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Progressive Generalizes
Posted by on
4 years ago when I first bought progressive, I chose the company because they gave off an honest impression. I knew that my rates would be high at first especially since I already had a fender bender on my record. As 2 and 3 years passed by without any decrease in my payments, I remained patient thinking it was because of the accident I had before joining them and eventually they would respect me as a valuable customer who always made his payments. After this infraction expired from my record I naturally assumed I would see a well deserved decrease in my premium when it renewed. I did not however and that prompted a customer service call to find out why.

The lady I spoke with was very nice and professional, (kudos to her) she figured out a way to cut my premium by eliminating some excessive coverage. She took me down to the minimum legal coverage amount of liability and my premium was lowered over $150. I was very happy after and progressive was at the top of my list.

3 months later my policy was renewed. I was shocked to find my premium cost had gone right back up to $700, worse so because my coverage remained at the lowest amount. I was paying the same amount 6 months before for higher coverage options. This of course prompted another call.

I had to seriously probe the reason for the bill hike up from the guy I talked to. He eventually spilled the beans. He told me it was probably increased again because I had bad credit. He was right, later in the year when I checked my credit report the few companies that searched for my report included progressive. This company completely generalizes you. There statistics tell them that people with bad credit are bad drivers.

In all honesty even though I have bad credit I am a good driver. I had one fender bender in 2005 and have never got a speeding ticket. I can barely help the fact that I have to pay my rent and bills and don't make enough to pay off my debt. This has recently changed and for 6 months I have been working 2 jobs all day and night to barely get ahead. I am slowly repairing my credit now.
This to me though is incredibly shady and bad business practice. I only have a couple months left to pay these corporate jerks and I'm doing my research to find another institution that is in no way related to Progressive.

Have you seen their new lame commercials. One of them even says " do you own a house? discount" bla bla bla.

I am hoping the bad karma of this policy will float there way soon and they lose all the poor people paying extra for the wealthy people to get discounts. This is very bass ackwards.
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User Replies:
saj80 on 01/28/2009:
Insurance companies have been using credit scores as a part of their rating factors for several years. Most companies will check credit scores annually, and yes, bad or marginal credit will cost you more insurance premiums.
starphish17th on 01/28/2009:
And its complete BS. I can understand why credit card and loan qualifiers need good credit but my inability to pay my debt is in no way related to how careful I am on the road.
Hugh_Jorgen on 01/28/2009:
You will find this same model in use with all the insurance companies. Their statistics show them that people with weak credit have more accidents and cost them more money.

By your own admission, you are working two jobs trying to get caught up. Kudos to you for that. But it also means you are driving more often when you are tired, or maybe you are rushing to get to your second job, so you might just be at a higher risk than you used to be.

Just be careful, shop around and you will find a better deal. But don't be surprised if they all use your credit score to some degree.
3cents75224 on 09/11/2009:
You may well have bad credit, but be a wonderful driver. However, for insurance, it is entirely based on of statistics, even though you might be an exception to it. Have you shopped around for other insurance?
roscoep on 03/16/2010:
Most insurance companies use credit when rating you and it can make a BIG difference. Best advice is to shop around, because with some companies it may make next to no difference, and with other companies the rates can be downright insulting.
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Progressive Low Rates, Big Headaches Avoid At All Cost
Posted by on
DES MOINES, IOWA -- On September 23, 2008 I was involved in an accident with a motorcycle where the driver hit the passenger side of my vehicle with his mirror while trying to merge into my lane due to lane closure ahead of us; causing $1000. of damage. The other driver asked me to take it to where his mother was a manager of a body repair shop which I did, she asked that I give her son a day to call his insurance, PROGRESSIVE because of the cost of repairs. I waited 2 days and the other driver never called Progressive.

The adjusted did estimate the damage two days later and said he needed to complete his investigation, calls me that afternoon and finds fault 60%/40%. At this point I am shocked, 40% at fault because I didn't see him hit me? I decide to let my insurance co, USAA handle the claim. In the state of Iowa you can NOT sue if you have coverage. I am really upset and explain this to my adjuster. To date the other driver has refused to contact my insurance company and give a statement and the Progressive adjuster has refused to give my insurance company a copy of the other driver's statement.

