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Scam artists
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Rating: 1/51

IDAHO -- I was rear ended from a person insured by Progressive. After a week or two of waiting for them to get back to me, they told me to take my car to Lithia Ford in Boise to get an estimate. We did only to find out that we needed to make an appointment with ONLY their own examiner to look at the car. Now it is over a month and they sent someone who was supposed to call me, the owner to meet with them to look at the car. The guy they sent out to the site where the car was left a check on the front seat for $552.28 to replace a new back bumper, fix the trunk and electric trunk opener, fix the tail pipe, replace the crushed license plate and repaint.

I was outraged and called Todd to see how he came up with amount. I asked him if he was going to do all that work for $552.28 (Which was less than half of all the estimates we got from repair shops.) Had to ask him twice. He told me no, that he does not do repairs. I called Progressive and had them set up an appointment at the shop so I could have a qualified estimator look at the car. Then the original adjuster's supervisor called me to tell me not to bring it in and that the check amount and claim would stand.

I have already called my agent to have her switch me from Progressive on all my toys and I will spread the news about these frauds anywhere I can. We are also doing up a complaint with the Bureau of Insurance. I am not looking for a new car, just a reasonable settlement at least close to what the estimates we got from reputable shops were. DO NOT GO WITH PROGRESSIVE!!! Try Safeco or anyone else. You get what you pay for.

Deceptive Advertising for The Ultimate Cut Rate Insurance Company
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Rating: 1/51

GLOBE, ARIZONA -- Monday night a deer jumped in front of our car and my wife couldn't avoid hitting it. It damaged the front passenger side so badly that I couldn't open the passenger door. Tuesday morning at 6:30AM I called Progressive. They assured me that they would send someone out to inspect the vehicle on Thursday. I asked, "Why not today?" Their response was "Tomorrow is a holiday". Thursday came and went, without a phone call or a representative as scheduled. I emailed my claim representative and received no response. I called and she said she didn't know anything about it, although I talked to her on Tuesday.

She called back and said that it would be a week before someone could come to look at the car. When I asked why, she said it was because I live two hours from her office. So it's not okay for Progressive (The paid service provider) to be inconvenienced for a few hours, but it is okay for me (The paying customer) to be inconvenienced a whole week without a car to drive. They are supposed to provide a rental car, which they are clearly putting off as long as they can. They didn't even give me a courtesy call to let me know they weren't showing up on their originally scheduled day.

When I complained about the week delay, she suggested I just keep driving my banged up vehicle because it was still "drivable". So what am I supposed to do, jump in and out of the window like the Dukes of Hazard? When I switched over from State Farm, Progressive promised me equal or better service. That was a lie because State Farm would never take more than a day to inspect the vehicle, would never make me wait a week for my rental car, and would never suggest I drive an unsafe, damaged vehicle.

Beware of Progressive Insurance
By -

I have a 1999 Safari. I blew a rear tire, it damaged my compartment doors and blow some lines under the motor. I have roadside coverage. I called, they sent a service truck with the wrong tire plus he wrecked my polished aluminum rim. This all started at 8 a.m. Finally, he brought a used tire and parts to fix my lines so I could get to a place to fix everything and head back home. This took till 9 p.m. I had to pay for the used tire so I could move my RV.

I then had to purchase a new tire and pay them to get rid of the used one that they put on. After getting home the adjuster comes and tells me things are not all covered. When I questioned why he started yelling at me. I am self employed and have 9 mechanics working in my shop. He did this in front of them and customers!!! I told him to leave. I contacted his boss and he wanted to come out with the same guy that yelled. I told him the guy was not to step foot on my land.

I wanted car star to do the estimate, Progressive says car star is not a qualified place. I also pay 100.00 extra a year for 100% glass coverage. They say any window is covered. Yet when I spoke to them about my two front side windows they forged between the glass they tell me they are not covered. I just turned everything over to my lawyer.

These people are just taking our money. It's really funny that they said that about car star because progressive deals with car star they even have a sign out front. I really believe progressive insurance is a rip off. They want the money but do not try to put a claim in. I have been telling everyone I see about how bad they are and putting this on every site I can.

