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Botched Repair/Ripping off customer in concierge service centers
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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Car went in for minor front end repair from an accident; 2009 VW Jetta Wolfsburg. Came back with hood and lights all wrong. Hood seemed too long/hooded over the headlights. It appears they used non-oem, perhaps used/refurb parts. Doesn't look right. Worse, the shop they chose apparently can't properly recode a car after taking battery out either. Stereo doesn't work now, which was working when I dropped it off, but of course the stereo now not working as soon as I pick it up is all just a big coincidence. What a crock.

Please, whatever you do, do NOT take your vehicle here for any type of repair. They not only send it off to a repair shop that does a poor job, but also do not care and do not stand behind their work. My wife noticed the front end looked goofy as soon as she saw it... You're telling me their "professionals" (I use the term loosely) didn't notice what my accountant wife picked up on right away?! It's not even her car... I'll update once we get the assessment from a real shop. Plan to also send that report along with our paperwork to the Attorney General in FL. People have to be complaining about this other than just us...

The shop they sent it to isn't even registered with the BBB!!! This is what we get from an insurance company we have been with for almost 10 years and never had a claim?! STAY AWAY FROM PROGRESSIVE SERVICE CENTERS - THEY PURPOSEFULLY TELL SHOPS TO USE NON-OEM/USED/REFURB PARTS AND COULDN'T CARE LESS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR CAR. THEY WILL ALSO STILL CHARGE YOU AS IF THE SHOP DID A TOP QUALITY REPAIR!

The guys working there are NOT repair/automotive trained personnel. They are there to do the paperwork and get the cheapest local shop to do the minimum repairs on your car while still charging you as if they are from a real dealership or autobody shop. We made this mistake by not researching it before we agreed to them "handle" our repair for us because it would be "so convenient".

We were 2+ weeks without a car, got it returned with a goofy looking front end full of crap parts and our premium stereo no longer functioning. THANK YOU PROGRESSIVE FOR SERVICE BEFITTING A LONG TIME CUSTOMER! I'D RATHER PAY MORE SOMEWHERE ELSE THAN GIVE THEM ANOTHER $1.

Beware of Progressive Insurance
By -

I have a 1999 Safari. I blew a rear tire, it damaged my compartment doors and blow some lines under the motor. I have roadside coverage. I called they sent a service truck with the wrong tire plus he wrecked my polished aluminum rim. This all started at 8 a.m. Finally, he brought a used tire and parts to fix my lines so I could get to a place to fix everything and head back home. This took till 9 p.m. I had to pay for the used tire so I could move my RV.

I then had to purchase a new tire and pay them to get rid of the used one that they put on. After getting home the adjuster comes and tells me things are not all covered. When I questioned why he started yelling at me. I am self employed and have 9 mechanics working in my shop. He did this in front of them and customers!!! I told him to leave. I contacted his boss and he wanted to come out with the same guy that yelled. I told him the guy was not to step foot on my land.

I wanted car star to do the estimate, Progressive says car star is not a qualified place. I also pay 100.00 extra a year for 100% glass coverage. They say any window is covered. Yet when I spoke to them about my two front side windows they forged between the glass they tell me they are not covered. I just turned everything over to my lawyer.

These people are just taking our money. It's really funny that they said that about car star because progressive deals with car star they even have a sign out front. I really believe progressive insurance is a rip off they want the money but do not try to put a claim in. I have been telling everyone I see about how bad they are and putting this on every site I can.

Progressive Insurance - Buyer beware... Be very wary
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I had Progressive Insurance for 6 years. I was a loyal customer and never had a claim or late payment. I bought a truck and traded in my Jeep for it. That's when the wheels fell off the Progressive wagon. Evidently (although I was never told this), my insurance switched from being due every 6 months to a month by month plan. I had recently moved so the first indicator I got was a notice of cancellation.

I called to get paid up and find out what the problem was. The agent told me I owed 108 dollars. I said, fine, let's pay it and get back on track, figuring they'd send me a 6-month bill. Wrong! I got another notice of cancellation two months later. I called again and paid what was due and pleaded with the agent to let me pay for the next 6 months. I was told I couldn't because my policy was in cancellation status.