USAA contacted Progressive to let them know they are taking the case to arbitration. The Progressive claim adjuster call me two days ago to let me know he has sat on the arbitration board and I'm going to lose and is offering 80%/20% FAULT. He says you were speeding up, not exactly true: I was accelerating from a stop at a traffic light and not even 1/10 of a mile the other driver hits me. The adjuster says he's looking out for my best interest. My insurance company is going to lose so explain why Progressive would offer more money. That doesn't sound like Progressive at all. I stayed calm and told the adjuster I would need to speak to my husband and immediately contacted my insurance company.

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Anonymous on 11/17/2008:
What does the police report say about the accident?

At this point it's your word against the other driver's. Although it sounds like the adjuster is trying to intimidate you.

You have taken your car to another repair shop haven't you?
shortontime on 11/17/2008:
I have not taken in my 2006 Highlander for repairs, it's drivable and I don't have rental on my policy. I need my vehicle to take a child to school. I would NEVER take it to a Progressive repair shop. I didn't mention the other driver was 20 years old with several previous moving violations, minor in possession of alcohol and carry a gun without a permit. He said, she said maybe but his story doesn't match the damage to my vehicle. It seems from all the complaints I have read about Progressive the goal is to lowball estimates , find fault anywhere and anyhow not to pay. If that doesn't work; try the run around; new claim adjusters and wear down the ones involved with Progressive. As people, we trust other driver to obey the law and if they don't we expect the insurance company to make it right. I find Progressive has FAIL and will not accept any future calls from the adjuster.
Anonymous on 11/17/2008:
Very good review, and helpful to others. Progressive (and GEICO) are both low-end insurers. Their policies are cheap and their lousy claims settlement terms help keep policy costs low enough to lure in other saps. 1) Never buy a policy from a cut-rate outfit like Progressive or GEICO, 2) Pray you are never hit by a driver covered by one of them. Good luck poster.
Crashman on 11/17/2008:
I don't know. I've had Progressive for over 6 years. I've had two claims and both were handled perfectly. I would, and have, recommended them to others. Companies have to be careful nowadays. All it takes is one bad experience and the world will know.
shortontime on 11/19/2008:
Maybe Progressive has changed since you were insured with them, I don't know. I only know my experience will them will not be forgotten. My USAA policy is up for renewal in Dec and yesterday I received mail from Progressive offering me a free quote; immediately I called Progressive and told them to remove my name from their mailing list and the man was very polite with my request. I understand insurance company's have to deal with fraud and try to pay the least possible but when their insured is at fault finding any excuse is wrong. Progressive and the other driver have refused to cooperate with my insurance company. If I'm ever at fault in an accident I want my insurance company to handle the claim in a timely matter and fairly, I'm certain most people feel that way. When posting my complaint I wanted people to be aware of the tactics Progressive uses and can let their insurance company fight for what is right.
shortontime on 01/27/2009:
I'm happy to say Progessive did not win in arbitration and my insurance company sent the balance due from the accident on Sept. 23, 2008. I would only suggest if you are not at fault with Progressive being the other driver's insurance and the situation is difficult let your insurance company handle the case. Let them know you want them to fight for what is right. You don't have to be intimidated by any claims adjuster.
Driab on 02/17/2009:
Honestly, this does not seem all that bad. I know from a consumer point of view it is complex. But keep in mind most insurance companies go to the same claim confernces and their policies and procedure for determining fault and payouts it not only regulated by progressive. And great part of the practice include state mandates and policies. The adjusted mostly likely interpreted all the data from the incident as honestly as possible this company is not the moster many people make it out to be.

You are not aware of the claims process so it is hard to understand. But just because Progressive did not win the arbitration does not mean they were wrong.

