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Raised Rates and renewed policy without concent.
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HAZARD, KENTUCKY -- I purchased a 6 month policy with Progressive for $185.00 a month. When they sent a renewal notice they wanted to raise my rate to $220.00 a month. I couldn't afford that amount due to my husband's recent job loss so I didn't renew. (There were no changes in the policy other than the rate, no claims or traffic tickets.)

I parked the vehicle until we could afford to pick up insurance with another company, which we did at a much lower rate. Now I'm being billed almost $400.00 for a policy I didn't renew, on terms I didn't agree to and on a vehicle that wasn't driven. I've tried to speak to someone from Progressive about this but they say there is nothing I can do and they will continue with collections. I fulfilled my 6 month agreement. How can they raise my rates and automatically renew my policy without any consent from me. This is absurd.

Auto Accident
By -

FT WORTH,, TEXAS -- I am writing this complaint on Progressive Auto Insurance. My pickup was hit in our parking lot by a lady in our complex. When I talked to her, her reply was that "I don't think I hit your pickup." I showed her the red paint that was rubbed off of her bumper onto the side of my pickup, I ask her if she going take of it. Her reply was no.

I turned it on to my insurance and ask if they would talk to her insurance co.(Progressive) which they did. I talked to her claim representative and he had me go and get an estimate. I ask him he wanted me send the pictures that I took of both vehicles, he told me that he didn't want to see them.

He called me the next day and told me he declined the claim because, number one the lady said she didn't hit me and, number two there was not a police report filled (police don't investigate accidents on Private property). I told him this, but he still declined the claim. They (Progressive) to this day has never looked at my pickup. It has been over 30 days since the accident. Thank you! FED UP.

Wrong Way DUI Driver Hit Us
By -

If you have Progressive insurance, cancel your policy. A drunk driver hit our brand-new car while driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Progressive got us a rental & repaired our car in less than a week. We were told that we would get our $500 deductible back once "we gave them a police report" to clearly identify who was at fault. My car is not the same as it was before it was hit & the uninsured motorist part of our CAR INSURANCE only covered bodily injury not my car.

When I asked them about this odd coverage, they said my husband has to tell them that he wants that coverage. Last time I checked, full coverage was supposed to cover everything in full. Progressive insurance FAIL! This whole experience has cost me time, frustration and $560.

Claims Are Really Difficult to Collect
By -

After several years of driving with no claims I had an accident with my commercial vehicle. My truck was deemed a total loss according to Progressive's appraiser/adjuster and was valued at $7167 minus the deductible I got $6323.00. I had a year old engine and two month old tires so I asked to keep the truck. They sold it to me for $2095.00 so I only got $4228.00. I ended up paying out-of-pocket $1050.00 in towing it from the accident and another $400.00 to tow it from their shop.

On top of that after they paid the claim they threatened to put a stop payment on the check if I did not registered the vehicle as a salvage. I really thought that after being a loyal customer they were going to be more helpful but once I got into the accident they became rude and argumentative. As soon as my policy expires I'm changing to another company.

Progressive Insurance is pathetic
By -

Progressive Insurance is pathetic. Their claims adjuster in the Phoenix Arizona (Ryan **) area is not accepting responsibility for the damages caused when they're insured backed into my truck in a strip-mall parking lot on December 23rd. I am convinced that Progressive and this agent are pushing me back to make the claim against my own insurer due to the simple fact that no police report was filed. There is no proof or witness that can be called against them on this so they simply refuse to do the honest and honorable thing which is to pay for the damages. There was no debate as to the cause of the accident.

The agent (Ryan **) would not state that the insured (Angela **) denied backing into my vehicle. He would only say that her statement did not exactly match my statement regarding the incident. Now I'm no expert in these matters and certainly it was a mistake to not have the police come. I probably made other mistakes of oversight too but I naively believed that a nationally recognized insurance company like Progressive would not resort to this sort of underhanded measure to keep from paying a few hundred dollars to fix my truck. I would and will be very wary of ever doing business with Progressive. I do not believe them to be an organization built on ethics.

Fraud Insurance Company "Progressive"
By -

My story beats all of the rest of the stories. My car was vandalized sometime 2 months ago and now Progressive insurance company is investigating me over the claim. I have been with them for at least 5 years. They have obtained recorded statement from me and my family, asked for my phone bills and bank accounts information. The best part of it all they came to my house and took sample of oil and transmission fluid from the car. Instead of paying or fixing the claim they rather take the time and ask for something crazy every week. My truck was badly vandalized and I have no way of getting around but to borrow another car.