Lost my payment!!!
By -

As if it wasn't bad enough having my identity stolen and closing my bank account! Now this! I've been sending my payment (money order) for the last 3 months. I phoned PROGRESSIVE and got all the details to manually send my payment in. Well, a month later, they claim they did not receive my January payment. Excuse me but wouldn't they have canceled my policy if they didn't get my payment? Anyway I phone them and they ask me to fax them a copy of the money order.

OK, sounds like they are going to help, HA! I fax it to them and they tell me to call the number on the back of the money order. I call and the money order has been cashed, by THEM! A copy of the money order will take 3 to 4 weeks and cost $15 OR... a faxed copy will take 3 to 4 days and cost $25! Which I will have to pay. Not PROGRESSIVE! Then they call me back and demand $30 to keep them from canceling my policy immediately! All this while I'm at work!

Not to mention I move, and called them to change my address months ago. Of course they had no record of that, and proceeded to tell me my rates have increased! They are a rip off! This whole thing is going to cost me over $150 for their mistakes that they haven't even admitted to. Also time I missed at work.

Good way to treat a customer of 8 years! With no accidents by the way. They found the time to call me when they wanted my money, "immediately" which they got "immediately" but now will not return MY calls. Go anywhere but PROGRESSIVE. They will lose your money, and treat you like dirt! The goofy hipster chick in the commercials doesn't fool me! I think I like the lizard better.

Progressive Auto Insurance Dishonest Company
By -

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, OHIO -- I had Progressive auto insurance for more than 10 years. My wife had an accident back in June 2010. She was struck on the side by a irresponsible driver, no license and no insurance. My wife had a broken ribs, broken ankle, broken pelvis, concussion on liver and kidney and they had to remove spleen and pancreas. She spent 12 days in the hospital, 1 day in ER, 2 days in ICU and 10 days in recovery room. She's been in physical therapy since then until today, Feb 15, 2011 and still more to come.

She is disabled. I been having to work from home with the danger of losing my job. I work and take care of my children's education and home shores and many other things that she was capable of doing. When I submitted the claim to Progressive, the only thing I got back from them was finger. Not a single penny was paid.

They looked for all possible excuses to deny payment. They used the most ridiculous reasons for not paying for anything. ER, ICU, Hospital, physical therapy, wound care, recovery room services, surgery services, orthopedic services, pharmacy expenses, disability items like wheelchair, walker, hospital electric bed, etc, etc, etc, all 250K dollars and didn't get a penny from Progressive. Progressive is the most dishonest company ever. I don't recommended Progressive even to my worst enemy.

I was paying $68 a month with them and got the minimum coverage, if I wanted more it could cost double the monthly fee. Geico gave me full coverage and 500K accident coverage, 10K coverage, any incidental / accidental (broken window, stolen stereo, etc) coverage for my vehicle with a deductible of $500, car rental reimbursement and a lot more FOR $55 a month.

Progressive is reliable and all you see in their commercials is false. They will not be there for you if have an accident. The same goes for Fred Loya Insurance. They are both the same, SO YOU TAKE THE RISK or wait until you have an accident (God forbid) to probe what I said is true??? Stay away from Progressive because the only you will get is freaking laser scan from that stupid lady in their commercial, no refunds.

Progressive Auto Insurance Claim
By -

I have had an excellent experience with Progressive Auto Insurance Claims service. I live in Ann Arbor, and the claims representative was probably from the Detroit area. My car was hit by someone in the parking lot, who left a note with their details. Their insurance was Progressive (mine is AAA), and I had to follow up the claim with Progressive (I asked my insurance agent at AAA what to do, and he said it will be handled by Progressive themselves).

I called the 1800 number of Progressive, and was assigned a claim number etc. The representative followed up with me by email, and advised me on how to go about the process. He asked me to leave my car at Livonia, where the adjuster would come have a look at it and also would set me up with a free rental car while my car was being fixed (you are entitled to a free rental when it is not your fault). However, I was a little skeptical about this, and did not want to drive all the way to Livonia, so I spoke to a local collision shop I trusted. Since my car is a European car, I would not trust it to any random shop in Livonia, who I knew nothing about.