There are detailed discussions between both companies that analyze the evidence and reports and together they agree on something. The agreement save valuable time for both companies.

shortontime on 02/19/2009:
As human nature all drivers trust the other drivers to abide the law if we didn't drivers mould be a nervous wreck every time they drove. And yes driving does require defensive skills but understand this driver hit me less than 1/10 of a mile from a stop light where we both had been stopped. I don't fully understand the state or insurance companies policies. I'm not a 20, 30 year old racing anyone, almost 50 and carrying my granchildren. I do know if someone hits your vehicle while you are driving in your lane, they are at fault. I know the insurance claim adjuster should never try to intimidate anyone. I know now with the smallest of any accident I will make sure a police report is filed, not just a summary. I do believe insurance companies need to look at each situation with care because of fraud. I didn't make a medical claim, only to have the vehicle repair. It appears with so many complains that Progressive tries to wear down people until they settle the claim; that process is unacceptable in my book.
BokiBean on 02/19/2009:
I think Progressive was doing what it was supposed to do...looking out for the interests of their client.

I've settled 3 claims with them, 2 times a huge oak dropped limbs on 2 separate vehicles and the last time a fender bender. Progressive couldn't have done a better job, I was actually surprised at how smoothly everything went.

Also, you stated the the motorcycle driver wanted you to use a bodyshop of his choice, you didn't mention if that was Progressive's choice of bodyshops, it does make a difference. I would never take my car to a body shop where the other driver's MOM worked unless I had no other choice. To me, that sounds like a situation ripe for exploitation.

It also sounds as if this driver wasn't forthright about getting in touch with Progressive in the beginning. I dunno, I just wonder if Progressive was actually struggling to keep up with this case because their client wasn't cooperating. Just a guess.

We don't have their motorcycle insurance, but we are covered by their auto and boat insurance. We've also been insured by several other insurance companies through the years and compared to the others, I'm glad I've got Progressive.

As a general rule of thumb, its helpful to just stay out of claims like this and let the respective insurance companies duke it out. That's why they are there.

I'm not sure that you reviewing Progressive as an insurer is appropriate anyway, they weren't your insurance company. The fact that they weren't looking out for your best interest is self-explanatory, they're the "other team". :)

Glad you got your claim settled, even though it thrashed your serenity.
shortontime on 02/19/2009:
I believe Progressive is looking out for Progressive, to pay the lowest cost possible no matter where the fault lies. If Progressive treats you well, I happy for you. Every situation is different, I'm fully aware of that. I would NEVER recommend Progressive and will let everyone know how I was treated!
BokiBean on 02/19/2009:
No offense, but that's what insurance companies do. Welcome to the real world.
shortontime on 02/19/2009:
I'm glad to be in the world! GREED does seem to be the real world; always someone trying to rip off someone one way or another. Thieves usually end up paying!
BokiBean on 02/19/2009:
OK short.
Jennygrrl on 03/17/2009:
Any time you are involved in an accident regardless of fault notify your insurance company. Beside the reason of states requiring coverage you pay insurance to protect you.
sanda on 06/17/2011:
Progressive is my insurance carrier. I was involved in an accident 2 years ago and the other driver was underinsured.
I have had surgery for a herniated disc and a fusion and have been in pain for 2 years, unable to work, unable to take care of my kids on some days. Its not a matter of if I am in pain, its a matter of how bad the pain is on a given day.
MY insurance, whom I pay to cover me, IS A JOKE.
They have insulted me time and again by avoiding settling, offering a pitiful settlement and not being anything at all as they portray.
Just so you know, a girl turned left in front of me when I was going 40mph. At the last second she saw me and turned into me to avoid a collision.
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Most Amazing Customer Service!
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I would not normally advertise for a company but I have recently had a really amazing customer service experience.

I have a lot to say about my recent experience with my car insurance company, Progressive.


After my car wreck last Thursday I was in a lot of pain and very stressed about what would happen to my car, my health, the impact it would have on my daily life, bills, medical costs etc.. etc...

Thank you to Progressive my life is so much more pleasant and less stressful at this point.

I called to make a claim the next day with their claims department. I was not on hold very long and did not have to talk to 20 million computer voices while pressing buttons before I could speak to a person.