This happened twice, and I finally resolved to find another company. I asked the last agent I spoke with on the 8th of January how long my 108 dollars would carry me and they said it would carry me through the 28th. On the 25th, I switched Insurance companies to State Farm and figured I'd get a refund for the 3 days I didn't use. Wrong again! I got a bill for around 30 dollars! This he explained was some bizarre algorithm (which took him 10 minutes of hold time) to come up within which he pro-rated my 6-month policy (you remember, the one they wouldn't let me pay up in full each time?).

So the supervisor was called in on the call and he told me he was sorry that the agents gave me misinformation but he couldn't write it off or he would be breaking the law. I asked him if he could listen to the other phone calls I'd made (they're recorded). He told me it wouldn't matter. So I asked him how much it would cost me to get away from Progressive. 30 dollars I was informed. By now this was beginning to look like a real bargain.

I decided that 30 dollars is okay because I work in public safety and I can't count the number of times people ask me about vehicle insurance. I will be only too happy to share my story and (hopefully) point them to another company in the future and hopefully lose them far more than they've cost me. If you like the shell game, You're going to Love Progressive! Good Luck!

Progressive Deceptions and Deceit
By -

On a beautiful clear day, my Grand Cherokee Limited was struck in the rear by a driver insured by Progressive. The police came and issued a ticket to the Progressive driver for traveling too close. Not for "texting while driving" which is a crime in this state. But the Progressive driver admitted liability and fault with no attempt to lessen responsibility. Their car was totally destroyed.

Then came the Progressive trickster. They offered me a "settlement" that was lower than the cost to repair my vehicle. I found that the Kelly Blue book placed the value of my Grand Cherokee at 7800.00. I was told that if the value of the repairs were greater then the value of the vehicle, then the vehicle would be declared a total loss. From a highly rated repair shop, I got an estimate of 7200.00. LESS THAN the value Blue Book Value of my Jeep. There should have been no problem.

The Progressive Trickster said that Progressive does not use the Blue Book, they use NADA, which had the value of a similar vehicle at 5725.00. The problem was that the price quoted was for a different engine and different body style.

I obtained a Market Valuation Report for my Jeep, which is a lengthy for very fair market appraisal for a vehicle. It showed the value to be at 7300.00. Again lower than the repair costs. I was then told that if the repairs exceed 70% of the value of the vehicle, then the vehicle will be declared a total lost. BUT... The Progressive Appraiser gave me a repair quote of $5000.00. The Progressive Trickster said that Progressive had to take the HIGHEST repair estimate, which means they IGNORE their own appraisers.

After too much time being spent as a victim of a Progressive Policy Holder, I took the issue to my own insurance company. They will issue me a check that is very close to the repair cost and go after the money from the driver of the Progressive client. In my own opinion, Progressive Insurance used any tricks, deceptions, misleading statements or half truths to keep from paying a legitimate claim. I wonder how badly Progressive treated their own policy holder.

My advice is the same as others I have seen, if you are hit by someone who is UNFORTUNATE enough to be paying Progressive for insurance, go to your own company first. They should go to bat for you and help make things right. My state has a new law that is the culmination of years of insurance company abuse against its policy holders by unreasonably denying of delaying the payment of valid claims. The law requires insurance companies to pay DOUBLE damages if they don't pay what they own when they owe it.

Progressive Generalizes
By -

4 years ago when I first bought Progressive, I chose the company because they gave off an honest impression. I knew that my rates would be high at first especially since I already had a fender bender on my record. As 2 and 3 years passed by without any decrease in my payments, I remained patient thinking it was because of the accident I had before joining them and eventually they would respect me as a valuable customer who always made his payments.

After this infraction expired from my record I naturally assumed I would see a well deserved decrease in my premium when it renewed. I did not however and that prompted a customer service call to find out why. The lady I spoke with was very nice and professional, (kudos to her) she figured out a way to cut my premium by eliminating some excessive coverage. She took me down to the minimum legal coverage amount of liability and my premium was lowered over $150. I was very happy after and progressive was at the top of my list.

3 months later my policy was renewed. I was shocked to find my premium cost had gone right back up to $700, worse so because my coverage remained at the lowest amount. I was paying the same amount 6 months before for higher coverage options. This of course prompted another call.

