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Discriminated Against
By -

GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- In April 2006, I was living in Greer, SC and I've been a long-time Publix customer and was thrilled they were in SC as I was from FL. In April 2006 I went into the local Publix (located at 411 The Pkwy Greer, SC 29650-4522). Being a disabled individual, I had my Service Animal with me. Upon entering the store, we headed to the rear for the meat department. We were there for less than 1 minute when the Manager came running up to me asking if "that" was a seeing-eye dog. I stated "No, this is a Service Animal."

The response received from the manager was that I had to leave the store with "that" dog. I told him it was against the law for him to force me to leave. The manager then responded that he didn't know what the laws were but we had to leave, it was a violation of health laws. I was too shocked and stunned, went home and dialed the corporate office.

After many calls, I was promised by upper-level executives that I would receive a letter in the mail along with a gift card. Nothing was ever received. I did complain further which only got me a phone call from some idiot that left a message for me, not leaving his name or phone number. That was it. I forgave Publix because of the way my former store manager had treated me, always with respect.

Everything had been going well until this past Thursday when I went into my local Publix store (6001 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL 33604-6855). You know, when a store manager listens and takes the side of an employee over a customer, there is a definite problem there. I am on food stamps. I purchased a bakery item the night before only to return it the next morning (before 9 a.m.). Leaving my wallet at home and not thinking that would be a problem, I went to return this baker item.

The Customer Service Manager was called because the person behind the desk was unsure of what to do (regarding my food stamp credit). The CSM tried to push another identical cake off on me and when I continued to tell her I didn't like it, I asked for the store manager - getting NOWHERE with her. This CSM spoke in whispers to the store manager before he arrived to speak with me. His mind was already made up against me. This was on Thursday, April 22. I phoned Publix on Friday, April 23 advised of my trouble and stated I would like a phone call back from either a district or regional manager.

Publix is not slow to respond and now I am so very sorry that I didn't file an ADA complaint in 2006. The CSM made a huge ordeal of the fact that I am on food stamps which the manager did too. I will not and do not need to shop at Publix. Once again, I am so very sorry I did not file an ADA complaint when the first discrimination took place in 2006. Think before you shop at Publix!

Undercooked Chicken
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Rating: 1/51

BRUNSWICK, GEORGIA -- This is the second time we buy undercooked chicken. When I returned it, the staff did not even apologize for the inconvenience. Me and my family couldn't enjoy our dinner because we didn't feel safe.

Customer being towed
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Rating: 1/51

TREASURE ISLAND, FLORIDA -- Today my wife and I did our usual routine. We went over to Treasure Island Publix and parked outside on the corner. We always bring our 2 greyhounds with us and take them across the street for a quick bathroom break. Then we go inside Publix to buy Sunday dinner. It takes no more than 10-15 minutes for the dogs to finish. When we turned around headed back to our car it was pulled out across the street by a towing company (Prestige Towing). The driver must have pounced on our car as soon as he saw us go across the street. I asked the tow driver to please stop and he said if I had $50.00 cash and could produce it in 5 minutes he would stop.

I ran inside Publix and spoke with the general manager. She told me they paged my license # on the loud speaker and when no one responded she ordered the tow. I explained we shop there almost every Sunday and bring the dogs for over 3 years. I asked her if she could help because I didn't have the $50.00 cash plus we had the dogs. She would not. Our car was towed with all my keys and the water for the dogs. We were so upset we forgot everything in the car. We were stranded for over a half an hour getting a ride and then paying $155.00 to get our car out of the towing yard.

We noticed the tow driver hiding behind a large bush embankment waiting for people like us with dogs to go across to the park. He calls the manager and tells her there is a car he has been watching for a while what should he do? They know we're not in the store but they go through the protocol by calling out the license # to cover themselves. Again, we were outside tops 15 minutes and our car was already on the tow truck which means Prestige Towing jumped on it and the Publix manager would not listen to "great customers" at all. What a horrible experience. Can you help us by telling our story?

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Rating: 1/51

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I presented a new prescription to the gentleman behind the counter at store 0122 and informed him I was self pay. In other words, I have no insurance. The prescription was for 90 pills and 3 refills. I asked the gentleman if he could price that for me and was told it would be 26.95. Because I had just given him a new prescription with 90 pills clearly written on it I assumed he was giving me a price for the 90 pill prescription. When I got home I noticed that there were only 30 pills with 5 refills but I still paid 26.95.

I called the Pharmacy to verify the Rx was for 90 pills with refills. They confirmed that for me but still never explained why they only gave me 30 pills and the quote they give was for the 30 instead of the 90 as the prescription was written. I informed that their competition across the street, Kroger filled the same prescription for me for 9.17. A 90 pill Rx with them has always been 27.51.Then I was informed that I could not bring the Rx back per federal law and that they would be happy to transfer the Rx to Kroger. Are you kidding?

I presented a new Rx to you with 90 clearly written in it. You quoted 26.95 and so I assumed that was for 90 pills. It was cheaper than Kroger and so I said OK. Never again! I'll not go back to Publix to have another Rx filled. You charged me 3 times what the Kroger has charged me for years. I stopped at your pharmacy only because I buy my groceries there and thought I try to centralize my shopping and Rx needs. Whoever really takes their prescription bottles out of the bag before you leave the pharmacy? No one I know. Terrible customer service.

For Retail Employees--5 Things Customers Do That Aggravate Me
By -

So I'm doing some shopping in Publix this morning just picking up some odds and ends when I see something that really bothered me. A little kid around the age of maybe 4 or 5 was playing in the aisle and accidentally knocked some merchandise off the shelf onto the floor. The kid's mother sees this, grabs the child, and leaves the aisle to continue shopping, never bothering to even consider picking the stuff up off the floor that her kid just put there. Unbelievable. Just thought I would share, now onto my list.