The gentleman was very courteous and went above and beyond in his empathy and consideration. He expressed concern for my well being and the outcome of the accident. Sure this is his job, but phone service representatives usually just do what is required of them with very little positive affect in their voice or attitude. He asked what had happened and the whole time had a very sincere concerned tone "Oh wow, that is awful... you are so lucky it wasn't worse...thank goodness you are OK etc... " regardless of his actual concern he was very calming and helpful.

he provided any contact numbers I may need and explained the full process of taking care of my claim. He located the nearest body shop for me and called them with me on the line to make the earliest appointment at my convenience. He constantly made sure everything was clear, simple, and without any problems. He provided me with a number to call him directly if I should have any issues.

It continued to be an easy and smooth process...

When I arrived at the body shop the progressive representative promptly called the rental service then proceeded to go over the damages of the car with me while taking clear photos and checking every little detail. They listened carefully and also seemed concerned.

The representative from Hertz arrived very quickly and drove me to the rental location. They were also friendly and clearly explained every part of the rental and what part Progressive covered as well as what my options were with gas, daily insurance etc... Daily insurance for the rentals was usually $25.00 to cover any damage that may occur to the vehicle while in your possession. However, because I was there through Progressive, it only cost me $12.99 daily. This meant that no matter what happened to the vehicle, from a small scratch to it being totaled, I was only responsible for that $12.99 and not held liable. Progressive would also call and extend the rental for me if necessary, so I simply get the keys to a car equivalent to my own or more and drive it for as long as I need. I ended up with an 08 Ford Fusion with dash board controls on the steering wheel, a navigation system, Sirius satellite radio, and an in dash 6cd player :) and get to drive it for the length of my repair at no cost to me accept gas and the optional daily insurance.

And there is more...

Saturday another representative from Progressive called me. This time an equally kind and considerate woman. She was the one to handle my injuries and personal health coverage. She explained that Progressive will cover 80% of all costs including my x-rays, ambulance ride, ER fees, Cat Scan, and even prescriptions. They would file all the paperwork with the hospital then send paperwork to my health insurance company for the remaining balance. All I had to do was. send them copies of my prescription receipts. She expressed concern and told me not to "over-do-it" at work and to call her if I needed help with anything. She also told me she would call me in a few days to see how I was feeling. Even better, Progressive is reimbursing me for the days I missed at work due to the accident, all I had to do was sent copies of my last two paychecks, they even phoned my manager at work for me.

This is not my first positive experience with Progressive, last time I just needed some body work after a car battery was left in the road and destroyed my front fender... they had the same great service with a rental... but this time with the medical issues they just knocked my socks off with amazing customer service.

In short...
If it is in your budget to switch car insurance companies, I strongly suggest looking into rates for Progressive. They are one of the less expensive companies and they also have included pet insurance for your pets traveling with you along with motorcycle, RV, Boat, and other types of insurance.

Their kindness and amazing guest service has won me over it may be their job, but they do it well and I feel safer and more can at ease because of it.

So anyway... if you want to be worry free in a situation that be devastating, Progressive can help!
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User Replies:
shortontime on 11/17/2008:
You must be the ONE LUCKY person with Progressive, who do you know that works there?
Driab on 02/17/2009:
This is normally how progressive works. I am glad you posted this response. It also sounds like you had elected to have some good coverages.

That is the important part, having the right coverages. I am so glad to hear this worked for you so well.
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Cheated and hung up on... repeatedly!
Posted by on
HARRISBURG -- Where to start--I was hit by someone who ran a stop sign and also not doing the speed limit, and trying to keep his dog from falling off the front seat. needless to say I was quite jarred. I received whip lash and terrible bouts of dizziness for about 3 weeks. I had to go through pt and lost a lot of hours through work--I couldn't life let alone move too fast and I am a CNA. Of course there was someone at my house 4 days after the accident to "settle" , NO WAY. Sorry I forgot to mention, we both have progressive ins.

I was convinced to take my van (a Windstar--that was hit by a full sized Cadillac in the front driver's side fender) to one of their shops-MISTAKE. The repairs were done in a week. My van came out completely crooked. I pointed it out to shop. I was spoken to like a "stupid" woman (whose father was a body man and a mechanic all of my life. Needless to say there was a fight.Eventually it was fixed buy a good shop, but they could only do as much as the company would "allow"--we still have mismatched paint and they wouldn't fix a tie rod damaged on that side-stating wear and tear.