I had to seriously probe the reason for the bill hike up from the guy I talked to. He eventually spilled the beans. He told me it was probably increased again because I had bad credit. He was right, later in the year when I checked my credit report the few companies that searched for my report included Progressive. This company completely generalizes you. Their statistics tell them that people with bad credit are bad drivers.

In all honesty even though I have bad credit I am a good driver. I had one fender bender in 2005 and have never got a speeding ticket. I can barely help the fact that I have to pay my rent and bills and don't make enough to pay off my debt. This has recently changed and for 6 months I have been working 2 jobs all day and night to barely get ahead. I am slowly repairing my credit now. This to me though is incredibly shady and bad business practice. I only have a couple months left to pay these corporate jerks and I'm doing my research to find another institution that is in no way related to Progressive.

Have you seen their new lame commercials. One of them even says "do you own a house? discount" bla bla bla.
I am hoping the bad karma of this policy will float their way soon and they lose all the poor people paying extra for the wealthy people to get discounts. This is very backwards.

Progressive Low Rates, Big Headaches, Avoid at All Cost
By -

DES MOINES, IOWA -- On September 23, 2008 I was involved in an accident with a motorcycle where the driver hit the passenger side of my vehicle with his mirror while trying to merge into my lane due to lane closure ahead of us; causing $1000 of damage. The other driver asked me to take it to where his mother was a manager of a body repair shop which I did, she asked that I give her son a day to call his insurance, PROGRESSIVE because of the cost of repairs. I waited 2 days and the other driver never called Progressive.

The adjuster did estimate the damage two days later and said he needed to complete his investigation, calls me that afternoon and finds fault 60%/40%. At this point I am shocked, 40% at fault because I didn't see him hit me? I decide to let my insurance co, USAA handle the claim. In the state of Iowa you can NOT sue if you have coverage. I am really upset and explain this to my adjuster. To date the other driver has refused to contact my insurance company and give a statement and the Progressive adjuster has refused to give my insurance company a copy of the other driver's statement.

USAA contacted Progressive to let them know they are taking the case to arbitration. The Progressive claim adjuster call me two days ago to let me know he has sat on the arbitration board and I'm going to lose and is offering 80%/20% FAULT. He says you were speeding up, not exactly true: I was accelerating from a stop at a traffic light and not even 1/10 of a mile the other driver hits me.

The adjuster says he's looking out for my best interest. My insurance company is going to lose so explain why Progressive would offer more money. That doesn't sound like Progressive at all. I stayed calm and told the adjuster I would need to speak to my husband and immediately contacted my insurance company. Progressive looks out ONLY for what is BEST for PROGRESSIVE. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID AT ANY COST!!!

Cheated and Hung Up on... Repeatedly!
By -

HARRISBURG -- Where to start. I was hit by someone who ran a stop sign and also not doing the speed limit and trying to keep his dog from falling off the front seat. Needless to say I was quite jarred. I received whiplash and terrible bouts of dizziness for about 3 weeks. I had to go through PT and lost a lot of hours through work. I couldn't lie let alone move too fast and I am a CNA. Of course there was someone at my house 4 days after the accident to "settle". NO WAY. Sorry I forgot to mention, we both have Progressive Ins. I was convinced to take my van (a Windstar that was hit by a full sized Cadillac in the front driver's side fender) to one of their shops. MISTAKE.

The repairs were done in a week. My van came out completely crooked. I pointed it out to shop. I was spoken to like a "stupid" woman (whose father was a body man and a mechanic all of my life). Needless to say there was a fight. Eventually it was fixed by a good shop but they could only do as much as the company would "allow". We still have mismatched paint and they wouldn't fix a tie rod damaged on that side, stating wear and tear. We finally settled on a small settlement of $2500.

The accident was the end of September 2007 and then in December we discover we mysteriously have a cracked transmission which had started making noise in October (we just wasn't sure what it was and it didn't occur all the time). We again started dealing with the insurance co. The Ford dealership with certified Ford mechanics could not determine definite cause but were sure that it could possibly have a connection to the accident.

After fighting with them for 2 weeks, no go. I offered to go half's with them, no go. So now we are stuck with a $3000 bill. We went through many arrogant managers and when I asked for a # for a headquarters, I was repeatedly hung up on. As you know when you call they want your claim number. When they would get that they would also hang up on me. So I am still fighting. I sure to no avail.