So I told Progressive that I will be leaving my car at the collision place of MY choice, and they can have their claims adjuster drive down there and have a look at it (be sure to get the repairs done at a place YOU want not at a place THEY want... they are obliged to comply). They agreed to this. As soon as I dropped off my car, there was a rental car ready for me from Enterprise (arranged by Progressive), who came and picked me up from the collision place.

The claims adjuster subsequently evaluated the claim, and I was able to get my car fixed within a week without any hassles. The estimate for the damage was $700, it was just a slight nick, hardly noticeable on my rear fender, but since the whole panel would have to be clear-coated etc, the labor charges itself were high.

My rental covered the whole period, for which I did not have to pay anything extra, not even insurance, since my AAA insurance would follow me on the rental car too. In all, the claims process (at least for me) was really smooth, no waiting on hold at the 1800 number, no harassment from the claims rep, nothing. Thanks a lot Progressive, and keep up the good work!

Deceptive repair coverage
By -

Progressive auto insurance representatives misrepresented repair coverage. They stated that my premium priced policy would repair with OEM grade parts. After 30 years without a claim, a bull moose charged my car (yes, they do run at the headlights). Although I was almost at a stop, the moose caved in the plastic grill, wrinkled the hood and fender and broke out the headlight. I was told all was well and that I could take to any shop. However, a few days later, the adjuster said I could not take it to any other shop but theirs. They stated I would be responsible for any costs above their estimate.

They also stated that their shop was authorized to use junk yard parts and even mentioned the local junk yard. If there were no used take off parts, they were allowed to use imported sheet metal. I would have pay for U.S. made OEM sheet metal myself. When I asked to see that in my policy, they said it was in a policy amendment. I am a retired federal employee that drive but 25 miles a week and was a professional driver with an outstanding driving record. I found out that I was paying 50% too much for poor coverage and was about to change policies when the moose collision occurred.

I was also told that this was a non-chargable incident by the first representative and then I was told that this was chargable as my car was "in motion." The Progressive shop was not recommended by locals but now I will have to thousands to get it repaired with OEM parts. The Suburban is cherry without a scratch. If I had been told that car was too old for OEM or I was restricted on shops or had to accept junk yard parts, I would have not bought the policy.

Considering the high premiums, I could have simply dropped the comp coverage, saved the money and accepted the loss and just bought a new car. This would not have been so bad if the agent did not attempt to use phrases indicated she thought I fell off the turnip truck yesterday. Her language was insulting. I cannot recommend Progressive Insurance.

Poor Claims Decisions and Rude, Arrogant Employees
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Jan of 2012, there was a very minor accident in a private parking lot where in backing up at night in the rain, the corner of my bumper impacted the top of the bumper of another vehicle. The other vehicle did not have its lights on and therefore I did not see it coming. The damage was very minor a 3 inch scratch on the top of the bumper which resulted in about an $800 repair.

The adjuster from my insurance company, Progressive, charged me with the accident and paid a No Fault claim which resulted in my rates doubling. I had reported to the adjuster, Mr **, at the Knoxville, TN office what had happened including the other driver did not have his lights on. I heard nothing back from Progressive at all and did not worry about this because it was and should have been a no fault situation. No one ever came and looked at my vehicle at all.

In May of 2012, I received my renewal notice and was floored because my rate had doubled. I called to find out why and was told that Mr.** had charged me with the accident with 3 points and had paid the claim. I talked to Mr. ** who was very arrogant, telling me it was his decision and he wasn't changing it. He said the other driver said he had his lights on. This is my insurance company. He refused to do anything at all.

In trying to get help, I found that all the contacts I was given by the company where his supervisors in the same office with him and all I was told by everyone was I had to talk to him. I did talk to KG in another office (she is over the Knoxville office) and she told me I had to talk to Mr. ** too. All I got was the run around. So my insurance company paid a claim they should not had paid in the first place, took the word of the other party over their client, did not communicate this information with their client, and even now, gives the same run around and chain of command to file complaints to.