We finally settled on a small settlement of $2500.

The accident was the end of September 2007 and then in December we discover we mysteriously have a cracked transmission,which had started making noise in October (we just wasn't sure what it was and it didn't occur all the time) We again started dealing with the insurance co. The ford dealer ship with certified ford mechanics could not determine definite cause but were sure that it could possibly have a connection to the accident. After fighting with them for 2 weeks no go. I offered to go half's with them, no go.

So now we are stuck with a $3000 bill. We went through many arrogant managers, and when I asked for a # for a headquarters, I was repeatedly hung up on. As you know when you call they want your claim number, when they would get that they would also hang up on me. So I am still fighting, I sure to no avail.
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User Replies:
GothicSmurf on 01/23/2008:
Possible and definite are HUGE it the world of insurance. In order to have a claim you need a "snap shot" of when the damage occurred. You can't go based on assumptions- even the certified mechanics couldn't trace it back to the accident. Other mechanics had already pointed out that there was wear and tear on your vehicle. At this point it's only a 50/50 change and insurance doesn't pay out on 50/50 only 100% proven.
msnanny on 01/23/2008:
You settled already, end of story, sorry.
miketech on 01/23/2008:
I feel you have to know your banker and your Insurance people in real life. Cause with those two things when something goes wrong it goes very wrong. A real live person can and will usually help, someone over the phone can avoid you forever.
jenjenn on 01/23/2008:
You got it msnanny!
tnchuck100 on 01/23/2008:
You settled. Insurance is done.

However, I doubt if your transmission cracked 2 months later as a result of the accident. Things do happen.
Sail27 on 01/23/2008:
DO NOT TRUST INSURANCE COMPANIES. Sounds pretty basic... but it's way too easy to forget. I carry a disposable digital cameras in all of my cars at all times, and have my cell phone video mode easily started by one keypress. *ANY* small bump by anyone to my car or person - no matter how small - and the phone comes out, video comes on, and I start documenting everything.

A lot of folks go the route of "Let's keep insurance out of this". Been there - done that with a minor no-injury accident a long time ago... big mistake as the *#!(%$ never paid me and the potential future liability by the "really nice person" can bite you in the rear.