Did Nothing for Us After a Claim
By -

My family has been good paying customers of Progressives for a number of years now. While their customer service is friendly enough and answer the phone promptly when needed they do nothing for you in a time of need. Friendly only goes so far.

Let me explain... One of our cars was unfortunately hit and totaled by a completely uninsured motorist. (Yes uninsured amazingly enough in this day and age.) Thankfully no one was hurt physically but the emotional toll has been big. We lost our main car, spend days taking cabs for now and getting rides from others. Why? Progressive has not even paid us for the towing fees when the car was hit. We got ZERO - just a nice man saying that our only option is we need to go to court to try to collect money for damages - that is the only way since there is no company to sue.

So basically what I am saying is we paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to this company for years and we don't get a dime out of this. Forget that UNDERINSURED motorist part written into the policy-I inquired about that. That is only if someone is actually insured in an accident. What we came out with was a letter from Progressive to bring to a court stating they would have paid us book value for our car if the other man had been insured.

So ladies and gentlemen, please be aware that this could happen - you pay premiums you get nothing in your time of need. Hopefully we win this case as the other person was clearly at fault but I've been told by others it may be hard to actually COLLECT the money. Thank you for giving us a chance to vent here. It's not been easy having to unexpectedly shop for a car now with ZERO down payment. Progressive is okay but beware if you have to file a claim.

I got rear ended by them and they're harassing me
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I received a letter demanding my appearance in court. I am not sure what this is in regards to since I have taken care of my car's damages through my own insurance company. I paid my $250 deductible and I paid for my own rental, the insurance companies are supposedly dealing with each other. A couple of weeks after the accident I received a series of harassing unprofessional phone calls from the other party's supposed insurance company "€œProgressive"€. Progressive refused to disclose any insurance information. They wouldn'€™t give me the policy number or anything. I was the one who was rear ended and I was unable to get any information from them.

After the third call from Progressive, I asked them not to call or contact me and that I will go through my own insurance company, State Farm. I went through my own insurance company. I had my car serviced. The bill was minimal - less than $550 in total damage. I even chose an inexpensive rental that I had for four days. Please note that I drive a new Lexus and I went for the inexpensive rental and I didn'€™t have to but I did. The collision center gave me a guarantee for life for the paint repair on my car so I didn'€™t end up getting a new bumper.

After reading the letter of complaint from the Sheriff'€™s department and my demand to appear in court I still feel that I am being harassed by Progressive Insurance Company. Unfortunately I cannot make an appearance to court date. I purchased non-refundable airline tickets. I will be out of the country and then New York. I have clearly become a victim of harassment from Progressive Insurance Company. I still have not been reimbursed by them for my $250 and rental car charges.

Hire an Attorney
By -

I was hit by old dump truck (covered by Progressive) while driving on the interstate. It put me in a spin and I t-boned a pickup and then ended up down an embankment backwards. He kept driving down the highway until something flew off his truck and struck the Honda that had been behind me and witnessed my accident. She told him what he had done to me and he drove back to the site of my accident. The State Police found over 15 violations on the truck and towed it away.

I suffered neck and shoulder injuries. I tried alleviating the pain with 6 months of physical therapy until the therapist referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon. I then had shoulder surgery to fix a separated shoulder and several tears in the labrum.

I kept my insurance company informed of my medical progress and didn't even talk to Progressive. They called me and I told them I was under a doctor's care and would contact them when I was released. I decided to hire an attorney and was glad I did. I gave them all of my paperwork and he got me an excellent settlement. There is no way I would ever attempt to collect from any insurance company when I'm involved in an accident. Sure the 1/3 the attorney gets really sucks but all insurance companies will screw with you at every turn.

Also - the medical coverage on your own policy is worth every penny! I collected $10K + $10k because there were two vehicles involved and my medical bills were over the $20k mark. I had never had medical coverage until I was covered under my 2nd husband's policy. Now, I will never drive without it. The medical coverage is not subject to subrogation (sp) even though my health insurance company attempted to collect those funds. My attorney didn't even get any of the $20k! Pay the extra for that coverage. Just my 3 cents worth!

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