This is horrible customer service along with very poor company structure to deal with problems caused by a claims manager. Everyone makes mistakes and they can be corrected, but not Mr. **. I would steer clear of Progressive. BTW, am still waiting for a claims check in March of 2013, for an accident that happened in Dec. of 2011. That is another issue.

Do Not Cover a Brand New Car With Progressive Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

LIMA, OHIO -- At first glance Progressive seems to cater to every whim making repairs process painless and they do accomplish this at first glance. They come to you, give you an estimate, they enlist car dealerships to do body work and offer you a warranty on work as long as you own the car (as long as you keep the paper stating this). But it has limited to repairing the poor workmanship to twice and that seems to be at their discretion as though they are doing you a favor.

I had hail damage repainted much of the car being 24 months old at time. The paint job was horrible very uneven. The clear coat peeled twice and took me 60 days to argue the re-repair of it the dealership paint shop and some of the hail dents fixed prior re-popped. I later found 4 pieces trim was left off. They didn't remove windshield to repaint and was paid for it, over spray on seals.

Note the Progressive claims adjusters is not there to catch mistakes. They don'€™t represent you but have contracted the dealerships at next to no profit contracts which gives dealerships or paint and body shops they use no inclination to do the work right but at the cheapest way and not the correct way to do the repair. (Had I not used one of their contracted repair companies™ I would have fallen way short in all other estimate payments because doing the repair the correct way cost more.)

I was told on the 3rd clear coat peeling repair by the claims adjust that they remember the company who did the work now out of business and she argued to the company how badly they did the work and the high number of recalls on work done. Note when they repainted the front quarter and re-clear coated it they put new pin striping on top of the un-removed old striping. There was ruins in the paint with poor attempts to buff out and this was a different car dealership paint shop who was in business for 20 yrs. I have seen work they are very capable of and work they are bare bones profit bidding on to fill shop time.

The type of work I got I complained to Progressive and they cut me a check for what they paid contracted pricing. And I took my car to my place of choice to have work done but their amount only covered 65% of the bill. A lot of wine song and dance and seemly merriment catering to my every whim at first. It's not until the next morning when the wine wears off you found your toes was stepped on to the point they broke several.

A Tricked Out Name Tag: Won't Help This Time
By -

Their taglines say "Be the boss of Savings", "Name your Price". Apparently that only works for some when signing up for auto insurance with Progressive Auto Insurance. February 16, 2010, I called Progressive Auto Insurance to get a quote because I wanted to make sure that I didn't mess up the policy online. I owe on a car loan to my credit union. The nice women on the other end was more than happy to help (She probably got a commission).

We went over the policy details, the fact that I had an accident in 2007 (not involving anyone else, the car slid during inclement weather - minor damage to the car, no damage to the concrete barrier, I filed with my old insurance) then she created a policy based on all of the information. "$87.00 a month, I exclaimed." "Wow, Progressive Auto Insurance really is the boss of savings."

My old insurance was $120.00 a month so that was quite a savings. She wrote up the policy and after a little difficulty signing online, the electronic fund transfer came out of the bank, $86.05 to be exact. February 22, 2010 the policy was effective. February 23, 2010, I called Progressive because I was unable to print my temporary card and had a gentlemen fax me the card and a copy of the policy. Everything remained the same at this point.

A couple of minutes later while still on the phone with him, I noticed that the policy increased. I told the man that the amount is not what I signed up for, of course, he couldn't do anything about it. After going through several other people and all of them saying that I should just cancel my policy (That's what I call keeping a NEW customer!). The final decision was, March, I will pay $158.73 and then it will drop to $122.88 for the remaining months. But remember, I can cancel if I want too.

Well, this note goes out to Progressive Auto Insurance, I think I WILL cancel the policy, after I get back from the navel base (you have to have proof to get on the base) and go back with my previous insurance company because after all Progressive Auto Insurance is NOT "the boss of savings." Don't let Progressive Auto Insurance fool you by saying "Name Your Price." How is that for "A tricked out name tag" Progressive Auto Insurance [** - no solicitations please].

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