It sucks that it has to be this way but trust NOBODY when it comes to any accident to your vehicle and / or your body. Look out for #1.
Driab on 02/17/2009:
Progressive will never hang up on you like many other reputable companies. That never happened, check your cell phone signal.
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Payment Policy
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- I had progressive insurance for about 2 months and found a better deal elsewhere. However, after purchasing a new vehicle, I had no choice but to back to progressive as my insurance company at the time would not allow us to drive the vehicle home without a full body inspection. This was at 7:00 P.M. and we had no time for this. After calling and cancelling my insurance from my prior vehicle, I called progressive to insure this new vehicle so we could drive it home. The rates were comparable on this new vehicle so I didn't see a problem with going back to progressive. The agent on the phone needed a credit card for the first payment. That's understandable. Then I am told that they cannot take future payments via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) without a written confirmation from me. Which I DID NOT SIGN! I'm old fashioned. I like a bill in the mail and I like to pay by check like the old days before this EFT CRAP! L:ong story short, they took the next payment by EFT without my consent which caused my bank account to be in the hole. When I called progressive and demanded something be done, it was like being on a carousel! I had already mailed the payment and when asked what he was going to do with that payment he said it would have to clear my bank and that it would post to my account. I am a simple person who basically lives paycheck to paycheck. If I wanted to pay 2 payments, I would have sent 2 checks!! Long story even shorter, I stopped payment on the check I sent them and my bank agreed to cover the majority of bounced check fees. I have since cancelled my insurance with progressive and would not recommend them to anyone!
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User Replies:
beanbagbritches on 05/18/2006:
Hate to hear you had such a hard time with them, but good thing you canceled your check.
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Bad Dealings With Progressive
Posted by on
RIDLEY PARK, PENNSYLVANIA -- A strong word to the prepared to 'reap the whirlwind' if you ever have to rely on Progressive for any accident claim. I signed up with them almost a year ago at the behest of my agent. They never had any issues with me paying my premium up front and in full and in adavance. However, I was recently involved in a minor accident where another car veered into my lane while I was attempting to pass. Though the police inferred I was at fault, I am in the process of contesting that. complaint deals with another dimension entirely. The accident in question transpired away from home. I reside in PA but make frequent visits to NJ owing to the fact my friends and family are based there. It was during such a visit this accident transpired. When I went to make a call regarding the accident claim, the Progressive agent took the required information and stated that a claims adjuster would be contacting me the next day and also asked for a secondary number to reach me. I specified a time and a place to do so since I was away from home. Turns out the adjuster called at a time of their choosing and contacted my father's residence. He had no idea who was contacting him and was asked by said adjuster of my whereabouts. My father mistakenly stated that 'he lives here'(in NJ) as opposed to my residence in PA owing out of confusion and that I do spend some of my time in NJ (including working there in the summer). This aroused the suspicions of the adjuster and I contacted him at his behest. Thinking he was eager to get my information regarding the accident, it ended up turning into an 'interrogation session' questioning the validity of my residency in PA! I told the adjuster that I was a bona fide resident of the address of which my policy was registered to and that my father owned the house of which I along with my grandfather reside in. I relocated there about a year ago to help him out and established my residency there, and of course I am licensed and insured in the state of PA. However, since I make frequent visits to my former residence in NJ(I have 2 friends who rent an apartment there I used to room with and stay with from time to time)as well as my parents and siblings, I am now under suspicion of being a valid resident of my primary residency! The adjuster was rude, abrupt, snarky, and dismissive...and inferred that he would conduct a 'thorough' investigation of the veracity of my residency. After so much of this, I told him that we were supposed to be discussing my accident and not of this nonsense of where I resided! That portion of the conversation was almost an afterthought. The rep concluded I would be found at fault(the other driver struck my rear without using a turn signal or braking)AND stated that if no 'sufficient' proof could be established of my residency in PA, I would be liable for any damages if found culpable. Ludicrous! Also, at the very least, I am likely to be dropped for 'garaging'(don't worry, after such a hostile reception I *WILL* be dropping them in any event). Regardless of how things turn out, I plan on spreading the word of the substandard, abrasive, and devious tactics this company has deployed. Forget the lure of low rates. When push comes to shove, Progressive becomes Oppressive.

To date, Progressive dispatched several certified letters to my former address in NJ as well as merely 2 such letters at my primary residential address. I have been traveling for the last couple months and have not been home often. Imagine my surprise to find in said letters: “as a result of not cooperating with our investigation process (I already informed them of all pertinent information) we have decided to deny you any and all coverage regarding this accident". Then,
they mention something regarding ‘total costs to date’ using some form of convoluted process of calculation bringing me a bill for just shy of $3000. Amazing! These expenses weren’t even
itemized and contained no explanation of their basis. The car that was damaged in the accident
(the one that struck me to begin with)is an older car that sustained minor damages and is not even worth more than $1500 at best according to the Blue Book Value. And that is what is generally used as the basis of providing a deductible.