Customer is just so important that they must do their entire register transaction while talking on their cell phone, never saying a word to the cashier. I especially hate when they take a pause from putting their items on the counter or delay paying because the phone conversation gets sticky or interesting. Customer picks up an item off a shelf, looks at it, decides not to buy it, and puts it back any old place without any concern for those who have to pick up after them. Is it that difficult to put something back where you find it?

Customer makes a mess in the restroom. It's rude and it's disgusting. Enough said. Customer tries to buy cigarettes, but forgets ID. The cashier, in compliance with federal law, declines the sale, and the customer gives the cashier a hard time. People, if you look young and you want to buy cigarettes you need to present ID, period. If you forget your ID, that is not the cashier's fault. Do not blame the help for your mistake.

Scumbag pays for his food order with food stamps. Right after proceeds to pay cash for a case of beer or carton of cigarettes. I will refrain from vulgarity, but that's the lowest form of retail scum I can think of. Like I would be completely embarrassed and ashamed to do something like that. If anyone out there can rationalize doing this, please respond.

Why I Got Out of Retail...
By -

So my wife has been an assistant manager for Publix Super Markets for several years, so as you can imagine I've heard many good "human interest" stories that cause me to laugh and shake my head. The latest one however kind of got to me so I thought I'd share it with everyone just to provide for some entertainment value.

The Publix she works at closes at 10 pm each day. The employees are usually there cleaning up and whatnot until about 10:45 before everyone goes home. So on a night she was closing the store, this couple knocks on the glass doors at 10:25 pm asking if they could very quickly grab a gallon of milk because they were out. Mind you this wasn't 10:00 or 10:01, this was almost a solid half hour after business hours. So being a compassionate person, my wife allows them into the store to make their purchase. The couple then decides to go shopping as though the store was open!

They are walking up and down the aisles taking their time and slowly adding items to their basket. This goes on for 10 minutes when finally my wife tells them they must check out because the staff is ready to leave for the night. Well apparently this didn't sit well with these two because today she gets called into the office because the couple had called corporate, informing them that they felt "rushed" and "under-appreciated" as customers. Of course I don't know the exact details of what they told corporate, but I'm willing to bet they didn't tell them they were in the store a half hour after closing.

Now anyone who knows me knows hell would freeze over before I would allow a customer into my store after business hours, regardless of their needs (which is why I couldn't work in retail). But being a kind person, my wife takes things like this pretty hard.

Like I don't think I'd even have the nerve to ask employees to let me into their store after hours, let alone take my time and on top of all of it complain about them! Not that it's my business, but I really hope the company doesn't give these people a gift card and make them feel like they were in the right, but unfortunately that is probably what will happen.

They Shorted Me 30 Pills, I Was Due 6 Control Substance
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- All I will say is that someone in that pharmacy took 30 of my control substance pills. If you take control substance before you leave that store and pay for them have them count the pills in front of you. Once you leave there isn't a dang thing you can do. Someone in that pharmacy took them maybe a little at a time and but they used me to get what they stole back into stock--I assume a inventory was coming.

I don't care what the ones who didn't do it or believe me or not but I just know that someone in that place stole them and Publix has to monitor better. They will be caught and when they are I hope I get to hear about it, especially the ones who snickered at me when I complained. They were the rude ones and I really used to like them.

Place Order for Calypso Crunch Cookies
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Rating: 5/51

NORTH AUGUSTA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I had place an order for Publix delicious calypso crunch cookies on 10/9/12 for a baby shower event for the following Friday. The order was place that day by a female employee. The following day there had been changes with my work schedule that wouldn't allow me to pick up the order. I call Publix back Wednesday to see if I could move my order from Friday to Thursday. The employee was nice and he assured me that it wouldn't be a problem to move the order a day ahead.

I arrived at Publix Thursday afternoon close to 5 because that's the time I had given to pick the order up. The male employee didn't take long at all to assist me. He look for my order and there was no order for my cookies!!! I was so hurt because I promise everyone I will bring these for the baby shower. What made my experience so amazing Mrs. ** and the male employee in the bakery area went way beyond to make sure I was happy before I left the store. They had both offer to bake the cookies plus had given me their secure apologies.

I didn't want them to bake the cookies only because it would have taken an hour for them to be ready. They had these beautiful petite fours in the bakery. Mrs. ** offer me to taste one of them. They were really good. Mrs. ** prepare petite fours for me in a nice clear tray to take to the baby shower. I would definitely return back to store because of great, secure customer service.

Selective Service for Customers
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Rating: 2/51

LEESBURG, GEORGIA -- I purchased my groceries at the store and they didn't offer to carry out them to my car. I notice every woman was offer to carry out their groceries. I pay the same amount for my purchase as they do. What is it with these stores and service to male customers. I had to get loud and request assistance with my purchase. I finally had someone carry my purchase to my car. Does Publix have a rule not to assist male customers. I guess they need to post a sign that says male customer cannot have assistance in carry out their purchase.

Don't Buy Eclairs
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Rating: 4/51

HUDSON, FLORIDA -- Eclairs--Fake ingredients. Try the chocolate on top. It looks wonderful, however, it is fake chocolate. See for yourself! The eclairs look so good but they are made with the worst ingredients ever and you can taste it in the cream filling, the chocolate icing and supposedly cream topping. They charge a quality price, too bad they use such inferior low quality and unhealthy fake ingredients. Buyer beware, of synthetic, cheap and junk ingredients made to look and taste like real foods but really just taking your money and faking you out. Try one and see for yourself and you will see how we are being duped. Shame on you Publix. If we can't trust you, who can we trust?

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