I will never ever go back to progressive nor I will recommend this insurance to anyone. Please stay away from these people. The car was slashed all around. They broke the back glass and the inside seats were also slashed. On top of it all they have spray tagged RR on the hood of the car. I am still waiting to settle the claim. God Bless.

Progressive Poor Claim Settlement Experience
By -

Progressive is not responsible in their claim settlements. I was hit by a car on my new F-150 Ford Lariat in Sioux City, Iowa that was just 2 months old. We both had Progressive. Progressive ended up totaling the almost new truck. The adjuster came up with a replacement price of $31,196.13 for a two-month-old truck that had a MSRP of over $41,000. One-year-old Lariats trucks are booked for more than I was given for a settlement for this essentially new truck.

When I pointed this out to the adjuster, they never even had the decency to respond to this gross undervalued settlement. I simply got a check in the mail. I have been told by several people that deal with insurance company's that Progressive is the hardest company to work with. Now I know why. I will soon be dropping my insurance with Progressive after this less than satisfactory conclusion. I am sure Progressive couldn't care less about this claim."

From Amica to Progressive Accident 101
By -

I recently switched to Progressive Auto Insurance from Amica Auto Insurance. Murphy's law: I get into a minor accident which resulted in another car clipping my passenger side mirror. Total cost, about $40.00. Not a big deal, but to be safe went through the motions of insurance claim.

First I contacted Prog. through their online claim. A representative contacted me three times that day. Once we touched base, I gave a recorded incident report. It was at this point they said they would be sending me a written report to fill out and draw a diagram. Through email I downloaded the form, filled it out and faxed it to my representative that day.

Progressive then emailed me with the contact information for the other car's insurance company (Travelers)
I called them as instructed and left another recorded accident report statement. Travelers Ins. then sent me an accident report to fill out. Repeating the Same information I said, and wrote for Progressive and said to Travelers.

Now I feel like my statements and written information is redundant and inefficient. Aggravation is peaking, as I'm paying monthly payments to this Insurance company but feel like I'm doing all the leg work for this claim. Now, it could be because I'm inexperienced in this area. However... I have been in one other accident, filled out my info online, spoke to a representative once online and everything else was taken care of.

I'm beginning to think that the reduced prices at Progressive comes at quite the cost. If you don't get into an accident, insurance with Progressive is fine. If you do get into an accident, you better hope you paid for them to do all the work.

Major Problems With a Minor Claim
By -

I am a 15+ year customer of Progressive with no tickets, accidents, and I have never made a claim. A few weeks ago someone parked next to me in a parking lot in an SUV opened their tailgate causing their spare tire carrier to swing around and the tire put a little dent in my fender. Total damage: around $800. I took a week off from work to get it fixed. The claim problems began when claim representative Stephanie declared this was a COLLISION and not a comp claim, thereby increasing my deductible from $250 to $500 even though the paint was unscratched in and around the dent.

When I tried to argue the point, she called me a liar and accused me of attempting to defraud her of the $250 difference! Then, after I got my estimates and decided on a body shop, Progressive's estimator didn't show up as promised for several days causing me to have to pay a week's worth of additional rental car fees to get to work.

This tiny claim was a nightmare. Claim Rep Stephanie was a heavy handed unprofessional bully whose primary motivation was obviously geared more toward her 'no claim payout' bonus check than to helping me get back on the road. For 15 years Progressive was great at accepting my payments. But when it finally came time to make a very small claim, the friendly demeanor was gone. Never again.

Progressive? Never again
By -

My son and I both had our trucks vandalized a few weeks ago; we both had 2 tires slashed by neighborhood punks. I have State Farm, my son has Progressive. The Progressive agent just left our house (after taking almost 4 weeks to get here), and told us my son would be getting nothing back from his claim, because the cost of buying tires IN THE SAME CONDITION AS THE OTHER 2 ALREADY ON THE TRUCK, was less that his $500 deductible. They wanted us to buy USED tires to replace the slashed ones, which were less than 1 year old. He had already bought 2 new tires because Progressive told him not to do anything until the agent saw and evaluated his slashed ones.

So he was expected to sit and wait 4 weeks waiting for the adjuster to show up before he could use his truck! His couldn't wait, of course, and his cost for 2 new tires was $1200. He had a $500 deductible, and Progressive says they will pay nothing. I my State Farm agent the day we found the slashed tires, and they told me to go buy 2 NEW tires and send them the invoice by fax. I had a check in 4 days, for the full amount of the tires, minus my $250 deductible. Progressive? How about renaming them Regressive! State Farm never even sent someone to examine the tires. Is State Farm more expensive than Progressive? Not when Progressive refuses to pay their claims!

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