I intend to challenge this organized band of crooks to the best of my ability. “Caveat Empor” applies to any and all who deal with Progressive.
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User Replies:
sanford31031 on 03/31/2004:
As an insurance agent myself , I can tell you Progressive sucks! Sure the rate looks attractive, but where are they when you need them? The company that I work for does not insure in NJ, and policyholders are constantly trying to pull a fast one. I am not implying that you are, but it happens. We here those things on a daily basis, "I don't live in NJ, or my 18 yr old son does not have a license",etc. 90% of the time, people are lying to save a buck or two and what ends up happening is just what you stated above...Maybe you are one of the few honest ones left.....anyway good luck and steer clear from Progressive!
melissa.messner.ni1q on 04/01/2004:
Continue to contest everything. If the claims adjustor you've been talking to isn't any help, speak with a supervisor. Also, call your agent directly, they sometimes have some pull with claims. Furthermore, most accidents like yours (being hit in the rear), result in the driver who hit you being at fault, not you, unless you were doing something illegal. Obtain copies of the police report, and contact an attorney if Progressive continues to fight you. As long as you are providing them with all the information they are asking for and cooperating with them, there's no reason for them to treat you this way. And, once this claim is settled, switch insurance companies and go with a company that has been around for a while and has a good reputation. You may pay a little more, but in times like this you won't have to fight a claims adjustor. Good luck!
laurenvandenhoues on 04/01/2004:
Find the least expensive insurance you can. Get some cheap Mexican insurance provider. They will be the same as progressive but at least you're getting a monetary discount.
newentrepeneurs on 04/01/2004:
Like sanford, I'm an insurance agent (and have been for over 4 yrs (so don't think I'm here to defend progressive)), I have a couple of quick questions: 1) how much time is spent in New Jersey? you did advise that you work up there during the summer. 2) although you have a drivers license for the state of pa and you have license plates for pa that doesn't mean that you aren't driving most of the time in nj. this is probably explaining the "third degree interrogation session" you had. I'm not defending that adjuster's beligerent behavior, by any means, but you need to understand that thousands of people try to avoid paying insurance in nj because they have the highest rates in the u.s.. insurance is based on of where you are driving your vehicle, not where the license plates are from. I see this type of thing all the time, I'm not accusing you of rate-jumping but be ready for an ass-load of evidence that you must be ready and able to provide at any moment. good luck!
dvsmadcow on 04/01/2004:
The post under new entrepreneurs was me...
I just wanted to add this last little nugget:
avoid litigation if you can...this will only cost you more money. Why? who gets the money....LAWYERS!!! they are going to get 30-50% of whatever settlement you get! just provide the necessary info and try to get the best settlement available. try to talk to an independent adjuster (if you have any photos of the damages to your car, this can help to make sure that progressive doesn't under pay you!) they will give you an unbiased opinion and give you necessary ammo to counter any offer that progressive comes to you with. hope this helps.
Mad Eye Moody on 04/05/2004:
What's wrong with lawyers?!? We have to get paid too? How else are we going to pay off our overpriced education?
Anonymous on 04/05/2004:
I consider lawyers like nuclear weapons, nice to have but you never want to use them
dvsmadcow on 04/08/2004:
not you mad_eye...just the ambulance chasers. THEY HELP TO DRIVE UP COST OF INSURANCE!!! you at least help people!
Barthenon on 04/26/2004:
I am always wary of companies who name themselves things like Progressive. The name could not be further from the truth. They are a draconic organization looking to make as much money as possible by collecting more than they pay out. My wife was injured in an automobile accident, and was treated harshly by Progressive representatives. They even offered a $500 bonus in "consideration of our difficulty." Turned out to be a simple bribe, because we had to sign a paper saying we would not sue. We didn't sign.

Insurance companies provide nothing other than harassment and humiliation and charge a lot for it.
Henry on 06/09/2004:
It's called rate evasion! Insurance companies have the right to investigate individuals who cross state lines in order to obtain a better rate on insurance. If you have nothing to hide you should just cooperate with them and get things settled once and for all. Show them a copy of where you file your taxes. You will have the same problem no matter what insurance company you goto.
PeskyKittyButt on 07/08/2004:
Where I worked, if you lived out of the state for over 2 months, we wouldn't insure you. Also, if there was a child in college out of state we would non-renew your policy. The fact that you move back & forth between states so much is VERY suspect & the claims adjuster has to investigate it. Can you show the adjuster your PA driver's license? Maybe your RECENT utility bill w/ your home address on it?
Garcia on 11/15/2008:
I dare you to look up Safeco (aka Progressive) in the BBB,anywhere. UNSAT. I'll cut to the chase. Hit by someone with Progressive Insurance? Get a lawyer. All states have a state bar referral servcice. You can get a 1/2 hour for about $30. All you need to take these clowns to small claims and get your vehicle fixed properly. Then get on your State representatives case about why this company is able to operate. This is dishonest company.
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No Customer Loyalty What So Ever!
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Rating: 2/51
DENVER, COLORADO -- I’ve been a Progressive customer since 2002 and have comes to terms that with this insurance provider loyalty, an exceptional driving record and good credit mean nothing.

