave them the VIN off my American Family policy. Yes, it should have been correct on my AMFAM cards and policy, but I should have checked it.

So after I made my claim, Progressive and I fought for 2 days about my current Sebring having been a prior salvage already. Once the adjuster went out to see the car we all discovered the VINs didn't match. My former agent from AMFAM stepped up and took responsibility for the mistaken VIN. Thank you American Family, sincerely.

The second issue is they offered me a serious low-ball on the value of my car. I meticulously maintain my vehicles. They are spotless inside and out. No major paint defects or dents, no engine lights, no issues ever. The adjuster commented on how beautifully maintained he could tell my car was before the accident. They offered me $8200 after the deductible. I had a $500 Python remote/alarm system and $500 aftermarket heated seats.

The "inferno red pearl coat" color was also an additional cost over the other colors. It had 1 year old tires as well. And there was also a 100k mile extended warranty and the car had 68k miles on it. Of course I have no receipts to prove any of the aftermarket stuff or even the tires. Lesson learned. DO YOUR RESEARCH and KEEP ALL YOUR OLD DOCUMENTS AND RECEIPTS when you're making a claim.

I ended up getting just over $10,000 after fighting with my representative and showing him five comparable vehicles nationwide and speaking with his supervisor. He tried to tell me that my car was selling for $4400. I found that car he was talking about and checked the VIN to find out it was a salvage, it absolutely did not compare.

Red Sebrings in the trim level lower than mine with cloth seats, no new tires, no warranty, no spoiler, no heated seats, no remote starter, and higher miles were going for $9,900 on sites like My representative's supervisor agreed to a $9,000 base price with 50% of my remote start cost and heated seat cost plus tax, license, and transfer fees.

Overall I am happy enough though I feel I put in way more effort than I should have had to. I now hate that I do not have a direct agent to speak to, you're assigned a representative when you make a claim. If I could afford moving back to American Family, I would. I will be looking for a new insurance company for my new car and my motorcycle.

By -

MEDFORD, NEW YORK -- I had an accident back in June with one of Progressive's insured. I was driving straight in my lane, when out of nowhere, this guy in an SUV hit the driver's side of my car and sent me off the road into a telephone pole. There was a witness and everything. She said he was talking on his cell phone, he didn't see me until the last minute and tried to jerk the truck back but it was too late...he had already hit me. Well, he lied in his statement claiming I was in the shoulder. I had a feeling that the insurance company would give me a hard time so I consulted with an attorney who gave me the idea to write a letter to the witness asking her to state that I was not in the shoulder and that I never left my lane. So I did, and she wrote back stating that there was no possible way I could've been in the shoulder because there were cars parked there. There is a small shopping center so cars usually do park there. She said I was in the lane when he hit me. Well, Progressive did not care about anything she had to say in her statement. They did not care about the letter she sent back to me, they didn't care that he was on the cell phone...they pretty much just don't care!! They closed my claim only six weeks after the accident. Luckily, my insurance company, Geico, does not find me at fault. The adjustor at Progressive gave me an estimate for my car AND told me it looked like liability was in my favor! Next thing I know, they're telling me I'm not getting anything from them. Listen to how stupid this sounds: It's illegal to drive in the shoulder, but it's also illegal to talk on a cell phone, right? So even if I was in the shoulder, which I wasn't, and it's illegal, shouldn't he be somewhat at fault if it's illegal to talk on a cell phone? You'd think so, right? This was there excuse: The police officer did not issue him a ticket for being on the cell phone, therefore, to Progressive, he was never on his cell phone!! Ridiculous!! I guess they treat their insured's okay, but when it comes to the people their insured's hurt, they could give two poops!! So the point of this is to tell people: TRY TO AVOID ACCIDENTS AS BEST AS YOU CAN BECAUSE IF THEY'RE A DRIVER INSURED WITH PROGRESSIVE AND IT'S THEIR FAULT, YOU PROBABLY WON'T GET ANYTHING FROM THEM...EVEN WITH A WITNESS!! They're liars and they're cheap! My car was worth $2000 lousy dollars and they couldn't even give that to me!! Hopefully Geico will be relentless and make them pay all of my medical bills!! As for right now, I'm without a car and this liar gets to drive around in his truck still with a few scratches on it!!

Safe Driver, Bill Paid on Time, They Don't Care.
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I've been with Progressive since 2013. I haven't gotten into any accidents for more than 5 years, no citations and my bill is paid on time. Each and every renewal my monthly bill goes up. Since I've been with them it has increased by $60-$70. Every time I speak with them of why it is always the same thing, "The rates have gone up in your area." No help and it just keeps increasing. Won't recommend them at all.

Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

Imagine that you have to call an insurance company and beg for a billing. Then when you do call you have to take all kinds of crap about why they can't help you. It's hard to imagine attempting to file any kind of claim with these people. Stay away, stay far away!

Good Service
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Rating: 5/51

BIG LAKE, MINNESOTA -- I have been with Progressive now for 11 years and have nothing negative to say about them. When I was in an accident, they couldn't have been more helpful. Their service was very fast and the representatives were great!

Terrible, and a Waste of Time.
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Rating: 1/51

MESA, ARIZONA -- Stay away from this company, and avoid at all costs. Getting in an accident with these people, fault or no fault, they will rip you off. Was involved in an accident in 2011, was rear ended by a Progressive policy holder which totaled my and injured myself causing PCS. Had to get a lawyer to have my case settled, they will at all costs make you look like the criminal instead of the victim.

Progressive Will Do Anything to Get Out of Paying a Claim
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- I am a Progressive customer (sadly) who was hit by another Progressive customer (I was sitting in my parked vehicle when I was backed into by the other driver). Progressive has told me that if the other driver doesn't respond to their calls within 30 days then they will not cover the accident and I will have to take the other driver to court. This company will try anything to not have to honor their coverage. I'm going to have to take both the other driver and Progressive to court. Progressive policy holders BEWARE. Run from this company!

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