Previously, I shared a policy with my son and before the recent increase we were paying $236.00 per month for one full coverage vehicle/one liability coverage vehicle; which was still okay, I thought…

About four weeks ago, I received a notification of a $60 increase with no reasoning why other than “rate increases”. I knew then I needed to start shopping around and since my son purchased himself a new vehicle we feared this was going to be an issue with cost.

Through Progressive his insurance on the new vehicle was close to $450 dollars, so he decided to part ways with Progressive purchasing coverage through Esurance for $300 dollars, $150 LESS!! I thought, well good for him and looked forward to having him removed from my policy to bring down my rates of carrying a young driver with Progressive. Needless to say by removing his vehicle from my policy I was looking at an increase that would cost me $360 a month for just myself.

(((((((((((((((((($360.00)))))))))))))))))))))))))) No way! I asked why and was told that since I am taking a vehicle off my policy I lose the benefits of a lower rate. Unacceptable, plain and simple.

So, today I cancelled my policy after 12 years, they did not care what so ever which was dis-hearting. But on the flip side of things……I called Esurance and for the exact same coverage and because of my driving record I was rewarded. Moving forward my insurance is $113.00, per month, again for the EXACT same coverage.

So long Progressive, your high priced policy's won't be missed.
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Lousy Service
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Rating: 1/51
MASSACHUSETTS -- I called to get insurance on my new vehicle and was given instructions. I went online and paid my first month premium. When I called back the next day just to verify, I was told that the information was incorrect. This would cause a 5 day delay in getting my car on the road.

I cancelled my policy the same day and it took almost a month to get the money back even though it was withdrawn from my checking account the next day.

Customer service gave a different story every time I called. Very poor service. Will never use them
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Raising Rates Without Telling You
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Rating: 2/51
COLCHESTER, VERMONT -- I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in finding out that my rates have gone up because of some [snip]'area rate increase'. When I signed up with your company I was quoted a fair price for my auto insurance, I now find my bill to be $10 more per month. I should not be lump summed into some category with other crappy drivers. I have an impeccable driving record, I pay my bills on time, and my payment and coverage should reflect that, not the driving habits of others in my area. I will go ahead with this higher payment until my next 6 months are up. If I find that you have again raised my rate I will absolutely drop your insurance and I will report you to the Better Business Bureau as a company that misrepresents it's promises to it's customers. So much for good business practices in our world today.
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User Replies:
Paul on 03/14/2014:
Personally, my expectations for auto insurance companies that are heavily advertise, like Progressive and Geico, would be very low. I've had State Farm for decades, and always have been fairly treated.

That said, the whole concept of insurance is based on regional risk. Yes, there are and should be discounts for good behavior. Have to admit though, I never had SF give me a regional risk increase on auto insurance.
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Small Accident Rocketed My Insurance Payments!
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Rating: 2/51
DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA -- I have been with Progressive for over 3 years and have small accident forgiveness on my policy. Problem is their small accident forgiveness is for $500 or less. Anyone who has had an accident knows that 500 bucks will cover a scratch on car that's about it. Hit my neighbor in the door backing out of the driveway and put small dent in the door cost 1700 bucks! Now they've raise my insurance premium to $800 more and year. They tell you that they only keep accidents on your policy for 3 years instead of 5 like some of the others but if that's the case then I will end up paying them 2400 for the accident plus my insurance premium. I am sick of all the fine print of these companies written purposely to screw you over in the event of you have to use their services that YOU ALL READY PAY FOR!!!! This is ridiculous to have have to fight with the people you trusted with your business in the first place. Posting this rant on a forum doesn't do us any good maybe makes you feel better that it's out there for people to read but what is actually being done about these things? Time for the little guy to come out on top! If there is a site or forum that actually makes a difference on these things please let me know!!
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